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The following is a list of episodes for The Rosie Show.[1][2]


No. Original air date Title, Guest(s) Description
1 October 10, 2011 Russell Brand, cameo by Oprah Winfrey LIVE Series Premiere. 497,000 viewers on OWN, 1.5 million viewers across Discovery channels/
2 October 11, 2011 Wanda Sykes, Gloria Estefan 417,000 viewers on OWN.[3]
3 October 12, 2011 Roseanne Barr LIVE show.
4 October 13, 2011 Lisa Kudrow, the cast of Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Ready, Set, Go exercise and weight loss program is launched with 25 viewers.
5 October 14, 2011 Valerie Harper, Kevin Bacon and the Bacon Brothers
6 October 17, 2011 Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Boyz II Men
7 October 18, 2011 Fran Drescher, Cheryl Hines Hines' mother Rosemary stops by for a drink and a chat.
8 October 19, 2011 Chynna Phillips, Billy Baldwin, Little Big Town LIVE show. Sgt. Shamar Thomas discusses his Occupy Wall Street experience.
9 October 20, 2011 Cedric the Entertainer, Nancy Grace LIVE show. Author Naomi Wolfe discusses her Occupy Wall Street experience.
10 October 21, 2011 Rosie Reality Episode 1 Go behind the scenes of Rosie's first day at Harpo Studios. To get to know the staff—and the city—a little better, Rosie takes them on a bus and boat tour of Chicago. Then, take a tour of Rosie's new state-of-the-art studio and get a look at the new Harpo Studios sign.
11 October 24, 2011 Bob Newhart, Tracy Morgan
12 October 25, 2011 Sara Ramirez, Common
13 October 26, 2011 Brett Butler, Frank DeCaro LIVE show. Audience member Hollee Chanel becomes new announcer for The Rosie Show.
14 October 27, 2011 Debi Mazar, Gabriele Corcos LIVE show. Robbie Montgomery stops by with her son to chat about their OWN show, Welcome to Sweetie Pies.
15 October 28, 2011 Jerry Ferrara, Gloria Estefan
16 October 31, 2011 Rosie's Enchanted Halloween with Criss Angel, Caroline Manzo, Duff Goldman Brother-sister duo Erik and Courtney share their knowledge of bugs and reptiles.
17 November 1, 2011 Sarah, Duchess of York, Wendy Liebman LIVE show.
18 November 2, 2011 A Tribute to Phyllis Diller A tribute video from some of today's top female comedians (including Joy Behar, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, and Sandra Bernhard) is presented to Diller.
19 November 3, 2011 Martin Short, Kool & the Gang
20 November 4, 2011 Rosie Reality Episode 2 Rosie and her staffers are dishing all the dirt about the premiere. Rosie gets back onstage to practice for her return to television with a series of test shows. Then, she decides to go live with Russell for her first show.
21 November 7, 2011 Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas The Rosie Show musical director Katreese Barnes performs an original song.
22 November 8, 2011 Mariah Carey The Jenny, Set, Go Reveal.
23 November 9, 2011 Lisa Ling The audience is made up of 100 sets of twins, as Ling discusses an episode of Our America that focusses on twin identity.
24 November 10, 2011 Florence Henderson, Kool & the Gang
25 November 11, 2011 Molly Shannon
26 November 14, 2011 Rachael Ray, Chaz Bono Rosie chats with Jazz, star of the upcoming OWN documentary I am Jazz: A Family in Transition.
27 November 15, 2011 Cyndi Lauper, Holland Taylor Rosie reacts to former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's claims of innocence.
28 November 16, 2011 Jenny McCarthy
29 November 17, 2011 Kody Brown and Sister Wives Meri, Janelle and Christine
30 November 18, 2011 Ellen Barkin Rosie shares her thoughts about Occupy Wall Street.
31 December 5, 2011 Marlee Matlin, Patti LaBelle
32 December 6, 2011 Rosie Plays Hardball with Chris Matthews, the cast of Million Dollar Quartet Rosie announces her engagement to New York-based headhunter, Michelle Rounds. Katrina Markoff stops by, the owner of Vosges Haut-Chocolat- the best chocolate Rosie says she's ever tasted.
33 December 7, 2011 Rosie Reality Episode 3 Watch some of Rosie's favorite never-before-seen interviews from test shows with stars like funnyman Jim Belushi, top dog Randy Jackson, longtime friends Joan and Ann Cusack, Modern Family's Nolan Gould, Henry "the Fonz" Winkler and many more!
