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This is a list of episodes of the TV series The Legend of Tarzan, which originally ran from 2001 to 2003. The series starred Michael T. Weiss as Tarzan, replacing Tony Goldwyn, and Olivia d'Abo as Jane, replacing Minnie Driver. The series takes place after the 1999 film Tarzan, and is set in the same time frame as the 2002 made-for-video sequel Tarzan & Jane. All episode are titles "Tarzan and..." but are listed simply by their individual titles

Series overview[edit]

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 36 September 3, 2001 (2001-09-03) October 14, 2001 (2001-10-14)
2 3 February 3, 2003 (2003-02-03) February 5, 2003 (2003-02-05)


Season 1: 2001[edit]

# Title Directed by Written by Air Date ABC airdate
1 "The Race Against Time" Nicholas Filippi Gary Sperling September 3, 2001 (2001-09-03) July 13, 2002
Terk begins to feel jealous when Tarzan begins spending more time with Jane than with her and Tantor. After Tarzan is bitten by a venomous spider, Jane and the others learn that the only cure is the Mububu flower, found on the top of a waterfall. Terk thinks that Jane is not suited for jungle life, so she makes a bet that Jane cannot make it. But as Tarzan's condition worsens, the two realize that they must put aside their differences if they are to obtain the flower necessary for Professor Porter's antidote.
2 "The Trading Post" Nicholas Filippi Eddie Guzelian September 4, 2001 (2001-09-04) July 20, 2002
Renard Dumont, a French proprietor, builds a trading post along the coast of Africa, near where Tarzan and his family live. Tarzan allows the newcomers to stay, but quickly realizes that with the trading post now present the rhinos have been driven from their feeding grounds into gorilla lands. Tarzan, Jane and the others must find a way to move the rhinos, or Kala and her family will be forced to move away.
3 "The Lost Cub" Don MacKinnon & Steve Loter Michael Ryan September 5, 2001 (2001-09-05) July 27, 2002
While out washing her clothes in the jungle, Jane comes across a baby leopard, who follows her. Seeing that it is alone, she convinces Terk and Tantor to watch it while she prepares Tarzan for the idea. He is at first repulsed at the idea and wants the cub to be left alone in the jungle (due to his hatred of leopards because of his parents' deaths caused by Sabor), but Kala and Jane remind him of Kala's own decision to give him a chance and Tarzan reluctantly agrees. The leopard cub is very playful and proves to be a handful for Terk and Tantor, who lose sight of it and the cub causes trouble with the baboons. Jane, seeing the hopelessness of the situation, goes with Kala (on her advice) to return it to the other leopards, but all goes wrong until Tarzan rescues them and the mother leopard arrives. Grateful for the return of her cub, the mother leopard allows Jane and the others safe passage, and later visits the group with her cub.
4 "The Lost City of Opar" Nicholas Filippi Bill Motz & Bob Roth September 6, 2001 (2001-09-06) August 3, 2002
After Professor Porter is taken captive by the Leopard Men, Tarzan and the others track him to the lost city of Opar, ruled by a strange woman La, who after seeing Tarzan fight to rescue the professor, falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Tarzan is Jane's devoted husband, so La plans to get rid of Jane and make Tarzan her husband and king of Opar.
5 "The Fugitives" Don MacKinnon Liz Friedman & Vanessa Place September 7, 2001 (2001-09-07) August 10, 2002
Tarzan and Jane meet Hugo and Hooft, who are deserters of the French Legion led by the nefarious Lt. Col. Staquait, rescuing and taking them in. These smooth-talking, good-natured con-men teach Tarzan a thing or two about gambling and profit, and eat, swim and enjoy life in the jungle, somewhat at Jane's expense (to her annoyance), so when Staquait comes for the deserters (who are "criminals"), Jane turns them in only to realize that their crime was refusal to burn a village full of men, women and children down. Despite feeling betrayed and used, Tarzan and Jane realize that the real criminal is Staquait and rescue Hugo and Hooft, giving them jobs working for Renard at the trading post.
6 "The Rogue Elephant" Sean Bishop Mirith J. Colao September 9, 2001 (2001-09-09) August 17, 2002
After Mabaya, a rogue elephant, plows through an elephant herd, Jabari and many other elephants are forced to move to where Tarzan lives to escape its path. Jabari befriends Tantor and they bond over their mutual fear of things; however, when Jabari says that the African Violet causes an elephant to go rogue, Tantor (who has eaten these flowers for years) is convinced he is a rogue, and even more so after Mabaya stampedes through the jungle, causing him to run away. Jabari learns that the african violets don't make an elephant go rogue and Tarzan has gone after Mabaya, finding himself no match for the rogue elephant. Tantor must overcome his fears to help both his friend and the jungle.
7 "The Poisoned River (Part 1)" Don MacKinnon Peter Gaffney September 10, 2001 (2001-09-10) August 24, 2002
Tantor returns from the nearby river suffering from some sort of poison. After analyzing it, Professor Porter concludes that it must have come from the river, and so Tarzan and his friends convince Dumont to allow them to borrow his boat, as the poison will affect trade and jungle life. Terk stays behind with Tantor, while the others travel upriver, only to have their boat blown up by pressure caused by hippos. Going ahead, Tarzan encounters Basuli, son of Chief Keewazi of the Waziri tribe, who say that men dressed like Jane and the Professor dug in the mountainside. Meanwhile, Tantor has somehow gotten better and with Terk goes after his friends; Basuli shows Tarzan a mysterious cave shaped like a skull head.
8 "The Poisoned River (Part 2)" Don MacKinnon Gary Sperling September 11, 2001 (2001-09-11) August 31, 2002

