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Nostalgia Critic (2010)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 50
Original network That Guy with the Glasses
Original release January 5 (2010-01-05) – December 28, 2010 (2010-12-28)
Season chronology
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List of Nostalgia Critic episodes

The Nostalgia Critic, an Internet reviewer, began his 2010 episodes, dubbed "Schwarzenegger Month", during which the Critic exclusively reviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger films. This was followed by a special 100th Episode, in which he reviewed the infamous Battlefield Earth.

In July, he reviewed The Room, but the review was taken down by the film's distributor Wiseau-Films for copyright infringement, to which he posted a response in a skit titled "The Tommy Wiseau Show", that mocks Wiseau for taking down the review. The review was eventually posted back on the site in December 2010.

# Title Performed by Written by Length Release date

95 "Commando" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 22:19 January 5, 2010 (2010-01-05)
The Critic reviews Commando (1985). He states that he likes the movie, but considers it overtly stupid, with a few plot holes, an out-of-place James Horner score and the usual Schwarzenegger clichés.
96 "Junior" Doug Walker
Rob Walker
Bhargav Dronamraju
Doug Walker & Rob Walker 18:51 January 12, 2010 (2010-01-12)
The Critic reviews Junior (1994). He considers the film boring, being more serious than it needed, and finds Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito unfunny. He is especially horrified by a scene where Arnold's baby (with poor CGI of Arnold's face on it) is shown, causing him to go into "20 straight hours of projectile vomiting", as the doctor puts it. Special criticism is taken for the fact that director Ivan Reitman's son, Jason, went on to direct Juno, which had a somewhat similar plot and received critical acclaim.
97 "Conan the Barbarian" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 15:58 January 19, 2010 (2010-01-19)
The Critic reviews Conan the Barbarian (1982). He considers it silly, but enjoys it for its epic feel.
98 "Conan the Destroyer" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 13:48 January 21, 2010 (2010-01-21)
The Critic reviews Conan the Destroyer (1984). He treats it more harshly than its predecessor, saying that while the movie is generally watchable, it is overly stupid and boring at times.
99 "End of Days" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 20:19 January 26, 2010 (2010-01-26)

The Critic reviews End of Days (1999). He criticizes the plethora of plot holes, lackluster action, lack of horror, over-the-top science, farfetched mathematical clues, and considers that the premise of Schwarzenegger fighting Satan had more potential.

Note: The running gag "CAAAAT!" debuts in this episode, used whenever a jump scare happens in a film that fails to be frightening. During the film, the camera cuts to a black cat yowling without warning, which the Critic dismisses as "the scariest non-scary thing I've ever seen".
100 "Battlefield Earth"
"The 100th Episode"
Doug Walker
Bhargav Dronamraju
Noah Antwiler
Doug Walker & Rob Walker 25:59 February 2, 2010 (2010-02-02)

The Critic celebrates his 100th episode by doing a clip show, but the clip of the past NC and Ma-Ti from his Captain Planet review get mad at him and past Ma-Ti tells him to review the much-requested Battlefield Earth (2000). In a review that features appearances by the villain of the movie, Terl (played by Noah "Spoony" Antwiler), the Critic heavily criticizes the numerous poor plot points, inconsistencies, characters, constant use of angled camera shots and curtain wipes, John Travolta's over-the-top goofy acting, the presence of talented actor Forest Whitaker, and the overall stupidity of the film's premise. Special criticism is reserved for the complete incompetence of the alien antagonists, the Psychlos, and the supposed unrealism of the climactic end battle, where a nuclear bomb sent to the Psychlo homeworld would create a chain reaction and detonate the planet. At the end of the review, Terl vows revenge on the Critic, only to die a few seconds later when someone lights a cigarette on the Psychlo homeworld, causing it to explode.

Note: Beginning with this episode, the best or worst line of the film reviewed (or a line from the review) is heard over the Channel Awesome logo.

Note: While preparing for the 100th episode, Doug had the choice of reviewing either Battlefield Earth or Turtles Forever. After viewing Turtles Forever, he found it to be a very good film, and thus chose Battlefield Earth.

Note: In Doug's commentary for this film, while still maintaining his opinion about the film, he does find the film enjoyable to watch. He also praises the art design of the film, admits that John Travolta can be entertaining to watch, and credits Barry Pepper for putting a lot of passion into his performance.

Channel Awesome Tag: John Travolta as Terl: "While you were still learning to spell your name...!"
101 "Bébé's Kids" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:57 February 9, 2010 (2010-02-09)

The Critic reviews Bébé's Kids (1992). Although he admits that he liked the film when he was younger, praises the animation and feels that the movie does take risks, he criticizes the pointless moments, ignoring its own plot, constant rap music that seems too improvised, and the character of Robin Harris being portrayed as a poor father figure when he is simultaneously shown as mean-spirited. Major note is given regarding their lack of knowledge as to how to pronounce Tone Loc, voice of Pee-Wee. The fact that Pee-Wee, being an infant, is voiced by an adult and given a mature personality is also criticized.

