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Theta Chi Fraternity has chartered 237 Theta Chi Fraternity Chapters, of which 161 are active.[1] Its first 24 chapters were given single Greek letter designations (Α, Β, etc.), and all following chapters were given double Greek letter designations (ΑΒ, ΑΓ, etc.) such that no letter be used twice (no ΑΑ, ΒΒ, etc.). The ΘΧ chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity designation is an honorary chapter, whose members are people not previously initiated into the fraternity, but who have served the fraternity.

Single Letter Chapters[edit]

Α Norwich University (1856–1960) Inactive — fraternities abolished 1960
Β Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1902–Present)
Γ University of Maine (1907–Present)
Δ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1908–Present)
Ε Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1909–Present)
Ζ University of New Hampshire (1910–1974) (1984–1993) (2015–Present)
Η University of Rhode Island (1911–1988) (2011–Present)
Θ University of Massachusetts Amherst (1911–1982) (1991–1998) (1999–Present)
Ι Colgate University (1912–Present)
Κ University of Pennsylvania (1912–1960) Inactive
Λ Cornell University (1912–1983) (1985–1999) Inactive
M University of California, Berkeley (1913–1993) (1995–Present)
Ν Hampden–Sydney College (1914–1995) (1999–Present)
Ξ University of Virginia (1914–Present)
Ο University of Richmond (1915–1996) (2013–Present)
Π Dickinson College (1916–2008) Inactive
Ρ University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (1916–1972) (1991–Present)
Σ Oregon State University (1916–Present)
Τ University of Florida (1916–Present)
Υ New York University (1917–1968) (1988–1991) Inactive
Φ North Dakota State University (1917–Present)
Χ Auburn University (1918–Present)
Ψ University of Wisconsin–Madison (1918–2000) (2011–Present)
Ω Pennsylvania State University (1919–Present)

Α Series Chapters[edit]

See Alpha Theta
ΑΒ University of Pittsburgh (1919–1999) Coming Fall 2020
ΑΓ University of Michigan (1919–Present)
ΑΔ Purdue University (1920–Present)
ΑΕ Stanford University (1920–1988) Inactive
ΑΖ University of Rochester (1920–Present)
ΑΗ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1920–1938) (1949–1964) (1985–1994) Inactive
ΑΘ Dartmouth College (See Alpha Theta) (1921–1952) Inactive
ΑΙ Indiana University (1921–2001) (2006–Present)
ΑΚ West Virginia University (1921–1937) (1949–Present)
ΑΛ Ohio State University (1921–1996) (2017–Present)
ΑΜ Iowa State University (1922–Present)
ΑΝ Georgia Institute of Technology (1923–Present)
ΑΞ University of Delaware (1923–1988) (1998–Present)
ΑΟ Washington State University (1924–Present)
ΑΠ University of Minnesota (1924–2000) (2013–Present)
ΑΡ University of Washington (1925–Present)
ΑΣ University of Oregon (1925–2012) (2016–Present)
ΑΤ Ohio University (1925–Present)
ΑΥ University of Nebraska–Lincoln (1925–1939) (1949–1998) (2008–Present)
ΑΦ University of Alabama (1926–Present)
ΑΧ Syracuse University (1928–Present)
ΑΨ University of Maryland, College Park (1929–Present)
ΑΩ Lafayette College (1930–2003) Inactive

Β Series Chapters[edit]

