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This is a list of official U.S. state foods:

State Food type Food name Image Year &
Alabama State nut Pecan Pecan-nuts-on-tree.jpg 1982[1]
State fruit Blackberry Blackberry fruits10.jpg 2004[2]
State tree fruit Peach Flavorcrest peaches.jpg 2006[3]
Arkansas State fruit/vegetable South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato Bright red tomato and cross section02.jpg 1987[4]
State Grain Rice Rice p1160004.jpg 2007[4]
California State Fruit Avocado Persea americana fruit 2.JPG 2013 [5]
State Grain Felipe
State Nut Almond Mandel Gr 99.jpg 2013 [5]
State Vegetable Artichoke P8220094--CroppedImage.jpg 2013 [5]
Colorado State Pastry Cinnamon Roll -->
Connecticut State cookie Snickerdoodles -->
State dessert ice cream -->
State prepared dish Mystic Pizza 2000 -->
Delaware State dessert peach custard pie -->
Florida State pie Key lime pie Key limepie.jpg 2006 [6]
State fruit Orange OrangeBloss wb.jpg 2005
Georgia State prepared food Grits Grits 1.jpg [7]
State fruit Peaches Flavorcrest peaches.jpg [8]
State vegetable Vidalia Sweet Onion Sweet onions 1.jpg [9]
Hawaii State muffin Coconut muffin
Idaho State food Potatoes Potato and cross section.jpg [10]
State fruit Huckleberry Bog huckleberry.jpg 2000
Illinois State snack food Popcorn Popcorn02.jpg [11]
State fruit GoldRush Apple (Malus xdomestica) 95apple.jpeg 2007[11]
Kentucky State fruit Blackberry Blackberry fruits10.jpg 2004[12]
Louisiana State fruit Strawberry Strawberry444.jpg 1980
State jellies Mayhaw jelly
Louisiana sugar cane jelly
Mayhaw jelly jar us state food crop.jpg 2003
State meat pie Natchitoches meat pie Natchitoches-meatpies-and-beans-rice.jpg 2003
State donut Beignets
State vegetable Sweet potato 5aday sweet potato.jpg 2003
Maine State dessert Blueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberries Best Blueberry Pie with Foolproof Pie Dough.jpg 2011[13]
State fruit Wild blueberry Blueberries.jpg 1991
State soft drink Moxie Moxiecan.jpg 2005[14]
State treat Whoopie pie Whoopie pie with dusting of confectioner's sugar.jpg 2011[13]
Maryland State food Blue crabs Blue crab on market in Piraeus - Callinectes sapidus Rathbun 20020819-317.jpg 1989
State dessert Smith Island Cake Smith island cake2009.jpg 2008
Massachusetts State berry Cranberry Cranberry bog.jpg [15]
State muffin Corn muffin Corn bread muffins 1 copy.jpg [16]
State bean Baked navy bean Snijboon peulen Phaseolus vulgaris.jpg [17]
State dessert Boston cream pie Bostoncreampie.jpg [18]
State cookie Chocolate chip cookie Chocolate chip cookies.jpg [19]
State doughnut Boston cream doughnut Boston cream doughnut bisected.jpg [20]
Minnesota State fruit Honeycrisp apple Honeycrisp.jpg 2006 [21]
State grain Wild rice WildRice23.jpg 1977 [21]
State muffin Blueberry muffin Muffin NIH.jpg 1988 [21]
State mushroom Morel Smardz-Morchella-Ejdzej-2006.jpg 1984 [21]
State dessert Ice cream Chocolate ice cream.jpg
New Hampshire State fruit Pumpkin Pumpkins.jpg [22]
State vegetable White Potato Potato and cross section.jpg 2013[23]
New Jersey State fruit Northern highbush blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum Beeren.jpg 2004[24]
New Mexico State cookie Bizcochito Biscochitos at the State Capitol, Santa Fe NM.jpg 1989[25][26]
State vegetable Chili peppers Large Cayenne.jpg 1965
State vegetable Frijoles (refried beans) Refried beans-frijoles refritos.jpg 1965
New York State muffin Apple muffin Allison's Fine Baked Goods Apple Muffin 2010.jpg [27]
State fruit Apple 95apple.jpeg [28]
State snack Yogurt Obstjoghurt01.jpg 2014[29]
