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This is a list of U.S. state dinosaurs in the United States, including the District of Columbia. Many states also have dinosaurs as state fossils, but this list only includes those that have been officially designated as "state dinosaurs".

List of dinosaurs for states in the US[edit]

State or Territory Dinosaur Image Date
Arizona Sonorasaurus thompsoni
Sonorasaurus thompsoni.jpg
Arkansas Arkansaurus fridayi
Arkansaurus NT.jpg
California Augustynolophus morrisi
Augustynolophus NT.jpg
Colorado Stegosaurus armatus
Stegosaurus BW.jpg
Connecticut Dilophosaurus sp.
Dilophosaurus wetherilli.PNG
District of Columbia Capitalsaurus
Massachusetts Podokesaurus holyokensis
Podokesaurus restoration.jpg
Maryland Astrodon johnstoni
Astrodon johnstoni.jpg
Missouri Parrosaurus missouriensis
Hypsibema missouriensis Size Chart.svg
New Jersey Hadrosaurus foulkii
Oklahoma Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
Acrocanthosaurus skeleton (1).jpg
Texas Sauropoiseidon proteles (originally Paluxysaurus jonesi)
Sauroposeidon dinosaur.svg
2009 (replaced Pleurocoelus which was state dinosaur 1997–2009)[13]
Utah Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Utahraptor updated.png
Wyoming Triceratops horridus
Triceratops BW.jpg

List of candidate dinosaurs[edit]

This is for dinosaurs that were or are candidates for state dinosaur but either were not designated or have yet to officially be.

State Dinosaur Image Year Result
Arizona Dilophosaurus wetherilli
Dilophosaurus wetherilli cropped.jpg
1998[16][17] Vetoed when it was revealed fossils were illegally taken from Navajo Nation[18]
Massachusetts Anchisaurus polyzelus
Anchisaurus NT.jpg
2021[19] Lost to Podokesaurus in a poll taken prior to bill[7]
Washington "Suciasaurus rex"
Proximal femur of a large theropod dinosaur from Washington State.png
2019 and 2021[20][21] The proposal to make the Suciasaurus the state dinosaur of Washington was overturned as it was deemed to be a bill of too low importance during the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States[22]

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