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Cover of the first volume of The Irregular at Magic High School featuring the main characters Tatsuya Shiba (foreground) and Miyuki Shiba (background).

The Irregular at Magic High School is a 2014 science fiction Japanese 26-episode anime series covering the first 7 volumes (excluding volume 5) of the light novel series of the same name written by Tsutomu Satō.[1][2]

The anime is produced by Madhouse and directed by Manabu Ono, along with original character designs by Kana Ishida and soundtrack music by Taku Iwasaki.[3] The series ran on Tokyo MX, GTV, and GYT in Japan from April 5 to September 27, 2014 with later airings on MBS, CTC, tvk, TVS, TVA, TVQ, TVh, AT-X, BS11.[4][5] The anime has been licensed for streaming by Aniplex of America.[6]

The series uses four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two ending themes. The first opening theme is "Rising Hope" by LiSA[7] while the first ending theme is "Millenario." by Elisa.[8] The second opening theme is "Grilleto" by Garnidelia while the second ending theme is "Mirror" by Rei Yasuda.[9]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original airdate[n 1]
1 "Enrollment Part I"
"Nyūgaku-hen Wan" (入学編I) 
April 5, 2014
In 2095, Tatsuya Shiba and his sister Miyuki enroll at the First Private Magic University Affiliated High School, but due to the difference in their grades in the practical exam Miyuki is placed in the Course 1 curriculum with the other students who have demonstrated high magical skills, (informally known as "Blooms") while Tatsuya, on the other hand, having scored poorly on the practical exam is assigned to the Course 2 curriculum (insultingly called "Weeds" by Course 1 students) even though he placed first in the theoretical exam. Tatsuya becomes acquainted with several Course 2 students including Erika Chiba, Leo Saijo and Mizuki Shibata. The chasm between the Weeds and Blooms leads to a confrontation when a number of Miyuki's classmates object to her hanging around with her brother and his new friends. Violence seems imminent but the magic sequence is disrupted by the student council president as she arrives with the chair of the disciplinary committee. 
2 "Enrollment Part II"
"Nyūgaku-hen Tsū" (入学編II) 
April 12, 2014
Tatsuya's skills and wits have earned him and his sister the scrutiny of Mayumi Saegusa, Student Council president and Mari Watanabe, leader of the Public Morals Committee. Mayumi invites Miyuki to join the Student Council as the first year representative but she initially declines and puts her brother's name forward. Upon learning that, by school regulation, year representatives must be Course 1 students she accepts. Not wanting to waste his talents, Mari proposes that Tatsuya be the Student Council's nominee for a vacant position on the Public Morals Committee, which President Saegusa agrees to. At a meeting later that day, Student Council vice-president Hanzo Gyoubushoujo Hattori opposes Tatsuya's nomination which prompts Miyuki to defend him. Hanzo reprimands her for her seeming bias towards her brother which causes Tatsuya to challenge him to a magic duel. Tatsuya easily defeats Hanzo, much to the surprise of the Student Council. 
3 "Enrollment Part III"
"Nyūgaku-hen Surī" (入学編III) 
April 19, 2014
The Council cannot reconcile Tatsuya's flawless victory in his duel with Hanzo with his poor showing in the practical exam. Once he regains consciousness, Hanzo tacitly withdraws his objection to Tatsuya's nomination by apologizing to Miyuki. Mari introduces Tatsuya to the other members of the Public Morals Committee, who note the fact that he's a Course 2 student, but warmly welcome him on learning of his victory over the previously undefeated Hanzo. To his dismay, Mari informs Tatsuya that Shun Morisaki, the Course 1 student who started the altercation on their first day, is also joining the Committee on a faculty recommendation. His first taste of action involves a confrontation between the kendo club and kenjustu club. The head of the kenjutsu club, who combine magic with swordplay, forces Sayaka Mibu, a member of the kendo club and Weed, to spar. When he loses, he uses magic in a follow-up attack, in contravention of the rules. Tatsuya steps in and arrests him but is assaulted by the rest of the kenjutsu club who refuse to acknowledge his authority just because he is a Weed. 
4 "Enrollment Part IV"
"Nyūgaku-hen Fō" (入学編IV) 
April 26, 2014
Tatsuya is approached by Sayaka Mibu, who wants his cooperation in a plan to put an end to the discrimination between Blooms and Weeds at the school. He refrains from giving an immediate answer. His suspicions that she is being manipulated by someone else with ulterior motives are aroused when she is unable to give him proper answers to his questions. 