Tarzan and Basuli, upon further exploration, discover that the cave leads to a mine under the direction of a greedy businessman named McTeague; Jane and Professor Porter meanwhile inform Keewazi that due to the chemical separation of dirt from ores, the chemicals are being dumped into the river. Tarzan and Basuli infiltrate the mine, but are captured by McTeague. With some help from latecomers Terk and Tantor, Jane and Professor Porter rescue the pair, who have become friends through their trials together. Jane then proposes they build a dam, to cut off the water flow. When McTeague sees this and demands to have the water back, Keewazi refuses and unleashes the river all at once, creating a flash flood that destroys the mine. McTeague and his men surrender and retreat, defeated. After this, Tarzan makes peace with the Waziri.

Note: Released during the September 11th attacks.
9 "The Enemy Within" Nicholas Filippi Ken Koonce & David Weimers September 12, 2001 (2001-09-12) September 7, 2002
Tarzan and Terk find an injured gorilla named Gobu, who was attacked by hyenas. Little do they know that he is under orders from his leader to lure Tarzan back to Gobu's family. Once the injured gorilla is better, he and Tarzan embark on the long journey to Gobu's home, only to find Tublat, the aggressive bull ape who was banished from Kerchak's family many years before and has killed the group's original leader, is waiting there to trap him. Meanwhile, Jane and Professor Porter attempt to teach Terk to be more lady-like to impress Gobu.
10 "The Fountain" Nicholas Filippi Story by : Evelyn Gabai
Teleplay by : Eddie Guzelian
September 13, 2001 (2001-09-13) TBA
The Professor eagerly awaits the arrival of a colleague, Professor Doyle, but upon arrival all are surprised to find that Professor Doyle is a woman. Professor Robin Doyle had come to Africa to study Keewazi's tribe with the Professor. During their study, they find some of the older men to have quite startling ages (from 500 to 700) and learn about a great fountain that may be responsible for their apparent longevity. Professor Porter, who feels he's too old for Robin (he likes her), secretly sets forth to find this fountain.
11 "The Hidden World" Victor Cook Mark Palmer September 14, 2001 (2001-09-14) TBA
Samuel T. Philander, Professor Porter's academic rival who often takes credit for the Professor's findings and research, visits Africa believing that the Professor has found something spectacular there. The Professor does discover something, but only after Philander arrives- Tarzan shows Jane and him Pellucidar, a hidden land beneath Africa where dinosaurs still live. Philander takes a camera (not knowing that a baby baboon had already used up all the film taking pictures of itself), but the Professor has none, so (unknown to the others) he tries to steal a Tyrannosaurus Rex egg which hatches. This arouses the fury of the mother, who chases them until Porter returns the egg and they escape. Meanwhile, Philander returns to London to unveil his proof of living dinosaurs - only to discover the baboon's pictures instead.
12 "The Rift" Don MacKinnon Leslie Nordman September 16, 2001 (2001-09-16) TBA
Tantor's new girlfriend thinks Terk is loud and obnoxious and forces Tantor to choose between them. Meanwhile, poachers are operating in the jungle and capture Terk.
13 "The Giant Beetles" Victor Cook Carl Ellsworth September 17, 2001 (2001-09-17) TBA
Tantor and Terk accompany the Professor on an expedition to study giant flora and their clumsiness almost ends in disaster. Tantor wants to confess, but Terk prefers covering up the truth. Professor Porter does manage to collect some plant liquid from the giant flowers, which Terk promptly spills onto some beetles, making them grow to gigantic proportions. Terk still tries to hide her and Tantor's involvement, but it's not long before both the lies are piling up and the beetles are on a rampage of destruction.
14 "The Jungle Madness" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson September 18, 2001 (2001-09-18) TBA
Tarzan and Jane are returning home from visiting the Waziri Village via a river boat piloted by Hugo and Hooft. When they land, they notice that Dumont's trading post is really growing and modernizing. They also notice that the jungle is eerily quiet with no animal sounds to be heard. When they return home they find the tree house is in shambles as is the professor's camp and he has disappeared. Terk and Tantor burst into the camp complaining of a ringing in their heads and acting violently. Soon Tarzan and Jane are on the run for their lives as all of the jungle animals have turned against them in a psychotic rage. Later, while hiding from the animals, Tarzan discovers that the ringing the animals hear is due to a recent radio broadcasting tower built at Dumont's trading post. After Tarzan tricks them into destroying the tower, the animals return to their old selves again.
