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The following is an episode list for the television show The Kids in the Hall. There were 102 episodes produced plus 9 compilation episodes.[1]

Some episodes had two versions, an American version and a Canadian version, often with alternate sketches. This episode guide is based on the official DVD releases. The first three seasons use the American versions of the episodes because HBO would allow more to be shown than the CBC. Seasons 4 and 5 use the Canadian versions because the CBC allowed more to be shown than CBS.

Pilot (1988)[edit]

You Millionaires!, Guys On A Break, Crush Your Head Part 1, Brian's Bombshell, Cabbage Head, Crying Guy, Crush Your Head Part 2, Rusty, David Foley's Power/Mark McKinney's Confession, Crush Your Head Part 3, But Do You Love *Me*?, Buddy Cole, Naked For Jesus, Reg, Crush Your Head Part 4

Season 1 (1989–1990)[edit]

No. Sketches
1 Call Girls, The Eradicator, Ballet, Crushing Your Head Part 2, Cause of Cancer, Pear, Kathie and the Blues Guy, Crushing Your Head Part 3
2 Thirty Helens 1, Sketch Comedy, Thirty Helens 2, Cabbage Head: Restaurant, Tractor, Sarcastic Guy, Buddy's Better, Thirty Helens 3, Womyn
3 Gunslinger II, Gorilla, Hey Man, Citizen Kane, Contact Lenses, Hey Man 2, Salty Ham, Hey Man 3
4 Déjà Vu, Asshole, The Daves I Know, Menstruation, House Rules, The Dinner, Sick of the Swiss, Country Doctor
5 Indian Drum, Geralds, Crushing Disco 1, Good Grampa, Explore Scott, Are Extraterrestrials Dull?, Elvis, Crushing Disco 2
6 Thirty Helens 1, Bored Robbers, Running Faggot, Thirty Helens 2, Flogging, The Trucker, Can I Keep Him?
7 Hotel La Rut, Plummet, Hotel La Rut 2, First Poem, Fletcher Christian, Hotel La Rut 3, Joymakers
8 Ping Pong, The Vacation, Ping Pong 2, Chain Gang, The Banker Doesn't Like Us, Dinosaurs, Ping Pong 3, Tony Comes to Dinner, The Banker Doesn't Like Us 2
9 A Place to Die, Secretaries, A Place to Die 2, Preacher, Weston, A Place to Die 3, Teddy Bears' Picnic
10 Hoopla, McGuillicutty and Green, Wake Up!, MacIntyre Name, One Step at a Time, Nobody Likes Us, McGuillicuty and Kurosawa, Three for the Moon
11 Night of the Living Dead, Can Never Go Home, Thirty Helens Coleslaw, Under Control, Gunslinger I, Star-Crossed Lovers, Thirty Helens Hawaii, Barbershop
12 AT&Love: Kathy Turns Over, Mood Swing, Billy Dreamer 1, Folk Music, Who's Gay in Hollywood?, Billy Dreamer 2, Skoora!
13 Signs of Loneliness, Networking, Lopez 1, Fat Hitch-Hiker, Lopez 2, No Regrets, The Lamp, Lopez 3, Indian Woman, Lopez 4
14 Editors Intro, Editors (Film), Break Up, I Lied, Dull Death, I'm A Cat, My Routine, Schoolroom, Editors Finale
15 Death Row, White Guy, Crazy Love, Buddy's Island, Captain Alan, Mechanic, Baby
16 AT&Love: Cathy & Kathy-Is The New Guy Gay?, Thirty Helens: Pens, Manny Coon, Thirty Helens: Minds, Bass Player, Compensation, Thirty Helens: Disagree, Power of My Cock
17 Boo!, Dracula, The Middle, Crushing Girlfriend, Mass Murderer, B & K, Beautiful Women
18 Love Me, Stinky Pink, Premise Beach, Crouton, Olympics, Premise Beach 2, Shitty Soup, She's Gone
19 Hey Baby, Island Boys, Can't Kill Rock, Tarantula, Cat's Away, Mutilated, Car Ride, Owww
20 Fat Man, How We Met, Thirty Helens: Photos, Bank People, Double Date, Buddy is Canadian, Buddy Holly, Thirty Helens: Helens, Dr. Seuss Bible
Compilation: Death Row, The Banker Doesn't Like Us, Buddy's Better, Crushing Your Head Part 2, Citizen Kane, Car Ride, Womyn, Crushing Your Head Part 3, The Banker Doesn't Like Us 2
HBO Special Compilation: Hey You Millionaire, Crying Guy, Crush Your Head Part 1, Cabbage Head, Romeo, Crush Your Head Part 2, Buddy Cole, Reg, Crush Your Head Part 3