Note: Doug later admitted that he liked the character of Jamika mainly because of her design in his of Top 10 Hottest Animated Women list.

Channel Awesome Tag: Faizon Love as Robin Harris: "Test tube baby."
102 "Lost in Space" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 23:07 February 16, 2010 (2010-02-16)

The Critic reviews Lost in Space (1998). He claims that the film is even worse than the original television series (which he also hates), as bad as Batman & Robin (both of which were written by Akiva Goldsman), and one of the worst he has ever seen. He criticizes the performance of Matt LeBlanc, the dull acting of William Hurt, the squeaky-voiced acting of Lacey Chabert, the script, the comedic timing, the bizarre set designs and is surprised that no one seems to realize that Gary Oldman's character is a villain.

Note: This episode is the debut of the Dr. Spider Smith character who appears in other Nostalgia Critic episodes.

Channel Awesome Tag: William Hurt as Professor John Robinson: "I love you, wife."
103 "Top 11 Villain Songs" Doug Walker Doug Walker 22:05 February 23, 2010 (2010-02-23)

The Critic lists the top 11 best villain songs:

11. "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
10. "Shiver My Timbers" from Muppet Treasure Island
9. "Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog
8. "Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd
7. Tie between "Sweet Transvestite" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and "Dentist!" from Little Shop of Horrors
6. "In the Dark of the Night" from Anastasia
5. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid
4. "Cell Block Tango" ("He Had It Comin") from Chicago
3. "Be Prepared" from The Lion King
2. "Secret of Survival" from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
1. "Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

At the end of the countdown, he reveals that his next review will be of Quest for Camelot, much to his chagrin.

Note: The song that plays at the beginning of the episode and during the transitions is "Death Death (Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil Song)" by Voltaire.

Channel Awesome Tag: Tony Jay as Frollo: "I had a little trouble with the Fireplace."
104 "Quest for Camelot" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 21:52 March 2, 2010 (2010-03-02)

The Critic reviews Quest for Camelot (1998). He criticizes the film for lacking any true connection to the Arthurian Legend, the songs (with the exception of the hit song "The Prayer", which the Critic is shocked to find out it came from this film), the jokes, the plot hole-filled story without much explanation to the events, the heroine who is in reality a damsel in distress, questions Gary Oldman's casting, and the ripping off of films such as Beauty and the Beast, The NeverEnding Story and Dirty Harry.

Channel Awesome Tag: Gary Oldman as Ruber: "The Ogre's Butt."
105 "Old Vs. New: The Nutty Professor Vs. The Nutty Professor" Doug Walker Doug Walker 17:20 March 9, 2010 (2010-03-09)

The Critic compares The Nutty Professor (1963) and The Nutty Professor (1996).

Best Story: 1996 Remake - While he praises the original for taking risks and being unpredictable in comparison to the remake for being more generic and traditional, he feels that the original's risks makes the movie tonally uneven, while the remake at least keeps everything in tone.

Best Supporting Cast: 1963 Original - While he praises the bully portrayed by Dave Chappelle in the remake for having more comedy and screen-time than the original, and gives credit to Larry Miller's performance as the Dean for his comedic moments, he finds the Dean from the original for being more over-the-top and memorable, and he criticizes the love interest portrayed by Jada Pinkett-Smith of the remake for being too generic and not interesting, in contrast to the original. He acknowledges leaving out the professor's extended family from the remake out of the comparison, as they don't really serve any purpose to the plot and were all played by the same actor anyway.

Best Professor: Eddie Murphy - Judging from both personality personas, he finds the professor character a tie between the two, given how they're both sympathetic yet funny at the same time, but judging from the Buddy Love persona, finds that Eddie Murphy's portrayal is much more believable and likable. The remake wins over the original: 2-1.

Channel Awesome Tag: Eddie Murphy as Mama Klump: "Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!"
106 "Bio-Dome" Doug Walker
Christopher Lloyd
Doug Walker & Rob Walker 16:57 March 16, 2010 (2010-03-16)

The Critic reviews Bio-Dome (1996). He considers it one of the worst movies he has ever reviewed, attacking Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin's obnoxious performances, Joey Lauren Adams's annoying acting, unfunny gags, and complete lack of story structure or substance. Special criticism is reserved for a scene in which a clown is shot dead, causing the Critic to conclude that the film is trying to literally kill comedy. The only real positive that he notes is Tenacious D briefly showing up to give a performance, and even he says that they have far too little screentime. Walker later placed the movie at #5 on his "Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic's Reviewed" list.

