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Toyota vehicles, past and present, sold under the Toyota brand. Most are made by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Some vehicles are built and/or designed in some countries by local manufacturers.

Current vehicles (sold in Japan)[edit]

Model Calendar year introduced Current model Vehicle information
Introduction Update (facelift)
Toyota Century 3rd generation 2017 Tokyo Motor Show front 1.jpg
Century 1967 2018 (G60) - Traditional flagship model.
2018 Toyota Crown 2.0 S.jpg
Toyota CROWN 3.5HYBRID RS Advance (6AA-GWS224-AEXAB) front.jpg
Crown 1955 2018 (S220) - Oldest Toyota passenger car nameplate still in use. Divided into standard and RS model.
Toyota MIRAI Z (JPD20) with the factory-installed option.jpg
Mirai 2014 2020 (JPD20) - Fuel cell vehicle.
2017 Toyota Camry X.jpg
Toyota CAMRY WS "Leather Package" (DAA-AXVH70-AEXSB(L)) front.jpg
Camry 1982 2017 (XV70) - Divided into standard and WS model.
Toyota PRIUS S 2WD.jpg
Prius 1997 2015 (XW50) 2018 The best-selling hybrid electric vehicle in Japan.
Toyota PRIUS PHV A (DLA-ZVW52-AHXHB) front.jpg
Prius PHV 2011 2017 (XW50) - Prius-based plug-in hybrid model.
TOYOTA PREMIO T260 20160704 01.jpeg
Premio 2001 2007 (T260) 2016 Successor to the Corona. Twin model of the Allion.
2017 Toyota Allion.jpg
Allion 2001 2007 (T260) 2016 Successor to the Carina. Twin model of the Premio.
Toyota COROLLA HYBRID W×B 2WD (6AA-ZWE211-AEXSB) front.jpg
Corolla 1966 2019 (E210) - Smaller than global market Corolla sedan.
Toyota Corolla Sport.jpg
Corolla Sport 2018 2018 (E210) - Successor to the Auris.
Toyota AQUA S (DAA-NHP10-AHXNB) front.jpg
Aqua 2011 2011 (NHP10) 2017 Hybrid-electric hatchback based on the Vitz. Divided into standard and Crossover model.
2020 Toyota Yaris Hybrid E-Four (Red) (cropped).jpg
Toyota GR YARIS RZ"High performance" (4BA-GXPA16-AGFGZ(H)) front.jpg
Yaris 2020 2020 (XP210) - Successor to the Vitz. Available in high-performance GR Yaris model.
2012 Toyota Porte 01.jpg
Porte 2004 2012 (XP140) - Equipped with single left sliding door.
Toyota SPADE 1.5F (NP14) front.JPG
Spade 2012 2012 (XP140) - Twin model of the Porte.
Toyota Passo X"L package・S"2WD (5BA-M700A-GBNE(M)) front.jpg
Toyota PASSO MODA"G package"2WD (5BA-M700A-GBSE(G)) front.jpg
Passo 2004 2016 (M700) 2018 Successor to the Duet. Rebadged M700 series Daihatsu Boon. Divided into standard and Moda model.
Station wagon
2015 Toyota Prius α.jpg
Prius α 2011 2011 (XW40) 2014 Station wagon/minivan model of the Prius.
Corolla Touring 2019 2019 (E210) - Smaller than European market Corolla Touring Sports. Successor to the Corolla Fielder.
Sports car
Toyota GR Supra SZ-R (3BA-DB82-ZSRW).jpg
Supra 1978 2019 (J29) - Marketed as "GR Supra". Closely related to the G29 BMW Z4.
Toyota 86 GT (DBA-ZN6) front.jpg
86 2012 2012 (ZN6) 2016 Spiritual successor to the AE86 Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno. Joint production with Subaru BRZ.
Toyota COPEN GR SPORT (3BA-LA400A-KMVZ) front.jpg
Copen GR Sport 2019 2019 (LA400) - Rebadged Daihatsu Copen GR Sport. Also classified under kei car class.
