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This is a list of characters in The Longest Journey series of adventure video games, consisting of the original game, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey.

The Longest Journey[edit]

April Ryan[edit]

Main article: April Ryan. Voiced by Sarah Hamilton.

April Ryan is the heroine of The Longest Journey; the human-like daughter of the White Kin (see below) and prophesied to restore the balance, only to break it. She is a lazy art student in Newport, Venice, who is disturbed by her too-realistic dreams. Despite her unwillingness to believe in what's happening around her and in her destiny, she has to set out on a quest to restore the disc of Balance and find the missing Guardian. Through many quests April manages to do so, and a lot of people she cares for get hurt. Once the Balance is restored she faces a choice of whether to return to Stark or start a new life in Arcadia. April (described on the promotional posters with a tagline Rebel, Emissary, Chosen) returns as one of the three protagonists of Dreamfall, wherein she attempts to liberate the Northlands from the Azadi (Persian: freedom‎‎) Empire. She is referred to as "Raven" by the rebels, and "Scorpion" by the Azadi. She seems to have changed a lot since the last game; she is full of bitterness, harsh to people around her, ready to die if she has to, and doesn't want to get involved with the Balance again. She is killed by an Azadi soldier near the end of Dreamfall, but at the same time somehow "saved" by Zoe and given a ritual funeral at the beginning of Chapters. Her Draic part seems to be reborn in Saga[citation needed], a girl born soon after in the House of All Worlds.

Ragnar Tørnquist stated in an interview that he compared April in TLJ to "young inexperienced" Frodo Baggins, whereas in Dreamfall she developed into an "Aragorn type character".[1]


Voiced by Roger Raines.

Crow is a fast-talking, black-feathered bird who eventually becomes April Ryan's sidekick and is integral to several of the game's challenges, being named by April after Crowboy, a cartoon hero of her childhood. April exchanges a magnetized screwdriver for him as a prize from the cups handler. It's a deal that she made with an old sailor to get passage on a ship to the island of Alatian to regain another part of the Disc. But the sailor tends to keep Crow inside a wooden chest, which he manages to escape. Crow decides to join April then and assists her on her quest from time to time, summoned by a certain flute tune. In the end of the game he is stuck in the Guardian's realm as April believes him dead, but manages to escape. Crow reprises his role as April's sidekick in Dreamfall when they meet at the Dark People's library, but later decides to follow Zoë.


Voiced by Mark Anthony Henry in TLJ and Darryl Alan Reed in Dreamfall.

Charlie is April's friend and neighbor at the Border House. He works as bartender at the Fringe cafe. In The Longest Journey it's mentioned that April is his love interest, but the story is not explored. In Dreamfall, it is explained that during the events of The Longest Journey he studied dance at April's university, but was prevented from succeeding by the social 'Collapse'. In "Dreamfall" he runs the Fringe, which became a posh nightclub for the Newport elite. He is a contact of Reza in Newport. Charlie tells Zoe about the Victory Hotel and its past, and later what he knows about April, who he believes to be dead. He summons Emma to remember the events that led to April's disappearance.

Emma de Vrijer[edit]

Voiced by Julia K. Murney.

Emma de Vrijer (her family name revealed only in Dreamfall) is April's best friend and neighbor in the Border House in The Longest Journey. She's an art student, like April, and is very upset that she's not told all the truth about the state of events. Towards the end of the game, the Vanguard soldiers shoot her in front of April as a punishment, but she survives and appears again in Dreamfall as the owner of an art gallery. She's the only person who believes in April's story, as she's done research over the years. She also is the only person who believes April is still alive. She's referenced again in Chapters.

Her name translates from Dutch as "Emma the Lover."

Fiona and Mickey[edit]

Fiona and Mickey are a lesbian couple who own and manage the Border House.

Zack Lee[edit]

Voiced by Ron Gallop.

