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The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong.

Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance[edit]

Mount Hua Sect[edit]

  • Linghu Chong (令狐沖; 令狐冲; Línghú Chōng; Ling6-wu4 Cung1) is the scruffy, happy-go-lucky protagonist of the novel. He is an orphan and was raised by Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze as their most senior apprentice. He learns the 'Nine Swords of Dugu' from Feng Qingyang and becomes a formidable swordsman. His sudden and tremendous improvement in swordplay causes his master to suspect him of having stolen the Bixie Swordplay Manual and mastered the skill. Even after his expulsion from Mount Hua, he remains loyal and respectful towards his former master. Although his kind nature and heroic attributes make him a likeable person, they also negatively influence him by increasing his affiliations with jianghu lowlifes, resulting in him being misunderstood by his fellows and other orthodox sects. He retires from the jianghu eventually to lead a peaceful life with Ren Yingying.
Qi faction
  • Yue Buqun (岳不群; Yuè Bùqún; Ngok6 Bat1-kwan4) is the leader of the Mount Hua Sect. He is an expert in using the 'Violet Mist Divine Skill' (紫霞神功). Although he is nicknamed "Gentleman Sword" (君子劍) for his seemingly gentlemanly conduct and behaviour, as the story progresses, he gradually reveals his true personality – a bigoted, selfish and power-hungry hypocrite. He lusts for the Lin family's Bixie Swordplay Manual and plots an elaborate scheme to seize it, after which he castrates himself to fulfil the prerequisite for learning the swordplay. He is incidentally killed by Yilin while attempting to trap and kill his rivals inside a cave on Mount Hua.
  • Ning Zhongze (寧中則; 宁中则; Nìng Zhōngzé; Ning4 Zung1-zak1), nicknamed "Heroine Ning" (寧女俠), is Yue Buqun's chivalrous and kindly wife. She is also the only person who believes Linghu Chong's innocence in the theft of the Bixie Swordplay Manual. She loses her will to live after seeing her husband reveal his true colours and eventually commits suicide after being humiliated by the Mount Hua Sect's enemies.
  • Yue Lingshan (岳靈珊; 岳灵珊; Yuè Língshān; Ngok6 Ling4-saan1) is Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze's daughter and Linghu Chong's first romantic interest. She falls in love with Lin Pingzhi later and marries him. However, she eventually learns that she is actually a pawn in a struggle for power between her husband and father. Lin Pingzhi kills her after she refuses to follow him to join Zuo Lengshan.
  • Lin Pingzhi (林平之; Lín Píngzhī; Lam4 Ping4-zi1) is Lin Zhennan's son and the sole survivor of the Lin family, who were massacred by the Qingcheng Sect. Yue Buqun saves him, accepts him as an apprentice, and arranges for a marriage between him and Yue Lingshan. Driven by hatred and resentment after discovering Yue Buqun's ulterior motives, he becomes increasingly vicious and brutally kills his family's murderers in revenge but is blinded by Mu Gaofeng. He is eventually imprisoned in an underground dungeon by Linghu Chong, who agreed to Yue Lingshan's dying wish to spare her husband's life.
  • Lao Denuo (勞德諾; 劳德诺; Láo Dénuò; Lou4 Dak1-nok6), nicknamed "Old Man Sa" (薩老頭), is Yue Buqun's second apprentice. He is actually a spy sent by Zuo Lengshan to steal the 'Violet Mist Divine Skill' manual from Yue Buqun. He murders Lu Dayou. After Zuo Lengshan's death, he attempts to learn the Bixie Swordplay on his own but fails and ends up losing all his inner energy.
  • Liang Fa (梁發; 梁发; Liáng Fā; Loeng4 Faat3) is Yue Buqun's third apprentice. He is killed by the masked assailants who attacked the Mount Hua Sect's members in a temple.
  • Shi Daizi (施戴子; Shī Dàizǐ; Si1 Daai3-zi2) is Yue Buqun's fourth apprentice.
  • Gao Genming (高根明; Gāo Gēnmíng; Gou1 Gan1-ming4) is Yue Buqun's fifth apprentice.
  • Lu Dayou (陸大有; 陆大有; Lù Dàyǒu; Luk6 Daai6-jau5) is Yue Buqun's sixth apprentice. He is nicknamed "Sixth Monkey" (六猴兒) for his monkey-like behaviour and affinity with primates. He is very close to Linghu Chong and even once stole their master's 'Violet Mist Divine Skill' manual to help his senior recover from his injuries. He is murdered by Lao Denuo.
  • Tao Jun (陶鈞; 陶钧; Táo Jūn; Tou4 Gwan1) is Yue Buqun's seventh apprentice.
  • Ying Bailuo (英白羅; 英白罗; Yīng Báiluó; Jing1 Baak6-lo4) is Yue Buqun's eighth apprentice. He is killed by his master outside the Lin family residence in Fuzhou.
  • Shu Qi (舒奇; Shū Qí; Syu1 Kei4) is the youngest among Yue Buqun's apprentices.
  • Yue Su (岳肅; 岳肃; Yuè Sù; Ngok6 Suk1) was the founder of the Qi faction (氣宗) and Cai Zifeng's senior.
Sword faction
  • Feng Qingyang (風清揚; 风清扬; Fēng Qīngyáng; Fung1 Cing1-joeng4; "wind, clear, raise") is an elderly swordsman from the Mount Hua Sect's Sword faction (劍宗). During the sect's internal conflict, he was lured away by the Qi faction, who used the opportunity to defeat and force the Sword faction into exile. Feeling embarrassed for being deceived, he leaves the sect and leads a reclusive life in a secluded area on Mount Hua. He meets Linghu Chong by chance and teaches him the 'Nine Swords of Dugu'. His name is derived from a line in the Classic of Poetry used to describe refreshing weather.[citation needed]
  • Feng Buping (封不平; Fēng Bùpíng; Fung1 Bat1-ping4) is the leader of the Sword faction. After being instigated by Zuo Lengshan, he returns to Mount Hua to challenge Yue Buqun for the position of leadership of their sect, but is defeated by Linghu Chong and driven away.
  • Cheng Buyou (成不憂; 成不忧; Chéng Bùyōu; Sing4 Bat1-jau1) is Feng Buping's junior. He is torn into four pieces by the "Six Immortals of the Peach Valley".
  • Cong Buqi (叢不棄; 丛不弃; Cóng Bùqì; Cung4 Bat1-hei3) is Feng Buping's junior. He is defeated by Linghu Chong in the temple.
  • Cai Zifeng (蔡子峰; Cài Zǐfēng; Coi3 Zi2-fung1) was the founder of the Sword faction and Yue Su's junior.

