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This list comprises Toyota's manufacturing facilities worldwide, as well as others that are jointly owned by the company or run under a contract.[1]

Toyota manufacturing facilities[edit]



  • Brussels – European R&D facility since 1987. Similar facilities were opened in Germany (1993) and France (2000)




  • PRACO Didacol Since 2005, here only produces trucks from the brand Hino in five models.



In 2011, Toyota Motor Corporation invested in a new plant that will produce about 70,000 vehicles a year when complete for Rp 5,500,000,000,000 (US$638 million) besides Rp 2,600,000,000,000 (US$302 million) to expand its sales outlets throughout the country. The current production is 110,000 units vehicles per year.[6]


There are a total of sixteen Toyota-owned factories in Japan.[7][8] All but three of these are located in or near Toyota City, while the others are located in Kyushu, Hokkaido and northern Honshu.

Operator Plant name Location Main products Start of operations Unit production Employees
Toyota Motor Corporation Honsha Toyota, Aichi Forged parts, hybrid system parts, chassis parts. Originally the "Koromo Plant." 1938-11 1,776
Motomachi Toyota, Aichi Crown, Mark X, Estima, Mirai, LFA, LC, GR Yaris 1959-08 73,000 4,085
Kamigo Toyota, Aichi Engines M, K, S, R, T 1965-11 3,034
Takaoka Toyota, Aichi Corolla, iQ, Auris 1966-09 179,000 3,293
Miyoshi Miyoshi, Aichi Transmission-related parts, forged parts, engine-related parts 1968-07 1,456
Tsutsumi Toyota, Aichi Prius, Camry, Premio, Allion, Celica (1970-1978), Scion tC 1970-12 510,000 5,045
Myochi Miyoshi, Aichi Powertrain-related parts 1973-06 1,512
Shimoyama Miyoshi, Aichi Engines, turbochargers, catalytic converters 1975-03 1,535
Kinu-ura Hekinan, Aichi Transmission-related parts 1978-08 3,062
Tahara Tahara, Aichi Celica (1979-1999), LS, GS, IS, GX, RC, RAV4, Wish, Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Vanguard, engines 1979-01 396,000 7,821
Teiho Toyota, Aichi Mechanical equipment, moldings for resin and casting and forging 1986-02 1,083
Hirose Toyota, Aichi Research and development and production of electronic control devices, ICs 1989-03 1,605
Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.[9] Kariya[9] Kariya, Aichi[10] Vehicles for the elderly and people with disabilities "Welcab", Coms 1945-08-31[10]
Kotobuki New Development Center[9] Toyota, Aichi[10] 1960-05[9]
Yoshiwara[9] Toyota, Aichi[10] Lexus LX, Land Cruiser (J200), Land Cruiser (J70), Coaster[9] 1962-01[9]
Fujimatsu[9] Kariya, Aichi[10] Estima, Estima Hybrid, Voxy, Noah, Prius[9] 1964-01[9]
Inabe[9] Inabe, Mie[10] Alphard, Alphard Hybrid, Vellfire, Vellfire Hybrid, HiAce[9] 1993-12[9]
Gifu Auto Body Honsha[9] (Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.)[11] Kakamigahara, Gifu[11] HiAce, ambulances[9] 1940-10[11]
Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.[12] Miyata[12] Miyawaka, Fukuoka[12] IS, ES, HS, CT, UX,[13] RX, SAI, Harrier, Highlander 1992-12-22[12] 309,000 7,154
Kanda[12] Miyako, Fukuoka[12] Engines 2005-12-20[12]
Kokura[12] Kokura, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka[12] Transaxles 2008-08-01[12]
Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Inc.[14] Tomakomai, Hokkaido[14] Transmissions, powertrain-related parts 1991-02-08[15] 2,394
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.[16] Formerly, Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.[16] Higashi Fuji[16] Susono, Shizuoka[17] Century, Crown, Crown Comfort, Comfort, Isis, Corolla Fielder, Corolla (export), and Celica (1999-2006) [16] 1967-05[16] 343,000 7,441
Iwate[16] Kanegasaki, Iwate[17] Blade, ist, Ractis, Belta, Yaris XP210, Aqua, C-HR[16] 1993-11[16]
Suyama (formerly, Higashi Fuji Machine)[16] Susono, Shizuoka[17] Stamping molds for vehicles[16] 2009-06[16]
Formerly, Central Motor Co., Ltd.[16] Miyagi Ohira (formerly, Miyagi)[16] Ōhira, Miyagi[17] Corolla Axio, Yaris, Belta, auto bodies, auto parts, molds, machine tools, measuring instruments, and machinery and equipment[16] 1950-09[16]
Formerly, Toyota Motor Tohoku Corporation[16] Miyagi Taiwa[17] Taiwa, Miyagi[17] Electronically controlled brake actuators (ABS, ECB), axles, torque converters, etc.[16] 1997-07[16]
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.[18] Ikeda[18] Ikeda, Osaka[19] bB, Passo[18] 1939-05[19] 1,251[19]
Kyoto[18] Ōyamazaki, Kyoto[20] Passo Sette, Porte, Probox, Sienta, Succeed[18] 1973-04[20] 1,151[20]
Oita (Nakatsu) (Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd)[18] Nakatsu, Ōita[21] Pixis Space, Rush[18] 2004-11[21] 2,346[21]
Toyota Industries Corporation[18] Nagakusa[18] Ōbu, Aichi[22] Mark X, RAV4, Vitz, Zio[18] 1967[22] 2,887[22]
Hino Motors, Ltd.[18] Hamura[18] Hamura, Tokyo[23] Dyna, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, ToyoAce[18]




  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) Sp. z o.o. Engines (both gasoline and diesel), semi-automatic and manual gear shifts and crankshafts.[25]

Russian Federation[edit]

The 224-ha factory in Shushary was laid down in 2005 and launched production on December 21, 2007. Currently produces 20,000 2.4L and 3.5L Toyota Camry vehicles per year, the production and model row might be extended in future.[26]

South Africa[edit]

  • Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) – Prospecton, Durban – Corolla, Fortuner, Quantum, Hilux and an assortment of Hino Trucks. Assembly began in 1962, by Motor Assemblies who also built Volvos and Ramblers.[27] Their Durban plant was opened in 1970, but they had been assembled for several years already. The Stout was the first Toyota available in South Africa, beginning in 1961.



United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]


Joint venture, licensed, and contract factories[edit]

Czech Republic[edit]



  • FAW Toyota
    • Tianjin – Avalon, Corolla, Crown, IZOA, Vios
    • Sichuan – Coaster, Land Cruiser Prado
    • Changchun – RAV4
  • GAC Toyota, Guangzhou – Camry, C-HR, Highlander, Levin, Wildlander, Yaris XP150




  • Indus Motors Company (IMC) is a joint venture for assembling, progressive manufacturing and marketing of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan since 1990. IMC's production facilities are located near Karachi in an area measuring over 105 acres (0.42 km2) –


United States[edit]


  • Toyota Motor Vietnam (Camry, Corolla Altis, Innova, Vios), Vĩnh Phúc, on the outskirts of Hanoi

Hino Motors[edit]

Former joint venture, licensed, and Toyota factories[edit]




New Zealand[edit]

Christchurch plant and 2x others 1980-1996

United States[edit]



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