Zack Lee is a tenant in the Border House who lives across the hall from April; killed after betraying her to the Vanguard. He is viewed by most characters as "an asshole" due to his rude, shameless personality. His major pleasures are sex and drugs.

Father (Minstrum) Raul[edit]

Stark Minstrum and Roman Catholic priest of the Hope Street Cathedral, Father Raul is a friend of Cortez who directs April to Warren Hughes, and fills April in on some of the details of her mission. When Raul was studying theology, he discovered certain documents that began to undermine his faith in Catholicism. It was at that time that the Sentinel found him, and told him the truth about the Balance. Strangely enough it reaffirmed Raul's Christian faith, although he also joined the Sentinel. While not a Shifter, he has been fortunate enough to read some of the Scriptures of the Balance.

Warren Hughes[edit]

Warren Hughes is a young member of the Razorblades gang to whom Cortez directs April when she is searching for information on the Church of Voltec. Father Raul tells her that she can find him at number 87 Hope Street; Warren in turn directs her to his hacker friend, Burns Flipper. He is also the artist of the painting Cortez discusses with April at the Roma Gallery when he decides to start introducing April to the mysteries of the two worlds. Born on the 29th of August 2195 (making him just 13 years old when April meets him). Warren's father was addicted to Rapture drug and sold the whole family to the space colonies in return for a lifetime's supply of the narcotic. When the time came to depart Warren escaped and spent two weeks living in a dumpster. He has been living on the streets since. As evasion of his colonial contract considered a felony, he asks April to wipe his police record clean and find out where his sister was sent. April discovers that his father died under interrogation, his mother is also dead, and his sister was adopted by Lt. Carol Drake. In one of the options, April deletes his record from the Archives which results in him being recorded as "Deceased". He takes this in his stride, however, and is simply happy not to have the authorities in pursuit.

Burns Flipper[edit]

Voiced by Andrew Donnelly.

Burns Flipper is an eccentric, foul-mouthed, paraplegic hacker, spare-parts dealer and purveyor of information who lives secretly in a warehouse on the Newport Docks. April is pointed his way by Warren Hughes and gains admittance by knocking on the warehouse door three times - though she has to endure about ten minutes of verbal abuse first. Burns is a manic fast talker who spends most of his time in the 'pit' at the back of the warehouse, hooked up to the computers through some sort of neural interface. He also rides in a grav chair because he's missing most of his lower body. He provides April with invaluable aid, but betrays her to her enemies when promised to be able to walk again and seemingly dies, rectifying this mistake. Might be back in some form in "Chapters".

Vestrum Tobias[edit]

Voiced by Ron Foster.

Vestrum Tobias is the highest-ranking Sentinel, who teaches April Alltongue, a universal language, and who gives her knowledge of the Balance. He is the first person she meets in Arcadia, and he helps her along the way. Tobias is killed by a nameless assassin near the end of the game. The Vestrum was killed by someone he knew, supposedly a turncloak hired by the Vanguard.

Roper Klacks[edit]

Voiced by Ralph Byers.

Roper F. Klacks is an evil alchemist who lives in a floating castle some miles north of Marcuria. He has a tendency to petrify his victims. April defeats him in a mathematics contest using a pocket calculator acquired from the cups handler after winning his game once. Klacks then steals the calculator, extremely intrigued by it. He is quickly sucked into it and trapped there. April breaks his magic crystal, releasing all the souls and returning his prisoners back to their normal state.

Klacks returns in Dreamfall as a magic stall keeper, where he claims he has gone to rehab and changed his ways. He escaped the calculator five years after he was trapped by solving an extreme mathematical puzzle. He helps April with some items she needs in her quests, and although he's "reformed", still pulls a mischief or two from time to time.

Brian Westhouse[edit]

Voiced by Ralph Byers.