Season 2 (1990–1991)[edit]

No. Sketches
1 Spring, Comfortable, Trucker #2, Hard Day, Off Swingin', The Doctor, Bobby and the Devil
2 Cops: O Canada, Trapper, Cabbage Head: Old Friends, Not Working Out 1, The Loner, Not Working Out 2, Simon and Hecubus, Not Working Out 3, Girls of Summer
3 Mark's Newscast: Paper Airplanes, Sizzler & Sizzler, AT&Love: Kathy's Pig Nose, Pageant, Tony and Nick, Mark's Newscast: Meech Lake, A Little Something, Phone, Touch Paul Bellini Contest
4 Nutty Bunnies, Queer Nation, Cops: Uniform, Excellent Dinner, Cops: Stanze, The Parrot, Cops: Running Naked, Customer, On the Run
5 The Jury, Cops: Shootout, Prisoner, Sizzler and the Bank, Cops 17: 211 In Progress, Chicken Lady, Drugs Are Bad, Cops: Prisoner, Clean Sheets, Justice
6 Second Novel, Baboon, Hair Loss, Conversation, Buddy: Wood Nymph, Anecdote, Groovy Teacher
7 Lady is a Tramp, Meet the Geralds, I'm English, Lady is a Tramp Part II, Painting A Chair, The Lack O Trust Blues, Lady is A Tramp Part III
8 I Can't Play the Piano, Democracy, Tampa Bay, Cops: Goose, Freak, Cops: Tony Baldwin, Seminar, Celebrity, Liposuction
9 Cops: Dream, Crushing Hospital, Cops: Dad, Daddy Drank, The Leash, Cops: Shelley Long, Knocked Out, The Leash: Shelley Long, The Last Straw, Parenting, Dead Dad
10 Guess Your Weight, Go For Guilt, Hustlers: Math Teachers, Fag Basher, Friendly Rivals, Show Within A Show, Mr. Hugula, Housework Hustlers, AT&Love: Cathy, Kathy and Cheesecake, Kevin Eats While Showering.
11 Fact #2, That's America, Prisoner's Jam, Fact #3, Cuttin' It Close 1, Secret of Broadway, Cuttin' It Close 2, Hustlers: Richard Nixon, Mispronouncer, Fact #3A, Dead Fish
12 Cops: Bubble Bath, How I Sleep, Old Friends, Standing, Vegas, Carpenter, Cops: Daughter, Encounter
13 Cops: Good Cop Bad Cop, Brad & The Phone, Fact: Uncle Tony, Book Bottle Blonde, Cops: Money, Shoes, Evil T, Fact: Bigfoot, Heckler, Fact: 45 Years of Love, The Long Note
14 Report, Gandar 1, M.Piedlourde Court un Marathon, Jazz Music, Gandar 2, Touch Bellini #1, The Affair, M.Piedlourde Essait L'Auto, Queen to Queen
15 M.Piedlourde Donne Un Coup De Pied Au Ballon, Scott's Not Gay, First Time, Bad News, Poo Guy, M.Piedlourde A Une Rendez-Vous, Victim, Night of the Cow, M.Piedlourde Sur La Lune
16 One of These Five Men, Cincinnati Kid, Career Ending 2, 30 Second Stories: Joe, No Words, 30 Second Stories: Dump, Career Ending 1,Trip to the Farm, AT&Love: Cathy's Wild Weekend
17 Thousand Dollars, Cops: Towing, Decorator 1, Headcrusher: Rival, Shortest, Bellini Finale, Cops: Graveyard, Governor, Ham of Truth, Decorator 2
18 Clandestine Meeting 1, The Letter, Plungers, Clandestine Meeting 2, Fact: Aliens Are Super, Intelligent, Mr. Pin, Liza's Party, Clandestine Meeting 3
19 Impotency Cure,AT&Love: Cathys The Morning They Switched To De-Caf, 30 Second Stories: Tess, Directions, Excellent Guy: Big Brother, 30 Second Stories: Office Party, Taxpayer, 30 Second Stories: Fries, Into the Doors
20 Lively Party, Butcher Shop, Cops: Sexism, Who's To Blame, Cops: Clouds, Having Tea, Faux Pas, Cops: Partners, Messages, Tube Top Justice, Hazy Movie
Compilation: Fact: Uncle Tony, Headcrusher: Rival, Off Swingin', Daddy Drank, The Affair, Fact #3, The Doctor, A Little Something, Fact: 45 Years of Love, First Time, Girls of Summer
Compilation: Cops: Prisoner, Comfortable, Trapper, Painting A Chair, Cops: Shootout, Chicken Lady, Simon and Hecubus, Cops: Dad, Hazy Movie