SUV/crossover SUV
Toyota LAND CRUISER AX"G selection" (CBA-URJ202W-GNTAK-G) front.jpg
Land Cruiser 1954 2007 (J200) 2015 The oldest continuing Toyota model.
Toyota land cruiser prado 2017 (cropped).jpg
Land Cruiser Prado 1990 2009 (J150) 2017 Smaller branch of the Land Cruiser range.
2020 Toyota Hilux Revo Prerunner Double-Cab 2.4 Entry.jpg
Hilux 1968 2015 (AN120) 2020 Alternatively written as "HiLux".
Harrier 1997 2020 (XU80) - Built on the same platform as the RAV4. Sold as the Venza in North America. Was sold in export markets as the Lexus RX from 1998 to 2008.
Toyota RAV4 G (6BA-MXAA54-ANXGB) front.jpg
The frontview of Toyota RAV4 Adventure (6BA-MXAA54-ANXVB).jpg
Toyota RAV4 PHV BLACK TONE (6LA-AXAP54-ANXGB) front.jpg
RAV4 1994 2018 (XA50) - Divided into standard, Adventure, and plug-in hybrid (PHV) model.
Toyota C-HR G-T 2WD・CVT (DBA-NGX10-AHXEX) front.jpg
C-HR 2016 2016 (AX10) 2019 Successor to the Ist.

Yaris Cross 2020 2020 (XP210) - Based on the XP210 series Yaris. Successor to the Ist.
Toyota RAIZE Z 2WD (5BA-A200A-GBSV) front.jpg
Raize 2019 2019 (A200) - Rebadged A200 series Daihatsu Rocky.
Toyota GRANACE Premium (3DA-GDH303W-RDTJY) front.jpg
GranAce 2019 2019 (H300) N/A Based on the H300 series HiAce that is not sold in Japan.
Nasu Godo Jidosha Wagon Bus Shin-yu Line Hiace H200 Grand Cabin.jpg
HiAce Wagon 2004 2004 (H200) 2013 Passenger van version of the commercial HiAce van.
Toyota ALPHARD Executive Lounge S (DBA-GGH30W-PFZZK) front.jpg
Alphard 2002 2015 (AH30) 2017 Successor to the Grand HiAce/Granvia.
Toyota VELLFIRE X 2WD (DBA-AGH30W-NRXGK) front.jpg
Vellfire 2008 2015 (AH30) 2017 Twin model of the Alphard.
Toyota NOAH X 2WD 8-Seater (DBA-ZRR80G-ARXEP) front.jpg
Noah 2001 2014 (AH30) 2017 Successor to the TownAce Noah.
Voxy 2001 2014 (R80) 2017 Successor to the LiteAce Noah. Sport-oriented version of the Noah.
Toyota Esquire Gi (DBA-ZRR80G-CPXGP) front.jpg
Esquire 2014 2014 (R80) 2017 Luxury-oriented version of the Noah.
Sienta 2003 2015 (XP170) 2018 Available in standard (6/7-seater) and Funbase (5-seater) model.
Toyota ROOMY G 4WD (5BA-M910A-GBGE) front.jpg
Toyota ROOMY CUSTOM G 2WD (5BA-M900A-GBVE) front.jpg
Roomy 2016 2016 (M900) 2020 Rebadged Daihatsu Thor. Also sold under "Tank" nameplate until September 2020.
Commercial vehicle
Toyota Coaster EX XZB70.jpg
Coaster 1969 2017 (B60/B70) N/A Available in three configurations; the standard wheelbase configuration can seat 25 passengers, the long wheelbase configuration can either seat 24 or 29 passengers while a school bus configuration can seat 3 adults and 49 children.
Toyota Rent-a-car Dyna (8th-wide) Dry van.jpg
Dyna 1959 2011 (U600/U800) N/A Based on the second-generation Hino Dutro.
HiraodaiKankoTaxi 71.jpg
HiAce 1967 2004 (H200) 2013 The H300 model is not sold in Japan.
Nago Okinawa Ambulance-02.jpg
HiMedic 1992 2006 N/A Based on the HiAce.
Toyota PROBOX DX (NSP160V) front.JPG
Probox 2002 2002 (XP160) 2014 Successor to the Corolla/Caldina van.