Brian Westhouse is a Stark-born adventurer nicknamed "The Rolling Man" by Marcurians because he rides a bicycle, a vehicle foreign to them, who appears briefly in TLJ. Cortes tells April to look for Brian when she decides to return home. The two apparently used to be friends, and Cortez once saved Brian's life and helped him reach the Tibetan monastery where the only shift to Arcadia could be opened for non-shifters. He came through a shift in the 1930s, but got stuck in time for quite a while. As we learn from "Dreamfall", that happened because he somehow got into Dreamtime and somehow unleashed the mysterious Undreaming. Brian is doing quite well in Arcadia, doing trade and collecting maps. He also keeps a pocket watch given to him by Cortez, which is said to contain his heart. That watch helps April get back to Stark. He spends the following years traveling. In Dreamfall he accompanies Zoë Castillo to one of the few places in Arcadia he has never visited, the Dark People's city, and scenes in the game suggest that his transition between worlds may be of significant importance to the central plot.

Benrime Salmin[edit]

Voiced by Cordis Heard.

Benrime Salmin is the owner and proprietor of "The Journeyman Inn", an inn located in the Arcadian city of Marcuria. A native of the Southlands, where she earned the money to buy the Journeyman Inn by trading in tobacco, wine and slaves. Benrime describes herself as a Seer, a talent that is passed down the female line in her family. She made her first appearance in The Longest Journey, where she became a friend and confidante to April Ryan. In Dreamfall, she often aids April and the resistance movement against the Azadi occupying force, providing a roof for the rebels. At the end of Dreamfall, she is arrested for aiding the resistance. Na'ane uses knowledge of her in order to lure April into a trap with Kian.


Voiced by Jeff Meller.

Abnaxus is the Venar ambassador to the Ayrede Council, and keeper of Venar Stone. While he lives in the City Green of Marcuria, his true home is north of the Border Mountains. His wife is Abyanda, and his daughters are Abratha, Abelexe, and Abpalmana. Because the Venar do not distinguish between past, present, and future, his conjugations are scrambled (e.g. "Enter honored guest, and I would have been with you presently."). But Abnaxus can stick to the present better than his compatriots, and that's why he's selected ambassador. He aids April on her quest, and provides her with the last piece of the Disc of Balance.


Voiced by Louis Aguirre.

Adrian is the 12th Guardian, detached from his position and later restored by April Ryan. Succeeded by Gordon Halloway. The Guardian cannot stay on his post for longer than 1000 years. That's the longest the human spirit can be detached from its essence, aka emotions, memories, etc., otherwise they would start to "pollute" the Balance. Adrian was waiting for the new Guardian to come, and waited still for two hundred years. However, when that didn't happen, the Tower kicked him out, the Disc broke into pieces and the Balance was left without supervision. Because of that, magic from Arcadia started seeping into Stark. Adrian was found and imprisoned by the Vanguard as he wandered homeless around Newport, the city that he lived in 1000 years ago. He was rescued by April, only to be followed by Gordon into the Guardian's realm. After Gordon recovered his personality, he replaced him as the Guardian.

Gordon Halloway[edit]

Voiced by Kevin Merritt.

Gordon Halloway is the Green Kin's right hand. He assists him in his evil plan to destroy the Balance and reunite the two worlds to rule them. Gordon is a Child of the Balance, born to replace the old Guardian. But he's kidnapped by the Vanguard, and his personality is split in two. The cold, logical one stays in Stark, and the dangerous, chaotic one terrorizes Arcadia. He is planned to be installed as a Guardian that McAllen would keep under control. But when April uses the magical amulet on him in the tower of the Guardian, he is reunited with the lost part of his psyche and embraces his duty as a new Guardian. April visits him in "Dreamfall", asking whether she has still a role to play in the history of Balance, and Gordon answers negatively, easing her mind.

