List of U.S. counties with African-American majority populations

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The following is a list of United States counties in which a majority (over 50%) of the population is Black, according to data from the 2000 Census.[1] The list below is organized by state and the percentage of each county's population that is black is listed in parentheses next to the county's name.

County-equivalents, such as independent cities (e.g., St. Louis, Missouri and any municipality in Virginia incorporated as a city), are included in this list. The map associated with the independent City of Richmond, Virginia below is the wrong map. The highlighted municipality is Richmond County.


State County 2000 % 2010 % Map
Alabama Bullock County 69.50% 70.20% Map of Alabama highlighting Bullock County.svg
Alabama Dallas County 69.40% 69.40% Map of Alabama highlighting Dallas County.svg
Alabama Greene County 80.40% 81.50% Map of Alabama highlighting Greene County.svg
Alabama Hale County 58.30% 59.00% Map of Alabama highlighting Hale County.svg
Alabama Lowndes County 72.80% 73.50% Map of Alabama highlighting Lowndes County.svg
Alabama Macon County 81.50% 82.60% Map of Alabama highlighting Macon County.svg
Alabama Marengo County 51.70% 51.70% Map of Alabama highlighting Marengo County.svg
Alabama Montgomery County <50% 54.70% Map of Alabama highlighting Montgomery County.svg
Alabama Perry County 68.00% 68.70% Map of Alabama highlighting Perry County.svg
Alabama Sumter County 73.60% 75.00% Map of Alabama highlighting Sumter County.svg
Alabama Wilcox County 72.20% 72.50% Map of Alabama highlighting Wilcox County.svg
Arkansas Chicot County 53.96% 54.10% Map of Arkansas highlighting Chicot County.svg
Arkansas Crittenden County 51% 51.20% Map of Arkansas highlighting Crittenden County.svg
Arkansas Jefferson County <50% 55.1%[2] Map of Arkansas highlighting Jefferson County.svg
Arkansas Lee County 57.24% 55.30% Map of Arkansas highlighting Lee County.svg
Arkansas Phillips County 59.04% 63.10% Map of Arkansas highlighting Phillips County.svg
Arkansas St. Francis County 52% 51.90% Map of Arkansas highlighting Saint Francis County.svg
Florida Gadsden County 57.10% 56.00% Map of Florida highlighting Gadsden County.svg
Georgia Baker County 50.40% 61.30% Map of Georgia highlighting Baker County.svg
Georgia Burke County 51.00% <50% Map of Georgia highlighting Burke County.svg
Georgia Calhoun County 60.60% <50% Map of Georgia highlighting Calhoun County.svg
Georgia Clay County 60.50% 60.40% Map of Georgia highlighting Clay County.svg
Georgia Clayton County 51.60% 66.10% Map of Georgia highlighting Clayton County.svg
Georgia DeKalb County 54.20% 54.30% Map of Georgia highlighting DeKalb County.svg
Georgia Dougherty County 60.10% 67.10% Map of Georgia highlighting Dougherty County.svg
Georgia Hancock County 77.80% 74.10% Map of Georgia highlighting Hancock County.svg
Georgia Jefferson County 56.30% 54.40% Map of Georgia highlighting Jefferson County.svg
Georgia Macon County 59.50% 60.60% Map of Georgia highlighting Macon County.svg
Georgia Randolph County 59.50% 61.80% Map of Georgia highlighting Randolph County.svg
Georgia Stewart County 61.50% <50% Map of Georgia highlighting Stewart County.svg
Georgia Talbot County 61.60% 59.20% Map of Georgia highlighting Talbot County.svg
Georgia Taliaferro County 60.30% 59.60% Map of Georgia highlighting Taliaferro County.svg
Georgia Terrell County 60.70% 61.20% Map of Georgia highlighting Terrell County.svg
Georgia Warren County 59.50% 61.70% Map of Georgia highlighting Warren County.svg
Georgia Washington County 53.20% 52.70% Map of Georgia highlighting Washington County.svg
District of Columbia District of Columbia 60.00% 50.70% DC locator map with state names.jpg
Louisiana East Carroll Parish 67.30% 69.00% Map of Louisiana highlighting East Carroll Parish.svg
Louisiana Madison Parish 60.30% 61.00% Map of Louisiana highlighting Madison Parish.svg
Louisiana Orleans Parish 67.30% 60.20% Map of Louisiana highlighting Orleans Parish.svg
Louisiana St. Helena Parish 52.40% 53.30% Map of Louisiana highlighting Saint Helena Parish.svg
Louisiana St. James Parish <50% 50.60% Map of Louisiana highlighting Saint James Parish.svg
Louisiana St. John the Baptist Parish <50% 53.50% Map of Louisiana highlighting Saint John the Baptist Parish.svg
Louisiana Tensas Parish 55.40% 56.50% Map of Louisiana highlighting Tensas Parish.svg
Louisiana West Feliciana Parish 50.50% <50% Map of Louisiana highlighting West Feliciana Parish.svg
Maryland Baltimore City (city) 64.30% 63.70% Map of Maryland highlighting Baltimore City.svg
Maryland Prince George's County 62.70% 64.50% Map of Maryland highlighting Prince George's County.svg
Mississippi Adams County 52.80% 53.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Adams County.svg
Mississippi Bolivar County 65.10% 64.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Bolivar County.svg
Mississippi Claiborne County 84.10% 84.40% Map of Mississippi highlighting Claiborne County.svg
Mississippi Clay County 56.30% 58.20% Map of Mississippi highlighting Clay County.svg
