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This is a list of The Underland Chronicles characters.



  • Gregor - Gregor is a twelve-year-old Overlander (eleven-years-old in books one through three) who fell into the Underland after his sister Boots. He is the "warrior" described in Bartholomew of Sandwich's prophecies. Although he is reluctant, Gregor eventually accepted his duties to the Underland. In the time that he has spent in the Underland, he has bonded with his own bat, Ares, and fulfilled several prophecies. He is a rager; someone whose senses become chronically acute in battle, while his mind becomes oblivious to anything except himself and his target (over time, he gains more control over his senses). Gregor hits all 15 blood balls in Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, demonstrating his proficiency when under the effects of the rager curse. In Code of Claw, Gregor learns echolocation, a valuable skill for fighting in the dark. Gregor tries to avoid fighting when he can, but towards the end of the series he starts to enjoy it. Gregor has strong feelings for Luxa, which eventually develop into love. At first, he dislikes her, because she hangs out with Henry. In the Marks of Secret, Ripred is the first to note that they have romantic feelings toward one another. In the Code of Claw, they kiss.
  • Boots - Gregor's youngest sister, whose real name is Margaret, after Gregor's paternal grandmother. Boots is a fun-loving, affectionate, compassionate person, but is somewhat oblivious to certain conditions, such as death and other people's displeasure at her antics. Boots has a special relationship with the cockroaches, who revere her and call her "Princess". She also seems to have an affinity for languages, and near the end of the series began learning the cockroach language with Hazard. Despite all she goes through, she remains a happy and good-natured toddler throughout the series. She is not able to pronounce Gregor's name correctly until the very end of the series, having previously called him Ge-go, and then Gre-go.
  • Lizzie - Gregor's sister. She is extremely intelligent and good at puzzles, leading to her participation as a code breaker in book 5. She suffers from panic attacks frequently, and she calms down by breathing into a paper bag. She is good friends with Ripred, due to her reminding him of his pup Silksharp, who was killed in the Garden of Hespirades, and Ripred often takes a very fatherly role towards her.
  • Gregor's dad, who was held captive in the Underland by rats for several years, since before Boots was born. A science teacher, he is optimistic when possible, and still loves the Underland as much as his kids. However, his time as a captive left him weak and ill for some time afterwards. His name is never disclosed.
  • Grace - Gregor's mother, she is very insistent on her son's safety, despite his capability as a warrior and his many adventures. Known as "Maker of the Princess and Most Fearsome Swatter" to the crawlers, because of the havoc wrought on their Overland kin by her. She spends months sick in the Regalia hospital after she catches the plague in Curse of the Warmbloods. Later,(in book 5) she catches pneumonia from her immune system weakness from the plague and is in Regalian hospitals until near the end of Code of Claw. She is very protective of her family, wanting them to move to Virginia to get away from the Underland.
  • Mrs. Cormaci - Gregor's neighbor in the apartment building who always tries to read Gregor's tarot. She learns of Gregor's adventures at the end of the Curse of the Warmbloods'. She often plays caretaker to Gregor's battered family. She has been known to give valid advice to Gregor when he suffers from the aftermath of the war, stemming from the fact that she was once married to a veteran of an overseas war. It is noted that she always seems to be coming up with just the right objects at just the right time.
  • Gregor's grandmother Senile; often distracted by memories. She told Gregor that he can't avoid fate, and so, is fine with him going to the Underland to complete prophecies. She sometimes calls Gregor "Simon", who is someone she knew when she was younger, quite possibly his grandfather. In Code of Claw, her health problems mean that she is admitted to the hospital and delays Gregor's family from leaving for Virginia, thus leaving the end of the series uncertain.
  • Larry - Gregor's friend at school; he's an asthmatic and likes to draw.
  • Angelina - Gregor's friend at school; she is an actress.
  • Mr. Otts - A man who buys the antiques that Gregor takes from the museum in the Underland.
  • Hazard's Mother - Deceased, an Overlander, met and married Hamnet after he fled to the jungle. She had one child, Hazard, before being killed by "bugs whose bite brought quick death."
  • Jedidiah - Lizzie's only friend (mentioned in The Code of Claw). Jedidiah is serious and formal, interested in minutiae and puzzles. He is adept with electronics and building things.
  • Fred Clark - deceased; An Overlander mentioned to Gregor - died in the Underland.
  • Coco - deceased; An Overlander woman mentioned to Gregor - died in the Underland.
  • Mickey - deceased; An Overlander mentioned to Gregor - died in the Underland.


