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This is a list of the episodes for Total Drama Island, a Canadian animated television series which premiered in Canada on Teletoon on July 8, 2007 and on June 5, 2008 in the U.S. on Cartoon Network. This season has 27 episodes, each 22 minutes in duration[1] and a special 44-minute episode at the end.

List of episodes[edit]

No. Title [2] Canadian air date U.S. air date Prod.
code [3]
1 "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1" July 8, 2007 (2007-07-08) June 5, 2008 101
Twenty-two campers arrive at Camp Wawanakwa where they will be spending eight weeks at the crummy old summer camp. The campers are split into two teams: the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The Screaming Gophers are Noah, Justin, Katie, Cody, Beth, Trent, Lindsay, Leshawna, Heather, Owen, and Gwen. The Killer Bass are Ezekiel, Eva, Tyler, Izzy, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, and Duncan. The campers head to see where they could be living, and they go to eat and meet Chef Hatchet. Then, the campers go into the first part of their first challenge: jumping off a 1,000 ft. tall cliff into shark-infested waters in the hopes of making it into the safe zone.
2 "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2" July 8, 2007 (2007-07-08) June 12, 2008 102
The Screaming Gophers win the first part of the challenge by having only one person not jump (Beth) while the Killer Bass had two people not jump (Courtney and DJ). Due to Sadie and Katie refusing to be on separate teams, Katie and Izzy switch teams. The campers go into the second part of the challenge, which is building a hot tub from scratch. The Screaming Gophers win the challenge by building a good tub while the Bass' tub falls apart. During dinner, Courtney was targeted by Duncan for not jumping and not winning the challenge (DJ was viewed as useful while Courtney was not), while Ezekiel picked his nose and made rude sexist comments about women. At campfire ceremony number one, it is down to Courtney and Ezekiel, and Ezekiel gets voted off because of picking his nose and making unforgettable sexist comments about women.
3 "The Big Sleep" July 15, 2007 (2007-07-15) June 19, 2008 103
Chris orders the campers to run 20 kilometers around the lake on the campus and then head to the Cabin. When the majority of each team are at the cabin, Owen runs in carrying an unconscious Noah. Gwen realizes that the Gophers had won invincibility. Chris then says this is not the challenge and pulls out a banquet of food. The campers eat gladly. Once everything has been eaten, Chris announces the second part of the challenge: the Awake-A-Thon. The rules are that you must try and stay awake the entire time without falling asleep. If you do you are out. The last person to stay awake wins the challenge for his/her team. The campers soon learn that the 20 kilometer run and the banquet of food served was to make it more difficult for them to stay awake. Owen falls asleep in seconds and humorously sleepwalks around the island. While this happens, Gwen and Trent find out they have more things in common than they thought they did. Heather makes the first and only alliance for a while with Beth and Lindsay and then plans to get Eva voted off of the Killer Bass. Meanwhile, Duncan, Eva, Gwen, Heather and Trent are the 5 remaining campers who are still awake. Chris reads a book about the history of Canada and soon only Gwen and Duncan are awake. It is the hundred-hour mark and Duncan goes to the toilet during a bathroom break and soonly falls asleep. Gwen falls asleep seconds after, but still wins for her team. Meanwhile, Eva throws a disgusting fit about someone stealing her MP3 player and Heather turns up with it, having taken it earlier, but claiming that she dropped it. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Harold and Eva, and Eva is voted out for causing a tantrum.
4 "Dodgebrawl" July 22, 2007 (2007-07-22) June 26, 2008 104
Chris puts the two teams against each other in a best-out-of-five game of dodgeball as their challenge. However, since Harold snored all night, Duncan, the Bass' strongest player, who had the bed above Harold's, could not sleep to make up for the Awake-a-Thon and had to sleep during the challenge. To make matters worse, Owen and Cody turn out to be experts at dodgeball. When the Screaming Gophers are told they have to sit one person out, Noah immediately volunteers. The Screaming Gophers win the first two games and in order to stop the Killer Bass from losing again, Courtney wakes up Duncan and gets him to play. Using Duncan's strategies of targetting 1 person with all 5 balls, the Killer Bass tie up the challenge 2-2. In the final game, it is narrowed down to the wimpy Harold versus the strongest thrower Owen, but Harold dodges one hard-thrown ball from Owen and catches the second, giving the Killer Bass their first victory. Heather was enraged at both Noah and Lindsay, Noah for not contributing, and Lindsay for flirting with Tyler. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Lindsay and Noah, and Noah gets voted off due to refusing to help out his team, and then insulting them later.
