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The light novel, manga, and anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero features a diverse cast of characters. The visuals of the characters were designed by Minami Seira and their stories were created by Aneko Yusagi.

Main characters[edit]

Naofumi Iwatani (岩谷 尚文, Iwatani Naofumi)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa[1] (Japanese); Billy Kametz[2] (English)
Naofumi is the Hero of the Shield, he was a university student who was summoned from another world after finding a book about the Four Heroes. Originally an open minded person, he becomes cynical and mistrustful of others due to being looked down by his fellow heroes, subjected to religious prejudice from citizens, and being robbed and falsely accused of rape by Myne. It is only after Raphtalia defended him and proclaimed her loyalty that Naofumi began to slowly open up to those around him and realizing his mistakes. Viewing his role as a Hero burdensome, having been summoned against his will, Naofumi shows little remorse in using underhanded tactics to ensure the survival of his party despite the criticism of his fellow Heroes/allies. Generally reluctant to trust strangers, often asking to be paid upfront or using slave curses to prevent lying, he tries his best to live up to the expectations of those who have placed their faith in him or treat him as an equal.
After defeating Kyo and ending the threat of the Spirit Tortoise, Naofumi is given control of Raphtalia's hometown. He soon plans to rebuild and make a makeshift army to fight against the Waves and remaining Guardian Beasts, purchasing the original displaced inhabitants and other slaves to repopulate. He often enjoys pretending to be the villain, much to Raphtalia's annoyance and the amusement of his allies, and working as a merchant/craftsman in his spare time. Believing he'll one day return home, he considers himself a foster parent to Raphtalia and Filo and desires to make sure they can protect themselves in his absence.
Although Naofumi has a slow start because of the public's perception of him and being unable to attack enemies directly, he is still able to keep up with his fellow heroes and even outshine them due to unlocking a wide variety of shields that boost his allies and passive skills. Given his high defenses, he is able to shrug off most attacks and displays immunity to most poisons, being only vulnerable to attacks that use his stats against him such as Hengen Muso. His strongest shield, the Shield of Wrath, allows him to counterattack opponents with cursed flames that rise with his anger at the cost of temporarily decreasing his stats and threatening to allow his inner darkness to take control.
Raphtalia (ラフタリア, Rafutaria)
Voiced by: Asami Seto[1] (Japanese); Erica Mendez[2] (English)
The Vassal Katana Hero and Tanuki Demi-human. Originally living in a village on Melromarc's coast, Raphatalia was left orphaned in the wake of the first Wave to strike the world. Shortly after, she and her fellow villagers were captured and sold into slavery by Melromarc's Royal Knights. First purchased by a nobleman, she is physically and emotionally tortured out of racial resentment towards Demi-humans and left a shell of her former self. Near death and suffering from panic attacks, she was sold back and later purchased by Naofumi who, unable to fight himself and spite towards Malty, desired to use her as his sword in the coming Waves.
Under Naofumi's protection, Raphtalia becomes a skilled swordfighter and is able to find closure from her past traumas. Able to see past Naofumi's cynical nature, she falls in love with him and does her best to help him overcome his resentment towards others and losing himself to the Shield of Wrath, even volunteering to have her slave curse re-applied after it is forcibly removed as a sign of devotion. It is later revealed that through her Tanuki herritage, she is a heir to the throne of Q'Ten Lo, her father having eloped to Meloromarc and putting her at odds with her distant relatives.
Technically a 10 year old girl, being a Demi-human, Raphtalia's body is able to age to that of a young women as her levels increase. Due to this, she often gets annoyed when Naofumi treats her as his daughter or is oblivious to her feelings; the latter believing she is only focused on getting stronger. While traveling in Kizuna's world, she is chosen as the wielder of the Vassal Katana (Sever Star Hammer in the Web Novel). She also specializes in Light/Dark magic and is able to turn herself and allies invisible or generate illusions.
Filo (フィーロ, Fīro)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka[3] (Japanese); Brianna Knickerbocker[2] (English)
A Filolial Queen. Hatching her from an egg purchased from the Slave Trader, Filo is the youngest of Naofumi's allies. She is part of a monster species called Filolials that enjoy pulling carts, and having been raised by a Hero, develops into a Queen. As a Queen, she resembles a large flightless owl and possesses higher attack strength and speed than normal members of her species. In addition, she possesses the unique ability to shapeshift into a young blonde girl with wings, retaining the strength of her true form.
