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The Young and the Restless cast members

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The Young and the Restless is a long-running American television soap opera, created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS. It first aired on March 26, 1973. The longest-running current cast member is Doug Davidson, who has portrayed private investigator Paul Williams since May 19, 1978.[1] Jeanne Cooper, who portrayed the soap opera's matriarch Katherine Chancellor, holds the record for the series' longest-running cast member, airing from November 1973 until her death in May 2013.[2] Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden, who portray Nikki and Victor Newman, are the second and third longest-running cast members, having joined in February 1979 and February 1980, respectively.[1][3] Kate Linder has portrayed Esther Valentine since April 1982, and rounds out the series' top four longest-running cast members.[4] The following list is of cast members who are currently on the show: both main and recurring members, as well as those who are debuting, departing or returning from the series.


Main cast

Actor Character Duration
Peter Bergman Jack Abbott 1989–
Marco Annicelli 2015
Eric Braeden Victor Newman 1980–
Steve Burton Dylan McAvoy 2013–
Sean Carrigan Stitch Rayburn 2013–
Sharon Case Sharon McAvoy 1994–
Doug Davidson Paul Williams 1978–
Eileen Davidson Ashley Abbott 1982–88, 1999–
Melissa Claire Egan Chelsea Newman 2011–
Daniel Goddard Cane Ashby 2007–
Caleb Atkinson 2011
Camryn Grimes Cassie Newman 1997–2007, 2009–10, 2013–14
Mariah Copeland 2014–
Justin Hartley Adam Newman 2014–
Gabriel Bingham 2015
Amelia Heinle Victoria Newman 2005–
Elizabeth Hendrickson Chloe Mitchell 2008–
Bryton James Devon Hamilton 2004–
Christel Khalil Lily Ashby 2002–
Christian LeBlanc Michael Baldwin 1991–93, 1997–
Kate Linder Esther Valentine 1982–
Mishael Morgan Hilary Hamilton 2013–
Joshua Morrow Nicholas Newman 1994–
Melissa Ordway Abby Rayburn 2013–
Greg Rikaart Kevin Fisher 2003–
Melody Thomas Scott Nikki Newman 1979–
Kristoff St. John Neil Winters 1991–
Jason Thompson Billy Abbott 2016–
Gina Tognoni Phyllis Abbott 2014–

Recurring cast

Actor Character Duration
Robert Adamson Noah Newman 2012–
Catherine Bach Anita Lawson 2012–
Lauralee Bell Christine Blair Williams 1983–2006, 2010–
Jared Breeze Max Rayburn 2016–
Tracey E. Bregman Lauren Fenmore Baldwin 1983–95, 2000–
Sarah Smythe 2010
Jensen Buchanan Elise Moxley 2015–
Ryan Caltagirone Winston Mobley 2015–
Judith Chapman Jill Foster Abbott 1994
Gloria Abbott Bardwell 2005–
Aidan Clark Charlie Ashby 2013–
Angell Conwell Leslie Michaelson 2010–
Jerry Douglas John Abbott 1982–2013, 2015–
Alistair Wallingford 2008
Max Ehrich Fenmore Baldwin 2012–
Robert Gant David Sherman 2013–
Alice Greczyn Emma Randall 2015–
Stacy Haiduk Patty Williams 2009–12, 2015–
Emily Peterson 2009–12
Hunter King Summer Newman 2012–
Michael E. Knight Dr. Simon Neville 2015–
Alyvia Alyn Lind Faith Newman 2011–
Beth Maitland Traci Abbott 1982–96, 1999, 2001, 2006–
Devon Martinez Shawn Taylor 2016–
Mara McCaffray Natalie 2016–
Nadine Nicole Gwen Randall 2014–
Sofia Pernas Marisa Sierras 2015–
Michael Roark Travis Crawford 2016–
McKenna Roberts Matilda Ashby 2013–
Tristan Rogers Colin Atkinson 2010–12, 2014–
Ted Shackelford William Bardwell 2006–07
Jeffrey Bardwell 2007–
Chrishell Stause Bethany Bryant 2016–
Terrell Tilford Barton Shelby 2014–
Miles Gaston Villanueva Father Martin 2013
Luca Santori 2015–
Jess Walton Jill Atkinson 1987–
Ray Wise Ian Ward 2014–

Cast changes


Actor Character Date Ref.
Nichelle Nichols Lucinda September 1, 2016 [5][6]


Actor Character Date Ref.
Michael E. Knight Simon Neville July 27, 2016 [7][8]


Actor Character Date Ref.
Michael Graziadei Daniel Romalotti August 25, 2016 [9]

Previous cast members

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