Pre-facelift model pictured
TownAce 1976 2008 (S400) 2020 Rebadged Daihatsu Gran Max. Also sold under "LiteAce" nameplate until June 2020.
Kei car (passenger)
Toyota Pixis Epoch L 4WD LA360A 0193.jpg
Pixis Epoch 2011 2017 (LA350) - Rebadged LA350 series Daihatsu Mira e:S.
Toyota PIXIS JOY F G Turbo"SA II" (DBA-LA250A-GBVZ) front.jpg
Pixis Joy 2016 2016 (LA250) 2017 Rebadged Daihatsu Cast.
Toyota PIXIS MEGA L"SAⅢ" (DBA-LA700A-GBMF) front.jpg
Pixis Mega 2015 2015 (LA700) 2016 Rebadged Daihatsu Wake.
Kei car (commercial)
Toyota・Pixis-Truck Standard Part-time 4WD S510U.jpg
Pixis Truck 2011 2014 (S500) - Rebadged S500 series Daihatsu Hijet Truck.
Pixis Van 2011 2011 (S320) 2017 Rebadged S320 series Daihatsu Hijet Cargo.

Current vehicles (sold outside Japan)[edit]

Model Year introduced Current model Vehicle information
Introduction Update (facelift)
2019 Toyota Avalon Touring front 4.2.18.jpg
Avalon 1994 2018 - Sold in Canada, Middle East, Puerto Rico, South Korea and the United States. Flagship sedan of Toyota in Canada, Middle East, Puerto Rico and the United States.
2018 Toyota Camry (ASV70R) Ascent sedan (2018-08-27) 01.jpg
Camry 1982 2017 2020 The latest Camry was launched in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. In North America the sales began in late July 2017.[1]
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sedan, GIMS 2019, Le Grand-Saconnex (GIMS1338).jpg
COROLLA (Europe)
2020 Toyota Corolla LE standard front, 5.25.19.jpg
COROLLA (North America)
Corolla 1966 2018 - C-segment sedan/hatchback sold worldwide except Hong Kong, India, Macao and South Korea. There are two different styling models for European and North American markets respectively. Marketed as Corolla Altis in some parts of Asia, including Southeast Asian markets.
2018 Toyota Crown 2.0 RS.jpg
Crown 1955 2018 - Flagship luxury sedan sold in Japan and other select Asian markets
Toyota Etios top left front.jpg
Etios 2010 2010 2016 Sold in India since 2010, Brazil[2] and South Africa[3] since 2012.
Osaka Motor Show 2019 (60) - Toyota MIRAI CONCEPT.jpg
Mirai 2015 2020 - Available in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, UK), North America, and the UAE.[4][5]
2018 Toyota Prius (facelift).jpg
Prius 1997 2016 2019 Sold worldwide in 93 countries.
Vios 2002 2013 2016 B-segment sedan produced primarily for emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region, also sold as Yaris Sedan in the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Latin America.
2017 Toyota Agya 1.2 G hatchback (B101RA; 12-09-2018), South Tangerang.jpg
Agya 2013 2013 2017 Daihatsu Ayla, marketed under Toyota as Toyota Agya in Indonesia and Guatemala, Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, Brunei and Sri Lanka.[6][7]
2018 Toyota Aygo x-play VVT-i CVT 1.0 Front.jpg
Aygo 2005 2014 2018 Sold in Europe.
Toyota Etios Valco aka Etios Liva (front).JPG
Etios Liva
Etios Cross
2011 (Liva)
2014 (Cross)
2011 (Liva)
2014 (Cross)
2016 Hatchback variant of Toyota Etios. Sold in India and Indonesia. Sold in Indonesia as Etios Valco. Etios Cross is a crossover variant based on Etios Liva, sold in India.
Toyota Glanza (front).jpg
Glanza/Starlet 2019 2019 Rebadged Suzuki Baleno (2015). First product formed out of Toyota-Suzuki global partnership. Sold in India (as Glanza) and Africa (as Starlet).