Mount Song Sect[edit]

  • Zuo Lengchan (左冷禪; 左冷禅; Zuó Lěngchán; Zo2 Laang5-sin6) is the ambitious and ruthless leader of the Mount Song Sect (嵩山派) and chief of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance. He practises a skill, 'Freezing Inner Energy' (寒冰真氣), which allows him to freeze his inner energy to sub-zero temperature and increase its power tremendously. He sends Lao Denuo to infiltrate the Mount Hua Sect and steal the Bixie Swordplay Manual from Yue Buqun. He does not know that the manual is a fake one and practises the techniques described in the book. He then calls for a special assembly of the alliance and attempts to intimidate the other four sects into submitting to him. He is defeated and blinded by Yue Buqun, who uses the real Bixie Swordplay against him, and then pretends to concede his position as the alliance chief to Yue. Later, he leads his followers to Mount Hua to kill Yue Buqun, but Yue sees through his plan and traps them inside a cave. The trapped martial artists start killing each other out of paranoia and mistrust. Zuo Lengchan is eventually killed by Linghu Chong.
  • Zuo Lengchan's juniors:
    • Ding Mian (丁勉; Dīng Miǎn; Ding1 Min5), nicknamed "Pagoda-Bearing Hand" (托塔手).
    • Lu Bai (陸柏; 陆柏; Lù Bǎi; Luk6 Baak3), nicknamed "Heavenly Crane Hand" (仙鶴手).
    • Fei Bin (費彬; 费彬; Fèi Bīn; Fai3 Ban1), nicknamed "Great Songyang Hand" (大嵩陽手). He is killed by Mo Da.
    • Deng Bagong (鄧八公; 邓八公; Dèng Bāgōng; Dang6 Baat3-gung1), nicknamed "Divine Whip" (神鞭).
    • Gao Kexin (高克新; Gāo Kèxīn; Gou1 Hak1-san1), nicknamed "Colourful Lion" (錦毛獅).
    • Tang Ying'e (湯英鶚; 汤英鹗; Tāng Yīng'è; Tong1 Jing1-ngok6), nicknamed "Red and White Sword" (紅白劍).
    • Zhong Zhen (鍾鎮; 钟镇; Zhōng Zhèn; Zung1 Zan3), nicknamed "Nine Sections Sword" (九曲劍).
  • Yue Hou (樂厚; 乐厚; Yuè Hòu; Ngok6 Hau5), nicknamed "Great Yinyang Hand" (大陰陽手), is one of the martial artists who attack Xiang Wentian. Linghu Chong comes to Xiang Wentian's aid and injures Yue Hou.
  • Bu Chen (卜沉; Bǔ Chén; Buk1 Cam4), nicknamed "White Haired Old Immortal" (白頭仙翁), is killed by Linghu Chong in Fuzhou.
  • Sha Tianjiang (沙天江; Shā Tiānjiāng; Saa1 Tin1-gong1), nicknamed "Bald Eagle" (禿鷹), is killed by Linghu Chong in Fuzhou.
  • Shi Dengda (史登達; 史登达; Shǐ Dēngdá; Si2 Dang1-daat6), nicknamed "Thousand Zhang Pine" (千丈松), is killed by Zuo Lengchan during the special assembly.
  • Wan Daping (萬大平; 万大平; Wàn Dàpíng; Maan6 Daai6-ping4) is Shi Dengda's junior.
  • Di Xiu (狄修; Dí Xīu; Dik6 Sau1) is one of Zuo Lengchan's apprentices. He is killed by his master during the special assembly.

