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This is a list of all The L Word episodes. With the exception of the pilot episode, all episode titles begin with the letter L.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Season premiere
1 13 January 18, 2004 (2004-01-18)
2 13 February 20, 2005 (2005-02-20)
3 12 January 8, 2006 (2006-01-08)
4 12 January 7, 2007 (2007-01-07)
5 12 January 6, 2008 (2008-01-06)
6 8 January 18, 2009 (2009-01-18)

Season 1 (2004)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Pilot" Rose Troche Story by: Ilene Chaiken and Kathy Greenberg & Michele Abbott
Teleplay by: Ilene Chaiken
January 18, 2004 (2004-01-18)
Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner) is a young writer who graduates from college in Iowa and moves in with her boyfriend, Tim Haspel (Eric Mabius), a university women's swim team coach, in Los Angeles. Her new neighbors, Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman), a lesbian couple for seven years now, have a hard time finding a male willing to donate his sperm to fulfill their wish for a child. Tina introduces Jenny to her lesbian circle of friends: Dana Fairbanks (Erin Daniels), a prim, proper, and closeted tennis player, the witty and ambitious bisexual journalist Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey), and the androgynous, sexually aggressive hairstylist Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig). Jenny also meets Marina Ferrer (Karina Lombard), European owner of The Planet coffeehouse; Marina is immediately drawn to Jenny and eventually kisses her in the toilet. Bette and Tina have their own problems and discuss using an African American as a donor for their child, which Tina will carry. Bette also deals with her alcoholic older half-sister Kit (Pam Grier), who has problems with her singing career, the only straight female character of the main cast. Jenny soon betrays Tim by sleeping with Marina. The next morning, Jenny finds a ring from Tim on her breakfast table.
2 2 "Let's Do It" Rose Troche Susan Miller January 25, 2004 (2004-01-25)
Dana is asked to star in an ad campaign, but is worried about her sexual orientation being made public. While doing research for a story, Alice meets her old girlfriend Gabby (guest star Guinevere Turner) and is immediately drawn to her again. Shane is harassed by an old girlfriend, Lacey (guest star Tammy Lynn Michaels), who thinks Shane used her. Bette and Tina try artificial insemination with the sperm of Marcus Allenwood. The girls help Dana calibrate her "gaydar" and check out her new love interest, a country club sous chef named Lara Perkins (Lauren Lee Smith). Kit tries to mend her relationship with Bette and to rebuild her entertainment career. Tim, unaware of Jenny's encounter with Marina, invites Marina over for dinner, along with Bette and Tina and their other friends. Bette correctly guesses that something happened between Jenny and Marina and asks Marina to leave Jenny alone, which she refuses.
3 3 "Longing" Lynne Stopkewich Angela Robinson February 1, 2004 (2004-02-01)
Bette works on booking an art collection for her museum, the California Art Center, while her boss, Franklin (Michael Tomlinson), works against her. Mistaken for someone else, Bette meets with the influential Peggy Peabody (Holland Taylor) at a hotel in Santa Barbara. Meanwhile, Shane tries to convince her ex, Lacey, to stop the rampage against her. Alice learns that Gabby is still untrustworthy and breaks up with her again. She continues to try to write but suffers from writer's block. Dana finally musters the courage to ask Lara out on a date. Also, Jenny cannot resist temptation and begins an affair with Marina behind Tim's back.
4 4 "Lies, Lies, Lies" Clement Virgo Josh Senter February 8, 2004 (2004-02-08)
Jenny's old college professor Nick (guest star Julian Sands) (with whom she had a fling and whose opinion she values) shows up and tries to convince her that she is more complex than her latest work makes her out to be. Tim begins to suspect Jenny's infidelity, as does Alice and others. However, Jenny outright lies to everyone by denying being unfaithful. Alice later discovers the truth when she walks in on Jenny engaging in sexual acts with Marina in her office at The Planet while Tim is looking for her, and Alice covers for Jenny to prevent Tim from finding out and hurting his feelings. Unfortunately, this close call only makes Jenny even more reckless and unapologetic to her secret tryst with Marina. Meanwhile, Peggy Peabody prevents Bette from getting fired by storming into a meeting and announcing that she will lend the Provocations collection to the museum. Tina finally gets pregnant. Dana is ashamed about what happened on her first date with Lara. Elsewhere, Alice deals with her vain and self-indulgent actress mother, Lenore (guest star Anne Archer) who moves into her apartment after being evicted from her hotel suite. But Alice soon discovers that Lenore is not playing in high profile movies as she claims to be.
5 5 "Lawfully" Dan Minahan Rose Troche February 15, 2004 (2004-02-15)
Tim finally finds out about Jenny and Marina when he walks in on them. In a desperate attempt to hold on to him, Jenny tries making up with Tim; he tells her to prove her love by traveling to Lake Tahoe and marrying him immediately. Meanwhile, Dana is invited to a Subaru dinner party to sponsor her tennis career. She ends up hurting Lara when she takes Harrison, her (male) doubles tennis partner as a cover date. Bette and Tina have dinner with Bette's conservative father (Ossie Davis) where they announce Tina's pregnancy. Shane runs into an old friend, Clive, who is the personal assistant to Harry Sandchuk, a Hollywood bigwig who has come to see Shane's hairstyling work. Alice finally tells her irresponsible mother to move out of her apartment.
6 6 "Losing It" Clement Virgo Guinevere Turner February 22, 2004 (2004-02-22)
A rising artist in New York tests Bette's commitment while Tina has an unpleasant run-in with Lei Ling, the sperm donor's girlfriend, who begins to harass her. Alice meets a man named Lisa, who claims to be a "lesbian in a man's body". Tim, still mistrustful of Jenny after their quickie wedding, returns home alone, leaving Jenny on her own. While hitchhiking back to Los Angeles, Jenny gets a ride from two disaffected teenagers in whom she confides about her troubled life. Also, Shane is excited that Harry wants to refer celebrity clients to her for hairstyling.
7 7 "L'Ennui" Tony Goldwyn Ilene Chaiken February 29, 2004 (2004-02-29)
Jenny is hurt when Tim rejects her and rudely tells her to move out. Jenny then tries to live with Marina, who eventually tells Jenny that she has another lover living in Italy. Bette and Tina struggle with their fears of parenthood. Meanwhile, Dana's fears about being outed by her endorsement contract with Subaru destroys her relationship with Lara. Shane throws a party aboard Harry's boat with all her friends in attendance. Alice, fed up with women, tries a relationship with Lisa, which does not turn out as expected. Kit is stung when her estranged son, David Waters, doesn't show up for their meeting because he thinks she's fallen off the wagon again.
8 8 "Listen Up" Kari Skogland Mark Zakarin March 7, 2004 (2004-03-07)
Jenny tries to explain her situation and her confused sexuality to her one-time college roommate, Annette, who suggests they stalk Marina's girlfriend, Francesca (guest star Lolita Davidovich), after she arrives in town. Bette and Tina attend group therapy in preparation for becoming parents, while Bette faces off against a black militant writer, Yolanda, who questions Bette's self-image as a mixed-race person. With her Subaru endorsement contract in full swing, Dana, with Alice in tow, decides to come out to her right-wing parents during a formal ball for Mrs. Fairbanks, despite knowing they will not approve. Kit is asked to help write a song for rapper Slim Daddy (guest star Snoop Dogg). Shane throws Clive out of her place after catching him stealing from her to support his drug habit.
