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A DVD poster; near the top right hand corner is a circle with "scene 1" inscribed. In the foreground are a boy, looking to the left, and a girl, looking to the right, against a background of pink. Near the bottom, with each character in a respective circle, reads "Toradora!".
Cover art of the first DVD compilation released by King Records, featuring main characters Ryūji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka

Toradora! is an anime television series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu.[1] The series was directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and produced by J.C.Staff, Masayoshi Tanaka serving as the character designer and Mari Okada serving as the primary scriptwriter.[2] The series follows Ryūji Takasu, a high school student whose eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent,[3][4] and Taiga Aisaka, a diminutive girl in his class who is known for her negative attitude towards nearly everyone.[5] The two of them spend their days of high school with their three close friends named Minori Kushieda, Yūsaku Kitamura and Ami Kawashima.

Toradora! was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 2, 2008 to March 26, 2009.[6][7][8] It began airing at later dates than TV Tokyo on AT-X, TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting.[9] King Records released the series in eight Region 2 DVD compilations between January 21, 2009, and August 26, 2009.[10][11] The first DVD contained four episodes while the other seven DVDs contained three episodes each.[10][12] Limited editions of all eight compilations, each containing a bonus CD, were also released.[12] The second DVD contained an extra short, Toradora SOS!.[13] A Blu-ray Disc collection containing an original video animation episode was released on December 21, 2011.[14]

The series makes use of four pieces of theme music: two opening and two ending themes. The opening theme for the first 17 episodes is titled "Pre-Parade" (プレパレード Pureparēdo?) performed by Rie Kugimiya, Eri Kitamura, and Yui Horie.[15] The first ending theme is "Vanilla Salt" (バニラソルト Banira Soruto?), also performed by Horie.[16] The opening for the rest of the series is "Silky Heart" performed once again by Yui Horie,[17] and the second ending is "Orange" (オレンジ Orenji?) performed by Rie Kugimiya, Eri Kitamura, and Horie.[17][18] The original score for Toradora! was composed and arranged by Yukari Hashimoto. The soundtrack album was released on January 7, 2009.[19][20]

Episode list[edit]


No. Title Animation director[21] Screenwriter[21] Original air date[7][8]
1 "Tiger and Dragon"
"Tora to Ryū" (虎と竜) 
Masayoshi Tanaka Mari Okada October 2, 2008
Ryūji Takasu, discontent about how his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent, prepares for the first day of his second year of high school. On the way to class, he bumps into Taiga Aisaka, a diminutive girl known for her fierce temper, who is in the same class as him by coincidence. After class, Taiga accidentally puts a love letter in Ryūji's bag, which was meant for Ryūji's best friend Yūsaku Kitamura instead. Taiga later comes to Ryūji's house that night to kill him for knowing about her secret, but Ryūji tells Taiga that the envelop was empty. Ryūji reveals that he has a love interest for his classmate Minori Kushieda, who is Taiga's best friend. To calm Taiga down, Ryūji tells her that he will do anything to help her with Yūsaku. The next morning, Ryūji finds out that Taiga lives in an apartment building next door to his house. When he comes over, he cleans the kitchen and serves her breakfast. 
2 "Ryūji and Taiga"
"Ryūji to Taiga" (竜児と大河) 
Chieko Miyagawa
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada October 9, 2008
During basketball warm-up exercises, Ryūji and Taiga pair up as partners, in which Taiga plans to become paired with Yūsaku after Ryūji knocks out Yūsaku's partner with a basketball. When Ryūji realizes that his classmate Maya Kihara is Yūsaku's partner, he knocks out Taiga instead. Later, Taiga attempts to catch up to Yūsaku and give him a bag of cookies she made. However, she slips off the stairs and throws the bag out of the window in the process, while Ryūji breaks her fall. After she recovers the bag, Ryūji happily eats the cookies. Since Ryūji and Taiga are often together, their classmates mistake the two as a couple, much to Taiga's anger. The next day, Taiga tries to set the record straight and confesses her love to Yūsaku. Ryūji, who overhears Taiga being rejected by Yūsaku, vows to be strong enough like a "dragon" to stand by Taiga as a "tiger". 