(North) Mount Heng Sect[edit]

  • The "Three Elder Nuns" are the leaders of the Mount Heng Sect (恆山派). They are:
    • Dingjing (定靜; 定静; Dìngjìng; Ding6-zing6) is the most senior of the trio, but she willingly gives up the position of leadership to her junior, Dingxian. Zuo Lengshan sends his henchmen to ambush her and force her to let the (North) Mount Heng Sect be absorbed into the Mount Song Sect. She refuses to capitulate and dies from her wounds before Linghu Chong can save her.
    • Dingxian (定閒; 定闲; Dìngxián; Ding6-haan4) is the benevolent and wise leader of the sect. She is mortally wounded by a masked attacker (later revealed to be Yue Buqun) in Shaolin Monastery. Before dying, she passes on her leadership position to Linghu Chong.
    • Dingyi (定逸; Dìngyì; Ding6-jat6) is the most junior of the trio and the most hot-tempered one. She and Dingxian are murdered by a masked Yue Buqun in Shaolin.
  • Yilin (儀琳; 仪琳; Yílín; Ji4-lam4) is Dingyi's apprentice and the daughter of Monk Bujie and Mute Granny. She falls in love with Linghu Chong after he rescues her from Tian Boguang's sexual advances, but has to suppress her feelings because she is forbidden by her vow of celibacy.
  • Yihe (儀和; 仪和; Yíhé; Ji4-wo4) is the most senior of the sect's members of the Yi generation.
  • Yiqing (儀清; 仪清; Yíqīng; Ji4-cing1) is Yihe's junior.
  • Yizhi (儀質; 仪质; Yízhì; Ji4-zi3) is Dingjing's apprentice.
  • Yizhen (儀真; 仪真; Yízhēn; Ji4-zan1) is Dingjing's apprentice. She delivers medicine to Yue Lingshan in Fuzhou.
  • Yiling (儀靈; 仪灵; Yílíng; Ji4-ling4) accompanies Yizhen to deliver medicine to Yue Lingshan.
  • Yiguang (traditional Chinese: 儀光; simplified Chinese: 仪光; pinyin: Yíguāng; Jyutping: Ji4-gwong1) is Yilin's senior.
  • Yiwen (儀文; 仪文; Yíwén; Ji4-man4) is Dingxian's apprentice.
  • Qin Juan (秦絹; 秦绢; Qín Juàn; Ceon4 Gyun3) is a secular apprentice of Dingjing.
  • Zheng E (鄭萼; 郑萼; Zhèng È; Zing6 Ngok6) is a secular member of the Mount Heng Sect.
  • Aunt Yu (于嫂; Yú Sǎo; Jyu4 Sou2) is originally Dingxian's servant. Dingxian accepts her as an apprentice later.

(South) Mount Heng Sect[edit]

  • Mo Da (莫大; Mò Dà; Mok6 Daai6) is the mysterious leader of the Mount Heng Sect (衡山派), who is known for playing melancholic tunes on a huqin, where his sword is concealed. His swordplay techniques, which correspond with music themes, are very fast and unpredictable. He is the sole surviving person from his sect at the end of the novel.
  • Xiang Danian (向大年; Xiàng Dànián; Hoeng3 Daai6-nin4) is Liu Zhengfeng's first apprentice. He is killed by Ding Mian.
  • Mi Weiyi (米為義; 米为义; Mǐ Wéiyì; Mai5 Wai6-ji6) is Liu Zhengfeng's second apprentice.
  • Fang Qianju (方千駒; 方千驹; Fāng Qiānjū; Fong1 Cin1-keoi1)
  • Lu Lianrong (魯連榮; 鲁连荣; Lǔ Liánróng; Lou5 Lin4-wing4)
Liu family
  • Liu Zhengfeng (劉正風; 刘正风; Liú Zhèngfēng; Lau4 Zing3-fung1), nicknamed "Third Master Liu" (劉三爺), is Mo Da's junior. He plays the dizi and befriends Qu Yang of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, who shares the same passion for music with him. The duo compose the music piece Xiaoao Jianghu (笑傲江湖) together. He intends to leave the wulin and invites fellow martial artists to witness his retirement ceremony. During the event he is confronted by Zuo Lengshan and his followers and comes under attack. While fleeing together with Qu Yang, he meets Linghu Chong and passes him the music score for Xiaoao Jianghu. He and Qu then commit suicide by bursting their arteries with their inner energy.
  • Mrs Liu (劉夫人; 刘夫人; Liú Fūrén; Lau4 Fu1-jan4) is Liu Zhengfeng's wife. She is killed by Di Xiu.
  • Young Master Liu (劉公子; 刘公子; Liú Gōngzǐ; Lau4 Gung1-zi2) is Liu Zhengfeng's elder son. He is killed by Di Xiu.
  • Liu Jing (劉菁; 刘菁; Liú Jīng; Lau4 Zing1) is Liu Zhengfeng's daughter. She is killed by Wan Daping.
  • Liu Qin (劉芹; 刘芹; Liú Qín; Lau4 Kan4) is Liu Zhengfeng's younger son.

