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This page is a list of the episodes of The Outer Limits, a U.S. science fiction television series originally aired on the ABC television network for two seasons from 1963 to 1965.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
132September 16, 1963 (1963-09-16)May 4, 1964 (1964-05-04)
217September 19, 1964 (1964-09-19)January 16, 1965 (1965-01-16)


Season 1 (1963–64)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"The Galaxy Being"Leslie StevensLeslie StevensSeptember 16, 1963 (1963-09-16)1
Allan Maxwell (Cliff Robertson), the owner of the radio station KXKVI is illicitly using the station's equipment to research electromagnetism in the microwave background noise. He inadvertently makes contact with an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy on his 3D television. The alien is also working in secret because, as the alien tells Maxwell, "You are a danger to other galaxies." During their exchange, Maxwell finds out the electromagnetic field is actually what the aliens believe to be the afterlife. Their conversation is interrupted when Maxwell's nagging wife drags him to a banquet in his honor. Despite the alien's warning for Maxwell not to apply too much power to the station's transmission, while he's at the banquet the on-air disc jockey decides to turn the transmitter to full power in order to reach more listeners. The power surge causes the microwave creature to be pulled out of the television. Although it has no desire to cause harm, its very presence causes radiation burns, electrical blackouts and electrical explosions. While authorities mobilize to attack the "hostile" alien, Maxwell desperately tries to find a way to return it to its home planet. His wife is accidentally shot by the nervous police, but the alien saves her life and then issues a warning to the gathering crowd. (This episode was broadcast just before the accidental discovery of the cosmic microwave background.)
22"The Hundred Days of the Dragon"Byron HaskinAllan Balter and Robert MintzSeptember 23, 1963 (1963-09-23)7
An East Asian government plans to take over America by replacing White House officials and leading corporate executives with duplicate agents. They want to force the United States to pull out of Asia. The expected winner of the next presidential election is candidate William Lyons Selby (Sidney Blackmer). While on the campaign trail, he is killed and replaced by a foreign agent who has had his face molded (using a new medical serum that temporarily plastisizes the skin) to resemble Selby. The mole, masquerading as Selby, is eventually elected. Though he fools the nation, the president's daughter begins to suspect that the man is not her father. She reveals her concerns to the Vice-President, Ted Pearson (Phillip E. Pine), who had also been targeted for replacement, but the attempt is unsuccessful.
33"The Architects of Fear"Byron HaskinMeyer DolinskySeptember 30, 1963 (1963-09-30)5
Although not set in any specific era, the story takes place during a Cold War period in which a nuclear holocaust is imminent. In an attempt to avert a confrontation between military powers by uniting the world against a common enemy, a group of scientists physically transform one of their own into an alien being to stage a fake invasion. This is achieved by surgically altering scientist Allen Leighton (Robert Culp). Complications arise when the alterations also affect Leighton's mind, compounded by his strong attachment to his pregnant wife (Geraldine Brooks).
44"The Man with the Power"Laslo BenedekJerome RossOctober 7, 1963 (1963-10-07)8
An unassuming university professor, Harold Finley (Donald Pleasence), develops a device that, implanted in the brain, gives the user telekinetic powers. Although disregarded as a milquetoast by his wife and coworkers, the teacher impresses the U.S. space agency. But as the experiments with him go on, he learns that his subconscious has been using the power to take revenge on those who have dismissed or demeaned him. Discovering that his invention is to be implanted in the brain of an ambitious astronaut with questionable motives, the teacher becomes determined to stop the operation.
55"The Sixth Finger"James GoldstoneEllis St. JosephOctober 14, 1963 (1963-10-14)11
In a remote Welsh mining town, a scientist discovers how to speed up evolutionary mutation. Gwyllim Griffiths (David McCallum), a disgruntled local miner, volunteers for the experiment, enabling the scientist to give him enhanced mental capabilities and, incidentally, a sixth finger on each hand. But when the mutation process continues while outside of the scientist's control, the mutant miner takes over the experiment. Now equipped with superior intelligence and telekinetic powers capable of great destruction, Griffiths decides to take revenge on the mining town he loathes.