3 "Your Song"
"Kimi no Uta" (君の歌) 
Hiroyuki Furukawa
Masayoshi Tanaka
Mari Okada October 16, 2008
Ryūji and Taiga observe Minori playing at the softball field and later decorating cellphones for her classmates, much to Ryūji's amazement. After Ryūji's rice cooker breaks, Taiga takes him to a nearby family restaurant, where Minori, working part-time as a waitress, serves them sundaes. Minori tells him that she has several part-time jobs, but he later wonders if there is a reason why Minori needs money. The next day, Ryūji and Taiga run into Minori at a liquor store, another one of her part-time jobs. The boss asks Ryūji and Taiga to help out for the day, despite Taiga wanting to back down from the start. Taiga is ordered to carry three cases of beer by bicycle, having to push the bicycle along the road due to the inability to ride it. Meanwhile, Ryūji and Minori get locked inside the storehouse, and Ryūji learns that Minori is often so cheerful because she faces her fears. 
4 "The Face Back Then"
"Ano Toki no Kao" (あのときの顔) 
Hiroshi Tomioka
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada October 23, 2008
After viewing some blurred images that Taiga took of Yūsaku, Ryūji offers to take pictures of him for Taiga. During a school assembly, Taiga speaks out to the student council president Sumire Kano for treating students like an army, but is stopped by Yūsaku, causing her to become both happy and depressed. Minori and Yūsaku suggest Ryūji and Taiga to join them for lunch, which causes a tense moment between the latter two. Both Yūsaku and Minori are summoned to softball practice, during which Ryūji manages to take several photos of Yūsaku. Taiga has a hard time choosing which of the photos should be laminated, and she gives all of them to Ryūji. When Yūsaku discovers Ryūji looking over the photos, Yūsaku shows Ryūji a photo of Taiga in his handbook, revealing that she turned him down after he confessed to her a year ago. Taiga later recounts this to Ryūji, telling him that she began to develop feelings for Yūsaku ever since then. 
5 "Ami Kawashima"
"Kawashima Ami" (かわしまあみ) 
Mai Ōtsuka
Masayoshi Tanaka
Tatsuto Higuchi October 30, 2008
At the family restaurant, Yūsaku arrives with fashion model Ami Kawashima, who is also his childhood friend. When Yūsaku and Ryūji excuse themselves, Yūsaku shows Ryūji that Ami is really a conceited and manipulative person, different from her being a self-proclaimed "airhead". Taiga soon comes to dislike Ami, even to the point of slapping her in the restaurant. Ami transfers into Ryūji and Taiga's class, quickly becoming popular with her classmates and maintaining her airhead personality. Although Ami tries to flirt with Ryūji, he can see right through her facade. Ami tries to convince Taiga into thinking that Yūsaku hates her because of how she acted in the restaurant, but Ryūji later finds Taiga at her house to assure her that is not the case. 
6 "True Colours"
"Honto no Jibun" (ほんとの自分) 
Ryūji Tsuzuki
Shin'ichi Shigematsu
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Masayoshi Tanaka
Mari Okada November 6, 2008
In order to avoid a male stalker, Ami is forced to take refuge in Taiga's apartment, much to Ami's fright. Yūsaku asks Taiga and Ryūji to be better friends with Ami since they know what type of person she really is. Ryūji, Taiga, Minori and Ami volunteer to take part in the student council's monthly neighborhood cleaning rally. After Taiga and Minori leave together, Ryūji tells Ami to be herself and stop acting like an airhead. Just as it begins to rain, Ami takes Ryūji with her to hide after she spots the stalker. When Taiga and Minori return, the stalker tries to take photos of Taiga, but she gets angry and chases him down. Empowered by Taiga's actions, Ami decides to discard her fake personality. Ami finds the stalker as the rain lets up and destroys his camera, causing him to run away in fear. 
