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Real World (formerly The Real World) is an American reality television show in which a group of strangers live together in a house for several months, as cameras record their interpersonal relationships. First broadcast in 1992, the show is the longest-running program in MTV history, consistently ranking as a top-rated cable series among viewers 12–34 years old.[1][2] 30 seasons have aired in their entirety.

As of Season 32, a total of 252 cast members have appeared on the show. There have been nine instances in which an original cast member left the house during production and was replaced by another roommate. During Season 2, David Edwards was asked to leave by his roommates and Irene Berrera-Kearns left because she got married. Edwards and Berrera-Kearns were replaced by Beth Anthony and Glen Naessens. David "Puck" Rainey was evicted from the house by his roommates during Season 3 and replaced by Joanna "Jo" Rhodes. However, Puck remained part of the cast and was heavily featured in the remaining episodes. During Season 14, Frankie Abernathy left the show due to homesickness and conflict with roommates and was replaced by Charlie Dordevich. Shauvon Torres of Season 19 left the show to pursue a relationship back home and was replaced by Ashli Robson. During Season 20, Greg Halstead was removed from the show after being fired from work, and Joey Kovar left to show to enter a 30-day treatment program for alcoholism. Halstead and Kovar were replaced by Nick Brown and Brittini Sherrod. In Season 25, Adam Royer was evicted and replaced by Heather Cooke. In Season 28, Joi Neimeyer left for personal reasons and was replaced by Nia Moore.

There have been fourteen instances in which a cast member left the house during production but was not replaced with another roommate. This often depended on how much time left was there before production wrapped, hence, bringing a new roommate if little time is left would not have been convenient. Irene McGee left Season 7 due to concerns with the show's purpose and ethics as well as the conditions not being suitable for her health condition. Justin Deabler left Season 8 for personal reasons. In Season 19, Trisha Cummings was evicted from the house due to a physical confrontation that led to production staff giving the other cast member the choice as to whether Cummings could stay. Joey Rozmus of Season 22 was removed from the show after being fired from his job.[3] Erika Wasilewski of Season 23 left the house due to personal reasons. Ryan Leslie of Season 24 was evicted by his roommates due to unstable behavior, the first to have been evicted by the entire rest of the cast since Rainey.[4] Brandon Kane was evicted from Season 27 by production after failing a drug test. In Season 29, Ashley Mitchell left during the season after asking her roommates to vote whether they wanted her to stay. Based on her drunken, unstable behavior, many in the house voiced opposition and Ashley did not want to stay if all were not okay with it and left. During the same season, additional roommate and "Ex" Lauren Ondersma left the show a few weeks after arriving for unexpected personal reasons and "Ex" Hailey Chivers left later in the season due to the stress of the living situation. In Season 31, CeeJai Jenkins and Jenna Thompson were removed from the show by production after getting into a physical altercation with a week left of filming. In Season 32, Mike Crescenzo chose to leave the house after saying multiple racial comments and fearing how he will be portrayed on-air despite having remorse over his choice of words. Later that season, Theo King-Bradley was removed from the show by production after the start of a physical altercation with his cousin, who joined the cast as Theo's Bad Blood counterpart, when it became apparent no resolution would occur between the two cousins. During the same season, Tyara Hooks left for unexpected personal reasons. Later that season, Peter Romeo was evicted by production for hostile behavior towards numerous roommates.

There have been four instances in which cast members left the residence but remained part of the show. As mentioned above, Puck remained part of the cast after being evicted from the cast residence by his roommates on the show's third season. In Season 5, Melissa Padrón left the house on her own after finding the living situation with some of the other roommates unhealthy, but Padrón remained part of the production and cast assignment. In Season 22, Bronne Bruzgo was banned from residing at the cast's hotel suite by hotel management due to throwing a hotel fire extinguisher from the suite into a pool many feet below. Bruzgo was given residence in the staff quarters of the cast's employer and was allowed to visit the suite. He could not stay but remained part of the production. In Season 28, Johnny Reilly, Averey Tressler, and Daisy (Tressler's pet dog) voluntarily moved out of the cast's loft to a hotel after physical violence and continued threats from a fellow castmember. Reilly, Tressler, and Daisy remained part of the production until filming wrapped.