34 December 8, 2011 Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars with Elle Fanning, Colin Ford, Hunter Parrish, the cast of Godspell
35 December 9, 2011 Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman
36 December 12, 2011 A Tribute to Jane Fonda
37 December 13, 2011 Donny and Marie Osmond
38 December 14, 2011 Rosie's Holiday Dreams Come True with Justin Bieber, Mindless Behavior Rosie grants holiday wishes for truly deserving people.
39 December 15, 2011 Rosie's 2011 Comedy Wrap Up with Kevin Meaney, Kathy Najimy, Lizz Winstead, The Dan Band A video with highlights from episodes of The Rosie Show is shown as part of the 2011 review.
40 December 16, 2011 It's a Crafty Christmas! with Bobby Pearce, Casey Gorab, Marjorie Johnson Rosie hosts a new Rosie Show tradition, the first-ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Pageant.
41 January 2, 2012 A Salute to Penny Marshall A tribute video from some of Marshall's celebrity friends (including Tom Hanks, Drew Barrymore, and Mark Wahlberg) is presented to her on the show.
42 January 3, 2012 An 11-Year-Old Boy's Dreams Come True, Plus RuPaul, The Commodores Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx, stops by the show.
43 January 4, 2012 Rosie Reality: A Big Dream Comes True Episode 4 An exclusive look at what it takes to get the show off the ground. See how the writers and Rosie come up with song parodies, what went into the Halloween extravaganza and where Rosie finds relief from terrible allergies. Plus, Rosie Show producer Bobby Pearce brings his amazing costumes and musical theater know-how to the show. Then, watch as Rosie and the staff discover Hollee—and as Hollee discovers her new calling as the show's announcer.
44 January 5, 2012 Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, and the cast of Shameless
45 January 9, 2012 Rosie's Game Show Showdown The best of Rosie's game segments.
46 January 10, 2012 Saturday Night Live Star Darrell Hammond: The Interview You Didn't See, Plus Tori Amos Rosie chats with the producers of TLC's "My Strange Addiction"
47 January 11, 2012 Jackée Harry, Rosie Performs with Styx Rosie chats with a cheese monger in her first Meet the Audience segment.
48 January 12, 2012 Funnyman Louie Anderson, Olympian Oksana Baiul
49 January 13, 2012 Country Music Royalty Rosanne Cash Plus, meet an 84-year-old basketball-playing grandma!
50 January 16, 2012 Miranda Cosgrove and the iCarly Cast Taped at the Maravel Arts Center, NYC in front of an audience full of Rosie's Theater Kids.
51 January 17, 2012 NeNe Leakes LIVE stream of show on at 4/3c on a smaller, more colorful new set.
52 January 18, 2012 Ricki Lake and the Family Who Saved Rosie Rosie introduces us to Cara, Daniel, Adam and Charlie- her neighbors who helped her out when she locked herself out of the house- and gives them a huge surprise to thank them for their kindness
53 January 19, 2012 Comedian Kevin Hart... and Rosie Raps Rosie introduces us to a recently laid-off father named Joe, who also came to her rescue when she locked herself out of the house- and she repays him with a big surprise.
54 January 20, 2012 Anthony Baxter and You've Been Trumped Plus, meet Rosie's driver, Khary Laurent- driver by day, opera/hip-hop/funk singer by night.
55 January 23, 2012 Joel Grey, Sutton Foster, and the Broadway Cast of Anything Goes Bobby Pearce stops by to watch Katreese Barnes' musical tribute to his 'dog in a bag', Abby. Final show with studio audience.
56 January 24, 2012 Kathy Griffin Part One Part 1 of 2. From this show onwards, Rosie and her producers decided not to have a studio audience, in an attempt to conduct one-on-one interviews in a more intimate setting.
57 January 25, 2012 Kathy Griffin Part Two Part 2 of 2.
58 January 26, 2012 Joe Rogan
59 January 27, 2012 Dr. Oz Part One Part 1 of 2.
60 January 30, 2012 Dr. Oz Part Two Part 2 of 2.
61 January 31, 2012 Dermot Mulroney, Stephanie Izard
62 February 1, 2012 Jerry Springer
63 February 2, 2012 Kristin Chenoweth
64 February 3, 2012 Beth Behrs, Traci Lords Rosie gives a tour of her new set and explains why she decided to change the show's format.
65 February 6, 2012 Suze Orman Rosie describes her weekend at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana.
66 February 7, 2012 Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett Rosie describes her weekend at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana.
67 February 8, 2012 Chelsea Handler
68 February 9, 2012 Ali Wentworth, Ben Clearie Rosie praises a federal appeals court ruling that Prop 8 was unconstitutional, and expresses her support for Ellen DeGeneres, who's been facing off against a group that doesn't want her to be the JCPenney's spokeswoman because of her sexual orientation.