7 "Pool Opening Day"
"Pūru Biraki" (プールびらき) 
Satoshi Yamaguchi
Masayoshi Tanaka
Junko Okazaki November 13, 2008
Because the school swimming pool has finally opened for the summer, Ryūji accompanies Taiga, Minori and Ami to the mall to buy swimsuits. Although Ami and Minori easily pick out their swimsuits, Taiga has trouble picking out hers. After realizing that Taiga has a small bust size, Ryūji decides to add paddings to her swimsuit to fix the problem. At the swimming pool, Minori and Yūsaku throw Ryūji into the swimming pool, so Ami does the same thing to Taiga. When it turns out that Taiga cannot swim, Ryūji goes in to save her, having to a put back in a padding that fell out of her swimsuit, much to Taiga's embarrassment. Back at the classroom, while Ryūji hears Taiga and Ami having an argument, Minori interrupts the two, telling them to settle things with a sports competition. 
8 "For Whose Sake?"
"Dare no Tame" (だれのため) 
Iku Ozawa
Shigeru Uchihara
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Junko Okazaki November 20, 2008
Taiga and Ami must compete in a fifty-meter swimming race. Ryūji tries to encourage Taiga to practice in the swimming pool, but she prefers to practice virtually. Taiga later refuses to participate in the race after Ryūji assumes how she really feels about the competition. However, Taiga decides to shows up last minute on the day of the competition. Taiga has a leg cramp during the race, and Ryūji jumps into the swimming pool to stop her from continuing. He lets her go to push for the lead after she declares that she wants to win this for him. When a few boys are pushed into the swimming pool, Ryūji is knocked out, prompting Taiga to turn around and save him, thereby losing the race. Ryūji wakes up surrounded by all the students, and a shaken Taiga yells out that Ryūji is hers. Although Ami planned on taking Ryūji to her beach house alone as a result of winning the race, Taiga, Minori and Yūsaku insist on tagging along. 
9 "You, Who Are Going to the Sea"
"Umi ni Ikō to Kimi wa" (海にいこうと君は) 
Ryōichi Ōki
Masayoshi Tanaka
Tatsuto Higuchi November 27, 2008
Ryūji and Taiga hold a badminton contest to determine who will support the other side. After Ryūji wins, Taiga agrees to help him with a plan to get Minori closer to him by instilling her with fear. Ryūji, Taiga, Minori, Yūsaku and Ami travel by train to the beach house, where Ryūji cleans inside while the others hang out at the beach. Minori and Yūsaku go to the grocery store, while Ryūji and Taiga are each deceived by Ami when she runs the shower. The five of them later have spicy curry for dinner. Yūsaku gives Taiga some stomach medicine, and Ryūji helps Minori with the dishes. Ryūji talks with Minori, who compares the belief of ghosts with the concept of love and questions if both are real. Later, Ryūji finds strands of hair, and Taiga finds a dress, both covered with slimy seaweed on their beds. They become scared when they hear banging from the bedroom doors leading to the hallway and balcony. 
10 "Fireworks"
"Hanabi" (花火) 
Yūji Miyashita
Kōichi Motomura
Shimotani Tomoyuki
Tatsuto Higuchi December 4, 2008
Ryūji and Taiga stay up all night, still unsure of what had occurred the night before. Yūsaku and Ami both eventually agree to assist Ryūji and Taiga with a plan to terrify Minori. After the five of them have a breakfast picnic at the beach, they take a walk through a hidden cave filled with traps, though Ryūji and Ami perceive these traps as pathetic use of tofu and ketchup. Ryūji and Ami later witness as Minori, Yūsaku and Taiga each momentarily disappear at the end of the cave. However, it turns out that Minori and Yūsaku were playing a trick on Ryūji and Taiga, and that they were the ones who put the strands of hair and dress covered in seaweed in the bedrooms. Minori was fully aware of what Ryūji and Taiga were up to, but she appreciates them for giving her a thrill. Ryūji and Minori tell each other that they wanted to make the other believe that ghosts are real. 