2018 Toyota Prius c (NHP10R) hatchback (2018-10-29) 01.jpg
Prius c 2011 2011 2017 Sold as Aqua in Japan
2018 Toyota Yaris 1.5 S TRD Sportivo hatchback (NSP151R; 12-22-2018), South Tangerang.jpg
YARIS (Asia)
Yaris (XP150) 2013 2013 2020
2020 Toyota Yaris XLE Hatchback in Sapphire, front left.jpg
YARIS (North America)
Yaris (DJ) 2015 2015 - The Yaris name is used for the XP150 in Asian markets,[8] for the XP130 in most western markets and for the Mazda2 (DJ) derived sedan and hatchback in North America.[9][10][11]
Sports car
2017 Toyota GT86 PRO D-4S 2.0 (1).jpg
86 2012 2012 2016 Sold worldwide under different brands with respective model names: Toyota 86 in Asia, Australia, North America (from August 2016), South Africa and South America;[12] GT86 in Europe; both of the preceding names in New Zealand; FT86 in Indonesia, Jamaica and Nicaragua; Scion FR-S in Canada and the US. After the Scion brand was discontinued in August 2016, the FR-S was renamed as the Toyota 86.[13][14] A badge-engineered variant is also sold as the Subaru BRZ.
Toyota Supra Monrepos 2019 IMG 1898.jpg
Supra 1978 2019 2020 Co-developed with the BMW Z4 (G29) as a two seater, marketed under Toyota's GR subdivision
Station wagon
Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Monrepos 2019 IMG 1906.jpg
Corolla Touring Sports 1966 2018 - Sold in Europe.
Toyota Prius Plus Hybrid (MSP15).JPG
Prius v 2011 2011 Sold as Prius α in Asia (Prius Alpha in Singapore), Prius+ in Europe (Grand Prius+ in Belgium, Prius Wagon in the Netherlands).
2018 Toyota Alphard (facelift) 01.jpg
Alphard 2002 2015 2017 Sold in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Russia,[15] Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.
2019 Toyota Avanza 1.3 G F653RM (20200228).jpg
Avanza 2003 2011 2019 OEM manufactured Daihatsu Xenia. Avanza is sold in Bangladesh, Brunei, Caribbean, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and various other African countries.
2017 Toyota Calya 1.2 G wagon (B401RA; 01-12-2019), South Tangerang.jpg
Calya 2016 2016 2019 Rebadged Daihatsu Sigra. Sold in Indonesia.
2017 Toyota Kijang Innova 2.4 V wagon (GUN142R; 01-12-2019), South Tangerang.jpg
Innova 2004 2015 - Sold as Kijang Innova in Indonesia. Also sold in Brunei, India (replacing the Qualis), Jamaica, Kuwait, Malaysia (replacing the Unser), Oman, the Philippines (replacing the Revo), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan (replacing the Zace Surf), Thailand, UAE and Vietnam (replacing Zace).
2021 Toyota Sienna LE.jpg
Sienna 1997 2020 - Sold in Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, Nicaragua, North Korea, Oman, Panama, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, United States and Yemen.
2017 Toyota Sienta 1.5 Q NSP170R (20190623).jpg
Sienta 2003 2015 2018 Sold in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
Toyota 4Runner P4250812.jpg
4Runner 1984 2009 2013 Sold in Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the United States.
2017 Toyota C-HR front 4.27.18.jpg
C-HR 2016 2016 2019 Sold in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan

Corolla Cross 2020 2020 - Practical alternative to C-HR
Toyota FJ CRUISER Color Package (CBA-GSJ15W) front.jpg
FJ Cruiser 2010 2010 (XJ10) - Production ended in 2016. Currently under inventory disposal.
2015 Toyota Fortuner (New Zealand).jpg
Fortuner 2005 2015 2020 Sold worldwide except China, Europe, Japan, North America, and South Korea, where medium pick-up based SUV segment is provided by Land Cruiser Prado (Australasia, China and Europe), Hilux Surf (Japan) and 4Runner (North America). However, in some Central and South American countries and New Zealand, Toyota offers the Fortuner alongside the 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado, like in Colombia or Panama.