Mount Tai Sect[edit]

  • Tianmen (天門; 天门; Tiānmén; Tin1-mun4) is the leader of the Mount Tai Sect (泰山派). He is betrayed and overthrown by Yujizi and others, who have been bribed by Zuo Lengshan, during the special assembly on Mount Song. He then fights with Qinghai Yixiao and perishes together with him.
  • Yujizi (玉磯子; 玉矶子; Yùjīzǐ; Juk6-gei1-zi2) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He has been bribed by Zuo Lengshan to seize his sect's leadership position from Tianmen during the special assembly. He debates with the "Six Immortals of the Peach Valley" on who should be the rightful leader of the alliance, and attempts to fight them. He ends up having his limbs torn from his body.
  • Yuqingzi (玉磬子; Yùqìngzǐ; Juk6-hing3-zi2) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He is killed in the cave on Mount Hua.
  • Yuyinzi (玉音子; Yùyīnzǐ; Juk6-jam1-zi2) is a junior of Tianmen's master. He is killed in the cave on Mount Hua.
  • Yuzhongzi (traditional Chinese: 玉鐘子; simplified Chinese: 玉钟子; pinyin: Yùzhōngzǐ; Jyutping: Juk6-zung1-zi2) is killed by Zuo Lengshan in the cave on Mount Hua.
  • Tiansong (天松; Tiānsōng; Tin1-cung4) is Tianmen's junior. He is injured by Tian Boguang.
  • Tianyi (天乙; Tiānyì; Tin1-jyut6) is among the group of martial artists who attacked Xiang Wentian. Linghu Chong comes to Xiang Wentian's aid and knocks Tianyi unconscious.
  • Chi Baicheng (遲百城; 迟百城; Chí Bǎichéng; Ci4 Baak3-sing4) is one of Tianmen's apprentices. He is killed by Tian Boguang.
  • Jianchu (建除; Jiànchú; Gin3-ceoi4) is Tianmen's second apprentice.

Sun Moon Holy Cult[edit]

  • Ren Woxing (任我行; Rén Wǒxíng; Jam4 Ngo5-hang4; "I do as I please") is the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult (日月神教) and an expert in martial arts, politics and manipulation. He is feared by his followers and enemies. He masters the 'Star Sucking Great Skill' (吸星大法), a dreaded ability which allows the practitioner to drain and absorb an opponent's inner energy. He is ousted from power in a scheme orchestrated by Dongfang Bubai and imprisoned in an underground dungeon in Hangzhou for 12 years. He escapes from the dungeon with help from Linghu Chong, and then returns to confront Dongfang Bubai and seize back his leadership position. Towards the end of the novel, he dies from a stroke triggered by his own megalomania while planning a grand strategy to destroy all the "orthodox" sects in the jianghu.
  • Ren Yingying (任盈盈; Rén Yíngyíng; Jam4 Jing4-jing4) is Ren Woxing's daughter. Although she is intelligent and caring towards her subordinates, she can be ruthless and cold blooded at times. She meets Linghu Chong in Luoyang while in disguise as a guqin-playing old woman, and falls in love with him after being attracted by his chivalrous personality. She succeeds her father as the cult's leader after his death, but eventually retires to lead a reclusive life with Linghu Chong.
  • Dongfang Bubai (東方不敗; 东方不败; Dōngfāng Bùbài; Dung1-fong1 Bat1-baai6; "Invincible East")
  • Xiang Wentian (向問天; 向问天; Xiàng Wèntiān; Hoeng3 Man6-tin1) is an elder of the cult. After Dongfang Bubai overthrows Ren Woxing, he refuses to renounce his loyalty to Ren and hence becomes an outcast of the cult. Linghu Chong chances upon him while he is under attack by a group of "orthodox" martial artists, and helps him fend off the attackers. He feels grateful to Linghu Chong and decides to become sworn brothers with him after realising that both of them share some common personality traits.
  • Lan Fenghuang (藍鳳凰; 蓝凤凰; Lán Fènghuáng; Laam4 Fung6-wong4; "Blue Phoenix") is the leader of the Five Immortals Cult (五仙教). She attempts to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries but fails. She becomes Linghu Chong's godsister later.
  • Lüzhuweng (綠竹翁; 绿竹翁; Lǜzhúwēng; Luk6-zuk1-jung1) is Ren Yingying's subordinate. He disguises himself as an old man who makes bamboo baskets in Luoyang. He is very skilled in playing the guqin.
  • The following elders of the cult defected to Dongfang Bubai when Ren Woxing was overthrown. Ren Woxing returns to confront them after he escapes from captivity in Hangzhou.
    • Bao Dachu (鮑大楚; 鲍大楚; Bào Dàchǔ; Baau1 Daai6-co2)
    • Qin Weibang (秦偉邦; 秦伟邦; Qín Wěibāng; Ceon4 Wai5-bong1)
    • Wang Cheng (王誠; 王诚; Wáng Chéng; Wong4 Sing4)
    • Sang Sanniang (桑三娘; Sāng Sānniáng; Song1 Saam1-noeng4)
  • Jia Bu (賈布; 贾布; Jiǎ Bù; Gaa2 Bou3), nicknamed "Yellow Faced Honourable" (黃面尊者), is a minor leader in the cult. Dongfang Bubai orders him to lead his subordinates to (North) Mount Heng to capture Linghu Chong. He is killed by Fangzheng.
  • Shangguan Yun (上官雲; 上官云; Shàngguān Yún; Soeng5-gun1 Wan4), nicknamed "Eagle Hero" (鵰俠), is another minor leader in the cult. He accompanies Jia Bu to (North) Mount Heng to capture Linghu Chong. He surrenders to Ren Woxing later.
  • Yang Lianting (楊蓮亭; 杨莲亭; Yáng Liántíng; Joeng4 Lin4-ting4) is Dongfang Bubai's male lover. He is authorised to oversee the cult's affairs in Dongfang Bubai's absence. He is killed by Ren Yingying later.
  • Tong Baixiong (童百熊; Tóng Bǎixióng; Tung4 Baak3-hung4) is the master of the cult's Wind and Thunder Hall (風雷堂) and a close associate of Dongfang Bubai. He is pierced to death by Dongfang Bubai's needles.