Young and boisterous, she has a short attention span, has a ravenous appetite, and often fights Raphtalia and Gaelion for Naofumi's attention, much to his and others annoyance. Also highly impressionable, she has been shown to pick up on some of Naofumi's habits much to Raphtalia's distress. A capable learner, she is able to use advanced wind magic spells and many of the teachings of Hengen Muso with minimal instruction. Her skills are recognized by her Queen predecessor, Fitoria, and is given some of her power.
In spite of her sometimes overbearing personality, Filo is able to quickly make friends with others and takes other Filolials on as her underlings. True to her Filolial instincts, her favorite hobby is to pull a custom cart Naofumi made for her. While in Kizuna's world, due to Filolial's not existing, she is transformed into a species called a Humming Fairy, losing her strength in favor of being able to fly and cast magic through singing.

Summoned Heroes[edit]

Legendary Heroes[edit]

Motoyasu Kitamura (北村 元康, Kitamura Motoyasu)
Voiced by: Makoto Takahashi[1] (Japanese); Xander Mobus[2] (English)
The Hero of the Spear. Motoyasu was a university student before he was summoned, having been stabbed to death after a misunderstanding by childhood friend and a classmate. Generally a nice person, he is immensely gullible; showing near complete unawareness of the actions of his manipulative party members. A heavy womanizer, he is looked down upon by his fellow heroes for his skirt chasing habits. He also displays a Lolita Complex towards Filo, as she resembles a video game character in his home-world.
Initially the leader of a party composed entirely of women who act as his cheerleaders and, unaware of her true nature, Motoyasu sympathizes with Myne's claims against Naofumi and invites her to join him; initially leading Naofumi to believe the two were working together. Despite warnings from his fellow Heroes and Melromarc's Queen, he believes Myne’s claims of Naofumi brainwashing others and clashes with him repeatedly, even after Myne’s true nature is exposed. Later, he is abandoned by his party and left for dead during the battle with the Spirit Turtle, leaving him critically depressed. Comforted by Filo, he chooses to re-dedicate his efforts to winning her heart and seeks approval from Naofumi to marry her; leading many to question his mental stability and causing Filo distress with his unwanted advances.
Motoyasu is shown to be physically the strongest of the Heroes. He unlocks the cursed Spears of Lust and Envy after Myne’s betrayal, and as a result of their aftereffects: literally seeing women as pigs, his mental state deteriorates even further. Unaware of the curse, he creates a party composed of Filolials and dedicates himself to becoming a professional breeder.
The title protagonist of The Reprise of the Spear Hero, Motoyasu, upon being killed in battle, unlocks the ability to time travel and returns to the start of the series with his stats and memories of Filo intact. Proclaiming himself: "The Love Hunter," he dedicates himself again to trying to win Filo's heart and protecting Naofumi from the events that turned him cynical; generally with mixed results.
Ren Amaki (天木 錬, Amaki Ren)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka[1] (Japanese); Alan Lee[2] (English)
The Hero of the Sword. Youngest of the Heroes, Ren was a high school student before he was summoned after being killed trying to save a childhood friend. A loner by nature, he does his best to keep his image as a cool guy intact; at one point resorting to cheating when in a losing duel against Eclair. Commanding the most loyalty, he prefers to run his party like a guild and only working directly together when a powerful monster appears believing each member is only responsible for themselves. While the most willing of the Heroes to hear out Naofumi's claims and advice, his condescending nature towards those at lower levels than himself still leads to tension between the two. To the amusement of his fellow heroes, he has a fear of water and is unable to swim.
After his entire party is killed by the Spirit Tortoise, he falls into a state of denial and grief. Despite Naofumi's initial attempts to help him, he instead turns to Malty for emotional support and is soon robbed of his belongings. Donning a disguise, he resorts to stealing to get by and becomes the leader of a group of bandits; unlocking the cursed Swords of Greed and Gluttony in the process.
