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The following is a list of episodes of Fox's game show The Moment of Truth.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

The first contestant was former XFL and NFL player Tinker Keck (called "Ty" on this episode). He lost the $25,000 that he had earned when he claimed he had never touched a female personal training client more than was needed. The first episode was the lead out after the highly rated American Idol, and managed to rate very well itself with 23 million viewers, the highest rating for a premiere so far in 2008.[1]

The following were the questions asked to Ty (the contestant's answers are included in parenthesis):

  1. Have you ever canceled an appointment with a client for being sick when you really weren't? (yes)
  2. Have you ever admired yourself in the mirror after taking a shower? (yes)
  3. Have you hit someone else's car and not left a note? (yes)
  4. While you were in college, did you ever get a passing grade just because you were on the football team? (no)
  5. Do you think you're the best looking of all your friends? (yes)
  6. As a football player, did you ever sneak a peek at another player's private while taking a shower? (yes)
  7. If Catia (his wife) developed a flabby stomach would you encourage her to get liposuction? (yes)
  8. Have you ever suspected one of your friends of making a play for Catia? (yes)
  9. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone the very same day you met them? (yes)
  10. Is there something you have done that could cause Catia not to trust you? (yes)
  11. Since you've been married, have you used the internet to flirt with other women? (no)
  12. Have you delayed having children because you're not sure if Catia will be your lifelong partner? (yes)
  13. As a personal trainer, have you touched a female client more than was required of you? (no)

Following Ty was George Ortuzar, who worked as a manager at Hollywood Park Racetrack in Los Angeles, California. He answered seven questions correctly on the first episode before time ran out. He came on the show with his girlfriend Lilly, Lilly's Uncle, and his boss.

The following are the seven questions George was asked during episode 1 along with his answers in parenthesis:

1. Have you ever gone through a co-workers private belongings without their knowledge? (yes)

2. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while attending mass? (yes)

3. Do you consider yourself to be better looking than most men your age? (yes)

4. Are you currently a member of the Hair Club for Men? (yes)

5. Have you ever considered that you might be addicted to gambling? (yes)

6. Do you have a bank account your girlfriend doesn't know about? (no)

7. Have you ever padded your underwear to look more well endowed? (yes)[2]

Episode 2[edit]

Marketing manager and television personality George Ortuzar continued his questioning on the second show. After truthfully answering no to the question of whether or not he'd ever gambled away one of his children's college funds (his son, who was present, had previously been told by Ortuzar's ex-wife that he had gambled his college fund away), he declared that he felt that he "was a winner" even if he left with nothing. He ended up walking away after question 15 with $100,000.

Here are the questions George was asked in continuation of Episode 1.

8. Have you ever helped someone smuggle something into the country? (yes)

9. Are you in love with your girlfriend, Lily? (yes)

10. Have you ever lied to Lily about how much money you've lost gambling? (yes)

11. Have you ever gambled away one of your children's college funds? (no)

12. Do you think your best friend could trust you with his life savings? (no)

13. Have you ever made a pass at one of Lily's friends? (yes)

14. Would you break up with Lily if your ex-wife wanted to get back together with you? (no)

15. Have you ever stolen money from a job and let someone else take the blame? (yes)

Following George was former Miss Ohio and Miss California finalist Christie Youssef[citation needed], whose game was interrupted on question 10 when episode 2 ended.

Here are the questions Christie was asked during episode 2.

1. Did you ever cheat on a college exam? (no)

2. Have you ever stolen money from your parents? (no)

3. Do you think that you're better looking than your sister, Melissa? (yes)

4. Do you believe that your mother is overweight? (yes)

5. Would you be upset if your younger sister got married before you did? (yes)

6. Do you plan on being a virgin on your wedding night? (yes)

7. Are you more comfortable around friends that you know are not as attractive as you are? (yes)

8. Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure to enhance your looks? (yes)

9. Have you ever been upset by your sister Melissa winning a beauty pageant? (yes)


Episode 3[edit]

Christie Youssef returned to finish her game, and she stopped and took home $100,000 at the urging of her relatives.

Following her was Brandon Corria who was eliminated at the end of the show by answering no to the question "While working as an underwear model, did you ever stuff your underwear?" He expressed shock upon being told that his answer was false.[4]

Episode 4[edit]

The game started with a new contestant, Ray Hernandez. Ray was considered[citation needed] one of the "better" contestants, as he said truthfully that he would not cheat on his wife even if he knew she would never find out. He decided to walk away with $100,000.