5 "Not Quite Famous" July 29, 2007 (2007-07-29) July 3, 2008 105
The teams compete in a talent show where each team will have 3 people compete for them. The Gophers send Justin, Heather, and Trent and the Bass send DJ, Courtney, and Geoff. However, Bridgette accidentally destroys Courtney's violin and Geoff smashes his skateboard. Bridgette and Harold then replace them. Also, Heather makes her appearance as an incredibly ruthless competitor when she reads Gwen's diary out loud to the whole world. Trent pulls the Gophers way in the lead with his song he sang and played on his guitar for Gwen. In the end, Harold won the challenge for the Killer Bass when he showcased his beatboxing skills. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Heather and Justin, and though it may appear like Heather would be voted off, she manipulated Lindsay, Beth, Owen, and Izzy into voting off Justin because of his talents.
6 "The Sucky Outdoors" August 5, 2007 (2007-08-05) July 10, 2008 106
After the last campfire, Gwen plays a trick on Heather by putting fireants in her bed. The next challenge was to survive a night in the wilderness and make it back to camp. Heather is still angry at Gwen and wants to kick her off the island, but Trent sticks up for her. The camping trip into the woods brings out the crazy in Izzy. She wears a bear costume to play a joke on her teammates, but ends up attracting a real grizzly with a crush on her. The bear attacks and the Gophers are forced to spend the entire night up in a tree, stealing the fish that Owen had caught. The Bass also have a sleepless night after Duncan tells a horror story by the fire and Bridgette accidentally burns down their tent by trying to go to the toilet. Katie and Sadie get separated from their team in the woods and spend the night in a cave after having a huge fight with each other. Courtney cuddles with Duncan in her sleep, but wakes up and quickly denies it because she was in her subconscious. The Screaming Gophers win with all their members even though the Bass arrived at camp first without Katie and Sadie. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Katie and Sadie which scares them both, and in the end, Katie gets voted off. Katie helps Sadie be strong after her departure.
7 "Phobia Factor" August 12, 2007 (2007-08-12) July 17, 2008 107
It starts just after Katie was eliminated and Sadie is left crying on the dock. At the campfire the campers then start talking about their biggest fears freakiest phobias when Courtney brought up her fear of green jelly and DJ brought up his fear of snakes. The next day, the campers find out that Chris was listening during the campfire and each camper is forced to face their worst fear as their challenge. Most of the campers were able to successfully overcome their fear. Most of the Bass members really struggled with their fears, including Harold, Bridgette, Tyler, Geoff, and Courtney. In a rare moment of kindness, Courtney holds Duncan's hand when he does his challenge, and hugs him when he wins, despite being cruel to DJ just moments ago. Gwen's trust in Trent falters when he accidentally leaves her buried alive (her fear) for almost a few minutes longer, but only because he was facing his own fear of mimes (which he conquers). Courtney claims that she's not afraid of anything, but then gets caught when she has to face the most outrageous stunt of them all: diving off a fifty feet tall diving board into a pool of green jelly (which Courtney is afraid of). Chris explains that she will get triple points if she does it, which would allow her team to win, but she does not have the courage to fall down into the tub, causing the Killer Bass to lose for the 2nd time in a row. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Courtney and Tyler, and Tyler gets voted off for being unable to conquer his fear of chickens.