There has been three instances where a non-original cast member were added to live as an additional roommate. In Season 29, Exes of some of the original roommates were each misled by producers to believing that he or she would be a replacement for former roommate, Ashley Mitchell. Instead, the Exes would be moving in as well until move-in day, expanding the cast from seven to twelve.[5] The additional roommates or the "Exes" were Ashley Ceaser, (Arielle's ex-girlfriend), Brian Williams, Jr. (Jenny's ex-boyfriend), Hailey Chivers (Thomas's ex-girlfriend), Jenna Compono (Jay's ex-girlfriend) and Lauren Ondersma (Cory's ex-girlfriend). In Season 31, Dylan Moore was given the opportunity to join the cast without replacing anyone by completing a mission with the cast. Because he was successful, the cast expanded to eight roommates. In Season 32, seven people who still or once used to have connections with the originals were secretly sent to Portland, and were informed later that they are going to live with the original cast, expanding the cast to fourteen. Each person are known as "Bad Blood" or people who the originals once got along with but now have a rift with due to various issues. The additional roommates or "Bad Blood" were Anna Stack (Katrina's older sister), Jennifer Geoghan (Robbie's ex-girlfriend), Kassius Bass (Theo's estranged cousin), Kimberly Johansson (Tyara's former high school classmate rival), Orlana Russell (Jordan's former friend), Peter Romeo (Mike's estranged former roommate), and Will Groomes III (Anika's ex-boyfriend).

Cast members[edit]

Photograph of Judd Winick of The Real World: San Francisco holding a copy of his novel, Pedro and Me
Judd Winick of The Real World: San Francisco holding a copy of his 2000 novel, Pedro and Me
Photograph of The Real World: Back to New York cast member Mike Mizanin holding up a World Wrestling Entertainment champion belt in 2008
Mike Mizanin of The Real World: Back to New York holding up his WWE Tag Team Championship belt in 2008. Mizanin, known in wrestling as "The Miz", and MTV/WWE Tough Enough alumni, John Morrison were tag team partners from 2007–2009.
Cast member joined later in the season to replace a departed roommate, as a Season 29 "Ex," Season 31 addition, or Season 32 "Bad Blood".
Season Name Age[I] Hometown
1 (New York) Becky Blasband 24 New Hope, Pennsylvania
1 (New York) Andre Comeau 21 Royal Oak, Michigan
1 (New York) Heather B. Gardner 21 Jersey City, New Jersey
1 (New York) Julie Gentry 18 Birmingham, Alabama
1 (New York) Norman Korpi 25 Williamston, Michigan
1 (New York) Eric Nies 21 Ocean Township, New Jersey
1 (New York) Kevin Powell 25 Jersey City, New Jersey
2 (Los Angeles) Aaron Behle 21 Orange County, California
2 (Los Angeles) Beth Stolarczyk 24 Cleveland, Ohio
2 (Los Angeles) David Edwards 21 Washington, D.C.