ΒΑ University of California, Los Angeles (1931–Present)
ΒΓ University of North Dakota (1932–1990) Inactive
ΒΔ Rutgers University (1932–2004) (2005–Present)
ΒΕ University of Montana (1937–1993) Inactive
ΒΖ Michigan State University (1939–2013) (2017–Present)
ΒΗ Washington College (1940–Present)
ΒΘ Drexel University (1940–Present)
ΒΙ University of Arizona (1941–1972) (2011–Present)
ΒΚ Hamline University (1942–Present) — Alpha Chapter of Beta Kappa Fraternity
ΒΛ University of Akron (1942–1993) (1997–Present)
ΒΜ Middlebury College (1942–1970) Inactive
ΒΝ Case Western Reserve University (1942–Present)
ΒΞ Birmingham–Southern College (1942–Present)
ΒΟ University of Cincinnati (1942–2005) (2013–Present)
ΒΠ Monmouth College (1942–1990) Inactive
ΒΡ Illinois Wesleyan University (1942–Present)
ΒΣ Lehigh University (1942–Present)
ΒΤ University of Southern California (1942–1992) (2006–2011) (2012–Present)
ΒΥ California State University, Fresno (1942–2012)
ΒΦ University of Nevada, Reno (1942–1971) (2014–Present)
ΒΧ Allegheny College (1942–Present)
ΒΨ Presbyterian College (1942–Present) [2]
ΒΩ Susquehanna University (1942–Present)

Γ Series Chapters[edit]

ΓΑ University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1942–1960) Inactive
ΓΒ Furman University (1942–1964) Inactive
ΓΔ Florida Southern College (1946–1998) (2009–Present)
ΓΕ Western State Colorado University (1946–1999) Inactive
ΓΖ Oklahoma State University–Stillwater (1947–1968) (1996–2005) (2012–Present)
ΓΗ Bucknell University (1947–1979) (1991–2000) (2010–2012) Inactive
ΓΘ San Diego State University (1947–2008) (2013–Present)
ΓΙ University of Connecticut (1947–1966) Inactive
ΓΚ Miami University (1947–Present)
ΓΛ University of Denver (1948–1980) (1997–Present)
ΓΜ Bowling Green State University (1948–1999) (Colony 2017-Present)
ΓΝ New Mexico State University (1948–1996 ) (Colony 2018-Present)
ΓΞ San Jose State University (1948–Present)
ΓΟ Wake Forest University (1948–Present)
ΓΠ University at Buffalo (1949–1972) (1989–1995) (2018-Present)
ΓΡ Florida State University (1949–Present)
ΓΣ Duke University (1949–2007) Inactive
ΓΤ Drake University (1949–Present)
ΓΥ Bradley University (1949–Present)
ΓΦ Nebraska Wesleyan University (1949–Present)
ΓΧ Randolph–Macon College (1949–Present)
ΓΨ University of Puget Sound (1949–1981) Inactive
ΓΩ Vanderbilt University (1949–1960)

Δ Series Chapters[edit]

ΔΑ Linfield College (1949–Present)
ΔΒ University of Georgia (1949–Present)
ΔΓ West Virginia Wesleyan College (1950–1993) (1996–Present)
ΔΕ University of Miami (1950–1963) Inactive
ΔΖ University of Nebraska Omaha (1950–Present)
ΔΗ Colorado State University (1950–1973) (2013–Present)
ΔΘ University of Toledo (1950–Present)
ΔΙ Northwestern University (1950–2017) Inactive
ΔΚ Ball State University (1951–2018)
ΔΛ Colorado School of Mines (1951–1961) Inactive
ΔΜ University of Texas at Austin (1951–1964) (1989–Present)
ΔΝ University of Vermont (1951–1986) Inactive
ΔΞ Valparaiso University (1952–2010) Inactive
ΔΟ Gettysburg College (1952–2002) Inactive
ΔΠ Indiana State University (1952–2005) (2013–Present)
ΔΡ North Carolina State University (1952–2015) Coming Fall 2019
ΔΣ Clarkson University (1952–1997) Inactive
ΔΤ Kent State University (1953–1971) (1987–2006) Inactive
ΔΥ Arizona State University (1953–2015) (Colony 2018-Present)
ΔΦ University of North Texas (1954–2001) (2007–2019)
ΔΧ Lenoir–Rhyne University (1954–2009) Inactive
ΔΨ University of Kansas (1954–1972) (1982–Present)
ΔΩ Ripon College (1954–Present)

Ε Series Chapters[edit]