66"The Man Who Was Never Born"Leonard HornAnthony LawrenceOctober 28, 1963 (1963-10-28)12
Astronaut Joseph Reardon lands on Earth, only to find it a barren wasteland. He meets Andro (Martin Landau), a grotesque creature who reveals that it is the year 2148, almost 200 years in the future of Reardon's time. Andro explains he is one of the few survivors of a biological disaster created by a scientist named Bertram Cabot, Jr. Reardon realizes that he needs to see if he can return to his own time, taking Andro along. While traveling through the time rift, Reardon mysteriously vanishes, leaving Andro alone in trying to prevent his disastrous future from occurring. Andro is able to hypnotize anyone into seeing him as a normal human, and he begins searching for a way to stop Cabot's work, even if this means killing him. It becomes clear that he has gone too far back in time; Bertram Cabot, Jr., hasn't been born yet, and his future parents Noelle (Shirley Knight) and Bertram, Sr., are engaged. Andro unsuccessfully tries to convince Cabot that he should not marry Noelle, but begins to fall in love with Noelle himself. When Andro tries to shoot Cabot, he hesitates and is captured. His true appearance is discovered, and he flees the scene. Noelle follows him and he explains his desperate mission. Noelle confesses that she has fallen in love with Andro, too. She convinces him to take her back to the future, avoiding any possibility that she and Cabot will have a child. Unfortunately, Andro disappears just as the ship arrives in "his" time.
77"O.B.I.T."Gerd OswaldMeyer DolinskyNovember 4, 1963 (1963-11-04)14
While conducting an inquiry into the disappearance of an administrator at a government research facility, a Senator (Peter Breck) is confronted with paranoia, secrecy, and intimidation. He then learns about an unusual security device that monitors the employees. The Outer Band Individuated Teletracer (known by the acronym O.B.I.T.)[1] is so pervasive that no one can escape its prying eye. After the missing administrator is found alive, and he reveals his knowledge of O.B.I.T., its sinister unearthly origins and purpose become apparent.
88"The Human Factor"Abner BibermanDavid DuncanNovember 11, 1963 (1963-11-11)3
At an outpost in Greenland, an officer (Harry Guardino) begins losing his grip on reality after the death of a soldier whom he commanded into an icy crevice. Haunted by the soldier's specter, the officer decides that he must detonate an atomic bomb to obliterate the crevice, and the outpost as well. The post's doctor uses a unique mind probe in an attempt to understand what is driving the officer mad. When an unexpected earthquake causes the probe to malfunction, the minds of the doctor and the officer are switched. This switch enables the insane officer to make plans to detonate the atomic device in the guise of the doctor, while the real doctor is confined to a padded cell.
99"Corpus Earthling"Gerd OswaldS : Louis Charbonneau;
T : Orin Borsten
November 18, 1963 (1963-11-18)16
Parasitic aliens, with a plan to take over the human race, take refuge in a geologist's laboratory disguised as rocks. Although undetected by ordinary humans, one doctor (with an implanted metal plate in his skull, from an old injury) is able to "hear" the aliens communicate with each other while they discuss their plot. Although the doctor is unsure if what he hears is a delusion or not, the aliens see him as a threat and set out to kill him.
1010"Nightmare"John ErmanJoseph StefanoDecember 2, 1963 (1963-12-02)15

After the Earth was attacked by the planet Ebon, a group of human soldiers is sent to fight the enemy on their own soil. Captured en route to Ebon, the soldiers undergo physical and psychological torture and interrogation at the hands of the Ebonites. The prisoners become paranoid when their captors claim they have received cooperation. This is further complicated by the appearance of high-ranking Earth officers among the hostile aliens.

In the end, it is revealed that this was only a military test, organized by the Earth forces to test their troops' loyalty. Unexpected accidents having occurred during the test, the Ebonites, in actuality a peaceful and honorable alien race, eventually ask for the amoral experimentation to end, but they fail to prevent one last man from being killed.
