List of U.S. state poems

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State State poem Citation/Year
Florida "I am Florida"
by Allen Autry Sr.
Indiana "Indiana"
by Arthur Franklin Mapes
Kentucky "My Old Kentucky Home"
by Stephen C. Foster
Louisiana "America, We The People"
by Sylvia Davidson Lott Buckley
(State judicial poem)
by Jean McGivney Boese
(State Senate poem)
Massachusetts "Blue Hills of Massachusetts"
by Katherine E. Mullen
New Mexico "A Nuevo México"
by Luis Tafoya
North Carolina "The Tar Heel Toast"
by Leonora Martin and Mary Burke Kerr
(official toast)
Oklahoma "Howdy Folks: The Official Will Rogers Poem"
by David Randolph Milsten
Tennessee "Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee"
by Admiral William Lawrence

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