9 9 "Luck, Next Time" Rose Troche Rose Troche March 14, 2004 (2004-03-14)
Bette faces serious personal and professional problems when the art gallery comes under attack for a radical exhibit and Tina buys expensive baby accessories without consulting her. As Dana starts to adjust to being out of the closet, fame (with complications) finds Shane when she gives a has-been actress, Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette), a new style, and the married actress makes a pass at her. Alice finds complications with Lisa and turns to another man named Andrew. Jenny has an unpleasant dinner with Marina and Francesca, who defend their open romance; Jenny leaves even more confused about whether she wants to be with Marina or with Tim. Later, Tim tells Jenny that he cannot forgive her for her infidelity and deception. Also, Kit begins to rehearse for Slim Daddy's music video.
10 10 "Liberally" Mary Harron Ilene Chaiken March 21, 2004 (2004-03-21)
Tina's grief from her sudden miscarriage is eased when an unexpected opportunity arrives; a member of her and Bette's therapy group asks her to volunteer at a social insurance office. There she and her colleagues find some dirt on Fae Buckley (guest star Helen Shaver), the fanatical leader of a religious group that's hell-bent on shutting down Bette's art gallery. Meanwhile, Shane's relationship with Cherie becomes complicated when Cherie's unsuspecting husband, Steve, wants to help Shane open up her own hair salon and asks her to spend time with his emotionally distant daughter, Clea, who also makes a pass at Shane. Marina and Francesca have an argument over Francesca wanting to leave town again for a job back in Italy. Jenny tries to help the distraught Tim, who begins to date Trish, one of his swim team students. Dana gets a new hairstyle and attempts to have a fling with Jenny. Alice worries that she might be pregnant after her trysts with Lisa and Andrew. Also, Kit makes her return to the stage during a club party with Slim Daddy.
11 11 "Looking Back" Rose Troche Guinevere Turner March 28, 2004 (2004-03-28)
Bette prepares for the gallery's "Provocations" show and hires Candace, an attractive female contractor, to handle the set-up. Meanwhile, Tina, Jenny, Shane, Alice and Dana share an eventful road trip to Palm Springs to the Dinah Shore Golf Classic for women. They each tell their coming out stories. At the hotel, Dana hits it off with a pushy event-planner named Tonya (Meredith McGeachie), and Jenny unloads about her tragic life to some of the attendees, including a new, much older potential lover, named Robin (Anne Ramsay).
12 12 "Locked Up" Lynne Stopkewich Ilene Chaiken April 4, 2004 (2004-04-04)
A near-riot at the art gallery lands Bette, Dana, Shane, and Alice in the L.A. County Jail, which puts Bette in dangerous proximity to Candace when they share a cell together. Meanwhile, Kit meets Ivan (Kelly Lynch), an auto mechanic and ultra-butch drag king whom she is strangely attracted to. Marina contemplates life without Francesca and begins to flirt with Robin, knowing that Robin has planned a date with Jenny. Jenny tries to write a story about manatees and attends the local aquarium for inspiration. There she meets an attractive marine biologist named Gene and asks him out. As Tim and Jenny discuss divorce, Shane's relationships spin out of control when Clea refuses to take no for an answer.
13 13 "Limb from Limb" Tony Goldwyn Ilene Chaiken April 11, 2004 (2004-04-11)
The "Provocations" art show finally premieres at the CAC to mixed reviews, and Bette finally gives in to Candace's advances. Marina continues to flirt with Robin despite knowing she's dating Jenny, who has also begun sleeping with Gene. Shane's life turns from bad to worse when her attempt to let Clea down gently turns disastrous. Next, Cherie abandons Shane when their tryst is discovered, and Cherie's husband terminates his business arrangement with Shane. Dana's pet cat dies, and Tonya proposes marriage. At the end of the episode, Tina finds out about Candace's fling with Bette, who forces herself on Tina while apologizing. Alice realizes that she is in love with Dana and goes to her apartment to tell her. They kiss, but Alice returns home alone, where she finds Tina sitting on her couch, crying.

Season 2 (2005)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
14 1 "Life, Loss, Leaving" Dan Minahan Ilene Chaiken February 20, 2005 (2005-02-20)
Five months later. Bette desperately begs for forgiveness from Tina over her affair with Candace. But Tina is revealed to be hiding a shocking secret from her friends that she happens to be pregnant again. Alice and Dana continue to hide their romantic tryst from the others, including Tonya. Jenny finds herself with writers block, and saying an emotional goodbye to Tim as he prepares to leave town for a job in Ohio. Shane lands a new lover, a part-time DJ named Carmen de la Pica Morales (Sarah Shahi), whom she meets at a movie studio while doing hairstyling. With Marina gone after learning of her nervous breakdown and her attempted suicide, Kit decides to buy The Planet and continues to have mixed feelings over hanging out with Ivan (Kelly Lynch).
15 2 "Lap Dance" Lynne Stopkewich Ilene Chaiken February 27, 2005 (2005-02-27)
Tina hires a feminist lesbian lawyer named Joyce Wischnia (Jane Lynch) to help with her separation from Bette. Dana and Tonya have a get-together with Dana's parents to discuss their upcoming nuptials. Ivan gives Kit the cold shoulder as she prepares to finalize her purchase of The Planet coffeehouse from Marina's visiting estranged husband. Jenny enrolls in a creative writing class at UCLA taught by the stern and cynical Charlotte Birch (Sandra Bernhard) in which the latest writing assignment makes Jenny decide to have a serious discussion with Robin regarding their relationship. Dana and Tonya take Alice, Shane, and Tina for a night on the town to a strip club where a girl,who looks like Bette, dances in front of her.
16 3 "Loneliest Number" Rose Troche Lara Spotts March 6, 2005 (2005-03-06)
When she is rejected from the writing class of Charlotte Birch, Jenny sets out to win over her intimidating professor by writing a page based on her life story. Shane moves in with Jenny at the house. When Jenny meets Carmen for the first time, an attraction between them develops almost at once. Bette goes on a downward spiral over Tina's lawsuit. Joyce also offers Tina a place to stay at her guest house during her legal battle. Dana and Alice continue to hide their attraction, while Tonya decides to make a show of her impending marriage to Dana. Kit tries to find an opening act for The Planet's grand re-opening, and things heat up, then cool down, between Shane and Carmen. Tina is devastated when she finds an e-mail love letter from Candace on Bette's computer.
17 4 "Lynch Pin" Lisa Cholodenko Ilene Chaiken March 13, 2005 (2005-03-13)
Bette travels to New York on business to ask for continued funding for the California Art Center from Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley), the ruthless English daughter of Peggy Peabody, who takes over her mother's business after Peggy's retirement. Back in Los Angeles, Tina is shocked and angry when her lawyer, Joyce, makes a pass at her. Jenny and Shane search for a new roommate. But they have no luck with interviews until a dashing young film maker, named Mark Wayland (Eric Lively), drops by and charms both of them. Kit bonds with an inspirational speaker named Benjamin Bradshaw (Charles S. Dutton). Shane has a run-in with Veronica Bloom (Camryn Manheim), a ruthless and egotistical movie producer, who offers Shane a job as her personal assistant.
18 5 "Labyrinth" Burr Steers Rose Troche March 20, 2005 (2005-03-20)
Bette tries to fix her relationship with Tina who temporarily settles in the house. Bette also gets some bad news at work when Helena Peabody arrives in Los Angeles to stay, and maliciously withdraws her grant from the CAC and gives a $100,000 grant to Tina's social work office. Things go from bad to worse for Bette when she later finds out that she was the last to know about Tina's pregnancy. Alice and Dana try taking their secret relationship to a different level with new sexual positions. Tonya throws a bachelorette party at The Planet with Dana's and Tonya's mothers in attendance, and Carmen as the DJ. Shane starts her new job as the PA to Veronica Bloom. Jenny gets some confidence from her new shortened hairstyle, while Mark launches a new video project, with both Jenny and Shane being the center of it.