11 "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Part One)"
"Ōhashi Kōkō Bunkasai (Zenpen)" (大橋高校文化祭 (前編)) 
Minoru Kawano
Kazuyuki Igai
Mayuko Katō
Masayoshi Tanaka
Masahiro Yokotani December 11, 2008
The high school is undergoing preparations for the upcoming cultural festival hosted by the student council, in which classmate Kōji Haruta decides that the theme for the class will be a professional wrestling show. Meanwhile, Taiga receives phone calls from her father, Rikuro Aisaka, but she chooses to ignore them. Once Taiga realizes that Rikuro emptied her living expenses account, she sends Ryūji in her place to a restaurant to talk to him. Rikuro explains that due to Taiga's stepmother being a lot younger than him, Taiga left his house because she could not handle such a lifestyle. However, Rikuro plans to divorce Taiga's stepmother in order to live with Taiga like the old days. Kōji creates a skit for the whole class to accommodate for the theme, while Yūsaku announces four prizes that will be awarded to the class with the best performance. Taiga is infuriated when she sees Rikuro standing outside her apartment, but Ryūji eventually manages to calm Taiga down and persuades her to talk to Rikuro. 
12 "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Part Two)"
"Ōhashi Kōkō Bunkasai (Chūhen)" (大橋高校文化祭 (中編)) 
Heo Jae-seon
Hiroshi Tomioka
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada December 18, 2008
After a dress rehearsal for the play, Taiga starts to reconnect with Rikuro. Taiga later tries to bribe Ami with a box of sweets in exchange for the lead role. Minori argues with Ryūji, saying that Taiga should not have anything to do with Rikuro. As Taiga tries to calm things down, an angry Ryūji walks away until Ami talks him into attending the next dress rehearsal. At night, Taiga suggests that Ryūji should apologize to Minori. The next day, the high school starts the cultural festival. After the professional wrestling show is performed by the class, Ryūji hesitates to apologize to Minori, while Taiga constantly waits for Rikuro to contact her. The professional wrestling show turns out to be a success, even though Taiga did not get a chance to play the lead role. 
13 "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Finale)"
"Ōhashi Kōkō Bunkasai (Kōhen)" (大橋高校文化祭 (後篇)) 
Hiroyuki Kaidō
Kazunori Iwakuma
Shinsuke Yanagi
Masayoshi Tanaka
Mari Okada December 25, 2008
The class hold a beauty pageant for the cultural festival, in which Ami hosts the event dressed as a dominatrix. Ryūji receives a text message from Rikuro saying he would not be able to live with Taiga. Despite being deeply saddened that Rikuro did not show up for little daughter, Taiga wins the beauty pageant. A race is held for the male students to determine who will dance with Taiga. Determined to win the race, Ryūji uses various shortcuts to get past and step over most of the other participants. Near the end of the race, Minori, the only female participant, knocks down the remaining male participants to provide an opportunity for Ryūji to win. However, he takes her hand, and they cross the finish line together. At a bonfire outside the high school, Ryūji and Minori reconcile, before all the students dance the night away. 
14 "The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness"
"Shiawase no Tenori Taigā" (しあわせの手乗りタイガー) 
Tsutomu Ōno
Sayuri Sugitō
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada January 8, 2009
A rumor is spread around the high school that anyone who touches Taiga will be granted good luck, much to Taiga's irritation. When pictures of the cultural festival are displayed for sale, Minori notices Ryūji buying a picture of them crossing the finish line holding hands, and she decides to buy it as a keepsake. Yuri Koigakubo, the homeroom teacher, compliments Ami as being mature and refined for noticing her wearing a cardigan from a model catalog. However, after Ami bumps into Ryūji at a market, she declines his offer of some extra pork he bought, and she is surprised when he tells her that she behaves like a child. While Yūsaku contemplates after Sumire tells him something, Taiga runs into him and tries to comfort him. At night, Yasuko Takasu, Ryūji's mother, boasts that Taiga is now a part of the family. Ryūji, Ami, Minori and Yūsaku each wonder what they would wish for since they all had the chance of touching Taiga. 
15 "The Stars are Far"
"Hoshi wa, Tōku" (星は, 遠く) 
Ryōichi Ōki
Masayoshi Tanaka
Tatsuto Higuchi January 15, 2009
Yūsaku declares to the class that he does not want to be student council president and flips out in the middle of class. He shows up to school the next day with his hair dyed blonde, which gets him in trouble with the teacher. While everyone tries to figure out what is wrong with him, Ryūji walks home with Minori; they have a conversation about Ami's odd reaction towards Yūsaku's behavior. When Ryūji arrives home, he is surprised to find Yūsaku there. Yūsaku had run away from home, much to Taiga's delight. He spends the day with them full of excitement, but runs off when Ryūji's mother attempts to dye his hair back to normal. At school, Taiga is competing to be the next student council president. 