Mississippi Coahoma County 69.20% 75.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Coahoma County.svg
Mississippi Copiah County 51.00% 50.90% Map of Mississippi highlighting Copiah County.svg
Mississippi Hinds County 61.10% 69.10% Map of Mississippi highlighting Hinds County.svg
Mississippi Holmes County 78.70% 83.40% Map of Mississippi highlighting Holmes County.svg
Mississippi Humphreys County 71.50% 74.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Humphreys County.svg
Mississippi Issaquena County 62.80% 64.40% Map of Mississippi highlighting Issaquena County.svg
Mississippi Jasper County 52.90% 52.60% Map of Mississippi highlighting Jasper County.svg
Mississippi Jefferson County 86.50% 85.70% Map of Mississippi highlighting Jefferson County.svg
Mississippi Jefferson Davis County 57.40% 59.90% Map of Mississippi highlighting Jefferson Davis County.svg
Mississippi Kemper County 58.10% 60.10% Map of Mississippi highlighting Kemper County.svg
Mississippi Leflore County 67.70% 72.20% Map of Mississippi highlighting Leflore County.svg
Mississippi Marshall County 50.40% 71.60% Map of Mississippi highlighting Marshall County.svg
Mississippi Noxubee County 69.30% 51.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Noxubee County.svg
Mississippi Quitman County 68.60% 69.60% Map of Mississippi highlighting Quitman County.svg
Mississippi Sharkey County 69.30% 71.00% Map of Mississippi highlighting Sharkey County.svg
Mississippi Sunflower County 69.90% 72.90% Map of Mississippi highlighting Sunflower County.svg
Mississippi Tallahatchie County 59.40% 56.40% Map of Mississippi highlighting Tallahatchie County.svg
Mississippi Tunica County 70.20% 73.50% Map of Mississippi highlighting Tunica County.svg
Mississippi Washington County 64.60% 71.30% Map of Mississippi highlighting Washington County.svg
Mississippi Wilkinson County 68.20% 70.80% Map of Mississippi highlighting Wilkinson County.svg
Mississippi Yazoo County 54.00% 57.10% Map of Mississippi highlighting Yazoo County.svg
Missouri St. Louis City 51.20% <50% Map of Missouri highlighting Saint Louis City.svg
North Carolina Anson County 51.60% <50% Map of North Carolina highlighting Anson County.svg
North Carolina Bertie County 62.30% 62.50% Map of North Carolina highlighting Bertie County.svg
North Carolina Edgecombe County 57.50% 57.40% Map of North Carolina highlighting Edgecombe County.svg
North Carolina Halifax County 52.60% 53.20% Map of North Carolina highlighting Halifax County.svg
North Carolina Hertford County 59.60% 60.50% Map of North Carolina highlighting Hertford County.svg
North Carolina Northampton County 59.40% 58.40% Map of North Carolina highlighting Northampton County.svg
North Carolina Warren County 54.50% 52.30% Map of North Carolina highlighting Warren County.svg
South Carolina Allendale County 71.00% 73.60% Map of South Carolina highlighting Allendale County.svg
South Carolina Bamberg County 62.50% 61.50% Map of South Carolina highlighting Bamberg County.svg
South Carolina Clarendon County 53.10% 50.10% Map of South Carolina highlighting Clarendon County.svg
South Carolina Fairfield County 59.10% 59.10% Map of South Carolina highlighting Fairfield County.svg
South Carolina Hampton County 55.70% 53.90% Map of South Carolina highlighting Hampton County.svg
South Carolina Jasper County 52.70% <50% Map of South Carolina highlighting Jasper County.svg
South Carolina Lee County 63.60% 64.30% Map of South Carolina highlighting Lee County.svg
South Carolina McCormick County 53.90% <50% Map of South Carolina highlighting McCormick County.svg
South Carolina Marion County 53.40% 55.90% Map of South Carolina highlighting Marion County.svg
South Carolina Marlboro County 50.70% 50.90% Map of South Carolina highlighting Marlboro County.svg
South Carolina Orangeburg County 60.90% 62.20% Map of South Carolina highlighting Orangeburg County.svg
South Carolina Williamsburg County 66.30% 65.80% Map of South Carolina highlighting Williamsburg County.svg
Tennessee Haywood County 51.10% 50.40% Map of Tennessee highlighting Haywood County.svg
Tennessee Shelby County <50% 52.10% Map of Tennessee highlighting Shelby County.svg
Virginia Brunswick County 56.90% 57.30% Map of Virginia highlighting Brunswick County.svg
Virginia Charles City County 54.90% <50% Map of Virginia highlighting Charles City County.svg
Virginia Emporia City 56.20% 62.50% Map of Virginia highlighting Emporia City.svg
Virginia Franklin City 52.30% 56.90% Map of Virginia highlighting Franklin City.svg
Virginia Greensville County 59.80% 59.80% Map of Virginia highlighting Greensville County.svg
Virginia Petersburg City 79.00% 79.10% Map of Virginia highlighting Petersburg City.svg
Virginia Portsmouth City 50.60% 53.30% Map of Virginia highlighting Portsmouth City.svg
Virginia Richmond City 57.20% 50.60% Map of Virginia highlighting Richmond City.svg
Virginia Surry County 51.60% <50% Map of Virginia highlighting Surry County.svg
Virginia Sussex County 62.10% 58.10% Map of Virginia highlighting Sussex County.svg

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