19 6 "Lagrimas de Oro" Jeremy Podeswa Guinevere Turner March 27, 2005 (2005-03-27)
Alice pushes Dana to break up with Tonya after a major tennis tournament. But Dana isn't prepared for when Tonya reveals her own secret. Tina considers her new attraction to Helena as she moves out of Bette's place for the second time. Kit finally hooks up with Benjamin and persuades a lonely Bette to attend one of his seminars. Following Charlotte Birch's advice, Jenny decides to bond more with Carmen. Also, Mark becomes more obsessed with Shane leading him to hire a prostitute to seduce her... so he can secretly videotape it.
20 7 "Luminous" Ernest Dickerson Ilene Chaiken April 3, 2005 (2005-04-03)
Shane tries to dull her pain by a day at a health spa with Veronica in the hopes that she can forget about Carmen and Jenny's blossoming relationship. Later, Mark ends up saving Shane's life when she gets into a local brawl. Tina comes between Helena and her ex-lover, Winnie Mann, over custody of their two young children. Bette also sees a glimmer of hope in her life when she meets the California Art Center's new sponsor, and word gets around of her single status. Jenny continues writing her novel for Charlotte's writing class and comes into issues with her classmate Hunter. Dana and Alice call everyone to The Planet to announce their romantic relationship where Kit throws a party for them.
21 8 "Loyal" Alison Maclean A. M. Homes April 10, 2005 (2005-04-10)
When Alice tries to catch up on her latest journalism assignment, she accidentally runs into her ex-lover, Gabby, and is more surprised to find out that Gabby is now dating Dana's ex-girlfriend Lara. Bette and Tina try to reach an agreement over their relationship, as Tina goes house-hunting with Helena who comes on board the CAC's board of directors. Bette meets Winnie who wants to recruit Bette over helping her win her custody battle over Winnie and Helena's kids. Jenny is worried that she may have lost the job of ghost-writing a TV star, named Burr Connor's, autobiography because she lets it slip out about her lesbianism. Mark and his pal, Gomey, meet with a sleazy producer for their lesbian reality video, while Shane finds some comfort in a church over her recent emotional setbacks.
22 9 "Late, Later, Latent" Tony Goldwyn David Stenn April 17, 2005 (2005-04-17)
Dana is stunned when Alice requests a bold sexual favor from her. Charlotte Birch sets up Jenny with another meeting with Burr Connor to ghost write his autobiography where he privately reveals to Jenny that he too happens to be gay. Jenny also finds out about Mark's voyeurism when she accidentally sees on a videotape Carmen revealing her real feelings for Shane. Mark's producer, dissatisfied that there still isn't enough sex or nudity in his lesbian reality video, terminates Mark's employment. Kit plans a romantic night for Benjamin, but it doesn't end well when Benjamin cancels and Kit ends up at an AA meeting where Ivan is in attendance. Bette and Tina have an intimate encounter as they bond over their unborn baby. But afterwards, Tina goes back to renew her relationship with Helena.
23 10 "Land Ahoy" Tricia Brock Ilene Chaiken April 24, 2005 (2005-04-24)
Dana, Alice, Shane, Carmen, and Jenny take an eventful Olivia Cruise on a ship around the Caribbean. Alice and Dana attempt to role-play as characters from "The Love Boat", only to end up with Dana becoming seasick. Both Carmen and Shane question Jenny's moody behavior throughout the trip especially when she tries to hook them up. Back in Los Angeles, Bette and Kit struggle to reconcile with their estranged father, Melvin, who comes for a visit. Tina attends a formal dinner banquet with Helena to receive a prestigious award for Tina's social work. Tina asks Bette to date her. Following Jenny's confrontation with Mark, he decides to come clean to Shane about his secret videotaping of her.
24 11 "Loud and Proud" Rose Troche Elizabeth Hunter May 1, 2005 (2005-05-01)
Dana is stunned when she learns a big secret about her younger brother, Howie, who had joined her at the annual Gay Pride Parade of 2005. Mark tries to make amends with Jenny and Shane after his confession about his secret videotaping of them. Kit and Bette keep a hospital bedside vigil for their father, Melvin, after learning that he has advanced prostate cancer and is refusing treatment. Tina also brings Helena along to the Gay Pride Parade, while Shane decides to try to open up to Carmen. Jenny uncovers a long-repressed and shocking memory about her childhood after visiting a bondage club.
25 12 "L'Chaim" John Curran Ilene Chaiken May 8, 2005 (2005-05-08)
Bette reaches out to Tina as she and Kit decide to take her father home to Bette's house from the hospital for his final days. Jenny struggles to compose herself after recalling a difficult memory from her childhood, prompting her to perform at a strip club. Alice becomes jealous when Lara Perkins, Dana's ex-girlfriend, meets Dana for dinner. Shane continues to reach out to Carmen. Mark continues making efforts to reconcile with Jenny and Shane.
26 13 "Lacuna" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken May 15, 2005 (2005-05-15)
Melvin Porter's funeral service is held at The Planet. Mark videotapes the event which is attended by a surprise guest, Gloria Steinem, where Bette gets stunning news about her job when her boss fires her. Tina goes into a surprisingly difficult labor and is forced to go to the hospital as the situation gets more difficult... and dangerous. Jenny finally reaches her breaking point over her painful childhood memory. Alice continues to struggle with her jealousy over Dana being around Lara. Peggy Peabody arrives in Los Angeles and lays down the laws with Helena over her custody battle with Winnie for their two kids. Shane finally decides to try out a relationship with Carmen.

Season 3 (2006)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
27 1 "Labia Majora" Rose Troche Ilene Chaiken January 8, 2006 (2006-01-08)
Six months later. Bette and Tina, now back together, try to deal with parenting their baby daughter, Angelica, while trying to handle a disagreeable social worker who disapproves of their unorthodox parenting methods. Alice, now hosting her own radio show 'The Chart' in Santa Monica, cannot get over her breakup with Dana, who dumped her and resumed her relationship Lara Perkins for no apparent reason. Helena decides to go into the movie business by purchasing a small and struggling studio. With Mark having moved out of the house, Carmen has moved in, and her romantic relationship with Shane gets a little more serious when Carmen wants to take Shane to meet her parents, and Shane agrees to act straight. Kit goes to her son, David, over a medical condition of hers. Jenny, recovering at her parents house in Illinois from her nervous breakdown, decides that she has had enough with Midwest life and ponders moving back to Los Angeles with her new ultra-butch girlfriend, Moira (Daniela Sea).
28 2 "Lost Weekend" Bille Eltringham A. M. Homes January 15, 2006 (2006-01-15)
Kit hires Billie Blaikie (Alan Cumming), a transvestite party promoter to get the business up at The Planet. Jenny wonders where she stands with Moira as they take an eventful road trip back to California. Carmen's overbearing mother attempts to turn Shane into a more feminine person. Following their social worker, Mrs. Collie's advice, Bette and Tina try to find a male role model for Angelica leading them to hire Angus Partridge (Dallas Roberts), a struggling musician, to help. Helena tries to help Alice get over her obsession with Dana. Dana deals with health problems after Lara feels a lump in her breast during a session of their lovemaking.
29 3 "Lobsters" Bronwen Hughes Ilene Chaiken January 22, 2006 (2006-01-22)
Shane gets another job of hairystyling at a skateboarding shop called WAX. Control freak Bette loses her position as the sole provider for the family, forcing Tina to take a job at the studio under Helena. Jenny and Moira finally arrive back in Los Angeles where Jenny introduces Moira to her surprised friends. Meanwhile, Dana and Lara make plans to visit France while Alice still obsesses over Dana leading to friction with her radio show job. Kit is surprised by Billie Blaikie who wants to make some drastic changes to the Planet in favor of the local gay crowd. Elsewhere, Angus begins to develop an attraction to Kit.