2020 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD, front (2) 6.6.20.jpg
Highlander 2000 2019 - Sold as Toyota Kluger in Australia.
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser (VDJ76R) GXL 5-door wagon (19039611238).jpg
LAND CRUISER (off-road oriented)
2016-2018 Toyota Land Cruiser (VDJ200R) VX wagon (2018-09-03) 01.jpg
LAND CRUISER (comfort oriented)
Land Cruiser 1951 1984 (J70)
2007 (J200)
1999 (J70)
2015 (J200)
As of 2016, the Land Cruiser J200 is available in most markets, except Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia (of whose markets have the Lexus LX available), North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and large parts of Europe. In Europe, the only countries that officially sell the Land Cruiser 200 are: Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.
2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (GDJ150R) GXL wagon (2018-08-06) 01.jpg
Land Cruiser Prado 1984 2009 2015 As of 2014, it is available in every Toyota market, except Canada and the US (both available as the Lexus GX), Mexico, and South Korea.
2019 Toyota RAV4 LE 2.5L front 4.14.19.jpg
RAV4 1994 2018 - Sold worldwide in over 200 countries except India and some Southeast Asian countries.
2018 Toyota Rush 1.5 TRD Sportivo wagon (F800RE; 12-09-2018), South Tangerang.jpg
Rush 1997 2017 - Rebadged Daihatsu Terios, available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South America, South Africa, and Middle East.
2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5 -- NHTSA.jpg
Sequoia 2001 2008 2017 As of 2017, the Sequoia is sold in Bahrain, Canada, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United States (all regions) and Yemen in LHD only.
URBAN CRUISER Urban Cruiser 2020 2020 - Rebadged Suzuki Vitara Brezza. Sold only in India. Unrelated to the XP110 series Urban Cruiser which is a rebadged Ist.
2021 Toyota Venza (front view, United States) 01.png
Venza 2008 2020 - Rebadged Harrier for the North American market, hybrid only
Toyota HiAce GL Grandia Tourer van front.jpg
HiAce 1967 2019 - Sold as Commuter and Ventury in Thailand, Pitbull in Kenya, Quantum in South Africa, Chery H5, Higer KLQ6540, Jiangnan JNQ6495D1, JinBei Hiace/Haise/H2, Jincheng Hiace, Joylong A4-A6 in China, HiAce Awing in the Middle East, Farid Placer in Malaysia, Hiace GL Grandia/Super Grandia in Zimbabwe, HiAce Commuter in the Philippines.
2017 Toyota ProAce Verso Shuttle Li Diesel 2.0.jpg
ProAce 2013 2016 - Rebadged Citroën Jumpy.
Toyota ProAce City IMG 2589.jpg
ProAce City 2019 2019 - Rebadged Citroën Berlingo.
2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Access Cab 3.5L front 5.14.19.jpg
Tacoma 1995 2016 2019 Sold in Bolivia, Canada, Chile, the French territory of New Caledonia, Mexico, Panama, and the United States.
Toyota Tundra at Daiba, Tokyo.JPG
Tundra 2000 2007 2014 Sold in Bolivia, Canada, Chile, the French territory of New Caledonia (in LHD only), Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and the United States.
070001 ToyotacoasterWJ4603,NT97A.jpg
Coaster 1969 2016 -
Dyna 1959 2011 -

Past production vehicles[edit]

Concept vehicles[edit]

The following is a partial list of concept cars Toyota developed. The year indicates when the vehicle was first officially shown to the public.