Lady Alvane[edit]

Lady Alvane is a mysterious old woman who recounts the story of April's quest to a pair of curious youths, and who appeared in the story giving asylum to April, in the House of Worlds. Given her levels of insight into April's future and feelings, some fans speculate that she is an older version of April, as an elderly Crow is present at her side. However, we should take her last name into account as well - Alvane is the last name of Kian, the Azadi Apostle that we meet during "Dreamfall". Ragnar Tørnquist has taken pains to keep her identity ambiguous.[2]

Wick, Woody, and Willow[edit]

Wick, Woody, and Willow are the three Stickmen that April meets on the island of Atlais. They serve the Mother Tree, a massive tree wherein they build a 'Lunar Cannon' capable of "shooting them to the Moon" where they could live better lives. Wick acts smart-mouthed. Woody acts like a tough New Yorker type. Willow acts like a depressed nerd, and admits he has a bigger brain and is only capable of "useless" things like calculations and book writing.


Zoë Castillo[edit]

Voiced by Ellie Conrad Leigh.

Zoë Maya Castillo[3] (Seeker, Nomad, Dreamer) is the protagonist of Dreamfall. According to Ragnar Tørnquist, she is of mixed Spanish-Chinese descent.[4] She is looking for her ex-boyfriend, journalist Reza Temiz, who has disappeared after an interview, and is told to 'save' April Ryan on the way by a strange girl from her TV screen. In the beginning of the story she is unmotivated and spends her time watching TV and occasionally attending karate lessons. She is said to have started a degree in Bioneering, but she dropped out and moved to Casablanca to stay with her father. Reza's disappearance is a trigger for Zoe to do something meaningful, so she starts on a journey around the world in search of her friend and the story he was after, discovering more mysteries in the process. In the process, she is introduced to the Dream console, later called Dreamachine, which lets her visit Arcadia and meet April Ryan. In the end of the game, after a lot of revealing and dangerous adventures, Zoe is put into a coma which is likely to be the end of her.

In Chapters, Zoe again is the primary hero. Her coma sent her into the Storytime, the place where dreams are born and where the world was created. Zoe has gained powers over the Storytime (after she was revealed as a Dreamer by the White Kin in Dreamfall), such as reading minds and controlling objects. She takes on a duty of helping the people trapped in their dreams because of the overuse of the Dreamachine. She is later told by the Vagabond that her mission has just begun, and her place is back in Stark. After a struggle with her past self, she wakes up with little memory and is keen to find out the truth of what happened to her. In the following weeks, she gets back together with Reza, moves with him to Propast, Europolis and loses contact with her father. In one of the possible scenarios, she returns to school to continue her Bioneering degree and interns in a lab; in the other, she finds a job at Mira's bot shop in Pandemonium. She also volunteers for Lea Uminska's political campaign to make some use of her time, and attends psychotherapy sessions with dr. Roman Zelenka.

Gabriel Castillo[edit]

Voiced by Patrick Fitzsymons.

Gabriel Castillo is Zoë's father who only appears in the beginning and the very end of the game, except where he leaves messages for her. He is a scientist and often leaves for long work trips. He was Zoe's inspiration to take up Bionics at school. Zoe has lost contact with him in Chapters because she's mad at him for lying to her about her mother, who she considered to be dead.

Wonkers the Watilla[edit]

Voiced by Jack Angel.

Wonkers is Zoe's intelligent purple stuffed toy Watilla (a gorilla-like corporate mascot). Wonkers serves as Zoe's assistant, friend, and playmate. He was always by her side when she was in a coma, and she still has him in Chapters.

Olivia DeMarco[edit]

Voiced by Mary Healy.

Olivia DeMarco is Zoë's best friend. She owns a small electronics and repair shop in Casablanca, and is an expert on the technology of the time period. She is also a skilled hacker. In Chapters, she is deceased, supposedly due to an accident, but Zoe suspects foul play.

Reza Temiz[edit]

Voiced by Michael FitzGerald.

Reza Temiz is a journalist for "The Hand That Feeds", who goes under the alias "Jericho". His disappearance during his investigation into WATIcorp prompts Zoë to begin her quest. Zoë's ex-boyfriend and one of her best friends. At the end of Dreamfall, he is said to be dead by the WATIcorp mastermind, who claimed that he "ate his dreams". However, he shows up at Zoe's place when she's in a coma, and Zoe's spirit tries to warn her dad that "it's not him". When Zoe wakes up in Chapters, she doesn't remember any of that, and they resume their relationship even though she has doubts about it. He is of Turkish origin.