Channel Awesome Tag: Joey Lauren Adams as Monique: "Bullshit!"
107 "The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:25 March 23, 2010 (2010-03-23)

The Critic reviews The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990). He criticizes the plot for being a heartless and watered-down rehash of the first movie, which is one of his favorite family films. Special criticism is reserved for the character portrayal of Bastian, as he is baffled at him being a coward and making idiotic choices regarding his ability to wish for whatever he desires. However, he does acknowledge the actor portraying Bastian, Jonathan Brandis, and his tragic death and admits at one point that his performance is better than the first film, as well as giving credit for casting Native American actor Kenny Morrison as Atreyu.

Channel Awesome Tag: Jonathan Brandis as Bastion: "A spray can!"
108 "Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments" Doug Walker Doug Walker 22:46 March 30, 2010 (2010-03-30)

The Critic lists the top 11 most awkward moments involving Christopher Walken:

11. Threatening a fire extinguisher as a janitor named Clem in Joe Dirt
10. The pie scene from Gigli
9. His role as Vince Magnotta in the video game Ripper
8. His role as the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow
7. The abduction scene in Communion
6. Any of his dancing sequences (notably the "Weapon of Choice" music video)
5. Reading Three Little Pigs on the U.K. TV Show "Saturday Zoo"
4. His role as Reed Thimple the banker in The Country Bears (particularly, his delivery of the line "This is not over, Bears!")
3. His role as Duane in Annie Hall
2. His role as Captain Koons in the watch scene from Pulp Fiction
1. Every one of his appearances on SNL

Channel Awesome Tag: Walken as Clem: "I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron."
109 "Flubber" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:26 April 6, 2010 (2010-04-06)

The Critic reviews Flubber (1997). He criticizes the overuse of slapstick, Robin Williams' portrayal as a neglective fiancé, plotholes and the subplot of a robot being attracted to its creator. He is also baffled that John Hughes wrote this, but at the end of the episode finds an even worse work of his for the next episode.

Channel Awesome Tag: Christopher McDonald as Wilson: "I'm here this weekend to steal your fiancée, and make her my wife."
110 "Home Alone 3" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 14:52 April 13, 2010 (2010-04-13)

The Critic reviews Home Alone 3 (1997). He complains that the film has nothing to do with the original Home Alone or its characters, despite bearing the title and plot structure, finds none of the gags amusing, and the script poor; with a completely different cast of very stupid/unlikable characters. He is also shocked by how corporate espionage gets entangled with the Home Alone series.

Channel Awesome Tag: Lenny Von Dohlen as Burton Jernigan: "How?" (This line is accentuated as if Christopher Walken said it)
111 "Old vs New: King Kong Vs. Peter Jackson's King Kong" Doug Walker Doug Walker 18:42 April 27, 2010 (2010-04-27)

The Critic compares King Kong (1933) and King Kong (2005).

Best Leading Lady: 2005 Remake - He found Naomi Watts' portrayal stronger, more interesting and took more risks.
Best Supporting Cast: 1933 Original - He credits the original for the performances of Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong, while stating in the remake, Adrien Brody is boring and Jack Black is too obvious as a crazed director.
Best Visuals: 2005 Remake - While he highly praises the creative effects of the original, he admits that the CGI effects in the remake look more realistic.
Best Kong: 1933 Original - While he likes both Kongs, he feels the remake is more a performance than an actual animal (mostly because Kong is modeled after a real actor).
Best Story: 1933 Original - He says the original is right to the point with no tricks or Avant garde like the remake does.
The original wins over the remake: 3-2.
At the end of the video, the Critic announces his next review will be of Drop Dead Fred, which he describes as "a movie so bad, that it will make you flip out of your skull".

Channel Awesome Tag: Victor Wong as Charlie the cook (in the 1933 original): "Crazy black man been here!"
112 "Drop Dead Fred" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:41 May 4, 2010 (2010-05-04)

The Critic reviews Drop Dead Fred (1991). He criticizes Rik Mayall's obnoxious performance, as well as the absurd plot and jokes, and feeling that Phoebe Cates' character, along with everyone else in the movie, is completely insane; he's also convinced that this was supposed to be a horror movie. Walker later put it at #2 on his list of "Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic's Reviewed" list.

Channel Awesome Tag: Ron Eldard as Mickey: "You are crazy in the most wonderful way!"
113 "The Care Bears Movie" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:41 May 11, 2010 (2010-05-11)

The Critic reviews The Care Bears Movie (1985). He does find that, in general, the film is harmless for young audiences, but complains about heavy-handed cuteness, blatant advertising of the toyline, the song sequences and some plot holes. He does compliment the villains of the film, stating that they pose a surprisingly genuine threat.

Channel Awesome Tag: Marla Lukofsky as Playful Heart Monkey: "Look! I see a bee on Friend Bear's nose!"
114 "Jaws 3D" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 16:30 May 25, 2010 (2010-05-25)

The Critic reviews Jaws 3-D (1983). He finds the 3-D (which the DVD lacks) very poorly executed, the effects cheap and unconvincing, the plot insanely dumb, and considers the film generally unscary.

