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The Rifleman is an American Western television program that starred Chuck Connors as homesteader Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son, Mark McCain. The series was set in the 1880s in the town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory and was filmed in black-and-white with a half hour running time. The Rifleman aired on ABC from September 30, 1958 to April 8, 1963 as a production of Four Star Television. There were 168 episodes in the series.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
140September 30, 1958 (1958-09-30)June 30, 1959 (1959-06-30)
236September 29, 1959 (1959-09-29)May 31, 1960 (1960-05-31)
334September 27, 1960 (1960-09-27)May 16, 1961 (1961-05-16)
432October 2, 1961 (1961-10-02)May 7, 1962 (1962-05-07)
526October 1, 1962 (1962-10-01)April 8, 1963 (1963-04-08)


Season 1 (1958–59)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"The Sharpshooter"Arnold LavenSam PeckinpahSeptember 30, 1958 (1958-09-30)

Lucas (Chuck Connors) and Mark McCain (Johnny Crawford) finally find the ranch they have been looking for, but the ranch comes with a price, and Lucas may have to decide between the ranch and his son's life.

Guest stars: Dennis Hopper, Leif Erickson, Sidney Blackmer, R. G. Armstrong as Marshal Fred Tomlinson, Charles Arnt, Mickey Simpson, Kathleen Mulqueen, Virginia Aldridge, Mathew McCue (uncredited), Howard Wright (uncredited), Archie Butler (uncredited), Bobby Somers (uncredited), Jesse Wayne (uncredited) and Paul Fix (uncredited).

Note: This episode was originally an episode from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre and became the pilot for The Rifleman which began September 30, 1958.

Paul Fix was cast in this episode as a doctor, but would return to join the cast as Micah Torrance, and he would remain a major cast member for the show's run.
22"Home Ranch"Arnold LavenSam PeckinpahOctober 7, 1958 (1958-10-07)

After two of Oat Jackford's cowhands burn the McCain house, drag Lucas, and steal his rifle, Lucas goes to hunt Jackford (Harold J. Stone) and his men to inform them that he and his boy are there to stay.

Guest stars: Lee Farr, Steve Rowland, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Don Kennedy, Jack N. Young (uncredited), and Bobby Somers (uncredited)
33"End of a Young Gun"Jerry HopperFrank D. GilroyOctober 14, 1958 (1958-10-14)

When Mark gets caught on a mountain ledge, a young outlaw (Michael Landon) risks his life to rescue him and breaks his leg doing so.

Guest stars: Charles Cooper, Carolyn Craig, Joe Haworth, Mel Carter, and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
44"The Marshal"Sam PeckinpahSam PeckinpahOctober 21, 1958 (1958-10-21)

The notorious Shelton brothers (Robert J. Wilke, Warren Oates) ride into North Fork to take revenge on Micah Torrance (Paul Fix), an ex-lawman who is now crippled with alcoholism. When Marshal Fred Tomlinson (R. G. Armstrong) is killed by the Sheltons, Micah is called upon to take his place.

Guest stars: James Drury,Abby Dalton, Bill Quinn, Bert Stevens (uncredited), and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
55"The Brother-in-Law"Arnold LavenDavid Victor & Herbert Little, Jr.October 28, 1958 (1958-10-28)

Johnny Gibbs (Jerome Courtland), Lucas McCain's fugitive brother-in-law, visits the McCain ranch.

Guest stars: Charles Watts, Fay Roope, Karl Lukas, Dan White (uncredited), Archie Butler (uncredited), Bobby Somers (uncredited), and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
66"Eight Hours to Die"Arnold LavenPalmer ThompsonNovember 4, 1958 (1958-11-04)

A bitter judge (George Macready) kidnaps Mark and plans to kill him to avenge his own son's hanging while Lucas watches.

Guest stars: Russell Collins, Hope Summers, Marilee Phelps, Robert L. Crawford, Jr., Irving Mitchell, Bud Osborne, Jack N. Young (uncredited), and Bobby Somers (uncredited)
77"Duel of Honor"Joseph H. LewisKen KolbNovember 11, 1958 (1958-11-11)

A stagecoach breaks down and Italian nobleman Count Di Montova (Cesare Danova) is stranded overnight in North Fork. He accepts a challenge for a gun duel after being insulted by Sim Groder (Jack Elam).

Guest stars: Joe Bassett, John Dierkes, Bill Quinn, Glenn Strange, John Harmon, Archie Butler (uncredited), Robert Robinson (uncredited), and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
88"The Safe Guard"Joseph H. LewisDavid SwiftNovember 18, 1958 (1958-11-18)

The first bank in North Fork is opening, and a Texas gunfighter (Claude Akins) is hired to guard the safe, but a gang of bank robbers that used to include him arrives in town.

Guest stars: Marc Lawrence, Harlan Warde, Hope Summers, Dennis Cross, Mel Carter, Fritz Ford, Sidney Blackmer, Robert Robinson (uncredited), and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
99"The Sister"Montgomery PittmanMontgomery PittmanNovember 25, 1958 (1958-11-25)

Mark tries to set Lucas up with a woman (Sherry Jackson) he thinks would make a perfect wife. Lucas soon finds himself contending with the woman's two brothers as well as some outlaws intent on killing him.

Guest stars: Mort Mills, Dan Blocker, Lance Fuller, Michael Morgan, Hope Summers, David Tyrell, John Dierkes, Michael Harris (uncredited), Archie Butler (uncredited), and Fritz Ford (uncredited)
1010"New Orleans Menace"Arnold LavenCyril HumeDecember 2, 1958 (1958-12-02)

A New Orleans gambling czar (Akim Tamiroff) and his men stop at the McCain ranch and decide to take it from Lucas.

Guest stars: Michael Pate, Hope Summers, Jerry Oddo, Harlan Warde, Galvan DeLeon, Jack Tornek (uncredited), Archie Butler (uncredited), Robert Robinson (uncredited), Bobby Somers (uncredited) and Jesse Wayne (uncredited)
1111"The Apprentice Sheriff"Arthur HillerBarney SlaterDecember 9, 1958 (1958-12-09)

Lucas tries to help a young West Point reject (Robert Vaughn), who is filling in as marshal, just as the town erupts into a gunfight.

Guest Stars: Edward Binns, Russell Collins, William Bryant, Grant Richards, Fritz Ford, Elyse Gordon and Steven Gardner
1212"The Angry Gun"David SwiftSamuel A. PeeplesDecember 16, 1958 (1958-12-16)

Lucas and Mark return from a cattle sale when their stagecoach is robbed by three outlaws led by sharpshooter Johnny Cotton (Vic Morrow). Lucas sends Mark on with the stagecoach while he goes after the outlaws on foot without his rifle.

Guest Stars: Gregory Walcott, Leo Gordon, Harry Hickox, Joe Quinn and Kathleen Mulqueen
1313"The Young Englishman"Arnold LavenArthur WeissDecember 23, 1958 (1958-12-23)

Lucas accuses the young foreman of a neighboring ranch of rustling one of his calves.

Guest Stars: Allen Case, James Coburn, Ted de Corsia and Dick Rich
1414"The Gaucho"Jerry HopperBruce GellerDecember 30, 1958 (1958-12-30)

Lucas helps an Argentinian family who are new to North Fork when they are ridiculed by others.