In his cursed state, he is re-challenged by Eclair and is easily defeated. Finally willing to accept responsibility for his past mistakes and unable to gain experience or money as a result of using his cursed weapons, he chooses to stay in Naofumi's village and become Eclair's student. He now believes the next step to becoming stronger is to focus on his swordsmanship skills.
Itsuki Kawasumi (川澄 樹, Kawasumi Itsuki)
Voiced by: Yoshitaka Yamaya[1] (Japanese); Erik Scott Kimerer[2] (English)
The Hero of the Bow. Itsuki was a high school student before he was summoned, having been killed after a large truck took a sudden left turn. Calling himself an ally of Justice, he holds a superiority complex and has an innate need for attention, often bragging about his exploits to others. He chooses to run his party in a vigilante-like fashion, primarily taking on missions that involve corrupt officials and assisting others at the most opportune moments. He runs his party within a strict hierarchy of seniority, treating new party members as servants. Due to his self-indulgent attitude and treatment of his party members, Naofumi dislikes him the most of his fellow Heroes. Itsuki's feud with Naofumi comes to a head after he frames Rishia for a crime as a thinly veiled excuse to kick her out of his party; viewing her as weak, a burden, and for upstaging him during the Wave in Cal Mira.
His remaining party later betrays him during the battle with the Spirit Tortoise by tying him up and leaving him for dead. In a state of denial, he is soon tricked by Malty into fighting on her behalf in tournaments in Zeltoble; believing he was raising money to help her stop Naofumi from abusing his slaves and extorting citizens for money. Unlocking the cursed Bow of Pride, he fights against Rishia and is defeated as Naofumi and Ren expose the truth. Left in debt by Malty and having lost his volition as a result of his cursed weapon, he begs Rishia for forgiveness and chooses to stay in Naofumi's village as he recovers.
Kizuna Kazeyama (風山 絆, Kazeyama Kitzuna)
The Hunting Hero. One of the four Legendary Heroes of the parallel world, Kizuna was playing virtual reality game when she was summoned. Unlike the other Heroes called upon to fight the Waves, she was summoned prior to their appearance and was tasked with defeating a corrupt Dragon Emperor. A strong-willed woman, she has an easy time making friends and enjoys traveling the world. An avid fisherman, her party members sometimes have to restrain her to help keep her focus on tasks at hand. Despite her looks, she is eighteen years old and takes pride in being an otaku. She lives in a home she built herself alongside Glass; later inspiring Naofumi to found his own village.
After her party defeated the Demon Dragon, she found herself in a hostile country and was cast into a magic labyrinth. By the time she meets Naofumi and Rishia, having been cast themselves into the labyrinth by Kyo, several years had passed. With Naofumi's assistance, they are able to escape and work together to find their displaced party members. Initially unaware of the threat of the Waves, she orders her party to stop cease their attacks on Naofumi's world. She and her party join Naofumi in defeating Kyo and vow to work together to solve the mystery of the Waves and save their worlds without resorting to killing their opposing Legendary Heroes.
Her Legendary Weapon can turn into a large hunting knife or fishing rod. Not unlike Naofumi, she is restricted in her attacking capabilities in that she can only attack monsters. Kizuna does not appear in the original web novel, although Glass, near the end of the story, mentions a close friend gone missing, probably referring to Kizuna.

Seven Star and Vassal Heroes[edit]

Rishia Ivyred
The Seven Star Projectile Hero. The daughter of a lesser noble family, she was originally kidnapped by a corrupt nobleman and was saved by Itsuki. Having fallen in love with him and admiring his sense of justice, Rishia joined Itsuki's party. Itsuki, however, seeing her as a burden, tries to drive her away by treating her as more of a servant than a teammate. After inadvertently upstaging him during the Cal Mira Wave, Itsuki resorts to framing her for breaking an important item and kicks her out. Left emotionally frail, Rishia attempts to commit suicide but is rescued by Naofumi and Filo. Sensing a kindred spirit in her and wanting to prove Itsuki wrong, Naofumi takes her into his party, hoping to train her into a capable fighter.