2 (Los Angeles) Dominic Griffin 24 Dublin, Ireland
2 (Los Angeles) Irene Berrera-Kearns 25 Los Angeles, California
2 (Los Angeles) Jon Brennan 18 Owensboro, Kentucky
2 (Los Angeles) Tami Roman 22 Los Angeles, California
2 (Los Angeles) Beth Anthony* Eugene, Oregon
2 (Los Angeles) Glen Naessens* 22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3 (San Francisco) Mohammed Bilal 24 San Francisco, California
3 (San Francisco) Rachel Campos 23 Tempe, Arizona
3 (San Francisco) Pam Ling 26 Los Angeles, California
3 (San Francisco) Cory Murphy 20 Fresno, California
3 (San Francisco) David "Puck" Rainey 25 San Francisco, California
3 (San Francisco) Judd Winick 24 Long Island, New York
3 (San Francisco) Pedro Zamora 22 Miami, Florida
3 (San Francisco) Joanna "Jo" Rhodes* 22 London, England[6]
4 (London) Jacinda Barrett 22 Brisbane, Australia
4 (London) Neil Forrester 24 Keynsham, England
4 (London) Jay Frank 19 Portland, Oregon
4 (London) Sharon Gitau 19 London, England
4 (London) Mike Johnson 22 St. Louis, Missouri
4 (London) Kat Ogden 19 Yelm, Washington
4 (London) Lars Schlichting 24 Berlin, Germany
5 (Miami) Flora Alekseyeun 24 Boston, Massachusetts
5 (Miami) Sarah Becker 25 Chicago, Illinois
5 (Miami) Mike Lambert 24 Jacksonville, Florida
5 (Miami) Melissa Padrón 22 Miami, California
5 (Miami) Joe Patane 25 Brooklyn, New York
5 (Miami) Dan Renzi 21 New Brunswick, New Jersey
5 (Miami) Cynthia Roberts 22 San Jose, California
6 (Boston) Jason Cornwell 24 Boulder, Colorado
6 (Boston) Sean Duffy 25 Hayward, Wisconsin
6 (Boston) Montana McGlynn 21 Manhattan, New York
6 (Boston) Genesis Moss 20 Gulfport, Mississippi
6 (Boston) Kameelah Phillips 19 San Diego, California
6 (Boston) Elka Walker 19 Brownsville, Texas
6 (Boston) Syrus Yarbrough 25 Santa Monica, California
7 (Seattle) Nathan Blackburn 21 Chesterfield, Virginia
7 (Seattle) Lindsay Brien 21 Aspen, Colorado
7 (Seattle) David Burns 21 Boston, Massachusetts
7 (Seattle) Janet Choi 21 Chicago, Illinois
7 (Seattle) Rebecca Lord 19 Charlottesville, Virginia
7 (Seattle) Irene McGee 22 Pleasant Valley, New York
7 (Seattle) Stephen Williams 20 San Diego, California
8 (Hawaii) Ruthie Alcaide 21 Honolulu, Hawaii
8 (Hawaii) Amaya Brecher 21 Oakland, California
8 (Hawaii) Margaret "Kaia" Beck 22 Chicago, Illinois
8 (Hawaii) Justin Deabler 21 Houston, Texas
8 (Hawaii) Tecumseh "Teck" Holmes, III 22 Peoria, Illinois
8 (Hawaii) Colin Mortensen 19 Thousand Oaks, California
8 (Hawaii) Matt Simon 22 Del Mar, California
9 (New Orleans) David Broom 22 Chicago, Illinois
9 (New Orleans) Melissa Howard 22 Tampa, Florida
9 (New Orleans) Kelley Limp 21 Fayetteville, Arkansas
9 (New Orleans) Jamie Murray 22 Wilmette, Illinois
9 (New Orleans) Danny Roberts 22 Rockmart, Georgia
9 (New Orleans) Matt Smith 21 Hiawassee, Georgia
9 (New Orleans) Julie Stoffer 21 Delafield, Wisconsin
10 (Back to New York) Rachel Braband 18 Chicago, Illinois
10 (Back to New York) Malik Cooper 23 Berkeley, California
10 (Back to New York) Kevin Dunn 22 Austin, Texas
10 (Back to New York) Nicole Jackson 22 Atlanta, Georgia
10 (Back to New York) Mike Mizanin 20 Parma, Ohio
10 (Back to New York) Coral Smith 21 San Francisco, California
10 (Back to New York) Lori Trespicio 21 Roseland, New Jersey
11 (Chicago) Chris Beckman 24 Brockton, Massachusetts
11 (Chicago) Kyle Brandt 23 Lincolnshire, Illinois
11 (Chicago) Tonya Cooley 21 Walla Walla, Washington
11 (Chicago) Aneesa Ferreira 20 Narberth, Pennsylvania