Damien Cavanaugh[edit]

Voiced by Victor Burke.

Damien Cavanaugh works for WATIcorp, a Japanese corporation. When he first appears in the game, he is involved in the development of WATIcorp's top-secret "Project Alchera". He is one of the two people contacted by Reza in his investigation. He helps Zoë to resolve the mysteries in the WATIcorp and plant a spy worm into the system. He eventually falls in love with her, becoming her love interest later on, and the two have a short affair interrupted by the events. The last we know of him is that he's in hiding. In Chapters, Damien is deceased. His death looks like a suicide in a jail cell, and he is framed for the problems with Project Alchera. However, Zoe does not believe the official story, even though she remembers nothing of him.


Voiced by Georgia Pearce.

Faith is a little girl created as byproduct of Project Alchera, who claims to be Zoë's sister. She was created under Helena Chang's supervision to test out the Morpheus drug used to connect the users to the Dreamer on earlier stages of development. She is killed by the drug overdose, however, her spirit finds home in the net, creating the Static that brings a lot of trouble to WATIcorp. In the end of "Dreamfall", Helena persuades Zoe to make Faith go away, and Zoe does so, believing that it would help punish the bad guys. Earlier on, Faith was visited by the White of the Kin, who told her to reach out for Zoe and send her to save April Ryan.

Helena Chang[edit]

Voiced by Iris Quinn.

Helena Chang is the scientist who created Faith and another contact of Reza. She works for the company called Jiva and, apparently, deals in human material. There are hints in the game that she may be connected to Gabriel Castillo, and in the end we learn that she's Zoe's mother, who never actually died as Zoe was told. She gives Zoe an extra doze of Morpheus once Faith is gone so that she won't tell anyone about what she learnt, thus putting her into a coma. In Chapters, it's confirmed that Helena is Zoe's mother.


Voiced by Kwesi Ameyaw.

Chawan is the oldest of April's henchmen in Dreamfall.


Voiced by Matthew Keenan.

Brynn is April's henchman in Dreamfall, a young boy who was saved by her from the Azadi and is eager to repay her.


Voiced by Hadeel Alwash.

Na'ane is a mage from Irhad, where her sister rules, and April's henchwoman in Dreamfall. She does a lot for the resistance, but is tracked down by Kian and forced to lead him to the rebel camp in exchange for his promise to spare the rest of the rebels. In Chapters, Na'ane returns to the rebel headquarters underneath Marcuria, after Kian is rescued and introduced to the resistance. Players can have Kian expose Na'ane's treachery to the other rebels, in which case she will be killed on spot, or Kian can say nothing before them, but speak to Na'ane in private on how he agrees that she is far more valuable to the resistance alive due to her invaluable skills, and why he will give her another chance. After the Azadi burn Oldtown, the magical ghetto, at the end of Book Two: Rebels, it is revealed in Book Three: Realms that Na'ane is now keeping busy healing the wounded rebels who managed to escape the Azadi soldiers in the aftermath of this painful blow to the resistance.

Kian Alvane[edit]

Voiced by Gavin O'Connor (Dreamfall), Nicholas Boulton (Dreamfall Chapters)

Kian Alvane (Soldier, Apostle, Assassin) is an Azadi soldier and skilled swordsman who resides in the holy city of Sadir, and the third protagonist of Dreamfall. He has pledged his life to the Six Empresses of the Azadi and their Goddess. He is an Apostle, a special agent of the Six, much to the scorn of others in the hierarchy. His job is to go to Marcuria and assassinate the Scorpion, the leader of the rebels. While he dispatches rebels with ease, two encounters with April make him think the Azadi are not acting in accordance with the Goddess. He also has a liking for April and feels that they may have met before. He resolves to change the Azadi's path, but Commander Varmon intercepts him at the rebel base, commands April to be murdered, and has him arrested for treason.

