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This is a list of notable members of Theta Chi fraternity.

Armed services[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
General Jimmie V. Adams Chi / Auburn Commander in Chief of US Pacific Air Forces
Major General Francis William Billado Alpha / Norwich Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard
Captain James M. Burt Alpha / Norwich U.S. Army, Medal of Honor and Purple Heart Recipient, World War II
Brigadier General Kenneth B. Bush Rho / Illinois U.S. Army, Distinguished Service Medal recipient, Korean War
Major General Reginald M. Cram Alpha / Norwich Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard
Major General Grenville M. Dodge Alpha / Norwich Union Army officer in the Civil War; railroad executive, helped construct the Transcontinental Railroad
Colonel Charles Ross Greening Alpha Omicron / Washington State Flew in Gen. James Doolittle's first air raid on Tokyo in World War II
Vice Admiral George Raymond Henderson Gamma / Maine USN, a World War II-era officer
General Robert Neller Xi / Virginia Commandant of the Marine Corps
Lieutenant General H. P. (Pete) Osman Zeta Pi / Old Dominion USMC, Responsible for Toys for Tots on the Eastern Seaboard
Captain Harl Pease Jr., Zeta / New Hampshire Army Air Corps Medal of Honor awarded posthumously on December 2, 1942, and Pease AFB named in honor of him
General John M. Shalikashvili Gamma Upsilon / Bradley Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Colonel Edward Shames Zeta Pi / Old Dominion Led troops in American airborne landings in Normandy and in Operation Market Garden as well as Battle of the Bulge, portrayed by Joseph May in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers [1]
Major General William Russell Todd Alpha / Norwich Former president of Norwich University
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin H. Vandervoort Beta Eta / Washington College Led American airborne landings in Normandy and in Operation Market Garden in World War II
Major Harold Watson Alpha / Norwich Flew in Doolittle Raid in World War II
Brigadier General Edward Bancroft Williston Alpha / Norwich U.S. Army, Medal of Honor recipient, Civil War

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Jeffery Mapps Delta Omicron / Gettysburg College Set Design [2]
Steven Spielberg Zeta Epsilon / CSU-Long Beach Movie producer, writer, Academy Award-winning director
Charles Addams Iota/Colgate Cartoonist for The New Yorker, creator of The Addams Family
Edward Andrews Xi/Virginia Actor, appeared in over 50 films including Sixteen Candles and Gremlins
Matt Austin Actor, Date Movie
Edgar Buchanan Alpha Sigma / Oregon Actor, starred on Petticoat Junction TV series
Phil Buckman Gamma Theta / San Diego State Actor, musician
Steve Buckingham Omicron/Richmond Grammy Award-winning music producer
Rob Corddry Theta/UMass Screen actor and "Senior Correspondent" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
JackCourageJDDunlop Iota Sigma/Towson YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, former Shoutcaster
Sammy Kaye Alpha Tau / Ohio Big Band leader and songwriter
Dr. Tait J. Martin Eta Omicron / Northwestern State Emmy winner and Managing Partner at the Taproot Agency
Joel McHale Alpha Rho/Washington Actor, Community and The Soup
Gregory Nicotero Zeta Lambda / Westminster Executive producer of The Walking Dead
Dan Resin Alpha Iota / Indiana Dr. Beeper in the movie Caddyshack
Martin Rubeo Gamma Eta / Bucknell Musician and founding member of alternative rock band Gramsci Melodic
Ben Silverman Co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios
Francis H. Striker Gamma Pi / Buffalo Writer, co-creator of the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet
Phil Vassar Eta Kappa / James Madison Country music star