30 4 "Light My Fire" Lynne Stopkewich Cherien Dabis January 29, 2006 (2006-01-29)
Tina and Helena attend a documentary screening of up-and-coming film maker Dylan Moreland (Alexandra Hedison). Bette travels to Washington D.C. to speak at a Senate hearing about increased funding for left-wing artwork and afterward, she meets with Senator Barbara Grisham (Dana Delany). Jenny puts her dreams of becoming a writer on hold and starts working as a waitress at The Planet. Jenny and Moira are invited to a party hosted by Billie Blaikie where Moira meets like-minded people. Carmen has to decide whether to give up Shane's opening party at WAX in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to DJ at an exclusive VIP party that Russell Simmons is throwing. Alice has an emotional meltdown on-the-air during her radio show. Also, Dana plays at a tennis tournament and declares her love for Lara in front of TV cameras.
31 5 "Lifeline" Kimberly Peirce Ilene Chaiken February 5, 2006 (2006-02-05)
Tina finds herself attracted to men once again by going onto Internet sex chat rooms. Bette explores Buddhism and also hears good news on the work front. Both Alice and Kit try out the Planet's Bisexual Speed-Dating hosted by Billie: Kit with Angelica's male nanny Angus, and Alice with a lesbian vampire named Uta. Meanwhile, Dana receives devastating news that she has breast cancer which calls for surgery. Helena pursues the documentary film maker Dylan Moreland despite her claims that she's straight. Moira goes out on the town as her male alter-ego Max. Shane's ex-lover, Cherie Jaffe, now divorced and out-of-the-closet, drops by WAX to see her to talk about her new life which causes instant anger and jealousy in Carmen.
32 6 "Lifesize" Tricia Brock Adam Rapp February 12, 2006 (2006-02-12)
Bette discovers Tina's Internet sex-chat messages. Jenny meets with a publisher about her manuscript for a book, while Billie makes Moira a tempting, but shady offer to give her testosterone drugs. Kit gives in to Angus' advances. An angry Carmen lays down the law to Shane regarding their relationship over Shane's one-night fling with Cherie. Helena comes face-to-face with Dylan over where they stand where Dylan wants to continue their romance. Dana checks herself into the hospital for surgery while Lara contacts Dana's parents to update them on Dana's condition. A new and improved Alice offers her support to Lara who confides in her about Dana's condition.
33 7 "Lone Star" Frank Pierson Elizabeth Ziff February 19, 2006 (2006-02-19)
Tina takes a business trip to Vancouver to a movie shoot location and has a chance to explore her feelings for the opposite sex with her producer Josh. Back in Los Angeles, Dana's cancer treatments put a strain on her and Lara's relationship. Helena continues her secret romance with Dylan. Jenny helps Moira in her gender transformation to Max. Later, Jenny travels to New York City to meet with an editor over her book being published. Meanwhile, Carmen and Shane decide to get matching tattoos out of their renewed love. Alice reverts back to her old self in her obsession over Dana. Kit finally takes control over the situation at the Planet by firing the self-destructive Billie, while she continues her romance with Angus.
34 8 "Latecomer" Angela Robinson Ilene Chaiken February 26, 2006 (2006-02-26)
Jenny plans a charity event at WAX to support Max when they find out he can't pay for a mastectomy. Helena takes the girls to a surprise trip to San Jose to an all-star basketball game, and to honor Dana in her expectant recovery. Carmen is still dealing with the aftermath of her meeting with Shane's ex. Bette kicks Tina out of the bedroom and tries to find peace in Buddhism. In a recording studio, Kit gets help from unexpected sources for her music career.
35 9 "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way" Moises Kaufman Ilene Chaiken March 5, 2006 (2006-03-05)
Bette has hard time adjusting to the ascetic lifestyle at the Buddhist retreat in snowy upstate Washington. Back in Los Angeles, Tina goes on a date with a divorced man, named Henry (Steven Eckholdt). Dana begins looking forward to a new career after meeting Dr. Susan Love over her possible recovery. Jenny throws a benefit party for Max at the WAX, but she gets appalled by his increasingly aggressive behavior. Carmen finally tells the truth to her family about her lesbianism and Shane being her lover. Helena's affair with Dylan takes a surprising turn when she is served with a lawsuit by Dylan for sexual harassment.
36 10 "Losing the Light" Rose Troche Rose Troche March 12, 2006 (2006-03-12)
(Told in real time) With Lara still in Paris, oblivious to Dana's worsening health, Alice maintains a bedside vigil for Dana at the hospital in Los Angeles. Across town, Jenny introduces Max to her former boyfriend, Tim, who has re-married, and who still harbors a grudge against Jenny. Carmen evens the score with Shane by telling her that she too was unfaithful. Meanwhile, Peggy Peabody arrives back in town to help Helena with the lawsuit served by the double-crossing Dylan and her scheming partner Danny. Also, Tina has a lunch date with Henry and his friends. Kit becomes impatient with Angus when he's late for their afternoon date. In upstate Washington, a frustrated Bette leaves the Buddhist retreat, but receives a dose of life wisdom from an unexpected source at a bus stop. Dana passes away at the end of the episode, and Alice is overcome with grief, as she arrived back to Dana's room minutes after she dies.
37 11 "Last Dance" Allison Anders Ilene Chaiken March 19, 2006 (2006-03-19)
At Dana's funeral and memorial services, her uptight and fiercely conservative parents, still in denial to her true sexual orientation, treat her friends very coldly by forcibly sequestering them and forbidding them from publicly talking about Dana's personal life to anyone in attendance. Afterwards, Alice gets determined to arrange a private special event with the girls to commemorate their friend by stealing some of Dana's ashes and scattering them at a special location at a snow-covered summer camp that Dana once told her about. Meanwhile, Helena's lawsuit with Dylan is resolved with a surprising outcome. Bette hires the feminist lawyer Joyce Wischnia to fight for sole custody of baby Angelica. Elsewhere, Max lands a job at a computer company, the same one where he as 'Moira' got turned down, which gives Jenny something to write about. Dealing with her own grief, Shane is willing to make the ultimate commitment to Carmen by proposing marriage. Lara finally arrives from Paris and is comforted by Alice after learning of Dana's passing.
38 12 "Left Hand of the Goddess" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 26, 2006 (2006-03-26)
Six weeks after Dana's death, Helena takes over planning Shane and Carmen's upcoming wedding to be held at the Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Shane travels to Portland, Oregon where she has a reunion with her long-estranged father, Gabriel, who has remarried. Helena pitches in when she has Carmen's family flown in for the wedding celebration while Peggy Peabody also arrives to reconnect with her daughter. Jenny and Max continue to drift apart due to their differences, leading Jenny to meet and have a fling with a French-Canadian writer, named Claude. Kit has stunning news about her newfound romance with Angus. Bette continues to become uncomfortable with Tina dating Henry; she also begins having second thoughts about suing Tina for sole custody of baby Angelica. After talking to her father, Shane leaves Carmen at the altar, leaving her crushed. Alice decides to stop drowning her grief with anti-depressant pills and sex.

Season 4 (2007)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
39 1 "Legend in the Making" Bronwen Hughes Ilene Chaiken January 7, 2007 (2007-01-07)
Bette contemplates leaving the country with her daughter, but an intervention by Joyce Wischnia forces Bette and Tina to come to a compromise. Meanwhile, Shane is an emotional wreck and goes on a drug and alcohol binge with her old lover Cherie Jaffe while trying to get over her aborted wedding to Carmen. Alice helps Helena adjust to living at middle class standards after being financially cut off. Max attends a support group for FTM (Female to Male) individuals, while Kit has trouble with her pregnancy and must struggle with a hard decision. When Shane returns home after crashing her car, she discovers her step-mother Carla is waiting for her to tell her that her father has walked out on her. Carla tells Shane she's left her a present and leaves. The "Present" is her half-brother Shay.