15 "The Protege" Nicholas Filippi Randy Rogel September 19, 2001 (2001-09-19) TBA
When Professor Porter's colleague Doctor Doyle returns to the jungle, she brings her introverted nephew Ian with her, and Tarzan befriends him to the point where Ian is acting almost exactly like Tarzan (to Jane's chagrin). Meanwhile Professor Porter attempts to rekindle an old romance with the boy's overprotective aunt.
16 "The Leopard Men Rebellion" Victor Cook Ken Koonce & David Weimers September 20, 2001 (2001-09-20) TBA
When the Leopard Men of Opar kidnap Jane, Tarzan must rely on Queen La's help to rescue her. But La has motives of her own... and so do the Leopard Men.
17 "The Rough Rider" Don MacKinnon Marv Wolfman September 21, 2001 (2001-09-21) TBA
Theodore Roosevelt, a former U.S. President, is on safari in Africa when he becomes the focus of a kidnapping plot. It's up to Tarzan and the others to save him and to show the former Rough Rider that there are other ways of learning about nature than by shooting it.
18 "The Seeds of Destruction" Nicholas Filippi Robert Askin September 23, 2001 (2001-09-23) TBA
When the elephant pond turns smelly because of decaying vegetation after heavy rains, Jane plants a sweet-smelling (albeit non-native) flowery vine. But the vine grows out of control, causing an ecological disaster that leads to all-out war between the elephants (whom the vine has driven out of their feeding territory) and the gorillas (whom Tarzan persuades to let them share their own territory with the elephants). Despite Jane and the Professor's best efforts, matters only turn worse, and it is up to Jane - with help from Tarzan - to undo her mistake.
19 "The Silver Ape" Don MacKinnon John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson September 24, 2001 (2001-09-24) TBA
Samuel T. Philander is at it again and wants to scoop another one of Professor Porter's jungle discoveries to pay off his British creditors. This time, he finds out about the healing Silver Ape Mangani, which he captures in a cage. When Tarzan and Professor Porter attempt to rescue the ape from Philander's ship, Mangani proves his healing abilities in a miracle for Tarzan.
20 "The Challenger" Nicholas Filippi Michael Merton September 25, 2001 (2001-09-25) TBA
A giant python named Hista is terrorizing the gorillas and Tarzan's leadership of the family is challenged by Moyo. Tarzan and Moyo must fight together to defeat Hista and save the family.
21 "The Outbreak" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson September 26, 2001 (2001-09-26) TBA
Tarzan must help a man named Markham when his workers and young daughter, Abby, fall ill with a deadly sickness caused when their irresponsible logging unleashes a dormant plague ... and the only cure may have been destroyed along with the cut-down trees!
22 "The Silver Screen" Victor Cook Madellaine Paxson September 27, 2001 (2001-09-27) TBA
A film crew comes to make an action movie and Tarzan becomes confused by the acting, with his actions resulting in him replacing the film's male lead as the star. Later, a fire starts at the trading post when the jealous actor tries to destroy the film footage containing Tarzan, and they must stop it!
23 "The Beast From Below" Don MacKinnon Ken Koonce & David Weimers September 28, 2001 (2001-09-28) TBA
Terk gains an appreciation for Tantor's phobias when a velociraptor (loose from Pellucidar) scares her silly.
24 "The All-Seeing Elephant" Nicholas Filippi Mark Palmer September 30, 2001 (2001-09-30) TBA
Tantor believes in an All-Seeing Elephant, but Terk doesn't. Tantor convinces Tarzan, Jane and the Professor to go with him to search of the All-Seeing Elephant, and Terk comes along. During their journey, a rock avalanche occurs; Tantor sees Terk in trouble and protects her. Terk is surprised she is alive and tells everyone "If my buddy wants to see the All-seeing Elephant, then he's seeing the All-seeing Elephant." But the journey becomes more difficult and dangerous ...
25 "The New Wave" Don MacKinnon Jess Winfield October 1, 2001 (2001-10-01) TBA
