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The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until February 27, 1987. Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Premiere Finale
Pilot 1 May 5, 1977 (1977-05-05)
1 25 September 24, 1977 (1977-09-24) May 20, 1978 (1978-05-20)
2 27 September 16, 1978 (1978-09-16) May 12, 1979 (1979-05-12)
3 27 September 15, 1979 (1979-09-15) May 3, 1980 (1980-05-03)
4 28 October 25, 1980 (1980-10-25) May 16, 1981 (1981-05-16)
5 29 October 10, 1981 (1981-10-10) May 15, 1982 (1982-05-15)
6 29 October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02) May 7, 1983 (1983-05-07)
7 27 October 1, 1983 (1983-10-01) May 12, 1984 (1984-05-12)
8 27 September 22, 1984 (1984-09-22) May 4, 1985 (1985-05-04)
9 25 September 28, 1985 (1985-09-28) May 24, 1986 (1986-05-24)
10 4 November 21, 1986 (1986-11-21) February 27, 1987 (1987-02-27)

DVD releases[edit]

The following DVD sets were released by Paramount Home Video.[1]

DVD set Episodes Release date
The Love Boat: Season 1, Volume 1 12 March 4, 2008 (2008-03-04)
The Love Boat: Season 1, Volume 2 12 August 12, 2008 (2008-08-12)
The Love Boat: Season 2, Volume 1 13 January 27, 2009 (2009-01-27)
The Love Boat: Season 2, Volume 2 12 August 4, 2009 (2009-08-04)
The Love Boat: Season 3, Volume 1 14 January 17, 2017 (2017-01-17)
The Love Boat: Season 3, Volume 2 14 January 17, 2017 (2017-01-17)


Season 1: 1977–78[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
0 0 "The New Love Boat – The Newlyweds / The Exchange / Cleo's First Voyage" May 5, 1977 (1977-05-05)
Pilot episode
1 1 "The Captain and the Lady / One If by Land / Centerfold" September 24, 1977 (1977-09-24)

Captain Stubing's ex-wife (Bonnie Franklin) is a passenger with her new husband (Robert Symonds), a cruise line executive. She makes the crew pay for her animosity with the Captain (Gavin MacLeod). A former centerfold model (Meredith Baxter) struggles to hide her past from her fiancé who is a Congressman. A woman is followed by her boyfriend whom she dumped because he won't commit to marriage.

Guest stars: Jimmie Walker, Suzanne Somers, Brenda Sykes, Shelly Novack
2 2 "A Tasteful Affair / Oh, Dale! / The Main Event" October 1, 1977 (1977-10-01)

A man (John Ritter) poses as a woman because the only available cabin mate was already occupied by another woman (Tovah Feldshuh). A quarreling couple (Sherman Hemsley, LaWanda Page) is trapped in an elevator. A tycoon hires a detective (Dennis Cole) to find out if his wife (Jaclyn Smith) is cheating.

Note: Dennis Cole and Jaclyn Smith would later become husband and wife in real life.
3 3 "Ex Plus Y / Golden Agers / Graham and Kelly" October 8, 1977 (1977-10-08)

A man (Robert Reed) and woman (Loretta Swit) who are divorced meet. Two teens (Kristy McNichol, Scott Baio) fall in love. A senior-citizens' guide (Charles Frank) is kept busy by his group and interfering with his romance with Julie.

Also guest starring: Edward Andrews, Hermione Baddeley, Pamela Bellwood, Richard Mulligan, Queenie Smith, Betty Kean, Florence Halop
4 4 "Message for Maureen / Gotcha / Acapulco Connection" October 15, 1977 (1977-10-15)

A sportswriter (Bill Bixby) romances a sidelined tennis pro (Brenda Benet). Doc falls for a seasick stowaway (Charo). A practical joker (Milton Berle) plays one joke too many.

Also guest starring Audra Lindley.

Note: Bill Bixby and Brenda Benet were married to each other at the time.
5 5 "Isaac the Groupie / Mr. Popularity / Help! Murder!" October 22, 1977 (1977-10-22)
A woman (Michele Lee) is convinced her husband (David Groh) is trying to kill her. Isaac falls for a sizzling singer traveling incognito (Diahann Carroll). A bore (Jim Nabors) is mistaken for a notorious jewel thief.
6 6 "The Joker Is Mild / Take My Granddaughter, Please / First Time Out" October 29, 1977 (1977-10-29)

A faded comic (Phil Foster) wangles a stand-up bit in the ship's showroom. A college student (Robert Hegyes) hopes to lose his virginity before returning to shore. A woman (Ruth Gordon) plays matchmaker for her granddaughter (Patty Duke).

Also guest starring Maureen McCormick.
7 7 "Julie's Old Flame / The Jinx / The Identical Problem" November 12, 1977 (1977-11-12)
Identical twins (Diana Canova in a dual role) bewilder a smitten Doc. Julie tries to dodge a former beau (David Hedison). The crew blames a "jinxed" couple (Ray Bolger, Harriet Nelson) for a series of accidents.
8 8 "Lost and Found / The Understudy / Married Singles" November 19, 1977 (1977-11-19)

A cruise-director trainee (Jo Ann Harris) is after Julie's job. A bickering married couple (Polly Bergen, Steve Allen) pose as swinging singles. A childless couple (Sandy Duncan, Jim Stafford) take in a young runaway (James Bond III).

Also guest starring: Hayden Rorke, Loni Anderson
9 9 "The Captain's Captain / Romance Roulette / Hounded (A Dog's Life)" November 26, 1977 (1977-11-26)

Three women (Jane Curtin, Susan Heldfond, Joanna Kerns) romance—but complications occur when they try to dump—three men. The Captain's father (Phil Silvers) visits and falls for a galley cook (Judy Canova). A security dog traps a passenger (Gary Burghoff) in his bathroom.

Also guest starring: David Landsberg, Vince Baggetta
10 10 "Dear Beverly / The Strike / Special Delivery" December 3, 1977 (1977-12-03)

An advice columnist (Eva Gabor) overlooks her own marital problems. The new chef (Al Molinaro) is outraged by the Captain's tastes. Doc consoles a pregnant woman (Pamela Franklin) who is about to be divorced and unaware that her soon-to-be-ex (Robert Urich) is also on the cruise.

Other guest stars: Leslie Nielsen, Stephanie Blackmore, Mary Treen, and Meg Wylie
11 11 "Lonely at the Top / Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please" December 10, 1977 (1977-12-10)
On a Christmas cruise, a parolee (John Gavin) starts a new life with his wife. A priest (Dick Sargent) chaperones six young hellions. A couple (Florence Henderson, Shecky Green) find their marriage disintegrating.
12 12 "The Old Man and the Runaway / The Painters / A Fine Romance" December 24, 1977 (1977-12-24)

A curmudgeon (Will Geer) strikes up a friendship with a runaway teen. Julie's old boyfriend (Anson Williams) rebuffs her advances. Inept painters (Arte Johnson, Pat Morita) make a shambles of the Captain's cabin.

Other guest stars: Tom Poston, Bayn Johnson, Dorothy Green (uncredited)[citation needed]
13 13 "Too Hot to Handle / Family Reunion / Cinderella Story" January 7, 1978 (1978-01-07)

Honeymooners (John Rubinstein & Kathy Bates) experience a nightmare of a honeymoon. A supermarket assistant manager (Bruce Solomon), traveling with his wife (Judy Luciano), poses as a hot-shot executive with the crew's connivance. A ship's steward (Bob Crane) is reunited with his long lost daughter (Dori Brenner).

Other guest stars: Robert Hays, Don DeFore, David White, Victoria Carroll, Earl Montgomery, Rosemary DeCamp
14 14 "Isaac's Double Standard / One More Time / Chimpanzeeshines" January 14, 1978 (1978-01-14)

A thieving chimp almost wrecks Gopher's love life. Isaac's mother (Pearl Bailey) shocks her son by sharing quarters with her boyfriend. Feuding performers (Nanette Fabray, Don Adams) reunite for a show.

Other guest stars: Tracey Reed, Arthur Adams, Kim Lankford, Louise the Chimp, Allyn Ann McLerie
15 15 "The Eyes of Love / Masquerade / Hollywood Royalty / The Caper – Part 1" January 21, 1978 (1978-01-21)

A Hollywood couple (Michele Lee, Fernando Lamas) argue about a film he wants to produce, unaware that thieves are planning to rob them of a precious diamond in their possession. A blind girl is reunited with her schoolmate—who is no longer blind. A lawyer tries to keep his wife from finding out about his girlfriend who is also on the cruise.

Other guest stars: Harold Gould, Juliet Mills, John Schuck, Karen Valentine, Larry Storch, Stephanie Zimbalist, Desi Arnaz Jr., Adrienne Barbeau, Dan Rowan

Note: This is the first time in which the opening credits included video images of the guest stars as well as names. This was the only time it happened in the first season but it would become a standard format in subsequent seasons.
16 16 "The Eyes of Love / Masquerade / Hollywood Royalty / The Caper – Part 2" January 21, 1978 (1978-01-21)
A masquerade ball highlights the conclusion of the voyage.
17 17 "Winner Take Love / The Congressman Was Indiscreet / Isaac's History Lesson" January 28, 1978 (1978-01-28)

A beauty contest on board ship divides a couple (Maureen McCormick, Bobby Sherman). A reporter (Vicki Lawrence) falls for a disgraced congressman (Dick Van Patten). A visiting college professor (Vernee Watson-Johnson) researching Black history disapproves of an older passenger's hambone moves – even though most of the others like it—and convinces Isaac to feel the same way, until they find out to their embarrassment that the man (Scatman Crothers) is one of the greatest pitchers in Negro League history.

Other guest stars: Priscilla Barnes, Maria O'Brien, Graham Jarvis, Marianne Marks, Melissa Tennille
18 18 "Last of the Stubings / Million Dollar Man / The Sisters" February 4, 1978 (1978-02-04)

Captain Stubing's nephew (Peter Isacksen) turns out to be a klutz. An embezzler falls for a cop (Marcia Strassman). Romance comes between two unmarried sisters (Marion Ross, Pat Crowley).

Also guest starring: Frank Converse, Brett Halsey
19 19 "A Very Special Girl / Until the Last Goodbye / The Inspector" February 11, 1978 (1978-02-11)

The crew is on its best behavior for an incognito cruise inspector while a Russian elderly man keeps asking the same phrase over and over. Illness affects an adoring couple (Susan Blanchard, Paul Burke). A children's book author (Jim Backus) tries to find inspiration on the cruise. Two girlfriends (Laurette Spang, Debralee Scott) cruise, and one is ignored by all the men on board while all the others hit on the other.

Other guest stars: Patti Macleod, Sal Viscuso
20 20 "Memories of You / Computerman / Parlez Vous?" February 13, 1978 (1978-02-13)

A matchmaker uses a computer to pair up the cruise guests. He also manipulates it to pair himself with Julie.; American gold-diggers pass themselves off as French; A New York ad executive and a long-lost love reunite.

Guest stars: Frankie Avalon, Shelley Long, Patty Duke, Barbi Benton, Ricky Nelson, Jamie Farr
21 21 "Taking Sides / Going by the Book / A Friendly Little Game" February 18, 1978 (1978-02-18)

An elder couple's (Audrey Meadows and Robert Mandan) marriage problems affect a young couple's (Diana Canova and Robert Urich) marriage; A passenger (Harvey Jason) tries to court a girl (Georgia Engel) who is being overprotected by Doc who happens to be a friend of her father; A passenger (Harry Morgan) pays his debts by playing cards with a marked deck.

Also guest starring: Priscilla Morill, Herb Voland
22 22 "A Selfless Love / The Nubile Nurse / Parents Know Best" February 25, 1978 (1978-02-25)

A couple (Monty Hall and Janis Paige) takes their son (Mark Shera) along on the cruise, hoping he will end a relationship; A couple (Leslie Nielsen and Lynda Day George) rethink their romance; An ex-showgirl (Elaine Joyce) jeopardizes her nursing career.

Also guest starring: Laurie Prange, Marla Adams, Craig Littler, Dorothy Konrad, Joe E. Ross
23 23 "Musical Cabins" May 6, 1978 (1978-05-06)
In order to claim an inheritance, a young bachelor (Paul Williams) has a week to marry; A widow (Michele Lee), posing as an adventuress, captures the Captain's heart; A chauvinist (Richard Gautier) angers his fiancée (Barbara Rhoades), who finds comfort in Doc; A tabloid reporter (Marcia Wallace) uses sex as the subject for her story.
24 24 "The Business of Love / Crash Diet Crush / I'll Never Fall in Love Again" May 13, 1978 (1978-05-13)
A former prostitute (Caren Kaye) trying to overcome her past meets a nice man (Christopher George) but is threatened with exposure by a former client (Jack Carter) having troubles with his wife (Jayne Meadows); Captain Stubing reunites with an old flame (Jessica Walter); two depressed widowed people (Annette Funicello, Michael Callan) find comfort in each other while avoiding an overly happy couple (Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie).
25 25 "Pacific Princess Overtures / Gopher, the Rebel / Cabin Fever" May 20, 1978 (1978-05-20)
Gopher is encouraged by a young passenger (Eve Plumb) to stand up to Captain Stubing, with unexpected consequences; A man (Antonio Fargas) is caught cheating on his wife, by his neighbors - from home; A businessman (Gary Collins) convinces a widow (Diane Baker) to sell her late husband's business to a Japanese conglomerate, whose chairman (Pat Morita) is on board.