40 2 "Livin' La Vida Loca" Marleen Gorris Alexandra Kondracke January 14, 2007 (2007-01-14)
Alice meets Papi (Janina Gavankar), a sexually aggressive Latina girl who lights up on The Chart even more than Shane, with over 1,000 conquests. Jenny is interviewed by a lesbian writer, named Stacey Merkin (guest star Heather Matarazzo), on her new book. Bette starts her new job as the dean of California Art College and meets her new boss, Phyllis Kroll (Cybill Shepherd), who has some surprising news for her. After Helena's departure from the studio, a new guy, named Aaron, takes the reins as Tina's new boss. A homeless Helena asks to stay with Alice until she can find a place of her own. Max goes out on a date with a straight woman named Brooke, the daughter of his boss, who is not aware of his former gender.
41 3 "Lassoed" Tricia Brock Ilene Chaiken January 21, 2007 (2007-01-21)
Tina invites the girls over to her and Henry's house for a party, where they do not bond well with her conservative new friends. Kit throws a Western-themed party at the Planet where Bette's boss, Phyllis, wants a part of the action. Both Shane and Papi take an instant dislike each other after they meet for the first time, while Phyllis has a different reaction after meeting Alice. A penniless Helena begins looking for a job in which Shane gives her one at WAX. Shane babysits for her 10-year-old half-brother, Shay, after he is abandoned by her father and step-mother. Angus gets some good news over a record deal, but his band later drops him. Bette's new teaching assistant, Nadia (Jessica Capshaw), begins having romantic feelings for her. A revenge-seeking Jenny tries to dig up dirt on Stacey who panned her book.
42 4 "Layup" Jessica Sharzer Elizabeth Ziff January 28, 2007 (2007-01-28)
Bette deals with the consequences after controversial art by the liberal deaf artist, Jodi Lerner (Marlee Matlin), upsets a potential university donor. Papi challenges Alice to a basketball game. On the court, Jenny and the others reject Tina, who winds up playing for Papi's team. Max finally reveals himself as transgender to Brooke who does not take it gracefully. The vindictive Jenny plays on Stacey Merkin's girlfriend's sympathies to get back at her. Alice begins a sordid tryst with Phyllis. Elsewhere, Shane is forced to model for an underwear ad to pay for Shay's $5,000 medical costs after he breaks his arm.
43 5 "Lez Girls" John Stockwell Ilene Chaiken February 4, 2007 (2007-02-04)
Bette continues dating Nadia, her teaching assistant. Alice gets Helena a job of catering a party that Phyllis is holding at her house, where Alice decides to end their steamy affair after she meets Phyllis' husband Leonard (Bruce Davison). Alice also gets angry and upset by one of Jenny's short stories which gets published in a magazine. Tina catches Angus in a compromising position with her nanny Hazel. Bette also continues to grow closer to Jodi during Phyllis's party. Shane meets Paige Sobel (Kristanna Loken), a single mother whose son is Shay's classmate.
44 6 "Luck Be a Lady" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 11, 2007 (2007-02-11)
Bette enjoys her new romance with Jodi while at the same time, she clashes with Tina over Angelica's pre-school choices, and weathers the fallout over Alice's breakup with Phyllis thinking that it could affect her job. Papi teaches Helena, Shane, and Alice how to play poker in preparation for a party hosted by high-stakes gambler Catherine Rothburg (Sandrine Holt). Meanwhile, Alice meets Tasha Williams (Rose Rollins), Papi's friend who reveals herself to be in the military service. Max backs up a female colleague at work when sexism cost her a well-deserved promotion. Elsewhere, Jenny's twisted plans to destroy Stacey backfire and haunt her instead.
45 7 "Lesson Number One" Moises Kaufman Ariel Schrag February 18, 2007 (2007-02-18)
Helena must decide whether or not she will sleep with the cynical and seductive Catharine to pay off her $50,000 gambling debt. As Bette and Jodi consoles Phyllis' heartbreak over Alice, Bette discovers that Jodi does not believe in monogamy. Alice and Tasha begin building a relationship. Meanwhile, Tina fights to win the bid on Jenny’s book Lez Girls when her studio is interested in making a movie about it. Elsewhere, Shane and Paige visit Shay’s school after rumors develop involving their relationship.
46 8 "Lexington & Concord" Jamie Babbit Ilene Chaiken February 25, 2007 (2007-02-25)
A heated argument over politics turns into passion for both the left-wing Alice and the right-wing Tasha. Shane and Paige grow closer leading them to consummate their romance. Kit has a public breakdown during a musical gig at the Planet where she exposes Angus over his infidelity. Bette introduces Tina to her new lover Jodi. Jenny brings her investment agents to the Planet for a night out. Elsewhere, Catherine draws Helena into her life of gambling. Max meets Grace, a computer researcher who is interested in upscaling Alice's 'Chart' website.
47 9 "Lacy Lilting Lyrics" Bronwen Hughes Cherien Dabis March 4, 2007 (2007-03-04)
Jenny and Tina look for the right movie director for Jenny's screenplay, but they soon butt heads over creative differences. Phyllis' husband, Leonard, drops by unannounced at Alice's place where he ends up being consoled by Alice, Tasha, Helena, as well as Papi over his wife leaving him. Bette is falling hard for Jodi and lets her emotions and jealousy interfere with her work. Kit manages to crack through Papi's hard emotional outer shell... with unexpected consequences. Shane's estranged father, Gabriel, arrives to take Shay with him back to Portland.
48 10 "Little Boy Blue" Karyn Kusama Elizabeth Ziff March 11, 2007 (2007-03-11)
Kit's break-up with Angus causes her to relapse into drinking. Bette introduces Jodi to the rest of the girls during a dinner party at her house. But Bette's controlling and bossy attitude doesn't sit well with Jodi... or anyone else. Alice discovers potential investors on her website. Jenny and Tina finally agree on hiring a director, the lesbian feminist Kate Arden (guest star Annabella Sciorra), who becomes interested in Tina. Elsewhere, Max and Grace travel to his hometown for his mother's funeral, and they soon clash with Max's emotionally barren and bigoted father.
49 11 "Literary License To Kill" John Stockwell Ilene Chaiken March 18, 2007 (2007-03-18)
Bette finds out that Jodi's been offered a job at an art center in New York state, while Bette also becomes angered by her description in Jenny's book. Tasha's memories of her service in Iraq continue to haunt her, and she is ordered by her superior officer to keep her sexual orientation a secret. Meanwhile, Shane plans a surprise for Paige on her birthday. Tina has a talk with Henry about how distant they have become with each other. Kit continues her downward spiral into drinking. Helena is kicked out of her hotel suite, and Max comes to a decision regarding his job and his life with Grace.
50 12 "Long Time Coming" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 25, 2007 (2007-03-25)
Paige decides it's time to explain to her son, Jared, the truth about her relationship with Shane. Alice has a hard time accepting that Tasha is heading back to Iraq for another tour of duty. Helena looks for a way out from Catherine's financial clutches and seizes an opportunity to get out of the gambling high life. Papi helps spearhead a beach-side going away party for Tasha. Bette gets a heaping dose of honesty from Tina when she looks to her for advice on wooing back Jodi who's left for New York. Tina returns to the lesbian fold and Kate Arden lets her know she's interested. Phyllis gets more than legal advice from Joyce Wishina when she pursues a divorce from Leonard. Fearing that the unhinged Jenny may cause the studio to pull out of producing Lez Girls, Tina and Kate Arden unwisely decide to exclude her from a meeting with Aaron and the other studio executives. But Jenny finds out, disrupts the meeting, and apparently ruins the whole deal. Also, Max goes to San Francisco to decide if he wants his gender-confirmation surgery.

