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There are a number of student organizations at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The university features a variety of student journals, magazines, and newspapers.

The campus also includes several fraternities, sororities and secret societies.

Academic (pre-professional)[edit]


  • Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)
  • American Society of Precision Engineering (ASPE)
  • Association of Biology Graduate Students
  • Association of Chemistry Graduate Students
  • Association of Graduate Information Technology Students
  • Association of Nanoscience Graduate Students (ANGS)
  • Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Professional Association
  • Educational Leadership Graduate Student Council
  • English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)
  • Gamma Theta Upsilon
  • Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)
  • Graduate Association of Student Philosophers
  • Graduate History Association
  • Graduate Public Health Association (GPHA)
  • Graduate Public Policy Association (GPPA)
  • Graduate Social Work Association (GSWA)
  • Graduate Sociological Association
  • Health Psychology Graduate Student Association (HPGSA)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate Association (IOPGA)
  • SPIE/OSA Student Chapter at UNC Charlotte (SPIE) (Formerly: International Society for Optical Engineering)
  • Master of Public Administration Student Group (MPASG)
  • Master's of Architecture Student Society (MASS)
  • Mathematics Graduate Student Association
  • Mu Tau Beta
  • Multicultural Graduate Student Organization
  • Organizational Science Graduate Association (OSGA)
  • Sigma Phi Omega (Gamma Psi chapter)

Greek organizations[edit]



Honor Society[edit]


  • 318
  • 49er Social and Ballroom Dance Club
  • 49th Measure
  • 49th Security Division
  • A.C.E.S Hip Hop Dance Team
  • Art of Light Photography Club
  • Bass Rats
  • C.H.A.I.N. Reaction
  • Charlotte Football Initiative Students
  • Collegiate Starleague(CSL) #Rise[permanent dead link]
  • EARTH Club
  • F.A.M.E. One
  • Find Yourself in Fashion (FYI Fashion)
  • Free Thinkers Alliance
  • Horsepower Addicts
  • Hypeman Entertainment
  • Japanese Animation and Manga Society
  • Linux Users Group
  • Miner-MUG
  • Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)
  • Poker Club
  • Radio Free Charlotte
  • Resident Students Association (RSA)
  • Scratch Marks
  • Student Organization of Meteorology (STORM)
  • Student Art Society
  • Student 49er Club
  • Student Technologies, Resources and Promotions (STRAP)
  • Tablespoon of Talent Improvisation Troupe
  • Tantrum Hip Hop Dance Troupe
  • The Guild
  • THE RUSH (The Gold Rush)
  • X-Factor Modeling Troupe
  • Yoga for All




  • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
  • Carolina Academic Team
  • Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)
  • Student Activity Fees Commission (SAFC)
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Branch
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial Branch
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Legislative Branch
  • Student Media


  • College Republicans
  • College Democrats
  • Feminist Union
  • Student Organization for Non-Partisan Political Action (N-PPA)

Religious (spiritual)[edit]

Secret Societies[edit]

  • Bonnie's Boys
  • The Society of 49
  • Order of the Barnstormers
  • Halton Hellraisers
  • The 49th Hour
  • Diu Memoriae Consilium



  • Badminton
  • Bowling Club
  • Club Baseball
  • Club Swimming
  • Cycling Club
  • Equestrian Club
  • Fencing Club
  • Ice Hockey Club
  • Jiu Jitsu Club
  • Kendo Club
  • Kung Fu Club
  • Men's Lacrosse
  • Men's Soccer Club
  • Men's Rugby Club
  • Snowboarding Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Triathlon Club
  • Women's Club Basketball
  • Women's Club Soccer
  • Women's Club Softball
  • Women's Lacrosse Club
  • Women's Rugby Club
  • Women's Volleyball Club

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