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Christofer Johnsson
Niemann brothers: Johan (left) and Kristian (right)
Thomas Vikström (left) and Snowy Shaw (right)
Lori Lewis
Messiah Marcolin
Karin Fjellander
Kimberly Goss

This is a list of Therion current, former, guest, live members and people directly related with the band. For detailed information, such as voice range or specified songs appearance, see the proper album article of the relevant year.

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

Current live members[edit]

  • Emmie Asplund - vocals (2015-present as stand-in for Linnéa Vikström)
  • Linnéa Vikström - vocals (2010-present)
  • Chiara Malvestiti - vocals (2015-present)

Former live members[edit]

Session and guest musicians[edit]

Timeline (Official Members Only)[edit]

Previous lineups, touring and session members

Cover artists[edit]

Artists of cover artworks:


Orchestras and choirs[edit]

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