16 "One Step Forward"
"Fumidasu Ippo" (踏み出す一歩) 
Shigeru Uchihara
Yumi Nakayama
Seiya Numata
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Tatsuto Higuchi January 22, 2009
Taiga and Ryūji try to get Yūsaku to become the next student council president by telling students how Taiga will ruin everyone's high school life. Ryūji discovers that Yūsaku has feelings for Sumire, the student council president, and that she is going to be studying abroad in America soon, which explains Yūsaku's odd behavior. After encouragement from Sumire, Yūsaku becomes a candidate; Taiga drops out of the race, leaving Yūsaku to become the student council president. He confesses his love to Sumire in front of everyone, but she does not respond to his feelings. Taiga becomes outraged at this, and fights Sumire. After Ryūji and the council members stop the fight, Sumire confesses that she herself loves Yūsaku but did not want him to sacrifice everything for her. Yūsaku overhears this and states he is glad he fell in love with her. Maya finds Taiga's student handbook with the photo of her and Yūsaku together at the festival, and comments that Taiga must really love him. As Ami leaves, she whispers to Minori that she doesn't need to feel guilty anymore. Two days later Sumire leaves to study abroad and Taiga is suspended for two weeks. She is told to send a letter of apology to Sumire and instead sends a letter with only the word 'idiot', in reference to Sumire confessing that she wished she was "just another idiot" like other people. 
17 "Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas"
"Kurisumasu ni Suisei wa Gyakkōsuru" (クリスマスに水星は逆行する) 
Mai Ōtsuka
Kazunori Iwakura
Masayoshi Tanaka
Masahiro Yokotani January 29, 2009
Minori becomes disoriented during a baseball game because of what Ami had said, and makes a mistake that causes her team to lose the game. Christmas is coming up, much to the joy of Taiga, whose suspension from school has just lifted. After Ryūji tells her that his relationship with Minori has not progressed, Taiga declares the need to play Cupid for him, since she wants to be good for Santa. At school the next morning, students who became fans of Taiga after her fight with Sumire, surround Taiga and Ryūji. After acknowledging her victory, Taiga and Ryūji head to their classroom to see Minori wearing a bald wig while speaking nonsense. Yūsaku arrives and lies down in front of Taiga in admiration for her actions to help his relationship with Sumire. Later, Yūsaku announces the student council will organize a Christmas Eve party to boost romantic feelings among students. Taiga and Ryūji ask Minori to go to the party with them, but she vehemently declines. Taiga, Ryūji, Yūsaku, Haruta, Noto, and Maya eat together at the restaurant where Minori works (who was off that day), and they pair Yūsaku and Taiga up at a table by themselves. It is soon after Yūsaku leaves with Taiga to get the group drinks that Ryūji begins to think how he really feels about her. 
18 "Under the Fir Tree"
"Momi no Ki no Shita de" (もみの木の下で) 
Yumi Nakayama
Yūji Miyashita
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Masahiro Yokotani February 5, 2009
Everyone is helping with the Christmas party. While Ryūji's friends keep giving Yūsaku and Taiga some alone time, Ami compares Ryūji's relationship with Taiga as akin to a father/daughter relationship, and tells him he should stop it soon. After the final exam, Ryūji helps Taiga send presents to her parents and some children in an orphanage. Taiga recalls when she got to meet Santa, which despite possibly being a dream, gives her hope that someone is always watching over her. Everyone helps put together an artificial Christmas tree topped with a glass star that Taiga brought. Everyone is pleased with their efforts and awed by the sight of the tree lit up. However, a stray softball crashes through the gym window and knocks over the tree, smashing the star. This sends Minori into deep regret and she forces it upon herself to fix the broken star. Despite her protests, Ryūji helps her out. The baseball club apologizes and Minori leaves, still declining Ryūji's offer of going to the party as she feels she would not be welcome after the accident. Despite hearing that, Ryūji promises her that he will wait for her. 