  • Queen Luxa - (pronounced Louk-za) Luxa is the future ruling queen of Regalia. She is the same age as Gregor and will assume full royal powers when she becomes sixteen-years-old. Luxa is smart and rebellious, rarely obeying the council and, in Ripred's words, "impossible to lead anywhere". Luxa is a wise leader, but can be sharp-tongued towards others. This changes, however, after the conclusion of Gregor the Overlander, when she took a more positive attitude to her companions. She feels indebted to the nibblers for the hospitality they showed her when they found her stranded in the middle of the jungle. She has vowed to protect the nibblers, even going as far as declaring war on the gnawers. In the final book, she brings peace between the gnawers and the humans by bonding with Ripred, the representative for the rats at the time; swearing to protect the gnawers. Ripred swears likewise to Luxa to protect the humans. Luxa is in love with Gregor and their first kiss was in Code Of Claw. It also mentions Luxa's parents being killed by the now dead rat, King Gorger, resulting in Luxa's insecurity on the ground, and her bonding with Aurora when she was very young . Luxa is also bonded to King Ripred the gnawer. Her name is possibly derived from the word 'Lux', which means light in Latin.
  • Vikus - Luxa's maternal grandfather; Regalian diplomat. Head of the council which rules Regalia until Luxa reaches maturity (age 16).
  • Solovet - (Deceased, as of Book 5) Luxa's maternal grandmother, head Regalian General, and commander of army. Solovet is ruthless, dangerous, and often cruel and manipulative. She is never hesitant to use any influence she might have over a person in order to control him/her, and sees all things in terms of whether they will help or harm her plans to kill rats. As Vikus tells Gregor in book one, "Do not let her gentle demeanor fool you." As known within book 5, she is killed with Horatio and Marcus(Gregor's temporary bodyguards, see below) by an ambush from the gnawers to recruit the spinners on the human's side for Book 5's war.
  • Mareth - Regalian soldier and trainer. One of Gregor's better friends. Crippled in the leg after the third book, Mareth remained an instructor after retiring from active military service.
  • Henry - (Deceased, as of Book 1) - Was bonded to Ares. Luxa's cousin. Age 16, a traitor who tried to betray the humans to the gnawers' King Gorger. In later books, Luxa and Ares still miss and cherish him, though with some bitterness.
  • Hamnet - Luxa's uncle (Deceased, as of Book 3), twin of Judith, Luxa's mother. Son of Solovet and Vikus. Has lived in the jungle for many years; is estranged from Solovet. Killed by cutters. Left Regalia after he led an attack to get the Garden of Hesperides back from the gnawers because he was unstable. Hamnet likes to find other ways to solve things instead of fighting; living in the jungle for ten years has taught him that not all creatures have to fight. His name is a play on the original Hamnet from Shakespeare.
  • Hazard - A Halflander (a mix of an Overlander and Underlander); the six-year-old (later on, seven) son of Hamnet and of an unnamed Overlander woman. Unlike the pure-blooded Underlanders, he has green eyes and black hair but their pale skin. He is talented with languages of other creatures; when he is met in book 3, he is already able to speak fluent Hisser (lizard), and some Nibbler (mouse). In book 4, under Luxa's care in Regalia, he has tutors brought into the palace for him, and learns to speak some Crawler(cockroach) and Gnawer (rat) and Spinner (spider) and Flier (bat).
  • Nerissa - Luxa's cousin (Henry's sister), age is late teens; extremely weak and eats little. Has precognitive and postcognitive abilities. In other words, she has visions, however, they can be of what will, or already has, happened, but doesn't know when. She's often viewed as crazy and sometime doubts her own sanity as well. She took command when Luxa was thought dead, and saved Gregor and Ares's lives when she ruled them innocent. She was more than pleased to give back the crown to Luxa when she returned.
  • Neveeve - (Appears and dies in book 3) The doctor who worked in labs under Regalia. "Took the rap" for developing the plague called the "Curse of the Warmbloods". Spread it around.
  • Dulcet - Nanny in Regalia, cares for Boots, and (in book 4) for many orphaned mice, and for more mice in book 5. Very kind and clever. (Aged around 15)
  • Marcus - (Deceased, as of Book 5) Gregor's temporary guard along with Horatio in book 5.
  • Horatio - (Deceased, as of Book 5) Gregor's temporary guard, introduced in book 5. Horatio has a soft spot for Dulcet (see below).
  • Miravet - Sister of Solovet. Described as an "old woman." Works in the Regalia castle's armory. Introduced in book 5. Kinder than her sister.
  • Perdita - A soldier who guards Gregor (in book 1) and fights Fangor and Shed (in book 1). She trains Gregor in the Code of Claw. Perdita is made acting head of the Regalian army after Solovet is killed.
    • Miranda - sextant
    • Lucent - servant
    • Claudius - Regalian guard. (Appears: mentioned)
    • Anchel (deceased) (mentioned)
    • Daphne (deceased) (mentioned)
    • Keeda - (deceased) (mentioned)
    • Howard - Luxa's cousin on her mother's side (eldest in his family), aged 16. A skilled user of medicine and a loyal friend to Gregor and Luxa. He is not of royal descent and does not approve of Gregor and Luxa's relationship.
    • York - Howard's father. Governor at the Fount. Described as "a giant of a man." Only appears in book 5 as a part of the battle against the gnawers at the start. Husband of Susannah. When he is first introduced in the 5th book, he is described as one who "yelled a lot while fighting".
    • Stellovet - Howard's sister, second eldest; considered obnoxious and unfit for political power. She dreams of Luxa and Nerissa dying so she herself could become queen of Regalia. Not of royal descent.
    • Hero - Howard's sister (twin of Kent). Not of royal descent.
    • Kent - Howard's brother (twin of Hero). Not of royal descent.
    • Chim "Chimney" - Howard's youngest sister. Around five years old. Not of royal descent.
    • Susannah - Howard's mother. Not of royal descent. On Luxa's mother's side of the family. She works in the Regalian hospital for some time.