Season 2: 1978–79[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
26 1 "Marooned / The Search / Isaac's Holiday – Part 1" September 16, 1978 (1978-09-16)
27 2 "Marooned / The Search / Isaac's Holiday – Part 2" September 16, 1978 (1978-09-16)

Captain Stubing's deputy turns out to be incompetent in his new role. The captain, Doc, Julie, Gopher and some of the guests visit an island near Cabo San Lucas. They are taken hostage by a nutty hermit (John Astin) and caught in a hurricane. Gopher, who is anxious about his upcoming vacation, drives everyone crazy. Isaac sails on the ship as a passenger, and hopes to impress a woman with his lies about being rich and famous. A passenger tracks a down a woman who gave her up as a newborn, and also meets a soap-opera actor.

Other Guest stars: Audra Lindley, Dick Martin, Barbi Benton, Norm Crosby, Laraine Day, Lola Falana, Donna Mills, David Birney, Avery Schreiber, Edie Adams
28 3 "Rocky / Julie's Dilemma / Who's Who?" September 23, 1978 (1978-09-23)

Julie's parents (Norman Fell and Betty Garrett) are getting divorced; an author (James Coco) and a censor (Dody Goodman) fall in love, unaware they are sharing the same cabin; a young girl (Melissa Gilbert) loses her tomboy image after receiving her first kiss.

Other guest stars: Jimmy Baio, Ellen Travolta, Edward Winter, Marla Adams
29 4 "The Man Who Loved Women / A Different Girl / Oh, My Aching Brother" September 30, 1978 (1978-09-30)
A man (David Doyle) makes a move on three passengers (Cathryn Damon, Brett Somers and Jo Ann Pflug), whom he doesn't know are traveling together; Captain Stubing's godson (Grant Goodeve) and his wife (Bess Armstrong) are cruising together after being separated by his military duties overseas; two brothers stage false injuries so they can sue the insurance company, but one (Sonny Bono) has a change of heart when he meets a nice lady (Judy Landers). Also starring Marty Ingels.
30 5 "Where Is It Written? / Julie's Aunt / The Big Deal" October 14, 1978 (1978-10-14)

Captain Stubing's uncle (Red Buttons) makes efforts to be alone with Julie but is thwarted by her aunt – Gopher in disguise; A businessman (Allen Ludden) tries to close a deal, using his daughter (Mackenzie Phillips) as bait; the neglected wife (Hope Lange) of a publisher (Gene Barry) hopes to find inspiration for the remaining chapter of a book by romancing a novelist (Richard Mulligan).

Other guest stars: Sam Groom, Erik Estrada
31 6 "Mike and Ike / The Witness / The Kissing Bandit" October 21, 1978 (1978-10-21)

A shy young man becomes a different person at night; a businessman learns a lesson about neglecting his family; a man believes he has better chances of surviving at sea than on trial.

Guest stars: Sharon Acker, Todd Bridges, Pat Carroll, Billy Crystal, Nancy Kulp, Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., Robert Reed, Toni Tennille, Laurie Walters
32 7 "Ship of Ghouls" October 28, 1978 (1978-10-28)

An illusionist is in such demand that he nearly misses what is in front of him; two recently reunited parents have trouble trying to stop their son from telling tall tales; Julie's model friend, scarred physically and psychologically by a car accident, is romanced by Gopher and Doc but is suspicious of their motives.

Guest stars: Iris Adrian, Charlie Aiken, Barbara Anderson, Joan Blondell, Gary Collins, Jane Kean, Mary Ann Mobley, Bibi Osterwald, Vincent Price, Maureen Reagan, Larry Gelman
33 8 "A Time for Everything / The Song Is Ended / Accidental Cruise / Anoushka" November 4, 1978 (1978-11-04)

A stuffy executive loosens up and falls in love with his secretary; a songwriter rekindles a wife's love for her husband; Captain Stubing takes charge of the orphaned child of his former love; a stern Russian cruise director gets a new image, to Doc's delight. (90 minutes)

Guest stars: Soupy Sales, Jo Anne Worley, Richard Dawson, Juliet Mills, Robert Goulet, Jill Whelan, Melendy Britt, Loretta Swit

Note: This is the first appearance of Vicki.
34 9 "Till Death Do Us Part–Maybe / Locked Away / Chubs" November 11, 1978 (1978-11-11)

A widow who hasn't gotten over her husband's death is followed by her husband's ghost, who tries to fix her up with another passenger; a divorced couple sees their daughter and her husband off but get locked in one of the unused cabins; Gopher's sister comes on board and makes a beeline for Doc.

Guest stars: Melissa Sue Anderson, Conrad Bain, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Greg Morris, Jimmie Walker, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Peter Coffield, Bebe Drake, Raymond Allen, Deney Terrio

Note: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter.
35 10 "Man of the Cloth / Her Own Two Feet / Tony's Family" November 18, 1978 (1978-11-18)

A minister falls for a Las Vegas exotic dancer, much to the dismay of a female parishioner, who attempts to break them up but causes a strain on her own marriage; a man tries to help his wife overcome her denial over her blindness; the crew convince the chief engineer to forgo his Thanksgiving holiday by having his entire family stow away on board the ship.

Guest stars: June Allyson, Vivian Blaine, Peter Graves, Van Johnson, Roz Kelly, Larry Storch, Alan Young, Mitzi Hoag, Tony La Torre, Renata Vanni, Mario Bellini, Jennifer Surprenant, Kelly Greenwood
36 11 "Heads or Tails / Mona of the Movies / The Little People" November 25, 1978 (1978-11-25)
A movie queen (Rhonda Fleming) intimidates a businessman (Orson Bean); two swingers (Richard Gilliland, Adam Arkin) go after Julie and make a bet as to whom she will fall for; a man (Edward Albert) treats his parents to the cruise (Billy Barty, Patty Maloney) for their 25th wedding anniversary and strikes up a romance with a lady from his work (Patty McCormack) until he finds she is uncomfortable around "little people", i.e. the man's parents.
37 12 "The Captain's Cup / The Folks from Home / Legal Eagle" December 2, 1978 (1978-12-02)

A woman in charge of the presentation of the Captain's Cup convinces an engineer to pose as the executive in charge so as not to disappoint Captain Stubing; Doc begins spending all of his time with an older couple from his hometown; a recently divorced man is paired up with his ex's divorce attorney.

Guest stars: Bert Convy, Pat Harrington Jr., Florence Henderson, John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Leigh Taylor-Young, Cisse Cameron, George Petrie, Chris Capen
38 13 "El Kid / The Last Hundred Bucks / Isosceles Triangle" December 9, 1978 (1978-12-09)

A couple and their friend meet a former marketing executive who is penniless and looking for work. A couple looking to adopt a child in Puerto Vallarta get the sad news the biological parents had a change of heart but the director of the orphanage has another child in mind. A friend of Julie's is romanced by both Doc and the Captain; Isaac and Gopher take sides and even bet their last $100 on the outcome.

Guest stars: Dabney Coleman, Dena Dietrich, Dave Madden, Rue McClanahan, Gabriel Melgar, Heather Menzies, Connie Stevens, Robert Urich, Victor Millan, David Clover, Keith Allison
39 14 "Julie Falls Hard / Double Wedding / The Dummies" December 16, 1978 (1978-12-16)

A double wedding is in store for identical twins; a separated couple argue through their ventriloquist act; Julie settles an argument between two adolescent girls, to the pleasure of their father, and the girls then decide to fix up him and Julie.

Guest stars: Cyb Barnstable, Patricia Barnstable, Ruth Buzzi, Sid Caesar, David Nelson, Tony Roberts, Fred Travalena, Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin
40 15 "My Sister, Irene / The 'Now' Marriage / Second Time Around" January 13, 1979 (1979-01-13)

A woman poses as her sister to avoid an old flame. An author tries to live up to the philosophies he espoused in his recent work. One of Doc's ex-wives hires an actor to pose as her fiancé in order to win him back.

Guest stars: Ray Bolger, Phyllis Davis, Tina Louise, Peter Marshall, Martha Raye, Barbara Rush, Lyle Waggoner.
41 16 "Gopher's Opportunity / The Switch / Home Sweet Home" January 20, 1979 (1979-01-20)

Gopher's friend offers him a job at a plush hotel in Lake Havasu, Arizona; Gopher considers it after an argument with the Captain. A magician's assistant is upset when he sends his brother to replace him in the act. A dowager is attracted to a cabin steward.

Guest stars: Elaine Joyce, Melinda Naud, Ron Palillo, Bobby Van, Abe Vigoda, Nancy Walker, Michael Gregory
42 17 "Second Chance / Don't Push Me / Like Father, Like Son" January 27, 1979 (1979-01-27)

A charming widower and his son fall in love with the same girl. An easygoing bachelor becomes allergic to the idea of marrying his aggressive girlfriend. Isaac and an influential passenger help an ex-shoplifter.

Guest stars: Cathy Lee Crosby, Virginia Graham, Tammy Grimes, Robert Mandan, Randolph Mantooth, Roddy McDowall, Debbi Morgan.
43 18 "Alas, Poor Dwyer / After the War / Itsy Bitsy / Ticket to Ride / Disco Baby – Part 1" February 3, 1979 (1979-02-03)
44 19 "Alas, Poor Dwyer / After the War / Itsy Bitsy / Ticket to Ride / Disco Baby – Part 2" February 3, 1979 (1979-02-03)

Julie is driving everyone crazy since she is organizing her high school reunion on board ship:

  1. Julie's high school teacher is on board but is struggling with his alcoholism.
  2. A former boyfriend of hers is on board with her high school rival.
  3. The football quarterback is reunited with former teammates.
  4. Another couple, who had moved to Canada for him to avoid the Vietnam War draft and recently returned under amnesty, meet another classmate who is in a wheelchair due to wounds received in the war.
  5. Doc romances one of Julie's classmates.
  6. Julie learns her recently divorced friend Wendy is on the cruise because unknown admirer has sent her the cruise ticket.

Guest stars: Raymond Burr, Michael Cole, Kim Darby, Bob Denver, Conchata Ferrell, Christopher George, Lisa Hartman, Michael Lembeck, Kelly Monteith, John Rubinstein, Judi West, David Landsberg.

45 20 "Best of Friends / Aftermath / Dream Boat" February 10, 1979 (1979-02-10)

Doc's old mentor from Johns Hopkins disapproves of his lifestyle while dealing with the loss of an arm in a car accident, not realizing his wife has become addicted to painkillers; a series of misunderstandings strains an engaged couple and the woman's best friend. A representative from the cruise ship Lorelei evaluates the Captain as a possible commanding officer for that ship.

Guest stars: Richard Anderson, Joyce Brothers, Hans Conried, Carol Lynley, Diana Muldaur, Ben Murphy, Donna Pescow, Mary Farrell, Starr Hester
46 21 "A Good and Faithful Servant / The Secret Life of Burl Smith / Tug of War / Designated Lover" February 17, 1979 (1979-02-17)

A vacationing chauffeur and his wealthy employer fall in love; a famous model causes love-smitten Gopher to fantasize that he is various flamboyant heroes; a separated couple vie for their son's affection; Reggie Jackson (as himself) can't convince anyone on board that he is who he says he is. (90 minutes)

Note: John, Hayley, and Juliet Mills were real-life father and daughters.

Guest stars: John Mills, Hayley Mills, Juliet Mills, Telma Hopkins, David Hedison, Celeste Holm, Keith Mitchell.
47 22 "Love Me, Love My Dog / Poor Little Rich Girl / The Decision" February 24, 1979 (1979-02-24)

A terrier "protects" its mistress from the advances of a gentleman; a waitress inherits a fortune and finds her new life, and her former fiancé's renewed interest, a big adjustment; Isaac laments his ill-fated love affairs.

Guest stars: Debbie Allen, Dennis Cole, Fannie Flagg, Maren Jensen, Gene Rayburn, Cricket, Noah Keen.
48 23 "A Funny Valentine / The Wallflower / Home is Not a Home" March 3, 1979 (1979-03-03)

A wallflower is secretly followed by a shy milquetoast; Stubing is charmed by a fortuneteller; two honeymooning retirees are unexpectedly joined by their overprotective children .