19 "Christmas Eve Festival"
"Seiyasai" (聖夜祭) 
Hitomi Ochiai
Sumie Kinoshita
Hiroyuki Kaidō
Toshifumi Akai
Masayoshi Tanaka
Masahiro Yokotani February 12, 2009
On the night of the party, Taiga gives Ryūji a suit to wear to the party while he still attempts to convince Minori to come. The party begins with a special Christmas song performed by Taiga and Ami. Following the song, Ami informs Ryūji that Taiga has left the party. Taiga decides to go home in order to wait for Santa Claus, stopping by Minori's house on the way to convince her to go to the party. At home, Taiga is surprised when a large bear dressed as Santa Claus appears. Taiga reveals that she knows it's Ryūji, and urges him to return to the party to wait for Minori. Hesitantly, Ryūji leaves, but Taiga soon realizes that she and Ryūji will no longer be able to be together. Crying uncontrollably, Taiga realizes that it is the outcome she does not want and chases Ryūji, but he is already gone. Unbeknownst to her, Minori is standing nearby and finds Taiga crying out for Ryūji. When Minori meets Ryūji at the school, she tells Ryūji that she no longer wishes to see UFOs and ghosts -- referencing their conversation at the beach house. Understanding that this means she has already rejected him, Ryūji collapses shortly after Minori leaves. 
20 "Forever Like This"
"Zutto, Kono Mama" (ずっと, このまま) 
Kōji Yamakawa
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Tatsuto Higuchi February 19, 2009
Following Ryūji's rejection by Minori, Ryūji is bedridden with the flu. Taiga runs into Yūsaku at a shrine and makes a wish to him, the Saint of Broken Hearts. Taiga decides not to come over to Ryūji's house anymore and tells him not to give up on Minori. The teacher informs her students that the field trip to Okinawa is now going to be a ski trip due to their previously booked hotel burning down. Taiga points out to Ryūji that this would be his last chance to confirm Minori's feelings before classes are rearranged. Ryūji catches up with Minori, who is still a bit disheartened from Christmas, and Taiga provides an opportunity for the two to start talking again. Later, Ryūji, Minori, Yūsaku, Ami and the other students go to Taiga's apartment to discuss plans for the trip. Ryūji and Minori talk in the kitchen, where she constantly praises Ryūji for the way Taiga has become. She wishes that things would stay the way they were forever, while Ryūji knows that it would not be possible, and becomes determined to confess properly. 
21 "No Matter What"
"Dōshitatte" (どうしたって) 
Yoshikazu Ōki
Masayoshi Tanaka
Masahiro Yokotani February 26, 2009
During the ski trip, Ryūji wonders why Taiga had not told him about meeting Yūsaku on New Year's. Hisamitsu gets into a fight with Maya concerning her attempts to be around Yūsaku. Ryūji has a brief talk with Minori about how to deal with it; Minori puts on the hairpin Ryūji got for her, saying Taiga gave it to her. When confronted by Yūsaku, Hisamitsu, and Haruta, Ryūji reveals he has a crush on Minori. Later, they investigate the girl's room in order to find out the true reason behind Minori's rejection, only to end up hiding in a closet along with Taiga, when Ami, Minori, Maya, and Nanako come in. Ami brings up the topic of Ryūji's rejection by Minori, and the two get angry at each other. The next day, Taiga and Minori accidentally run into Ami on their sled. Ami feels that they did it on purpose because of last night's argument and engages in a physical fight with Minori. Minori drops her hairpin on a nearby slope and Taiga goes to search for it by herself, but ends up falling down without the others noticing. When Taiga does not return, Yūsaku, Minori, and Ryūji search for her. Ryūji contemplates his feelings for Taiga as he realizes he left her alone again. Ryūji finds her at the bottom of a hill, bleeding and covered in snow. As Ryūji carries her back, Taiga briefly wakes up in a haze. Thinking that Ryūji is Yūsaku, she apologizes and confesses that she is unable to stop being in love with Ryūji. 