Upon meeting the Hengen Muso Master, she is selected to be her apprentice and undergoes heavy training to be able to utilize chi. Later, when Itsuki is corrupted by his cursed weapon, she challenges him to duel with the intent of teaching him the difference between justice and self-righteousness. For her courage, the Legendary Bow chooses her to wield the Seven Star Projectile (Knives/Boomerangs/Throwing Stars). Defeating him, she re-joins Itsuki's party and works to help him recover from his curse.
A shy young girl with poor stamina, Rishia has lack of confidence in herself but learns to open up after joining Naofumi's party. Despite being at a high level, her stats are notably weak and have poor growths. It is only in times of crisis does her hidden power shine through, allowing her to take on powerful opponents such as Kyo single handed. She also displays a remarkable learning ability and is a budding scholar; leading Naofumi to believe that there are hidden stats she specializes in.
Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (オルトクレイ=メルロマルク, Orutokurai Meromaruku XXXII)
Voiced by: Yutaka Nakano[4] (Japanese); Taylor Henry (English)
The King Consort of Melromarc and the Seven Star Staff Hero. His real name: Lüge Lansarz Faubrey, Aultcray was formerly an heir to the throne of Faubrey. After his parents are killed by the Hakuko of Siltvelt and losing his right to the throne as a result, he and his blind younger sister changed their names and moved Melromarc. Shortly after, he joins Melromarc's army and rises through the ranks, becoming the Staff Hero, winning an on-going war with Siltvelt, and marrying Mirellia. His hatred of demi-humans is intensified after his sister is murdered by the Hakuko (not realizing she was in love with Siltvelt's Prince), and leading him to follow the Church of the Three Heroes.
Taking charge of the Melromarc while his wife is away on diplomatic business, he turns a blind eye to Melromarc's knights when they enslave Raphtalia's village, and at the behest of the Church, has all four of the Legendary Heroes summoned. Initially tolerant of Naofumi being the Shield Hero, he stages a kangaroo court after his daughter Malty accuses Naofumi of rape and puts in place obstacles to make his life more difficult. Having broken several treaties and degrading the status of the Shield Hero, he is placed under arrest by his wife in an attempt to prevent war from breaking out. He is stripped of his nobility and, on Naofumi's suggestion, has his named legally changed to: "Trash."
He now spends his time being punished with ice magic by his wife, whom he still loves. Upon meeting Fohl and Alta, he begins to reexamine his beliefs.
Voiced by: Megumi Han (Japanese); Morgan Berry[2] (English)
The Vassal Fan Hero. A martial artist chosen to wield the Vassal Fan, she joined Kizuna's party and became her closest ally. Cold and stern, she has a high sense of honor and only opens up to Kizuna; whom she has a crush on. After Kizuna's disappearance, as an act of desperation, Glass and Kizuna's remaining allies decide to invade Naofumi's world upon learning their world may be spared from the Waves should the opposing world's Legendary Heroes perish.
Glass first appears before the Legendary Heroes during the third Wave and challenges Naofumi to a duel, recognizing him as the only true hero among them. Overwhelmed by her power, Naofumi's party narrowly survives. She appears again before Naofumi during the Cal Mira Wave to aid her allies in killing him, but are forced to retreat after Naofumi discovers her weakness. Ordered by her weapon to kill Kyo after he goes rogue, she forms an alliance with Naofumi to defeat him; eventually reuniting with Kizuna in the process. Initially looking down upon Naofumi, she comes to respect him and is grateful for his help in rescuing Kizuna. As a sign of friendship, Naofumi leaves her with a recipe for Soul-Healing Water, to help her cover her weakness in future battles.
A member of a race known as Spirit People, at any given time her level and stats are tied directly to her Soul Power. As such, Glass is vulnerable to attacks that can drain this stat. Using her fans, she fights using a graceful form of martial arts. At the peak of her power, she is able to hold her own in battle against the Legendary Heroes and defeat boss monsters in a single blow.
L'Arc Berg
The Vassal Scythe Hero. The young king of a country that revers the Hunting Hero, he is chosen to wield the Vassal Scythe and joins Kizuna's Party upon her summoning. A relaxed person, he enjoys traveling and fighting despite his duties as king. He and his girlfriend, Therese, secretly travel to Naofumi's world, hoping to find and defeat the Legendary Heroes to save his own world.