Season 3 (1991–1992)[edit]

No. Sketches
1 Plane, Body Conscious, Cabbie: Bigot, Chicken Lady Show, Cabbies: Pris, Cops: Abuse, Small C, The Pen, Cops: Movie, Touch Me There
2 Clothes Make the Man, Can't Sleep 2, Tiggy, I Can Live With That, Excellent TV, Can't Sleep 3, Girl Drink Drunk
3 Asleep on the Job, Measure, Nervous Break(fast) Down, Raise 1, Gimmel 100, Raise 2, Tammy
4 Golf, Earring, Flying Pig 1, Queen's Address, Flying Pig 2, Academy Awards, Cops: Flying Pig, Chop Chop, Flying Pig 3
5 Presentation, Tanya's Goodbye, Open Letter 1, Tucker, Open Letter 2, Until Proven Guilty, Underage
6 Cops: Night 1, Accents, Original Bat, Bingo, Drag Revolution, Cops: Night 2, Teamwork, Cops: Night 3
7 Mom or Dad, Evol, Same As Bruce, Mocking, Sacking All Admirals, Waiting Room, Kidnapped
8 Genius, Gut, Wedding Virgin, Terrier, Wedding Toast, Freedom of Speech, Wedding Objection, Excellent Patio
9 Cops: Old Lady, The Gift, The Babysitter, M. Piedlourde Met ses Pantalons, Paris, Street Singers, M. Piedlourde: Deteste Le Film, Macaroni
10 Fact: Stone, After the Film, Replaced 1, Grandpa Geralds, Wages, Replaced 2, Haggle, Fact: Uncle, Captain Calm, Fact: Strike, Replaced 3
11 Girls, Mr. Right, He's Hip 1, Extreme, He's Hip 2, Harassment, He's Hip 3, Stay Down
12 Cops: Opera, Back on the Horse, Ed, Cops: Shift, Buddy's Date, Tea Factory, Cops: Asleep, Pickle
13 Boxing, Pizzeria, On the Subject of Me: Cow, Bartending School, On the Subject of Me: Caricature, The Sudelmans, On the Subject of Me: Moustache, My Horrible Secret
14 Poem: 99 Bottles, Funeral Home, Poem: The Fall, The King, Advice, Scar, Poem: The Empress, Emergency Troupe Meeting
15 Cops: Potato, Serial, Gross 1, Cops: Thinking, Home Alone, Opened Up, Gross 2, Shirlers
16 Resemble, Treatment, Fact: Ears, Night Train, Garbage Man, Fact: Vanilla Ice, Bauer
17 Father Figure 1, God, Darcy & Francesca, Father Figure 2, Letters from a Sick Bed, Joint, Father Figure 2, Joint Tag
18 Old Yeller 1, Skeletons, Ugly Situation, Vicky, Old Yeller 2, Armada, Horsey
19 What, Cattle Call, Clock Radio, Excellent Mom Frame, Cattle Call 2, Long Story, Celebration
20 On the Subject of Me: Spleen, Chicken Wedding, Whatever, Regrets, Check-Up, On the Subject of Me: Caesarian, Spy Models
Compilation: Girls, Mr. Right, Cabbie: Bigot, Body Conscious, Fact: Stone, Cabbies: Pris, Extreme, The Pen, Fact: Strike,
Compilation: Cops: Abuse, Chicken Lady Show, Cops: Old Lady, The King, Queen's Address, Cops: Asleep, Stay Down