Ten Elders[edit]

Several years ago, ten senior elders of the cult attacked the Five Mountain Sword Sects on Mount Hua but were lured into a trap and ended up being trapped inside a cave, where they eventually died. Before they died, the elders figured out new techniques to counter the swordplay movements of the five sects and carved them on the cave walls. Several years later, Linghu Chong entered the cave by chance and discovered their remains and the carvings. Some of the elders were:

  • Zhang Chengyun (張乘雲; 张乘云; Zhāng Chéngyún; Zoeng1 Sing4-wan4), nicknamed "White Ape Divine Demon" (白猿神魔), specialised in using pole weapons.
  • Zhang Chengfeng (張乘風; 张乘风; Zhāng Chéngfēng; Zoeng1 Sing4-fung1), nicknamed "Golden Monkey Divine Demon" (金猴神魔), was Zhang Chengyun's brother. He also specialised in using pole weapons.
  • Fan Song (范松; Fàn Sōng; Faan6 Cung4), nicknamed "Great Strength Divine Demon" (大力神魔), specialised in using axes.
  • Zhao He (趙鶴; 赵鶴; Zhào Hè; Ziu6 Hok6), nicknamed "Sky Soaring Divine Demon" (飛天神魔), specialised in using clubs.

Qu family[edit]

  • Qu Yang (曲洋; Qū Yáng; Kuk1 Joeng4) is an elder of the cult who plays the guqin. He befriends Liu Zhengfeng, who shares the same passion for music as him, and composes the musical piece Xiaoao Jianghu with him. He commits suicide together with Liu Zhengfeng when both of them are cornered by Zuo Lengshan's followers. Before dying, he and Liu pass the score of Xiaoao Jianghu to Linghu Chong.
  • Qu Feiyan (曲非煙; 曲非烟; Qū Fēiyān; Kuk1 Fei1-jin1) is Qu Yang's granddaughter. She is killed by Fei Bin.

Shaolin Sect[edit]

  • Fangzheng (方證; 方证; Fāngzhèng; Fong1-zing3) is the abbot of Shaolin. He is highly revered in the wulin for his prowess in martial arts and morally upright character. He believes Linghu Chong is destined to learn the skills in the Yijin Jing so he lends him the Yijin Jing manual. Linghu Chong masters the skills and heals himself of his internal injuries in the process.
  • Fangsheng (方生; Fāngshēng; Fong1-sang1) is Fangzheng's junior.
  • Xin Guoliang (辛國樑; 辛国樑; Xīn Guóliáng; San1 Gwok3-loeng4) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Yi Guozi (易國梓; 易国梓; Yì Guózǐ; Jik6 Gwok3-zi2) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Huang Guobai (黃國柏; 黄国柏; Huáng Guóbǎi; Wong4 Gwok3-baak3) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Jueyue (覺月; 觉月; Juéyuè; Gok3-jyut6) is killed by Ren Yingying.

Wudang Sect[edit]

  • Chongxu (沖虚; 冲虚; Chōngxū; Cung1-heoi1) is the leader of Wudang. Like Fangzheng, he is highly respected in the wulin for his prowess in martial arts and morally upright character. While travelling in disguise as a farmer, he meets Linghu Chong and engages him in a friendly duel. He is impressed when Linghu Chong uses the 'Nine Swords of Dugu' to defeat his 'Taiji Swordplay'. He befriends Linghu Chong.
  • Qingxu (清虛; Qīngxū; Cing1-heoi1) is Chongxu's junior. He follows Chongxu around in disguise as a woodcutter.
  • Chenggao (成高; Chénggāo; Sing4-gou1) is an apprentice of Chongxu's junior. He follows Chongxu around in disguise as a vegetable seller.

Kunlun Sect[edit]

  • Zhenshanzi (震山子; Zhènshānzǐ; Zan3-saan1-zi2), nicknamed "One Sword of Heaven and Earth" (乾坤一劍) is the leader of Kunlun.
  • Tan Diren (譚迪人; 谭迪人; Tán Dírén; Taam4 Dik6-jan4) is accidentally killed by Linghu Chong at Wuba Ridge (五霸岡).

Beggars' Sect[edit]

  • Xie Feng (解風; 解风; Xiè Fēng; Gaai3 Fung1) is the chief of the Beggars' Sect.
  • Zhang Jin'ao (張金鰲; 张金鳌; Zhāng Jīn'áo; Zoeng1 Gam1-ngou4) is the deputy chief of the Beggars' Sect. He is among the guests at Liu Zhengfeng's retirement ceremony.

