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List of U.S. state mushrooms

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Five U.S. states, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Utah, have officially declared a state mushroom. Minnesota was the first to declare a species; Morchella esculenta was chosen as its state mushroom in 1984, and codified into Statute in 2010.[1] Five other states, Missouri, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York,[2][3][4] have had state mushrooms proposed.

Current state mushrooms[edit]

State Species Image Year of designation Ref
California Cantharellus californicus A golden colored mushroom among dead leaves and foliage. 2023 [5]
Minnesota Morchella esculenta A brown, sponge-like cap on a white stem, surrounded by dead grass. 2010[nb 1] [6]
Oregon Cantharellus formosus A collection of golden colored mushrooms with irregularly shaped caps on a plate. 1999 [7]
Texas Chorioactis geaster A mushroom that somewhat resembles a dark brown or black cigar before it splits open radially into a starlike arrangement of four to seven leathery rays. 2021 [8]
Utah Boletus edulis A plump mushroom with a brown cap and white stem. 2023 [9]

Proposed state mushrooms[edit]

State Species Image Ref
Massachusetts Calvatia gigantea
Missouri Cantharellus lateritius A large, golden-coloured mushroom with an irregular cap growing from leaflitter [11][12]
New York Lactarius peckii [13]
Vermont Hericium americanum
Bear's head tooth fungus
Washington Tricholoma magnivelare Bulbous white mushrooms on the forest floor [14]
Tricholoma murrillianum Bulbous white mushrooms on the forest floor [15]


  1. ^ Morchella esculenta was chosen as the state mushroom in 1984, but it was not codified until 2010.[1]


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