Season 4 (1993)[edit]

No. Sketches
1 Cameraman Memorial, The Night I Connected With My Dog, Taxi Birth, Hookers: Undercover, Repair, Hair Styles, Rude Awakening, Hookers: Tourist, Would You Do An Alien?, Work Pig
2 Showdown: Phone Call (Parents), Age, AT&Love: Cathy, Kathy And The Beautiful New Girl, Showdown: Good Looking, Darill Dream, Showdown: Creature, Virtual Sex, Deer By The Water, The Escape Artist
3 Fiore!, Hookers: Holdin' Out, Fantasy, Plastic Surgeon, Hookers: Ventolin, Can You Dig It?, The Big House, The Pains, Hookers: John Wayne
4 The Pardoning, No Contest, Showdown: Fish, Hookers: Phone Sex, Evil Patients, Showdown: Bruce and Dave, Cheating, The Sandwich People, Mr. Wrong, Mrs. Ondaatje
5 Newscasters, The Fun Never Stops, Perks, Neckbone, So Says You, Sex Girl Patrol
6 Deer By the Water: Radio, AT&Love: Kathy-Big Bats, Apartment Games 1, Knife Sharpener, Food, Apartment Games 2, Forceful Friend, Maria, Apartment Games 3
7 The Beatles, Chicken Lady Homecoming, He's Hip: Hiring 1, Patient/Doctor, Things to Do, He's Hip: Hiring 2, He's Hip: Hiring 3, Judy Fran & Gaugin
8 Hookers: Rich Guy, Gavin: Religion, Try It Now!, Just Terrific, Hookers: Puppet, Coincidence, Listening In, Hookers: New Coke, Thanksgiving
9 Chalet 2000: A Hilarious Episode-Long Sketch Starring Buddy and the Queen of England
10 Receptionist, Walk a Mile In My Shoes, Cops: Rookie Trick Question, A Soulfulness They Never Had, Cops: Rookie Coffee, Answering Machine, Celebrity, Cops: Rookie Puke, Divorce Court
11 Alan Bouvier, Career Crisis, Nice Day For Work, Hookers: Plastic Surgery, Armada: Understudy, Hookers: Commitment, Lost and Found, Clothesline, Hookers: Too Easy, Comfortable High
12 Luck, Fine Line, Tuck It In, Losing My Religion, Serpico, The Hangover, Wild Man
13 Cops: Fridge, Third Time Lucky, Cops: Spring, Exposed, Hookers: Documentaries, Nudity, Cops: Europe, Business World, Katnapped
14 Cannibal, Children, Bellini Contest, Wrong Number, Tammy: Roses, Borrowed Art
15 New Guy, Dad and Son Phone Call, Cops: Puck, Clear the Air, Seat 12B, Cops: Hair, Roller Bladers, Love and Sausages
16 Guilt, The Kathi's: Monday Meeting, The Voices, Steps: Hot, Becoming A Man, Steps: Drag, The Collector, Steps: Issues
17 Pops, Poker Face, Cheers, Cops: Worms, The Nap, Cops: Hungover, Contest, Just One Bite
18 Hookers: Transvestite, Excellent Composer, Hookers: Movie Star, Quarter Life Crisis, Cemetery, Drunk As a Crow, Advantage
19 People: Bike Courier, Ricardo, Chargin' Ya, Atrium, People: Winnipeg Chick, Art Studio, People: Hopeless Romantic, Surrogate
20 Cabbie, Seminar: "Gezbo", Diploma, Cabbie Two, On Board, Scary Sandwich, Extreme Argument
Compilation: Fiore!, Things To Do, The Collector, Steps: Hot, The Night I Connected With My Dog, The Escape Artist, Steps: Issues
Compilation: Cannibal, Try it Now!, Hookers: Puppet, Lost and Found, Career Crisis, Hookers: Transvestites, Answering Machine, Chicken Lady Homecoming