Qingcheng Sect[edit]

  • Yu Canghai (余滄海; 余沧海; Yú Cānghǎi; Jyu4 Cong1-hoi2) is the leader of the Qingcheng Sect (青城派). After Lin Pingzhi accidentally killed his son in a brawl, he led the Qingcheng Sect to massacre the Lin family and destroy the Fuwei Escort Agency in the name of avenging his son while actually using the opportunity to search for the Lin family's Bixie Swordplay manual. He does not find it. Lin Pingzhi survives the massacre, joins the Mount Hua Sect, and returns to take his revenge on Yu Canghai and his followers in the later chapters. Yu Canghai is known for his 'Pine Wind Swordplay' (松風劍法), which allows him to enshroud his foes in a green hue.
  • Changqingzi (長青子; 长青子; Chángqīngzǐ; Coeng4-cing1-zi2) was Yu Canghai's martial arts master.
  • Yu Renyan (余人彥; Yú Rényàn; Jyu4 Jan4-jin6) is Yu Canghai's son. He is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
  • The "Four Gentlemen of Qingcheng" (青城四秀) are four of Yu Canghai's most senior apprentices. Linghu Chong once called them the "Four Beasts of Qingcheng" (青城四獸) because of the wicked deeds they committed. The four are:
    • Hou Renying (侯人英; Hóu Rényīng; Hau4 Jan4-jing1) is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Hong Renxiong (洪人雄; Hóng Rénxióng; Hung4 Jan4-hung4) is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Yu Renhao (于人豪; Yú Rénháo; Jyu4 Jan4-hou4) is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
    • Luo Renjie (羅人傑; 罗人杰; Luó Rénjié; Lo4 Jan4-git6) is killed by Linghu Chong in an early chapter.
  • Jia Renda (賈人達; 贾人达; Jiǎ Réndá; Gaa2 Jan4-daat6) is trampled to death by Lin Pingzhi's horse.
  • Fang Renzhi (方人智; Fāng Rénzhì; Fong1 Jan4-zi3) is stabbed to death by Lin Pingzhi.
  • Li Rencai (黎人才; Lí Réncái; Lai4 Jan4-coi4)
  • Peng Renqi (彭人騏; 彭人骐; Péng Rénqí; Pang4 Jan4-kei4) is killed by Tian Boguang.
  • Ji Rentong (吉人通; Jí Réntōng; Gat1 Jan4-tung1) is killed by Lin Pingzhi.
  • Shen Renjun (申人俊; Shēn Rénjùn; San1 Jan4-zeon3)

Fuwei Escort Agency[edit]

  • Lin Yuantu (林遠圖; 林远图; Lín Yuǎntú; Lam4 Jyun5-tou4) was the founder of the Fuwei Escort Agency (福威鏢局). Previously a Shaolin monk known as Duyuan (渡元; Dùyuán; Dou6-jyun4), he returned to secular life and created the 'Bixie Swordplay' based on Yue Su and Cai Zifeng's recollections of the Sunflower Manual. Although his use of the Bixie Swordplay brought him fame and glory, it also became a curse to his descendants because it made them the target of many martial artists seeking to seize possession of the Bixie Swordplay Manual and master the skill. He hid the manual in the Lin family residence in Fuzhou and passed down a family rule forbidding his descendants from seeking the manual and learning the swordplay.
  • Lin Zhennan (林震南; Lín Zhènnán; Lam4 Zan3-naam4) is a descendant of Lin Yuantu and Lin Pingzhi's father. He is the current leader of the agency. After his son, Lin Pingzhi, accidentally kills Yu Canghai's son in a brawl, Yu leads his Qingcheng Sect followers to attack the Lin family and destroy the agency. Lin Zhennan and his wife are captured by Yu Canghai, who resorts to various means to force them to reveal the whereabouts of the Bixie Swordplay Manual, but they insist that they do not know. The couple are later captured by Mu Gaofeng, who tortures them to death.
  • Madam Wang (王夫人; Wáng Fūrén; Wong4 Fu1-jan4) is Lin Zhennan's wife and Lin Pingzhi's mother. She is the daughter of Wang Yuanba.

Golden Saber Sect[edit]

  • Wang Yuanba (王元霸; Wáng Yuánbà; Wong4 Jyun4-baa3), nicknamed "Invincible Golden Saber" (金刀無敵), is the leader of the Golden Saber Sect (金刀門) in Luoyang. He is Lin Pingzhi's maternal grandfather.
  • Wang Bofen (王伯奮; 王伯奋; Wáng Bófèn; Wong4 Baak3-fan5) is Wang Yuanba's eldest son.
  • Wang Zhongqiang (王仲強; 王仲强; Wáng Zhòngqiáng; Wong4 Zung6-koeng4) is Wang Yuanba's second son.
  • Wang Jiajun (王家駿; 王家骏; Wáng Jiājùn; Wong4 Gaa1-zeon3) is Wang Zhongqiang's eldest son.
  • Wang Jiaju (王家駒; 王家驹; Wáng Jiājū; Wong4 Gaa1-keoi1) is Wang Zhongqiang's youngest son.
  • Adviser Yi (易師爺; 易师爷; Yì Shīyé; Jik6 Si1-je4) is the Wang family's household accountant. He is also a musician.

