List of Turkic-languages poets

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This is a list of poets writing in Turkic languages.

11th 12th century[edit]

13th 14th century[edit]

  • Yunus Emre, poet, mystic and Dervish Sufi,(1240–1320)
  • Köroğlu, a poet of the aşık/ozan tradition

15th 16th century[edit]

17th 18th 19th century[edit]

  • Karacaoğlan, (c. 1606-c. 1680)
  • Yusuf Nabi, (1642–1712)
  • Magtymguly Pyragy, (1724–1807) Turkmen from Golestan, Iran; poet, songwriter, intellectual. His book is completely memorized by many Turkmens. They make pilgrimages to his grave. He is also widely respected among many Turks and some Azeris as he was an Oğuz turk.[1]
  • Ahmet Nedîm Efendi, (c. 1681-1730)
  • Dadaloğlu, (c. 1785–c. 1868)

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

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