8 "Up The Creek" August 19, 2007 (2007-08-19) July 24, 2008 108
The campers participate in a three-part canoe race to Boney Island, the Deadliest Place in Muskoka. Geoff tries to get closer to Bridgette while Cody hits on Gwen and gets literally hit in the crotch for his constant flirting. The Gophers had trouble getting to the beach, having obstacles such as woolly beavers and quicksand. Geoff then "sprains" his leg (although it was a very tiny splinter) and has to be carried during the rest of the challenge. Beth finds a wooden tiki doll, which she takes of the island not knowing that the island and everything on it is cursed which means Beth cursed her team. The second part of the challenge was to create a fire big enough until Chris deems it big enough to continue on to the third part, which is to canoe back. Despite Duncan using his lighter to get a lead, Izzy used her own special fire-starter to make the Gophers ready for part three of the challenge. Izzy ends up spilling a secret to the Killer Bass about how to win the challenge even though Harold burned all the teams' paddles. Using Izzy's ideas, DJ swims while pushing all of the Killer Bass' canoes and helps the Killer Bass win. Cody redeems himself by setting Trent and Gwen up with each other on the canoe ride back, making both Gwen and Trent happy. At the campfire ceremony, it was down to Lindsay and Izzy. However, before the final marshmallow was given out, Izzy ended up getting chased off by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (because she once trashed a kitchen), resulting in her departure.
9 "Paintball Deer Hunter" August 26, 2007 (2007-08-26) July 31, 2008 109
The campers are split up into deer and hunters and each team has to go out and bag as many of the other team's deer as possible. Beth rebels against Heather after getting tired of her bossiness and Cody gets mauled by a bear. Owen tries to get DJ (who is acting like a deer), but later pays the price after he runs out of ammo and DJ angrily throws him over the 1,000 foot cliff (third time that Owen falls from the cliff). Duncan and Courtney's deer antlers get tangled together and are forced to be stuck together throughout the challenge, of which Duncan suggests making out, which shocked Courtney. Leshawna and Beth start firing paintballs at Heather while the rest of the Killer Bass Hunters (Geoff, Bridgette, and Harold) open fire on them. Because the Screaming Gophers have been the only team to be covered in paint, and some of them not being deer, the Killer Bass win for the second time in a row. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Heather and Cody. Despite most of the campers shooting for Heather, Cody gets voted off instead for being viciously mauled by a bear, making him useless for his team (even though Cody can heal very fast).
10 "If You Can't Take the Heat..." September 2, 2007 (2007-09-02) August 7, 2008 110
The two teams must make a three-course meal for judgment. The Killer Bass, led by Geoff who was nominated by Duncan and DJ, prepare an amazing Italian meal that impresses Chris. Things heat up between Duncan and Courtney's "hate" for each other, and Geoff and Bridgette grow closer. The Gophers, led by Heather because she called it, make the error of leaving Owen in charge of guarding the dinner they prepared as he eats the main course. Heather loses her eyebrows and is then locked in the fridge when Leshawna was tired of her complaining and bossing everyone else around. Meanwhile, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ try to teach Harold a lesson about leaving his underwear around the cabin by relentlessley pranking him. After the low reviews on the Screaming Gophers' food due to Chris nearly choking to death and getting little food because of Owen's eating habits, the Killer Bass win for the 3rd time in a row and get to go to a Five Star resort dinner under the stars. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Heather and Beth. Beth gets voted off because she stole the tiki doll from Boney Island two episodes earlier, unknowingly cursing her team.
11 "Who Can You Trust?" September 9, 2007 (2007-09-09) August 14, 2008 111
The thirteen remaining competitiors take part in a three part competition where they must put trust in their teammates. DJ has to trust Duncan, Gwen has to trust Heather, Geoff has to trust Bridgette, Trent has to trust Lindsay, Bridgette has to trust Harold, Heather has to trust Lindsay, Courtney has to trust Sadie, Owen has to trust Leshawna, DJ has to trust Geoff, and Leshawna has to trust Gwen. Geoff and Bridgette learn that they can easily trust each other. But DJ loses his bunny (who was killed by a snake) and trust in his best friend, Geoff, despite his best efforts. Duncan reveals his soft side to Courtney by getting DJ a replacement bunny, which surprises her. The Screaming Gophers win in a tiebreaker. At the campfire ceremony it is down to Harold and Sadie. Sadie is voted off, partly due to repeatedly pelting Courtney with crab apples as part of the challenge, even after the challenge ended. While walking down the dock of shame, Sadie's spirits are lifted when she is reunited with Katie on the boat of losers as the episode ends.