Guest Stars: Perry Lopez, Lawrence Dobkin, Chana Eden, Dennis Cross, Harlan Warde, Stuart Randall, Robert L. Crawford, Jr., Morris Lippert, Montie Montana and Lauren Janes
1515"The Pet"Joseph H. LewisKen KolbJanuary 6, 1959 (1959-01-06)

Lucas allows Mark to take in a homeless horse after its owner is killed in a gunfight. Lucas soon discovers the truth about the horse and has to fight a gunman who does not want his secret to be exposed.

Guest Stars: Robert J. Wilke, Bill Erwin, Hal John Norman and Edgar Buchanan
1616"The Sheridan Story"Arnold LavenCyril HumeJanuary 13, 1959 (1959-01-13)

Wanting to teach Mark about tolerance and acceptance, Lucas hires an injured and bitter confederate soldier (Royal Dano) to work on his ranch, only the Union army also arrives at the farm.

Guest stars: Lawrence Dobkin, Frank Wilcox, Bill Meigs, Stephen Chase, and Fritz Ford
1717"The Retired Gun"Arnold LavenBarney SlaterJanuary 20, 1959 (1959-01-20)

A famous gunman (Robert Webber) promises his new bride that he will retire from gunfighting and settle in North Fork, but five outlaws try to make him break his promise.

Guest Stars: Eileen Harley, Jack Kruschen, John Anderson, Duke Snider, Joseph Mell, and Herman Rudin
1818"The Photographer"Arnold LavenKen KolbJanuary 27, 1959 (1959-01-27)

When Abel Goss (John Carradine), a photographer friend of the McCains, is accused of murder, father and son take opposing views on the matter.

Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer, Robert Ellenstein and Raymond Bailey
1919"Shivaree"Joseph H. LewisDavid Victor & Herbert LittleFebruary 3, 1959 (1959-02-03)

A young couple (Paul Carr, Luana Anders) is forced to marry after they hide the fact that one of them is a girl, and Lucas helps them hide; but a rowdy crowd calls for a Shivaree.

Guest Stars: Morris Ankrum, John Anderson, Olive Carey, William Bryant, and Edgar Dearing
2020"The Deadeye Kid"Jerry HopperPalmer ThompsonFebruary 10, 1959 (1959-02-10)

Lucas and Mark protect a witness (Kip King) wrongfully accused of murder.

Guest Stars: Douglas Spencer, Glenn Strange and Jason Johnson
2121"The Indian"Arnold LavenCyril HumeFebruary 17, 1959 (1959-02-17)

U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart (Michael Ansara) arrives in North Fork to look for Indians who are suspected in the brutal murder of a Ranger and his family. Guest Stars: Herbert Rudley, Lewis Charles, Mickey Simpson, Frank DeKova, Robert Chadwick, Eddie Little Sky and Bill Quinn

Note: This is the pilot for the series Law of the Plainsman
2222"The Boarding House"Sam PeckinpahSam PeckinpahFebruary 24, 1959 (1959-02-24)

Julia Massini (Katy Jurado), a reformed gambler, runs a respectable boarding house in North Fork, but her old boss (Alan Baxter) shows up and tries to force her to turn her place into a gambling house.

Guest Stars: Harlan Warde, Sarah Selby, Peggy Maley, Kay Cousins, Charles Fredericks, and Bill Quinn
2323"The Second Witness"Lewis AllenJudy & George W. GeorgeMarch 3, 1959 (1959-03-03)

After the witness in a murder case is killed, Lucas agrees to testify in order to convict a murderer, but someone wants the prosecution stopped. Mark and the townsfolk try to talk Lucas out of testifying.

Guest Stars: Michael Pate, Bill Meigs, Bill Catching, Hope Summers, Robert Foulk, Robert L. Crawford, Jr. and Edgar Buchanan
2424"The Trade"Joseph H. LewisDavid LangMarch 10, 1959 (1959-03-10)

After falling in love with a sick young woman, fugitive Sam Morley (Paul Richards) asks his friend Lucas to turn him in and use the reward money to pay for the woman's medical needs.

Guest Stars: Chris Alcaide, Dan Sheridan, Michael Fox, John Harmon, Edgar Buchanan and Katharine Bard
2525"One Went to Denver"Lewis AllenPat FielderMarch 17, 1959 (1959-03-17)

Lucas' friend and renowned bank robber Tom Birch (Richard Anderson) comes for a surprise visit, upsetting Mark. Neither know the man has plans to rob the North Fork bank.

Guest Stars: Lewis Charles, Jack Kruschen, Ben Morris, John Goddard, Harlan Warde, and Bill Quinn
2626"The Deadly Wait"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.March 24, 1959 (1959-03-24)

Released from Yuma prison, Dan Maury (Lee Van Cleef) arrives in North Fork intent on getting even with Marshal Torrance, who helped send him to jail.

Guest Stars: Edgar Buchanan and Bill Quinn
2727"The Wrong Man"Arnold LavenN. B. Stone, Jr.March 31, 1959 (1959-03-31)

A crooked marshal from another territory intentionally kills an innocent man to collect the bounty money.

Guest Stars: Robert H. Harris, Gordon Jones, Frank Sully and Lyle Bettger
2828"The Challenge"Lewis AllenDavid Victor & Herbert LittleApril 7, 1959 (1959-04-07)

An escaped killer holds Hattie and Micah hostage at the General Store to prove that he is still good with a gun.

Guest Stars: Les Tremayne, John Durren, Hope Summers, Harlan Warde, John Maxwell, Bill Quinn, Ian Murray, Mel Carter, Michael Harris and Adam Williams
2929"The Hawk"Lamont JohnsonArthur Browne, Jr.April 14, 1959 (1959-04-14)

The McCains befriend a stranger (Patrick McVey) after he saves Mark from a rattlesnake, but they soon discover that he is not who he says he is.

Guest Star: John Anderson
3030"Three-Legged Terror"William ConradPalmer ThompsonApril 21, 1959 (1959-04-21)

Lucas takes in an orphaned teen (Dennis Hopper) being raised by his abusive uncle after trouble is caused at the school.

Guest Stars: John Hoyt, Robert Foulk, Bill Quinn, and Patricia Barry
3131"The Angry Man"Jerry HopperArthur Browne, Jr.April 28, 1959 (1959-04-28)

A neighboring rancher (George Mathews) refuses medical assistance when his son is seriously hurt in an accident because he blames doctors for the death of his wife.

Guest Stars: Kim Charney, Fritz Ford and Edgar Buchanan
3232"The Woman"Arnold LavenPat Fielder & Bernard GirardMay 5, 1959 (1959-05-05)

After a boy (Paul Carr) admits to his father that he and the school teacher (Patricia Barry) are in love, his rancher father (James Westerfield) chases the teacher, an advocator for women's rights, out of town. Lucas wants to learn the truth.

Guest Stars: Mel Carter, Hope Summers, David Leland, Bill Quinn, Glenn Strange, Jack Younger, and Fern Barry
3333"The Money Gun"Sam PeckinpahBruce GellerMay 12, 1959 (1959-05-12)

Bookkeeper Asa Manning (William Phipps) hires a professional gunman (John Dehner) to provoke Oat Jackford (Bert Freed), a bully rancher who suspects him of embezzlement, into a gunfight. Lucas is forced to assist Jackford, the man he once hated.