1111"It Crawled Out of the Woodwork"Gerd OswaldJoseph StefanoDecember 9, 1963 (1963-12-09)18
A security guard at the gates of NORCO, a physics research center, is brusque when brothers Jory (Scott Marlowe) and Stuart Peters (Michael Forest) drive up, even though Stuart is starting a job with the company. Oddly, the guard slips them a matchbook on which he has scrawled, "NORCO is doomed". When the brothers leave, an energy explosion causes the guard to disintegrate. The next day Stuart meets his boss, lead scientist Dr. Block, and shows him the note, which Block dismisses. Block leaves Stuart in the laboratory with Dr. Stephanie Linden. Linden directs Stuart into an adjacent room and locks him in, allowing an energy entity to attack him. Days later, when Stuart does not return, Jory grows worried. However, when Stuart does show up, the two men fight, and Stuart falls in the bathtub, where he is electrocuted. It is discovered that Stuart had a pacemaker which he didn't have before starting work at NORCO. Investigating the death, police Sgt. Siroleo confronts Block at NORCO. However, Linden is the one who reveals the truth: an entity made entirely of energy was accidentally created there. It can consume anyone just by touching them, and is so threatening that those who get too close to it inevitably die of fright. Dr. Block found a way to control the entity and is keeping it contained while he studies it. When the other scientists demanded its destruction, Block has them frightened to death. He then restores them to life with pacemakers, which will stop working if Block directs his creature to touch them. Dr. Block reappears with a gun and, holding Siroleo and Linden at bay, releases the entity. Siroleo, however, gets the gun away from Block and shoots him. Now he, Linden and Peters must face the uncontrollable energy monster.
1212"The Borderland"Leslie StevensLeslie StevensDecember 16, 1963 (1963-12-16)2
A British millionaire hires a psychic to contact his dead son, but she is exposed as a fraud by scientist Ian Fraser. Fraser insists that he has a method that can create a bridge to what might be the afterlife, but he needs the energy of a metropolitan power grid to do so. The millionaire agrees to arrange the situation if Fraser attempts to contact the dead son. Fraser agrees and the experiment begins, but the psychic reappears, with a plan to sabotage the experiment.
1313"Tourist Attraction"Laslo BenedekDean RiesnerDecember 23, 1963 (1963-12-23)4
Domineering millionaire John Dexter leads a group of explorers in pursuit of a lake monster that supposedly lives in the waters of San Blas, a South American dictatorship. When the creature is captured, Dexter plans to take it home to further his reputation, but San Blas' dictator, Juan Mercurio, plans to use it to attract tourists. The creature, however, has its own ideas.
1414"The Zanti Misfits"Leonard HornJoseph StefanoDecember 30, 1963 (1963-12-30)17

Military forces have cordoned off a California ghost town awaiting the arrival of a spacecraft from the planet Zanti. The leaders of that world have decided that Earth is the perfect place to exile their undesirables. They threaten "total destruction" if their penal ship is harassed. Ben Garth, a bank robber on the run, unwittingly crosses into the cordoned-off area and approaches the Zanti ship, triggering a massive jailbreak. Earth's nervous soldiers attack the Zantis, killing them all, then fearfully await the expected reprisal. Instead, they receive a message from the Zanti leaders, thanking them. Since the Zanti cannot kill their own kind, they instead sent them to the galactic experts on killing — the humans of Earth.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #98 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[2]
1515"The Mice"Alan Crosland, Jr.S : Lou Morheim;
T : Joseph Stefano;
S/T : Bill S. Ballinger
January 6, 1964 (1964-01-06)19
A convict volunteers to be a human guinea pig for a matter transportation experiment. In reality the experiment is supposed to be an exchange of scientists between Earth and an alien race, the Chromoites. As problems arise and researchers die, the convict is blamed, but it may also be a sinister plot to turn the world into a food source for the alien creatures.