Plum Manor[edit]

  • The "Four Friends of Jiangnan" (江南四友) are a group of four eccentric martial artists hired by Dongfang Bubai to watch over Ren Woxing in the underground dungeon in Plum Manor (梅莊) in Hangzhou. They are:
    • Huang Zhonggong (黃鍾公; 黄钟公; Huáng Zhōnggōng; Wong Zung1-gung1) is a music fanatic who challenges Linghu Chong to a duel to obtain the score of Xiaoao Jianghu. He is forced to commit suicide by Ren Woxing.
    • Heibaizi (黑白子; Hēibáizǐ; Hak1-baak6-zi2) is a weiqi fanatic with a pale face and dark hair. He becomes a handicap after Linghu Chong uses the "Star Sucking Great Skill" on him.
    • Tubiweng (禿筆翁; 秃笔翁; Tūbǐwēng; Tuk1-bat1-jung1) is a calligraphy fanatic who challenged Linghu Chong to a duel but lost. He is forced by Ren Woxing to surrender and consume a poison pill.
    • Danqingsheng (丹青生; Dānqīngshēng; Daan1-cing1-sang1) is an alcohol addict and swordplay expert who befriends Linghu Chong over their common interest in alcoholic drinks. He duels with Linghu but lost and is forced to surrender to Ren Woxing in the same manner as Tubiweng.
  • Ding Jian (丁堅; 丁坚; Dīng Jiān; Ding1 Gin1), nicknamed "One Lightning Sword" (一字電劍), is a subordinate of the Four Friends. He specialises in using the sword.
  • Shi Lingwei (施令威; Shī Lìngwēi; Si1 Ling6-wai1), nicknamed "Five Paths God" (五路神), is a subordinate of the Four Friends. He specialises in using the Bagua Saber.

Guests at Liu Zhengfeng's retirement ceremony[edit]

  • Old Master Boxer Xia (夏老拳师; Xià Lǎoquánshī; Haa6 Lou5-kyun4-si1) is the leader of the Six Harmonies Sect (六合門) in Zhengzhou.
  • Tie Laolao (鐵老老; 铁老老; Tiě Lǎolǎo; Tit3 Lou5-lou5) is from the Divine Maiden Peak (神女峰) at the Three Gorges.
  • Pan Hou (潘吼; Pān Hǒu; Pun1 Hau3) is the chief of the Haisha Sect (海沙幫) from the eastern sea.
  • Bai Ke (白克; Bái Kè; Baak6 Hak1) is nicknamed "Divine Saber" (神刀).
  • Lu Xisi (盧西思; 卢西思; Lú Xīsī; Lou4 Sai1-si1) is nicknamed "Divine Brush" (神筆).
  • Official Zhang (張大人; 张大人; Zhāng Dàrén; Zoeng1 Daai6-jan4) is an official who recommends Liu Zhengfeng to join the imperial service.