12 "Basic Straining" September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16) August 21, 2008 112
Chef forces the teams to go through several difficult obstacles designed to make the campers quit. The obstacle course is designed just like a military course. Duncan does well and passes all tests, but he angers Chef enough to be sent to "The Boathouse". Courtney goes to check on him (which leads Geoff to believe that she wants him) and give him some gruel, while they talk about their contrasting personalities. Duncan makes her break some rules by stealing an abundance of food from Chef, which ends in the two making out. Back in boot camp, the final six are Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Owen, and Heather. They have to hang upside down as a challenge. Duncan and Courtney soon fall because of Duncan thinking of his blood rushing to his head, and Courtney falls due to laughter because of Owen crushing Heather. Geoff falls down, making Gwen win for her team. Afterwards at the campfire ceremony, it is down the Courtney and Harold, and while the Bass voted for Harold almost unanimously, Harold rigs the votes to vote out Courtney for revenge on Duncan's various pranks through this episode and the last, Courtney is eliminated. Duncan gives Courtney a wooden skull, which she finds weird and creepy, but still loves it, and claims she'll never forget him.
13 "X-Treme Torture" September 23, 2007 (2007-09-23) August 28, 2008 113
Chris has the contestants paired off for the next immunity contest, a series of Extreme Sports Challenges. Gwen and Bridgette try to figure out who wrote a haiku love poem to who after discovering it in the mess hall and near the end of the episode, the love letters were for Leshawna (who later displays her large posterior to Gwen Bridgette, asking them if they know a with a booty as luscious as an apple). Harold is voted off for getting himself distracted in the tie-breaker after seeing Heather's breasts since her top was stripped off by a branch. At the campfire ceremony it is down to Duncan and Harold, and Harold is eliminated in a 4-1 vote. Harold manages to confess his love for Leshawna before he leaves. Harold and Leshawna share their first kiss. It is revealed that Harold is the haiku writer, and the message was to Leshawna.
14 "Brunch of Disgustingness" September 30, 2007 (2007-09-30) September 4, 2008 114
The campers have reached the halfway point, so Chris and Chef pit the campers against each other in a battle of the sexes with no elimination for the challenge, but with a weekend cruise as the prize. Bridgette moves into the Gophers cabin with Heather, Leshawna, Gwen and Lindsey. While the boys move into the other. Bridgette, who thinks gender stereotypes are false, goes into see lots of conflict for the girls, and she is forced to choose between sides in the cabin. The guys have great chemistry, throw a party, get along great. They are challenged to an eating contest. Chef cooks up barely edible meals that are Bull testicles, live anchovy pizza, worm spaghetti, hangnail soup, his own chewed gum, skunk spray juice, flip flop with icing, an unknown soup, and dolphin dogs which is soon replaced by a tiebreaker because both Bridgette and DJ refuse to eat dolphin. The boys win the tiebreaker after Owen defeats Leshawna in a contest to see who can drink the most shots of cockroach juice. After the cockroach shots the entire girls team starts to puke uncontrollably. Meanwhile, the boys get to go on the luxurious cruise.
15 "No Pain, No Game" October 7, 2007 (2007-10-07) September 11, 2008 115
Its merge time meaning the teams are officially dissolved. Chris has Eva and Izzy return to the island from "popular audience demand". It's every ruthless camper for themselves in a high-stakes game of no pain, no game, where contestants must spin the wheel of misfortune and endure painful punishments to win a luxurious trailer that the winner of the challenge gets to bring home after the competition. Due to her strength, bad personality, and anger, Eva is wanted gone. Leshawna and Eva are the last ones standing and Leshawna needed to beat a bear at log rolling which she successfully does. She wins the trailor and solo immunity. At the campfire ceremony, there were no marshmallows so the votes were shown on camera. Eva gets voted off again because she intimidated everyone on the island, causing Heather, Gwen, DJ, Bridgette, Geoff, and Lindsay to vote against her, as Eva and Duncan voted against Heather. This means Eva is eliminated again. Nobody knows who Trent, Owen, Leshawna, or Izzy voted for, but it was most likely Eva. Duncan voted against Heather for thinking that she was responsible for Courtney's elimination (which was actually Harold). Eva voted against Heather after finding out that she was responsible for her elimination in "The Big Sleep".