Episode 5[edit]

Contestant Lauren Cleri admitted to committing adultery and that she believes she is meant to be married to an ex-boyfriend instead of her husband. The latter was a replacement question after Lauren's sister hit the button to keep her from answering the question of whether she'd leave her husband if the same ex-boyfriend (who was present to read this question and the replacement question to her) wanted her back. She won $100,000 and went on to play for $200,000, but lost everything on the question, "Do you think you're a good person?" She answered "Yes," which, according to the polygraph, was revealed to be false. The husband, a New York City cop, already knew about the cheating, and Lauren claims she wants to stay with him, not the ex-boyfriend.[5]

This episode was the first episode said to be scrutinized by the producers about airing the episode at all; host Mark L. Walberg alleged on air that it narrowly made it to broadcast and that it would not air if it were his decision. Narration added in post-production warns viewers of the difficulty of watching the content.

In addition, clips from the episode have been shown on news channels as a behind-the-scenes look into the show.[citation needed] In May 2008, Frank Cleri filed for divorce after discovering her continued sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend along with several other men, "sometimes with more than one man at one time" Cleri stated.[citation needed]

Episode 6[edit]

Ellen Valinotti

Episode 7[edit]

The 7th episode is about a 32-year-old carpenter named Michael Greenland. Michael left the show with $100,000 after admitting to dating two of his wife's sisters and sleeping with a friend's wife. His mother was a guest and seemed most shocked when he admitted to making a wax replica of his genitals. He told his father that he believed he still loved him in spite of how he had lived his life.

Episode 8[edit]

The 8th episode is about Lissette Gonzalez. She lost $100,000 when she was caught lying about having sexual relations to advance her modeling career.

Episode 9[edit]

This episode is about Paul Schoni, who dropped out after winning $100,000. He admitted to keeping the underwear of women he had sexual relations with, having had sex with over 100 women, and keeping a spreadsheet of every woman he had sexual relations with. He admitted that he did not think he could ever stay faithful to one woman. His last question was if he had ever been paid for sex, and he truthfully answered yes. In an update, it was revealed that Schoni claims to have had sexual relations with 135 women and that he had broken up with his girlfriend, who was present with his family during the episode.

The second contestant of the show was interior designer Angela Ciemny. The show ended with the question "Is it sometimes a struggle to stay faithful to your husband?"

Episode 10[edit]

This episode is the season finale and continues with Angela Ciemny. Ciemny walked out without any earnings after the 14th question: "For $100,000, would you pose nude in an adult magazine?" Her response was "No," although she later admitted that she would do it for $200,000.

Episode 11[edit]

The 11th episode is about Curtis Frank, a gold broker from Arizona. He walked out with $100,000 after admitting to watching gay porn for more than a minute, wearing makeup, not being able to pay his mortgage if his mother cut off his allowance, having sex in his family's furniture store, and cheating on his ex-girlfriend while they were dating. An earlier question asked him if he secretly wanted to get back together with her and he answered "yes".

Episode 12[edit]

The 12th episode featured contestant Kristina Paolino; she is a 25-year-old former flight attendant from Chicago, Illinois. Like previous contestants, Paolino decided to walk out after reluctantly admitting privy, personal feelings and past transgressions such as riding a stolen vehicle and revealing her true feelings about her friend Joseph. She has also admitted her concern over her father's bad decisions that he made when Paolino was younger, and that she has had sex with a customer while working as a waitress at Hooter's. Paolino only reached the end of the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000.

A recent update on the show revealed that Paolino is still dating her boyfriend, and that the relationship between her and her father is now much stronger.

Episode 13[edit]

The 13th episode featured two contestants. First was Aaron Dunbar, a 21-year-old emergency medical technician from Lancaster, California. After admitting he wouldn't give CPR to Osama bin Laden, being ashamed of growing up Mormon, and knowingly falsifying reports, he decided to walk away after completing the 3rd tier with a total of $100,000. After admitting to thinking that fat people are weak, a member of NAAFA asked, "Do fat people repulse you?" as Aaron's sixth question, to which he truthfully answered yes.

Next was Mary Beth Kraese a 39-year-old volunteer firefighter from South Huntington, New York. After admitting to ignoring pages from the fire house, when asked if she had lost attraction to her husband, she denied it. This was determined to be a lie, resulting in her leaving with nothing.