Note: The Critic later ranked Jaws 3D #6 on his Top 11 Worst Sequels list.

Channel Awesome Tag: Bess Armstrong as Kay: "Mike! The dolphins!"
115 "Free Willy" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 14:42 June 1, 2010 (2010-06-01)

The Critic reviews Free Willy (1993). While he does not view the film as terrible, he considers it to be too similar to previous movies about a boy bonding with an animal, with hammy acting, a cliched villain and some very annoying plot elements. At one point, the Critic states that he believes that the only reason this movie was popular was because Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There" was part of the film's soundtrack. Special criticism is reserved for Willy's wailing. However, he does like a scene involving a henchman eating popcorn, due to its sinister delivery.

Channel Awesome Tag: Willy's wailing (heard throughout the movie)
116 "A Troll in Central Park" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 21:12 June 8, 2010 (2010-06-08)

The Critic reviews A Troll in Central Park (1994). The video starts with him pacing in anger, infuriated at how bad the film is. In the review, he considers it as the worst by Don Bluth, criticizing the annoying characters, intelligence-insulting childishness, huge amount of filler and pandering, lack of lessons worth learning, and the ending. Special criticism is reserved for the major theme that dreams come true just by dreaming, which he considers both a terrible lesson for kids and thoroughly insulting to the audience's intelligence.

Channel Awesome Tag: An evil troll in the beginning singing "I'm a bad troll."
117 "Theodore Rex" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:32 June 15, 2010 (2010-06-15)

The Critic reviews Theodore Rex (1996). He finds the movie to be hard to comprehend, criticizing the poor animatronics, bad editing, Richard Roundtree and Bud Cort's presence and annoying running gags.

Channel Awesome Tag: George Newbern as Rex: "COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES!"
118 "Top 11 Coolest Clichés" Doug Walker Doug Walker 17:52 June 22, 2010 (2010-06-22)

The Critic lists the top 11 coolest clichés:

11. Holding a gun sideways (gangsta style)
10. The sexy cry (crying with a single tear while conveying no emotion otherwise)
9. A character's past
8. A dramatic choir
7. Jousting (mano a mano)
6. Items blowing in the wind
5. Explosions from a few feet away
4. Shouting "No!" ("Nooooooooo!")
3. Evil laughter
2. Walking in a straight line (or in groups)
1. Slow-motion

Channel Awesome Tag: Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone: "NOOOOOO!"
119 "Hook" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 26:41 June 29, 2010 (2010-06-29)

The Critic reviews Hook (1991). He ultimately loves the film, but makes fun of it for its third act, plotholes, some sub-par acting (mostly from the child actors), and dialogue. He is also shocked by the cameos of Phil Collins, George Lucas and Carrie Fisher.

Channel Awesome Tag: Robin Williams as Peter Banning: "My Jack."
120 "Independence Day" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 24:18 July 6, 2010 (2010-07-06)

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, the Critic reviews Independence Day (1996). He states that, while he does not consider it one of the worst movies he has ever seen, he's part of a small minority who dislikes the movie, criticizing the clichés, unoriginality, plotholes, the acting (mainly from Judd Hirsch, Robert Loggia, Randy Quaid, Brent Spiner, Harvey Fierstein, Harry Connick Jr and Jeff Goldblum, who he sees as stereotypical cut-outs instead of actual characters) and predictable outcomes. However, he praises the explosions, special effects and Will Smith's performance, and states that he actually enjoyed the film when he first saw it. In the end, he puts on a pair of antenna, indicating that he is siding with the aliens in the movie's sequel.

Note: Walker revealed at ConnectiCon in 2016 that he would be not be reviewing Independence Day: Resurgence as he claimed that since he didn't like the first film, he had no interest in seeing the second.

Channel Awesome Tag: Jeff Goldblum as David: "Checkmate".
121 "The Room" Doug Walker
Cameo Appearances:
Alison Pregler
Lewis Lohvaug
Noah Antwiler
Doug Walker & Rob Walker 28:07 July 13, 2010 (2010-07-13)

The Critic is brought to the future by his future self, where seahorses now rule the Earth. He reviews The Room (2003), and considers it so bad that "it truly is one of those movies you have to see to believe"; praising the awful acting (especially that of Tommy Wiseau), out-of-sequence editing, unbelievable characters (particularly Philip Haldiman's character), moments with out-of-sync dubbing, horrid dialogue, repetitiveness and the plethora of pointless scenes and plot threads.

Less than a day after being posted, the review (along with another review of the same film by Obscurus Lupa) was pulled from the website due to a copyright threat from Wiseau Films. Both the Critic's and Lupa's reviews remained on however, and were eventually restored to the site several weeks later.