11 (Chicago) Keri Evans 22 New Orleans, Louisiana
11 (Chicago) Theo Gantt III 19 Riverside, California
11 (Chicago) Cara Nussbaum 22 Boston, Massachusetts
12 (Las Vegas) Trishelle Cannatella 22 Cut Off, Louisiana
12 (Las Vegas) Arissa Hill 22 Malden, Massachusetts
12 (Las Vegas) Steven Hill 23 San Marcos, Texas
12 (Las Vegas) Frank Roessler 22 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
12 (Las Vegas) Brynn Smith 21 Portland, Oregon
12 (Las Vegas) Irulan Wilson 21 Bronx, New York
12 (Las Vegas) Alton Williams 22 San Diego, California
13 (Paris) Ace Amerson 24 Statesboro, Georgia
13 (Paris) Leah Gillingwater 22 Long Island, New York
13 (Paris) Adam King 23 Beverly Hills, California
13 (Paris) Simon Sherry-Wood 18 Dublin, Ireland
13 (Paris) Mallory Snyder 19 Ames, Iowa
13 (Paris) Chris "CT" Tamburello 22 Boston, Massachusetts
13 (Paris) Christina Trainor 24 Las Vegas, Nevada
14 (San Diego) Frankie Abernathy 23 Kansas City, Missouri
14 (San Diego) Randy Barry 24 Boston, Massachusetts
14 (San Diego) Jamie Chung 20 San Francisco, California
14 (San Diego) Cameran Eubanks 19 Anderson, South Carolina
14 (San Diego) Brad Fiorenza 23 Chicago, Illinois
14 (San Diego) Robin Hibbard 23 Tampa, Florida
14 (San Diego) Jacquese Smith 19 Paterson, New Jersey
14 (San Diego) Charlie Dordevich* 18 Belgrade, Serbia
15 (Philadelphia) Shavonda Bilingslea 21 San Diego, California
15 (Philadelphia) Karamo Brown 23 Houston, Texas
15 (Philadelphia) Sarah Burke 23 Tampa, Florida
15 (Philadelphia) M.J. Garrett 23 Nashville, Tennessee
15 (Philadelphia) William "Willie" Hernandez 23 New York City, New York
15 (Philadelphia) Landon Lueck 24 Madison, Wisconsin
15 (Philadelphia) Melanie Silcott 21 Santa Cruz, California
16 (Austin) Wes Bergmann 19 Leawood, Kansas
16 (Austin) Johanna Botta 21 Riverside, California
16 (Austin) Lacey Buehler 23 Tallahassee, Florida
16 (Austin) Nehemiah Clark 19 Rancho Cucamonga, California
16 (Austin) Danny Jamieson 21 Billerica, Massachusetts
16 (Austin) Rachel Moyal 21 Valencia, California
16 (Austin) Melinda Stolp 21 Germantown, Wisconsin
17 (Key West) Janelle Casanave 23 San Jose, California
17 (Key West) John Devenanzio 23 Fullerton, California
17 (Key West) Tyler Duckworth 23 Minneapolis, Minnesota
17 (Key West) Zach Mann 22 Vashon, Washington
17 (Key West) Paula Meronek 24 Meriden, Connecticut
17 (Key West) Svetlana Shusterman 19 Richboro, Pennsylvania
17 (Key West) Jose Tapia 20 Brooklyn, New York
18 (Denver) Tyrie Ballard 23 Omaha, Nebraska
18 (Denver) Nicole "Colie" Edison 22 East Brunswick, New Jersey
18 (Denver) Jennifer "Jenn" Grijalva 22 Martinez, California
18 (Denver) Brooke LaBarbara 24 Nashville, Tennessee
18 (Denver) Davis Mallory 23 Marietta, Georgia
18 (Denver) Stephen Nichols 22 Sacramento, California
18 (Denver) Alex Smith 22 Houston, Texas
19 (Sydney) Trisha Cummings 19 Fresno, California
19 (Sydney) Dunbar Flinn 22 Natchez, Mississippi
19 (Sydney) Kelly Anne Judd 20 Georgetown, Texas
19 (Sydney) Cohutta Lee Grindstaff 23 Blue Ridge, Georgia
19 (Sydney) Parisa Montazaran 21 Commack, New York
19 (Sydney) Isaac Stout 21 Cleveland, Ohio
19 (Sydney) Shauvon Torres 24 Sacramento, California
19 (Sydney) Ashli Robson* 19 Huntington Beach, California
20 (Hollywood) Kimberly Alexander 25 Columbia, South Carolina
20 (Hollywood) Will Gilbert 24 Detroit, Michigan
20 (Hollywood) Greg Halstead 20 Daytona Beach, Florida
20 (Hollywood) Joey Kovar 24 Chicago, Illinois
20 (Hollywood) Dave Malinosky 22 Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