5 "Enrollment Part V"
"Nyūgaku-hen Faibu" (入学編V) 
May 3, 2014
Tatsuya rejects Sayaka's offer and a group of Weeds led by her lock themselves in the broadcast room, creating a commotion at school. Mayumi elects to listen to their demands and discuss them in front of the student body. Debating the school's position by herself, she is on the verge of arranging a compromise when the school is attacked by terrorists. 
6 "Enrollment Part VI"
"Nyūgaku-hen Shikkusu" (入学編VI) 
May 10, 2014
The Student Council and Public Morals Committee defeat the terrorists and find out that the attack was merely a cover for an information raid on the school's computer library. Tatsuya and his friends are tasked with countering the raid. They defeat the terrorists, including Sayaka, and take them into custody. After learning of Sayaka's reasons for cooperating with Blanche, the terrorist organization behind the attack, Tatsuya decides to attack the enemy hideout in order to help clear her name and strike back at them for using her and invading the school. 
7 "Enrollment Part VII"
"Nyūgaku-hen Sebun" (入学編VII) 
May 17, 2014
Tatsuya and his friends storm Blanche's hideout where they confront the group's leader, who confirms that he had manipulated Sayaka's memory. Despite a number of traps the students are able to subdue the terrorists. After Sayaka is released from the hospital, Tatsuya and Miyuki return to their normal school life. 
8 "Nine Schools Competition Part I"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Wan" (九校戦編I) 
May 24, 2014
The inter-school sporting event known as the "Nine Schools Competition" is at hand, and Tatsuya, in recognition of his superior magic-tuning skills, is named to the engineering squad, over the objections of a number of Course 1 students. After school, Tatsuya surprises his sister when presents her with a magic tool he developed that allows a person to fly, a feat that no one has never attained before. 
9 "Nine Schools Competition Part II"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Tsū" (九校戦編II) 
May 31, 2014
Tatsuya and Miyuki pay a visit to Four Leaves Technology, where Tatsuya unveils his flying CAD to Ushiyama, the other half of the genius magic engineer Taurus Silver. After a brief encounter with their father, the siblings set out for the Competition, but on the way there, a traffic accident occurs, putting the students in danger. 
10 "Nine Schools Competition Part III"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Surī" (九校戦編III) 
June 7, 2014
Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Katsuto Jyumonji act to prevent the car from ramming into the bus. From traces that he is able to find, Tatsuya determines that the incident was orchestrated to look like a traffic accident but was instead a suicide attack. On arriving at their hotel Tatsuya and Miyuki are surprised to find Erika and Mizuki present. The event opens with a banquet where the students from the nine competing schools mingle, unaware that unknown enemies are threatening the event. 
11 "Nine Schools Competition Part IV"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Fō" (九校戦編IV) 
June 14, 2014
The Nine Schools Competition begins and Tatsuya puts his tuning skills into practice in order to help his teammates performance, while staying on watch for further disturbances. 
12 "Nine Schools Competition Part V"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Faibu" (九校戦編V) 
June 21, 2014
One of Tatsuya's team member Mari Watanabe is involved in a serious accident during the competition and the other students increase their vigilance after Saegusa, Mayumi, and Tatsuya reveal that she was actually a victim of sabotage. 
13 "Nine Schools Competition Part VI"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Shikkusu" (九校戦編VI) 
June 28, 2014
The "No Head Dragon", an criminal syndicate is eager to interfere in the competition for the sake of their profits and the First High School is their main target. Meanwhile, the students under Tatsuya's care are doing better than expected in their events, drawing the attention of those who still can't acknowledge his talent just because he is a Course 2 student as well as First High School's main rivals from Third High School. 
14 "Nine Schools Competition Part VII"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Sebun" (九校戦編VII) 
July 5, 2014
The Nine Schools Competition proceeds without further incident until 1st High School Monolith Code's junior participants were seriously injured due to foul play. Appointed by Mayumi, Tatsuya was asked to compete and he accepted it after Juumonji's persuasion. 
15 "Nine Schools Competition Part VIII"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Eito" (九校戦編VIII) 
July 12, 2014
Tatsuya enters the competition with his friends Leonhard Saijo and Mikihiko Yoshida in the "Monolith Code" event. While watching out for No Head Dragon's interference, Tatsuya proceed to win the match using his strategies and they smoothly reached the final match against the 3rd High school's geniuses Red prince Masaki and Cardinal George. 