  • Tian Boguang (田伯光; Tián Bóguāng; Tin4 Baak3-gwong1) is a bandit nicknamed "Lone Traveller of a Ten Thousand Li" (萬里獨行). Notorious for his lecherous behaviour and for raping many women, he makes sexual advances on Yilin but is stopped by Linghu Chong. Bujie semi-castrates him later and forces him to become a monk. Tian is renamed to Buke Bujie (不可不戒; Bùkě Bùjiè; Bat1-ho2 Bat1-gaai3), which means "cannot have no rules". He befriends Linghu Chong and becomes one of his allies.
  • Bujie (不戒; Bùjiè; Bat1-gaai3) is Yilin's father. He fell in love with Mute Granny and renamed himself "Bujie", which means "no rules". He attempts to cure Linghu Chong of his internal wounds by injecting two streams of inner energy into his body but ends up worsening Linghu's condition instead.
  • Mute Granny (啞婆婆; 哑婆婆; Yǎ Pópó; Aa2 Po4-po4) was a nun who fell in love with Monk Bujie and bore him their daughter, Yilin.
  • The "Six Immortals of the Peach Valley" (桃谷六仙; Táo Gǔ Liù Xiān; Tou4 Guk1 Luk6 Sin1) are six brothers, each named after a different part of the peach tree. They are very close to each other even though they always quarrel and bicker among themselves. They try to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries by injecting six streams of inner energy into his body but end up worsening Linghu's condition instead. They become Linghu Chong's allies and eventually join the (North) Mount Heng Sect after Linghu becomes its leader.
  • Mu Gaofeng (木高峰; Mù Gāofēng; Muk6 Gou1-fung1) is a notorious hunchbacked bandit from the north. He tries to force Lin Pingzhi to be his apprentice and tortures Lin's parents to death when Lin refuses. His hunchback is actually a sack containing poison gas, which when torn, will release the gas and blind everyone around it. In the final chapters, Lin Pingzhi tracks him down and kills him to avenge his parents. However, Lin also becomes blind due to the poison gas.
  • Ping Yizhi (平一指; Píng Yīzhǐ; Ping4 Jat1-zi2) is a physician nicknamed "Famous Killer Physician" (殺人名醫). He believes that life and death are predestined, so saving a life is equivalent to violating the law of nature. As such, he makes a rule that for every life he saves, another must die. He fails to cure Linghu Chong of his internal injuries and commits suicide in shame.
  • "Lao and Zu of the Yellow River" (黃河老祖; lit. "Old Ancestor of the Yellow River"):
    • Lao Touzi (老頭子; 老头子; Lǎo Tóuzǐ; Lou5 Tau4-zi2) creates eight medical pills to cure his daughter of a rare illness. However, the pills are accidentally consumed by Linghu Chong. Linghu Chong willingly uses his blood (which contains traces of the pills) to save Laotouzi's daughter. Laotouzi feels very grateful to him.
    • Zu Qianqiu (祖千秋; Zǔ Qiānqiū; Zou2 Cin1-cau1) is a jianghu lowlife who tricks Linghu Chong into consuming Laotouzi's tablets.
  • Lao Busi (老不死; Lǎo Bùsǐ; Lou5 Bat1-sei2) is Lao Touzi's daughter.
  • Ji Wushi (計無施; 计无施; Jì Wúshī; Gei3 Mou4-si1), nicknamed "Night Cat" (夜貓子) and "To No Avail" (無計可施).
  • Zhucaoxian (諸草仙; 诸草仙; Zhūcǎoxiān; Zyu1-cou2-sin1), nicknamed "Cannot Poison Anyone to Death" (毒不死人), is the leader of the Hundred Herbs Sect (百藥門).
  • The "Twin Bears of the Northern Desert" (漠北雙熊) are a pair of cannibalistic martial artists from northern China:
    • Baixiong (白熊; Báixióng; Baak6-hung4; "White Bear") has a fair complexion.
    • Heixiong (黑熊; Hēixióng; Haak1-hung4; "Black Bear") has a dark complexion.
  • Qiu Songnian (仇松年; Qíu Sōngnián; Cau4 Cung4-nin4) is a long-haired wandering monk who uses a pair of crescent-shaped blades. He is killed by Taoist Yuling.
  • Madam Zhang (張夫人; 张夫人; Zhāng Fūrén; Zoeng1 Fu1-jan4) uses a pair of short swords. She is killed by You Xun.
  • Xibao (西寶; 西宝; Xībǎo; Sai1-bou2) is a monk who uses a pair of large cymbals. He is killed by Yan Sanxing.
  • Yuling (玉靈; 玉灵; Yùlíng; Juk6-ling4) is a Taoist who uses a wolf's teeth club. He is killed by Zhou Gutong and Wu Baiying.
  • Yan Sanxing (嚴三星; 严三星; Yán Sānxīng; Jim4 Saam1-sing1) is nicknamed "Twin Serpents Evil Beggar" (雙蛇惡丐). He sports green serpent tattoos on his shoulders. He is killed by Zhou Gutong and Wu Baiying.
  • The "Twin Extraordinaries Tong and Bai" (桐柏雙奇) are a couple who are each blind in one eye. They use golden walking sticks as their weapons.
    • Zhou Gutong (周孤桐; Zhōu Gūtóng; Zau1 Gu1-tung4) is blind in his left eye.
    • Wu Baiying (吳柏英; 吴柏英; Wú Bǎiyīng; Ng4 Baak3-jing1) is blind in her right eye.
  • You Xun (游迅; Yóu Xùn; Jau4 Seon3) is killed by Ren Yingying.
  • Sima Da (司馬大; 司马大; Sīmǎ Dà; Si1-maa5 Daai6) is the lord of Long Whale Island (長鯨島).
  • Huang Boliu (黃伯流; 黄伯流; Huáng Bólíu; Wong4 Baak3-lau4), nicknamed "Silver Bearded Dragon" (銀髯蛟), is the chief of the Heavenly River Sect (天河幫).
  • The "Twin Swords of Diancang" (點蒼雙劍; 点苍双剑; Diǎncāng Shuāngjiàn; Dim2-cong1 Soeng1-gim3) are a pair of swordsmen from the Diancang Sect (點蒼派). They are killed by Xiang Wentian.
  • Songwen (松紋; 松纹; Sōngwén; Cung4-man4) is a Taoist from the Emei Sect. He is scared away by Xiang Wentian.
  • Wu Tiande (吳天德; 吴天德; Wú Tiāndé; Ng4 Tin1-dak1) is a military officer from Quanzhou. Linghu Chong steals his uniform and horse and disguises himself as him.
  • Qingxiao (清曉; 清晓; Qīngxiǎo; Cing1-hiu2) is the abbess of Shuiyue Nunnery (水月庵) in Longquan. She lends her precious sword to the (North) Mount Heng Sect.
  • The "Twin Flying Fish of the Yangtze River" (長江雙飛魚; 长江双飞鱼; Chángjiāng Shuāng Fēiyú; Coeng4-gong1 Soeng1 Fei1-jyu4) are from the White Dragon Sect (白蛟幫) in Jiujiang. They are:
  • Qinghai Yixiao (青海一梟; Qīnghǎi Yīxiāo; Cing1-hoi2 Jat1-hiu1) attacks Tianmen during the special assembly on Mount Song. He dies together with Tianmen.

Lin Pingzhi's family tree[edit]