20 (Hollywood) Sarah Ralston 21 Phoenix, Arizona
20 (Hollywood) Brianna Taylor 20 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 (Hollywood) Nick Brown* 23 New Rochelle, New York
20 (Hollywood) Brittini Sherrod* 22 Tempe, Arizona
21 (Brooklyn) Chet Cannon 23 Salt Lake City, Utah
21 (Brooklyn) Ryan Conklin 23 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
21 (Brooklyn) Katelynn Cusanelli 24 West Palm Beach, Florida
21 (Brooklyn) Scott Herman 23 Salem, New Hampshire
21 (Brooklyn) J.D. Ordonez 22 Miami Beach, Florida
21 (Brooklyn) Sarah Rice 22 San Francisco, California
21 (Brooklyn) Devyn Simone 20 Kansas City, Missouri
21 (Brooklyn) Baya Voce 21 Salt Lake City, Utah
22 (Cancun) Bronne Bruzgo 21 Yardley, Pennsylvania
22 (Cancun) Derek Chavez 21 Phoenix, Arizona
22 (Cancun) Ayiiia Elizarraras 22 San Diego, California
22 (Cancun) Emilee Fitzpatrick 21 Boston, Massachusetts
22 (Cancun) CJ Koegel 24 Boca Raton, Florida
22 (Cancun) Jonna Mannion 20 Tempe, Arizona
22 (Cancun) Jasmine Reynaud 22 Houston, Texas
22 (Cancun) Joey Rozmus 22 Lawrence, Massachusetts
23 (D.C.) Josh Colon 23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23 (D.C.) Ashley Lindley 22 San Francisco, California
23 (D.C.) Mike Manning 22 Thornton, Colorado
23 (D.C.) Ty Ruff 22 Baltimore, Maryland
23 (D.C.) Emily Schromm 20 Kirksville, Missouri
23 (D.C.) Callie Walker 21 Galveston, Texas
23 (D.C.) Erika Wasilewski 21 Chicago, Illinois
23 (D.C.) Andrew Woods 21 Westminster, Colorado
24 (2010 New Orleans) Jemmye Carroll 22 Starkville, Mississippi
24 (2010 New Orleans) McKenzie Coburn 21 Jupiter, Florida
24 (2010 New Orleans) Sahar Dika 21 Dearborn Heights, Michigan
24 (2010 New Orleans) Ashlee Feldman 23 Boston, Massachusetts
24 (2010 New Orleans) Ryan Knight 23 Kenosha, Wisconsin
24 (2010 New Orleans) Ryan Leslie 21 Tempe, Arizona
24 (2010 New Orleans) Eric Patrick 24 Arlington, Virginia
24 (2010 New Orleans) Preston Roberson-Charles 22 Boston, Massachusetts
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Naomi Defensor 22 Bronx, New York
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Leroy Garrett 25 Romulus, Michigan
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Nany Gonzalez 21 Jamestown, New York
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Heather Marter 21 Delran, New Jersey
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Michael Ross 23 Nokesville, Virginia
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Adam Royer 22 Falmouth, Maine
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Dustin Zito 24 Rayne, Louisiana
25 (2011 Las Vegas) Heather Cooke* 21 California, Maryland
26 (2011 San Diego) Alexandra Govere 21 Los Angeles, California
26 (2011 San Diego) Ashley Kelsey 24 Winsted, Connecticut
26 (2011 San Diego) Sam McGinn 21 Chesapeake, Virginia
26 (2011 San Diego) Priscilla Mendez 19 San Diego, California
26 (2011 San Diego) Zach Nichols 23 Brighton, Michigan
26 (2011 San Diego) Nate Stodghill 22 Grain Valley, Missouri
26 (2011 San Diego) Frank Sweeney 22 Canastota, New York
27 (St. Thomas) LaToya Jackson 22 Petersburg, Virginia
27 (St. Thomas) Brandon Kane 24 Quincy, Massachusetts
27 (St. Thomas) Marie Roda 23 Staten Island, New York
27 (St. Thomas) Robb Schreiber 21 Bensalem, Pennsylvania
27 (St. Thomas) Brandon Swift 22 Edison, New Jersey
27 (St. Thomas) Laura Waller 22 Omaha, Nebraska
27 (St. Thomas) Trey Weatherholtz 23 Baltimore, Maryland
