List of U.S. cities with most households without a car

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The following are lists of United States cities of 100,000+ inhabitants with the highest percentages of households without automobiles.


A 2014 study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that in 2012 9.22% of US households were car-free. This was an increase from 8.87% in 2005. The city with the most car-free households was New York City at 56%, and the lowest was San Jose, California at 5.8%.[1] The following is a list of US cities with the most car-free households in 2012:[2]

Rank City % car-free
1 New York City 56%
2 Washington, DC 38%
3 Boston 37%
4 Philadelphia 33%
5 San Francisco 31%
6 Baltimore 31%
7 Chicago 28%
8 Detroit 26%

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