Season 5 (2008)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
51 1 "LGB Tease" Angela Robinson Ilene Chaiken January 6, 2008 (2008-01-06)
Bette's gesture of good faith to Jodi backfires when she returns home. Shane experiences problems in her relationship with Paige and again falls back into old habits. Helena is sent to prison for stealing from Catherine. Unable to reach her mother, Helena now faces a grim life behind bars. Jenny returns from a vacation to Mexico, more cold and deranged than ever, with an eccentric hedge fund billionaire financier, named William Halsey (Wallace Shawn), to help her launch a creative takeover of "Lez Girls" from Tina's studio. Also, Phyllis has second thoughts about getting tied down to Joyce during a "coming out" party that Kit throws for them at the Planet.
52 2 "Look Out, Here They Come!" Jamie Babbit Cherien Dabis January 13, 2008 (2008-01-13)
Tasha returns having not been shipped off to Iraq and she tells Alice that she's being investigated by the U.S. Army for "homosexual conduct". Meanwhile, Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects. Out of work while WAX is being repaired after the mysterious arson fire, Shane's takes a last-minute gig of styling hair at a wedding for Jenny's boss, Mr. Halsey, whose daughter is getting married. The job, set up by Jenny, results in a hilarious series of erotic encounters when she scores with both of the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride herself. Meanwhile, Kit and Max have a run-in with Adele (Malaya Rivera Drew), an obsessed fan of Jenny's work whom they get hired as Jenny's new personal assistant. In prison, Helena is saved from a severe beating from the inmates by her tough-minded cellmate Dusty which seems to bring them closer together. Elsewhere, Phyllis tells Joyce that she's not sure where they stand on their romance.
53 3 "Lady of the Lake" Tricia Brock Ilene Chaiken January 20, 2008 (2008-01-20)
Shane decides to temporarily swear off sex and reap the health benefits of new energy and focus by taking exercise classes and having Jenny, Alice, Tina, and others tag along with her. Bette goes away for the weekend with Jodi to a mountain cabin upstate where Bette soon becomes uncomfortable with Jodi's brash artist friends. Back in Los Angeles, Tina's dating woes finally improve when she goes on a date with an attractive art collector. Meanwhile, Max ponders a mutual same-sex attraction to Jodi's sign-language interpreter Tom (Jon Wolfe Nelson). The Planet is burglarized and Kit is attacked after hours; when Bette hears the news, she leaves the cabin early and Jodi joins her. Tasha meets with a military lawyer, named Captain Curtis Beech (Ted Whittall), for help in her upcoming "homosexual conduct" case. Jenny tries to adjust herself with her new assistant, Adele, who seems to enjoy Jenny's demanding and difficult requests. As Helena slowly adjusts to prison life, her angry mother, Peggy, finally arrives to post her bail. But despite being free, Helena realizes that she's not entirely free from her mother's grasp and decides to skip town for good.
54 4 "Let's Get This Party Started" John Stockwell Elizabeth Ziff January 27, 2008 (2008-01-27)
Bette's jealousy over Tina's new girlfriend is the probable cause of a surprising romantic moment. Meanwhile, Jenny takes over casting for Lez Girls and while quarreling with Tina and the production company over the process is lobbied for the lead role by an up-and-coming actress named Niki Stevens (Kate French). Alice receives an unwelcome visit at home from two military officers investigating Tasha's case. Two new characters are introduced, a lesbian couple named Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth Keener) and her lover Cindi (Alicia Leigh Willis), who open up a new lesbian club, called SheBar, down the street from the Planet which could spell trouble for Kit while the gang attends the grand opening of SheBar, and the owners show an interest in Shane. Alice skips out on the grand opening of SheBar when she gets invited to an underground Hollywood party with Tasha where she sees a few celebrities she knows.
55 5 "Lookin' At You, Kid" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 3, 2008 (2008-02-03)
Jenny throws a party at her house which introduces her friends to the actresses playing them in 'Lez Girls,' provoking both delight and distress as everyone meets Niki (playing Jenny's character 'Jesse'), Begoña (playing Marina's character 'Karina'), Isabella (playing Bette's character 'Bev'), Greg (playing Tim's character 'Jim'), Lauren (playing Helena's character 'Helen'), Marci (playing Dana's character 'Donna'), Susan (playing Alice's character 'Alysse'), Gretchen (playing Tina's character 'Nina'), Cheryl (playing Kit's character 'Cat') and Cammie (playing Shane's character 'Shaun'). Bette and Tina try to deal with what is obviously a rekindled spark in their romance and try to keep it from Jodi. Max confides in Jenny that he suspects Adele is not who she claims after catching her in a lie about her past. But Jenny, fully consumed by her ego and megalomania, refuses to even listen to Max and claims that he is the one who has a problem with Adele. Meanwhile, Alice angrily outs a closeted gay basketball star after he utters a homophobic slur, which sparks a media firestorm and increases the rift between her and Tasha. Shane stirs up more drama between Dawn and Cindi when she falls off the sex wagon and sleeps with Cindi, which escalates into bitter rivalry between The Planet and SheBar.
56 6 "Lights! Camera! Action!" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken February 10, 2008 (2008-02-10)
Production on Lez Girls finally begins with Jenny, having fully taken over as the director, co-executive producer, and screenwriter, deals with the headaches of filmmaking, as well as directing Niki and dealing with her newfound dynamic of having a relationship with the lead. Adele scouts Vancouver for location scenes while Jenny treats her to a full makeover and shopping spree. Back in Los Angeles, Bette and Tina struggle with their rekindled romance. The twisted Dawn and Cindi take their war against the gang to the next level in another strategy to close down The Planet when rats are discovered on the Planet's grounds, resulting in the health board shutting it down. Elsewhere, Tasha gets her things from Alice's place, while Phyllis deals more with her divorce and her daughter Molly's (Clementine Ford) resentment towards her.
57 7 "Lesbians Gone Wild" Angela Robinson Elizabeth Ziff February 17, 2008 (2008-02-17)
As filming on Lez Girls grows more chaotic and drawn-out, the manic and nasty-minded Jenny grows more desperate and crazy over directing as well as motivating the difficult Niki, who begins slacking off. But the crafty Adele convinces the frustrated and bored Niki to take off and she ends up in an arena ring of a female oil-wrestling match at SheBar, while Jenny tracks Niki down there and also lands in the ring. Meanwhile, trouble for Tasha increases when tough-minded, by-the-book military officer, Colonel Gillian Davis (Kelly McGillis), arrives to prosecute her for homosexual conduct. Alice, now co-hosting a new TV talk show, makes matters worse for both Tasha as well as Niki with her inability to stay quiet about their lives. Bette is stuck looking after Phyllis' uptight daughter, Molly, who in turn has a few harsh and friendly words with Shane who's now working on hairstyling for Lez Girls. Elsewhere, Jodi has a lunch date with her former partner Amy. Kit continues to seek a way to get revenge against Dawn and Cindi for the closing down of The Planet.