Guest stars: Warren Berlinger, Elinor Donahue, Patty Dworkin, Samantha Eggar, Arthur Godfrey, Minnie Pearl, Zane Lasky, Dorrie Thomson
49 24 "Ages of Man / Bo 'n Sam / Families" March 10, 1979 (1979-03-10)

Julie falls for an older man while an adolescent boy falls for her; two rival publishers clash while their children become romantic; the crew's plans for a present for their captain's anniversary keep hitting a huge snag.

Guest stars: Paul Burke, Arlene Dahl, Patrick Labyorteaux, Leslie Nielsen, Mark Shera, Philip Charles MacKenzie, Michael Tucci, Ellen Bry, James Dobson, James Hackett, Bill Smillie
50 25 "Murder on the High Seas / Sounds of Silence / Cyrano de Bricker" March 17, 1979 (1979-03-17)

A rocker meets and falls in love with a deaf girl; a gambler in marital trouble gets Doc to tell his wife how he feels; Isaac mistakes a conversation by two writers about an upcoming mystery-murder novel as an actual plot to kill the captain.

Guest stars: Sonny Bono, Charlie Callas, Arte Johnson, Peter Lawford, Jill St. John, Dana Wynter, Sheila Lenham, James Dobson
51 26 "April's Return / Super Mom / I'll See You Again" May 5, 1979 (1979-05-05)

An old war buddy of the captain's is reunited with a long-lost love from that period; a couple on their second honeymoon have their four children with them; April (Charo), now a successful singer with the cruise line, tries her hand at cruise directing, without much success.

Other Guest stars: Cyd Charisse, Anne Meara, Craig Stevens, Jerry Stiller, Katy Kurtzman, Corey Feldman, Stephen Schnetzer, Speedy Zapata, Greg Robblee
52 27 "Third Wheel / Grandmother's Day / Second String Mom" May 12, 1979 (1979-05-12)

Gopher's parents visit but the father feels like a third wheel; a couple with five already grown children find out they will have a new addition to the family; two sisters are less than friendly to their new stepmother.

Guest stars: Ken Berry, Robert Cummings, Nanette Fabray, Beth Howland, Ethel Merman, Barry Nelson, Michele Tobin, Shelly Juttner

Season 3: 1979–80[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
53 1 "Carol and Doug's Story / Peter and Alicia's Story / Julie's Story / Buddy and Portia's Story – Part 1" September 15, 1979 (1979-09-15)
54 2 "Carol and Doug's Story / Peter and Alicia's Story / Julie's Story / Buddy and Portia's Story – Part 2" September 15, 1979 (1979-09-15)

This wedding cruise takes place up the Alaska and British Columbia coastline:

  • The couple getting married (Mark Harmon, Lisa Hartman) have to deal with his interfering ex-girlfriend (Caren Kaye).
  • The groom's divorced parents (Ray Milland, Eleanor Parker) quarrel while he is suffering from terminal cancer and she having to declare bankruptcy. Both try to keep their problems from one another.
  • Julie is making a decision about accepting Jack's (Tony Roberts) proposal (from Season 2 episode "Julie Falls Hard") while fending off the advances of the best man of this wedding (Donny Most).
  • The grandfather of the bride (Lorne Greene) and the aunt of the groom (Audra Lindley) fall in love and get married.

Other guest stars: Robert Lussier, Stephanie Steele, and Julia Duffy

55 3 "The Oldies But Goodies / Grass Is Always Greener, The / Stages of Love" September 22, 1979 (1979-09-22)

A woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide . Julie thinks she's opted for the wrong career when she meets her happily married friend who took the cruise director course with her, especially when she feels that Capt. Stubing is overly friendly to the woman. A man feels that he and his wife are experiencing the three stages of love.

Guest stars: Amanda Blake, Karen Morrow, Barry Sullivan, Werner Klemperer, Eddie Mekka, Lani O'Grady, Joan Hackett, Adam Rich
56 4 "Doc, Be Patient / Dance with Me / Going My Way" September 29, 1979 (1979-09-29)

A vacationing doctor cares for an ailing Doc, and he falls for her; A former dancer asks her reluctant ex-partner to teach with her at her school in Germany—much to the annoyance of his new and younger partner; After being stood up, a woman brings her cab driver along on the cruise.

Guest stars: Starr Danias, Arlene Golonka, Buddy Hackett, Carol Lawrence, John Meehan, Susan Sullivan
57 5 "Audit Couple, The / Scoop, The / My Boyfriend's Back" October 6, 1979 (1979-10-06)

An IRS agent (Phyllis Diller) comes on board to audit the Captain. A celebrity (Joyce DeWitt) tries to avoid a tabloid reporter (Ray Buktenica) trying to uncover her secret. Newlyweds (Richard Kline, Jennifer Salt) discover her ex (Lyle Waggoner) is also on the cruise and wants to win her back.

Other guest stars: Shane Butterworth, David Matthau, Virginia Hawkins (uncredited)
58 6 "Gopher's Greatest Hits / The Vacation / One Rose a Day" October 13, 1979 (1979-10-13)
Gopher agrees to take over for a sick performer but he finds out that his vocal cords are not the most entertaining factor in his act. Two sisters (Joanna Cassidy & Jaye P. Morgan) who usually take the cruise together are joined by one sister's husband (Conrad Janis). When he finds out about the prior trips they have taken, he learns more about trust in the institution of marriage. When a widow (Martha Scott) meets the man (Don Ameche) responsible for sending her a remembrance even after her husband's death, she is in for a heartrending surprise.
59 7 "Crew Confessions / Haven't I Seen You? / Reunion" October 20, 1979 (1979-10-20)
Isaac has trouble on the high seas when the Love Boat crew discovers he has included some racy tales about them in his new novel. A man (Don Knotts) who closely resembles a celebrity starts to enjoy his new identity when a strikingly beautiful passenger (Julie Newmar) showers him with love. A husband and wife (Jane Wyatt and Jean Pierre Aumont) are reunited after being separated during World War II.
60 8 "Cindy / Play by Play / What's a Brother For?" October 27, 1979 (1979-10-27)
Gopher plays fairy godmother to a girl (Melissa Sue Anderson) vacationing with the proverbial wicked step-family (Carolyn Jones, Rhonda Bates, & Lila Kent) and gets her an audition with the Prince of Pop (Frank Sinatra Jr.). A competing couple (Christopher George, Linda Day George) do athletic feats to see who is the weaker sex. A man (Tom Hallick) traveling with his invalid brother (Patrick Wayne) meets a lovely woman (Joan Van Ark) but his budding romance with her is nearly ruined by his feeling of neglecting his brother – which the brother does little to discourage.
61 9 "Never Say Goodbye / New Woman, A / Trial Romance" November 3, 1979 (1979-11-03)

The Captain and Vicki (Jill Whelan) are reunited now that he has confirmation of what they have long suspected. An older woman (Gale Storm) who wants to "get with it" seeks advice from Julie, but the coaching backfires when Rose falls for Doc leaving one suitor behind (Louis Nye). He on the other hand mistakes Julie's attempts to fix him up with the lady as affection for him and feels uncomfortable with too young an admirer. A man and a woman (Vic Tayback and Jo Ann Pflug) who were on the same deadlocked jury meet again. Unfortunately, the two can't stand each other because of personal idiosyncrasies, but make the most of the situation on the high seas.

Also guest starring Sandra Dee.
62 10 "The Critical Success / Love Lamp Is Lit, The / Take My Boy Friend, Please / Rent a Family / Man in Her Life – Part 1" November 10, 1979 (1979-11-10)
63 11 "The Critical Success / Love Lamp Is Lit, The / Take My Boy Friend, Please / Rent a Family / Man in Her Life – Part 2" November 10, 1979 (1979-11-10)

This takes place during a charity cruise involving The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

  • A bachelor executive hires actors to pose as his family to impress his boss and wife who don't know of his status. He however falls for one of the cheerleaders.
  • A beautiful movie star is on board be chairperson for the ship's charity cruise. However, once on board, she runs into the dean of American film and drama critics who has never given Miss Logan a good review. Once the two get together it's a contest of digs, and a surprise happening between the two.
  • One of the cheerleaders gets her friends to spend time with a persistent suitor in order to get him out of her hair. However when one of them begins spending too much time with him, she starts to re-evaluate her relationship.
  • A man and a woman search for a supposedly hidden treasure on board.

Guest stars: Bill Daily, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jackie Earle Haley, John Hillerman, Gunilla Hutton, Patsy Kelly, Roz Kelly, Larry Linville, Dina Merrill, Ginger Rogers, Natalie Schäfer, Stephen Shortridge, William Windom

64 12 "Brotherhood of the Sea, The / Letter to Babycakes / Daddy's Pride" November 17, 1979 (1979-11-17)

To keep Julie from finding out about her surprise birthday party, Gopher, Isaac and Doc invent a phony fraternity in order to keep her busy and devise frat-like procedures in order for her to join in. This interferes with her romance with a passenger (Christopher Connelly). A womanizer (Demond Wilson) has his friend (Jimmie Walker) take the responsibility when his girlfriend (Thelma Hopkins) finds a letter from another woman in his jacket. A young gymnast's (Nancy McKeon) whole cruise is taken up by her father-coach (Alex Cord).

Other guest stars: Sydney Goldsmith and Stephen Manley (uncredited)[citation needed]
65 13 "Not Now, I'm Dying / Eleanor's Return / Too Young to Love" November 24, 1979 (1979-11-24)

A woman whom Stubing likes (Barbara Rush) comes on board but before he could make a move she hooks up with another man (Jon Cypher). A friend of Doc's (Barbi Benton) comes on board with her boyfriend (Dack Rambo). Now she wants a commitment but the guy keeps on making excuses to the point of faking an illness. Doc tries to help her by calling his bluff but discovers he actually truly is sick. And an underage couple (Timothy Patrick Murphy and Cristen Kauffman) comes on board to lose their virginity together. The girl's father (Frank Aletter) who's an exec of the line tells Stubbing to make sure nothing happens between them. And Stubing lays that task on Gopher.

Also guest starring Sid Gould.
66 14 "Stimulation of Stephanie, The / Next Step, The / Life Begins at 40" December 1, 1979 (1979-12-01)
A lady about to turn 40 (Jo Anne Worley) has planned her upcoming wedding down to every detail except one -- the groom. She hopes to find one on the cruise. A semi-retired NFL star (Roosevelt Grier) is trying to contemplate his post-NFL future with his wife (Melba Moore). A college professor (Dick Martin) trying to evaluate sexual stimulation with his student (Char Fontane) does not see that he is the one stimulating her. In the meantime Doc romances a passenger (Judy Landers).
67 15 "The Spider Serenade, The / Next Door Wife / Harder They Fall" December 8, 1979 (1979-12-08)
Gopher falls for a married, but separated, lady (Jill St. John). A man (James MacArthur) traveling with his fiancée (Susan Buckner) finds his ex-wife (Joanna Pettet) in the cabin next door. Two cruise line execs (Milton Berle, Alan Hale Jr.) were former middleweights who knocked out the referee. They decide to settle things once and for all, to the disgust of their wives (Nancy Kulp, Sheila MacRae). Unfortunately history repeats itself as they succeed in knocking out Stubing. Also starring Robert Sampson.
68 16 "Doc's Ex' Change / Gift, The / Making the Grade" December 15, 1979 (1979-12-15)

A 12-year-old resents the romance between his mother (Jessica Walter) and his teacher (Richard Gautier); a financially troubled man (Sonny Bono) finds $2000 in a borrowed coat; Doc and his ex-wife (Juliet Prowse) realize they're still married.

Other guest stars: Kaye Ballard, Ronee Blakley, Red Buttons, Johnny Timko
69 17 "April's Love / Happy Ending / We Three" January 12, 1980 (1980-01-12)
The crew are quite suspicious of April's (Charo) manager-fiancé (Forrest Tucker). A divorcing script-writing couple (Don Adams and Juliet Mills) are trying to finish their script but the man is having second thoughts about the divorce. A woman (Marjorie Lord) and her adopted daughter (Laurie Walters) find themselves on the cruise with the daughter's birth father (Ross Martin) but the girl was told both her birth parents were deceased.
70 18 "The Kinfolk / Sis and the Slicker / Moonlight and Moonshine / Affair – Part 1" January 19, 1980 (1980-01-19)
71 19 "The Kinfolk / Sis and the Slicker / Moonlight and Moonshine / Affair – Part 2" January 19, 1980 (1980-01-19)

A singer (Donny Osmond) is ashamed of his family, who arouse the curiosity of a novelist; two passengers (Robert Guillaume, Pam Grier) cheat on their mates; Captain Stubing invites the crew into his suite when their quarters are flooded.