16 "Search & Do Not Destroy" October 14, 2007 (2007-10-14) September 18, 2008 116
Chris blows up the trailer that Leshawna had earned in the last episode with Leshawna. Chris then explains that the challenge is to go around and search for keys in different types of areas. Owens key is around a bears neck, Heathers is located in Chef Hatchets fridge, Geoff has to search in the septic tank of the communal bathrooms, Trents key being located on a pole in between 3 man eating hungry sharks, Gwens being trapped inside a squrrels 'house', Duncans being located between a random ring of fire, DJs being in a tree, Lindsays being on a bees nest and Izzys being around a snake. The contestants set off for their keys. Trent takes off his shirt with Gwen staring in amazement as he swims past the sharks. Lindsay sticks to her alliance and helps heather getting her key by lowering her with a knife, they nearly get caught when Lindsay sees a fly and gets scared. Trent then helps Gwen getting her key by flooding the house and reaching into the key with Gwen then confessing that she has a secret crush on Trent and vice versa which ends with Gwen running up to Trent and kissing him with heather seeing this with her then thinking of a plan to get them apart. The rest of the contestants do well or badly with Duncan getting easily past his ring of fire and Owen getting trapped like a teddy bear with the bear that he has to get the key from. Heather puts a fake love letter onto Gwens bed saying it is from Trent. When she gets there, Heather kisses Trent driving a wedge between them. Leshawna later sees Gwen crying and asks her whats wrong. She tells Leshawna who then goes and tells everyone to vote off Trent or Heather. In the rewards, Heather finds an invincibility pass forcing the remaining contestants to vote off Trent. Gwen nearly kisses Trent until Chris tells him to hurry up. Leshawna got her revenge on Heather at the end by making sewage come from the showers instead of water.
17 "Hide & Be Sneaky" October 21, 2007 (2007-10-21) September 25, 2008 117
The campers play an old fashioned game of hide and seek, with Chef Hatchet as their seeker. Using his guerrilla tactics, super soaker water-gun, and hate for the campers, he hunts and hoses down the campers until there is only one remaining. With all of the guys still being close friends, Duncan sets up a secret guy alliance to overthrow the girls, who have a 6 to 4 advantage over them. Heather gets caught, but she finds Owen and DJ, causing her to gain invincibility. After finding Duncan, Chef realizes Leshawna is the only camper who was not caught (she hid underwater), and she also wins invincibility by touching the base before Chef arrives. At the campfire ceremony, it was down to Bridgette, Duncan, and Owen who each get a lot of votes. Owen gets the next marshmallow, getting votes from Heather, Lindsay, and Izzy. Duncan gets the last marshmallow, getting votes from Gwen, Leshawna, and Bridgette. Bridgette ends up getting voted off by Duncan, Owen, DJ, and Geoff due to her popularity. However, Geoff lies to Bridgette about voting her. Geoff and Bridgette were about to kiss, but Geoff backed away because Bridgette still stinks from a skunk spray. Later, Geoff got kicked out of the boys' cabin for the night for not voting against Bridgette.
