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Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series is well known for its popularity within the speedrunning community. This is a list of the notable fastest times achieved in The Legend of Zelda games.

The Legend of Zelda[edit]

The current world record of Any%[Note 1] speedruns for the original The Legend of Zelda was set by LackAttack24 at 27 minutes and 57 seconds.[1] LackAttack24 beat his previous world record, set 45 minutes earlier at 28 minutes and 1 second,[2] making it the first speedrun of the original The Legend of Zelda in under 28 minutes.

A Link to the Past[edit]

It is possible to speedrun through the original Japanese version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in only two minutes by making use of a particularly advantageous glitch,[3][4] though the current record of beating the game without making use of any "major glitches" is in hands of Canadian speedrunner Xelna, with a time of 1 hour, 23 minutes and 19 seconds.[5]

Ocarina of Time[edit]

By using the "wrong warp" glitch to skip the majority of the game, it is possible to beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in under 20 minutes.[6] Since the discovery of the "wrong warp" glitch, Any%[Note 1] speedruns of Ocarina of Time have become highly popular.

Date Name Time Platform Sources
5 September 2018 Torje 17:04 Japanese Wii Virtual Console [7]
16 February 2018 skater82297 17:07 Japanese Wii Virtual Console [8]
9 September 2018 RichardSage 17:23 Japanese Wii Virtual Console [9]

The current record of beating Ocarina of Time 100%, collecting almost all optional items, is in hands of speedrunner ZFG with a time of 3:54:52.[10]Ocarina of Time was beaten 100% while blindfolded without glitches by speedrunner Runnerguy2489 in October 2015. This complicated run took him around 103 hours to complete.[11] There are also several other categories that ban major glitches like Wrong Warping, Reverse Bottle Adventure, and (Get) Item Manipulation.

Majora's Mask[edit]

The current Any% World Record is in the hands of speedrunner EnNopp112 with a time of 1:15:59.[12] He also holds the 100% World Record with a time of 4 hours 39 minutes 59 seconds.[13]

The Wind Waker[edit]

Through the use of glitches such as super swimming, it is possible to complete The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in under 4 hours. The Any% world record for Wind Waker is 3:48:17 from speedrunner Demon9.[14] The 100% world record for The Wind Waker is held by ChaoticAce with a time of 6:56:29.[15]

Twilight Princess[edit]

Adam holds the any% world record at 2:56:35. He also holds the any% no save & quit world record at 3:13:14, and the All Dungeons world record at 3:48:26. sva16162 holds the 100% world record at 6:39:49.[16]

Skyward Sword[edit]

Nimzo9 holds the any% world record at 4:50:59. keitsu23 holds the 100% world record at 7:26:18. [17]

Wind Waker HD[edit]

Wind Waker HD is notable for being faster than its Standard Definition counterpart for various reasons.

In April 2017 a glitch called "Barrier Skip"[18] was perfected that allowed players to lower the record time by almost 2 hours. However a very luck-dependent event near the end of the game made the runs more irregular. Starting from November 2017, a new route making more use of the superswim glitch[19] further lowered down the record by about 15 minutes. Most recently, in January 2018, a way to circumvent the luck-dependent event was discovered.[20]

The current any% World Record for Wind Waker HD is 58:41 by Ian_Miles29.[21]

Breath of the Wild[edit]

Breath of the Wild is a massive open world game, making a huge difference between times for any% and 100% speedruns. The current any% World Record for Breath of the Wild without amiibos is 33:15 by Wolhaiksong. The current any% World Record with amiibos is 32:41 by rasenurns. The current 100% World Record, including the DLC is 29:07:01 by SpecsN_Stats.[22]. The current all dungeons World Record without amiibos is 1:58:24 by Zdi.[23].


  1. ^ a b "Any%" refers to beating a game in the lowest amount of time as possible, without restrictions on the use of any glitches that may be present in the game.

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