Guest Stars: Harlan Warde, Jason Johnson, Earle Hodgins and Frank Hagney
3434"A Matter of Faith"Don TaylorHarry KronmanMay 19, 1959 (1959-05-19)

A drought has forced local cowhands to seek work on a railroad construction project and railroad executives are afraid that their workers will desert them when an old man (Royal Dano) claims to have found a way to make rain.

Guest stars: Parley Baer, Bing Russell, and Michael Hinn
3535"Blood Brothers"Arnold LavenStory by : Chuck Connors
Teleplay by : Pat Fielder
May 26, 1959 (1959-05-26)

Lucas is surprised when Micah wishes death on a dying man (Max Wagner) he brings into North Fork, then Lucas discovers that Micah holds a big secret.

Guest Stars: Richard Devon, Larry Perron, Kelton Garwood, Ian Murray and Rhys Williams
3636"Stranger at Night"Lewis AllenDavid LangJune 2, 1959 (1959-06-02)

Mark stumbles across a dead man and the only clue to his identity is a belt with the initials RM.

Guest Stars: Jack Hogan, Bill Quinn and Thomas Gomez
3737"The Raid"Paul LandresHarry Julian FinkJune 9, 1959 (1959-06-09)

A renegade band of Indians captures Mark and disappears into the hills of New Mexico. Guest Stars: Michael Forest, Pat Hogan, Hope Summers, Robert Foulk, Clancy Cooper, Robert Dix, Mark Goddard and Michael Ansara

Note: This is the sequel to the episode The Indian
3838"Outlaw's Inheritance"Don TaylorJudy & George W. GeorgeJune 16, 1959 (1959-06-16)

The townspeople question the reputation of Lucas when he is named in a will of a notorious outlaw.

Guest Stars: Bartlett Robinson, Dabbs Greer, Harlan Warde, Robert Foulk and William Bishop
3939"Boomerang"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.June 23, 1959 (1959-06-23)

Lucas takes in an orphaned boy (Lee Kinsolving) and teaches him how to use a gun, not knowing that the boy plans on killing the banker (Harlan Warde) he believes is responsible for his father's death.

Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer and Hope Summers
4040"The Mind Reader"Don MedfordRobert C. DennisJune 30, 1959 (1959-06-30)

Accused of a murder he did not commit, a young man (Michael Landon) is finally cleared by the accidental discovery of a "mind reader" (John Carradine).

Guest Stars: Sue Randall, Steven Ritch, Vic Perrin, Robert Bice, William Schallert, James Chandler, John Harmon and Charles Seel

Season 2 (1959–60)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
411"The Patsy"Joseph H. LewisHarry KronmanSeptember 29, 1959 (1959-09-29)

Three gunfighters (John Anderson, Steven Marlo, Dennis Cross) use a cowardly barber (Whit Bissell) and his son to talk Lucas into a gunfight so they can kill Lucas and take over the town.

Guest stars: John Anderson, Don Grady, Dennis Cross, and Robert H. Robinson
422"Bloodlines"Arthur HillerArthur Browne, Jr.October 6, 1959 (1959-10-06)

After Lucas is blamed for killing a young man, an outlaw father and his two sons attempt to kill Lucas.

Guest stars: Denver Pyle, Warren Oates, Christopher Dark, Buddy Hackett, Rhys Williams, Bill Quinn, Archie Butler, and Whitey Hughes
433"The Blowout"James NeilsonArthur Browne, Jr.October 13, 1959 (1959-10-13)

An ailing gunfighter (John Dehner) comes to North Fork to die under a doctor's care in order to spare his family. But the gunfighter is being pursued by bank robbers (John Milford, Howard Ledig) from whom he stole robbery money.

Guest stars: Hugh Sanders, Bill Quinn, Glenn Strange, George Brenlin, James Parnell, and Archie Butler
444"Obituary"Don MedfordTeddi Sherman & Ward WoodOctober 20, 1959 (1959-10-20)

After Lucas accuses a newspaper writer's (Alexander Scourby) misleading articles of causing an innocent man's death, the writer begins writing articles about Lucas.

Guest stars: Joanna Moore, Brian D. Hutton, Chris Alcaide, Steve Darnell, Ian Murray, Whitey Hughes, and Archie Butler
455"Tension"Ted PostDavid LangOctober 27, 1959 (1959-10-27)

After a wanna-be bounty hunter (Harry Dean Stanton) kills a man (Gregory Walcott) wanted for a crime committed long ago, Lucas and Mark try to protect the widow (Sydna Scott) from learning about her husband's criminal past.

Guest stars: Robert H. Harris, Jack Elam, Jeff Connors, and Ted Stanhope
466"Eddie's Daughter"Joseph H. LewisWilliam F. LeicesterNovember 3, 1959 (1959-11-03)

Eddie's daughter (Gloria DeHaven), who is withholding criminal information and stolen money, comes to meet her father (John Harmon) and causes trouble for Lucas.

Guest stars: Bill Quinn, Peter Whitney, Ray Teal, Jeff Daley, and Kathleen Mulqueen
477"Panic"Joseph H. LewisAlbert AleyNovember 10, 1959 (1959-11-10)

Lucas discovers a young married couple (William Joyce and Enid Janes) with yellow fever and cares for them at his house, but Mark lets out the secret which causes panic in town.

Guest stars: Dabbs Greer, Fay Roope, Bill Quinn, Hope Summers, Charles Watts, Lynn Cartier, and Bert Stevens
488"Ordeal"Paul LandresPalmer ThompsonNovember 17, 1959 (1959-11-17)

A series of events leads to Lucas and Mark being stranded in the middle of a desert with very little food or water, and after Lucas is injured, Mark becomes the only hope for their survival.

Guest stars: Hank Stohl and Fritz Ford
499"The Spiked Rifle"John EnglishPalmer ThompsonNovember 24, 1959 (1959-11-24)

An unarmed outlaw (Richard Devon) robs the stage of a lot of money after the outlaw informs Lucas that his son, Mark, is being held hostage at the McCain ranch and will be killed within the hour unless Lucas cooperates.

Guest stars: Harlan Warde, Jack Lambert, Baynes Barron, Virginia Christine, Glenn Strange, Charles E. Conrad, Fay Roope, John Harmon, Robert H. Robinson, Carl Sepulveda, Archie Butler, and Rod McGaughy
5010"Letter of the Law"Joseph H. LewisJudy & George W. GeorgeDecember 1, 1959 (1959-12-01)

Lucas makes a life-and-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw (Vic Morrow).

Guest stars: Rhys Williams, Milton Parsons, Ken Lynch, Michael Fox, Paul Carr, John Goddard, and Harlan Warde
5111"Legacy"Bernard L. KowalskiEdmund MorrisDecember 8, 1959 (1959-12-08)

Lucas respects a dying man's (James Barton) wishes by telling the son (James Franciscus) that his father is a partner in the McCain ranch in order to get him to North Fork, but Lucas finds trouble when the man dies before telling his son the truth.