58 8 "Lay Down the Law" Leslie Libman Alexandra Kondracke February 24, 2008 (2008-02-24)
Alice finds herself in a serious bind when she's called by Colonel Davis to testify on behalf of the U.S. Army against Tasha. Alice must decide whether to tell the truth about her romance with Tasha, or lie and risk facing charges of perjury. While testifying, Alice goes on the offensive and inadvertently strikes a nerve when she says that anyone, even Col. Davis, could be deemed gay by association. Col. Davis, fearful of Alice's new platform to out people on The Look, offers Tasha a deal in exchange for Alice's discretion. Tasha, however, chooses to unequivocally state her love for Alice, ending her military career. Meanwhile, Jenny continues her romance with Niki just as Niki's managers push into full-force damage control after photos of Niki's oil wrestling stint are posted in numerous tabloid magazines and internet sites. When one of Niki's movies opens, Tina and the producers ban Jenny from attending as Niki's date, and force Greg, the young male actor playing Jim, to accompany Niki to the premiere. Jenny asks Adele to sneak her into the theater, but the increasingly manipulative Adele instead uses her time inside without Jenny to network with many people about the movie. Across town, Bette and Tina's anguish over hiding their secret tryst begins to get to both of them emotionally as Jodi continues to slowly drift away from Bette, while Tina invites the Lez Girls cinematographer, Samantha, over for dinner at Jodi's house. Elsewhere, Molly continues to resent Phyllis' action concerning her divorce, and Shane tries to get Molly to see her mother in a more positive light.
59 9 "Liquid Heat" Rose Troche Ilene Chaiken March 2, 2008 (2008-03-02)
When a massive heat wave hits Los Angeles, Kit and the owners of SheBar, Dawn and Cindi, arrange a Mafia-type sitdown of talks with the whole gang to try to end their ugly conflict over business and "lesbo rights". But Dawn's self-serving and nearly impossible demands to Kit, Jenny, Alice, and everyone else nearly derails the discussion, until Bette steps in to negotiate a hesitant and short lived truce. Meanwhile, Shane has an "encounter" with Molly who continues to maintain that she is straight and not interested in Shane. But Molly later invites Shane to her house where another "encounter" happens, and her mother, Phyllis, walks in on them. Elsewhere, Jenny fires the "prissy" male actor, Greg, from the set after he makes a move onto Niki. Bette continues to drift apart from Jodi who begins to wonder why Bette has a lack of interest in her. Later, Bette and Tina get stuck in an elevator during a city-wide power outage while on their way to meet with their therapist, Dan, about their problems. As Tasha tries to get on with life out of the Army, Max and Jodi's intrepeter, Tom, have a date, and Adele continues to cause problems between Jenny and Niki.
60 10 "Lifecycle" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson March 9, 2008 (2008-03-09)
The girls all enroll themselves in the Subaru Pink Ride bicycle marathon as part of a breast cancer fund raiser as Team Dana. Tasha sees some of her old friends, and appears to be having a bit of a hard time balancing her desire to spend time with Alice with her desire to reconnect with her buddies. Tasha asks Alice to move in together, and Alice accepts. During their stop for the night, a campfire game of 'I never' evolves into an involved discussion of cheating where Bette and Tina end up unintentionally revealing their secret newfound romance to their appalled friends, leaving Jodi completely wrecked. Meanwhile, Molly's continuing interest in Shane leads her to follow her on the bicycle marathon, apologizing for the blunt conversation Shane overheard between Molly and Phyllis. Molly succeeds in getting back into Shane's good graces, and they hook up. Jenny brings Niki along with her to get away from work, and they unwind by making an explicit homemade video of some of their time alone. However, Adele secretly takes the tape that they made.
61 11 "Lunar Cycle" Bob Aschmann Ilene Chaiken March 16, 2008 (2008-03-16)
The twisted Adele finally goes over the deep end when, after weeks of malicious planning, she finally shows her true psychotic face and makes her move to take over Jenny's career and directing rights to Lez Girls by stealing Jenny and Niki's sex tape made during the bicycle marathan campout. She shows it to the producers and Jenny, stating that she will send copies of it to various TV networks if she isn't put in as Jenny's replacement immediately. As a result, the studio heads have no choice but to comply with Adele, and Jenny is ousted from the picture. Jenny tries to lead a walk-off the set to protest, but other than Shane, no one joins her. Jenny is incensed at Adele's betrayal. When Dawn and Cindi buy Ivan's 51% of the rights of The Planet in another attempt to close it down for good, Kit reaches her breaking point and goes to She-Bar to "do something stupid" with her newly bought gun, but is interrupted by Bette who asks her to pick up Angie from pre-school. After a terrifying moment when Angie finds and plays with the still-loaded gun, Kit disposes of the gun in a trash can. Meanwhile, Bette and Jodi get together to talk about Bette's betrayal, but nothing becomes stated because Bette confirms to love simultaneously Tina and Jodi. Tina, with problems of her own on the Jenny-Adele case, constantly calls Bette to check if she has broken up with Jodi. Tasha and Alice look for a place to move in, but troubles arise when they talk about expenses, and the details of splitting the rent. Alice is invited to a party by a New Zealand lesbian fashion designer, named Clea Mason (Melanie Lynskey), whom she met on the TV cable program The Look. Elsewhere, Shane and Molly finally go on a date and consummate their growing attraction to each other.
62 12 "Loyal and True" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 23, 2008 (2008-03-23)
Shane and Molly share a passionate and touching morning before meeting Molly's mother Phyllis and Joyce for breakfast. Phyllis asks Molly if she is taking the internship in Washington D.C. during the following summer that they once talked about; Molly replies that she will spend the summer surfing with Shane, who was unaware of the internship. Shane is later confronted by Phyllis who says that Shane is not worthy of Molly, especially in light of her past relationship failures, and she should break up with her to get it over with. Helena Peabody returns to Los Angeles to visit her mother in the hospital and is gifted by her family's wealth once again. On hearing of Kit's loss of The Planet while she was away, Helena brings a mighty tempting proposition to SheBar owner Cindi: the chance of escaping the evil Dawn's claws by giving them insider information, which will allow them to buy out SheBar's other investors. Cindi gladly accepts, and takes great pleasure in reasserting her identity — she's Cindi Tucker, not "my lover Cindi." Meanwhile, Alice almost kisses Clea Mason, but doesn't end up falling in temptation despite her continuing problems with Tasha. Elsewhere, Bette gives a kind and heartfelt speech at Jodi's art exhibition, but is humiliated by Jodi's new piece, which is about her and their breakup. Filming on Lez Girls finally wraps up, but the problems with post-production do not end as the distributors want the filmmakers to change the ending by having Jesse get back together with Jim. Tina soon clashes with both the producers and Adele, since they decide to make the change to make the movie less gay and more marketable. With her work on the movie finished, Niki wants to get back together with Jenny, who pushes her away for not having the nerve to stand up to Adele or the producers about their romance. William Halsey and the producers throw a celebration wrap party in the Hollywood Hills where everyone arrives full of glitz and glamour. At the party, Bette publicly reunites with Tina at last. The crafty and sneering sociopath Adele, gloating and reveling in her new Hollywood power and relationship with actress Begonia, gives what she thinks will be the closing speech at the party, only to be interrupted by Jenny who pushes her way into the party and sets the record straight by giving a powerful speech about her experiences on set, and also says how thankful she is for the rest of her friends' loyalty and trust. Ironically in that same moment, Niki and Shane are hooking up after flirting for much of the evening; Jenny walks in on them and angrily declares Shane's actions "the ultimate betrayal" and says that Shane has broken her heart.

Season 6 (2009)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
63 1 "Long Night's Journey Into Day" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken January 18, 2009 (2009-01-18)
Picking up immediately after where Season 5 left off, Niki tries to deal with her betrayal to Jenny as they both attempt to figure out their feelings for one another. Shane awkwardly tries to apologize to Jenny, who responds by threatening to evict Shane from her house. Jenny further meddles in Shane's life when she has a run-in with Molly, and tells her that Shane is dating someone else. Jenny then invites Niki over back at the house where they have a passionate night of sex, only for Jenny to reject her the next morning for the sole purpose to emotionally hurt Niki. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina get worried when Angelica (Olivia Windbiel) comes down with a fever which gradually gets worse. Alice and Tasha cannot decide whether to break up or stay together since their different views on life strain their romance to the breaking point. Alice and Tasha end up at Papi's apartment seeking relationship advice. Elsewhere, Helena and Kit celebrate after taking over SheBar nightclub and formally rename the place, Hit!
