List of Tortricidae genera

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This is a taxonomy of the moth family Tortricidae down to genus level. This classification is up-to-date to 2008, taking information from the Online World Catalogue of the Tortricidae[1] and taxonomic changes made in 2007.

Subfamily Tortricinae[edit]

Tribe Archipini[edit]

Tribe Atteriini[edit]

Tribe Ceracini[edit]

Tribe Cnephasiini[edit]

Tribe Cochylini[edit]

Tribe Epitymbiini[edit]

Tribe Euliini[edit]

Tribe Phricanthini[edit]

Tribe Schoenotenini[edit]

Tribe Sparganothini[edit]

Tribe Tortricini[edit]


Subfamily Olethreutinae[edit]

Tribe Bactrini[edit]

Tribe Enarmoniini[edit]

Tribe Endotheniini[edit]

Tribe Eucosmini[edit]

Tribe Gatesclarkeanini[edit]

Tribe Grapholitini[edit]

Tribe Microcorsini[edit]

Tribe Olethreutini[edit]


Subfamily Chlidanotinae[edit]

Tribe Chlidanotini[edit]

Tribe Hilarographini[edit]

Tribe Polyorthini[edit]



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