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Map of state colors in the United States.
  Official colors
  Unofficial colors, or unclear official status
  No known or officially no state colors

This is a list of official colors of U.S. states.


State Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Name(s) Notes
none none Red and White[1]
Alaska none none none none none
none none Federal Blue and Old Gold Adopted in 1915[2]
none none Blue and Gold (1951) Blue for the sky, gold for the California Gold Rush. First used by University of California, Berkeley in 1875.[3]
none none Colonial Blue and Buff [4]
none Orange, Red, and White Orange for the orange on the Seal and the oranges that grow there, and red and white because of the colors on the flag[citation needed]
Hawaii none none none none None[5] Each island has its own official color[6]
Red, Green, and Gold
none none Blue and Gold [7]
none Blue, White and Gold [5][8]
Red, White, Black, and Gold From the coat of arms of the Calvert and Crossland families
none Blue, Green and Cranberry (February 21, 2005)[9][10]
none none Silver and Blue (1983)[11] Blue for Lake Tahoe and the mountain bluebird, silver for the granite of the Sierra Nevada and the silver country of northern Nevada.[12]
New Jersey
none none Buff and Blue (1965)[5][13]
New Mexico
none none Red and Yellow Same shades as in New Mexico state flag
New York
none none Blue and Gold
North Carolina
none none Red and Blue [14]
none Red, White and Blue Same shades as the Ohio state flag
none none Green and White [5][15]
none none Navy Blue and Gold [5][16][17] (1959)
none none Blue and Gold[18]
South Carolina
none none none Indigo Blue Adopted in 2008[19][20]
South Dakota
none none Blue and Gold
none none Orange and White
none Blue, White, and Red Same shades as the Texas state flag
none none Black and Yellow[citation needed]
Virginia none none none none None The flag background is blue.
Washington none none none none None No official state colors are listed the state legislature's State Symbols webpage[21] nor in Chapter 1.20 of the Revised Code of Washington (where other official symbols are designated).[22] Some sources list dark green and gold/yellow, the two colors specified for the flag by law since 1925.[23]
West Virginia
none none Old Gold and Blue [24]

Officially proposed state colors[edit]

State Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Name(s) Notes
none none none Purple Proposed in 2016 in honor of the musician Prince; status pending.[25]
New Hampshire
none Orange, Red and Yellow Proposed in 2013; motion died on the table[26]
none none Green and Gold Proposed in 2007[27]
none none Brown and Yellow Proposed in 2003[28]


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