In Chapters, Kian is once again a co-protagonist. After being broken out of Friar's Keep by the rebels, he joins the people he previously hunted down.


Voiced by Jade Yourell.

Sister Sahya is the Azadi governor of Marcuria in Dreamfall. She is working with Varmon, and considers Kian a dangerous liability. She is afraid to lose her power and influence, and in "Chapters" orders Kian's immediate execution so that he couldn't tell the truth of what happened to the Azadi rulers.


Voiced by Garrett Lombard.

Commander Vamon is the commander of the Azadi garrison in Marcuria. He is jealous that Kian has more power than he does despite the Apostle's low birth, and tries to kill him in Chapters. He is responsible for April's death and the homicide in the rebels' village.

Alvin Peats[edit]

Voiced by Jonathan Dow.

Alvin Peats is one of the villains in Dreamfall. He is the founder of WATIcorp and Project Alchera, who became a cyborg to continue controlling the company from the shadows. He acquires the ability to get into the heads of all people who connect to the Dreamer, and mess with their thoughts, memories and personalities. He is killed by his "pets", the twin sisters, at the order of Samantha Gilmore at the end of "Dreamfall".

Samantha Gilmore[edit]

Voiced by Maryke Hendrikse.

Samantha "Sam" Gilmore is the nominal CEO of WATIcorp. She wants the Dreamer released and does everything to find the reason causing the Static.


The Twins are WATIcorp's elite enforcers in Dreamfall. Their names are never revealed, nor does either of them speak in the game. They look like a genetic combination of human and plant, and bear slight resemblance to Alvin Peats who calls them "pets".


The Prophet is a mysterious hooded figure who appears only once in Dreamfall. April spots him in Sahya's office and partially overhears their conversation. The Prophet wants the construction of the Tower completed pronto. April follows him through the portal at the Journeyman Inn and into the underground city where Zoe lands on her first visit to Arcadia. She is led to the place where she sees what appears bundle of trapped dreams. Much speculation surrounds the Prophet's true identity.

Draic Kin[edit]

Draic Kin or simply the Kin is a fictional race of ancient dragon-like extraterrestrial sentient beings living on Earth, as featured in the The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, depicted as tremendously powerful and immensely able in magic and science. Their life expectancy can exceed millennia, although they are not immortal. Some of the most ancient legends in Arcadia hint that their nature is similar to that of the Creator, whereas April Ryan defines them as aliens, though no information about their origin is provided.

According to the Arcadian legends, the Kin created the Balance and helped humans Divide the Earth into Stark and Arcadia, thus saving it from imminent destruction. Consequentially, the Draic Kin have been perceived as the good-nature spirits and the protectors of the Balance ever since. It is also a subject of much debate whether the Kin can travel between the Twin Worlds: while no Kin seen in the games has done so, there have been multiple hints that they are capable of doing it, such as when a Starkian Kin refers to an Arcadian priest as if they have met each other personally. When among humans, the Kin assume human forms to fit into the society, although their apparent true form is that of giant reptiles. All Kin seen in the games appear in their reptilian forms at least once in TLJ, and never in Dreamfall.

In the games, only four Kin are said to reside in the Twin Worlds; two in Stark and two in Arcadia.

Red Kin[edit]

Voiced by Louis Aguirre.

The Red Kin goes by the names of Cortez and Manny Chavez. He lives in Stark and maintains the image of an eccentric, unrecognized genius. Cortez readily assists humans who wish to cross the Divide, and he is the first Kin, after the White Mother, who approaches April Ryan in TLJ, later to appear as her mentor and ultimately to die opposing the Green Kin (see below). Cortez is never identified in the games as the "Red Kin"; but a spirit in the Banda Dig calls him "Cortez the Red".