18 "That's Off the Chain!" October 28, 2007 (2007-10-28) October 2, 2008 118
Geoff is crying over Bridgette's departure and reveals his feelings for her to the entire viewing world. The campers are then challenged to compete in the Tour de Wawanakwa where they must not only race a treacherous Motor Cross Course, but also build their own bikes. Leshawna confesses that she never learned how to ride a bike, so Izzy takes her on a wild ride, excluding them from the challenge. Heather forces Lindsday to steal Chef's motorbike and build her a fully functional ride. After multiple accidents involving Heather, Geoff, and DJ, the final people left in the race were Lindsay, Duncan, Owen, and Heather. Owen ends up getting blown off by a land mine and Duncan runs into an oil slick, bringing the number of racers down to Heather and Lindsay. Before the race started, Heather told Lindsay to let her win the race and promised to save her from elimination, but Chris stated that whoever comes in last in the challenge was automatically eliminated. Lindsay took the lead during the race, but failed on the third obstacle and let Heather win. Due to Duncan and Owen crashing out of the race, Lindsay was technically the second to finish out of two people (she and Heather), which means she came in last, thus getting herself eliminated. Heather did not care that Lindsay was eliminated, so Lindsay questions why she is not upset about that. Heather answers that question in a harsh way, so Lindsay ends up cursing her by swearing and sticking up the middle finger, to the approval of the other campers. (In the original version, she swore very loudly and stuck up her middle finger, which was all censored. In the US version, Lindsay simply calls her a "no good, selfish, heartless, pushy, bossy, mean, bully-of-a-girl," and although the hand gesture is blurred out, the frames that featured it were not cut.) Heather's alliance is now dead.
19 "Hook, Line & Screamer" November 4, 2007 (2007-11-04) October 9, 2008 119
Chris and Chef are nowhere to be seen at the beginning in this spooky episode. The campers watch a horror movie about the Escaped Psycho Killer With A Chainsaw And A Hook. They then see Chris and Chef secretly escaping the island, leaving behind a newspaper with the news that an Escaped Psycho Killer is on the loose in the woods. Then Gwen, Geoff, DJ, LeShawna, and Duncan go back to camp to make a game plan (since Heather was getting a facial, and Owen and Izzy were making out in the woods). One by one, the campers disappear, unaware that this whole thing is just another challenge created by the show's producers with Chef disguised as the killer. While Owen and Izzy are making out, Chef comes in, causing Owen to throw Izzy in front of him, angering her. No one knows, however, that there is actually a real psycho killer loose in the woods. Duncan faces off against the disguised Chef Hatchet but overpowers him and takes his chainsaw, thus winning the challenge. Gwen faces The Real Psycho Killer, beats him, and gains immunity and a win over Duncan due to not being captured by Chef and facing the real killer. At the campfire ceremony, DJ is eliminated because he freaked out the most, without even seeing the killer, instead seeing Heather's facial. The Psycho Killer's character is a parody of three Slasher/horror icons Jason Vorhees (overall outfit including Iconic hockey mask), Ashley Willams (Trade mark chainsaw), and Ben Willims, AKA the Fisherman (the trademark hook hand).
20 "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" November 11, 2007 (2007-11-11) October 16, 2008 120
The campers are challenged to trap an animal. They have eight hours to trap a forest creature, but first they have to look in the boathouse for hunting tools. The winner will receive a meal of all their favorite foods. Armed with nets, buckets, paper towels and a tranquilizer gun, they trek off in search of their furry forest critters. Gwen wins the challenge, followed by Duncan, who fought an army of savage raccoons with a chainsaw. Gwen's meal is destroyed by Owen trying to catch his chipmunk. Duncan attempts to form an alliance with Heather which goes down the drain once he let her get shot by Izzy. Everyone except Heather and Izzy get their animal. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Gwen and Izzy. Izzy gets voted off again due to her harmful hunting skills with a tranquilizer gun that got Chef, Heather and several other animals, though none was what she was trying to get. She made herself disappear.