North Carolina State blue berry Blueberry Blueberries.jpg 2001[30]
State red berry Strawberry Strawberry444.jpg 2001[30]
State black berry Blackberry Black Butte blackberry.jpg 2001[30]
State fruit Scuppernong Grape Muscadines.Scuppernongs.jpg 2001[30]
State vegetable Sweet potato 5aday sweet potato.jpg 1995[30]
North Dakota State fruit Chokecherry Prunus virginiana.jpg 2007
Ohio State fruit Tomato Bright red tomato and cross section02.jpg 2009[31]
State nut Buckeyes Buckeyes Peanut Butter Balls.jpg
Oklahoma State meal Barbecued pork Pork steaks cooking-1.jpg 1988[32][33]
State meal Chicken fried steak CountryFriedSteak.jpg 1988[32][33]
State meal Sausages and gravy Reunion sausages dsc07796.jpg 1988[32][33]
State meal Fried okra Bucket of raw okra pods.jpg 1988[32][33]
State meal Squash YellowSquash.jpg 1988[32][33]
State meal Grits Grits, served with a waffle. 1988[32][33]
State bean Black-eyed peas Black-eyed-pea-closeup.jpg 1988[32][33]
State treat Cornbread Skillet cornbread 1.jpg 1988[32][33]
State dessert Pecan pie Pecan pie slice.jpg 1988[32][33]
State fruit Strawberries Strawberry444.jpg 1988[32][33][34]
State fruit Watermelon Vampire watermelon.jpg 2007[34]
Oregon State fruit Pear Pears.jpg [35]
State mushroom Pacific Golden Chanterelle Chanterelle Cantharellus cibarius.jpg [35]
State nut Hazelnut (Filbert) Corylus avellana.jpg [35]
Rhode Island State drink Coffee milk Autocrat3.jpg [36]
State fruit Rhode Island Greening Apple Rhode Island Greening Apple outside.jpg [37]
South Carolina State fruit Peach Flavorcrest peaches.jpg 1984[38]
State Vegetable Collard greens Collard-Greens-Bundle.jpg [39]
State snack food Boiled peanuts Boiled peanut.jpg 2006[40]
South Dakota State dessert Kuchen Streuselkuchen7.jpg 2000[41]
State bread Frybread Frybread.jpg 2005[42]
Tennessee State fruit tomato Bright red tomato and cross section02.jpg 2003
Texas State bread Corn bread 2005[43]
State dish Chili con carne Bowl of chili.jpg 1977[43]
State fruit Texas Red Grapefruit Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit, pink) white bg.jpg 1993[43]
State health nut Native pecan Pecan-nuts-on-tree.jpg 2001[43]
State pastries Sopaipilla
Sopaipilla.jpg 2003-2005 [43]
State pepper Jalapeño Jalapenyo.jpg 1995[43]
State native pepper Chiltepin Chiltepin mexico sonora.jpg 1997[43]
State snack Tortilla chips
Mission Tortilla Triangles.JPG
State vegetable Sweet onion Sweet onions 1.jpg 1997[43]
Utah State fruit Cherry Cherries summerland.jpg 1997[44]
State historic vegetable Sugar beet SugarBeet.jpg 2002[45]
State snack food Jell-O Day 18 - Still Eating The Green Jello (gifrancis).jpg 2001[46]
State vegetable Spanish sweet onion Sweet onions 1.jpg 2002[45]
Vermont State fruit Apple 95apple.jpeg 1999[47]
State pie Apple pie Apple pie.jpg 1999[48]
Virginia State muffin Blueberry muffin Blueberry muffin, wrapped.jpg 1989[49]
State dessert Ice cream StrawberryIce.jpg 2007[50]
Washington State fruit Apple 95apple.jpeg 1989[49]
State vegetable Walla Walla sweet onion Sweet onions 1.jpg 2007[50]
West Virginia State fruit Golden Delicious apple Golden delicious apple.jpg [citation needed]
State fruit Cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) Cranberry bog.jpg 2003[51]
State grain Corn (Zea mays) Zea mays.jpg 1989[51]
State pastry Kringle Kringle.jpeg 2013[51][52]


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  • In some cases where a reference in the chart above refers to more than one food item, it will be listed only with the first food item.

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