Name Year Comment
Toyota 1/X 2007
Toyota-28 2016 28 foot fibreglass boat partnered with Yanmar, entered production as the Ponam-28V
Toyota 4500GT 1989 Entered production as the Lexus SC400
Toyota 86 Shooting Brake 2016 Sports wagon based on the 86
Toyota A-BAT 2008
Toyota A1 1935 Entered production as the AA
Toyota Airport Limousine (1961) 1961 Based on the Crown
Toyota Airport Limousine (1977) 1977 Based on the Crown
Toyota Alessandro Volta 2004
Toyota ASV 1995 Retrospectively renamed the ASV-1
Toyota ASV-2 2000
Toyota ASV-3 2002
Toyota Aurion Sports Concept 2006 Based on the Camry
Toyota Avalon (Concept) 1991
Toyota AXV 1985
Toyota AXV-II 1987 Entered production as the Sera
Toyota AXV-III 1991
Toyota AXV-IV 1991
Toyota AXV-V 1993
Toyota Aygo Crazy 2008
Toyota CAL-1 1977
Toyota Camatte 2012 Electric vehicle with customisable body panels to teach children how cars function
Toyota Camatte57s 2013 Cycle wheel roadster body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte57s Sport 2013 Closed wheel roadster body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte57s Sport LED 2014 Camatte57s with LEDs covering the bonnet
Toyota Camatte Daichi 2012 Closed roof off-road style body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte Hajime 2015 Jeep style body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte Petta 2017 Roadster body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte Setsuna 2016 Wooden cycle wheel roadster body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte Sora 2012 Closed roof cycle wheel style body for the Camatte
Toyota Camatte Takumi 2012 Lotus 7 style body for the Camatte
Toyota Camp Mate 1989 Expanding campervan, based on the TownAce
Toyota Camry CNG Hybrid 2008 Based on the Camry Hybrid
Toyota Camry TS-01 2005 Based on the Camry
Toyota ccX 2002
Toyota Celica Cruising Deck 1999 Based on the seventh generation Celica
Toyota Celica Ultimate Concept 2000 Seventh generation Celica-based road racer
Toyota Celica XYR 1999 Entered production as the seventh generation Celica
Toyota Century GT45 1971–1975 With GT45 gas turbine engine
Toyota C-HR concept 2014 Entered production as the C-HR
Toyota Commuter 1970
Toyota Concept-i 2017
Toyota Concept-i Ride 2017 City car optimised for drivers with wheelchairs
Toyota Concept-i Walk 2017 3-wheeled motorised scooter
Toyota Corona 1500S Convertible 1963
Toyota Corona 1900S Sporty Sedan 1963 Entered production as the RT30L Corona
Toyota Corona Sports Coupe 1963
Toyota Corolla Furia 2013
Toyota Crown Convertible 1963 Based on the Crown 1900
Toyota Crown Majesta EV 1993 Based on the Crown Majesta
Toyota CQ-1 1983 Based on the TownAce
Toyota CS&S 2003
Toyota CX-80 1979 Also shown as the FCX-80
Toyota D-4D 180 Clean Power Concept Car 2004 Demonstrated new D-4D diesel engine
Toyota Dear Qin 2012
Toyota diji 2012 Update of the Fun-vii
Toyota DMT 2001
Toyota Dream Car 1964
Toyota Dream Car Model 1963
Toyota DV-1 1981
Toyota EA 1938 Based on the DKW F-7
Toyota EB 1938
Toyota Electronics Car 1970 Based on the Corona
Toyota Endo 2005
Toyota ES3 2001
Toyota ESV-2 1972 Second version
Toyota ESV 1973 Final version
Toyota EV2 1973 Small electric vehicle
Toyota EV-30 1987
Toyota EV Prototype 2011 Based on the iQ
Toyota EX-I 1969
Toyota EX-II 1969
Toyota EX-III 1969
Toyota EX-7 1970 Based on the Toyota 7
Toyota EX-11 1981 Entered production as the Soarer
Toyota Experimental Aluminum Car 1977
Toyota Extreme Sienna 2016 Sienna with wooden floors and controlled by an iPad
Toyota F101 1973
Toyota F110 1977
Toyota F120 1981
