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This is a list of notable Twitter services and applications. Twitter's ecosystem of applications and clients crossed one million registered applications in 2011,[1] up from 150,000 apps in 2010. These Twitter apps were built by more than 750,000 developers around the world.[2] A new app is registered every 1.5 seconds, according to Twitter. These various services and applications are designed to work with or enhance the microblogging service Twitter. They are designed with various goals – many aim to improve Twitter's functionality while others set out to make the service more accessible, particularly from other devices. Some applications allow users to send messages (called tweets) directly while others give users the ability to create more complex tweets which they then have to manually post through Twitter itself.


Name Platform Notes
Brizzly Website Purchased Buzz Andersen's iPhone Twitter app Birdfeed,[3] released it as Brizzly iPhone, then sold to AOL in 2010 and was shuttered in 2012.
Easy Chirp Website Easy Chirp is a web-based Twitter application that is optimized for users with a disability and users of assistive technology. It's useful for those with older technologies such as Internet Explorer 8, low-band Internet connection, and no JavaScript available. The simple interface is ideal for older users, Twitter newbies, and those new to the web and social media. database and of open-sourced Built with Laravel. Made in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Favstar Website Favstar is a website that tracks the number of favorites and retweets which each tweet receives from Twitter users.
fflick Website fflick was a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of films.
Gnip API Twitter Streaming API data aggregator and reseller
Gravity (Twitter client) Symbian Twitter, StatusNet, Facebook, Foursquare, Google reader, Sina Weibo and YouTube client for Symbian
Gwibber GNOME Desktop Environment Twitter and client for Linux with GNOME.
Hotot Cross-platform; Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Chromium and unofficially also Haiku and AmigaOS. An open source desktop client for Twitter as well as Identica, developed in Python. As of Feb 9 2014 Development status has been Discontinued.
HootSuite Client, website
INQ Android A social homescreen launcher that allows users to view their Facebook and Twitter feeds directly from their Android homescreen.
ManageFlitter Website application A website application that assists Twitter users with unfollower management and general maintenance tasks.
NutshellMail Website An application that allows users to send tweets, direct message, reply, retweet, follow and search Twitter from any email inbox.
PeopleBrowsr Web application and desktop A data mining, analytics, and brand engagement service provider.
Seesmic Website, Air app, Android, and BlackBerry
SimplyTweet iPhone Twitter client with support for Apple's push notification service.
Speak To Tweet Telephone Users phone a specific number and leave a voicemail; a tweet is automatically posted on Twitter with a link to the voice message stored on Google's SayNow.
Tweetbot iOS and Mac OS X Originally a mobile Twitter client for iOS platform making use of 3rd party picture sites and Apple's Push Notifications; a Mac OS X version was added in October 2012. Tweetbot was created by Tapbots.[4]
TweetDeck Chrome web app and desktop application A desktop application which allows users to filter and group their own and others' tweets. The iPhone version was released on June 16, 2009.
Twimight Android Twimight is an Android application allowing users to communicate even without cellular or WiFi network access, via peer-to-peer communication, as in MANETs. It also functions as a standard Twitter client, giving access to Twitter and to posting tweets, sending direct messages etc.
Twitter iOS, Mac OS X, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Google TV Official clients; allowing users to access and update multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.
Twitdom Website An applications directory for Twitter with over 2000 applications making it easy to find a Twitter tool that fits your needs.
TwitPic Website A website where users can upload images to their Twitter feed[5] and it was shuttered.
Twitterfall iOS and website Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest 'tweets' of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime.
Twitterrific iOS and Mac OS X An application allowing users to access Twitter and post tweets.
UberTwitter (Now UberSocial) BlackBerry, Android, iPhone & Kindle Fire 1st known as UberTwitter, it's a Twitter app developed by the Uber team for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone & Kindle Fire.


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