Guest stars: Jack Grinnage, Paul Jasmin, Denver Pyle, Fay Roope, Bill Quinn, Robert Bice, Donald Elson, Lillian Bronson, John Harmon, Harry Harvey, Jack Tornek, Don Kennedy, and Robert H. Robinson
5212"The Baby Sitter"Sam PeckinpahSam Peckinpah & Jack CurtisDecember 15, 1959 (1959-12-15)

A singer (Phyllis Avery) asks Lucas to care for her daughter in an effort to hide the child from its bigoted father (John Dehner).

Guest stars: Lillian Bronson, Henry Rowland, Bill Quinn, Whitey Hughes, Robert H. Robinson, Bert Stevens, and Rod McGaughy
5313"The Coward"James NeilsonPhilip Saltzman & Clair HuffakerDecember 22, 1959 (1959-12-22)

Lucas becomes involved in a battle between a recently fired cook (Carleton Carpenter) and a cocky trail hand (Steve Rowland) who finds it fun to attack those weaker than himself.

Guest stars: John Milford, Robert Bice, Don Elson, Bill Quinn, Sailor Vincent, and Archie Butler
5414"Surveyors"Joseph H. LewisDale & Katherine Albert EunsonDecember 29, 1959 (1959-12-29)

Mark overhears two surveyors (Mike Kellin, Lin McCarthy) arguing and his surveying friend (Ted Otis) suddenly disappears, but Lucas will not believe him and he runs away from home.

Guest stars: Harlan Warde
5515"Day of the Hunter"Joseph H. LewisJohn DunkelJanuary 5, 1960 (1960-01-05)

Lucas refuses a shooting competition with wandering buffalo hunter Cass Callicott (John Anderson) and then becomes his new target.

Guest stars: Dick Elliott
5616"Mail Order Groom"Arthur HillerGene OlsonJanuary 12, 1960 (1960-01-12)

Shortly after his arrival to marry Isabelle (Alice Backes), John Jupiter (Peter Whitney) is taunted and beaten.

Guest stars: John Anderson, Sandy Kenyon, and Montie Montana
5717"A Case of Identity"John PeyserPhilip SaltzmanJanuary 19, 1960 (1960-01-19)

A man (Royal Dano) hires two private detectives to find his long-lost son. They presume him to be dead and try to take Mark to pass him off as the son in order to collect the money.

Guest stars: Herbert Rudley, Chris Alcaide, Jim Breneman and Rhys Williams
5818"The Visitor"Joseph H. LewisWilliam F. Leicester, Chuck Connors, and Wally BennettJanuary 26, 1960 (1960-01-26)

Anne Dodd (Christine White), a pretty young widow of a man who was once Lucas' good friend, visits.

Guest stars: Michael Pate, June Vincent, John Harmon, and Ralph Moody
5919"Hero"Joseph H. LewisAlbert AleyFebruary 2, 1960 (1960-02-02)

The body of a notorious outlaw, the Domino Kid, is brought in by Colly Vane (Robert Culp), who doesn't get the reward for he shot the man in the back.

Guest stars: Frank Ferguson, Lynn Cartier, Dick Keene, Dennis Cross, Steve Marlo, Whitey Hughes, and Archie Butler
6020"The Horse Traders"William ClaxtonJack CurtisFebruary 9, 1960 (1960-02-09)

Lucas and Mark try to help out a friend (Chubby Johnson) who has been cheated in a horse trading deal.

Guest stars: Jack Kirkwood, John Milford, Clegg Hoyt, Fern Barry, and Whitey Hughes
6121"The Spoiler"Joseph H. LewisHarry KronmanFebruary 16, 1960 (1960-02-16)

The Averys (Chubby Johnson, Ellen Corby), Lucas' new elderly neighbors live under an assumed name to keep the town from knowing they are the parents of a vicious wanted killer (Skip Homeier).

Guest stars: Malcolm Cassell, Ralph Moody, and Max Wagner
6222"Heller"Joseph H. LewisChristopher KnopfFebruary 23, 1960 (1960-02-23)

Teenaged Heller (Gigi Perreau) and her brother (Don Grady) are badly mistreated by their drunken stepfather (Peter Whitney).

Guest stars: K. T. Stevens, Sid Gilman, and Hope Summers
6323"The Grasshopper"Lewis AllenPat FielderMarch 1, 1960 (1960-03-01)

Lucas and Mark find themselves held at gunpoint by a prisoner (Richard Devon) being transported on a train, which becomes stranded from a plague of grasshoppers.

Guest stars: Arthur Hunnicutt, Stuart Randall, James K Anderson, Arthur Space, Joe Bassett, Renny McEvoy, Joe Haworth, Ethan Laidlaw, Sid Gilman, and Hope Summers
6424"A Time for Singing"John RichHarry KronmanMarch 8, 1960 (1960-03-08)

Mark learns a new preacher (Robert Knapp) is an impostor.

Guest stars: Chris Alcaide, Patricia Barry, John Milford, Bob Osterloh and Hope Summers
6525"The Deserter"Joseph H. LewisAlbert AleyMarch 15, 1960 (1960-03-15)

Lucas learns why a young soldier (Ron Hagerthy) deserted.

Guest stars: Robert O. Cornthwaite, Harry Carey, Jr., Baynes Barron, Bill Quinn, Richard Alexander, Archie Butler, and Daniel Borzage
6626"The Vision"Don MedfordCyril HumeMarch 22, 1960 (1960-03-22)

While ill with typhoid fever, Mark has a vision of his mother (Marian Seldes).

Guest stars: Milton Parsons, Karl Swenson, Hope Summers, Natividad Vacío, Jeanne Wood, Dennis Cross, John Abbott, and Chuck Hicks
6727"Lariat"Don MedfordPat FielderMarch 29, 1960 (1960-03-29)

An old friend (Richard Anderson) of Lucas' arrives in North Fork to open a gambling casino.

Guest stars: Steve Conte, Dayton Lummis, George Macready, James Flavin, Bill Quinn, Harlan Warde, Whitey Hughes, Jack Tornek, Archie Butler, Rod McGaughy, and Snub Pollard
6828"Smoke Screen"Murray GoldenPalmer ThompsonApril 5, 1960 (1960-04-05)

The daughter (Jennifer Lea) of a prosperous rancher (Douglas Kennedy) is found murdered.

Guest stars: Paul Carr, Warner Jones, George N. Neise, William Benedict, Richard Alexander, Johnny Collier, and Archie Butler
6929"Shotgun Man"Joseph H. LewisJack Curtis & Paul MazurskyApril 12, 1960 (1960-04-12)

Lucas receives a series of mysterious threatening notes from an ex-convict (John Anderson) with a grudge.

Guest stars: John Harmon, Bill Quinn, Jack Elam, Archie Butler. and Robert Robinson
7030"Sins of the Father"Ted PostPhilip Saltzman & Lewis MeltzerApril 19, 1960 (1960-04-19)

Andy Moon (George D. Wallace) and his young son (Eugene Mazzola) take shelter at the McCain ranch.

Guest stars: Richard Evans, Kay E. Kuter, Kelton Garwood, Dick Wilson, Rhys Williams, Charles Tannen, Archie Butler, and Snub Pollard
7131"The Prodigal"Donald McDougallRobert ShermanApril 26, 1960 (1960-04-26)

A bank-robbing gunman (Kevin Hagen) decides to hide out at the McCain ranch.