21 "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon" November 18, 2007 (2007-11-18) October 23, 2008 121
The campers are paired up in the most unholy alliances ever dreamed up by Chris (Heather and Owen, Gwen and Geoff, LeShawna and Duncan). All three teams are handcuffed together in a twisted version of a Triathlon which includes force feeding each other, a trip to Boney Island to return Beth's evil Tiki doll and creating a Totem Pole of Shame using carved wooden heads of their former team mates. Owen and Heather win the first round with Owen easilt scarfing down all the food. Geoff tries to befriend Gwen, but Gwen finds him annoying and criticizes him for not taking the challenge seriously. When being questioned about getting DJ his bunny, Duncan is overheard confessing to Leshawna that his pet dog Petey ran away when he was 6 and didn't want DJ to go through the same thing.Owen starts to lose his nice, forgiving personality when Heather insults some of the cast mates, and he angrily quits when she mocks Izzy. Gwen and Geoff became friends. LeShawna throws a wooden head carving of Sadie's head at Chris for making fun of Duncan, when he carves "D X C" initials inside a heart in the wooden carving of Courtney's head which increases their friendship, which leads to their win in the third event. Each team having one win apiece means no one receives immunity. At the campfire ceremony, it is down to Gwen and Geoff, making them both sad. In the end, Geoff gets voted off for his kindness, even receiving a vote from his close friend Duncan as he still believes his lie about not voting off Bridgette. Gwen apologizes to Geoff and returns the camera she threw into the lake earlier. Gwen admits to going back to Boney Island to get it and thanked Geoff for everything he did. Geoff catches Gwen in the moment and they get a picture together with a small fish in the picture.
22 "Haute Camp-Ture" November 25, 2007 (2007-11-25) October 30, 2008 122
In this special episode, the campers that were voted off the island are shown at a luxurious resort for plenty of relaxation. The voted-off campers reveal who they think deserves to win the prize money. Noah, Katie, and Sadie talk about the show itself by the pool bar, while Izzy does freaky stuff around them. Geoff and Bridgette kiss and date, while Ezekiel tries to get closer to Bridgette, but is very unsuccessful. Courtney gushes over Duncan and hunts down Harold with a lamp post for rigging the votes against her. Cody and Trent talk about Gwen, but Cody accepts their relationship. Beth and Justin go to the spa. Eva works out. Lindsay tries to remember who Tyler is, and DJ tries to keep his accident prone Bunny out of harm's way. Chris shows up and reveals that the voted off campers will be deciding who gets eliminated that day. Katie and Sadie accidentally cause everyone (including a nearby parrot, twice) into voting Leshawna off (if someone said the word Leshawna that counted as one vote) despite everyone at the resort liking her and hating Heather.
23 "Camp Castaways" December 2, 2007 (2007-12-02) November 6, 2008 123
A torrential rainstorm washes away the cabins and the remaining campers wake up in the middle of Lake Wawanakwa with no idea of where they are. Heather, Duncan and Gwen paddle the remains of their cabin to a nearby beach, but Owen stays trapped in the outhouse and talks to himself. The three campers on shore get unnerved by the spooky surroundings and they argue whether they’ve landed on a deserted island, drifted downstream from camp or are simply part of another one of Chris's twisted challenges. Meanwhile, Owen becomes temporarily insane from being alone, so he ends up growing a beard and making a new friend, Mr. Coconut. He later meets up with the other campers. The five of them (including Mr. Coconut) play games, do to Owen making them, while taking shelter in a nice-looking treehouse Heather found. Duncan, Heather, and Gwen confess the deepest sins, do to Owen telling them to. Owen then helps the other campers get back to civilization, along with the help of Mr. Coconut. At the campfire ceremony, Owen has the most votes and would seemingly go home, but Mr. Coconut leaves instead for mentally destroying Owen, which leaves the Final Four intact for another episode.
24 "Are We There, Yeti?" December 9, 2007 (2007-12-09) November 13, 2008 124
In the semi-final round, the campers have a quite literal rude awakening when they wake up in the middle of the wilderness. Sergeant Chef is in charge of the challenge (due to Chris off hosting an award show) and puts the four remaining campers through a grueling mission. They must find base camp with only a few supplies. The teams break into pairs (Owen and Duncan, Heather and Gwen), while the boys get a map and food, the girls are stuck with toilet paper and a compass. A cat and mouse game ensues as each team baits and traps the other, which ends in the boys stealing all of the girls stuff. After both teams escape from a giant purple Sasquatch called Sasquatchinakwa, they eventually team up to get a campfire going, and even though Duncan hides the map in his pants, Heather steals it while he's sleeping, and the girls then leave to go and win. Despite the girl's lead Owen ends up getting back to base camp first from smelling Chef’s sticky buns, but doesn't touch home base itself. Gwen and Heather end up touching it instead, thus causing Duncan and Owen to lose. At the campfire ceremony, Chef chooses who gets voted out, either Owen or Duncan. Duncan gets eliminated by Chef for causing so much trouble around the island.