Toyota F3R 2006
Toyota Family Wagon 1979 Based on the LiteAce
Toyota FCEV 1997 Fuel cell vehicle using methanol
Toyota FCHV 1997 Series of fuel cell hybrid vehicles based on the Highlander
Toyota FCHV-1 1997 First FCHV
Toyota FCHV-2 1999 Second FCHV
Toyota FCHV-3 2001 Third FCHV
Toyota FCHV-4 2002 Fourth FCHV
Toyota FCHV-adv 2008 Fifth FCHV
Toyota FCV 2013 Fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Toyota FCV-R 2011 Fuel cell hybrid vehicle, entered production as the Toyota Mirai
Toyota FCV Plus 2015 Fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Toyota FCX-80 1979 Also shown as the CX-80
Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride 2017
Toyota Fine-N 2003
Toyota Fine-S 2003
Toyota Fine-T 2005 Called the Fine-X in America
Toyota Fine-X 2005 Called the Fine-T in Japan and Europe
Toyota FLV 1995 Also shown as the Lexus FLV
Toyota FSC 2005 Entered production as the Mark X ZiO
Toyota FT-1 2014
Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept 2014
Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo 2014
Toyota FT-4X 2017
Toyota FT-86 2009 Entered production as the 86
Toyota FT-86 G Sports 2010
Toyota FT-86 II 2011
Toyota FT-AC 2017 Future Toyota Adventure Concept - Hybrid Off-Roader
Toyota FT-Bh 2012
Toyota FT-CH 2010
Toyota FT-EV 2009 Based on the iQ
Toyota FT-EV II 2009 Based on the iQ
Toyota FT-EV III 2011 Based on the iQ
Toyota FT-HS 2007
Toyota FT-MV 2007 Entered production as the second-generation Alphard
Toyota FT-SX 2005 Entered production as the Venza
Toyota FTX 2004 Entered production as the second generation Tundra
Toyota Fun 2017 Based on the Camry
Toyota Fun Runner 1991 Based on the 4Runner
Toyota Fun Runner II 1995 Based on the 4Runner
Toyota Funcargo 1997
Toyota Funcoupe 1997
Toyota Funtime 1997
Toyota Fun-vii 2011 Updated as the diji
Toyota Furia 2013
Toyota FX-1 1983
Toyota FXS 2001
Toyota FXV 1985
Toyota FXV-II 1987
Toyota FV 2014
Toyota FV2 2013
Toyota GR HV 2017
Toyota GR Super Sport Concept 2018
Toyota GR Supra GT4 Concept 2019 Race car based on the Supra
Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept 2018 Precursor to the Supra (A90)
Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept 2010 Based on the MR2
Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II 2011 Based on the MR2
Toyota GTV 1987 Based on the Carina
Toyota HC-CV 2009 Based on the Camry Hybrid
Toyota Hi-CT 2007
Toyota Hilux Bruiser 2017 Looks like a Tamiya radio control car
Toyota Hilux RM-4D 1979
Toyota HV-M4 1999
Toyota Hybrid Electric Bus 1995 Based on the Coaster
Toyota Hybrid X 2007
Toyota i-foot
Toyota Insect 2011 1-seater concept; based of how an insect flies freely
Toyota i-REAL 2007
Toyota i-Road 2013 3-wheeler
Toyota i-swing 2005
Toyota i-TRIL 2017
Toyota i-unit 2005
Toyota iiMo 2012 Update of the Fun-vii / diji
Scion iQ Concept / Toyota iQ Sport 2009 Based on the iQ
Toyota JPN Taxi Concept 2013 Entered production as the JPN Taxi
Toyota KIKAI Concept 2015
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Concept 2003
Toyota Land Speed Cruiser 2016 355 km/h (220 mph) Land Cruiser with twin turbo 5.7 litre V8
Toyota LQ Concept 2019
Toyota Marinetta 1971 Trailer
Toyota Marinetta 10 1973 Trailer
Toyota Marine Cruiser 1973 Based on the Land Cruiser
Toyota Matrix Sport 2002 Based on the first generation Matrix
Toyota ME.WE 2013
Toyota MH20 1972 Motor home based on a small bus
Toyota MOB 2010 Electric open-top race car using organic materials
Toyota Moguls 1995
Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car 2004
Toyota MP-1 1975