22 "The Scene With You"
"Kimi no Iru Keshiki" (君のいる景色) 
Shigeru Uchihara
Seiji Kishimoto
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada March 5, 2009
Following the incident at the ski trip, Taiga is staying with her mother, and has not come back to school. Ryūji asks Yūsaku to pretend he was the one who saved Taiga in order to cover up her confession. Later, Hisamitsu and Haruta take Ryūji to a ramen shop where Minori has started another part time job. At home, Ryūji bemoans the fact he is not able to afford further education, but Yasuko tells him he should aim for the best. Ryūji goes home and finds Yasuko gone to work, as a result of yesterday's discussion. Noticing the hairpin he got for Minori, he puts it away in his box, realizing he would not be able to give it to her. He is surprised to find Taiga on his doorstep and locked out of her apartment. She admits to lying about being seriously injured in order to spend time and bond with her mother. When she notices the box with Minori's hairpin in it, she reassures Ryūji that he will be with her. Taiga tells him that she had a dream about the events that occurred and the 'stupid words' she said, and he assures her that, apart from Yūsaku saving her, it was all a dream. When Taiga leaves, Ryūji quietly scolds Taiga for being clumsy. 
23 "The Road That We Must Advance On"
"Susumu Beki Michi" (進むべき道) 
Kōichi Motomura
Hiroshi Tomioka
Masayoshi Tanaka
Mari Okada March 12, 2009
As Valentine's Day approaches, Ryūji and Taiga get called in concerning their career plan forms, though Taiga seems uninterested. Ryūji encounters Ami refusing to model the school uniform and talks with her. Ami tells him that she originally planned to stay at school temporarily, but she stayed to help Taiga. Ryūji gets a call from Taiga saying Yasuko had collapsed due to anemia from overworking. Ryūji blames himself, but they both decide to fill in for Yasuko's part-time job of selling chocolate and use Ami's celebrity status to boost their sales. Taiga decides to make everyone some chocolate as thanks for the things they have done for her. However, when Minori notices that Taiga believed Yūsaku rescued her from the ski trip instead of Ryūji, she becomes angry. She confronts Ryuji and Taiga, with Ami and Kitamura blocking the exits, trying to get Taiga to admit her true feelings. Taiga says she only wanted Minori to be happy, but Minori says that happiness is something only she can decide for herself. Taiga runs off and Minori decides to go after her, asking Ryūji if he will go after her too. 
24 "Confession"
"Kokuhaku" (告白) 
Yumi Nakayama
Hitomi Ochiai
Tomoyuki Shimotani
Mari Okada March 19, 2009
Ryūji decides to help Minori go after Taiga. While running to catch up, Minori shouts that she has always liked Ryūji but held back because of her friendship with Taiga; she also says that Taiga has to obtain her own happiness as well. Afterwards, Minori confirms Ryūji’s love for Taiga. Later at work, Taiga finds Ryūji waiting for her and agrees to talk to him after the shift. However after work, Ryūji and Taiga's mothers confront them, and the two flee together. They stop at a bridge to talk about their situations and Taiga, after telling Ryūji that he has to live on, accidentally pushes him into the river. Ryūji yells to Taiga his plan of running away and marrying her. Yūsaku calls up and asks them to go to Ami's house. Minori, Ami, and Yūsaku do not agree with their plans to elope, but decide to support them. At home, Ryūji finds that his mother has run away, leaving a note and his grandfather's watch. The next morning, Ryūji and Taiga get on a train, but after Taiga talks about being a three-person family with Yasuko, Ryūji decides that they will not run away. He takes Taiga to his grandparents' house, as Yasuko told him inside her note, and introduces himself as their grandson and Taiga as his bride. 
25 "Toradora!"
"Toradora!" (とらドラ!) 
