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This is a list of U.S. state dinosaurs in the United States, including the District of Columbia. A large number of states also have dinosaurs as state fossils, but this list only includes those that have been officially designated as "state dinosaurs". All U.S. states also have a state bird, the direct evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs.[1]

List of dinosaurs for states in the US[edit]

State or Territory Dinosaur Image Date
Arizona Sonorasaurus thompsoni Sonorasaurus thompsoni.jpg 2018[2]
Arkansas Arkansaurus fridayi Arkansaurus NT.jpg 2017[3]
California Augustynolophus morrisi Augustynolophus NT.jpg 2017[4]
Colorado Stegosaurus armatus Stegosaurus BW.jpg 1982-04-28[5]
Connecticut Dilophosaurus sp. Dilophosaurus wetherilli.PNG 07/10/2017[6]
District of Columbia Capitalsaurus Capitalsaurus.jpg 1998[7]
Maryland Astrodon johnstoni Astrodon johnstoni .jpg 1998[8]
Missouri Hypsibema missouriensis Hypsibema missouriensis Size Chart.svg 2004[9]
New Jersey Hadrosaurus foulkii HADROSAURUS.jpg 1991[10]
Oklahoma Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Acrocanthosaurus skeleton (1).jpg 2006
Texas Paluxysaurus jonesi Sauroposeidon dinosaur.svg 2009 (replaced Pleurocoelus which was state dinosaur 1997–2009)[11]
Utah Utahraptor ostrommaysorum Utahraptor updated.png 2018[12]
Wyoming Triceratops horridus Triceratops BW.jpg 1994[13]

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