Season 5 (1994)[edit]

No. Sketches
1 Idiot Boy: Assistant, Cops: Interrogation 1, Feelyat, Cops: Interrogation 2, Catching Up, Martyr, Cops: Interrogation 4, The Beard
2 Cops: Interrogation 5, Please Please Please, Special Sauce, Chance Meeting, Cops: Interrogation 7, Document, Grizzly, Cops: Interrogation Finale
3 Hookers: Drum Up Business, How To, Just One Guy, Hookers: Rap Music, Por-eef, Jug Head, The Hit
4 God is Dead, New Boots, Hookers: Porno, Rockey, Hookers: Price List, Montreal 2, Dessert (Dipping Areas)
5 Lesbian & Gay Pride, Waiter With Stumps For Hands, Squealin', Gavin: Leaking, Protest, Good to Cry 2, Drag Queens & Leather People, Sounds
6 Cruisin' For a Bruisin' 1, Teen Reporters, Mad With Power, Sick About Crime, Business Opportunity, Cruisin' For a Bruisin' 2, New Poets New Philosophers, Cruisin' For a Bruisin' 3, Each Day We Work
7 Slo-Mo, Relocation, Hookers: Heart, Lookin' For Love, Take A Letter, Hookers: Date, Duck Blind, Hookers: Skanky, Big In France
8 Call Me 1, Hobby Horse, Old People, Got Ya, Call Me 2, Step Class, Call Me 3, Needed Elsewhere
9 Steps: Parents, Loud American Shopping, Loves Ya, The DT's, Great Ideas, At the Movies
10 Small Town Pride, Last Call, Lovers 3, The Bank, Elk, The Trick, Lovers 4, My Training
11 Test Tube Baby, Dry Cleaners, Hookers: Kid, Dignity, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Hookers: Mom, Problem With Relationships
12 Good Connection, Extreme Roommates, Armada: Check 1, Shoe Shine, The Monkeys, Under Dog, Armada: Camera Man, Danny Husk: Husk Musk
13 Poor Richard, Bartending Wedding, Hookers: Hopeful, Darn Near Puked, Hookers: Boyfriend, Activist: Die, Armada: Mute, Dance
14 Cops: Looting, It's Nothing, The Bikini Inspector, Cops: Guns Fired, Yes Minister, Written in Haste, High-Tech Car Alarm
15 Uncouth, Play Back, Penny, Brucio, All's Fair in Love, Fran: Identity
16 Secret Pleasure, Errands, Gazebo, What If?, Experiment
17 Creative Possibilities, Butch's Phone Sex Party, Weekend With Daddy, Living Proof, Big Bucks
18 Cops: Why, Personal, Exercise, Steps: Cause of AIDs, Bye Stan, Bellini Day
19 Francesca Syntax, Sperm Bank 1, Unannounced, Sperm Bank 2, Impulsive, Sperm Bank 3, Operation, Sperm Bank 4
20 Armada: Check 2, Crowd Control, Encyclopedia, Junk Mail, Armada: Nice Face, Liquidation, Sam and Janet, Stair Climber
21 Finale: Bellini Opening, Armada: But Does Armada Make It?, Tribute to Berman, Empty Bar, Things We Couldn't Show, AT and Death, Bellini Speaks
Compilation: God is Dead, Hobby Horse, Penny, Play Back, Please Please Please, How To


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