1616"Controlled Experiment"Leslie StevensLeslie StevensJanuary 13, 1964 (1964-01-13)6
Martians maintain inconspicuous monitors on Earth. The Martian agent Deimos is contacted by Phobos One, a researcher who wants to investigate the concept of "murder". Using a machine that can manipulate time, they review the same murder scene over and over again. Phobos One, however, is unable to resist the opportunity to tamper with time. Episode star Barry Morse says that this was a pilot for a proposed science-fiction comedy series that was subsequently broadcast as an Outer Limits episode. It is the only comedy episode of The Outer Limits.
1717"Don't Open Till Doomsday"Gerd OswaldJoseph StefanoJanuary 20, 1964 (1964-01-20)22
In the 1920s, a pair of newlyweds receive a mysterious gift: a strange box with a small peephole. The groom, curious, stares into the peephole and suddenly disappears. Forty years later, an eloping couple arrive at the now-decayed home and rent a room from the eccentric owner. The young bride subsequently disappears as well, as does her father who comes in search of his missing daughter. The vanished have all transported into an alternate dimension, imprisoned there by a monstrous alien who offers to free them if they will help lure other victims into the trap, a part of the creature's plan to conquer our universe.
1818"ZZZZZ"John BrahmMeyer DolinskyJanuary 27, 1964 (1964-01-27)21
Ben Fields is an entomologist seeking a live-in lab assistant to stay at the home he shares with his wife Francesca. Regina, a mutant queen bee in human form, is searching for a human mate to prolong her species' life span and applies for the job.
1919"The Invisibles"Gerd OswaldJoseph StefanoFebruary 3, 1964 (1964-02-03)20
A secret society known as the Invisibles recruits three outcasts to help them with their aim of infiltrating the U.S. government. They are to attach psychic alien parasites to key government leaders to bring them, and the world, under alien control. One recruit is actually an undercover agent assigned to bring down the Invisibles, but is his cover really as good as he thinks?
2020"The Bellero Shield"John BrahmS : Lou Morheim;
S/T : Joseph Stefano
February 10, 1964 (1964-02-10)23
A scientist (Martin Landau) builds a powerful laser weapon. One night, a benevolent alien from a light world travels down the laser to earth. The scientist's wife (Sally Kellerman) tries to shoot the alien with a laser gun, but he raises a powerful shield. The scientist and the alien share knowledge with one another. When the scientist leaves, the wife shoots the alien in order to gain control of his shield technology. During a demonstration, she raises the shield but is unable to take it down, trapping herself inside. The alien, believed to be dead, comes to her rescue and lowers the shield before dying. The woman, left insane with guilt at killing the alien that only thought to help her, believes herself to still be trapped within the shield as the episode ends.
2121"The Children of Spider County"Leonard HornAnthony LawrenceFebruary 17, 1964 (1964-02-17)25
A group of young prodigies has vanished, and it appears that they came from the same remote area. A government agent sent to investigate this finds that one young prodigy is still there, and his alien patriarch is planning a family reunion somewhere other than Earth.
2222"Specimen: Unknown"Gerd OswaldStephen LordFebruary 24, 1964 (1964-02-24)10
An astronaut finds a strange organism attached to the outside of his team's spaceship. Exposed to light and air inside it develops into a beautiful flower—but it has a deadly scent, and an aggressive growth habit. When the astronauts seek to return to Earth for help, they bring the invasive new species with them.
2323"Second Chance"Paul StanleyT : Lou Morheim;
S/T : Lin Dane
March 2, 1964 (1964-03-02)27
A disgruntled carny operates a carnival ride that resembles a spaceship. However, an alien modifies the attraction and makes it a real spaceship. Passing himself off as part of the attraction as a birdlike being, the alien invites aboard a group of people, all of whom refuse to face the stark realities of their lives. Trapped aboard the spaceship, they are offered the opportunity to colonize another planet. To succeed, however, they must overcome their own unwillingness to face their true natures.
2424"Moonstone"Robert FloreyS : Lou Morheim and Joseph Stefano;
T : William Bast
March 9, 1964 (1964-03-09)13
Researchers at a moon base discover an alien organism. They find out it's a vast repository of an alien intelligence that has fled the tyranny of its home world. When the alien tyrants arrive to take back the organism, the researchers have to decide what should be risked in the pursuit of knowledge.