Business and industry[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Jesse Kalter Delta Omicron / Gettysburg College Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney [3]
Anthony (Tony) R. Kenney Gamma Kappa/Miami Ohio Former CEO, Speedway convenience stores and gas stations
Timothy A. Kenyon Gamma Kappa/Miami Ohio CFO Target Systems
Randolph H. Smith Gamma Kappa/Miami Ohio Board of Directors, The National Association of Home Builder's
Stephen (Steve) Davis Gamma Kappa/Miami Ohio Inventor of the plastic inflatable airbag for void fill packaging (July 1992) e.g.that large plastic air pillow inside Amazon packages
Ronald N. Foglia Gamma Kappa/Miami Ohio Executive Coaching Expert, Mindset Performance Coach
Paul R. Andrews Alpha/Norwich Former President and Chairman, Prentice-Hall
Ronald Batory President and COO, Consolidated Rail Corporation Conrail
James L. Bauchat Alpha Gamma / Michigan Former Vice President of American Tobacco Company; former President and CEO of Sunshine Biscuits, Inc.
Jack DeBoer Beta Zeta / Michigan State Former Chairman and CEO of Residence Inns; Xerox Board of Trustees member; co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Candlewood Suites; founder of Summerfield Suites; co-founder of Cambridge Suites and Value Inn
Russell DeYoung Beta Lambda / Akron Former Chairman and CEO, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Samuel DiPiazza Alpha Phi / Alabama Global CEO, PricewaterhouseCoopers
James C. Downs Jr. Rho/Illinois Founder of Real Estate Research Corporation and author of Principles of Real Estate Management
Robert E. Eberly Omega / Penn State Penn State benefactor
Herbert W. Morgan Theta Iota / UC Santa Cruz Senior Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors
David R. Goode Gamma Sigma / Duke Retired Chairman, President, and CEO of Norfolk Southern Corporation
Crawford H. Greenewalt Beta/MIT Former CEO of DuPont, worked on the Manhattan Project
Bill Grimes Delta Gamma / West Virginia Wesleyan Former President and CEO of ESPN; Former Vice President of CBS Broadcasting Group
Robert J. Heggie Rho/Illinois Former President of A.M. Castle & Company
David F. Hodnik Zeta Psi / Western Illinois Former CEO of Ace Hardware
William K. Howell Omicron/Richmond Former President of Miller Brewing Company [4][5][6]
Tony Hulman Sr. Delta Pi / Indiana State Former CEO of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and other endeavors (honorary member)
Lee Iacocca Beta Sigma / Lehigh Former Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Corporation; President of Ford Motor Company
Marcin Kleczynski Rho/Illinois Founder and CEO of Malwarebytes
Herbert E. Lister Gamma Xi / San Jose State Former President and CEO, AllState Insurance
Nick Mileti Gamma Mu / Bowling Green Former owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Crusaders, and the Coliseum at Richfield
Van Richey Alpha Phi / Alabama President and CEO, American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Philip Rinaldi Epsilon Psi / NJIT CEO of Philadelphia Energy Solutions
Bob Sasser Gamma Rho / Florida State University CEO of Dollar Tree
Eric Schiffer CEO of 99 Cents Only stores
Kenneth L. Smith Rho/Illinois First salaried president of Chicago Stock Exchange
Josh "The Hero" Roemer Theta Psi/University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Prestige Worldwide
Peter "Tiny Dog" Borchardt Theta Psi/University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Prestige Worldwide


Name Original chapter Notability References
Dr. Michael F. Pogue-Geile Ph.D Gamma Kappa / Miami Ohio Clinical Program Chair, Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
Lee Bollinger Alpha Sigma / Oregon President of Columbia University
John Sloan Dickey Alpha Theta / Dartmouth Former president of Dartmouth College
Charles Dole Alpha/Norwich Former President of Norwich University
William Durden Pi/Dickinson President of Dickinson College
Michael Heyman Alpha Theta / Dartmouth Former Chancellor, University of California
Dr. Walter S. Newman Nu / Hampden-Sydney Former President of Virginia Tech
Charles H. Spooner Alpha/Norwich Former President of Norwich University
John M. Sullivan Eta Omicron / Northwestern State President of the Art Academy of Cincinnati
William J. Taverner Upsilon / NYU Sexologist, author and editor of sexuality texts, including the American Journal of Sexuality Education
Robert A. Weygand Eta / Rhode Island Vice president for administration of the University of Rhode Island, former Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, former U.S. Representative for 2nd District of Rhode Island