Episode 14[edit]

The 14th episode is about Conjetta Lawellin. After revealing her past about dating women and her unethical choices during her pregnancy, she eventually lost the money when she was asked "Have you ever regretted getting back together with your boyfriend Nick?" She answered "No" and the polygraph machine deemed that as deceptive answer, resulting in her losing the $25,000 she was gambling. She has since taken a second job as a waitress at a cabaret to help support her family.

Episode 15[edit]

Annette (Netty) Nelson. Netty ended up winning $200,000.

Since she was the first one to answer 18 questions correctly, viewers can see the difficult types of questions one is expected to answer the more money is at stake. For example, question 18 asked Netty if her mother was terminally ill and she wanted to end her life, would Netty help her do it. She answered no and won the $200,000.

Episode 16[edit]

Leanne Petrosky. She admitted to using boyfriends for money, and about being embarrassed about the clothes her boyfriend wears. She won $100,000.

Episode 17[edit]

Quincy Villanueva, 23-year-old stay at home mom from Hillside, IL with 3 sisters and 1 brother. She has also been married for over 1 year with 2 children. Questions covered: writing a bad check; wishing she had married someone with more money; lying about her wedding ring being a diamond when it was a zirconium; and whether she had done anything that would have sent her to jail, which she denied and was telling the truth.

When asked if she had exaggerated her injuries from a car accident to gain a higher claim in a lawsuit, she replied yes. Then she was asked if she had been offered money for sex, which she said she had been offered. She admitted to having embarrassing pictures of her taken that were subsequently posted on the Internet. She also felt that her mom had abandoned her when her mom started dating her now-stepfather Ray.

Then, she was asked if her stepfather was good enough for her mom, which she disagreed though she respected him as a person. Prompted by her mom to answer truthfully if she thought her mom cared more about money than her, she thought that her mom placed a higher priority on money. She was asked since getting married if she was tempted to cheat on her husband, she said yes when they fought.

She admitted to have a point in life where she had an impulse to kiss a girl. Then she was asked if she would sleep with an ex-lover if she knew she wouldn't get caught, which she said she would. She also admitted to having lied to her husband about not having sex with someone else when she actually did.

The last question, which won her the $100,000, she was asked if she thought her husband really loved her, which she didn't think so.

Brad Martin, a 38-year-old executive chef from Fountain Valley, CA, followed Villanueva. Martin has been married for 7 years and has two children.

For the first question, he admitted to copying other chefs' recipes and calling it his own. He later elaborated that recipes are usually done over and over with alterations. On the second question, he wished that he was able to spend more money on himself than his kids. When asked if he cared about the starving children in Africa, he replied no and went on to say that he cares more about the starving children in Orange County.

He has never fired an employee so that he could hire a friend and that he is a better chef than his friend, Sam. He then went on to say that if he was offered the opportunity to open his own restaurant in Paris without being able to see his family for a year that he would. He stated that he had never lied to his wife about the number of people he slept with, but he has touched other employees inappropriately. In his defense he claimed he slaps people from behind in a sporting manner for them to get on with the good game.

His run continued into Episode 18.

Episode 18[edit]

Brad Martin continues his run from Episode 17 into Episode 18 where he was asked for Question 9 if he was willing to get have a vasectomy to make his wife happy, which he said he would be willing to.

Question 10 was easier as he was asked if he would go see his father if his father sent him a plane ticket. He has not seen his father in seven years, who is the person who asked him Question 11. Brad's father asked him if he apologized, would Brad forgive him and let him be more present in Brad's life, which Brad agreed and said he would love to see him more often. The question also earned him $25,000.

Question 12, he said that he had told his wife that her cooking was really good when it was not. He has never taken off his wedding ring to pose as being single, which was Question 13. In Question 15, he suspects that his wife was cheating on him. Question 16, proved to be his stumbling block where he said he had never knowingly cheated someone but the polygraph results came in as deceptive, which resulted in him going home empty handed.

Russia Hardy then came on next. She is a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Venice, CA, who was previously a belly dancer and was 6 months into her current relationship. Her first question was if she had been naked on a public beach, which she admitted that she had been and when her boyfriend was asked if he had any knowledge about it, he said he was there and he too was naked with her.