2525"The Mutant"Alan Crosland, Jr.S : Jerome B. Thomas;
T : Allan Balter and Robert Mintz
March 16, 1964 (1964-03-16)26
An astronaut comes to an outpost on an alien planet to investigate a death among a group of scientists who are studying the possibility of colonizing the planet. The scientists include Julie, his old flame. They all seem to behave strangely but won't explain why. They are particularly nervous around Reese Fowler, a researcher who constantly wears goggles. A scientist attempts to leave a scribbled note in the astronaut's pocket. As the scientist exits the room he bumps into Fowler, who seems to read his mind and then destroys him. The astronaut is led to a remote cave where he discovers that the others live in fear of Reese, who developed superhuman abilities when he was exposed to the planet's chemical rainfall, which caused him to mutate. Reese, knowing he would lose his abilities once in space, holds the others captive. The astronaut must somehow overcome a man who can read minds, and kill with a touch.
2626"The Guests"Paul StanleyDonald S. SanfordMarch 23, 1964 (1964-03-23)29
A young drifter finds an old man dying by the side of a remote country road. He goes to an old house, looking for help. The inhabitants are all unhelpful, mean-spirited, and avoiding reality. All with the exception of a soulful young woman. Strangely compelled, the young man is forced to go upstairs. There he discovers that the house is the lair of an alien, keeping the group of desperate humans captive until it can comprehend every characteristic of humanity.
2727"Fun and Games"Gerd OswaldT : Joseph Stefano;
S/T : Robert Specht
March 30, 1964 (1964-03-30)28
Mike Benson and Laura Hanley, are offered a chance for redemption. They can save Earth from being utterly destroyed -- over a period of several years -- for the entertainment of a jaded extraterrestrial audience. They would provide alternative entertainment by battling to the death two primitive aliens, who are likewise fighting to save their own, distant world.
2828"The Special One"Gerd OswaldOliver CrawfordApril 6, 1964 (1964-04-06)31
Roy and his wife Aggie are delighted but puzzled when they meet Mr. Zeno, who explains that he is a government educator sent to cultivate the mind of their gifted son, Kenny. Roy becomes worried, however, when he discovers that Kenny is learning things that are not accepted by earthly science. When Roy discovers that the government education department knows nothing about any "Mr. Zeno," he confronts the educator only to discover that he is an alien, reeducating children in a plot to take over the world. Kenny now has superhuman knowledge, and the question is, where do his loyalties now lie?
2929"A Feasibility Study"Byron HaskinJoseph StefanoApril 13, 1964 (1964-04-13)9
A suburban neighborhood awakens one morning to find out that everyone has been transported to another planet. The planet's race intend to study the feasibility of enslaving humans for manual labor. Instead, the aliens must overcome humanity's susceptibility to disease and the willpower of humankind's resistance to slavery.
3030"Production and Decay of Strange Particles"Leslie StevensLeslie StevensApril 20, 1964 (1964-04-20)30
While experimenting on subatomic particles, a team of physics researchers start a reaction that consumes one scientist after another. The reaction grows towards a terrible climax, and the survivors fear that they may be powerless to stop it.
3131"The Chameleon"Gerd OswaldS : Lou Morheim and Joseph Stefano;
S/T : Robert Towne
April 27, 1964 (1964-04-27)32
A flying saucer has landed in a remote part of the United States and then wiped out a military patrol sent to investigate. Concerned that the saucer contains nuclear materials, the authorities decide on a wild scheme: to send Mace, an alienated CIA daredevil, to infiltrate the ship. Genetically modified to pass as an alien, Mace finds that he is beginning to think as an alien, and he begins to question his allegiance — and his very nature.
