List of Theta Delta Chi brothers

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This is a list of prominent members of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. Names are listed followed by the school attended and the graduation year.[1]


  • John Brougham, New York Graduate 1857, 19th century actor, dramatist, and orator
  • Fitz James O'Brien, New York Graduate 1857, New York Literary Bohemian, science fiction pioneer
  • Robert Frost, Dartmouth 1896, four time Pulitzer Prize winning poet
Robert Frost, Dartmouth 1896.


  • Frank Lahey, Harvard 1904, Founder of Boston's Lahey Clinic
  • Oliver Beahrs, Berkeley 1937, Head Surgery at the Mayo Clinic
  • Park Dietz, Cornell 1970, Renowned Forensic Psychologist

Public life[edit]

Jerry Lewis, UCLA '56, US House of Rep. for California.
Michael Powell, William and Mary '85, Former Chairman of the FCC.



Donald B. MacMillan, Bowdoin 1897, Arctic Explorer.




Engineering & Science[edit]




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