Question 2 asked if she thought her boss hired her for her good looks, which she seemed to think so, though he said it had to do more with that she was a strong hard worker. Question 3 asked if she had ever done a belly dance but ended up stripping all her clothes, which she denied and was true. On Question 4, she admitted to drinking enough alcohol to cause a blackout. Question 5 asked if she had ever spent the night in jail, which she admitted to. This probably got her fired as her boss had said that she would be fired prior to her answering the question if she had been to jail. But it got her $10,000.

In Question 6, she was asked if she had any sexual relations at a place she worked but her boss thought that question should be thrown out. The replacing question asked if she had ever dated a married man knowing that it could end his marriage, which she denied and was found to be telling the truth. However, she played a very good technicality as she had dated a married man but not knowing that it could affect his marriage.

In Question 7, she thought she should be dating someone smarter than her boyfriend. She agreed that she is easily manipulated by the men in her life for Question 8. However, in Question 9 she believed that she would have a better relationship with her father if he divorced her stepmother. She was asked in Question 10 if she would secretly be happy if her stepmother passed on and she replied that she would be. Question 11 asked if she thought her friend Natalia had sexual relations with her estranged husband, to which she thought so and clinched her $25,000.

Question 12 asked if she was excited by the thought of kissing her boss, to which she answered No. She was asked if she secretly wishes her boyfriend would move out in Question 13, which she initially said no during the polygraph exam but on air she changed the answer to yes. She said that she does make it difficult for guys to get her into bed in Question 14 but the polygraph exam found otherwise and proved to be her undoing where she walked out empty handed.

Episode 19[edit]

Donald "Chris" Usselman and Krissy Cooper

Episode 20[edit]

Eric Wacks and Keisha "KC" Hurst

Episode 21[edit]

Angel Moreno and Beth Devakul

Episode 22[edit]

Nick Chandler and Wendy Hill

Episode 23[edit]

Kristine Lynch and Heather Montanez


U.S. standard ratings[edit]

Season One[edit]

Episode Original airdate Production Time slot (ET) Viewers
(in millions)
Rating/Share Rating/Share
Weekly Rank Source
1 Ty Keck/George January 23, 2008 (2008-01-23) 101 Wednesday 9:00 p.m. 23.23 13.1/20 10.2/24 #3
2 George Ortuzar/Christie Youssef January 30, 2008 (2008-01-30) 102 17.87 10.4/16 7.8/20 #7
3 Christie Youssef/Brandon Corria February 6, 2008 (2008-02-06) 103 Wednesday 9:02 p.m. 16.89 9.7/15 7.2/18 #5
4 Ray Hernandez February 13, 2008 (2008-02-13) 104 Wednesday 9:00 p.m. 14.47 8.7/14 6.2/16 #3
5 Lauren Cleri February 25, 2008 (2008-02-25) 105 Monday 8:00 p.m. 8.59 5.3/8 3.6/10 #?
6 Ellen Valinotti March 5, 2008 (2008-03-05) 106 Wednesday 8:00 p.m. 12.30 9.0/14 4.4/11 #4
7 Michael Greenland March 12, 2008 (2008-03-12) 107 10.36 6.6/11 4.2/12 #11
8 Lissette Gonzalez March 19, 2008 (2008-03-19) 108 10.66 6.8/11 4.1/12 #11
9 Angela Ciemny March 26, 2008 (2008-03-26) 109 9.98 6.5/11 3.9/11 #18
10 Ellen Valinotti April 2, 2008 (2008-04-02) 110 6.4/11 4.1/12 #1
11 Curtis Frank May 27, 2008 (2008-05-27) 111 Tuesday 8:00 p.m.
12 Kristina Paolino June 3, 2008 (2008-06-03) 112
13 Aaron Dunbar/Mary Beth Kraese June 10, 2008 (2008-06-10) 113
14 Conjetta Lawellin June 17, 2008 (2008-06-17) 114
15 "Netty" Nelson July 1, 2008 (2008-07-01) 115
16 Leanne Petrosky July 8, 2008 (2008-07-08) 116
17 Quincy Villanueva/Brad Martin August 28, 2008 (2008-08-28) 117 Thursday 8:00 p.m.
18 Brad Martin/Russia Hardy August 28, 2008 (2008-08-28) 118
19 N/A Unaired 119[6] N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
20 120
21 121
22 122
23 123
24 124
25 125


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