Toyota MP20 1972 Multi purpose vehicle based on a small bus
Toyota MR2 Group B Prototype 1987 MR2 based Group B race car
Toyota MR2 Street Affair 2002 Based on the MR2
Toyota MRJ 1995
Toyota MR-S 1997 Entered production as the third-generation MR2
Toyota Moving-E Toyota race car
Toyota NC250 1997 Compact luxury RWD car
Toyota NCSV 1999
Toyota NLSV 2003
Toyota Noah MU Concept 2018
Toyota NS4 2012
Toyota Open Deck 1999 Based on the bB
Toyota Palette 1983
Toyota PieAce 2019 A convertible HiAce with builtin pie oven - an April Fool's Day joke press release by Toyota Australia[17]
Toyota PM 2003
Toyota Pod 2001
Toyota Prius 1995
Toyota Prius c Concept 2011
Toyota Prius Custom Plus Concept 2010
Toyota Prius G 2016 Prius modified to do 1g on a skidpad
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2010
Toyota Prius PHV 2011
Toyota Prius+ 2011
Toyota Project Go 2002
Toyota Project Portal 2017 A fuel cell truck based on the Kenworth T660
Toyota Project Portal 2.0 2018 A fuel cell truck based on the Kenworth T680
Toyota Publica Sports 1962 Entered production as the Sports 800
Toyota RAV-Four 1989 Entered production as the RAV4
Toyota RAV4 Adventure 2013 RAV4 emphasising 4WD ruggedness
Toyota RAV4 Premium 2013 RAV4 emphasising luxury
Toyota Retro Cruiser 1999 Widened FJ40 body on UZJ100 chassis
Toyota RiN 2007
Toyota RSC 2001 Based on the RAV4
Toyota Rugged Youth Utility 2003 Entered production as the FJ Cruiser
Toyota RV-1 1971
Toyota RV-2 1972
Toyota HiLux RV-3 1980 Based on HiLux
Toyota RV-5 1981 Entered production as the AL20 Tercel 4WD
Toyota S-FR 2015
Toyota S-FR Racing Concept 2016
Toyota Setsuna 2016 Wooden composite with open top
Toyota Soarer Aero Cabin 1987 Soarer with a retractable roof
Toyota Solara Concept 1998 Entered production as the Camry Solara
Toyota Sonic Emotion C-HR Concept 2018 Based on the C-HR
Toyota Sportivo Coupe 2004
Toyota Sports 1957
Toyota Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid 1979 Sports 800 converted to gas turbine hybrid
Toyota Sports X 1961
Toyota Sports EV 2010 Sports 800 converted to single electric motor
Toyota Sports EV Twin 2011 Sports 800 converted to twin electric motors
Toyota SC 1948 Based on the SB
Toyota SU-HV1 2003 Entered production as the second generation Lexus RX
Toyota SV-1 1973 Entered production as the Celica liftback
Toyota SV-2 1981 Entered production as the Supra Mk II
Toyota SV-3 1983 Entered production as the MR2
Toyota TAC3 1983 3-seat 4WD + trailer
Toyota Tacoma Back To The Future Concept 2015 Tacoma styled in the manner of the Hilux used in the 1985 film
Toyota TE-Spyder 800 2014 Third gen MR2 spyder chassis with Prius drivetrain and 1NZ-FE engine
Toyota TES ERA EV 2012
Toyota Town Spider System 1973 Electric commuter
Toyota Tj Cruiser 2017 Based on the FJ Cruiser
Toyota TownAce Van EV 1991 Based on the TownAce
Toyota T Sports 2010
Toyota U2 2014 Urban Utility vehicle
Toyota UUV 2002 Urban Utility Vehicle
Toyota UUV 2015 Ultimate Urban Vehicle. Modified Sienna body on a Tacoma chassis
Toyota VM180 2001
Toyota Winglet 2008
Toyopet X 1961 Based on the RS30 Crown
uBox 2016 Electric minivan
Ultra-compact BEV Concept Model for business 2019 Based on the Toyota BEV
Toyota X-Runner 2003 Coupé utility based on the Avalon
Toyota XTREME Corolla 2016 2-door sports coupe based on a 4-door Toyota Corolla
Toyota Yaris Cabrio Concept 2000 Toyota Vitz (XP10)
Toyota Yaris Legian 2015 2-door convertible based on Toyota Yaris (XP150)
Toyota Yun Dong Shuang Qing 2012 China-only hybrid concept

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