Walker later called The Room "so bad it's enjoyable" during his list of the Top 11 Worst Movies He Has Reviewed and said that it thus cannot be included because he does not get angry when he thinks of it.

Channel Awesome Tag: Tommy Wiseau as Johnny: "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!!"
122 "The Phantom" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:00 July 27, 2010 (2010-07-27)

The Critic reviews The Phantom (1996). He considers the film as standard, criticizing the bland portrayal of the protagonist, the hero's purple costume and similarities to Indiana Jones (which the Critic later attributes to the film and Last Crusade having the same writer, a fact he is surprised to learn). However, he enjoys the scenes with his favorite actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Channel Awesome Tag: Treat Williams as Drax: "What a cheap jungle trick!"
123 "Zeus and Roxanne" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 18:23 August 3, 2010 (2010-08-03)

The Critic reviews Zeus and Roxanne (1997). He discusses the absolute absurdity of the plot and that the human characters get much more screen time than the animals, with special criticism for Steve Guttenberg's performance.

Channel Awesome Tag: Majandra Delfino as Judith Dunhill: "If a dog and a dolphin can get along, why can't our mom and his dad?"
124 "Animaniacs Tribute" Doug Walker
Appearances By:
Tom Ruegger
Sherri Stoner
Paul Rugg
John P. McCann
Nathan Ruegger
Doug Walker 61:35 August 10, 2010 (2010-08-10)

The Critic pays tribute to the Animaniacs (1993-98). In a three-part special, he interviews Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner, Nathan Ruegger, Paul Rugg, and John P. McCann, the writers and voice actors of Animaniacs. Doug Walker later put this video as his #10 favorite Nostalgia Critic episode.

Note: This is the longest Nostalgia Critic episode to date.

Channel Awesome Tag: Nathan Ruegger: "Water go down the hooooooooole!"
125 "The Flintstones Movie" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:55 August 17, 2010 (2010-08-17)

The Critic reviews The Flintstones (1994). Already disliking the original cartoon for its cheap animation and boring characters, he criticizes the film's pointless moments, plotholes, inconsistencies, Halle Berry's inappropriately sexy outfit and performance, props, and puns. However, he does find the sets to be creative and says children might enjoy the film. Special criticism is reserved for the casting of Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble.

Channel Awesome Tag: Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble: (giggling).
126 "Mr. Nanny" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 14:51 August 24, 2010 (2010-08-24)

The Critic reviews Mr. Nanny (1993). He finds only very few jokes to be funny and the overall movie ridiculous, with its obvious ripping-off of other movies such as Home Alone. He also points out its stereotypical characters and finds the children considerably cruel, and questions why the children do not use their cruelty tactics to get revenge on bullies.

Note: The Scary Slow-Mo gag is introduced.

Channel Awesome Tag: Madeline Zima as Kate (slowly): "SING!"
127 "Rocky IV" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:29 August 31, 2010 (2010-08-31)

The Critic reviews Rocky IV (1985). He considers it as the weirdest of the Rocky films, with a tendency to jump the shark and some corny performances, but finds the film enjoyable.

Channel Awesome Tag: Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago: "I must break you."
128 "Chairman of the Board" Doug Walker Doug Walker 13:22 September 7, 2010 (2010-09-07)

The Critic reviews Chairman of the Board (1998). He finds the movie unfunny, with weird cinematography, ripping-off the plot from the Flintstones movie, predictable jokes, and the constant appearance and disappearance of Raquel Welch. He feels that the only good factor of the film is Larry Miller's performance, and points out that despite his bad performance in this movie, Carrot Top can be funny with the right material.

Channel Awesome Tag: (random yodeling)
129 "Next Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuck-Ups" Doug Walker Doug Walker 16:43 September 14, 2010 (2010-09-14)

Douchey McNitpick returns as the Critic lists the biggest mistakes that he has made in his videos since his last "Fuck-Ups" video:

11. Not providing an explanation as to why his Old Vs. New: War of the Worlds video has not been posted. (He found both the 1953 original and 2005 remake underwhelming, and so cancelled the episode).
10. Mistaking a Georgian-era dress for a Victorian-era dress in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. (Despite Linkara technically making the mistake while the Critic only made a joke about it).
9. Not realizing why Mr. Freeze could not cure his wife in Batman & Robin.
8. Mispronouncing actor's names (notably Mako).
7. Referring to Chernabog in Fantasia as The Devil in his Top 11 Disney Villains countdown. (He still defends his claim of naming him The Devil).
6. Providing the wrong reason why the mother from Full House died. (He said that she died from a disease when she was actually killed in a car accident).
5. Not realizing that dolphins can actually "punch" in real life by ramming things with their snouts, as seen in Zeus and Roxanne (though he still finds the way it was shown to be silly and unrealistic).
4. Not realizing that Quest for Camelot did explain some things throughout. (He still lists several unexplained inconsistencies and finds the ones that are explained are done very poorly; e.g. the plants in the forest being able to move because it was enchanted).
3. Mistaking Jim Cummings for Christopher Lloyd and Jeremy Irons singing in the Top 11 Villain Songs (though he defends that the mistake actually praises Cummings for his flawless imitation of the two voices).
2. Saying that 9+9+9=21 (when it is actually 27) in the End of Days review.
1. Making a joke about Autism in Ernest Saves Christmas. (He made the joke as a gamble, and did not think that it was funny from the start, so he removed it from the video).

