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This is a list of items from the BBC television series The Sarah Jane Adventures.


Berserker Pendant[edit]

Berserker Pendants were talismans created by Berserkers which gave the bearer the ability to order people to do as they wished. A Pendant would also slowly changed the person using it into a Berserker. Each time it was used, the Pendant would slightly change the bearer both physically and mentally until the bearer desired to complete the transformation into a Berserker. During transformation the user develops prominent veins over the skin's surface. The final form has the appearance of a man wearing animal skins. The only cure, if done early enough, is to remind the affected person who they are so that the memories will reassert their identity.

According to UNIT archives, a Berserker Pendant surfaced in a barracks in Ealing in 1940, but was lost during a German bombing raid. This same Pendant was rediscovered by Jacob, who used it for a time until it frightened him. He gave it to Rani Chandra, who placed it in Sarah Jane Smith's attic. It was then discovered by Paul Langer, who stole it and used it to take control of his son Clyde. Mr Langer was almost completely possessed by the power of the Pendant until his wife and son reminded him of who he really was. Clyde used the pendant after obtaining it from his father to erase his mother's memories of the incident, then disposed of it into the river.


Martin Trueman had a biodamper to hide the fact that he had the Ancient lights which was the reason for Sarah Jane not able to detect that he was alien which left her thinking he was human. "Secrets of the Stars".

The Brigadier's Walking stick[edit]

The Brigadier used a very special cane that was also a kind of gun. He used it to shoot the UNIT personnel, Major Kilburn, who was actually Bane and was going to consume him and Rani.


A popular and addictive soft drink seen in "Invasion of the Bane". It was vital to the Bane's plot to take over the Earth; each bottle of Bubbleshock contained a piece of living Bane, secreted by the Bane Mother, and was otherwise a mixture of 'fresh spring water and fruit juices', according to Davey. When the Bane Mother 'reached out', the Bane inside was able to take control of the human host, commanding non-controlled humans to drink Bubbleshock. After the Bane factory was destroyed by Luke Smith, killing the Bane Mother, the mind control ceased.



A device worn by the Slitheen around their necks to generate a compression field which shrinks them down, allowing them to fit into skinsuits. In Revenge of the Slitheen, as in Doctor Who it is only capable of letting them fit into the skins of large people, and the resulting gas exchange results in something unto flatulence; by the time of The Lost Boy, however, both these problems have been fixed, allowing them to pass for much smaller humans.


A multicoloured glowing crystal which is the natural form of the Xylok; owing to a spaceship crash the entire Xylok race has been trapped under the Earth's crust for most of the planet's existence. It is capable of interfacing with Earth computers, and eventually gives Sarah Jane the instructions to build Mr Smith.


Entanglement shells[edit]

Seen in Warriors of Kudlak, entanglement shells are generated by teleportation from Kudlak's teleportation of children from the Combat 3000 lasertag game.


Graske gun[edit]

Seen in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?. The gun is capable of 'tagging' a Graske victim and teleporting them alongside the Graske to Limbo, although the victim is capable of breaking free. Once the person has been placed in Limbo, firing the gun will free them.

Graske teleporter[edit]

Another of the Graske's devices, the teleporter is attached to their clothing and will transport them, as well as anyone 'tagged' at the time. It is capable of operating as a time travel device.


Mobile phone[edit]

Portable telephones used in the 21st century. Sarah Jane and her companions own mobile phones; however, as a repeating theme of their adventures, their phones either get taken away and never found, or are simply destroyed. In "The Man that Never Was", Luke explains to Sky, when their phones are destroyed, that he's had seven phones in the last four years. In the same episode, Sarah Jane is revealed to be one of the top three journalists in England, which would explain why she doesn't have any problems with replacing the mobiles (as she can cover the cost without much of a drain to her finances).


Seen in The Day Of The Clown, the inhabitant energies of this meteorite could manifest a physical form from emotions. The entity featured in the episode created its form from fear, and manifested as the Pied Piper of Hamelin and later as Mr. Spellman and Oddbob The Clown. The Meteorite was present at the Pharos Institution where Sarah Jane Smith was able (but didn't ask) to cut a piece off with her Sonic Lipstick.



A large stone basin seen in St. Agnes' nunnery in Eye of the Gorgon. It requires the Talisman in order to be activated; once activated, it serves as a link between the Gorgon homeworld and Earth.


Scanner watch[edit]

One of the Tenth Doctor's parting gifts to Sarah Jane, the scanner watch appears as a normal watch but has a lift-up top showing a scanner screen that allows it to scan for alien life. This is seen to work in two ways in "Invasion of the Bane": firstly, she can scan anyone to identify their species, and secondly it automatically acts as a 'geiger counter' of sorts, making an increasingly louder noise as it gets closer to alien sources. In Revenge of the Slitheen, it is apparently capable of connecting to the local power grid, and Sarah Jane states that it 'never' loses power. Like a geiger counter, it made louder noises as it got closer to an alien source. In Secrets of the Stars Zodiac reader Martin Trueman wore a biodamper and when Sarah Jane tried to detect if he was alien she was unable to with the biodamper hiding the fact that he was an alien.