Guest stars: Josephine Hutchinson, Warren Oates, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Rhys Williams, Lee Van Cleef, and Hope Summers
7232"The Fourflusher"Joseph H. LewisThomas ThompsonMay 3, 1960 (1960-05-03)

A neighbor (Whit Bissell) has bet his whole year's farm crop on a horse race.

Guest stars: James Westerfield, K. T. Stevens, Hope Summers, Archie Butler, Joe Benson, and Ralph Moratz
7333"The Jailbird"Don TaylorFrederic ConradMay 10, 1960 (1960-05-10)

A convict (Dabbs Greer) is released from prison and returns home to North Fork.

Guest stars: Karl Swenson, Bill Quinn, Molly Dodd, Charles Briggs, Charles Tannen, and Archie Butler
7434"Meeting at Midnight"Don MedfordPat Fielder & Arthur Browne Jr.May 17, 1960 (1960-05-17)

Lucas helps an old friend (Claude Akins), a federal agent, infiltrate a gang of robbers.

Guest stars: Chris Alcaide, John Milford, Frank de Kova, Bill Quinn, Ian Murray, Richard Alexander, and Archie Butler
7535"Nora"Ted PostDavid Victor & Herbert LittleMay 24, 1960 (1960-05-24)

Lucas helps a woman (Julie Adams) who is being harassed by a rough gambler.

Guest stars: Murvyn Vye, Michael Fox, Michael Stefani, Johnny Carpenter, Whitey Hughes, Archie Butler, Joe E. Benson, and Bert Stevens
7636"The Hangman"Joseph H. LewisTeddi Sherman & Ward WoodMay 31, 1960 (1960-05-31)

An ex-convict (Whit Bissell) is accused of robbing and killing his employer.

Guest stars: Denver Pyle, Richard Deacon, Michael Fox, Ralph Moody, Betty Lou Gerson, Ian Murray, Amanda Ames, Joe E. Benson, and Archie Butler

Season 3 (1960–61)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
771"Trail of Hate"Arnold LavenCalvin ClementsSeptember 27, 1960 (1960-09-27)

Three robbers hold Mark hostage, forcing Lucas to help them rob the North Fork bank.

Guest stars: Marc Lawrence, Harold J. Stone, Jack Kruschen, Harlan Warde, and Harvey Johnson
782"Woman from Hog Ridge"William F. ClaxtonCalvin ClementsOctober 4, 1960 (1960-10-04)

A matriarch seeks revenge for her sons' deaths.

Guest stars: Dee J. Thompson, Jan Stine, Lane Bradford, James Hurst, and Robert F. Hoy
793"Seven"Ted PostArthur Browne, Jr.October 11, 1960 (1960-10-11)

A prison wagon carrying seven criminals stops over in North Fork for supplies.

Guest stars: Bing Russell, Helen Beverly, Hal John Norman, Hope Summers, and Don Megowan
804"The Pitchman"John RichJay SimmsOctober 18, 1960 (1960-10-18)

A con man and his son want Lucas' mineral rights.

Guest stars: Danny Richards, Jr., John Milford, Paul Wexler, and Bob Sweeney
815"Strange Town"Joseph H. LewisJack CurtisOctober 25, 1960 (1960-10-25)

Lucas trails an escaped prisoner (Claude Akins) to a mining town in the mountains.

Guest stars: William Shallert, Milton Parsons, Claude Akins, and Peter Whitney
826"Baranca"Joseph H. LewisMike Mamakos & Peter MamakosNovember 1, 1960 (1960-11-01)

A Mexican bandit and his gang ride into North Fork.

Guest stars: John Milford, Jack Krushen, Linda Dangcil, Henry Amargo, and Cesare Danova
837"The Martinet"Joseph H. LewisPhillip SaltzmanNovember 8, 1960 (1960-11-08)

Lucas helps a young minister who had problems with his father.

Guest stars: John Hoyt, Don Dubbins, and Richard Alexander
848"Miss Milly"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.November 15, 1960 (1960-11-15)

A store owner hires con men as collection agents.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Warren Oates, Michael Fox, Charles Tannen, and Richard Devon
859"Dead Cold Cash"Dick ModerIrving Elman & Arthur Browne, Jr.November 22, 1960 (1960-11-22)

Before she dies, the widow of a bandit Lucas shot arranges for his death.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Steve Darrell, Chris Alcaide, Harlan Warde, and Ed Nelson
8610"The Schoolmaster"Arthur HillerMargaret ArmenNovember 29, 1960 (1960-11-29)

Mark is trapped in an old mine.

Guest stars: Jimmy Fields, Pamela Cole, and Arnold Moss
8711"The Promoter"Dick ModerPhillip SaltzmanDecember 6, 1960 (1960-12-06)

A con man makes his living by provoking and then betting on gunfights.

Guest stars: Dabbs Greer, Ollie O' Toole, Robert F. Hoy, Jack Lester, and Denny Miller
8812"The Illustrator"Don MedfordKen Kolb & Robert MarkDecember 13, 1960 (1960-12-13)

A hard-drinking painter is accused of murder.

Guest stars: Midge Ware, Dayton Lummis, Ed Nelson, Joseph V. Perry, and Richard Whorf
8913"The Silent Knife"Don MedfordJohn Wilder & Douglas StevensDecember 20, 1960 (1960-12-20)

A desperate, mute man steals from the stagecoach.

Guest stars: Brad Weston, Robert Williams, James Chandler, Wallace Earl, and Richard Devon
9014"Miss Bertie"James ClavellMargaret ArmenDecember 27, 1960 (1960-12-27)

A sprightly elderly lady arrives in North Fork and announces that she plans to capture a bandit.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Agnes Moorehead, and Richard Anderson
9115"Six Years And A Day"Paul WendkosPeter ArendsJanuary 3, 1961 (1961-01-03)

Lucas helps alcoholic former doctor Jack Cooke (John Larch) regain his self-respect.

Guest stars: John Larch, James Gavin, Ron Hayes, Regina Gleason, Ralph Moody, and Hal K. Dawson
9216"Flowers By The Door"Joseph H. LewisHarry KronmanJanuary 10, 1961 (1961-01-10)

Lucas unmasks a book salesman as a killer.

Guest stars: Richard Anderson, Jean Allison, and Patricia Breslin
9317"Long Trek"Lamont JohnsonCalvin ClementsJanuary 17, 1961 (1961-01-17)

Lucas and Micah are beset with troubles while bringing a killer to trial.

Guest star: Lonny Chapman
9418"The Actress"Joseph H. LewisChuck Connors & Lawrence DobkinJanuary 24, 1961 (1961-01-24)

A dying friend asks Lucas to fetch his wife.

Guest stars: Morris Ankrum, Diana Millay, Ralph Moody, Charles Tannen, and Joe Benson
9519"Face Of Yesterday"Joseph H. LewisPalmer ThompsonJanuary 31, 1961 (1961-01-31)

Lucas begins to believe in ghosts when he sees someone he thinks he killed.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, K.T. Stevens, Ralph Moody, Ben Cooper, and John Anderson
9620"The Wyoming Story: Part 1"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.February 7, 1961 (1961-02-07)

Lucas goes undercover as a federal agent.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Kent Taylor, Dabbs Greer, Russell Thorson, Enid Janes and Chris Alcaide
9721"The Wyoming Story, Part 2"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.February 14, 1961 (1961-02-14)

Lucas is sent to Wyoming to investigate the sale of guns to Indians.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, Kent Taylor, Dabbs Greer, Russell Thorson, Enid Janes and Chris Alcaide
9822"Closer Than A Brother"Joseph H. LewisCyril HumeFebruary 21, 1961 (1961-02-21)

Micah is terrorized by an old enemy and resigns from his job.