3232"The Forms of Things Unknown"Gerd OswaldJoseph StefanoMay 4, 1964 (1964-05-04)24
The plot involves two women who kill a blackmailer. Driving through the countryside with the body in the trunk, looking for a place to bury him, they take refuge from a storm in a house containing a blind man and a strange young inventor named Hobart (David McCallum) who is experimenting with time. Unlike the traditional "time travel" devices, this one is intended to "tilt the cycles of time" and bring the dead back to life...which is what happens to the murdered blackmailer. (Originally planned as a pilot program, for a new television series to be called The Unknown, this episode was filmed with two different endings and was allotted double the normal production time. In the pilot version: Andre reveals there is no Thanatos plant, and was thus not dead. The time tilter did not in fact work; Hobart was not dead but merely in a coma; and lastly, Kassia uses the pistol to kill Hobart, thinking he is attacking Leonora.)

Season 2 (1964–65)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
331"Soldier"Gerd OswaldHarlan EllisonSeptember 19, 1964 (1964-09-19)34
A thousand years in the future, two foot soldiers clash on a battlefield. A random energy weapon strikes both soldiers and they are hurled into a time vortex. While one soldier is trapped in the matrix of time, the other, Qarlo Clobregnny (Michael Ansara), materializes on a city street in the year 1964. Qarlo is soon captured and interrogated by Paul Kagan (Lloyd Nolan), a philologist, and his origin is discovered. As progress is made in "taming" Qarlo, the time eddy holding the enemy soldier slowly weakens. Eventually Qarlo comes to live with the Kagan family. But the enemy soldier is free, finally materializes in 1964, and tracks Qarlo to the Kagan home. In a final hand-to-hand battle Qarlo sacrifices his life to kill the enemy and save the Kagan family.
342"Cold Hands, Warm Heart"Charles HaasDan UllmanSeptember 26, 1964 (1964-09-26)33
After completing the first manned mission to orbit Venus, astronaut Jefferson Barton (William Shatner) returns to Earth with recurring nightmares and an increasing inability to stay warm. Barton's conditions continue to worsen, result in a peculiar webbing of his fingers, and only after his nightmares become more vivid is he reminded of an unrevealed alien encounter in the Venusian atmosphere. Barton's doctors suspect the astronaut had been genetically affected by his mission, and they then struggle to treat and cure him before his mutations completely take over.
353"Behold, Eck!"Byron HaskinS : William R. Cox;
T : John Mantley
October 3, 1964 (1964-10-03)37
The titular Eck is a creature from a two-dimensional world, trapped in our world when he fell into a time-space warp. Frightened and alone, he soon realizes that a small number of humans are able to see him with the help of special glasses that just happen to be made from meteoritic quartz. Eck proceeds to find where these glasses are made and discovers Dr. Stone (Peter Lind Hayes), an optics engineer. Unfortunately in his search for the source of the glasses, Eck scared a lot of people, even frightening one eyewitness into a heart attack. This means the police are after him now as well. Eck explains that he requires special lenses to see the time warp from where he came. He says the only way the doorway will close is for him to leave our dimension. Should the time warp remain open and an object from this world, even a bird or insect, fly in through it and reach his dimension, it will tear the time-space fabric destroying both worlds. Dr. Stone and his secretary Elizabeth race against time to help return Eck to his world. By sunrise Eck may be dead and the time warp left open.
364"Expanding Human"Gerd OswaldFrancis CockrellOctober 10, 1964 (1964-10-10)40
Professor Peter Wayne is disturbed to hear that his university colleague, Dr. Roy Clinton, is pursuing forbidden drug experiments with a group of graduate students. When one of the students turns up dead, Professor Wayne investigates Clinton's activities, and discovers that consciousness-expansion can have powerful and dangerous consequences.
375"Demon with a Glass Hand"Byron HaskinHarlan EllisonOctober 17, 1964 (1964-10-17)41
Trent is a man with no memories of his life beyond ten days ago. His left hand, made of glass, seems to be a speaking artificially intelligent computer. Three fingers are missing and they must be found so that Trent can discover what his purpose is. In the meantime, he is being hunted by human-looking aliens. One of them tells Trent that he and the aliens are from 1000 years in the future where Earth has been conquered, a plague has destroyed all life, and all humans have mysteriously vanished. Trent successfully recovers the three missing fingers, and discovers that he is not actually a man, but a robot. Within his abdomen, stored on a gold wire, are the human survivors of the alien invasion of the future, whom he must safeguard until the events of the future have become the events of the past and the plague has dissipated.