Masayoshi Tanaka Mari Okada March 26, 2009
After hearing a voicemail from Taiga saying that Ryūji's life is in danger, Yasuko arrives at Ryūji's grandparent's house, where Ryūji is healthy and waiting. Yasuko makes up with her parents and tells Ryūji that his father ran off while she was still pregnant. She was encouraged to have an abortion, but she ran away and chose to give birth to him in spite of her circumstances. Ryūji decides that he and Taiga should not run away, and instead get married with everyone's approval. They have a rehearsed wedding at night in their room where they share their first kisses. They all go home, but Taiga, after listening to her mother’s exasperated voicemails, decides to return home to fix her own life and make her worthy of Ryūji's love. Ryūji finds a note in Taiga's apartment and realizes that Taiga has left without discussing it with him first. Minori is not happy that Ryūji lets her leave, but he has come to terms with everything, choosing to trust Taiga. Ryūji receives a message from Taiga, noting that he never said that he loved her. Taiga also sends everyone a mail with a picture of the night sky and a single star. Minori feels that this is supposed to encourage them to do their best despite feeling small and insignificant. Everyone gets together to send a group picture to Taiga. A year later, the class graduates, and rumors among the underclassmen spread about Ryūji's girlfriend, the Palmtop Tiger. As he looks back on the school, Ryūji sees a familiar head of hair through one of the windows and rushes to the classroom. He enters to find the room empty, but he calmly finds Taiga hiding in the locker where she hid shortly after they first met. Still remembering her message, Ryūji tells Taiga that he loves her. Blushing, Taiga instinctively headbutts Ryūji, angry that he said it so anticlimactically. 
OVA "The True Meaning of Bento"
"Bentō no Gokui" (弁当の極意) 
Masayoshi Tanaka Mari Okada December 21, 2011
Yūsaku brings an extravagant bento box made by his grandmother Miyo and shares it with the class, which makes Ryūji feel inferior about his own bento making skills. Ryūji obsesses over besting Miyo by overthinking his and Taiga's bentos, but constantly is deflated when Yūsaku's continues to win. He ends up ruining Taiga's lunch out of frustration, so she goes to Minori's family diner to eat by herself after class. She contemplates about boxed lunches and spends the night cooking. The next day, Ryūji cheats by trying to use a rice cooker during class, but he is quickly foiled when everybody finds out. He is upset that his "perfect lunch" is ruined, but Taiga hands him a container full of onigiri that she had made herself. Surprised, Ryūji accepts her offer, but the two are shocked to find that the rice balls are too salty. That night, Ryūji saves the onigiri and makes them edible again. Meanwhile, he realizes that Miyo's lunches were special because she cared about Yūsaku, and his reason for making his own is Taiga. To Taiga's confusion, he decides to eat the salty onigiri as it is. Some time later, after graduation, the class goes for a picnic; Taiga is embarrassed that she had made Ryūji a lunch, exacerbated when their classmates force her to feed him. 

Toradora SOS![edit]

Toradora SOS! - Connoisseurs Banzai are DVD exclusive mini-episodes featured on even numbered volume releases of the anime. In these shorts, the cast, represented as chibis, try out various foods, often competing two against one another. Each of these ends with Today's Inko.

# Title Release date
01   February 25, 2009
When Ami complains about having to eat tarako spaghetti, Ryuji decides to take her to try some delicious tarako, competing with Minori's spaghetti bolognese
02   April 22, 2009
Ryuji and Minori have another food duel, this time involving purin
03   June 24, 2009
When Yuri feels down after a failed attempt at getting a date, the gang takes her to the restaurant when Ryuji and Minori have a battle over curry. However, Minori's choice of curry is too hot for the girls to handle. 
04   August 26, 2009
Taiga, Ryuji and Minori follow Ami around the convenience store, where she buys copious amounts of corned beef

Volume DVDs[edit]

King Records released eight Region 2 DVD compilations, the first DVD containing four episodes and the other seven DVDs containing three episodes each, between January 21 and August 26, 2009.[10][11] Volumes 2, 4, 6 and 8 feature an additional short entitled Toradora! SOS, in which chibi versions of the cast try out various foods. Limited editions of all eight compilations, each of which contains a bonus CD, were also released.[12]

DVD releases
Volume Released Discs Episodes
1 January 21, 2009[10] 1 each 4
2 February 25, 2009[22] 3 each
3 March 25, 2009[23]
4 April 22, 2009[24]
5 May 27, 2009[25]
6 June 24, 2009[26]
7 July 23, 2009[27]
8 August 26, 2009[11]


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