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List of parks in Toronto

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The following is a list of the parks in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The appearance of Toronto's ravines was altered by floods caused by Hurricane Hazel in October 1954 and many of Toronto's parks were established in the resulting floodplain.[1]

Municipal parks[edit]

The following parks are maintained by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division:


Note that these parks will later be given official names as these are tentative names.

  • 125 Consumers Road Park
  • 167 Armour Boulevard Parkette
  • 20 Castlefield Avenue Park
  • 45 Dalhousie Street Park
  • 85 Keewatin Avenue Park


The conservatory at Allan Gardens. Established in 1858, the gardens is one of the city's oldest extant parks.
The beach at Ashbridge's Bay Park. The park is situated next to Woodbine Beach, along the eastern part of the Toronto waterfront.


Bellevue Square Park is a small park and public square with a labyrinth located in Kensington Market.
Berczy Park is a small park in Downtown Toronto named after William Berczy.
Bluffer's Park is a park situated along the Scarborough Bluffs.
The Broadview Subway Station Parkette is one of many parkettes operated by the City of Toronto.
Budd Sugarman Park is a local park located next to Rosedale station.
  • Baby Point Club Park[a]
  • Bain Avenue Parkette
  • Baird Park
  • Bakerton Parkette
  • Balcarra Park
  • Balliol Parkette
  • Balmoral Park
  • Balmy Beach Park
  • Bamburgh Park
  • Banbury Park
  • Banting Park
  • Barbara Hall Park
  • Barkdene Park
  • Bartlett Parkette
  • Bartley Park
  • Basswood Parkette
  • Bathurst Quay
  • Bathurst - Wilson Parkette
  • Battery Park
  • Baycrest Park
  • Bayhampton Parkette
  • Bayview - York Mills Parkette
  • Bayview Parkette
  • Bayview Village Park
  • Beach Skatepark
  • Beaches Park
  • Beaty Avenue Parkette
  • Beaty Parkette
  • Beaumonde Heights Park
  • Beaumont Park
  • Beaver - Lightbourn Parkette
  • Bedford Parkette
  • Beechgrove Park
  • Beecroft Park
  • Bell Manor Park
  • Bellamy Park
  • Bellbury Park
  • Bellevue Square Park
  • Belmar Park
  • Belmont Parkette
  • Ben Nobleman Park
  • Bendale Park
  • Benjamin Boake Greenbelt
  • Benner Park
  • Bennett Park
  • Bennington Heights Park
  • Berczy Park (named for William Berczy) – located adjacent to Gooderham Building
  • Beresford Park
  • Berner Trail Park
  • Berry Road Park
  • Bert Robinson Park
  • Bessarion Parkette
  • Bestview Park
  • Bethune Park (named for Norman Bethune)
  • Betty Sutherland Trail Park
  • Beverly Glen Park
  • Bickford Park
  • Bill Hancox Park
  • Bill Johnston Park
  • Birch Park
  • Birchcrest Park
  • Birchmount Park and Stadium
  • Birchview Boulevard Parkette
  • Birkdale Ravine
  • Birunthan Park
  • Bishop Park
  • Bisset Park
  • Black Creek Parkland
  • Black Creek Site East
  • Black Creek Site West
  • Blackfriar Park
  • Blantyre Park
  • Bloor - Bedford Parkette
  • Bloor - Parliament Parkette – formerly Toronto Transit Commission Viaduct Loop
  • Bloordale Park North
  • Bloordale Park South
  • Blue Ridge Park
  • Bluehaven Park
  • Bluffer's Park
  • Blythdale Greenbelt
  • Blythwood Ravine Park
  • Bob Hunter Park
  • Bobbie Rosenfeld Park
  • Bond Park
  • Bonspiel Park
  • Boswell Parkette
  • Botany Hill Park
  • Boulton Drive Parkette
  • Bowan Court Parkette
  • Boyington Property
  • Bramber Woods Park
  • Brandon Avenue Parkette
  • Bratty Park
  • Breadalbane Park
  • Brendwin Circle Parkette
  • Briar Crest Park
  • Briar Hill - Chaplin Park
  • Briar Hill Parkette
  • Bridletowne Park
  • Bridlewood Park
  • Bright Street Playground
  • Brimley Woods
  • Bristol Avenue Parkette
  • Bristol Avenue Parkette West
  • Broadacres Park
  • Broadlands Park
  • Broadview Subway Station Parkette
  • Brookbanks Park
  • Brookdale Park
  • Brookfield Parkette
  • Brooks Road Park
  • Brookwell Park
  • Browns Line-Lakeshore Parkette
  • Bruce Mackey Park
  • Brunswick - College Parkette
  • Budapest Park
  • Budd Sugarman Park
  • Burnett Park
  • Burnhamill Park
  • Burrows Hall Park
  • Buttonwood Park
  • Byng Park


Centennial Park is a large regional park located in the western portion of Etobicoke.
Cherry Beach Park is a municipal park and beach along the waterfront.


The Don Valley Brick Works was a former clay quarry that was converted into a city park.


Edwards Gardens is a municipal botanical gardens and is also the site of the Toronto Botanical Garden.