Channel Awesome Tag: Brian Heinz as Douchey's mother: "Are you masturbating again?!"
130 "Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 19:12 September 21, 2010 (2010-09-21)

The Critic reviews Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw (1988). He comments that the movie has little to nothing to do with the toy line or the TV series which it is based on, and that the film itself is a total mess, with boring and poorly developed characters, a weak script, even weaker animation, and dreadful musical numbers.

Channel Awesome Tag: Hal Rayle as Reflex: "Mwah! I love you!"
131 "The Pebble and the Penguin" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:45 September 28, 2010 (2010-09-28)

The Critic reviews The Pebble and the Penguin (1995). He considers it to be the least bad of Don Bluth's worst films, praising the voice acting and saying that the oddities almost work, but is bothered by the character designs, animation, and general inaccuracies. Special criticism is reserved for the film having too many musical numbers (one of which drives him to attempt suicide), as well as the considerably harsh death of the antagonist.

Channel Awesome Tag: Martin Short as Hubie (singing): "I wonder what the colors mean."
132 "Ernest Scared Stupid" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 22:51 October 5, 2010 (2010-10-05)

The Critic kicks off Nostalgia-Ween with a review of Ernest Scared Stupid (1991). He says that it is by far the weakest of the theatrically released Ernest films, being neither funny nor scary, generally predictable and that the only thing memorable is the overreacting of Eartha Kitt. However, he does compliment one funny scene.

Channel Awesome Tag: Ernie Fosselius as Trantor (voice): "Not even milk can stop me now!"
133 "Top 11 Scariest Performances" Doug Walker Doug Walker 23:11 October 12, 2010 (2010-10-12)

Continuing the month of Nostalgia-Ween, The Critic lists the top 11 scariest of performances:

11. Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed) from Oliver! (1968)
He praises this character′s personality, being a true bastard who kidnaps children, steals from the wealthy and beats his girlfriend to death. He goes further, saying that even calling his dog sounds scary.

10. T-1000 (Robert Patrick) from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
He says this character, unlike Arnold, looks like a regular human being, and praises the fact that he′s trying to kill a kid, which is much more frightening than trying to kill an older woman, as well as the fact that he can turn into anyone and anything.

9. Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) from Misery (1990)
He praises her crazy personality, especially the fact that she constantly turns from sensitive and kind to loud and terrifying, even saying that the parts in which she was pleasant and nice are much scarier than the screaming and yelling parts.

8. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) from Red Dragon (2002)
He puts the character from Red Dragon rather than Silence of the Lambs (1991), because he acknowledges Lecter′s goal in Red Dragon, which is attacking Will Graham (Edward Norton) and his family while still in his cell, and points out that Lecter in Silence of the Lambs is not that scary, saying he considered him more like ″a James Bond villain″, but he does gives credit to Silence of the Lambs, since people say it is scary when ″an evil person loves you as opposed to hate you″. After which, he takes time to give special criticism to Hannibal (2001), particularly for the scene in which Paul Krendler (Ray Liotta)′s skull is open, exposing his brain, with Lecter touching it with a spoon.

7. Alex (Malcolm McDowell) from A Clockwork Orange (1971)
He praises this character′s personality, being an intelligent young sadist who enjoys every minute of being bad, even going further to sing Singin′ in the Rain while raping an older woman – the Critic calls it a scene ″so traumatizing that there′s still people out there who can′t listen to that musical″.

6. Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) from Psycho (1960)
He acknowledges uneasiness when watching this young man obsessed with his mother, saying his twitching and sudden mood, which can scare audiences, keeps him mysterious until the very end, without actually spoiling the twist ending that made the movie so influential, even saying that Bates′ grin was the inspiration for Alex′s smile. After which, he takes time to criticize the 1998 shot-to-shot remake, especially the portrayal of Bates by Vince Vaughn.

5. The Gemini Killer (Jason Miller and Brad Dourif) from The Exorcist III (1990)
He praises the scariness that comes from this character, especially the switching of personalities between Miller and Dourif, as well as the turning between gentle whispers and blood-curling screams, all the while saying that Exorcist III is not as good as the first Exorcist film, but still delivers scares and does hold up with its absurdity.

4. Joker (Heath Ledger) from The Dark Knight (2008)
Acknowledging that everyone was frightened from Ledger′s performance, he praises the Joker′s goal to spread chaos and anarchy, which the Joker makes it sound like it should be made without being stopped. He also praises how Christopher Nolan, the director of Dark Knight, and Ledger knew how to bring the well-known comic book villain into a whole new level.

3. Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) from No Country for Old Men (2007)
He admits it was hard for him to decide who is creepier between the Joker and Anton. He ultimately placed Anton at number 3, due to the fact that Anton seems to believe he has no other choice but to spread anarchy and misery, while the Joker delights in doing so, thereby making the former a more complex, and thereby scarier, character.

2. Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair, voiced by Mercedes McCambridge) from The Exorcist (1973)
He heavily praises this character′s performance and voice, considering she is the main character of what it said to be the scariest film of all time, a character possessed by a being which is not of the mortal world.

1. HAL 9000 (Douglas Rain) from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
He praises his intelligence and monotone voice, as well as the fact that he can actually read lips while pretending not to hear anything, and that he destroys whoever poses a threat to the mission without second thoughts. However, what makes HAL even more frightening is the fact that he is a direct representation of ″efficiency at any cost″, which is something that mankind prides. This means, according to the Critic, that mankind should be blamed for HAL′s actions, since we designed him to have artificial intelligence and to make conclusions on his own, and that is what makes him scary.

At the end of the video, the Critic announces his next review will be of the miniseries It, since he acknowledges that many people watching this video are wondering why he didn′t put Tim Curry from said miniseries.

Channel Awesome Tag: Rain as HAL 9000 (slowly): "Daisy, Daisy..."
134 "Stephen King's It" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 31:48 October 19, 2010 (2010-10-19)

The Critic reviews It (1990), calling it one of the best examples of all the stereotypes and clichés done in each of King′s stories (which he mocks by playing a drinking game about them); this includes the plotholes, melodrama and characters who are cruel for no reason. In addition, he also bashes the acting of the adults and overuse of flashbacks. However, he does praise the acting of the children and Tim Curry, but with that also questions why others find Curry′s performance so frightening, due to his silly nature as well as never harming the main characters despite having numerous chances to do so. Special criticism is reserved for ″It″′s true form at the end of the film, being a massive, spider-like creature, which he lambasts due to its ridiculous design, and too cartoonish to be scary.

Channel Awesome Tag: Annette O′Toole as Beverly Marsh (sobbing): "Why is it so mean?!"
135 "Leprechaun" Doug Walker
Brad Jones
Doug Walker & Rob Walker
Brad Jones
20:07 October 26, 2010 (2010-10-26)

The Critic concludes Nostalgia-Ween with a review of Leprechaun (1993) alongside The Cinema Snob. They discuss how unrealistic it is to find a leprechaun scary, the silly plot and unbelievably bad performances from Jennifer Aniston and others.

Channel Awesome Tag: Robert Hy Gorman as Alex Murphy: "Fuck you, Lucky Charms!"
136 "My Pet Monster" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 17:42 November 2, 2010 (2010-11-02)

The Critic reviews My Pet Monster (1986). He mocks the possible homosexual crush one of the kids have with their friend and criticizes the fact that the monster in the movie looks nothing like the one on the VHS case (which is the actual toy, much to the Critic's surprise), as well as the characters, lazily written plot and shockingly scary ending. The episode ends with the Critic calling the director of the film to ask him what he was thinking when he made the movie. The director criticizes what the Critic does, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger, with him reassessing his view on life, thinking whether or not to continue reviewing films.

Channel Awesome Tag: Michael Fantini as Doug: "Hey, that's a good one, Bernie!"
137 "Nostalgic Commercials!"
"After These Messages..."
Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 21:47 November 9, 2010 (2010-11-09)

The Critic, in a state of depression from his previous review, begins the video sitting in front of his TV watching nostalgic TV shows and commercials. He decides to take a break from TV shows and movies and takes a look at some old commercials. Afterwards, in a parody of the "Poor Jack" scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas, he decides to continue with his reviews after all. The video, along with the other commercial videos, was listed at #5 on the retrospective "Top 11 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes".

Commercials reviewed: Sgt. Slaughter action figures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie, Apple Jacks '94, Popples, Giggles Cookies, Crossfire, Santa Hotline, Fruity Pebbles Christmas, Nintendo Cereal System, He-Man Burger King Kid's Meals, Glewell Construction Toys, Insecticons, Connect Four, Chia Pet, Micro Machines, Ecto Cooler, Wet Banana, Fraggle Rock Books, Magic Potty Baby.

Channel Awesome Tag: "Could that be mom on Wet Banana?"
138 "Old Vs. New - The Ten Commandments Vs. The Prince of Egypt" Doug Walker Doug Walker 21:23 November 16, 2010 (2010-11-16)

The Critic compares The Ten Commandments (1956) to The Prince of Egypt (1998).

