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This is a list of artists on Universal Music Group Nashville.[1][2] Universal Music Group Nashville comprises the Nashville branches of MCA Records, Mercury Records and Capitol Records, as well as Lost Highway Records. Formerly, the company included the Nashville branch of DreamWorks Records.

MCA Nashville Records[edit]

As MCA Records reissued recordings previously released on other labels, only country music artists whose recordings were first issued on the MCA or MCA Nashville label are to be listed here.

Former Artists[edit]

Formerly On Decca Nashville[edit]

Formerly On Rising Tide Nashville[edit]

Formerly On DreamWorks Nashville[edit]

Mercury Nashville Records[edit]

Artists whose only UMG distributed recordings were first issued by MGM Records or Polydor Records are not listed here.
See also List of Mercury Records artists

Current Artists[edit]

Former Artists[edit]

Formerly On Polydor Nashville[edit]

Capitol Records Nashville[edit]

EMI Records Nashville[edit]

Former Artists[edit]

Formerly On Patriot Nashville[edit]

Formerly On Virgin Nashville[edit]

Formerly On EMI Nashville[edit]

Buena Vista Records[edit]


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