Fairbank Memorial Park


Guild Park and Gardens is a park located along the Scarborough Bluffs. It is home to a collection of relics saved from demolished buildings in Toronto.
Football field in G. Ross Lord Park


High Park is one of the largest parks in Toronto managed by municipal government. Shown here are the cherry blossom (sakura) trees in the park.
  • Habitant Park
  • Healey Willan Park
  • Heart Park – formerly Otter Loop[7]
  • Heathrow Park
  • Hendon Park
  • High Park
  • Highland Creek
  • Highview Park and Roy Halladay Field[8]
  • Hillcrest Park
  • Hillmount Parkette
  • Hillside Park
  • Holley Park
  • Home Smith Park
  • Howard Talbot Park
  • HTO Park
  • Hullmar Park
  • Humber Arboretum
  • Humber Bay Park
  • Humber Bay Shores Park
  • Humberline Park
  • Humber Marshes
  • Humber Valley Golf Course
  • Humewood Park
  • Huntsmill Park
  • Hupfield Park


Opened in 2007, Ireland Park commemorates the thousands who fled Ireland during the Great Famine.


Little Norway Park is named after Little Norway, a Royal Norwegian Air Force training base that occupied the site during World War II.
Love Park's pool and lone catalpa tree on its own islet


The Humber Bay Arch Bridge on the Martin Goodman Trail, a multi-use path maintained by the City.


Olympic Park is adjacent to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Natal Park
  • Neilson Park
  • Newtonbrook Park
  • Nicol MacNicol Parkette
  • North Park
  • North Kipling Park
  • Northend Parkette
  • Northwood Park
  • Oak Street Park
  • Olive Square Park
  • Olympia Park
  • Olympic Park
  • Olympic Island Park
  • Orchard Park
  • Ordnance Triangle Park
  • Oriole Park
  • Orphan's Green
  • Owen Park


Riverdale Park is a large park that spans the lower Don River.


St. James Park is a small park located next to St. James Cathedral Church in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood of downtown Toronto.
Sugar Beach is an urban beach park located in East Bayfront.
  • St. Andrew's Market and Playground
  • St. James Park
  • St. Lucia Park
  • Scarborough Heights Park
  • Scarlett Mills Park
  • Scarlett Woods Golf Course
  • Sculpture Gardens
  • Seaton Park
  • Seneca Hill Park
  • Sentinel Park
  • Serena Gundy Park
  • Sergeant Ryan Russell Parkette[9] — formerly Dupont Parkette
  • Shawnee Park
  • Sherbourne Common
  • Sherwood Park
  • Sheppard East Park
  • Skymark Park
  • Silvercreek Park
  • Silverview Park
  • Sir Casimir Gzowski Park
  • Sir Winston Churchill Park
  • Smythe Park
  • Snake Island Park – on Toronto Islands
  • Snider Parkette
  • Snowhill Park
  • Sonya's Park
  • South Humber Park
  • South Marine Drive Park
  • Suydam Park
  • Stan Wadlow Park
  • Stanley Park
  • Stanley Park North
  • Stanley Park South
  • Stratford Park
  • Sugar Beach
  • Sumach-Shuter Parkette
  • Summerlea Park
  • Sunnybrook Park (and Sunnybrook Stables)
  • Sunnyside Park
  • Sun Row Park
  • Sylvan Park and Gates Gully


Trinity Bellwoods Park with a view of the CN Tower in the backfround
An inuksuk at Toronto Inukshuk Park
Basketball courts at Underpass Park, an urban park located underneath an underpass in the West Don Lands.


Withrow Park is a municipal park situated in the neighbourhood of Riverdale.
Wychwood Barns is a former streetcar maintenance facility that was converted into a community centre and a park.
  • Wallace-Emerson Park
  • Walter Saunders Memorial Park
  • Wanless Park
  • Washington Street Parkette
  • Waterfront Park
  • Warden Woods Park
  • Wedgewood Park
  • Wellington Cat Promenade
  • Wells Hill Park
  • Wellsworth Park
  • Wellesley Park
  • Wenderly Park
  • West Don Park
  • West Humber Parkland
  • Weston Lions Park
  • West Rouge Park
  • Westlake Memorial Park — formerly Jasper Park[11]
  • Westview Greenbelt
  • White Haven Park
  • Wickson Trail Park
  • Wilket Creek Park
  • Willesden Park
  • Willowdale Park
  • Wilmington Park
  • Windfields Park
  • Withrow Park
  • Winchester Park
  • Wishing Well Park
  • Wonscotonach Parklands — formerly Don River Valley Park
  • Woodbine Park — formerly Greenwood Raceway
  • Woodbine Beach Park
  • Wychwood Barns Park — former Toronto Transit Commission streetcar barn 1913–1992
  • York Beltline Trail
  • York Mills Valley Park
  • York Stadium
  • York Street Park
  • Yorkdale Park
  • Yorkminister Park
  • Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Park
  • Yorkville Park
  • Zooview Park

Provincial parks[edit]

Ontario Place in 2006 with Exhibition Place to the north

There are three provincially owned parks in the City of Toronto.

Parks that are owned by the Government of Ontario include:

Federal parks[edit]

Rouge National Urban Park, a national park managed by Parks Canada, is situated in the eastern portion of Toronto.

There are three federally owned parks in the City of Toronto, including one national park managed by Parks Canada, a federal agency of the Government of Canada.

Parks owned by the federal government include:

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority[edit]

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) (an agency of the provincial government) is one of 36 conservation authorities in Ontario, Canada with a jurisdiction covering 3,467 square kilometres (1,339 sq mi) over nine different watersheds. The TRCA operates a number of conservation areas in the Toronto region, including three within the City of Toronto limits:

TRCA briefly managed part of Rouge Park before it was transferred to Parks Canada.

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  1. ^ privately managed by Baby Point Club, two open-space areas are fenced off and located next to tennis courts


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