In Dreamfall, he is seen helping Brian Westhouse reach a Tibetan monastery in a hidden scene at the game's end.

Green Kin[edit]

The Green Kin is known as Jacob McAllen or the White Cardinal in Stark. He is the head of the Church of Voltec, where his purpose is the reunification of the Twin Worlds at any cost, and de facto the mightiest political figure in Stark. McAllen is the chief antagonist in TLJ and appears to be the Kin most interested in science and technology among his brethren. As his plans for the Twin Worlds go against those of Cortez, the two have a constant silent confrontation that culminates in their duel and apparent death. He is the only Kin not directly mentioned in Dreamfall.

White Kin[edit]

The White Kin is the only female Kin on Earth. She resides in Arcadia and is featured prominently in Arcadian legends as the White Dragon or simply Mother. It is unclear whether "Mother" is an alternative name of the White Kin or a role played in the cosmology of the Twin Worlds. The White Kin is, according to her own statement, April Ryan's parent. In the end of the first game, she dies of exhaustion but is reborn in her younger daughter, to whom April commonly refers as "sister". The young White Kin is a prominent figure in Dreamfall, helping first April and then Zoë Castillo on their journeys. In the final chapters of Dreamfall, after April apparently dies at the hands of the Azadi, the young Kin also falls victim to an unknown attacker, whom she apparently recognizes moments before the attack.

Blue Kin[edit]

The Blue Kin, also known as the Old God, is the second Arcadian Kin and the least prominent in the games. While the other Kin actively participate in the life of the Twin Worlds, the Blue sleeps on the bottom of the Sea of Songs awaiting the time to leave Earth for good with his "children", the winged Alatien and the aquatic Maerum. As seen in several scenes of TLJ, his dragon form is much larger than that of the other Kin, but the players are never shown his human form. He is worshipped as a god by the Maerum (and, possibly, Alatien) and can occasionally extend exclusive authority upon the Dark People, but displays no interest in the Balance and the Twin Worlds. According to the young White Kin, he is already "gone" when the events of Dreamfall take place; though whether this signifies death or living departure is not stated.

Dreamfall Chapters[edit]

Zoe and Kian return as playable characters in Dreamfall Chapters.[5]

Dr. Roman Zelenka[edit]

Dr. Zelenka is a psychotherapist that Zoe is seeing during her stay in Europolis. He was recommended by Reza, who in turn heard of him from someone in "The Hand That Feeds". Dr. Zelenka is new in town, just like Zoe herself. He's young, but seems to know what he's doing. His main job is to help Zoe recover from the traumatic events that preceded her coma, and their consequences after she woke up. She also uses his skills to try to remember what happened during the week before her coma as she has no memory of it. In Book 1, Dr. Zelenka suggests that Zoe uses a Dreamer to see if that could trigger her memories. Zoe agrees. According to the diary, Zoe also finds Roman attractive, and can awkwardly flirt with him. Book 2 reveals that he gives information about Zoë to Falk Friedman due to some arrangement with Friedman's employer that allowed him to keep his job, though it is quite clear that he is uncomfortable with the arrangement.


Voiced by Deeivya Meir.

The owner of a robot junk shop in Europolis, Stark and Zoe's potential employer in one story branch. Mira is pretty sociopathic and can be aggressive, but Zoe does fine with her. She doesn't seem to care much about other people. In the scenario where Zoe sticks to her old university major, Mira catches up with her by the river and cryptically invites her to drop by her shop.

Nela Vlček[edit]

Nela has a food cart by the tower where Zoe has her therapy sessions. She is into organic, "non-conventional" foods. Nela is very outspoken, swears a lot, and stands her ground. A Marxist, politically active, and a great hater of the EYE. Zoe suspects she might be somehow connected to the criminal world when her search for the girl Hanna leads to Nela. She also learns that Nela fulfills certain "deliveries" for someone, but doesn't know which kind.