25 "I Triple Dog Dare You!" December 16, 2007 (2007-12-16) November 20, 2008 125
In the semi-final round, the three remaining campers are forced to play a game of I Triple Dog Dare You!, a twisted version of "spin the bottle meets truth or dare." Their former campers came up with the sickest, twisted, cruelest dares they could think of to inflict humiliation. Dares were licking Owen's armpit (which was Duncan's), wrestling an alligator (which was Noah's), drinking out of a communal toilet (which was Geoff's), and giving a "purple nurple" to a grizzly bear (which was Izzy's). Gwen and Owen team up (Owen splits his freebies in exchange for Gwen promising to split her winnings or buy him a box of doughnuts depending on who wins), and force all of the grossest dares on Heather. In the end, it is this challenge that finally gets Heather eliminated after she refuses to get her head shaved by Chef by kicking the razor out of his hand. She ends up getting it shaved anyways because of the razor landing on her hair, thus getting bad karma from Lindsay, since she made the dare.
Rv "TDI Recap / TDI Rundown" January 4, 2008 (2008-01-04) December 4, 2008 N/A
The episode is a summary of all the previous events, also containing a preview for the final episode and a music video.7
26 "The Very Last Episode, Really!" January 4, 2008 (2008-01-04) December 11, 2008 126
Gwen and Owen compete in a multi-obstacle course. Nearly everyone was rooting for Owen because he was going to spend the 100 grand on a big party. Trent constantly tries to prove to Gwen that he really likes her. Meanwhile, Duncan and Courtney exchange friendly banter before making out again, while Heather tries to sabatoge Gwen by greasing her pole and giving her a cupcake with Laxative in it (which she gives to a hungry Owen). Sick of Heather's sabotage, Leshawna locks Heather in the outhouse confessional for the rest of the episode. At the end Gwen is in the lead, but to save the party, Izzy puts a plate of fresh brownies in front of a fan. Owen smells the brownies, goes nuts, charges, and wins the race causing everyone to cheer for Owen. Owen and Izzy make out while Gwen and Trent reconcile. At the end of the episode, Owen, Duncan, and Geoff throw Chris off the dock of shame as payback for his cruel challenges.
Alternate Ending: Gwen wins in Scandinavia (except Denmark), Romania, and Poland, due to Owen only going for the brownies instead. Gwen, inspired by Owen, decides to throw a party at some point and invites everyone except Heather.
Sp "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island" November 29, 2008 (2008-11-29) December 18, 2008 N/A
After a decision from Owen, Chris has all twenty two campers go out for a hunt for a million dollars. The campers are split into teams: Owen, DJ, Cody, and Tyler, Gwen, LeShawna, and Trent, Heather and Harold, Duncan and Courtney, Geoff and Bridgette, Izzy, Eva and Noah, Lindsay, Beth, and Ezekiel, Sadie and Katie (Justin acts like he is with them), and finally Justin. Harold and Heather split, but come back together. Duncan wrestles an alligator to save his crush, but Courtney betrays him when he sprains his ankle. Sadie, Katie, Bridgette, Geoff, Cody, DJ, Tyler, Owen, Courtney, and LeShawna ended up on the diving board where Courtney was supposed to jump off of. Lindsay, Beth, and Ezekiel find the million dollars then, but it is taken by Justin, then taken by Izzy, but she trips, and Gwen, Trent, Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy chase after it. The board falls and only Bridgette, Geoff, DJ, Owen, and LeShawna remain on. Duncan comes out riding a moose. The board slides toward Justin and pulls him. Then the moose bucks Duncan into the water, and the board crashes into the five after the money, and Heather and Harold who just got out of the water. The prize gets eaten and the fourteen that fell into the water are consider tied. Chris then declares that the people who tied will compete in the series's second season, Total Drama Action.
Alternate Opening: In the version that Gwen wins Total Drama Island, her prize money is taken away from her, via force, by Chef Hatchet.

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