ΕΑ High Point University (1954–2011) Inactive
ΕΒ Lycoming College (1955–1998) Inactive
ΕΓ Widener University (1956–Present)
ΕΔ Youngstown State University (1956–2010) (2018–Present)
ΕΖ University of Tampa (1955–2018)
ΕΗ Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1957–2011) (2016–Present)
ΕΘ Tufts University (1957–Present)
ΕΙ East Carolina University (1958–Present)
ΕΚ University of Idaho (1959–Present)
ΕΛ Lewis & Clark College (1959–1971) Inactive
EM Eastern Michigan University (1959–2013) (2017–Present)
ΕΝ California State University, Los Angeles (1960–1974) Inactive
ΕΞ Clarion University of Pennsylvania (1960– )
ΕΟ Waynesburg University (1960–1991) Inactive
ΕΠ Northern Illinois University (1961–1991) Coming Fall 2020
ΕΡ Rider University (1961–1990) (2018–Present)
ΕΣ Wagner College (1961–Present)
ΕΤ Stephen F. Austin State University (1961–2001) (2008–Present)
ΕΥ Central Michigan University (1962– ) Inactive
ΕΦ University of Central Missouri (1962–Present)
ΕΧ Missouri University of Science and Technology (1962– ) Inactive
ΕΨ New Jersey Institute of Technology (1963–Present)
ΕΩ California State University, Sacramento (1963–1974) (1990–2006) Inactive

Ζ Series Chapters[edit]

ΖΑ Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (1964–1989) (2018–Present)
ΖΒ Adrian College (1964–Present)
ΖΓ University of Alberta (1965–Present)
ΖΔ St. Cloud State University (1965–2011) Inactive
ZE California State University, Long Beach (1965–Present)
ΖΗ Northern Michigan University (1965–1986) Inactive
ΖΘ Troy University (1966–1985) Inactive
ΖΙ Dickinson State University (1966–1983) Inactive
ΖΚ Ohio Northern University (1966–Present)
ΖΛ Westminster College (PA) (1966–Present)
ΖΜ American International College (1966–1973) Inactive
ΖΝ Parsons College (1967–1973) Inactive — school closed 1973
ΖΞ University of California, Davis (1967–Present)
ΖΟ Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (1968–1989) (Colony 2017)
ΖΠ Old Dominion University (1968–Present)
ΖΡ University of Kentucky (1968–1990) (2011–Present)
ΖΣ University of Wisconsin–River Falls (1968–Present)
ΖΤ University of Michigan–Flint (1968–1973) (1991–Present)
ΖΥ University of Hartford (1969–1972) (1986–Present)
ΖΦ California Polytechnic State University (1969–1993) (2000–Present)
ΖΧ Bryant University (1970–1973) Inactive
ΖΨ Western Illinois University (1970–2000) (2014–Present)
ΖΩ West Chester University (1970–2005) Inactive

Η Series Chapters[edit]

ΗΑ Clemson University (1970–2005) (2010) (2018-Present)
ΗΒ Eastern Kentucky University (1971–Present)
ΗΓ Morehead State University (1971–Present)
ΗΔ Babson College (1971–2012) Inactive
ΗΕ Marquette University (1971–1973) Inactive
HZ Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (1971–2015) Inactive
ΗΘ Chadron State College (1972–1985) Inactive
ΗΙ Newberry College (1972–Present)
ΗΚ James Madison University (1972–1989) (1995–Present)
ΗΛ Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1972–Present)
ΗΜ University of Findlay (1972–Present)
ΗΝ Alma College (1973–Present)
ΗΞ Tarkio College (1973–1991) Inactive — school closed 1992
ΗΟ Northwestern State University (1973–Present)
ΗΠ East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania (1974–Present)
ΗΡ Centenary College of Louisiana (1969–2016) Inactive
ΗΣ Arkansas Tech University (1977–1997) Inactive
ΗΤ California State University, Stanislaus (1979–Present)
ΗΥ Texas A&M University (1980–1993) (2014–Present)
ΗΦ Oakland University (1981–Present)
ΗΧ George Mason University (1982–Present)
ΗΨ University of Alabama at Birmingham (1982–2000) (2012–Present)
ΗΩ California State University, Chico (1982–Present)

Θ Series Chapters[edit]