L'Arc unwittingly befriends Naofumi when they travel to the Cal Mira islands to train, offering to team up during their stay. Hearing rumors that the Shield Hero is a criminal, he insists that Naofumi couldn't be the Legendary Hero, believing him to be a good person and calling him "kiddo" instead. It is only during the Cal Mira Wave does he come to realize who Naofumi is and challenges him, but is forced to retreat. He later returns and allies with Naofumi in order to defeat Kyo; renouncing his goal of killing the Legendary Heroes upon Kizuna's orders. L'Arc does not appear in the web novel.
S'yne Lokk
The Sewing Hero. The sole survivor of a world that had been destroyed after its Legendary Heroes were killed, she was initially in Naofumi's world in an attempt to kill his world's Legendary Heroes. Left without purpose, she disguises herself and joins the Zeltoble coliseum circuit, quickly rising to become the top fighter. She meets Naofumi's Party in the finals of a tournament and is narrowly defeated. Afterwards, she re-appears in Naofumi's village, hoping to join his party in protecting her new home and offering proceeds from her coliseum matches.
S'yne's primary weapon is a pair of scissors and can bind opponents using threads. She can create stuffed animal familiars, to fight and speak on her behalf, and also special sewing pins that allow her teleport to their location. Quiet and often emotionless, S'yne comes to hold a deep respect for Naofumi; placing her pins on his armor so she can keep track of him at all times and come to his rescue when needed. Due to destruction of her home world, the translation feature of her weapon is broken, leaving her speech partially static. S'yne does not appear in the web novel.


Malty Melromarc (マルティ=メルロマルク, Maruti Meruromaruku) a.k.a. Myne Sophia
Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Japanese)[5]; Faye Mata (English)[4]
The former first Princess of Melromarc and primary antagonist of the series. Malty was the first (and only) person to join Naofumi in the beginning, but shortly after, she stole his money and equipment, and then claimed he raped her. She joins Motoyasu's party, believing his good looks will be able to help her standing within Melromarc's nobility. While in Motoyasu's party she acts as his second-in-command, taking advantage of his gullibility and manipulating him into doing her dirty work or making Naofumi's life more miserable. Despite Motoyasu's kindness, she insults him behind his back and sells her fellow party members into sexual slavery should they get in her way.
After the defeat of the Church of the Three Heroes, whose members she worked with in an attempt to assassinate her sister Melty and frame Naofumi, her true nature is exposed by her mother. Disowned from the royal family, Malty is placed under a special slave curse and is forced to reveal the rest of her crimes, and upon Naofumi's suggestion, has her name legally changed to "Bitch." She stays in Motoyasu's party so she can repay her debts; Motoyasu still believing her lies. She and her followers, however, abandon Motoyasu during the battle with the Spirit Tortoise. Now a wanted criminal, she goes on the run, manipulating and robbing Ren and Itsuki in the process.
Specializing in fire magic, Malty is sadistic, power hungry, and manipulative. She uses her looks and status to control others, often appealing to their egos or taking advantage of their naivety. Believing her unfit to rule, prior to the start of the series, Mirellia placed her second-in-line to the throne after her younger sister.
High Priest Biscus T. Balmus, a.k.a. Pope Balmus
Voiced by: Takayuki Sugō
Pope Biscus T. Balmus leads the Church of the Three Heroes in a coup d'état to kill the Four Heroes and usurp the throne. Like the Church, he worships the Spear, Bow and Sword heroes yet sees the Shield as evil. After the general incompetence of these Three Heroes leads to the Church losing influence over the people, he too views the heroes as fakes and plans to kill them all to summon new ones and maintain power over the land as the new ruler. But with the coordination of all Four Cardinal Heroes does Balmus meet his end, and the Queens Suppression Army arrests the remaining Church followers and outlaw the Three Heroes Church.
Church of the Three Heroes
The primary religion of Melromarc who view the Shield Hero as a demon. Originally apart of the Church of the Four Heroes, which worshiped the Legendary Heroes equally, the Church broke off due to racial resentment when a former Shield Hero assisted in the founding of Demi-Human nations such as Siltvelt. Helping found Melromarc in opposition, the Church holds sway among Melromarc's citizens and guards the country's Dragon Vein Hourglass; a tool used to Class Up, predict the Waves, and can be used as warp points by Legendary Heroes.