386"Cry of Silence"Charles HaasS : Louis Charbonneau;
T : Robert C. Dennis
October 24, 1964 (1964-10-24)42
A city couple driving in the countryside makes a turn into a mysterious valley road where their car hits a rock and stops working. After the couple leaves their car, the wife has a slight accident in which she rolls downhill and sprains her ankle. When the husband reaches her, they realize they are being tumbleweeds who appear to be possessed by some form of energy. At first they attempt to keep the tumbleweeds at bay with fire, but soon run out of firewood. At this point they are saved by a slightly disturbed farmer named Lamont, who explains that things have been awkward in the valley ever since a UFO landed two weeks before, causing his farm to die out. Lamont tells them he stayed merely out of curiosity, but now the weeds won't allow him to leave either. The three make their way to Lamont's house where they spend a frightening night surrounded by tumbleweeds first and then thousands of frogs. Come morning, they walk back to the car without trouble, only to be attacked by living rocks once they get there. One rock kills Lamont. The couple runs back to the house, where the husband finally decides that the only way they are ever to leave there is to attempt to communicate with whatever is behind all this.
397"The Invisible Enemy"Byron HaskinJerry SohlOctober 31, 1964 (1964-10-31)35
A pair of astronauts land on Mars; when one goes out to explore he is heard screaming and the other's last transmission indicates that he has gone out to investigate. A second Mars Mission crew later lands, tasked to both explore and find out what happened to the first crew. However one at a time, the astronauts disappear from sight, perhaps victims of some unknown, unseen Martian threat.
408"Wolf 359"Laslo BenedekS : Richard Landau;
S/T : Seeleg Lester
November 7, 1964 (1964-11-07)38
Working on behalf of corporate interests, scientist Jonathan Meridith has created a miniature version of a remote planet in his laboratory. When a mysterious life-form evolves along with the developing experiment, however, Meridith must weigh the value of his experiment versus the possible dangers.
419"I, Robot"Leon BensonS : Eando Binder;
T : Robert C. Dennis
November 14, 1964 (1964-11-14)43
Adam Link is accused of murder. However, Adam Link is a robot, who maintains the victim's death was the result of an accident. Placed on trial for the murder of Professor Link, his creator, Adam Link is defended by the professor's niece and the retired lawyer Mr. Cutler. Ultimately it turns out that the prosecution is not simply placing the robot on trial, but humankind itself as irresponsible and abusive of technology.
4210"The Inheritors: Part 1"James GoldstoneS : Ed Adamson;
S/T : Seeleg Lester and Sam Neuman
November 21, 1964 (1964-11-21)44
Four U.S. Army soldiers, with nothing in common other than having served in Korea and been shot in their heads, cheat death, each attain an I.Q. of over 200, and begin working together on a mysterious project. Intelligence officer Adam Ballard discovers that the men are building a starship, and recruiting handicapped children to live on the ship. Ballard is afraid these helpless children are to be victims of alien abduction.[3][circular reference]
4311"The Inheritors: Part 2"James GoldstoneS : Ed Adamson;
S/T : Seeleg Lester and Sam Neuman
November 28, 1964 (1964-11-28)44
Ballard locates the starship, which is protected by a force field, and confronts the men, begging them to turn off the field and release the captive children. They inform him that the children are not captives, and that the superior alien intelligence behind their project has healed the children of their handicaps, and needs the children to inherit and continue their culture, when their dying species has become extinct. If the children remain on Earth, their handicaps will return. Outcasts on Earth, the children and the enhanced Earthmen have voluntarily agreed to leave Earth for a new world, and preserve the legacy of the aliens.[4][circular reference]
4412"Keeper of the Purple Twilight"Charles HaasS : Stephen Lord;
T : Milton Krims
December 5, 1964 (1964-12-05)39
As a prelude for the invasion of Earth by aliens, the extraterrestrial being Ikar studies the human race. The one thing he cannot comprehend is emotion. Obsessed scientist Dr. Plummer is near a nervous breakdown trying to complete a magnetic disintegrator that will convert matter into pure energy. Unbeknownst to him, his weapon would be of help to Ikar's invasion force should it be completed, so Ikar makes a deal with Plummer. He will help Plummer complete the invention so long as Plummer allows him to steal his emotions for a "test drive". But due to the interference of Plummer's girlfriend, Ikar is unable to control or understand his emotions, causing the experiment to backfire. Ikar's behavior comes to the attention of his superiors and they dispatch soldier forms of his species, of which he is an advanced intellectual worker form, to discipline him.