Other guest stars: Loni Anderson, Eve Arden, Randall Carver, Rich Little, Slim Pickens, Marion Ross, Richard Paul, Richard Roundtree, and Denise Nicholas. Note: Pam Grier is listed as "Pamala Grier" in opening credits.
72 20 "Rent a Romeo/Matchmaker, Matchmaker/Y' Gotta Have Heart" January 26, 1980 (1980-01-26)
Doc's attempts to spend time alone with his lady (Misty Rowe) are impeded by her emotionally unstable sister (Vicki Lawrence) so he gets a playboy friend (Joe Namath) to romance her. Vicki supports a boy (Mark James) who is trying to reunite his divorced parents (Ja'net DuBois, Cleavon Little); a woman (Brett Somers) prescribes a slow pace for her husband (Phil Harris), who is recovering from surgery.
73 21 "The Captain's Ne'er-do-well Brother, The / Perfect Match, The / Remake" February 2, 1980 (1980-02-02)
The Captain is not very thrilled to have his black-sheep brother Marshall (O.D. Warbux) on the cruise, especially when he romances a wealthy oil magnate (Diane Ladd). A woman (Connie Stevens) follows a handsome man (Kent McCord) on board because she is convinced he is the perfect man to father her baby. Julie's widowed aunt (Florence Henderson) becomes convinced she sees her late husband's double (James Broderick).
74 22 "Not So Fast, Gopher / Haven't We Met Before? / Foreign Exchange" February 9, 1980 (1980-02-09)

Gopher's widowed mother (Ethel Merman) tries to hide her grief from her son; a comic (Johnny Yune) falls for a reporter (Momo Yashima) doing a story on him; a waiter (Nicholas Hammond) pretends to be a banker to win over a jet-setter (Hayley Mills).

Also guest starring The Hudson Brothers: Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson, and Mark Hudson, Gene Rayburn
75 23 "Another Time, Another Place / Doctor Who / Gopher's Engagement" March 3, 1980 (1980-03-03)
A mother (Audrey Meadows) thinks Gopher would make a good suitor for her daughter (Maureen McCormick); a woman (Phyllis Davis) mistakes a professor (Arte Johnson) for a sex expert (Bert Parks); a journalist (Dennis Morgan) does not know his high-school friend (Jane Wyman) is a nun.
76 24 "Dumb Luck / Tres Amigos / Hey, Jealous Lover" March 15, 1980 (1980-03-15)

Julie helps a brilliant, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen. Vicki and a young passenger try to help out a stowaway and a very jealous man accuses crew members of making passes at his wife.

Guest stars: Shelley Hack, Kevin Tighe, Ronnie Scribner, Tony Ramirez, Jennifer Darling, John Gabriel, James Gregory, Jayne Meadows
77 25 "Celebration / Captain Papa / Honeymoon Pressure" March 29, 1980 (1980-03-29)

The crew tries to impress a social worker (Lois Nettleton) aboard to determine if Stubing is a good parent; a mobster leader's (Frank Campanella) daughter and her husband (Eve Plumb, Sal Viscuso) honeymoon in the shadow of two bodyguards (Norman Alden, Richard Bakalyan); Isaac suspects a free-spending bank guard (Noah Beery Jr.) who is traveling with his wife (Alice Faye). Note: Richard Bakalyan is credited as Dick Bakalyan.

Other guest includes Alice Nunn.
78 26 "Vicki's First Love / Accident Prone / High Cost of Loving" April 5, 1980 (1980-04-05)

An accident victim (Alan Feinstein) and the woman (Britt Ekland) who caused it keep their distance; Vicki tries to look shapely to catch a singer's (Rex Smith) eye; a palimony victim (Steve Kanaly) wants to avoid new relationships.

Other guest stars: Catherine Campbell, Robin Eisenman, Shauna Sullivan
79 27 "Invisible Maniac / September Song / Peekaboo" April 19, 1980 (1980-04-19)

A model (BernNadette Stanis) uses Isaac to make her husband (Clifton Davis) jealous; a lawyer (David Hasselhoff) wants to marry a colleague (Shelley Fabares) who is afraid to commit due to the ten-year difference in their ages; a woman (Peggy Cass) thinks a carefree attitude will save her marriage from boredom.

Other guest stars: Gordon Jump, Jane Withers, Ann B. Davis
80 28 "No Girls for Doc / Marriage of Convenience / The Caller / Witness for the Prosecution" May 3, 1980 (1980-05-03)

A widow must make a serious decision about her friend, a woman being bothered by a mystery caller. The male members of the crew are shocked when Doc swears off women, so challenge him to a bet. A man who has had a gorgeous young woman in protective custody falls for her. (90 minutes)

Guest stars: James MacArthur, Mildred Natwick, Maurice Evans, Christopher Norris, Larry Wilcox, Catherine Bach, Martin Short

Season 4: 1980–81[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
81 1 "Friends and Lovers / Sergeant Bull / Miss Mother" October 25, 1980 (1980-10-25)
A young woman (Shelley Smith) falls for a nice man (Dennis Cole) but is afraid to tell him she is pregnant. Three army buddies (Nipsey Russell, Harvey Lembeck, and Jack Somack) come to regret reuniting with their old sergeant (Vic Tayback) when he begins running the reunion like a boot camp, so they fix him up with a housekeeper (Doris Roberts). Gopher gets Julie to pose as his girlfriend to impress his old college fraternity friend (Tom Hanks) but complications develop between the two of them.
82 2 "Promoter, The / The Judges / The Family Plan / Forever Engaged / May the Best Man Win – Part 1" November 1, 1980 (1980-11-01)

This trip revolves around a "Marriage-a-Thon" special of 50 couples set to make their vows. The cruise begins in the US Virgin Islands and ends in Los Angeles. Sights include Curaçao and the Panama Canal.

  1. The promoter of the marriage cruise is ironically trying to reconcile with his wife but when he makes a crooked deal with one of the couples he is in danger of losing his wife to Captain Stubing.
  2. Doc tricks Gopher into being a contestant judge but then comes to regret it when he discovers the other two judges are attractive women who vie for Gopher's attention.
  3. Another couple has a reputation of being perpetually engaged because the man literally can't say, "I do."
  4. Julie's old friend Mark (from "Doug and Carol's Story" in season 3) is supposed to be a best man in the mass wedding but the groom runs off with an ex-girlfriend. Mark has the burden of telling the bride about her groom only to fall in love with her himself.
  5. A groom's father and bride's mother attempt to talk their children out of marrying, only to fall in love themselves.

Guest stars: Darren McGavin, Debbie Reynolds, Peter Graves, Brian Kerwin, Erin Moran, Charlene Tilton, Donny Most, Rue McClanahan, Ted Knight, Ann Jillian, Dawn Wells, Kathie Browne

83 3 "Promoter, The / The Judges / The Family Plan / Forever Engaged / May the Best Man Win – Part 2" November 1, 1980 (1980-11-01)
The pinnacle of the voyage is the beautiful mass wedding. Gopher finds himself in hot water in Curaçao when he runs a pharmaceutical errand for Doc, who sent him so he could be alone with the attractive female judges. Gopher, however, gets even in the closing scene.
84 4 "Target Gopher / The Major's Wife / Strange Honeymoon / The Oilman Cometh" September 30, 1980 (1980-09-30)

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come aboard. Gopher loses his job because Fleers, the promoter, becomes jealous when the cheerleader that he is interested in likes Gopher and not him. A man and his bride-to-be share the honeymoon with his best man. An Air Force officer and his Japanese-born wife find themselves confronted by his ex-girlfriend. A Saudi oil sheik mistakes his gift from Fleers' assistant to be one of the cheerleaders. (90 minutes)

Guest stars: David Cassidy, Al Corley, Robert Culp, Pat Harrington, Nobu McCarthy, Mark Pinter, Jo Ann Pflug
85 5 "Mallory Quest, The / Two Hours / The Offer / Julie, the Vamp – Part 1" November 15, 1980 (1980-11-15)
This takes place on a Caribbean cruise. Famed author Brian Mallory (Pernell Roberts) invites several people, acquaintances of his missing nephew -- a list which includes Gopher -- to help locate him. He gives them each a gold coin and a promise of a reward of $25,000 to help locate him. In the meantime several of the passengers involved in this quest have some issues. Mallory's wife (Gayle Hunnicutt), fed up with his dismissive and condescending attitude towards her, leaves and finds comfort with Doc. One guest (Skip Stephenson), one of the quest, is about to donate a kidney to his brother. He is being followed by his brother's fiancée (Maren Jensen). Another member (Jimmie Walker) is trying to find his dream girl on the cruise. A man (Peter Lupus) who is boyfriend to one of the quest (Connie Stevens) is suspicious of Mallory's motives. In the meantime a jealous woman (Lani O'Grady) accuses Julie of trying to steal her fiancé (Bart Braverman), an old acquaintance of Julie's from college.
86 6 "Mallory Quest, The / Two Hours / The Offer / Julie, the Vamp – Part 2" November 15, 1980 (1980-11-15)

As the quest for Mallory's nephew (Gregg Robblee) continues, the people involved become suspicious and eventually make Mallory confess his real motives. In the meantime, a repentant Mallory tries to reconcile with his wife. A mysterious man (Sorrell Booke) begins following them. The kidney donor and the fiancėe become attracted to each other. In the meantime Julie's friend and his girlfriend continue to drive her crazy.

Other guest stars: Walter Slezak, Patti Macleod, and James Dobson
87 7 "The Horse Lover / Secretary to the Stars / Julie's Decision / Gopher and Isaac Buy a Horse / The Village People Ride Again" November 22, 1980 (1980-11-22)
In preparation for a Steeplechase Race in Mexico, one of the racers (Allen Ludden) spends more time with his horse than his wife (Betty White) who finds comfort in his business partner (David Doyle). A Hollywood actress (Loni Anderson) disguises herself as her secretary to obtain privacy but ends up – in her alter ego – falling for a reporter (Charles Frank) sent to interview her. A wealthy racer (Robert Stack) falls for Julie and proposes to her. Gopher and Isaac stable a horse on board ship. The Village People (as themselves) also have a horse in the race.
88 8 "Tell Her She's Great / Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two / The Baby Alarm" November 29, 1980 (1980-11-29)

Isaac causes comedic chaos when he convinces the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's (Isabel Sanford) ego, which turns her into an outrageous prima donna, and upsetting his uncle (Mel Stewart); Two sets of parents, the Cummings (Farley Granger & Joan Lorring) and the Clarks (Terry Moore & Troy Donahue), go overboard trying to spark a romance between their respective children (Lorenzo Lamas & Melissa Sue Anderson); an unwed mother's (Susan Howard) infant son has an unusual way of showing his disapproval to men who try to romance her.

Also guest starring Bill Simmons.
89 9 "She Stole His Heart / Return of the Captain's Brother / Swag and Mag" December 6, 1980 (1980-12-06)

A kleptomaniac (Joan Van Ark) meets a psychiatrist (Stephen Keep Mills) who tries to help her but when they fall for each other, he keeps his distance. A television star (Ron Ely) whom Vicki adores comes on board with his girlfriend-agent (Erin Gray) has to deal with an overbearing passenger (William Boyett). The Captain's brother Marshall (O.D. Warbux) comes on the cruise to introduce the woman he is going to marry (Arlene Dahl) but a woman whom he was involved with (Zsa Zsa Gabor) follows determined to win him back.

Also guest starring Sonny Wilde as the Captain's youngest brother.
90 10 "Captain's Triangle / Boomerang / Out of This World" December 13, 1980 (1980-12-13)
Gopher's job is in some distress when he and a passenger (Tom Smothers) believe a librarian (Helen Reddy) is actually a space alien. A model (Pamela Sue Martin) pretending to be a married woman learns a lesson from two bachelors (Guich Koock & Barry Van Dyke). In the meantime the Captain's ex-girlfriend (Sue Anne Langdon) tries to seduce him even though she is married to a former captain friend of his (Monte Markham).
91 11 "Captain's Bird, The / That's My Dad / Captive Audience" December 20, 1980 (1980-12-20)

The Captain decides to get Vicki a parrot for Christmas. Unfortunately, it hasn't been trained to talk, and Gopher and Isaac's efforts to train it prove disastrous. A stowaway (Meeno Peluce) convinces the crew that a playboy passenger (Dirk Benedict) is his father. A father and son (Allan Jones & Jack Jones), who haven't spoken for ten years since the younger man left their singing act to go solo, resist their wives' (Dorothy Lamour & Laraine Stephens) efforts to reunite them.

Also guest starring Beth Scheffel and Robert Aguayo.
92 12 "Frugal Pair, The / Doc's Dismissal / The Girl Next Door" January 3, 1981 (1981-01-03)

A couple on board to celebrate their 40th anniversary find themselves in a fight when he finds something about his penny-pinching wife. A woman fed up with her husband's constant ogling of other woman attempts to use Doc to make him jealous with unfortunate consequences. A man suspecting his girlfriend of cheating on him convinces the lady in the cabin next door that he is CIA tracking down KGB operatives.