A schooner is sinking and on board are Jane's friends Greenley, Eleanor, Hazel and Greenley's fiancé Henry. Eleanor and Hazel do not think Henry is very 'well rounded' and hope exposing him to Tarzan can toughen him up. Henry's bravery, resourcefulness and manliness are put to the test when the four are swept away into the jungle by a tidal wave caused by an earthquake.
26 "The Lost Treasure" Nicholas Filippi John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson October 2, 2001 (2001-10-02) TBA
Count Nikolas Rokoff hears about a treasure in the valley of the leopards and plans to find it. Tarzan doesn't want to help... until Nikolas threatens to hurt Jane if he doesn't.
27 "The Return of La" Victor Cook Peter Gaffney October 3, 2001 (2001-10-03) TBA
While the gang is setting up a surprise croquet game for the Professor, Jane encounters an ill-looking fawn. Upon touching the fawn, the soul of none other than Queen La enters her body. Unable to return to Opar by herself in Jane's body, La turns to Tarzan, who senses something wrong right away. So, La/Jane turns to Dumont for help (not before having him turned into a monkey). With the aid of Usula, the Waziri elder, Tarzan tries to free Jane before La can retrieve her staff and bring Opar to life again.
28 "One Punch Mulligan" Sean Bishop Gary Sperling October 4, 2001 (2001-10-04) TBA
The arrogant and aggressive Heavyweight Boxing Champion "One Punch" Mulligan, along with his manager and personal journalist, visit the jungle while on a safari. When Tarzan accidentally knocks "One Punch" out cold, the boxer demands a rematch. Tarzan refuses; however, "One Punch" is stubborn and looks for a way to provoke Tarzan into a fight.
29 "The Missing Link" Victor Cook David Slack October 5, 2001 (2001-10-05) TBA
Philander returns to Africa with two British thugs to capture "Tarzan: The Missing Link" in a last-ditch effort to pay off the thugs. While there, they meet up with Professor Porter and Philander attempts to convince the thugs that Porter is Tarzan.
30 "The Prison Break" Troy Adomitis Madellaine Paxson October 7, 2001 (2001-10-07) TBA
Hugo and Hooft use Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce. The sauce, with the guys' names on the bottle, becomes popular with the French Foreign Legion and is brought to the attention of Lt. Col. Staquait. Staquait then vows to re-capture Hugo and Hooft for deserting. He hasn't left without a plan, though; trapping Hooft, Hugo, and Tarzan in two separate nets, he is able to take them in ... to "Cape of Doom" Prison. Upon attempting to free his friends, Tarzan is captured and locked up too. Only Jane can contact the Magistrate and settle this once and for all.
31 "The Eagle’s Feather" Nicholas Filippi David Slack October 8, 2001 (2001-10-08) TBA
Tarzan and Jane are invited to the Waziri village for the wedding of Basuli and Naoh. As part of the ancient marriage ritual, Basuli must journey to a tall mountain and bring back an Eagle's feather. He is allowed to take one person with him and he chooses Tarzan, which angers Muviro. Their journey is fraught with hardships and Tarzan begins to wonder if someone else isn't interfering.
32 "The Face From the Past" Victor Cook Gary Sperling October 9, 2001 (2001-10-09) TBA
Zutho, a shady mandrill from Tarzan's past, resurfaces, demanding a favor he claims is owed for keeping a 20-year-old secret. Much of this episode takes place in flashback as Terk relates to Jane the events that allowed Zutho to gain such a hold over the lord of the jungle.
33 "The Caged Fury" Dave Bullock Ken Koonce & David Weimers October 10, 2001 (2001-10-10) TBA
Niels and Merkus return to the Jungle to mine diamonds. Tarzan agrees to this as long as they stay away from the gorillas. Niels and Merkus are threatened by Tublat, who they capture and plan to make money out of him. Tarzan sets out to free Tublat, despite Terk's protests and the past conflict between them.
34 "The Gauntlet of Vengeance" Don MacKinnon Jacob Motz, Madellaine Paxson & Michael Ryan October 11, 2001 (2001-10-11) TBA
Seeking revenge on Tarzan, Clayton's sister (or rather her valet, Hobson) kidnaps Jane, Tantor, Terk and the Professor, placing each in a separate, deadly peril. She then injects Tarzan with a fatal poison (via blowdart) and informs him that the antidote lies far away on a distant mountain she's dubbed "Clayton's Peak". He, therefore, has a choice, she says – to suffer as she had (and lose those he loves) or as Clayton had (and lose his own life).
35 "The Mysterious Visitor" Don MacKinnon Madellaine Paxson October 12, 2001 (2001-10-12) TBA