Bats are known as "fliers" in the Underland. All names are taken from Greek mythology. They are allies of the humans.

  • Ares: Ares was the bond of Henry, one of Luxa's royal cousins. Henry betrayed the questing party in Gregor the Overlander. When faced with the choice between Gregor's life and Henry's, Ares chooses to save Gregor from dying, rather than Henry, his bond because of his betrayal. In Regalia, he is therefore put on trial. Gregor bonded with Ares to save him because Gregor knew that Ares had not known anything about Henry's conspiracy to seize power. In The Prophecy of Bane, Ares is regarded disdainfully by the Regalians. He also becomes better acquainted with Gregor. In The Curse of the Warmbloods, he is a victim of an artificial plague, but begins to heal after receiving the cure. He has admitted that he sometimes doubts the truth in the prophecies which form a central thread of the plot, on the grounds that they are "full of doom and only terrorize the Underlanders into killing each other". He is killed by the Bane in The Code of Claw, while defending Gregor. He was the strongest bat in the Underland, possibly lending to his name, referencing the Greek god of war. Ares was a fairly large bat with completely black fur.
  • Aurora: Aurora is a golden bat that was bonded to Luxa at a very young age. She appears in all five books and four quests, but Gregor still does not know her well because she does not often speak. Because the story is told from Gregor's point of view, the readers likewise see little of Aurora.
  • Euripedes: Bonded to Vikus. Gray in color.
  • Andromeda: Bonded to Mareth. Was in Gregor the Overlander and The Prophecy of Bane, and The Curse of the Warmbloods. She was part of the questing party in book two and caught the plague in book three. Gold and black in color.
  • Ajax: Bonded to Solovet. According to Ares, "No one cared much for Ajax." He was huge and the color of dried blood.
  • Pandora: deceased; In life bonded to Howard. Had rusty-red fur and was curious, as was her Greek mythology counterpart. Died when she was devoured by flesh-eating mites on an island in the Waterway.
  • Nike: Nike is a princess of the fliers. She is striped in black and white and has a lively sense of humor. Nike has gone to fulfill the quests of the Prophecies of Blood and Secrets. She replaced Ares in the third book, when he had the plague. She is not bonded but she is very close to Howard and accompanies him in the fourth book.
  • Thalia: deceased; Was intended to bond with Hazard. Full of laughter, not much more than a baby. Gregor always told her jokes to make her laugh. Soft, peach-colored fur, like a tabby-cats. Died from toxic gases from "The Queen" when questing party was trying to save the nibblers. Thalia is most likely named after the Greek muse of comedy.
  • Queen Athena: Queen of the fliers, mother of Nike. Silver in color.
  • Hermes: Orange-and-black speckled messenger bat. Brought Lizzie to the Underland.
  • Icarus: deceased; Plague victim; spread the plague to several people, including Gregor's mother, when he flew into the arena when extremely sick. Both the bat and the mythical character met their demise from a fall.
  • Daedalus: Has creamy white fur. Was on the code team.
  • Cassiopeia: Plague victim.
  • Pollux: Plague victim.