Guest stars: Lew Ayres, Janet Gaynor, Alex Cord, Jessica Walter, Sal Viscuso, Lynda Goodfriend, Denise DuBarry, Stephen Shortridge, Bobby Justin (uncredited)
93 13 "Isaac's Teacher / Seal of Approval / The Successor" January 10, 1981 (1981-01-10)

Isaac is afraid to tell his former high school teacher (Lillian Gish) that his job is Chief Bartender because she had high hopes for him, so Gopher gets him to pose as the ship's First Officer. Shirley the Seal goes overboard – literally – when she spots her trainer (Donald O'Connor) with another woman (Georgia Engel). A woman (Florence Henderson), convinced of her impending death, tries to find a new wife for her husband (Jeffrey Tambor).

Other guest stars: Christina Hart and Reb Brown
94 14 "Trigamist, The / Jealousy / From Here to Maternity" January 17, 1981 (1981-01-17)

A lady judge finds herself attracted to the man whom she had placed on probation for being married to three women at the same time. Vicki becomes the "green-eyed monster" when she sees her father's attraction to a beautiful passenger. An expectant couple keep pestering Doc when he tries to court another passenger.

Guest stars: Murphy Cross, Michael Young, Nancy Walker, George Gobel, Rebecca Holden, Pat Crowley
95 15 "April the Ninny / The Loan Arranger / First Voyage, Last Voyage" January 17, 1981 (1981-01-17)

April's vacation takes a turn when she unofficially becomes a "ninny" to the two children of a TV sportscaster. A loan shark sends one of his men to collect an outstanding debt from a passenger – only to have complications develop. A young woman traveling with her parents meets and falls in love with another passenger, only that she does not know she is dying from leukemia.

Guest stars: Charo, Larry Linville, Rachel Jacobs, Alex Woodard, Kathleen Nolan, Maureen McCormick, Richard Kline, Lisa Hartman, Erik Stern, Jay Thomas, Dody Goodman, Ty Hardin
96 16 "Gopher's Bride / Workaholic / On Second Thought" January 24, 1981 (1981-01-24)

Isaac and Doc's joke backfires when the girl they have been writing love letters to, under Gopher's name, shows up. When they see what a beauty she (Marie Laurin) is, Doc and Gopher try to outdo each other for her attention. A couple (Dana Wynters, Paul Burke) drift apart over work habits. The man whose wife is too busy for him finds another love (Susan Oliver). A man (Patrick Wayne) finds himself out on his ear after his girl friend (Trish Stewart) discovers they were to share quarters.

Other guest stars: Pamela Jean Bryant and Paul Gale
97 17 "Lose One, Win One / For the Record (The $10,000 Lover) / Mind My Wife" January 31, 1981 (1981-01-31)
A woman (Dorian Lopinto) traveling with her fiancé (Sam Chew Jr.) meets up with another passenger (Steve Marachuk) who believes she was someone he knew in high school, even though she at first denies ever meeting him. A seemingly geeky passenger (Ron Palillo) is actually on the verge of setting a world record for having intimate relations with the most women. The keeper of the stats for the world record encyclopedia (James Darren) is about to collect a $10,000 bonus if it should happen but the quest hits a snag when the man truly falls in love with another passenger (Gina Hecht). Doc's best friend from college (Jim McKrell) is called away for hospital duties so he asks him to entertain his wife (Jill St. John) on the cruise. However Doc and later the Captain have their hands full fending off the neglected wife's advances.
98 18 "Isaac and the Mermaids / Humpty, Dumpty / Aquaphobic" February 7, 1981 (1981-02-07)

Isaac tries to impress a visiting concert promoter with his singing skills and convinces three chambermaids (played by the Grammy award-winning Pointer Sisters) to act as his backup. A former All-American football player has a romance with Julie. A man with a horrible fear of water is forced by wife to take the cruise in order to overcome it.

Guest stars: Ruth, Anita, and June Pointer, Jason Hervey, Suzanne Kent, Louis Nye, Audra Lindley, David Hasselhof, Jeff Cooper
99 19 "Return of the Ninny / Touchdown Twins / Split Personality" February 14, 1981 (1981-02-14)

April (Charo) and her charges accidentally find themselves on board while her employer and his new fiancée set sail. Their attempts to avoid them while they find a way off are unsuccessful. A college friend of Gopher's tries to be one thing for the boss and another for the boss' daughter, all the while not realizing they are father and daughter. Two college football friends go on the cruise with the mother of one of them but she becomes the object of the other's affections.

Other Guest stars: Michael Lembeck, Larry Linville, Samantha Eggar, Vincent Van Patten, Rachel Jacobs, Laurette Spang, Ralph Bellamy, Alex Woodard, Natasha Martell, Philip Brown
100 20 "Lady from Sunshine Gardens / Eye of the Beholder / Bugged" February 21, 1981 (1981-02-21)

A self-pitying blind woman is romanced by a gentle farmer . An almost-divorced man traveling with his new girl friend is convinced his soon-to-be-ex has planted bugs in his cabin. Gopher's attempts to convince a nudist from sunbathing au naturel are blocked by a conservative lawyer who feels her rights are being denied.

Guest stars:Leslie Uggams, David Hedison, Dick Martin, Barbi Benton, Peter Haskell, Mary Ann Mobley, Judith Chapman, Thelma Carpenter
101 21 "Black Sheep / Hometown Doc / Clothes Make the Girl" February 28, 1981 (1981-02-28)

Isaac's uncle (Demond Wilson) who's not exactly been an upstanding guy comes on board. A government agent (Robert Ginty) tells the Captain that he is following Isaac's uncle he thinks he's involved in something that's not exactly legal. A member of the crew (Larry Breeding) is attracted to a passenger (Kyle Aletter) but her mother (Lee Meriwether) is hoping she can snag a wealthy man, so he borrows another passenger's clothes and pretends to be a man of means. And a guy from Doc's hometown (Randolph Powell) whom he helped send to medical school and paid for by their hometown so that the town can have a doctor comes on board to introduce Doc to his fiancée (Cindy Morgan) but tells him that he's not going to practice in their hometown. So Doc decides to resign and be the doctor of his hometown.

Other guest stars: Steve Doubet, Vernee Watson-Johnson, and John Beradino
102 22 "I Love You Too, Smith / Mamma and Me / Sally's Paradise" March 7, 1981 (1981-03-07)

Gopher has a love-hate relationship with a US Customs official who is traveling on the cruise with her boyfriend. A young man is reunited with an old girlfriend but his mother objects because she has someone else in mind for him at home. The manager of the gift shop has her hands full with all three of her fiancés on board

Guest stars: Joanna Pettet, Christopher Pennock, Eddie Mekka, Joan Prather, Sylvia Sidney, Juliet Mills, Gary Conway, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Kenneth Kimmins
103 23 "Two for Julie / Aunt Hilly / The Duel" March 14, 1981 (1981-03-14)
Two toymaking engineers (Ken Kercheval and Dack Rambo) traveling with their boss (Don Ameche) vie for Julie's affections. Captain Stubing's aunt (Olivia de Havilland) and uncle (Joseph Cotten) visit especially to meet her grand-niece Vicki. A woman (Linda Cristal), tired of her fencing-master boyfriend's (Alejandro Rey) philandering, cozies up to Doc. This prompts the boyfriend to challenge Doc to a duel.
104 24 "Vicki and the Gambler / Love with a Skinny Stranger / That Old Gang of Mine" April 11, 1981 (1981-04-11)

A woman dating a man who was once obese now has to deal with a romantic rival. A professional gambler makes friends with Vicki. A group of aging crooks meet to plan one last heist (Jack Gilford played a similar character in the movie Who's Minding the Mint?, for which R.S. Allen & Harvey Bullock also wrote.)

Guest stars: Kaye Ballard, Gene Barry, Jack Gilford, Vicki Lawrence, Charles Siebert, Jesse White, Cindee Appleton
105 25 "Model Marriage, A / This Year's Model / Original Sin / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort - Part 1" May 2, 1981 (1981-05-02)

On a special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival, designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie, and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves. Problems of the heart are in store for a husband and wife who are owners of a model agency. Their marriage is in jeopardy when tempers flare over the use of one of the models who has captured the captain's eye. Another heartache involves a cosmetic king who is searching for a unique woman to represent his new product, and finds not just one, but two likely candidates. Cruise director Julie McCoy gets the limelight when she models in place of a model friend who has fallen in love. A couple is in frantic search of some designer clothes that they have misplaced as well as having to keep their marriage secret from the boss – the woman's father.

Note: This episode is Part-1 of a two-hour story.

Other guest stars: Robert Vaughn, Anne Baxter, Mike Connors, McLean Stevenson, Debra Winger, Elke Sommer, Morgan Brittany, Jayne Kennedy, Cristina Ferrare, Dick Shawn, Bobby Short, Richard Gilliland, Camilla Sparv
106 25 "Model Marriage, A / This Year's Model / Original Sin / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort - Part 2" May 2, 1981 (1981-05-02)

The conclusion of a special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival, designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie, and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves. Problems of the heart are in store for a husband and wife who are owners of a model agency. Their marriage is in jeopardy when tempers flare over the use of one of the models who has captured the captain's eye. Another heartache involves a cosmetic king who is searching for a unique woman to represent his new product, and finds not just one, but two likely candidates. Cruise director Julie McCoy gets the limelight when she models in place of a model friend who has fallen in love. A couple is in frantic search of some designer clothes that they have misplaced as well as having to keep their marriage secret from the boss – the woman's father.

Note: This episode is Part-2 of a two-hour story. This recently aired on 04-30-17 with a note that the original air date was 10-03-81, which is unconfirmed.

Other guest stars: Robert Vaughn, Anne Baxter, Mike Connors, McLean Stevenson, Debra Winger, Elke Sommer, Morgan Brittany, Jayne Kennedy, Cristina Ferrare, Dick Shawn, Bobby Short, Richard Gilliland, Camilla Sparv
107 26 "Maid for Each Other / Lost and Found / Then There Were Two" May 9, 1981 (1981-05-09)

Gopher's aunt (Jane Powell) is afraid to tell him she is no longer wealthy and has to work as a maid for another passenger (Mary Wickes). It becomes more complicated when she meets a charming passenger (Howard Keel). A playboy (Joe Namath) hatches a scheme for his best friend (Fred Willard) to get him married off so that he can claim a cash windfall but the friend turns the tables on him. An abandoned infant is soon in need of an emergency blood transfusion.

Other guest stars: Gary Burghoff, Karen Grassle, Belinda J. Montgomery
108 27 "Tony and Julie / Separate Beds / America's Sweetheart" May 16, 1981 (1981-05-16)

Julie has a run in with a guy who turns out to be a passenger and they butt heads. A young actress comes on board and makes a fool of Vicki. And an estranged husband and wife,one of whom is neat freak and the other a slob find themselves not only on the ship but in the same cabin.

Guest stars: Anthony Andrews, Alison Arngrim, William Christopher, Nancy Kulp, Ronnie Schell, Toni Tennille, Lindsay Bloom

Season 5: 1981–82[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
108 1 "The Expedition / Julie's Wedding / The Mongala / Julie's Replacement / The Three Rs / The Professor's Wife – Part 1" October 10, 1981 (1981-10-10)

Julie prepares to marry her fiancé during a stopover in Sydney, with Vicki as bridesmaid, Capt. Stubing giving her away and the guys as ushers; an anthropologist gives a golden opportunity to a disgraced former colleague but neglects his wife; a rancher holds a secret from a fellow passenger while catching the eye of a pretty girl; Gopher and Doc vie for the affections of the new cruise director.

Guest stars: Anthony Andrews, Patrick Duffy, Michelle Phillips, Delvene Delaney, Donna Dixon, Elizabeth the Koala, José Ferrer, Harry Morgan, Gary Frank, Jenilee Harrison, Katherine Helmond, Tiny the Kangaroo, Queenie Ashton, Patrick Ward, Brendan Lunney
109 2 "The Expedition / Julie's Wedding / The Mongala / Julie's Replacement / The Three Rs / The Professor's Wife – Part 2" October 10, 1981 (1981-10-10)
Isaac finds a problem with the crew's wedding gift for Julie; a love triangle pits two women against each other over an eligible rancher; the Mongala, an evolutionary missing link discovered by two anthropologists, is caged in the bowels of the ship; the crew tours the Australian animal preserve where Julie's fiancé works.
110 3 "Two Grapes on the Vine / Aunt Sylvia / Deductible Divorce" October 17, 1981 (1981-10-17)

In the Virgin Islands, a wine-tasting competition is held, and Julie's aunt helps her friend scheme to snag the contest's wealthy sponsor; a judge starts a shipboard fling without getting to know his new partner well; a married couple who gets divorced every year for tax purposes takes the cruise; Vicki pines over a pro football player.