Guest Stars: Rex Ingram, Berry Kroeger, Kelly Thorsden, Bill Quinn and Jack Wells
9923"The Lost Treasure Of Canyon Town"Don TaylorCalvin ClementsFebruary 28, 1961 (1961-02-28)

Lucas, Mark and Micah learn the secret of a town's 20-year-old mystery of a lost gold mine.

Guest Stars: Willam Fawcett, Robert Foulk, and Mickey Finn
10024"Dark Day At North Fork"Paul LandresArthur Browne, Jr.March 7, 1961 (1961-03-07)

Lucas, temporarily blind, faces a gunfight.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, John Milford, Ralph Moody, and Joe Higgins
10125"The Prisoner"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.March 14, 1961 (1961-03-14)

A former POW imprisons Lucas for his role in the Civil War.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, Adam Williams, and John Dehner
10226"Assault"Ida LupinoJay SimmsMarch 21, 1961 (1961-03-21)

A traveling salesman is accused of forcing his attentions on a local woman.

Guest Stars: Linda Lawson, Danny Richards, Jr., King Calder, Meb Florey, Paul Mantee and Bob Sweeney
10327"Short Rope For A Tall Man"Paul LandresTom GriesMarch 28, 1961 (1961-03-28)

Lucas faces lynching for unwittingly buying stolen horses.

Guest Stars: Hal Baylor, Norman Leavitt, Charles Briggs, William Schallert, and Bert Freed
10428"The Clarence Bibs Story"David FriedkinCalvin ClementsApril 4, 1961 (1961-04-04)

A slow-witted handyman gets into trouble when he accidentally kills a skilled gunfighter.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, Buddy Hackett, Denver Pyle, Lee Van Cleef, John Milford and X. Brands
10529"The Score Is Even"William F. ClaxtonFanya FossApril 11, 1961 (1961-04-11)

Lucas and Mark stumble across a robbery in progress.

Guest Stars: Adam Williams, Kelly Thordsen, and Joe Benson
10630"The Mescalaro Curse"Jesse HibbsMargaret ArmenApril 18, 1961 (1961-04-18)

After Lucas receives a curse while attending then hanging of a murdering Indian, he goes on a hunt to find out who or what is behind the so-called curse.

Guest Stars: Ralph Moody, Charles Watts, Larry Chance, Jackie Searl, Joe Brown, Jr., and Michael Pate
10731"Stopover"Budd BoetticherArthur Browne, Jr.April 25, 1961 (1961-04-25)

Lucas allows troublesome snowed-in stagecoach passengers to stay with him until the roads are passable.

Guest Stars: Adam West, Gordon Jones, Joe Higgins, and Bethel Leslie
10832"The Lonesome Bride"Otto LangArthur Browne, Jr.May 2, 1961 (1961-05-02)

Lucas almost finds himself at the altar when two drunken cowboys play a joke on him.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, Kay E. Kuter, Lincoln Demyan, Bill Quinn and Joan Shawlee
10933"Death Trap"Arnold LavenArthur Browne, Jr.May 9, 1961 (1961-05-09)

An ex-gunfighter from Lucas' past, now a doctor, comes to his aid when a dying man is brought in, but Lucas and the new doctor have unresolved anger toward each other.

Guest Stars: Philip Carey, Gigi Perreau, Hank Stohl, John Pickard, Larry Perron, William Kendis, Steve Pendleton, and James Drury
11034"The Queue"James ClavellBeverly Fix, Frank Eby and Arthur Browne, Jr.May 16, 1961 (1961-05-16)

Lucas helps a Chinese man settle into town after townspeople try to force him out because of his race.

Guest Stars: Joan Taylor, Victor Sen Yung, Dick Kay Hong, Pat Close and Paul Wexler, and Peter Whitney

Season 4 (1961–62)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1111"The Vaqueros"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne Jr.October 2, 1961 (1961-10-02)

Lucas subdues a gang of bandits singlehandedly.
Guest stars: Martin Landau, Roberto Contreras, Ziva Rodann, Vladimir Sokoloff, Than Wyenn, Pepe Hern .

Note: This is the first episode to air on a Monday night.
1122"First Wages"Gene NelsonEd AdamsonOctober 9, 1961 (1961-10-09)

Mark takes a job against his father's wishes.

Guest stars: Ed Nelson, Joe Higgins, Glen Ryle, David M. Rodman, Troy Melton.
1133"Sheer Terror"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne Jr.October 16, 1961 (1961-10-16)

Stagecoach robbers take Mark and Milly hostage.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Harlan Warde, Charles Macaulay, Tommy Cook, Paul Wexler, Betty Lou McVay, Bruce Hayward
1144"The Stand-In"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne Jr.October 23, 1961 (1961-10-23)

A prison wagon carrying a condemned killer passes through North Fork.

Guest stars: Richard Devon, Dabbs Greer, Charles Cooper
1155"The Journey Back"Joseph H. LewisHerman GrovesOctober 30, 1961 (1961-10-30)

A new neighbor of the McCains' gives Mark a job on his ranch.

Guest stars: John Anderson, John Milford, Harry Carey Jr., Mel Carter, Chris Alcaide
1166"The Decision"Gene NelsonEd AdamsonNovember 6, 1961 (1961-11-06)

A killer's rich father tries to bribe witness Lucas.

Guest stars: Denver Pyle, Hampton Fancher, Kevin Hagen, Arlyne Varden (credits Arlyne Lampshire), Jim Stewart, Richard Kiel, Henry Norell
1177"Knight Errant"Gene NelsonJay SimmsNovember 13, 1961 (1961-11-13)

An eccentric old friend of Lucas' arrives in North Fork.

Guest stars: Lawrence Dobkin, Sean McClory, Charles Reade, Jack Elam
1188"Honest Abe"Joseph H. LewisMichael MorrisNovember 20, 1961 (1961-11-20)

A kindly neighbor (Royal Dano) of Lucas' believes he is President Lincoln.

Guest stars: Royal Dano, Charles Cooper, K.T. Stevens, Joe Higgins, Steve Warren, Pam Smith, Rex Morgan and Pick Temple
1199"The Long Goodbye"Gene NelsonMarian Carpenter, Jack LewisNovember 27, 1961 (1961-11-27)d

The North Fork Town Council feels that an old man is incapable of raising his grandson.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Edgar Buchanan, Teddy Rooney, Virginia Christine, Bill Zuckert
12010"The Shattered Idol"Joseph H. LewisMargaret ArmenDecember 4, 1961 (1961-12-04)

Mark Twain visits North Fork.

Guest stars: Kevin McCarthy, Jack Elam, John Harmon, Bud Osbourne, Mary Jo Tierney
12111"Long Gun from Tucson"Joseph H. LewisCalvin ClementsDecember 11, 1961 (1961-12-11)

The townspeople leave Lucas to face killers alone.

