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94 TurboChip games were released in North America for the TurboGrafx-16

This is a list of the video games released for NEC's TurboGrafx-16 video game system in North America. A total of 138 titles were released for the platform in the region, with 94 titles in TurboChip format, 21 in TurboGrafx-CD format, and 23 in Super CD format. For a list of games released in Japan for the PC Engine, see List of PC Engine games.

Main Title Distributor Release Date Product ID Format
Addams Family, The NEC 1991 TGXCD1019 CD
Aero Blasters NEC 1990 TGX040051 TurboChip
Air Zonk TTI 1992 TGX040084 TurboChip
Alien Crush NEC 1989 TGX020005 TurboChip
Andre Panza Kick Boxing NEC 1990 TGX040068 TurboChip
Ballistix NEC 1992 TGX030059 TurboChip
Battle Royale NEC 1990 TGX030049 TurboChip
Beyond Shadowgate TTI 1993 TGXCD1048 Super CD
Blazing Lazers NEC 1989 TGX030010 TurboChip
Bloody Wolf NEC 1990 TGX040037 TurboChip
Bomberman NEC 1991 TGX020053 TurboChip
Bomberman '93 TTI 1993 TGX040093 TurboChip
Bonk's Adventure NEC 1990 TGX030028 TurboChip
Bonk's Revenge NEC 1991 TGX040058 TurboChip
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure TTI 1993 TGX080097 TurboChip
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure CD TTI 1993 TGXCD1052 Super CD
Boxyboy NEC 1990 TGX010031 TurboChip
Bravoman NEC 1990 TGX040047 TurboChip
Buster Bros. TTI 1993 TGXCD1031 CD
Cadash Working Designs 1991 TWG040501 TurboChip
Camp California TTI 1992 TGXCD1013 Super CD
Champions Forever Boxing NEC 1991 TGX040077 TurboChip
Chase H.Q. TTI 1992 TGX030096 TurboChip
Chew Man Fu NEC 1990 TGX020035 TurboChip
China Warrior NEC 1989 TGX020008 TurboChip
Cosmic Fantasy 2 Working Designs 1992 WTG990301 CD
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams TTI 1993 TGXCD1038 Super CD
Cratermaze NEC 1990 TGX020027 TurboChip
Cyber Core NEC 1990 TGX030030 TurboChip
Darkwing Duck NEC 1992 TGX040066 TurboChip
Davis Cup Tennis NEC 1991 TGX040061 TurboChip
Dead Moon TTI 1992 TGX040081 TurboChip
Deep Blue NEC 1989 TGX020012 TurboChip
Devil's Crush NEC 1990 TGX030038 TurboChip
Double Dungeons NEC 1990 TGX020036 TurboChip
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes TTI 1992 TGXCD1029 Super CD
Dragon Spirit NEC 1989 TGX020016 TurboChip
Dragon's Curse NEC 1991 TGX020039 TurboChip
Drop Off NEC 1990 TGX020042 TurboChip
Dungeon Explorer NEC 1989 TGX030006 TurboChip
Dungeon Explorer II TTI 1993 TGXCD1034 Super CD
Dungeon Master TTI 1993 TGXCD1041 Super CD
Dynastic Hero, The TTI 1993 TGXCD1053 Super CD
Exile Working Designs 1992 WTG990101 CD
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon Working Designs 1993 WTG990102 Super CD
Falcon TTI 1992 TGX040067 TurboChip
Fantasy Zone NEC 1989 TGX020017 TurboChip
Fighting Street NEC 1989 TGXCD1001 CD
Final Lap Twin NEC 1990 TGX030020 TurboChip
Final Zone II NEC 1990 TGXCD1008 CD
Forgotten Worlds TTI 1992 TGXCD1030 Super CD
Galaga '90 NEC 1989 TGX020018 TurboChip
Gate of Thunder TTI 1992 TGXCD1026 Super CD
Ghost Manor TTI 1992 TGX040076 TurboChip
Godzilla TTI 1993 TGXCD1051 Super CD
Gunboat NEC 1992 TGX040060 TurboChip
Hit the Ice TTI 1992 TGX030095 TurboChip
It Came From The Desert NEC 1991 TGXCD1010 CD
Impossamole NEC 1991 TGX040062 TurboChip
Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf Accolade 1990 ATGX02JTTC TurboChip
Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf Accolade 1992 ATGXCDJTTC CD
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu TTI 1992 TGX040079 TurboChip
John Madden Duo CD Football TTI 1993 TGXCD1045 Super CD
J.B. Harold Murder Club NEC 1991 TGXCD1012 CD
J.J. & Jeff NEC 1990 TGX020014 TurboChip
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones NEC 1989 TGX020001 TurboChip
King Of Casino NEC 1990 TGX020033 TurboChip
Klax Tengen 1990 TTGX20001 TurboChip