Politics and government[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
J. Michael Ball Tau / Florida Former New Hampshire State Representative – Hillsborough District 9
Marvin R. Baxter Beta Upsilon / Fresno State Current Associate Justice, Supreme Court of California
Allan Bense Gamma Rho / Florida State Former Speaker, Florida House of Representatives
Christopher Bradley Eta Lambda / Virginia Tech Director of Sanitation Facilities Construction, Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service
Mo Brooks Gamma Sigma / Duke Alabama Republican
Ralph Brooks Gamma Phi / Nebraska Wesleyan Former governor of Nebraska
Dennis Cardoza Eta Tau / Stanislaus State U.S. Representative for 18th District of California
Chris Carr Delta Beta / Georgia Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Theodore Christianson Alpha Pi / Minnesota Former governor of Minnesota
Kirk Cox Eta Kappa / James Madison Virginia State Speaker of the House of Representatives
Robert Cupp Zeta Kappa / Ohio Northern Member of the Ohio State Supreme Court
Carl Curtis Gamma Phi / Nebraska Wesleyan Former US Senator and Representative of Nebraska
Dan Daley Gamma Rho / Florida State Commissioner, City of Coral Springs, Florida
Christopher Dorworth Tau / Florida Former Florida Representative for 34th District of Florida
R. Budd Dwyer Beta Chi / Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Treasurer
Ernest W. Gibson Jr. Alpha / Norwich Former US Senator, governor of Vermont
Tony Goolsby Delta Phi / North Texas Member of the Texas House of Representatives from Dallas County, 1989–2009 [7]
Harry Hughes Alpha Psi / Maryland Former governor of Maryland
Eugene Keogh Upsilon / NYU Former US Representative, Author of Keogh Plan
Matthew LoPresti Delta Theta / Toledo Hawaii State Representative, District 41
Peter Lund Zeta Beta / Adrian Current Michigan Representative for the 36th District and Michigan House Majority Whip
Warren Magnuson Alpha Rho / Washington Former US Senator
Pete Muldoon Eta Omicron / Northwestern State Mayor of Jackson, Wyoming
William J. Murphy Zeta Upsilon / Hartford 221st Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives
Jacob A. Preus Alpha Pi / Minnesota Former governor of Minnesota
David Stras Delta Psi / Kansas Judge of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and former Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court
Randall Tobias Alpha Iota / Indiana Former U.S. Global AIDS coordinator, former CEO and chairman, AT&T Communications, former chairman, president and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, author
Michael Villines Beta Upsilon / Fresno State Former California State Assemblyman, 29th District and Republican Leader of The House
Otto Warmbier Xi / Virginia Political prisoner detained by North Korea [8]
Fuller Warren Tau / Florida Former governor of Florida


Name Original chapter Notability References
Radley Balko Civil Rights reporter, The Washington Post
Matt Gallagher Gamma Omicron / Wake Forest University Contributor for New York Times, and author
Mike Greenberg Delta Iota / Northwestern University Co-host of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning
Jay Ingram Zeta Gamma / University of Alberta Toronto Star journalist, author, TV Host of several Discovery Channel Canada programs, including Daily Planet
Sean McManus Gamma Sigma / Duke University President of CBS News and CBS Sports
Harry Reasoner Alpha Pi / University of Minnesota Former news anchor of ABC & CBS, editor of 60 Minutes
Michael J. Shaara Beta Delta / Rutgers University Pulitzer Prize winner for the novel The Killer Angels, which served as the basis for the movie Gettysburg
Bob Woodruff Iota / Colgate University Former co-anchor of ABC's World News Tonight (recuperating from wounds sustained while on assignment in Iraq in January 2006)
Paul Zimmerman Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Times