Guest stars: Peter Whitney, Whit Bissell, Brian G. Hutton, Joe Higgins, Billy E. Hughes
12212"High Country"Gene NelsonCalvin ClementsDecember 18, 1961 (1961-12-18)

Lucas is accidentally responsible for the death of a young mountain boy.

Guest stars: James Coburn, Booth Colman, Ellen Corby, Valora Noland
12313"A Friend In Need"Gene NelsonArthur Browne Jr.December 25, 1961 (1961-12-25)

Lucas is stunned when Mark is kidnapped and a $5,000 ransom is asked.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Harlan Warde, Parley Baer, Lee Farr, Tom Snyder
12414"Skull"William F. ClaxtonArthur Browne Jr.January 1, 1962 (1962-01-01)

Outlaws force Lucas to help with a prison break.

Guest stars: Lyle Bettger, Lewis Charles, Tom Brown, Don Drysdale, George Willeford, John Alvin
12515"The Princess"Robert ButlerPat FielderJanuary 8, 1962 (1962-01-08)

A young girl seeks refuge at the McCain ranch for herself and her ill brother.

Guest stars: Annie Fargue, Michel Petit, Stephen Bekassy, Robert Burton, Ron Penfound
12616"Gunfire"Richard DonnerArthur Browne Jr.January 15, 1962 (1962-01-15)

A gang comes to town to free a jailed member.

Guest stars: Lon Chaney Jr., Ross Elliot, Joe Higgins, Grant Richards, Willian Bryant, Preston Price
12717"Quiet Fear"Gene NelsonArthur Browne Jr.January 22, 1962 (1962-01-22)

A drifter forces his attentions on a deaf girl.

Guest stars: Enid Jaynes, Patrick McVey, Richard Rust, Dennis Cross
12818"Sporting Chance"Gene NelsonArthur Browne Jr.January 29, 1962 (1962-01-29)

A dapper man arrives on the stage and announces that he has come to kill Lucas.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Arthur Malet, James Luisi, Al Collins
12919"Young Man's Fancy"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne Jr.February 5, 1962 (1962-02-05)

Mark falls head-over-heels in to his first puppy love.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Cheryl Holdridge, Richard Evans
13020"Man From Salinas"Lawrence DobkinArthur Browne Jr.February 12, 1962 (1962-02-12)

A young man arrives in North Fork to claim the body of his dead brother.

Guest stars: Robert Culp, Jack Hogan, Ralph Moody, Joe Higgins, Harlan Warde
13121"Two Ounces Of Tin"Arnold LavenCalvin ClementsFebruary 19, 1962 (1962-02-19)

A young gunman with a killer's reputation comes to town and threatens to kill Micah.

Guest stars: Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Ginger
13222"Deadly Image"Richard DonnerPhilip SaltzmanFebruary 26, 1962 (1962-02-26)

Lucas is accused of cold-blooded murder by a man who claims to have been an eyewitness.

Guest stars: Leonard Stone, Robert Bice, Bill Quinn, Gloria Moreland
13323"The Debt"Richard DonnerCalvin ClementsMarch 5, 1962 (1962-03-05)

Mark deliberately disobeys his father for the first time when he allows a convicted prisoner to escape.

Guest stars: Hank Patterson, Keith Andes
13424"Tinhorn"Lawrence DobkinPaul Mazursky, Skippy AdelmanMarch 12, 1962 (1962-03-12)

Lucas suddenly develops the habit is playing all-night poker in the local saloon.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Grant Richards, Grace Lee Whitney, Larry Thor, Barbara Eiler, Jim Hayward, Stephen Wootton
13525"None So Blind"Paul WendkosCyril HumeMarch 19, 1962 (1962-03-19)

A banjo-playing wanderer, hunting the man who caused his blindness, befriends Mark.

Guest stars: Cliff Osmond, Jeff York
13626"Jealous Man"Lawrence DobkinPeter Germano, Calvin ClementsMarch 26, 1962 (1962-03-26)

Jake Owens and his beautiful young wife buy the ranch adjoining the McCains'.

Guest stars: Mort Mills, Diane Brewster, Richard Garland, Rex Holman
13727"Guilty Conscience"Richard DonnerCyril HumeApril 2, 1962 (1962-04-02)

An aging Southern belle and her teenage son arrive in North Fork and immediately identify Micah as her long-lost husband and father of the boy.

Guest stars: Lee Patrick, Tom Nolan, Argentina Brunetti, Chubby Johnson, Billy Cerone
13828"Day Of Reckoning"Lawrence DobkinCalvin ClementsApril 9, 1962 (1962-04-09)

North Fork welcomes a new minister (Royal Dano), but Lucas knows he is a former outlaw and an ex-convict.

Guest stars: Royal Dano, Warren Oates, L.Q. Jones, Billy E. Hughes
13929"The Day A Town Slept"Richard DonnerCalvin ClementsApril 16, 1962 (1962-04-16)

The McCains return from a trip to learn Micah has been voted out as marshal and a stranger now has the job.

Guest stars: James Best, Lawrence Dobkin
14030"Milly's Brother"Richard DonnerArthur Browne Jr.April 23, 1962 (1962-04-23)

A handsome gambler moves into town and begins wooing Milly Scott, claiming to have known her deceased brother.

Guest stars: Joan Taylor, Richard Anderson
14131"Outlaw's Shoes"Richard DonnerCalvin ClementsApril 30, 1962 (1962-04-30)

Lucas develops temporary amnesia from a head injury while visiting a strange town and mistakenly assumes the identity of a wanted criminal.

Guest stars: Michael Greene, Paul Wexler, William Woodson, Stanley Adams, Tom Gilson, Roy Barcroft, Mel Carter
14232"The Executioner"Lawrence DobkinAdam WilliamsMay 7, 1962 (1962-05-07)

A former friend of Lucas', out to recover some stolen money he had hidden on the McCain ranch, is released from prison and asks Lucas for a job.

Guest stars: Adam Williams, John Davis Chandler, Wallace Earl, Michael Pate

Season 5 (1962–63)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1431"Waste: Part 1"Joseph H. LewisRobert CulpOctober 1, 1962 (1962-10-01)

The McCains and Micah enter a "ghost town" and are taken prisoners by a group of bandits.

Guest stars: Vito Scotti, Alex Montoya, Pepe Hern, Tony Rosa, Sara Taft, Enid Jaynes
1442"Waste: Part 2"Joseph H. LewisRobert CulpOctober 8, 1962 (1962-10-08)

One of the bandit's wives (Enid Jaynes) is about to give birth and Lucas must deliver it rather than escape.

Guest stars: Vito Scotti, Alex Montoya, Pepe Hern, Tony Rosa, Sara Taft
1453"Lou Mallory"Arnold LavenArthur Browne, Jr.October 15, 1962 (1962-10-15)

Red-headed Lou Mallory (Patricia Blair) arrives in North Fork and buys a hotel.