64 2 "Least Likely" Rose Troche Rose Troche January 25, 2009 (2009-01-25)
While Niki is enraged by Jenny's vindictive way of leading her on and dumping her, Bette encounters an old friend from college, named Kelly Wentworth (Elizabeth Berkley), which makes Tina question how much she trusts her partner. The revenge-seeking Jodi continues to frustrate and taunt Bette. Joyce asks Phyllis to marry her, to which she says "yes". Meanwhile, Max receives the surprising news that he is four months pregnant. During counseling, Tasha and Alice rekindle their spark. But the counselor, Dan, gives Alice and Tasha some not-so-good advice, and they wonder whether or not they should stay together. Helena encounters her former flame Dylan Moreland, apparently out of the closet, in the Hit! club, and displays her anger for Dylan's past betrayal. Kit also hires a flamboyant drag queen, named Sunset Boulevard (Roger R. Cross), as the Master of Ceremonies and DJ for Hit!. When Shane gives up on asking for Jenny's forgiveness, Jenny says she loves her... and they kiss.
65 3 "LMFAO" Angela Robinson Alexandra Kondracke February 1, 2009 (2009-02-01)
Alice walks in on Jenny and Shane after their night of passion, and naturally does not hesitate to gossip about it to everyone she knows before they have a chance to explain. Meanwhile, Tina gets into trouble when the film negatives for the movie The Girls (which the producers changed from "Lez Girls"), have been stolen from the studio and Tina gets blamed by her boss, Aaron, because of her frustation over the movie's new ending. Tina thinks Jenny stole them, but Jenny denies it. But the real unseen culprit soon frames Tina for the theft by sending a ransom note e-mail from Tina's office computer. Elsewhere, Joyce and Phyllis give the news about their impending marriage. Bette continues to have problems at work when Jodi continues harassing her. But when Phyllis turns down Bette's request to fire Jodi for insubordination, Bette concedes defeat and decides to quit her job. Also, Alice makes a choice to change her media career after she disobeys her employer's orders and reads a heartfelt letter on-air about a gay bashing incident, and Dylan attempts reuniting with Helena.
66 4 "Leaving Los Angeles" Rose Troche Ilene Chaiken February 8, 2009 (2009-02-08)
Shane and Jenny's relationship continues to go on strong, despite some minor problems with Jenny's selfish and amoral attidude over starting fresh. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina travel to Nevada to meet with the young woman, Marci, who will act as a surrogate mother for another child they want to conceive. Back in Los Angeles, Max continues to cope with being pregnant while Tom tries to make sense of it all after they attend a Lamaze class. Dylan tells Tina that she wants to get back together with Helena. Tasha and Alice attempt to play matchmaker for Helena by setting her up with their newfound gal pal Jamie Chung (Mei Melançon). Helena is not interested in Jamie, but both Alice and Tasha hit it off with Jamie right away. Bette's fidelity is compromised by Kelly Wentworth who offers Bette a job at her new art gallery. Also, Kit and Sunset Boulevard throw a "guys only" night at Hit! where Max and Tom continue to argue about their problems, and the following morning, Tom walks out on Max.
67 5 "Litmus Test" Angela Robinson Angela Robinson February 15, 2009 (2009-02-15)
Alice and Jenny's friendship takes a hit when Alice finds out that Jenny's new script, is based on her "treatment" she had written earlier, is sold for $500,000 making Alice furious, but Jenny naturally denies doing anything wrong. While Bette and Tina continues to make business plans for the adoption, Jamie plays a third-wheel crush to Alice and Tasha. Despite arguments from the girls, Helena decides to go on a date with Dylan. But Alice, Shane, Kit and the rest of them decide to test Dylan's authenticity by asking Niki Stevens to bait Dylan at the Hit! club. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina have dinner with Kelly and her new boyfriend where Tina causes a scene at the restaurant when she sees her boss, Aaron, and William Hailsey having a dinner meeting that they didn't tell her about, and she accuses William of stealing the film negatives for 'Lez Girls' and framing her for it. Elsewhere, Jenny intrudes on Shane's personal rights who begins to grow irritated with her since Jenny reveals that she does not believe in boundaries... or morals.
68 6 "Lactose Intolerant" John Stockwell Elizabeth Ziff February 22, 2009 (2009-02-22)
Jenny throws a baby shower for an overwhelmed Max. But during the party, Jenny, being the nihilistic person she is, spills the beans to Dylan about the girls hiring Niki to seduce her as a test to Helena's loyalty, which causes Dylan to get upset and Helena to go crazy. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina begin the adoption process when they discover from Joyce that Nevada's state law refuses to grant adoption to a non-married lesbian couple. Bette goes to her new art gallery opening-night celebration solo, putting her in the shark's tank with Kelly, while Tina flies to New York to work on a new movie project. Shane desires freedom from Jenny's clinginess, while Jamie begins to take a toll on Alice and Tasha's relationship. Shane almost cheats on Jenny with Niki who returns to the scene, but Shane comes down with food poisoning, in which she successfully avoids both sex with Niki and being discovered by Jenny. Elsewhere, Kit meets a handsome man at Kelly's new art gallery who tries to pick her up, but she doesn't respond well to his advances.
69 7 "Last Couple Standing" Rose Troche Ilene Chaiken March 1, 2009 (2009-03-01)
The girls partake in a 12-hour Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center's dance marathon at Hit! with Sunset Boulevard as the MC. There, rumors fly about Tasha and Alice's relationship troubles when Jamie begins to flirt and come onto Tasha. Tina reveals that she may be moving to New York after a job offer and ponders asking Bette to come with her. Sunset Boulevard makes a shocking revelation to Kit that he is the dashing young man who is trying to pick her up when not in costume. Jodi shows up at the dance marathon with her new girlfriend to further taunt Bette by entering one of the dance contests. The twisted Jenny further meddles in Bette's life by threatening to tell Tina about Bette's alleged tryst with Kelly, while Jenny further humiliates Shane when Jenny suspects Shane of cheating on her with Niki again. Dylan shows up to reconcile with Helena who accepts. The next day, when Bette and Tina go to the bus stop to pick up the potential surrogate mother whose child they plan to let live with them until the baby is born, she's a no-show.
70 8 "Last Word" Ilene Chaiken Ilene Chaiken March 8, 2009 (2009-03-08)
In the series finale, a celebration of friendship ends in disaster. When Bette and Tina announce they will be moving to New York for good, Jenny decides to make a farewell video for them. But her cynical ways start to drive a further wedge between her and everyone else. Alice tells Tasha that if she wants to be with Jamie to go ahead, and if she doesn't come back in 24 hours, she'll know what choice Tasha made. Helena comes to the realization that she will never be able to truly trust Dylan, so she breaks up with her for good. Kit finally gets together with Sunset Boulevard, but she is still convinced that Bette was unfaithful when Jenny shows her a video she took of Bette and Kelly. Meanwhile, Shane has a run-in with Molly Kroll who tells her about the letter she left in Shane's jacket pocket. When Shane realizes that Jenny never told her about this, she looks for the jacket in the attic and finds it... along with the missing negatives for "Lez Girls." That night, events come full circle when all of the girls find themselves in a situation with the law. Sergeant Marybeth Duffy (guest star Lucy Lawless) investigates Jenny's death when she is found floating face-down in Bette and Tina's swimming pool. Sgt. Duffy learns that all of them had a motive and opportunity to kill Jenny for her dark and amoral ways. Niki is also spotted lurking around both Bette's and Jenny's houses by the police after the discovery of the body. The series ends with all of the friends going to the police station to make their statements.

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