4513"The Duplicate Man"Gerd OswaldS : Clifford Simak;
T : Robert C. Dennis
December 19, 1964 (1964-12-19)45
In the 21st century, wealthy researcher Henderson James keeps an illegal alien of a different kind in his laboratory. The alien, a beast known as a megasoid, is the last of its kind on Earth. It was imported under the table by a corrupt space captain bribed by James and it is incredibly dangerous. The megasoid escapes the lab and Henderson James decides the only way to destroy it before it reproduces is to send out a clone of himself to assassinate the alien. Clones are extremely restricted by law in the 21st century but again James finds that money talks. He spends $100,000 to buy himself one and programs it to hunt down the megasoid. But things become complicated once the duplicate, with a hint from the megasoid, realises what he is.
4614"Counterweight"Paul StanleyS : Jerry Sohl;
T : Milton Krims
December 26, 1964 (1964-12-26)36
Four scientists, a newspaper man and a construction tycoon agree to spend 261 days in isolation in an interstellar flight simulation. But the experiment is secretly infiltrated by an alien being.
4715"The Brain of Colonel Barham"Charles HaasS : Sidney Ellis;
T : Robert C. Dennis
January 2, 1965 (1965-01-02)46
The space race continues as the American military strives to be the first to successfully land a man on Mars. But the best candidate for the job, Col. Barham, is dying of an incurable ailment. It is decided to separate his brain from his body and keep it alive, with neural implants connecting it to visual and audio input/output for the mission. But without a body, the brain becomes extremely powerful and megalomaniacal.
4816"The Premonition"Gerd OswaldT : Sam Roeca;
S/T : Ib Melchior
January 9, 1965 (1965-01-09)47
An X-15 rocket-powered research aircraft pilot and his wife become trapped 10 seconds ahead of their time and watch time unfold to catch up with them at about 1 second every 30 minutes. In the time left before returning to synch with normal time, they see that their daughter is about to be hit by a truck. But to stop the accident could mean to stay forever stuck in time. They must be back in the positions they were in five hours ago before time "catches up" with them. After dealing with a phantom (exposed as a negative image) who experienced the same situation some time back and did not make it out in time, Jim finally hits upon a way to save his daughter from death. He attaches a car's seatbelts from the back wheel to the handbrake of the military truck. With no time to spare, he and his wife hurry back to their original placements. When time catches up, the truck groans, rolls forward, and the rear-wheel/seatbelt solution pulls the emergency brake, stopping the truck. Their daughter is safe, the world returns to normal, and no one except Jim and his wife are the wiser.
4917"The Probe"Felix FeistS : Sam Neuman;
T : Seeleg Lester
January 16, 1965 (1965-01-16)48
The final episode of the Outer Limits deals with four plane crash survivors who suddenly find themselves trapped in an alien space probe that was taking water samples. Inside they find a puzzle they need to solve before all four are killed.

Home releases[edit]

The following DVD sets were released by MGM Home Entertainment.[5]

DVD set Episodes Release date
The Outer Limits: Season 1 32 3 September 2002
The Outer Limits: Season 2 17 2 September 2003
The Outer Limits: Volume 1 16 5 June 2007
The Outer Limits: Volume 2 16 28 August 2007
The Outer Limits: Volume 3 17 30 October 2007
The Outer Limits: The Complete Original Series 49 21 October 2008


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