Rats are known as "gnawers" in the Underland. Their names seem to relate to how the rats operate in war, or to some physical characteristic.

  • Allied with Regalia
    • King Ripred- Is mentioned as an ally of the humans in all five books, though it is hinted that this was not always so. Ripred was scarred on the chest by Henry in Gregor the Overlander. He is a rager like Gregor, though far more experienced. Ripred becomes very close to Lizzie; bonded with Luxa in Code of Claw to bring peace between the humans and the rats. His favorite food is shrimp in cream sauce. Was given diagonal scar by Solovet. (Self)Proclaimed "peacemaker." Ripred reveals his scorn of the "prophecies" in book 5.He became the new leader of the rats at the end of Code of Claw. The third known leader of the rats.
    • Silksharp - A pup of Ripred. She died in the Garden of Hesperides. Was similar in personality to Lizzie.
    • Twitchtip (Deceased, as informed in Book 5): A scent-seer; therefore, one who is able to detect any detail via smell. Twitchtip went on the quest to find the Bane. A message told of her death in Code of Claw. She was an outcast, but Ripred allowed her into his band of cohorts as it were, but for a condition, which was to help Gregor find the Bane (see below).
    • Lapblood- Went on trip to find the plague cure; met again by Gregor and others in Code of Claw. She went temporarily insane when she saw Mange die(in Curse of the Warmbloods), and lost all hope and will to live. She was temporarily revived when she thought of her pups needing her, but soon reverted. Was groomed by Gregor when Ripred started to threaten her. She recovered however and later comes back in the fifth book. She leads all the rats who rebel against the Bane and sides with Ripred. She and her followers join in the final battle against Bane.
    • Sixclaw- (pup of Lapblood and Mange)
    • Flyfur - (pup of Lapblood and Mange)
  • Attitude Towards Regalia Unknown
    • Mange - (Deceased, as of Book 3): Lapblood's mate. Died trying to get food, killed by a plant similar to a huge Venus Flytrap.
    • Razor - (Deceased, as of Book 4): The Bane's main guardian. Killed by the Bane over a crawler carcass. Was with King Gorger in the first book.
    • Makemince- neighbor of Lapblood; takes care of pups in Lapblood's absence.
    • Goldshard- (Deceased, as of Book 2)- the Bane's mother, died fighting the Bane's father, Snare, because she didn't want her only pup left, Pearlpelt/the Bane, to be used for evil. Begged Gregor not to kill her baby, and succeeded.
    • Cleaver (Deceased, as of Book 5)- Ripred used his body as cover when fleeing from flesh-eating mites.
    • Clawsin - (mentioned, status unknown) Rat wounded by Bane. Was with King Gorger in the first book.
    • Ratriff (mentioned, status unknown)- Rat wounded by Bane
  • Opposed to Regalia
    • The Bane/King Pearlpelt (Deceased, as of Book 5)- Prophesied destroyer; also known as Pearlpelt, the name given to him by his mother. Pearlpelt is egocentric and self-pitying, and eventually demented. Saved by Gregor in Prophecy of Bane; killed by Gregor in Code of Claw. The only existing white rat, and enormous. Was small cute baby rat when found by Gregor and grew to monstrous proportions throughout books 2 to 5. Pearlpelt's tail is his own kind of safety blanket. Turned evil (might have been not so vicious) because of Twirltonge's amazing persuading abilities and the death of his father, Snare. The second known leader of the rats.
    • Twirltongue- (Deceased, as of Book 5)Extremely persuasive; almost turned Gregor against Ripred. Adviser to the Bane; however, Gregor easily persuaded the Bane to see her as an opportunistic usurper; in a moment of rage, the Bane killed her, then thought Gregor killed her because of the Bane's insanity and attacked Gregor.
    • King Gorger (Deceased, as of Book 1)- Head of the rat army and most rats in book one. Fell to his death. The first known leader of the rats.
    • Fangor (Deceased, as of Book 1)- Killed beside Shed in first book.
    • Shed - Killed by humans on the beach in an attempt to kill Gregor.
    • Snare - The Bane's father. Killed his other pups to give the Bane more milk. He was killed by his mate, Goldshard.
    • Gushgore - Twirltongue's friend. Smashed Gregor's light in book four.
    • Reekwell - Twirltongue's friend.
    • Bloodlet- One of King Gorger's followers.