Süleyman "Sully" Sadık[edit]

Sully is the editor at The Hand that Feeds, a news organization devoted to freedom of the press and exposing corporate conspiracies and injustices. He is also Reza Temiz's best friend in his life in Europolis. Sully has been through a divorce and has been quite depressed, but puts on a cheery disposition. He has an eye for Zoe and flirts with her on every possible occasion. He is also of Turkish origin.


A genius technician in Mira's employment. Able to build any hardware or code any software he needs, out of little more than a few scrap components and good will. He has been adopted as a 'little' brother by Mira, and would communicate with no one else. He built Kidbot, a cheerful bot Zoe uses for her algae experiments in one of the possible scenarios.

Baruti Maphane[edit]

Baruti manages Lea Uminska's political campaign as a part of Europolis' Unity Party. He's very devoted to his work, which even reflects in his clothing. Baruti is from Botswana, one of eight children with the same father but different mothers whom his father had paid for the service. Baruti studied corporate law but decided not to stay in the family business, which lead his father and most of his siblings to disown him, though he still keeps in touch with his mother, older brother, and his two younger sisters. Baruti sends Zoe to obtain support for the campaign from Madame Nyx, an important figure in Pandemonium. He is threatened by the city mafia.

Madame Nyx[edit]

Madame Nyx is the owner of House of Dreams, a place where dream-junkies go to get some more dreamtime.


Of Chinese origin, Queenie is the most respected figure in Propast's little Chinatown. Zoe comes to her on request of Baruti who needs her to support his cause. To speak with her, Zoe has to bring a valuable present, which she chooses in form of expensive rice wine. In return for her help, she wants Zoe to find Hanna, a girl she takes interest in. Queenie also seems to be more than just a by-character, judging by her insight into Zoe's inner struggles.

Hanna Roth[edit]

Voiced by Jessica Henwick.[6]

Hanna Roth is a prominent gang member and courier of materials of dubious legality, who lives beneath the streets of Europolis. She's part of the Dragonflies, a gang of teens – mostly girls – who do odd jobs for some of the shadier characters in Propast, including Mr. London. She is seen by many as the de facto leader of the Dragonflies, a role she rejects. She's fiercely protective of the other members, however, and usually the one to make the final call when there's no consensus. She constantly tries to steer the gang away from petty crime, preferring jobs that skirt the line: running deliveries for local merchants, smuggling contraband across district lines and past EYE checkpoints, hacking and data theft. Hanna hails from the country of Essex in the Island Kingdom, where she grew up in an affluent upper middle class community. Whatever brought her to a life in the shadows of Propast, she refuses to say. Hanna hates WATIcorp's Dreamachines with a passion, threatening anyone in the gang who logs into Dreamtime with immediate expulsion.[7]

Mr. London[edit]

Mr. London is a big criminal figure in Europolis, controlling most of the city's black market. Only speaks Cantonese. He is said to be the ex-owner of Shitbot, a refurbished bot at Mira's shop, which attributed to the bot's bad personality. Zoe watches him threaten Baruti, and either stays away or interferes, bringing the mafia's attention upon her head.

Falk Friedman[edit]

A Corporate Jäger employed by various global conglomerates and corporations to take care of unofficial, off-the-books business.[8] At the end of Book 1, he is shown watching Zoe's apartment.


Voiced by Jessica Henwick.[6]

Enu-Mar Sand'ya, Twilight Child, Daughter of Te'a-Mar is a young Zhid girl and one of the last remaining anti-Azadi rebels in Marcuria after the battle at the Swamp Camp.


A mysterious girl born in the House of All Worlds to Etta and Magnus (both characters likewise first introduced in Chapters) soon after April's death. Like April, she seems to have a connection to a guardian spirit similar in appearance to the White Kin, who calls Saga "sister-daughter". She is the third playable character of Chapters, whom the player controls in the first interlude. The spirit that visits her in the end of Chapter 1 tells Saga that she'll be the one who, together with the spirit, will at last bring the two worlds together.