As seen in Revenge of the Slitheen and later The Lost Boy. It is a 'suit' made from the Slitheens' murdered and skinned victims, allowing them to pose as humans. Initially only large people can be used as disguises owing to the limits of the compression field (see compressor), although superior technology is seen in The Lost Boy.

Slitheen teleporter[edit]

A Slitheen teleport disguised as a necklace. The Slitheen using the human disguise of Janine wears a necklace in Revenge of the Slitheen, although only the official website identifies it as a teleport. The Slitheen in The Lost Boy also have a teleport; whereas the Slitheen posing as Margaret Blaine in the Doctor Who episodes "Aliens of London", "World War Three" and "Boom Town" had a teleport that was in three separate pieces, which had to be connected to work and could not have coordinates entered, here they have a one-piece teleport which can have coordinates fed in.

Sonic lipstick[edit]

Another of the Tenth Doctor's gifts to Sarah Jane, the sonic lipstick is essentially a sonic screwdriver disguised as a lipstick (although the official site states that it is useless in this regard). The sonic lipstick looked like a normal lipstick on the outside. The lid came off and it twisted to reveal the emitter. When in use, the sonic lipstick generated a pinkish-red light, and produced several sounds. Its primary function in the series has been to unlock doors, although like the sonic screwdriver it cannot unlock deadlock seals. She uses this device in Journey's End as well. Although there were known to be two distinct sonic lipsticks carried by Sarah Jane, the two units coexisted for an unknown length of time. As a result of this coexistence, it is unknown which particular unit was used in any given occurrence prior to the destruction of the one.

Spray canister[edit]

A canister containing a special spray seen in "Invasion of the Bane". When used against a Bane, it knocks it down a small flight of stairs into a wall and forces it to reassert its human disguise; in the process, however, Sarah Jane uses up her last canister of the spray. The escaping Bane leaves behind a small pool of a sticky black substance; it is unclear if this is related to the spray's effects or not.

Summoning device[edit]

A communicator used to signal across planets given to Sarah Jane by a Star Poet from Arcateen 5 she helped get home. It is stated to be more or less a mobile phone, only many times more powerful. Luke Smith eventually uses the device to badly shock the Bane Mother, which results in the destruction of the Bane factory.



Seen in Eye of the Gorgon, the Talisman fell into the possession of Bea Nelson-Stanley after her husband was killed; she gave it to Luke Smith. The Talisman was required to open a portal to the Gorgons' homeworld, and was also capable of reverting any of the Gorgons' victims back to their original state.

Telekinetic headset[edit]

One of the headsets developed by the Pharos Institute project in The Lost Boy using alien technology, assisted by the Slitheen. It is used to allow people to move objects using only their mind; although a normal human collapses after sustained use, Luke is capable of withstanding it without any apparent side effects. Sarah Jane steals one of the headsets on the instructions of Mr Smith in the second part of the story, whilst the Slitheen use it to drain Luke of telekinetic energy, with which they can sell; if all the energy is drained from somebody, then they will die. Sarah Jane foils Mr Smith's attempt to use one of the headsets in conjunction with Luke; it is unknown what happens to the Institute afterwards. It is also known as M.I.T.R.E.


A Slitheen device seen in Revenge of the Slitheen. It can be used to take and store massive amounts of electrical energy, although a calculation is required in order for stabilization to occur. After Luke Smith gives the Slitheen the calculation by mistake, they use it first to turn out the power worldwide, and then the Sun; following this it will be slightly over half an hour before the Earth's atmosphere is snatched away. Luke states that the machine will explode when drawing power from the Sun, as it will overload; it is unclear if he is telling the truth or not. He eventually tricks the Slitheen into resetting the machine, restoring the power worldwide and switching the Sun back on, and then, using the sonic lipstick, causes it to explode. The unstable machine is capable of disintegrating anybody in close proximity.


Verron soothsayer's puzzle box[edit]

An alien puzzle box seen in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, given to her by an alien soothsayer. Anyone holding the puzzlebox is immune to the effects of the Trickster's ability to wipe out the history of a person, in the regard that they alone will be able to remember the missing person. Sarah Jane gave it to Maria Jackson, saying that the soothsayer said to give it to someone she trusted. Maria later used the box to save Sarah Jane when the Trickster swapped her life with that of her friend Andrea Yates who had died during their school days. In The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith it alerted Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer to the renewed threat of the Trickster, and protected them and their memories from the switch to a timeline where the Trickster conquered Earth having manifested in 1951. The box continued to protect Clyde and Rani from Krislok, a Graske working as the Trickster's agent. In exchange for helping them defeat the Trickster, Clyde gave the Graske the box to protect him should the Trickster ever seek revenge.

Verron soothsayer's warp star[edit]

A Warp star was a small pendant shaped device which contained enough energies within its small form to create a powerful explosion. Sarah Jane Smith was given a warp star by the Verron Soothsayer. Sarah used it as an option if Davros decided to destroy the universe in Journey's End.

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