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This is a list of U.S. state dinosaurs in the United States, including the District of Columbia. A large number of states also have dinosaurs as state fossils, but this list only includes those that have been officially designated as "state dinosaurs". In 1998, the legislature of Arizona was unable to decide on a state dinosaur, or indeed a state fossil. All U.S. states also have a state bird, which are biologically a subset of dinosaurs.

List of Dinosaurs for states in the US[edit]

State or Territory Dinosaur Image Date
Colorado Stegosaurus armatus Stegosaurus BW.jpg 1982-04-28[1]
District of Columbia Capitalsaurus Capitalsaurus.jpg 1998[2]
Iowa Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus.jpg 1992[3]
Maryland Astrodon johnstoni Astrodon1DB.jpg 1998[4]
Missouri Hypsibema missouriensis 2004[5]
New Jersey Hadrosaurus foulkii HADROSAURUS.jpg 1991[6]
Oklahoma Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Acrocanthosaurus skeleton (1).jpg 2006
Texas Paluxysaurus jonesi Sauroposeidon dinosaur.svg 2009 (replaced Pleurocoelus which was state dinosaur 1997–2009)[7]
Wyoming Triceratops Triceratops BW.jpg 1994[8]

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