Last Alert NEC 1990 TGXCD1007 CD
Legend of Hero Tonma TTI 1993 TGX040083 TurboChip
Legendary Axe, The NEC 1989 TGX020003 TurboChip
Legendary Axe II, The NEC 1990 TGX020048 TurboChip
Loom TTI 1992 TGXCD1017 Super CD
Lords of the Rising Sun NEC 1992 TGXCD1014 CD
Lords of Thunder TTI 1993 TGXCD1033 Super CD
Magical Chase TTI 1993 TGX040086 TurboChip
Magical Dinosaur Tour NEC 1990 TGXCD1005 CD
Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra TTI 1993 TGXCD1047 Super CD
Military Madness NEC 1989 TGX030015 TurboChip
Monster Lair NEC 1989 TGXCD1003 CD
Moto Roader NEC 1989 TGX020013 TurboChip
Neutopia NEC 1990 TGX030029 TurboChip
Neutopia II TTI 1992 TGX060078 TurboChip
New Adventure Island TTI 1992 TGX040080 TurboChip
Night Creatures NEC 1992 TGX040069 TurboChip
Ninja Spirit NEC 1990 TGX040050 TurboChip
Dungeons & Dragons: Order of the Griffon TTI 1992 TGX040072 TurboChip
Ordyne NEC 1989 TGX040022 TurboChip
Pac-Land NEC 1990 TGX020021 TurboChip
Parasol Stars Working Designs 1991 TWG030701 TurboChip
Power Golf NEC 1989 TGX030009 TurboChip
Prince of Persia TTI 1992 TGXCD1027 Super CD
Psychosis NEC 1990 TGX020040 TurboChip
Raiden NEC 1991 TGX060075 TurboChip
Riot Zone TTI 1993 TGXCD1035 Super CD
R-Type NEC 1989 TGX040011 TurboChip
Samurai Ghost TTI 1992 TGX040085 TurboChip
Shadow of the Beast TTI 1992 TGXCD1018 Super CD
Shape Shifter TTI 1992 TGXCD1021 Super CD
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective NEC 1991 TGXCD1011 CD
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II TTI 1992 TGXCD1039 CD
Shockman TTI 1992 TGX040087 TurboChip
Side Arms Hyper Dyne Radiance Software 1989 RTGX10001 TurboChip
Silent Debuggers NEC 1991 TGX040063 TurboChip
SimEarth TTI 1993 TGXCD1036 Super CD
Sinistron IGS 1991 ITGX10007 TurboChip
Soldier Blade NEC 1992 TGX040082 TurboChip
Somer Assault NEC 1992 TGX040089 TurboChip
Sonic Spike Volleyball IGS 1990 ITGX10001 TurboChip
Space Harrier NEC 1989 TGX040025 TurboChip
Splash Lake TTI 1992 TGXCD1025 CD
Splatterhouse NEC 1990 TGX040041 TurboChip
Super Air Zonk TTI 1993 TGXCD1042 Super CD
Super Star Soldier NEC 1991 TGX040052 TurboChip
Super Volleyball NEC 1990 TGX020043 TurboChip
Syd Mead's Terraforming TTI 1993 TGXCD1040 Super CD
Takin' it to the Hoop NEC 1989 TGX020026 TurboChip
TaleSpin NEC 1991 TGX040056 TurboChip
Tiger Road NEC 1990 TGX030044 TurboChip
Time Cruise TTI 1992 TGX040090 TurboChip
Timeball NEC 1990 TGX020034 TurboChip
Tricky Kick IGS 1990 ITGX10004 TurboChip
Turrican Accolade 1991 ATGX04TUTG TurboChip
TV Sports Basketball NEC 1991 TGX040055 TurboChip
TV Sports Football NEC 1990 TGX030046 TurboChip
TV Sports Hockey NEC 1991 TGX030064 TurboChip
Valis II NEC 1990 TGXCD1006 CD
Valis III NEC 1992 TGXCD1024 CD
Vasteel Working Designs 1993 WTG990801 CD
Veigues Tactical Gladiator NEC 1990 TGX030045 TurboChip
Victory Run NEC 1989 TGX020002 TurboChip
Vigilante NEC 1989 TGX030004 TurboChip
World Class Baseball NEC 1989 TGX020007 TurboChip
World Court Tennis NEC 1989 TGX020019 TurboChip
World Sports Competition NEC 1992 TGX040092 TurboChip
Yo, Bro NEC 1991 TGX040054 TurboChip
Ys: Book I & II NEC 1989 TGXCD1002 CD
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys NEC 1991 TGXCD1015 CD

Unlicensed games[edit]

The following games were released without the approval of NEC nor TTI.

Main Title Distributor Release Date Product ID Format
Bikini Girls Excite Software Corp. 1993 N/A CD
Local Girls of Hawaii Excite Software Corp. 1993 N/A CD
Implode MindRec September 1, 2002 BTCD0201 Super CD
Insanity Aetherbyte Studios 2009 N/A Super CD
Meteor Blaster DX MindRec 2004 BTCD0402 Super CD
Mysterious Song Frozen Utopia August 27, 2012 N/A Super CD
Hypernova Blast MindRec 2014 BTCD1403 Super CD
Atlantean Aetherbyte Studios 2014 NA Hu Card

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