After Queen Mirellia, who doesn't subscribe to their beliefs, left on a diplomatic tour of the world, the Church used sway with King Aultcray to prematurely summon the Legendary Heroes; hoping to manipulate Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki to gain more power while making Naofumi's life more difficult. Yet despite their efforts, Naofumi's heroics and the general incompetence of the remaining Three Heroes causes them to start losing influence among the populace. Taking drastic measures, they attempt to frame Naofumi for assassinating, later kidnapping, Princess Melty. Coming to the conclusion that Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki are fake Heroes and proclaiming himself to be a God, the High Priest leads his followers in an attempt to eliminate all four of the Legendary Heroes. With assistance from a returning Mirellia, Naofumi kills the High Priest with the Shield of Wrath as his followers are arrested. In the aftermath, Mirellia uses the political opportunity to proclaim the Church as heretical and outlaw them.
The former Vassal Book Hero. Chosen by his country to wield the Vassal Book, Kyo became a traveling scientist studying the Waves hoping to wield their power for himself. His research leads him to secretly travel to Naofumi's world and prematurely awaken the Guardian Beast known as the Spirit Tortoise.
Taking control of her body, Kyo uses the Spirit Tortoise's power to absorb energy from deceased souls and leads it in a murderous rampage across several kingdoms. Defeating the parties of Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki, Kyo imprisons them to steal even more power from their Legendary Weapons. With help from Ost, Naofumi's party and Fitoria succeed in destroying the Spirit Tortoise, forcing him to flee back to his parallel world with the remaining energy he had collected.
Using the Spirit Tortoise's collected energy, Kyo binds his Vassal weapon after it attempts to rebel. Continuing his research, he secretly abducts many adventures, including the Vassal Mirror Hero, and conducts live-human experiments. Creating an army of familiars, copies of his world's Guardian Beasts, and homunculus monsters, he attempts to take over his world. Storming his laboratory, Naofumi's party succeeds in defeating him with the Shield of Wrath and Spirit Tortoise Shield. His soul survives and attempts to possess a homuculus copy of his body, but is devoured by a nearby Soul Eater monster. The Vassal Book and Mirror, free of his control, disappear to find new wielders.
Demon Dragon
A Dragon Emperor from the parallel world, prior to the start of the series he attempted to conquer humanity. Defeated by the Hunting Hero Kizuna and her allies, his remains are taken and used to forge new weapons. In preparation against Kyo, Naofumi is gifted with part of his dragon core, unwittingly merging it Dragon Emperor Gaelion's core to power up his shield. Now inside the Legendary Shield, the Demon Dragon chooses to bide his time and secretly assists Naofumi in his battle against Kyo.
He makes his presence fully known after Gaelion is possessed by Dragon Emperor Gaelion by hijacking the connection between them and Naofumi and Filo; who had previously powered themselves up using dragon cores. Absorbing power from his victims, he uses Naofumi as medium and takes his strength from the Shield of Wrath; becoming an embodiment of Naofumi's inner darkness called the Wrath Dragon. He is defeated by Atla and Eclair using Hengen Muso techniques after Naofumi realizes the Dragon is now subject to the same weaknesses as he is. No longer able to maintain his physical form, he retreats to inside of the Legendary Shield and Filo's body, vowing to return should Naofumi allow his rage to take control again.

Supporting characters[edit]

A White Tiger Demi-human. The late grandson of the former king of Siltvelt, he travels to Zeltoble and sells himself into slavery after the funds left by his deceased parents run out; fighting in coliseums to pay for medicine for his younger sister. He and Atla are later purchased by Naofumi and brought to his village. Grateful to Naofumi for curing his sister's disease, Fohl vows to pull his fair share of work to pay him back by fighting in the Waves.