Guest stars: Lee Bergere as Vince Van Darling, Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Elliott Banning, Michael Goodwin as Kevin Butler, Robert Guillaume as Allan Curtis, Tanya Tucker as Annie Butler, Leslie Uggams as Marion Blake, Robert Walden as Jeff Thatcher, and Betty White as Betsy
111 4 "The Incredible Hunk / Isaac, the Marriage Counselor / Jewels & Jim" October 24, 1981 (1981-10-24)

A teacher tries to hide his side job as a male stripper from a PTA member; Isaac's advice leads a husband astray, and his attempts to fix the problem only make matters worse; the captain suspects a known burglar in a theft of expensive jewels.

Guest stars: Henny Backus as Mrs. Landers, Jim Backus as Mr. Landers, Marla Gibbs as Janet Dalton, Brian Kerwin as Hank Austin, Christopher Norris as Shelley, Joan Van Ark as Ms. Chandler, Flip Wilson as Frank Dalton, and Michael Zaslow as Jim Pickett
112 5 "Country Cousin Blues / Daddy's Little Girl / Jackpot" October 31, 1981 (1981-10-31)

Gopher finds some money and fantasizes how he'll spend it; a folk singer meets an old friend who's now a politician and traveling with a female companion; a woman traveling with her father meets a veterinarian.

Guest Stars: Mason Adams as Richard Simmons, Frank Bonner as Dr. Jonathan Hunt, Florence Henderson as Annabelle Folker, Carol Lawrence as Barbara Gosford, James Noble as Martin 'Blinky' Corell, and Randi Oakes as Marcy Crane.
113 6 "Chef's Special / Kleinschmidt / New Beginnings" November 7, 1981 (1981-11-07)

A new female cook lends a hand to the busy chef, who is not too happy with the arrangement; a bumbling German detective (Bernie Kopell) watches a lady's jewels; an embittered old sea dog meets a former girlfriend.

Guest Stars: Leslie Easterbrook, Jay Johnson, Trisha Noble, Richard Basehart, Joan Fontaine.
114 7 "Lady from Laramine, The / Vicki Swings / Phantom Bride" November 14, 1981 (1981-11-14)

A male escort traveling with a companion meets a widow from Wyoming; a married couple checks into the honeymoon suite to find the "Phantom Bride"; Vicki pretends to be older to attract an 18-year old boy away from another girl.

Guest Stars: Cesare Danova as Fedalio Cevini, Nancy Dussault as Libby Crawford, Buddy Hackett as Julian Garfield, Patrick Labyorteaux as Todd Andrews, Irlene Mandrell as Andrea, Juliet Mills as Kate Garfield, and Marti Stevens as Miss Singleton
115 8 "Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith – Part 1" November 21, 1981 (1981-11-21)

A dying tycoon (Bridges) charters the ship to re-evaluate his relatives.

Guest Stars: Anthony Andrews as Tony Selkirk, Lloyd Bridges as William Otis Farnsworth, Elizabeth, The Koala as Herself, Linda Evans as Jessica, Morgan Fairchild as Jenny Boyer, Alan Fletcher as Martin Blake, Grant Goodeve as Bud, Beth Howland as Eloise Farnsworth, Graham Kennedy as Port Vila Jeweller, Margaret Laurence as Melanie Kalani, Brendon Lunney as David Selkirk, Patti MacLeod as Hazel Farnsworth, Ethel Merman as Roz Smith, Jim Nabors as Wayne Bouton (the Valet), Rusell Newman as Frank Farnsworth, and Jessica Walter as Marcia Smith.
116 9 "Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith – Part 2" November 21, 1981 (1981-11-21)
Guest Stars: Same as in the 115th episode
117 10 "Love, Honor, and Obey / Gladys and Agnes / Radioactive Isaac" November 28, 1981 (1981-11-28)

After 20 years of marriage, a couple bickers over renewing wedding vows; a reluctant old maid is tricked into romance by her sister; Isaac's dental work has strange side effects.

Guest stars: Bernard Fox, Darrow Igus, Audra Lindley, Anne Meara, Marion Ross, Jerry Stiller, Berlinda Tolbert
118 11 "He's My Brother / Zeke and Zelda / Teach Me Tonight" December 5, 1981 (1981-12-05)

A man seeks revenge on his brother, a member of the ship's crew; an elderly couple evicted from their home tries to scam a free cruise; a plain woman meets the suave author of the trashy romance novel she is reading.

Guest stars: Daryl Anderson, Jack Bannon, Milton Berle, Elinor Donahue, Herb Edelman, Elaine Joyce, Martha Raye, Susan Richardson
119 12 "Take a Letter, Vicki / The Floating Bridge Game / The Joy of Celibacy" December 12, 1981 (1981-12-12)

Vicki's overzealous approach to her new duties annoys the crew; a group of bridge players schemes to get a former member back; a casanova plays hard-to-get to defrost a frigid female.

Guest stars: Robert Alda, Lucille Benson, Jan Clayton, Nanette Fabray, Rose Marie, Jim Stafford, Carlene Watkins
120 13 "Doc Takes the Fifth / Safety Last / A Business Affair" January 2, 1982 (1982-01-02)

Doc weds a concert cellist but finds she didn't marry him for love; an overly cautious safety inspector learns it may be too risky to play it safe; a high-strung executive falls for his female vice president.

Guest stars: Don Adams, Britt Ekland, Irena Ferris, Robert Fuller, Judy Norton-Taylor
121 14 "Good Neighbors / Captain's Portrait / Familiar Faces" January 9, 1982 (1982-01-09)

A persistent passenger tries to win over a reluctant neighbor; the captain frets over the painting of his portrait; an aspiring lawyer fears being recognized by a figure from his wild days.

Guest stars: Dean Butler, Arlene Golonka, Henry Jones, Mary McDonough, Lee Meriwether, Sonny Shroyer
122 15 "I Don't Play Anymore / Gopher's Roommate / Crazy for You" January 23, 1982 (1982-01-23)

A famed pianist fights through pain to finance a maid's operation; Gopher must deal with an old buddy who is now a woman; a psychologist suspects a claimant of faking his quirky disability.

Guest stars: Joanna Cassidy, James MacArthur, Pat McCormick, Donna Pescow, Mackenzie Phillips, Dick Shawn
123 16 "Green, But Not Jolly / Past Perfect Love / Instant Family" January 30, 1982 (1982-01-30)

Julie's hair turns green; two people are brought together by visions of reincarnation; a single mother's devotion to her special-needs son threatens a budding romance.

Guest stars: Bert Convy, Lynda Day George, John Phillip Law, Tanya Roberts, Corey Feldman.
124 17 "Return of the Captain's Lady / Love Ain't Illegal / The Irresistible Man" February 6, 1982 (1982-02-06)

The captain commemorates his tenth year with the cruise line and proposes to an old flame; business associates double-cross each other in various ways; the appeal of a rebuked suitor soars when scintillating rumors circulate.

Guest stars: Linwood Boomer, Lydia Cornell, Pat Crowley, Phyllis Davis, Patricia Klous, Robert Mandan, and Dick Martin.
125 18 "His Girls Friday / A Wife for Wilfred / The Girl Who Stood Still" February 13, 1982 (1982-02-13)
126 19 "New York, A.C. / Live It Up / All's Fair in Love and War" February 20, 1982 (1982-02-20)
127 20 "Musical, The / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier – Part 1" February 27, 1982 (1982-02-27)

The crew and guests stage musical numbers.

Guest stars: Cab Calloway, Carol Channing, Van Johnson, Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Della Reese.
128 21 "Musical, The / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier – Part 2" February 27, 1982 (1982-02-27)
Continuation of above episode
129 22 "Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You – Part 1" March 6, 1982 (1982-03-06)

The Pacific Princess competes with another ship while cruising to Alaska; Captain Stubing enters a dog-sled race against the other ship's captain, who is angry that his son is working for Stubing; a man and woman spend the entire cruise in their cabin to get acquainted; a newly separated couple find they cannot handle being apart; a scientist obsesses over his love potion and neglects his girlfriend.

Guest stars: Pricilla Barnes, Sonny Bono, Tom Bosley, Woody Brown, Mary Crosby, Ted Knight, Charles Nelson Reilly, Charlotte Rae.
130 23 "Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You – Part 2" March 6, 1982 (1982-03-06)
Continuation of the previous episode.
131 24 "Isaac Gets Physical / She Brought Her Mother Along / Cold Feet" May 20, 1982 (1982-05-20)

Isaac avoids a physical exam to hide a congenital condition that could jeopardize his job, while the nurse develops a crush on him; a young woman's older boyfriend turns out to be her mother's former lover; Julie's cousin wants to dump his fiancée.

Guest stars: Shirley Hemphill, Connie Needham, Gene Barry, Betsy Palmer, Richard Dean Anderson, Linda Blair.
132 25 "Burl of My Dreams / Meet the Author / Rhymes, Riddles, and Romance" March 27, 1982 (1982-03-27)
133 26 "Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine / Does Father Know Best? / An 'A' for Gopher" April 10, 1982 (1982-04-10)
134 27 "April in Boston / Saving Grace / Breaks of Life" May 1, 1982 (1982-05-01)
135 28 "A Dress to Remember" May 8, 1982 (1982-05-08)

An expensive dress involved in each of this episode's storylines. A model sponsored by a diet doctor is the target of the doctor's rival; the captain helps a poor flower merchant reconnect with her long-lost daughter; a man dresses as a woman to avoid his murderous former father-in-law; Gopher and Isaac fret over the care of the dress, afraid their jobs may be at stake.

Guest stars: Markie Post, Kelly Monteith, Lyle Waggoner, Eleanor Parker, Catherine Parks, Bob Denver, Brianne Leary, Forrest Tucker.
136 29 "Mothers Don't Do That / Marrying for Money / Substitute Lover" May 15, 1982 (1982-05-15)
A woman's attempt to reconnect with her estranged son goes wrong when he finds what she wrote in her diary; the crew think a woman is trying to murder her millionaire husband; an old friend of Julie's pretends to be a woman's pen pal to get close to her.

Season 6: 1982–83[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
137 1 "Venetian Love Song / Down for the Count / Arrividerci, Gopher / The Arrangement – Part 1" October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02)
138 2 "Venetian Love Song / Down for the Count / Arrividerci, Gopher / The Arrangement – Part 2" October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02)

The crew goes to Italy to work on a cruise ship there. Among the passengers is a family whose patriarch and matriarch originally came from Italy and accompanying them are their 2 daughters and grand daughter. Into the trip the couple bicker to the point that they're considering separating. One of the daughters is meeting someone on a sort of blind date but not known to her is a gigolo. And the grand daughter who's been promised to another guy back home meets a local and is attracted to him. And Gopher meets a local woman who says he reminds her of someone she knows.

Guest stars: Candice Azzara, David Birney, Meredith Baxter, Ernest Borgnine, Rossano Brazzi, John James, Christopher Norris, Marie Osmond, Shelley Winters
139 3 "The Anniversary Gift / Honey Bee Mine / Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered" October 16, 1982 (1982-10-16)

A couple celebrating their 30th anniversary find that even with grown children, she still wants another baby. Julie tries to keep ex-roommate who has a history of hitting on her boyfriends from hitting on her current beau so she tells her that Gopher is her latest. Gopher goes along even though he is in love with someone else. The Captain's high school classmate is on board but he is self-conscious about his baldness so he wears a toupee when she is around.

Guest stars: Richard Bergman, Phyllis Diller, Robert Mandan, Randi Oakes, Lynn Redgrave
140 4 "The Same Wavelength / Winning Isn't Everything / A Honeymoon for Horace" October 23, 1982 (1982-10-23)

A psychic comes on board to entertain the passengers and she meets a man who's separated from his wife and is uncertain if he wants to remain with his wife. And a friend of Stubbing's comes on board with his son whom he doesn't see much of. And he can't help but boast of his son's accomplishments but the son later reveals to Vicki that's his accomplishments are not true. And an elderly couple who are engaged come on board and the guy is nervous about taking the plunge.

Guest stars: David Doyle, Jack Gilford, Matthew Labyorteaux, Charles Siebert, Connie Stevens, Nancy Walker
141 5 "Command Performance / Hyde and Seek / Sketchy Love" October 30, 1982 (1982-10-30)

A young girl who is infatuated with Gopher pretends to be her older sister. An artist meets an unhappily married guy. And the ship's comic runs into the wife and daughter he left years ago.

Guest stars: Dana Andrews, Janet Blair, Morgan Brittany, Eve Plumb, Kim Richards, Marion Ross, Dan Rowan, Skip Stephenson
142 6 "The Groupies / The Audition / Doc's Nephew" November 6, 1982 (1982-11-06)

A psychiatrist who specializes in group therapy goes on board for a little vacation but one of his groups joins him. And they still want him to help them. And when two of them get attracted to each other, they don't know what to do. An actor runs into the writer of a soap who rejected him. And she wonders if he has something up his sleeve. And Doc's girlfriend joins him, as does his nephew and he makes a move on her. Prompting Doc to challenge him.