Research and space[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Daniel T. Barry Lambda/Cornell Former NASA Mission Specialist aboard three Space Shuttle missions; appeared on the TV show Survivor: Panama
Owen Chamberlain Alpha Theta / Dartmouth Former Professor of Physics, joined Manhattan Project 1942–1946, winner of 1959 Nobel Prize in Physics
Charles E. "Buddy" Davis Chi/Auburn Apollo space program engineer
Edward G. Gibson Alpha Zeta / Rochester Former NASA astronaut, spent 84 days aboard Skylab
Donald E. Knuth Beta Nu/Case Western Reserve University Computer scientist and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; recipient of 1974 Turing Award


Name Original chapter Notability References
Jon Anik Delta Omicron / Gettysburg College Mixed martial arts commentator who currently works for the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC [9]
John Bauer Rho / Illinois Former offensive lineman for the New York Giants
Marv Berschet Rho / Illinois Former lineman for the Washington Redskins
Dennis Brown Alpha Rho / Washington Professional football player, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl Champion: 1995
Brian Cardinal Alpha Delta / Purdue Former Purdue basketball player, currently in the NBA playing for the Dallas Mavericks
Ernie Conwell Alpha Rho / Washington Professional football player, New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champion: 2000
Manny Diaz Gamma Rho / Florida State Head Football Coach for the University of Miami
Turk Edwards Alpha Omicron / Washington State Former NFL player
Dick Fosbury Sigma / Oregon State University 1968 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the high jump and creator of the Fosbury Flop
Ron Fraser Gamma Rho / Florida State University University of Miami Head Baseball Coach 1962–1992, two national championships
Billy Gabor Alpha Chi / Syracuse University Former guard/forward for the Syracuse Nationals
Robert "Lefty" Grove Beta Eta / Washington College Major League Baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Athletics and Boston Red Sox (1925–1941), and inductee of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (honorary membership)
Tom Haller Rho/Illinois Former MLB catcher for the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers
Luke Hancock Eta Chi / George Mason Current NCAA forward for the Louisville Cardinals and formerly the George Mason Patriots, Most Outstanding Player of the 2013 Final Four
Tunch Ilkin Delta Pi / Indiana State Former NFL athlete and voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Ralph "Shug" Jordan Chi/Auburn Former Head Football Coach, Auburn University, 1957 NCAA National Champions
Scott "Raven" Levy Alpha Xi / Delaware Professional wrestler, actor, writer
Vern Mikkelsen Beta Kappa / Hamline University Former basketball player for the Minneapolis Lakers & in the Basketball Hall of Fame
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin Gamma Kappa / Miami (OH) Professional wrestler, actor, reality TV star
Mark Murphy Iota/Colgate Former All-Pro defensive back for the Washington Redskins, 1977–84, former Athletic Director for Northwestern University, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers
Johnny Norlander Beta Kappa / Hamline Former professional basketball player and Hamline University NCAA Champion Basketball team with Vern Mikkelson
Jim Parque Beta Alpha / UCLA Former pitcher for the Chicago White Sox
Matt Patricia Delta/RPI Head Coach of the Detroit Lions
Jimmy "Red" Phillips Chi/Auburn Three-time NFL Pro-Bowler, All-American wide receiver at Auburn University and member of Auburn's 1957 national championship football team
Bill Roetzheim Gamma Rho / Florida State Florida State University's first Olympian, competing as a gymnast for the US Olympic Team in 1948 and 1952, 1977 inductee of the FSU Sports Hall of Fame
Alan K. "Al" Saunders Gamma Xi / San Jose State Offensive Coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, former associate head coach & offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins 2006–2007, former offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs 2001–2005, former head coach of the San Diego Chargers 1986–1988
Mike Wagner Zeta Psi / Western Illinois NFL four-time Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers 1971-1980, two-time Pro-Bowl, First Team All-Pro (1973), Steelers 50th Anniversary All-Time Team - safety


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