16 "Nine Schools Competition Part IX"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Nain" (九校戦編IX) 
July 19, 2014
Tatsuya and Masaki's teams face off in the final match. Despite knowing that with the rules standing, Masaki's abilities surpass his, Tatsuya confronts him head on, resulting in a spectacular duel. Making a critical mistake, Masaki breaks the rules by accidentally using a lethal attack on Tatsuya. Tatsuya fails to defend, and is seriously wounded. However, he uses his self-restoration to recover his injuries and while Masaki's still in trance, Tatsuya incapacitates him with a point-blank range magic. Meanwhile, Mikihiko faces off against Cardinal George in a lengthy duel, Mikihiko finally defeats George, but is on the verge of losing to the third member of Masaki's team, when Leo manages to deliver the final blow, allowing First High to win the match. 
17 "Nine Schools Competition Part X"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Ten" (九校戦編X) 
July 26, 2014
Desperate with the recent developments, No Head Dragon start interfering with the competition directly, risking the lives of players. A 1st high Mirage Bat participant ended up in an accident which causes trauma and consequently losing her magic ability. Tatsuya remains vigilant to stop further accident and snaps when Miyuki's CAD is sabotaged in front of his eyes. After resolving the problem, Miyuki's Mirage Bat event starts and she has a hard time maintaining the leads. Miyuki requests her brother's permission to use Taurus Silver's fly magic sequence and won the event spotlight. 
18 "Nine Schools Competition Part XI"
"Kyūkōsen-hen Irebun" (九校戦編XI) 
August 2, 2014
During Miyuki's event victory celebration, Tatsuya snipes the meeting of the No Head Dragon high-ranking members by casting his diassembly magic from an adjacent building. After learning the name of the organization's head, Richard Sun, Tatsuya proceeds to kill everyone present at the meeting, mostly influenced by his feelings for his sister. On the next day, the competition ends with Jyumonji single-handedly winning the Monolith Code event, confirming the championship for First High School. After Mayumi and Jyumonji discuss the long-term effects that Tatsuya's victory over Masaki (the probable future head of the Ten Master Clans) as the reputation of the Ten Master Clans could be tarnished, Tatsuya is asked by Jyumonji to join the Ten Master Clans by marrying Mayumi or one of her sisters. 
19 "Yokohama Disturbance Part I"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Wan" (横浜騒乱編I) 
August 9, 2014
Following his feats in the Nine Schools Competition, Tatsuya is scouted to participate in another important event, the "Magic Thesis Competition" and his team has only eleven days left to produce the applicable material before the deadline. Back at home, Tatsuya and Miyuki have an encounter with their step mother, who enlists Tatsuya's help to replicate an elusive relic that can change the history of magic forever, but a new group of enemies appear, intending to steal it. 
20 "Yokohama Disturbance Part II"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Tsū" (横浜騒乱編II) 
August 16, 2014
While gathering material for the thesis, Tatsuya and his friends start their own investigation on those whose stalking him and was trying to hack him + his 4 leaves company. 
21 "Yokohama Disturbance Part III"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Surī" (横浜騒乱編III) 
August 23, 2014
The Magic Thesis Competition team meets continued success in developing their project, though Erika, Mikihiko, and Leo apprehend a fleeing student, Chiaki Hirakawa, who is revealed to be working as a spy against the First High team. Chiaki admits to working against Tatsuya personally, passionately believing that he is responsible for Kobayakawa's accident during the Mirage Bat event of the Nine Schools Competition. Erika and Leo take a day off together to train Leo how to use lethal magic, Erika believing the conflict will quite likely escalate to kill or be killed. Mikihiko chases after an embarrassed Mizuki, unintentionally bumping into an ominous figure dressed in a First High student uniform. 
22 "Yokohama Disturbance Part IV"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Fō" (横浜騒乱編IV) 
August 30, 2014
Lu Gonghu's attempt to remove Chiaki is foiled by Watanabe and Naotsugu Chiba. Mr. Zhou visits Chiaki and appears to cast a memory alteration magic so that she will forget about his involvement with her. Saegusa, Watanabe, and Tatsuya go to the detention facility and elicit a confession from Sekimoto on his intention (and unsuccessful attempt) to steal the Magic Thesis project data and locate the relic. Lu Gonghu appears again, apparently to silence Sekimoto, but is defeated by the three and taken into custody. 