Guest stars: Willie Aames, Morey Amsterdam, Richard Deacon, Elaine Joyce, Susan Lucci, Rose Marie, Michelle Phillips, Tristan Rogers, Jerry Van Dyke
143 7 "The Spoonmaker Diamond / Papa Doc / The Role Model / Julie's Tycoon – Part 1" November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13)
144 8 "The Spoonmaker Diamond / Papa Doc / The Role Model / Julie's Tycoon – Part 2" November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13)
Guest stars: Polly Bergen, Mike Connors, Nancy Dussault, Linda Evans, Jamie Farr, David Hedison, Harvey Korman, Lorenzo Lamas, Kiel Martin, Alexis Smith, Jan Smithers, Craig Stevens
145 9 "The Best of Friends / Too Many Dads / Love Will Find a Way" November 20, 1982 (1982-11-20)

It is Thanksgiving, and among the passengers is a woman who wants to introduce her fiancé to her parents but she neglected to tell them that he is a paraplegic. And a father and his son are trying to get away from the boy's natural father who wants to take him away. And the crew is bickering with each other to the point that they're not speaking with each other.

Guest stars: Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Jim Knaub, Michael Lembeck, Dorothy McGuire, Wendy Schaal
146 10 "The Man in the Iron Shorts / The Victims / Heavens to Betsy" November 27, 1982 (1982-11-27)
Guest stars: Sharon Gabet, Laurence Lau, Denise Miller, Taylor Miller, Robert Pine, Janine Turner, Ruth Warrick
147 11 "The Tomorrow Lady / Father, Dear Father / Still Life" December 4, 1982 (1982-12-04)
Guest stars: Kim Darby, Howard Duff, Sheila Frazier, Greer Garson, Louanne, Lawrence Pressman, Jim Stafford
148 12 "Baby Talk / My Friend, the Executrix / Programmed for Love" December 11, 1982 (1982-12-11)
Guest stars: Bix the Robot, Angela Cartwright, Carol Channing, Grant Goodeve, Peter Marshall, Karen Morrow, Donna Pescow, Betty White
149 13 "The Christmas Presence" December 18, 1982 (1982-12-18)
Guest stars: Henry Gibson, Maureen McCormick, Donny Osmond, Mickey Rooney, Teresa Wright, Keenan Wynn
150 14 "Paroled to Love / First Impressions / Love Finds Florence Nightingale" January 8, 1983 (1983-01-08)
Guest stars: Carole Cook, Richard Kline, Vicki Lawrence, Marilyn Michaels, Debbie Reynolds, Forrest Tucker
151 15 "The Captain's Replacement / Sly as a Fox / Here Comes the Bride – Maybe" January 15, 1983 (1983-01-15)
Guest stars: Frank Bonner, Shelley Fabares, Jenilee Harrison, Arte Johnson, Stephen Shortridge, McLean Stevenson, William Windom, Jane Wyatt
152 16 "Doc's Big Case / Senior Sinners / A Booming Romance" January 22, 1983 (1983-01-22)
Guest stars: Telma Hopkins, Theresa Merritt, Brian Stokes Mitchell, James Noble, Raymond St. Jacques, Tori Spelling (not in the opening sequence), Holland Taylor, Adam West, Alan Young
153 17 "Gopher's Daisy / Our Son, the Lawyer / Salvaged Romance" January 22, 1983 (1983-01-22)
Guest stars: Adam Arkin, James Coco, Joan Rivers, Doris Roberts, Alex Rocco
154 18 "Isaac's Aegean Affair / The Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / The Dean and the Flunkee – Part 1" February 5, 1983 (1983-02-05)
155 19 "Isaac's Aegean Affair / The Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / The Dean and the Flunkee – Part 2" February 5, 1983 (1983-02-05)

The crew are in Greece working a cruise where a college is having its graduation ceremony. The principal is attracted to a teacher who rebuffs him because he won't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the principal to do that. A prodigy is attracted to Julie which doesn't make the Captain happy. And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. And when she goes on board he does not tell anyone that he is her aunt. And Isaac meets a woman who is estranged from her husband.

Guest stars: Eddie Albert, Debbie Allen, Shirley Jones, Leigh McCloskey, Jimmy McNichol, William R. Moses, Eva Marie Saint, Parker Stevenson, Lisa Whelchel
156 20 "The Zinging Valentine / The Very Temporary Secretary / Final Score" February 12, 1983 (1983-02-12)

A woman who worked as a singing telegram is left stranded on board ship after delivering a "Dear John" message to a passenger. A temp agency owner takes the place of the secretary scheduled to sail with a magazine editor. An NFL quarterback's attempt to get close to an English professor keeps getting penalty flags.

Guest stars: Don Adams, John Amos, Fannie Flagg, Jayne Kennedy, Claudia Lonow, Donny Most
157 21 "The Captain's Crush / Out of My Hair / Off-Course Romance" February 19, 1983 (1983-02-19)
Guest stars: Delta Burke, Joan Collins, Ron Ely, Richard Gilliland, Monte Markham, Stella Stevens, Jeffrey Tambor
158 22 "I Like to Be in America / He Ain't Heavy / Abby's Maiden Voyage" February 26, 1983 (1983-02-26)
Guest stars: Barbara Billingsley, Charo, Constance Forslund, Michael J. Fox, Brodie Greer, Gregg Henry, Mary Beth McDonough, Don Porter, Esther Rolle
159 23 "Vicki's Dilemma / Discount Romance / Looser & Still Champ" March 5, 1983 (1983-03-05)
Guest stars: June Allyson, Red Buttons, Elinor Donahue, Glenn Scarpelli, Ann Turkel, Patrick Wayne
160 24 "So Help Me Hannah / The Maid Cleans Up / C.P.R., I.O.U." March 12, 1983 (1983-03-12)

A woman's ability to dispense advice irritates the Captain as well as the father of a young man who wants to pursue his own path. A maid goes on the cruise to win the heart of her employer. Gopher's CPR course come in handy to save a passenger who has had a heart attack.

Guest stars: Milton Berle, Caren Kaye, Steven Keats, Judy Landers, Mary Martin, Ben Murphy, Timothy Patrick Murphy, Max Showalter
161 25 "Going to the Dogs / Putting on the Dog / Women's Best Friend / Whose Dog Is It Anyway" March 25, 1983 (1983-03-25)
Guest stars: Catherine Bach, Dirk Benedict, Ray Buktenica, Gordon Jump, Chuck McCann, Moore's Mongrel Revue, Isabel Sanford, Mel Stewart, Heather Thomas Jo Anne Worley, and Tundra the Dog
162 26 "The Professor Has Class / When the Magic Disappears / We, the Jury" April 2, 1983 (1983-04-02)
Guest stars: Bettye Ackerman, Mary-Margaret Humes, Sam Jaffe, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller, Barry Van Dyke, Dick Van Patten
163 27 "Hits and Missus / Return of Annabelle / Just Plain Folks Medicine / Caught in the Act / The Real Thing / Do Not Disturb / Lulu & Kenny (Country Music Jamboree) – Part 1" April 30, 1983 (1983-04-30)
164 28 "Hits and Missus / Return of Annabelle / Just Plain Folks Medicine / Caught in the Act / The Real Thing / Do Not Disturb / Lulu & Kenny (Country Music Jamboree) – Part 2" April 30, 1983 (1983-04-30)

Aboard a Jamboree Cruise, Gopher thwarts an incognito country star's plans for a restful weekend, a friendly wager between a perfectionist jeweler and a returning husband threatens to reveal more than intended, a pro golfer courting a hillbilly singer is ambushed by the arrival of her pint-sized adoring fans, a has-been C&W vocalist uncovers the secret of her protege's sudden chart success, and a snake oil saleswoman needs more than just a taste of her own medicine as Julie struggles to find an opening act for the show.

Guest stars: Pat Buttram (not in opening sequence), Bert Convy, Sherman Hemsley, Florence Henderson, Beth Howland, Steve Kanaly, Minnie Pearl, Kenny Price, Lulu Roman, Misty Rowe, Mel Tillis, Tanya Tucker, Jessica Walter and Dottie West as herself
165 29 "The Fountain of Youth / Bad Luck Cabin / Uncle Daddy" May 7, 1983 (1983-05-07)
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Ted McGinley, David Naughton, Tracy Reed, Shavar Ross, Michelle Tobin, David Wayne

Season 7: 1983–84[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
166 1 "The Pledge / East Meets West / Dear Roberta / My Two Dumplings – Part 1" October 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)
167 2 "The Pledge / East Meets West / Dear Roberta / My Two Dumplings – Part 2" October 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)

A woman with a heart condition falls for a man wanted in the U.S. for manslaughter. The police detective who tracked him down is also on the cruise. Doc meets a woman who spent much of her adult life in China and is more of a fan of Eastern than Western medicine. She even helps cure the Captain's back spasms. A man who writes a newspaper column under a fictitious woman's name meets a woman who blames the column for her recent divorce. A friend of Gopher's who is dating two women is on board to decide which one he truly loves, unaware that both women are also on the cruise.

Guest stars: Ursula Andress as Carole, Susan Anton as Leslie, Michael Constantine as Charlie, Linda Evans as Barbara, John Forsythe as Burt, Lee Horsley as Greg, Pat Klous as Laurie, Lee Majors as Robert, Erin Moran as Joanne

Note: Patricia Klous, who played cruise director Judy McCoy in seasons 8 and 9, played an unrelated role in this episode.
168 3 "Bricker's Boy / Lotions of Love / The Hustlers" October 8, 1983 (1983-10-08)
Guest stars: Chuck Connors, Lydia Cornell, Constance Forslund, Brodie Greer, Evelyn Keyes, Ted McGinley, Vera Miles, Timothy Patrick Murphy
169 4 "Youth Takes a Holiday / Don't Leave Home Without It / Prisoner of Love" October 15, 1983 (1983-10-15)
Guest stars: Gloria DeHaven, Jamie Farr, Beth Howland, Heather Locklear, Louis Nye, Charlotte Rae, Glenn Scarpelli, Cornel Wilde
170 5 "Rhino of the Year / One Last Time / For Love or Money" October 22, 1983 (1983-10-22)
Guest stars: Mike Douglas, Paul Kreppel, Kevin McCarthy, Donna Pescow, Paul Sand, Stella Stevens
171 6 "Friend of the Family / Affair on Demand / Just Another Pretty Face" October 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)
Guest stars: Cathryn Damon, Florence Henderson, Gordon Jump, Kim Lankford, Robert Reed, Deborah Shelton, Clint Walker
172 7 "When Worlds Collide / The Captain and the Geisha / The Lottery Winners / The Emperor's Fortune – Part 1" November 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)
Guest stars: Tony Danza as Bud O'Hara, Mariette Hartley as Martha Chambers, Ted Knight as Barney Gordon, Harvey Korman as Harvey Willis, Jean Marsh as Celia Hoffman, Rita Moreno as Gladys Gordon, Nancy Morgan as Joanie Hoffman, John Ritter as Ben Cummins, James Shigeta as Bud's Father, and Heather Thomas as Lila Pearsell
173 8 "When Worlds Collide / The Captain and the Geisha / The Lottery Winners / The Emperor's Fortune – Part 2" November 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)
Guest stars: Tony Danza as Bud O'Hara, Mariette Hartley as Martha Chambers, Ted Knight as Barney Gordon, Harvey Korman as Harvey Willis, Jean Marsh as Celia Hoffman, Rita Moreno as Gladys Gordon, Nancy Morgan as Joanie Hoffman, John Ritter as Ben Cummins, James Shigeta as Bud's Father, and Heather Thomas as Lila Pearsell
174 9 "Long Time No See / Bear Essence / Kisses and Makeup" November 12, 1983 (1983-11-12)
Guest stars: Crystal Bernard, Dean Butler, Howard Keel, Michael Lembeck, Christopher Mayer, Randi Oakes, Jan Smithers
175 10 "Julie and the Bachelor / Set-up for Romance / Intensive Care" November 19, 1983 (1983-11-19)
Guest stars: Tom Bosley, Patricia Carr, Bradford Dillman, Penny Fuller, Mark Harmon, Engelbert Humperdinck, Cristina Raines
176 11 "The Misunderstanding / Love Below Decks / The End Is Near" December 10, 1983 (1983-12-10)
Guest stars: Morgan Brittany, Delta Burke, Arlene Dahl, James Houghton, Lou Richards, Vic Tayback, Claire Trevor
177 12 "Dee Dee's Dilemma / Julie's Blind Date / The Prize Winner" December 3, 1983 (1983-12-03)
Guest stars: Clark Brandon, Abby Dalton, Leslie Easterbrook, Don Gordon, Walter Olkewicz, Markie Post, Tom Poston, Geoffrey Scott
178 13 "For Better or Worse / Buck Stops Here, The / Bet on It" January 14, 1984 (1984-01-14)
Guest stars: Leah Ayres, Shea Farrell, Celeste Holm, Richard Jaeckel, Jo Ann Pflug, McLean Stevenson, Antony Ponzini, Gil Mandelik
179 14 "How Do I Love Thee? / No More Alimony / Authoress! Authoress!" January 7, 1984 (1984-01-07)
Guest stars: Carol Channing, Rue McClanahan, Michelle Phillips, Cesar Romero, Alan Thicke, Dick Van Patten, Betty White, Fred Willard, Christie Claridge
180 15 "The World's Greatest Kisser / Don't Take My Wife, Please / The Reluctant Father" November 26, 1983 (1983-11-26)
Guest stars: Kirstie Alley, Danielle Brisebois, William Christopher, David Doyle, Dan Haggerty, Cindy Hayes, Elaine Joyce, Parker Stevenson
181 16 "The Last Case / Looking for Mr. Wilson / Love on Strike" December 17, 1983 (1983-12-17)
Guest stars: Claude Akins, Didi Conn, Tony Dow, Grant Goodeve, John Hillerman, Allyn Ann McLerie, Wendy Schaal, Jeannie Wilson, R.J. Williams
182 17 "Aunt Emma, I Love You / Hoopla / The First Romance" January 21, 1984 (1984-01-21)
Guest stars: Sid Caesar, Bert Convy, Irena Ferris, Darrow Igus, Rose Marie, Philip McKeon, Jimmy Blacklock, Lou Dunbar, Billy Ray Hobley, Curley Neal, Gator Rivers, and the Harlem Globetrotters ("Hoopla")
183 18 "Ace in the Hole / Uncle Joey's Song / Father in the Cradle" January 28, 1984 (1984-01-28)
Guest stars: David Faustino as Scott Russell, Barnard Hughes as Joseph Stobble, Dean Paul Martin as Brad Elliott, Ted McGinley as Ashley 'Ace' Covington Evans, Lee Meriwether as Jessica Elliott, Julie Ronnie as Jeannie Colby, Michael Spound as Larry Chapman, Carlene Watkins as Mrs. Russell, and K.C. Winkler as Caroline Colby
184 19 "Polly's Poker Palace / Shop Ahoy / Double Date / The Hong Kong Affair / Two Tails of a City – Part 1" February 4, 1984 (1984-02-04)