Guest stars: Peter Whitney, Conlan Carter, Thom Carney, Mel Carter, Bill Quinn, Enid Jaynes
1464"Quiet Night, Deadly Night"Arnold LavenArthur Browne, Jr.October 22, 1962 (1962-10-22)

Lucas, Lou Mallory, Doctor Burrage and two innocent bystanders are trapped in the hotel with dangerous outlaw Lee Coyle (Ed Ames) after a smallpox epidemic.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Ralph Moody, Maureen Dawson, Carol Leigh
1475"Death Never Rides Alone"Joseph H. LewisDavid P. HarmonOctober 29, 1962 (1962-10-29)

A former gunfighter friend of Lucas (Lee Van Cleef) arrives in town intent on settling down and living quietly.

Guest stars: Rex Holman, Joe Higgins, Bill Quinn, John Rayborn
1486"I Take This Woman"Joseph H. LewisDavid P. HarmonNovember 5, 1962 (1962-11-05)

A charming Irishman (Sean McClory) comes to town announcing that he is there to claim Lou Mallory as his bride.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, Charles Cooper
1497"The Assailants"Arthur H. NadelHerman GrovesNovember 12, 1962 (1962-11-12)

A group of assassins disguised as cavalry soldiers try to murder an influential visiting senator (Edward Platt).

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, John Milford, Steven Marlo, Noam Pitlik, William Bryant, Henry Allin, Benny Carle
1508"Mark's Rifle"Arnold LavenOliver CrawfordNovember 19, 1962 (1962-11-19)

Mark befriends a young man (Mark Goddard) who arrives in town to promote a circus and then quickly becomes a robbery suspect.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Ralph Moody, Eddie Quillan
1519"The Most Amazing Man"Arthur H. NadalRobert LewinNovember 26, 1962 (1962-11-26)

Wade Randall (Sammy Davis, Jr.) appears in town, bragging of his gun battles with notorious bad men, until one of them (Richard Devon) shows up to challenge him.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Pat Henry
15210"Squeeze Play"Joseph H. LewisEd AdamsonDecember 3, 1962 (1962-12-03)

An unscrupulous land buyer (Gerald Mohr) tries to purchase the McCain ranch for a railroad eminent domain.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Chris Alcaide, Henry Madden, Dean Fredericks
15311"Gun Shy"Arthur H. NadelLois Meyers, Cyril HumeDecember 10, 1962 (1962-12-10)

Mark develops an intense aversion of his father's rifle after a shooting accident takes the life of his friend (Jimmy Carter).

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Bill Quinn, Peter Whitney, Pat Goldin, Jay Nelson, Darryl Richard, Enid Jaynes
15412"The Anvil Chorus"Arnold LavenArthur Browne, Jr.December 17, 1962 (1962-12-17)

Outlaws, who had elected not to rob North Branch due to its heavily-armed reputation, change their minds upon learning of a new policy disarming the citizenry.

Guest stars: Steven Marlo, Norman Alden, William Meigs, Michael Harris
15513"Conflict"Arthur H. NadelEd AdamsonDecember 24, 1962 (1962-12-24)

While out on a cougar hunt, a frightening incident causes Lucas to lose faith in his ability as a rifleman.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Ralph Moody, Rhodes Reason, Eddie Quillan
15614"Incident at Line Shack Six"Arnold LavenCalvin ClementsJanuary 7, 1963 (1963-01-07)

A murder occurs at a railroad camp near town, and a young Indian friend of Lucas' is accused of the killing.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Paul Mantee, John Anderson, Raymond Guth, Claude Hall, Ray Kellogg, Dale Wright
15715"Suspicion"Joseph H. LewisJay SimmsJanuary 14, 1963 (1963-01-14)

Lucas and Mark find Winslow Quince (Kevin McCarthy) stranded in the desert with a broken wheel on his wagon and help him to get to town. Quince is later blamed for a series of murders and robberies.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, Bill Quinn, William Fawcett
15816"The Sidewinder"Joseph H. LewisRobert LewinJanuary 21, 1963 (1963-01-21)

Grid Maul, a boy not much older than Mark, confronts Lucas with the announcement that he intends to kill him to avenge his father's death.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, Billy E. Hughes
15917"The Sixteenth Cousin"Arthur H. NadelArthur Browne, Jr.January 28, 1963 (1963-01-28)

North Fork welcomes the arrival of the first train on the new railroad and with it, visitors that include a royal cousin of the Emperor of Japan (John Fujioka).

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Vitto Scotti, Charles Maxwell, Paul Sorensen
16018"Hostages To Fortune"Arthur H. NadelCyril HumeFebruary 4, 1963 (1963-02-04)

Lucas' faith in his son's honesty is shaken when he hears rumors that Mark may be mixed up with some thieves.

Guest stars: Maurice Dallimore, Tony Haig, I. Stanford Jolley, Paul Mazursky, Robert Stevens, Dan White
16119"And the Devil Makes Five"Joseph H. LewisArthur Browne, Jr.February 11, 1963 (1963-02-11)
Lucas and Mark, returning from a fishing trip in the mountains, encounter Micah, who is escorting prisoner Scully Potter (Lonny Chapman) to Santa Fe.
16220"End Of The Hunt"Arthur H. NadelJay SimmsFebruary 18, 1963 (1963-02-18)

Lucas, ordinarily a patient and reasonable man, turns vengeful after learning an old enemy (Jeff Morrow) is in town.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, Harry Finley, John C. Gilbert, K.T. Stevens
16321"The Bullet"Joseph H. LewisLowell BarringtonFebruary 25, 1963 (1963-02-25)

Away on a trip for the Cattleman's Association, Lucas rescues a man and is drawn into a fight with the crooked owner of a gambling establishment (Richard Anderson).

Guest stars: Harold J. Stone, Gene Tyburn, Norman Leavitt, Harry Lautner, Asa Maynor, Dal McKennon
16422"Requiem At Mission Springs"Arthur H. NadelMargaret ArmenMarch 4, 1963 (1963-03-04)

Mark is injured in an accident, which leaves his legs paralyzed. The doctor suggests mineral baths at Mission Springs to help. There, a gang of Yuma Prison escapees are hiding.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Ralph Moody, Dean Fredericks, George Lindsey, Dal Jenkins
16523"The Guest"Joseph H. LewisEd AdamsonMarch 11, 1963 (1963-03-11)

A charming stranger (Cesare Danova) arrives at the McCain ranch and identifies himself as an acquaintance of an old friend of Lucas.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Walter Sande
16624"Old Man, Running"Arthur H. NadelA. Martin ZweibackMarch 18, 1963 (1963-03-18)

An old man (John Anderson) appears in North Fork asking for Micah's protection from a gang of criminals who are after him.

Guest stars: Patricia Blair, Joe Higgins, Adam Williams, Rex Holman, Arthur Batanides
16725"Which Way'd They Go?"Arthur H. NadelArthur Browne, Jr.March 25, 1963 (1963-03-25)

The hillbilly Jackman family are installed as peace officers in a town near North Fork.

Guest stars: Peter Whitney, Vito Scotti, Conlan Carter, Mickey Manners, John Craig, Beatrice Kay, Dal McKennon, Leo Gordon
16826"Old Tony"Joseph H. LewisThomas ThompsonApril 8, 1963 (1963-04-08)

The recluse Old Tony (Stefan Schnabel) helps Lucas rescue Mark and his girlfriend Lorrie from quicksand.

Guest stars: Karen Sue Trent, Martin Kosleck