23 "Yokohama Disturbance Part V"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Faibu" (横浜騒乱編V) 
September 6, 2014
Chen Xiangshan appeals to Mr. Zhou for help freeing Lu Gonghu. Under condition that Chen promises to avoid Chinatown during his operation, Lu Gonghu is broken out. Ichihara visits Chioda and manipulates her to hold onto her feelings of bitterness for Tatsuya, believing that her capabilities will be important for 1st High future. Further questioning revealed that Sekimoto was operating against the Magic Thesis team under mind control by an adversary organization. At the convention, Juumonji elects to increase security and have all Joint Security Force members wear anti-bullet vest. The First High Magic Thesis team successfully delivers their presentation, Cardinal George congratulate Tatsuya backstage and claimed that his school will beat them. Before they can begin their presentation however, the convention center is attacked. 
24 "Yokohama Disturbance Part VI"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Shikkusu" (横浜騒乱編VI) 
September 13, 2014
The convention joint defense forces engage the assaulting teams but are bogged down by slow progress with evacuating the students, but discover that the attack is being launched from an unidentified disguised ship anchored in the harbor. Armed assailants assault the main hall, but are easily countered by Tatsuya after he inspires the other students to resist. Cardinal George confronts Tatsuya on using a top-secret technique used by STARS called Molecular Divider, but Tatsuya ignores him, saying that he doesn't have time to explain himself. Asuza casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel. Tatsuya's group lead the counterattack against the main terrorist force attacking the convention center. Shizuku uses her family's privilege to take the group to VIP conference room so they can use the network to get a better idea on what's going on outside, then meet with the rest of the First High student council members in the green room to discuss their next move. The group deciphers the enemy's motive to be to raid the Magic Association's main database. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatch new orders to Tatsuya, revealing to everyone's great surprise there that he is a JSDF special operative. Major Kazama tells everyone that this is confidential information, and his status must remain secret. Miyuki unlocks the seals on Tatsuya's powers and send him to answer the JSDF's call to defend the city. 
25 "Yokohama Disturbance Part VII"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Sebun" (横浜騒乱編VII) 
September 20, 2014
Crimson Prince brutally kills the terrorists while his allies prepare a bus for their escape aboveground. Meanwhile, evacuation underground continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a collapsed ceiling causes by Great Asian Alliance's war machines. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to send helicopters to evacuate the personnels who were unable to reach the bunker, and everyone is extracted. Tatsuya takes to the skies in the flight suit, which R&D had improved beyond his own design, and begins by destroying the attackers' recon drones.The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Crimson Prince fighting back the attackers. In another group, while they were escaping, an ambush attack causes Kirihara's leg to be blown off and Kei pierced by shrapnel while protecting their girlfriend. Miyuki arrives, eliminating the attackers and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area. 
26 "Yokohama Disturbance Part VIII"
"Yokohama Sōran-hen Eito" (横浜騒乱編VIII) 
September 27, 2014
The episode starts with Tatsuya and other airborne comrades obliterating an enemy mechanized battalion. Some enemy soldiers recognize him as Mahesvara a demon from 3 years ago who appears for revenge when his sister and mother was critically injured. Meanwhile, Jummonji leads magicians from Magic Branch Association charasmatically, resulting in the enemy retreating. The Crimson Prince reaches the Chinatown of Zhou Gongjin and demands that he surrender the escapees, to which Zhou agrees and assures The Prince that he had also been victimized. The scene then moves to the Saegusa helicopter. The students in the helicopter are very curious about Tatsuya's magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara's wounds. Miyuki explains Tatsuya's magic Regrowth, as well as its price: the user has to endure the same pain as the person healed, in condensed form. Later, they defeat Lu Gong-Hu and his employer at the branch of Magic Association building. The battle proceeds with the airborne troops and the magicians led by Jummonji, sandwiching the enemy from 2 sides, successfully obliterating most of the enemy. Some manage to escape to the camouflaged ship, though. Later, Major Kazama authorizes Tatsuya to activate Strategic Class Magic, Material Burst, which converts mass into energy. Tatsuya uses Material Burst on the retreating Great Asian Alliance's navy, completely annihilating them. Furthermore he also cast Material Burst onto Great Asian Alliance departing Navy battalions and their harbor using satellite view and ended the war before it even begin. The event is referred to as Scorched Halloween, the day where magic is recognized as the strongest weapon and magicians begin their era of glory and suffering. The episode ends, with Yotsuba Maya inviting Kazama and the Shiba siblings to visit her on the same day, while Tatsuya hugs Miyuki, on his return. 


  1. ^ As The Irregular at Magic High School aired in Tokyo MX's E!TV block on Saturdays, 24:30 (Sundays, 00:30 a.m. JST), the premiere technically occurred on Sunday, April 6, 2014.


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