Part 1 of 2. On a Hong Kong cruise: a Senator romances a woman , until he learns the nature of her visit; two brothers date Julie and Vicki; a woman passenger is a shopaholic; a retired spy is on vacation and romances a woman passenger.

Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Robert Savage, Noel Harrison as Trevor Staines, Pamela Hensley as Kathy James, Gene Kelly as Charles Dane, Lee Majors II as Jimmy Adams, Frank Maxwell as Colonel Charles Holmsey, Leigh McCloskey as Peter Adams, Yvette Mimieux as Leni Martek, Ben Murphy as Matthew Saver, Donna Reed as Polly Sullivan, Brenda Vaccaro as Eleanor Savage, and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Senator Dan Whitman
185 20 "Polly's Poker Palace / Shop Ahoy / Double Date / The Hong Kong Affair / Two Tails of a City – Part 2" February 4, 1984 (1984-02-04)

Conclusion of the previous episode

Guest stars: (Same as in the 184th episode)
186 21 "Ace's Valet / Mother Comes First / Hit or Miss America" February 25, 1984 (1984-02-25)
187 22 "The Lady and the Maid / Love Is Blind / The Babymakers" March 3, 1984 (1984-03-03)
188 23 "Side by Side / A Fish Out of Water / Rub Me Tender" March 10, 1984 (1984-03-10)
189 24 "A Rose Is Not a Rose / Novelties / Too Rich and Too Thin" March 17, 1984 (1984-03-17)
190 25 "Dreamboat / Gopher, Isaac & the Starlet / The Parents / The Importance of Being Johnny / Julie and the Producer – Part 1" May 5, 1984 (1984-05-05)

A Hollywood movie company is filming a musical called Dream Boat on board the ship with plans to use both crew and passengers as extras. Starlet Shelley Rush (Melba Moore) desperately wants to audition for the production crew but can't seem to get their attention. Merrill falls for faded star Angela Lovett (Alexis Smith), while Vicki is enamored of Johnny Lovett (Jimmy Osmond), a rock star who has never acted before, is very apprehensive about his debut, and takes it out on Vicki by being rude to her. Producer Marty Chenault (Dean Jones) is the older brother of Jack Chenault, whom Julie almost married once.

Also guest starring: Ben Vereen, David L. Lander
191 26 "Dreamboat / Gopher, Isaac & the Starlet / The Parents / The Importance of Being Johnny / Julie and the Producer – Part 2" May 5, 1984 (1984-05-05)
Continuation of the previous episode
192 27 "Best Ex-Friends / All the Congressman's Women / Three Faces of Love" May 12, 1984 (1984-05-12)
Isaac is taken with the new barmaid (Eugenia Wright); a movie makeup man (Sal Viscuso) tests his fiancée's (Heidi Bohay) fidelity; a congressman's (Sam Groom) daughter (Tori Spelling) comes between him and his fiancée (Phyllis Davis).

Season 8: 1984–85[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
193 1 "The Crew's Cruise Director / What a Drag / Doc's Slump (Alaska Cruise)" September 22, 1984 (1984-09-22)
194 2 "Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat – Part 1" September 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)
195 3 "Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat – Part 2" September 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)
196 4 "Ace Meets the Champ / Why Justin Can't Read / Call Me a Doctor" October 6, 1984 (1984-10-06)
197 5 "Only the Good Die Young / Honey Beats the Odds / The Light of Another Day" October 13, 1984 (1984-10-13)
198 6 "Soap Gets in Your Eyes / A Match Made in Heaven / Tugs of the Heart" October 20, 1984 (1984-10-20)
199 7 "And One to Grow On / Seems Like Old Times / I'll Never Forget What's Her Name" October 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)
200 8 "Aerobic April / The Wager / Story of the Century" November 3, 1984 (1984-11-03)
201 9 "The Last Heist / Starting Over / Watching the Master" November 10, 1984 (1984-11-10)
202 10 "By Hook or by Crook / Revenge with Proper Stranger / Don't Get Mad, Get Even" November 17, 1984 (1984-11-17)
203 11 "My Mother, My Chaperone / Present, The / Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest, The / Welcome Aboard – Part 1" December 24, 1984 (1984-12-24)
204 12 "My Mother, My Chaperone / Present, The / Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest, The / Welcome Aboard – Part 2" December 24, 1984 (1984-12-24)
205 13 "Paying the Piper / Baby Sister / Help Wanted" December 1, 1984 (1984-12-01)
206 14 "Country Blues / A Matter of Taste / Frat Brothers Forever" December 8, 1984 (1984-12-08)
207 15 "Santa, Santa, Santa / Another Dog Gone Christmas / Noel's Christmas Carol" December 15, 1984 (1984-12-15)
208 16 "Instinct / Unmade for Each Other / BOS" January 5, 1985 (1985-01-05)
209 17 "Ace Takes the Test / The Counterfeit Couple / The Odd Triple" January 12, 1985 (1985-01-12)
A couple wants Ace to father their child; two strangers (Erin Moran, Richard Gilliland) pose as newlyweds after a mixup puts them in the Honeymoon Suite
210 18 "Love on the Line / Don't Call Me Gopher / Her Honor, the Mayor" January 26, 1985 (1985-01-26)
211 19 "Girl of the Midnight Sun / There'll Be Some Changes Made / Too Many Isaacs / Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm – Part 1" February 2, 1985 (1985-02-02)
212 20 "Girl of the Midnight Sun / There'll Be Some Changes Made / Too Many Isaacs / Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm – Part 2" February 2, 1985 (1985-02-02)
213 21 "Ace Takes a Holiday / The Runaway / Courier" February 9, 1985 (1985-02-09)
214 22 "Getting Started / Daughter's Dilemma / The Captain Wears Pantyhose" February 16, 1985 (1985-02-16)
215 23 "Vicki's Gentleman Caller / Partners to the End / The Perfect Arrangement" February 23, 1985 (1985-02-23)
216 24 "Judy Hits a Low Note / Love Times Two / The Problem with Papa" March 23, 1985 (1985-03-23)
217 25 "Charmed, I'm Sure / Ashes to Ashes / No Dad of Mine" March 30, 1985 (1985-03-30)
218 26 "Call Me Grandma / A Gentleman of Discretion / The Perfect Divorce / Letting Go – Part 1" May 4, 1985 (1985-05-04)
219 27 "Call Me Grandma / A Gentleman of Discretion / The Perfect Divorce / Letting Go – Part 2" May 4, 1985 (1985-05-04)

Season 9: 1985–86[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
220 1 "A Day in Port" September 28, 1985 (1985-09-28)
221 2 "Your Money or Your Wife / Joint Custody / The Temptations" October 5, 1985 (1985-10-05)
222 3 "Hidden Treasure / Picture from the Past / Ace's Salary" October 12, 1985 (1985-10-12)
In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #82 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[2]
223 4 "The Villa / The Racer's Edge / Love or Money / The Accident – Part 1" November 2, 1985 (1985-11-02)
Guest stars: Susan Blakely as Nicole Phillips, Jack Coleman as Scott Barrett, Mel Ferrer as Jack Powers, Audrey Landers as Brenda Adams-Rosenberg, Judy Landers as Edie Adams-Rosenberg, Harry Morgan as Charly Fields, Ken Olandt as Don Phillips, Alexis Smith as Justina Downey, Craig Stevens as Viktor Lukas, and Lisa Whelchel as Kelly Barrett
224 5 "The Villa / The Racer's Edge / Love or Money / The Accident – Part 2" November 2, 1985 (1985-11-02)
Guest stars: Susan Blakely as Nicole Phillips, Jack Coleman as Scott Barrett, Mel Ferrer as Jack Powers, Audrey Landers as Brenda Adams-Rosenbergt, Judy Landers as Edie Adams-Rosenberg, Harry Morgan as Charly Fields, Ken Olandt as Don Phillips, Alexis Smith as Justina Downey, Craig Stevens as Viktor Lukas, and Lisa Whelchel as Kelly Barrett
225 6 "Forties Fantasy" November 16, 1985 (1985-11-16)
226 7 "Good Time Girls / The Iron Man / Soap Star" November 23, 1985 (1985-11-23)
Guest stars: Carol Channing as Sylvia Bennett, Charles Frank as Andy Singer, Belinda Montgomery as Valerie Singer, Louis Nye as Roger Garrett, and Betty White as Betsy Boucher
227 8 "Trouble in Paradise / No More Mister Nice Guy / The Mermaid and the Cop" November 30, 1985 (1985-11-30)
228 9 "Roommates / Heartbreaker / Out of the Blue" December 7, 1985 (1985-12-07)
229 10 "Father of the Bride / The Best Man / Members of the Wedding" January 11, 1986 (1986-01-11)
230 11 "Dare Devil / Picture Me as a Spy / Sleeper" January 18, 1986 (1986-01-18)
231 12 "Hippies and Yuppies / Frat Wars / Return of the Lambdas" January 25, 1986 (1986-01-25)
232 13 "Miss Mom / Who's the Champ / Gopher's Delusion" February 1, 1986 (1986-02-01)
233 14 "Egypt – Part 1" February 8, 1986 (1986-02-08)
234 15 "Egypt – Part 2" February 8, 1986 (1986-02-08)
235 16 "Hello Emily / The Tour Guide / The Winner Number" February 15, 1986 (1986-02-15)
236 17 "The Second Time Around / Hello, Spencer / Runaway, Go Home" February 22, 1986 (1986-02-22)
237 18 "The Art Lover / Couples / Made for Each Other" March 1, 1986 (1986-03-01)
238 19 "Second Banana / The Prodigy / What Goes Around" March 8, 1986 (1986-03-08)
239 20 "Gothic Romance / Whatever Happened to Crazy Joe Flash? / We'll Meet Again" March 15, 1986 (1986-03-15)
240 21 "The Will / Deja Vu / The Prediction" March 22, 1986 (1986-03-22)
241 22 "Matadors, The / Mrs. Jameson Comes Out / Love's Labors Found / Marry Me, Marry Me – Part 1" May 3, 1986 (1986-05-03)
242 23 "Matadors, The / Mrs. Jameson Comes Out / Love's Labors Found / Marry Me, Marry Me – Part 2" May 3, 1986 (1986-05-03)
243 24 "My Stepmother, Myself / Almost Roommates / Cornerback Sneak" May 17, 1986 (1986-05-17)
244 25 "Happily Ever After / Have I Got a Job for You / Mr. Smith Goes to Minikulu" May 24, 1986 (1986-05-24)

Specials: 1986–90[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
245 1 "The Shipshape Cruise" November 21, 1986 (1986-11-21)
246 2 "The Christmas Cruise – Part 1" December 25, 1986 (1986-12-25)
247 3 "The Christmas Cruise – Part 2" December 25, 1986 (1986-12-25)
248 4 "Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?" February 27, 1987 (1987-02-27)
249 5 "The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage" February 12, 1990 (1990-02-12)
A Valentine Episode.


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