Cockroaches are known as "crawlers" in the Underland. Their names are derived from words pertaining to time.

  • Temp - Boots's best friend and constant companion in the Underland, appearing in every single book and in every quest. Temp is extremely loyal to Boots and very protective of her, as shown in The Prophecy of Bane, wherein he defends her from the Serpents, then saves her life in the Dead Land by sending her back to Regalia on a moth, staying behind at risk to his own life. He is also wise, in that he perceives what others do not and brings unconsidered possibilities to attention. For instance, in The Curse of the Warmbloods he figures out that the cradle of the plague is not in the jungle and in The Prophecy of Bane, he warned the others not to go to the island in the middle of the Waterway, which turned out to be inhabited with flesh-eating mites. Temp is chosen as the Crawler delegate to the peace conference at the end of the war. His name is derived from the word "tempus", the Latin word for time.
  • Tick - (deceased in book one) Companion of Temp who was chosen as one of the two cockroaches to accompany Gregor on The Prophecy of Gray quest. Tick's name is an onomatopoeia of the sound produced by a clock. Like Temp, Tick was devoted to Boots. She died saving Temp and Boots by holding off the rats when the group was crossing a bridge in gnawer territory.
  • Min - The extremely old codebreaker of the crawlers in The Code of Claw. Her name is derived from the word minute.
  • Pend - (mentioned)


Mice are known as "nibblers" in the Underland. Their names are related to mathematics.

  • Cartesian - Cartesian was first met in The Marks of Secret. He was insane when he was met and kept thinking he was warning other mice of the rat's invasion. "Where are the others?" When he recovered his sanity, he explained some things to the rest. He died fighting to protect the nursery in The Code of Claw.
  • Cube - A pup named by Luxa. He was recognized as one of the mice in the pit they watched die.
  • Heronian - Part of the code team. Also the nibbler representative at the end of Book 5.
  • Cevian - A close friend to Luxa and Aurora. Helped Aurora and Luxa out from books 2 to 3. Cevian was the first mouse to be heard of in book 4. She is killed, presumably by a rat, for attempting to warn Luxa of the nibbler's plight.
  • Scalene - Had a home
  • Newton - no home.
  • Root - A pup that had no home.
  • Euclidian - A pup with no home.


Spiders are known as "spinners" in the Underland. Their names seem to be related to weaving and to how the spiders move; every (known) spider's name ends in an x.

  • Gox –(deceased in book one) Joined up with the questers en route to fulfill the Prophecy of Gray. Was sliced in half by King Gorger's tail.
  • Treflex –(deceased in book one) Joined up with the questers en route to fulfill the Prophecy of Gray, but died as soon as he reached them. Was devoured by Gox after death.
  • Queen Wevox - Queen of the spinners.
  • Purvox - Hazard's Spinner tutor.
  • Reflex- The code-breaker for the spiders in the Code of Claw. Was bright green in color.


Fireflies are known as "shiners" in the Underland. Their names are related to light. They are somewhat disdainful towards the nibblers, and don't really care about anyone besides themselves. They also tend to argue a lot with each other. Shiners have a love for cake, or any food in general and are generally extremely annoying and lazy.

  • Photos Glow-Glow- An arrogant, gluttonous, argumentative male shiner. He accompanied Gregor and his companions on the quest to kill the Bane along with Zap, until the food supplies ran low and the two fireflies abandoned them. Gregor and his friends also re-encounter him and Zap in Hades Hall in The Marks of Secret. Photos Glow-Glow can glow many colors of the rainbow. He rescues Gregor in The Code of Claw, after Pearlpelt's death, mainly for the reason of obtaining cake.
  • Zap- An Arrogant, gluttonous, argumentative female shiner. Zap can glow only yellow. She shows very little compassion, but is moved by the sight of the dead mice in Book 4, and mourns them. She gnaws Ares' claw away from Gregor's fingers to avoid breaking his hand, and aids Photos Glow-Glow in Gregor's rescue in Book 5.


Lizards are known as "hissers" in the Underland.

  • Frill - The only known hisser. A companion to Hamnet and his son Hazard in the jungle; she is killed by ants in The Curse of the Warmbloods , Book 3.