A member of the Hakuko, a rare and powerful species of Demi-humans, Fohl is both proud, stubborn, and a natural warrior. Deeply overprotective of his younger sister, he often butts heads with Atla's adamant personality and leaving him on the receiving end of her attacks; causing Naofumi to wonder who is stronger between two. Despite being half Demi-human, he obtains the ability transform into a Therianthrope and later, with Naofumi's help, gains the ability to use the even stronger: Beast Transformation.
A White Tiger Demi-human, and sister to Fohl. Blind from birth, she originally suffered from a weak constitution and a multitude of diseases. After being purchased by Naofumi she is given a powerful medicine called Yggdrasil, and boosted by the passive effects of the Legendary Shield, is cured aside from her eyes. Able to sense the kindness in his heart, she falls in love with Naofumi and dedicates herself to winning his heart and helping him fight the Waves.
Adamant and highly assertive, she often tries to micro-manage and speak on Naofumi's behalf, praising those who show him favor and vowing death to his enemies, much to Naofumi's frustration. She sees Raphtalia as her rival and becomes her sparing partner. Able to naturally sense chi to help her see her surroundings, she uses a gentle fist type of martial arts, often imitating the teachings of Hengen Muso. Considered a prodigy, she is able to easily overpower and outmaneuver opponents of greater physical or defensive strength, outshining her brother despite her lack of combat experience and former afflictions.
Melty Q. Melromarc (メルティ=Q=メルロマルク, Meritto Meromaruku)
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida[3] (Japanese); Jackie Lastra (English)[6]
The second princess and heir to Melromarc's throne. Unlike her older sister, she is good natured and kind. She holds extreme fondness for Filolials and quickly becomes Filo's best friend. Initially, Naofumi assumed she was like her sister, ignoring her attempts to have him repair relations with her father. After being nearly assassinated by her sister and same knights who protected her, Naofumi accepts her as an ally, offering his protection.
She specializes in water magic and is a skilled diplomat, having traveled the world with her mother. Often teasing her young age, Naofumi respects her wisdom and governing ability and hopes to leave Filo in her care should he return home. To her embarrassment, she is egged on by her mother to try and marry him, believing their marriage would bring peace with demi-human nations.
Mirellia Q Melromarc (ミレリア=Q=メルロマルク, Mireria Meromaruku)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
The Queen Regnant of Melromarc. Initially away at the start of the series on a diplomatic tour of the world, she returns to help the Legendary Heroes defeat the Church of the Three Heroes. Furious at her husband and eldest daughter for their crimes, she disowns them and revokes their nobility as punishment. Outlawing the Church of the Three Heroes, she wishes to make things right with Naofumi and does her best to support him.
Specializing in ice magic, she is a skilled diplomat and politician and employs several ninja-like bodyguards to keep tabs on each of the Heroes. Naofumi comes to hold deep respect for her, noting the lack of international stability in Kizuna's world. Unlike most of Melromarc's citizens, she holds no prejudice towards demi-humans and tries her best to improve relations by setting up friendly provinces. Despite their mistakes, she still loves her family and even goes as far as offering to take her life in-exchange for Naofumi's help in fighting the Waves; which he turns down. She later issues orders for Malty's arrest after she escapes during the battle with the Spirit Tortoise.
Keel (キール, Kīru)
Voiced by: Natsumi Fujiwara (Japanese); Kimlinh Tran (English)[7]
Raphtalia's childhood friend, a Dog Demi-human. In the web novel she was one of the first batch of slaves from the village that Naofumi bought, while in the light novel she was imprisoned in the dungeon of the noble who'd previously tortured Raphtalia. She was raised as a boy, and was shocked when Naofumi and the others told her otherwise. However, she fairly quickly accepted this and even began wearing dresses to help Naofumi peddling goods, utilizing her innocent, clumsy shyness to encourage customers and make them lower their guards. She wishes to be a member of the party but has yet to grow strong enough. Additionally, she has learned how to transform into a beast form, which is described as similar to a husky puppy in a fundoshi walking on its hind legs, which earned her the nickname "Loincloth pup".