Best Moses: Charlton Heston - He points out that Heston seemed more confident and more like a natural leader.
Best Ramses: Ralph Fiennes - He says the remake portrays Ramses as more tragic, therefore, more sympathetic, unlike the cold-hearted Ramses in the original.
Best Supporting Cast: The Ten Commandments - He feels the original had more interesting characters, especially Ramses' wife, who is absent in the remake.
Best God: Val Kilmer - He prefers the warm, loving version in the remake as opposed to the powerful, intimidating version in the original.
Best Story: The Prince of Egypt - He says the remake is more clever in certain areas and focuses on the relationship of the brothers where the original does not. The Prince of Egypt wins over The Ten Commandments: 3-2.

Channel Awesome Tag: Anne Baxter as Queen Nefertari: "Oh, Moses, Moses."
139 "The Thief and the Cobbler" Doug Walker
Rob Walker (as Vincent Price)
Doug Walker & Rob Walker 21:02 November 23, 2010 (2010-11-23)

The Critic reviews the Miramax version of The Thief and the Cobbler (1995). He criticizes the constant use of inner-monologue and narration by Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Winters throughout the film, inconsistent editing, bland songs, and finds the character of the princess blatantly unoriginal. He does, however, praise the creativity and surreal nature of the animation at times. At the end, he goes on to recommend the "Re-Cobbled Cut" of the film instead, as it presents the animation and story with more dignity than the Miramax release.

Channel Awesone Tag: Vincent Price as Zig-Zag: "Now that I have the balls..."
140 "Waterworld" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 22:33 November 30, 2010 (2010-11-30)

The Critic reviews Waterworld (1995). He considers it an average but enjoyable film that is not as bad as its reputation goes, applauding Dennis Hopper's performance, the action scenes, the creative sets, and attention to detail in the contraptions. However, he complains about Kevin Costner's dull acting and unlikable protagonist, Tina Majorino's character Enola, the lack of an explanation for a tribe's animosity towards humans with gills, and some plotholes.

Channel Awesome Tag: Jeanne Tripplehorn as Helen: "...FOOD!!"
141 "Little Monsters" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 20:29 December 7, 2010 (2010-12-07)

The Critic reviews Little Monsters (1989). He criticizes the poorly written plot, unexplained story elements, mean-spirited characters, nasty jokes, Howie Mandel's obnoxious performance, a young Fred Savage acting too adult, depressing and miserable tone, and overly scary monsters. Special criticism is reserved for the set design of the world of monsters, which he calls a letdown due to the buildup, and for a scene where parents cruelly blame their own children for Brian and Maurice's insane pranks. Walker later placed the film at #3 on his "Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic's Reviewed" list.

Channel Awesome Tag: Howie Mandel as Maurice: "...Over the shoulder boulder holder."
142 "Rover Dangerfield" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 20:28 December 14, 2010 (2010-12-14)

The Critic reviews Rover Dangerfield (1991). While praising the animation, he considers the film a poor attempt for Rodney Dangerfield to write a children's film, and complains about Rover's character, the plot, musical numbers, occasionally dark overtones and constant use of jokes and one-liners.

Channel Awesome Tag: Rodney Dangerfield as Rover: "I'm turning into a corndog!"
143 "You're A Dirty Rotten Bastard: A Christmas Special"
"A Nostalgia Critic Christmas"
Doug Walker
Also Starring:
Doug Walker 17:52 December 21, 2010 (2010-12-21)

In a parody of It's a Wonderful Life, the Critic, sick of reviewing nostalgic material, quits his job, vowing to never do another Nostalgia Critic video again. He is visited by a guardian angel, named Roger, who shows him how his life would be if he had never existed. However, to the Critic's dismay, everyone's lives are better. The Cinema Snob is a pornographic film star, the Nostalgia Chick is a famous film director, Spoony has taken over the Critic's job, Douchey McNitpick was significantly kinder and more friendly, Linkara owns Marvel and DC Comics, and Angry Joe is president of the United States. At first this saddens the Critic, but upon realizing that he has made his own life better, he decides to return to work. However, Roger, upon learning how much better his own life would be without the Critic, tries to kill him. The Critic defeats his guardian angel by shooting him to death (With the angel realizing that God lied to him and that angels can be hurt, and thus, contradicting the Ten Commandments) and returns to his work, to the dismay of his fellow reviewers.

Channel Awesome Tag: Bhargav Dronamraju as Ma-Ti: "And that's why Mary Poppins had an abortion!"
144 "Raiders of the Story Arc - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Doug Walker Doug Walker & Rob Walker 26:44 December 28, 2010 (2010-12-28)

The Critic reviews the first five episodes of the 1987 Ninja Turtles series. Overall, he feels that the show is aged, criticizing various mistakes and silly moments, but still enjoys it for its clever fourth wall jokes and animation on the action scenes.

Channel Awesome Tag: Barry Gordon as Donatello: "Turtles fight with honor!"