A writer named Ed is in desperate need of some inspiration for his next novel. He finds it while walking down the street in the form of a newspaper article about Tarzan, "The Missing Link". Ed has the inspiration he needs and begins tracking down various leads to Tarzan's whereabouts ... including Samuel T. Philander, Hugo and Hooft and Renard Dumont. They all tell Ed of their first encounters with Tarzan. Ed heads out into the jungle to find Tarzan himself.

Note: This episode is most famous for the theme of a literary character meeting his own original creator, as well as the fact that it is almost completely composed of flashbacks from previous Tarzan episodes.
36 "Tublat’s Revenge" Victor Cook Randy Rogel October 14, 2001 (2001-10-14) TBA

A violent thunderstorm has Tarzan, Jane, and the rest of the gorilla family seeking shelter in nearby caves. When they reach the cave, they believe that they are safe but they have chosen the same cave that the banished gorilla named Tublat lives in. Tarzan is no physical match for Tublat, but using his superior cunning and ingenuity he manages to defeat him.

Note: Given that this episode depicts the family's first encounter with Tublat since his banishment, it likely belongs chronologically among the first few episodes in the series.

Season 2: 2003[edit]

# Title Directed by Written by Air Date ABC airdate
37 "The British Invasion" Don MacKinnon Mirith J. Colao February 3, 2003 (2003-02-03) TBA
Jane's three friends Greenley, Hazel and Eleanor arrive and assume Jane is in need of rescue. To their surprise they learn that Jane intended to stay with Tarzan instead of return with them. To prove that she hasn't changed, Jane takes her friends on a British-style picnic (Tarzan not wanting to pretend to be civilized and join in), but when Nuru and Sheeta ambush them and pursue the four girls into the jungle, Tarzan comes to their rescue.
38 "The Volcanic Diamond Mine" Victor Cook John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson February 4, 2003 (2003-02-04) TBA
Two men named Johannes Niels and Merkus arrive in search of diamonds in a volcano. Tarzan guides them on condition that he can take one for Jane. Worried about Tarzan, Jane and her friends follow his trail. As Johannes and Merkus turn on Tarzan and trap him with Jane and Archimedes, they struggle out of the erupting volcano and escape the flowing lava.
39 "The Flying Ace" Victor Cook Story by : David Bullock, Adam Van Wyk & Jess Winfield
Teleplay by : Jess Winfield
February 5, 2003 (2003-02-05) TBA
A pilot and a close friend of Jane's named Robert Canler visits Jane while Tarzan senses something bad about him, which he soon dismisses as jealousy. Robert is looking for a music box he gave to Jane, which is revealed to be a code machine, and when Jane discovers the truth he turns on her. Meanwhile, Tarzan saves an RAF pilot (who was after Robert in the first place) from Nuru and Sheeta. As Tarzan tries to stop Robert, the plane comes to the edge of a waterfall and Robert prevents Jane from certain death, but is arrested by the RAF pilot. Final episode
  • All episodes of Season 2 were used in the direct to video plot of the sequel, Tarzan and Jane, though some parts have been cut to make them look more like flashbacks. These episodes are believed to have happened sometime during or before Season 1, since some characters first appearances occurred in these episodes, the overall true specific order is unknown.

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