ΘΑ California State University, Northridge (1984–1994) Inactive
ΘΒ The College of New Jersey (1986–1998) Inactive
ΘΓ Northwood University (1988–1995) Inactive
ΘΔ Santa Clara University (1986–2001) (2018–Present)
ΘΖ University of North Carolina at Asheville (1988–2007) Inactive
ΘΗ Sam Houston State University (1989–Present)
ΘΙ University of California, Santa Cruz (1989–Present)
ΘΚ Texas Tech University (1990–Present)
ΘΛ Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (1990–1997) Inactive
ΘΜ California State University, East Bay (1990–2003) Inactive
ΘΝ Rowan University (1991–2008) Inactive
ΘΞ Virginia Commonwealth University (1991–Present)
ΘΟ Mars Hill University (1992–2013) Inactive
ΘΠ Bridgewater State University (1992–1999) Inactive
ΘΡ McNeese State University (1993–Present)
ΘΣ University of California, Santa Barbara (1994–2005) Inactive
ΘΤ Western Michigan University (1994–2004) (2016–Present)
ΘΥ Frostburg State University (1994–1995) Inactive
ΘΦ California State University, Bakersfield (1994–2010) Inactive
ΘΧ Grand Chapter Honorary (1990–Present)
ΘΨ University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh (1996–2009) Inactive
ΘΩ Appalachian State University (1996–Present)

Ι Series Chapters[edit]

ΙΑ University of North Carolina at Wilmington (1999–2007) Inactive
ΙΒ Missouri State University (1999–Present)
ΙΓ Grand Valley State University (2000–2015) (2016–Present)
ΙΔ Southeastern Louisiana University (2000–Present)
ΙΕ Georgia State University (2001–2009) Inactive
ΙΖ Radford University (2001–Present)
ΙΗ University of the Pacific (2005–Present)
ΙΘ University of Central Florida (2006–Present)
IK Northern Arizona University (2006–Present)
ΙΛ Longwood University (2007–Present)
IM University of Missouri (2009–Present)
IN University of South Florida (2010–Present)
ΙΞ Georgia College & State University (2011–Present)
IO Florida International University (2012–Present)
ΙΠ Louisiana State University (2012–Present)
ΙΡ Southern Polytechnic State University (2013–2014) Inactive — school merged with Kennesaw State
ΙΣ Towson University (2013–Present)
ΙΤ Northern Kentucky University (2013–Present)
ΙΥ Texas State University (2014–Present)
ΙΦ University of South Carolina (2015–Present)
IX Binghamton University (2015–Present)
ΙΨ Rochester Institute of Technology (2015–Present)
ΙΩ State University of New York at Cortland (2015–Present)

K Series Chapters[edit]

ΚΑ Gonzaga University (2015–Present)
ΚΒ Long Island University–Post (2016–Present)
ΚΓ University of North Florida (2016–Present)
ΚΔ University of Texas at El Paso (2016–Present)
ΚΕ State University of New York at Oswego (2017–Present)
ΚΖ University of Arkansas (2017–Present)
ΚΗ Salisbury University (2018–Present)
ΚΘ State University of New York at Geneseo (2018–Present)
ΚΙ United States Military Academy at West Point (2018–Present)
ΚΛ California State University at San Marcos (2019–Present)
ΚΜ Point Loma Nazarene University (2019–Present)


ZE Shippensburg University (1968-1989) (Colony 2017-Present)
ΓΜ Bowling Green State University (1948– ) (Colony 2017–Present)
Young Harris College (Colony 2018)
ΔΥ Arizona State University (1953–2015) (Colony 2018-Present)
University of Colorado at Boulder (Colony 2018–Present)
ΓΝ New Mexico State University (1948–1996 ) (Colony 2018-Present)
University at Albany, SUNY (Colony 2018–Present)
Texas A&M University, Texarkana (Colony 2019–Present)
University of Tennessee at Knoxville (Colony 2019–Present)


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  2. ^ Originally created as the Epsilon chapter of Chi Tau fraternity in 1924, joining Beta Kappa in 1930 after Chi Tau's dissolution.