List of TransMilenio stations

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System map with stations

This is a complete list of stations of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia

The stations are distributed according to the zones implemented April 29, 2006.

Troncal Caracas Caracas[edit]

(From south to north)

Calle 26 station

Autonorte Autonorte[edit]

(From north to south)

Suba Suba[edit]

(From west to east)

Shaio station

Calle 80 Calle 80[edit]

(From west to east)

Polo station

NQS Central NQS Central[edit]

(From west to east)

(From south to north)

Américas Las Américas[edit]

(From west to east)

NQS Sur NQS Sur[edit]

(From south to north)

Madelena station

Caracas Sur Caracas Sur[edit]

(From south to north)

Calle 40 Sur intermediate station

Caracas Sur Caracas Sur (Ramal del Tunal)[edit]

(From west to east)

Eje Ambiental Eje Ambiental[edit]

(From east to west)

Calle 26 Avenida El Dorado[edit]

Ciudad Universitaria station

(From west to east)

Carrera Décima Carrera 10[edit]

(From south to north)

San Diego station
  • Portal 20 de Julio
  • Country Sur
  • Av. 1 de Mayo
  • Ciudad Jardín
  • Policarpa
  • Hospitales
  • Bicentenario
  • San Victorino
  • Las Nieves
  • San Diego

Carrera Séptima Carrera Séptima[edit]

(From south to north)

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