69 February 10, 2012 Tabatha Coffey, Dakota Goyo, and American Stuffers Rosie reveals that she has lost 18 lbs since she began making healthier lifestyle choices in November 2011.
70 February 13, 2012 A Tribute to Tony Bennett Singer Tony Bennett shows Rosie his New York City art studio.
71 February 27, 2012 Dance Moms Rosie reflects on the headlines that have occurred since she began her two-week vacation, including Whitney Houston's death and the Oscar ceremony.
72 February 28, 2012 Tony Danza, Joe Pantoliano Rosie talks about raising teenagers and her admiration for nurses, reinforced by two recent trips to the hospital.
73 February 29, 2012 Patti Blagojevich, Chris Errera Rosie responds to the comments she made about little people on February 8, 2012 during her conversation with Chelsea Handler.
74 March 1, 2012 Teen Moms Rosie reflects on the death of Davy Jones and shares her views on Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum.
75 March 2, 2012 Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis of Broadway's Porgy and Bess
76 March 5, 2012 Rosie Reality Episode 5 Rosie looks back at the hilarious female comedians who've graced her stage—and all the behind-the-scenes action that made the laughs possible! From Molly Shannon's musical stylings to Fran Drescher's pampered Pomeranian, these funny women kept the audience in stitches. Plus, Jenny McCarthy takes cameras on a blind date. Then, meet Jed, The Rosie Show's production attorney, and find out how he prepared for Roseanne Barr's unpredictable humor.
77 March 6, 2012 Sandra Bernhard, Rocco DiSpirito Rosie shares an original song she wrote about radio host Rush Limbaugh's contraception controversy.
78 March 7, 2012 Star Jones, Urijah Faber Rosie talks about the changes she has made to her eating habits.
79 March 8, 2012 Wayne Brady, Victoria Gotti Rosie discusses her weight loss and exercise regime.
80 March 9, 2012 Controversial Newsmakers Nate Phelps, Randy Roberts Potts Rosie reflects on her experience of being gay in America with producers of her show.
81 March 12, 2012 Liza Minnelli Rosie talks about her warm weekend spent in Chicago.
82 March 13, 2012 Lance Bass, Ralphie May
83 March 14, 2012 Suzanne Somers Rosie discusses her wedding plans and reveals that Kirk Cameron has asked her to meet for dinner to discuss his recent remarks about homosexuality. Google Pete takes "The Cinnamon Challenge".
84 March 15, 2012 Debbie Gibson, Jaleel White Rosie reads a list of things you must do before you turn 50 and finds she has accomplished them already. Rosie and Google Pete discuss "The Cinnamon Challenge".
85 March 16, 2012 Kat Von D, Zachary Knighton, Eamonn McCrystal Rosie reflects on her love of Chicago and reveals that her parents wanted to name her 'Spring O'Donnell' in honor of her Birthday. She also previews a future interview with good friend, Natasha Lyonne.
86 March 19, 2012 Lily Tomlin Rosie addresses the cancellation of The Rosie Show and shares her view on the effects of fame on the KONY2012 campaign.
87 March 20, 2012 Bob Harper and Chism Cornelison of The Biggest Loser, Psychic Rebecca Rosen Rosie talks about her weight loss and allows her production assistant, Caesar Rivera, to read his resume to the audience, in hopes of securing a new job.
88 March 21, 2012 Rosie's 50th Celebrity Birthday Bash with Christine Ebersole Rosie celebrates her birthday with 50 women who are turning 50 at the Paris Club in Chicago. Celebrity tributes include Crystal Bowersox, Chita Rivera, Mariah Carey, Molly Shannon, Kevin Hart, Ricky Martin, Christine Ebersole and Michael Buffer.
89 March 22, 2012 Mike Tyson Rosie discusses her wedding plans, including the cake tasting process and decorating decisions she is making with her wedding planner.
90 March 23, 2012 Stephen Baldwin, Rachael Harris Rosie talks about her love of The Hunger Games book series and her recent trip to see Other Desert Cities on Broadway.
91 March 26, 2012 Natasha Lyonne, Leslie Bibb Lindsay Feitlinger, senior producer of The Rosie Show, reads her resume to the audience, in hopes of securing a new job.
92 March 27, 2012 Storm Large, Mary Johnson, Nell Casey Jock Hedblade, producer of The Rosie Show, reads his resume to the audience, in hopes of securing a new job.
93 March 28, 2012 Mackenzie Phillips, Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos Rosie Show staffer Ashley shares her resume with the audience.
94 March 29, 2012 Eva LaRue, Producer Suzanne Taylor, Josh Kelley Rosie Show staffer Pete Mele shares his resume with the audience. Series Finale, taped on March 20, 2012.
95 Unaired Bill and Giuliana Rancic, Plain White T's


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