28 (Portland) Jessica McCain 21 Fayetteville, North Carolina
28 (Portland) Anastasia Miller 22 Livonia, Michigan
28 (Portland) Joi Neimeyer 22 Hansville, Washington
28 (Portland) Johnny Reilly 21 West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
28 (Portland) Averey Tressler 21 Phoenix, Arizona
28 (Portland) Marlon Williams 24 Pflugerville, Texas
28 (Portland) Jordan Wiseley 22 Mustang, Oklahoma
28 (Portland) Daisy 1 Phoenix, Arizona
28 (Portland) Nia Moore* 23 Atlanta, Georgia
29 (Ex-Plosion) Thomas Buell 21 Fort Worth, Texas
29 (Ex-Plosion) Jenny Delich 23 Los Angeles, California
29 (Ex-Plosion) Jay Mitchell 26 Bronx, New York
29 (Ex-Plosion) Jamie Larson 22 Houston, Texas
29 (Ex-Plosion) Ashley Mitchell 24 San Francisco, California
29 (Ex-Plosion) Arielle Scott 24 San Francisco, California
29 (Ex-Plosion) Cory Wharton 22 Los Angeles, California
29 (Ex-Plosion) Ashley Ceaser* 26 Oakland, California
29 (Ex-Plosion) Brian Williams, Jr.* 26 Kansas City, Missouri
29 (Ex-Plosion) Hailey Chivers* 21 Fort Worth, Texas
29 (Ex-Plosion) Jenna Compono* 20 Wantagh, New York
29 (Ex-Plosion) Lauren Ondersma* 23 Brooklyn, New York
30 (Skeletons) Bruno Bettencourt 24 East Providence, Rhode Island
30 (Skeletons) Sylvia Elsrode 25 Kansas City, Missouri
30 (Skeletons) Jason Hill 24 Fayetteville, North Carolina
30 (Skeletons) Violeta Milerman 23 Sarasota, Florida
30 (Skeletons) Tony Raines 26 Metairie, Louisiana
30 (Skeletons) Madison Walls 23 Austin, Texas
30 (Skeletons) Nicole Zanatta 23 Staten Island, New York
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Kailah Casillas 22 Fort Myers, Florida
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Chris Hall 23 Brooklyn, New York
31 (Go Big or Go Home) CeeJai Jenkins 23 Atlanta, Georgia
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Sabrina Kennedy 21 Topsfield, Massachusetts
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Dione Mariani 24 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Dean Bart-Plange 25 Los Angeles, California
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Jenna Thomason 22 Easley, South Carolina
31 (Go Big or Go Home) Dylan Moore* 24 Charlotte, North Carolina[7]
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Anika Rashaun 24 Harlem, New York
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Jordan Anderson 21 Chicago, Illinois
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Katrina Stack 23 Micanopy, Florida
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Mike Crescenzo 25 New York, New York
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Robbie Padovano 22 Morganville, New Jersey
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Theo Bradley 23 Kankakee, Illinois
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Tyara Hooks 21 Alpharetta, Georgia
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Anna Stack* 25 Orlando, Florida
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Jenn Geoghan* 24 Hoboken, New Jersey
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Kassius Bass* 21 Charleston, Illinois
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Kimberly Johansson* 23 Atlanta, Georgia
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Orlana Russell* 21 Ypsilanti, Michigan
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Peter Romeo* 24 Deerfield Beach, Florida
32 (Seattle: Bad Blood) Will Groomes III* 24 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

^[I] Cast member's age at the start of the season