Sadeena (サディナ, Sadina)
An Orca Demi-human. Hailing from Q'Ten Lo, Sadeena is a former shrine priestess. Loyal to Raphatalia's father, an heir to the Q'Ten Lo throne, she acted as his bodyguard and joined him and Raphtalia's mother in their elopement. Away on a fishing trip during the First Wave, Sadeena was unable to protect her fellow villagers or prevent their enslavement by Melromarc's Royal Knights. She tracks the survivors down to Zeltoble, and enslaves herself as a coliseum fighter to buy back their freedom and leading her to a chance meeting with Naofumi's party.
A motherly figure to her fellow villagers, she deeply regrets her initial failure to protect her home and Raphtalia in particular. Acting as an older sister, she tries her best to protect Raphtalia from her family history, knowing it could spark a war. An avid alcoholic, she often flirts with Naofumi, who unwittingly beat her in a drinking contest; though it is unknown how true her feelings are. An extremely capable veteran fighter, she possesses enough power to hold her own against Naofumi's entire party and willingly break free of her slave curse; a feat that would kill most. Wielding a trident, she uses a mix of water and lightning magic and can increase her stats by using her Therianthrope form.
Fitoria (フィトリア, Fitoria)
Voiced by: Sakura Tange (Japanese); Cristina Vee (English)[8]
Queen of the Filolials. Several hundred years old, Fitoria is the last surviving party member of the previous generation of the Legendary Heroes. Before their passing, the previous Legendary Heroes tasked her with protecting the world from the Waves upon their return. Acting in secret, Fitoria and her army fight in waves that affect areas left unprotected by the current Legendary Heroes.
She first appears before Naofumi's party and offers a safe haven while they're on the run from the Church of the Three Heroes. Threatening to kill him and the other Legendary Heroes to continue the summoning cycle, Fitoria orders Naofumi to work with his fellow Legendary Heroes. Upon Naofumi's refusal, she takes Melty as a hostage and challenges Filo to a duel. Recognizing her potential, she chooses Filo as a potential successor and to trust in Naofumi, gifting Filo with some of her power. Using Filo as a medium, she is able to contact Naofumi with telepathy and assists his party in the battle against the Kyo controlled Spirit Tortoise.
A stern figure, Fitoria has come to hold a pessimistic view of humanity. Immensely powerful and taking her duties seriously, she's willing to resort to any measure to protect the world even if it means forcibly continuing the Legendary Hero cycle or allowing the Guardian Beasts to rampage. Like Filo, she can take on the appearance of a young girl.
Eclair Seaetto
A Noblewoman & Knight of Melromarc. The daughter of a nobleman selected by Mirellia to watch over a Demi-human friendly province. Shortly after the first Wave, of which her father fell victim to, she conducted her own investigation into the Royal Knights that had enslaved Raphtalia's village but was charged with treason and imprisoned by the Church of the Three Heroes. Upon Mirellia's return, she is released and tasked with helping train the Legendary Heroes' Parties; though only Naofumi's party take her instruction seriously.
Appointed to look after her late father's territory, she and Naofumi often argue with each other over her greater interest in training instead of governing and Naofumi's morals. Despite this, Naofumi respects her as a swordsmen, being able to outmatch enemies of higher levels such as Raphtalia & Ren using skill alone and assisting in the battle against the Spirit Tortoise & Demon Dragon.
In The Reprise of the Spear Hero, having been rescued from her imprisonment by Motoyasu during his fourth time reset, she joins him in acting as Naofumi's bodyguard. Thus far she is the only woman unaffected by Motoyasu's curse, which Motoyasu attributes to her strong moral character.
Therese Alexanderite
L'Arc's companion and member of Kizuna's party. Traveling together with L'Arc to defeat the Legendary Heroes and save their parallel world, she meets Naofumi's party on their way to the Cal Mira islands to train. She unwittingly befriends Naofumi, believing him to be a good person unlike the circulating rumors about the Shield Hero being a criminal. She regretfully joins L'Arc & Glass in their fight against Naofumi's party during the Cal Mira wave and later in the battles against Kyo.
A member of a race known Jewels, Therese was born with a large gemstone on her head. Her heritage allows to her communicate with special gemstones and receive power from them: being able to cast offensive magic that doesn't harm allies. Generally a reserved individual, she comes to obsess Naofumi's crafting abilities and enjoys watching him at work; making L'arc jealous. Therese does not appear in the web novel.


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