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This is a list of seasons of the United States Hockey League since its transition to a junior hockey league in 1979.

Junior league[edit]

Starting in 1979–80, the USHL changed to an all-junior league and would operate as an American competitor to the Canadian Hockey League. While the CHL is the major junior program for most professional hockey prospects, its players are forbidden by NCAA regulations to play hockey for Division I or III programs, making the USHL a favorite preparatory league for players seeking to play collegiate hockey in America.

No. Season No. of
Reg. season
(reg. season)
(incl. USHL playoffs)
Anderson Cup Champion Clark Cup Champion
1 1979–80 7[a] 48 Hennepin Nordiques(30–18–0) Hennepin Nordiques
2 1980–81 8[b] 48 Dubuque Fighting Saints(38–9–1) Dubuque Fighting Saints
3 1981–82 7[c] 48 Sioux City Musketeers(29–16–3) Sioux City Musketeers
4 1982–83 7 48 Dubuque Fighting Saints(39–8–1) Dubuque Fighting Saints
5 1983–84 8[d] 48 St. Paul Vulcans(37–8–0–3) St. Paul Vulcans
6 1984–85 10[e] 48 Austin Mavericks(39–8–1–0) Dubuque Fighting Saints
7 1985–86 9[f] 48 Sioux City Musketeers(42–6–0–0) Sioux City Musketeers
8 1986–87 10[g] 48 Rochester Mustangs(37–9–0–2) Rochester Mustangs
9 1987–88 10 48 Thunder Bay Flyers(40–7–1-0) Thunder Bay Flyers
10 1988–89 10 48 Thunder Bay Flyers(40–6–2–0) Thunder Bay Flyers
11 1989–90 10 48 September 30 Omaha Lancers(36–11–0–1) Omaha Lancers
12 1990–91 10 48 Thunder Bay Flyers(36–10–2–0) Omaha Lancers
13 1991–92 10[h] 48 Thunder Bay Flyers(36–11–1) Des Moines Buccaneers
14 1992–93 10 48 Omaha Lancers(35–9–0–4) Omaha Lancers
15 1993–94 10 48–54[i] Des Moines Buccaneers(36–12–0–0) Omaha Lancers
16 1994–95 11[j] 48 Des Moines Buccaneers(38–5–5–0) Des Moines Buccaneers
17 1995–96 11[k] 46 Green Bay Gamblers(32–11–3–0) Green Bay Gamblers
18 1996–97 12[l] 54 April 22 Green Bay Gamblers(41–11–0–2) Lincoln Stars
19 1997–98 13[m] 24, 56 April 21 Des Moines Buccaneers(40–14–2) Omaha Lancers
20 1998–99 13[n] 56 April 23 Des Moines Buccaneers(48–7–0–1) Des Moines Buccaneers
21 1999–00 14[o] 58 September 17 April 27 Lincoln Stars(41–16–1) Green Bay Gamblers
22 2000–01 13[p] 24, 58 April 28 Lincoln Stars(43–7–0–6) Omaha Lancers
23 2001–02 14[q] 13, 61 May 12 Omaha Lancers(46–12-0–3) Sioux City Musketeers
24 2002–03 11[r] 60 September 27 April 29 Waterloo Black Hawks(37–14–3–6) Lincoln Stars
25 2003–04 12[s] 60 September 26 May 5 Tri-City Storm(43–12–1–4) Waterloo Black Hawks
26 2004–05 11[t] 60 September 24 May 9 Cedar Rapids RoughRiders(42–13–1–4) Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
27 2005–06 11[u] 60 September 23 May 1 Sioux Falls Stampede(43–13–1–3) Des Moines Buccaneers
28 2006–07 12[v] 60 October 5 May 15 Waterloo Black Hawks(39–17–4) Sioux Falls Stampede
29 2007–08 12 60 October 5 May 10 Omaha Lancers(43–12–5) Omaha Lancers
30 2008–09 12[w] 60 October 3 May 8 Green Bay Gamblers(38–17–4) Indiana Ice
31 2009–10 14[x] 60 October 2 May 12 Green Bay Gamblers(45–10–5) Green Bay Gamblers
32 2010–11 16[y] 60 October 1 May 21 Cedar Rapids RoughRiders(42–13–6) Dubuque Fighting Saints
33 2011–12 16 60 September 30 May 23 Green Bay Gamblers(47–9–4) Green Bay Gamblers
34 2012–13 16 64 September 28 May 17 Dubuque Fighting Saints(45–11–8) Dubuque Fighting Saints
35 2013–14 16 60 September 20 May 20 Waterloo Black Hawks(44–11–5) Indiana Ice
36 2014–15 17[z] 60 September 26 May 15 Youngstown Phantoms(40–14–6) Sioux Falls Stampede
37 2015–16 17 60 September 25 May 20 Cedar Rapids RoughRiders(40–15–3–2) Tri-City Storm
38 2016–17 17 60 September 23 May 24 Sioux City Musketeers(40–13–5–2) Chicago Steel
39 2017–18 17 60 October 6 Waterloo Black Hawks(38–14–6–2)
  1. ^ The USHL began its first all-junior season in 1979 with six teams continuing from the semi-professional USHL the year before and one expansion franchise (Hennepin Nordiques).
  2. ^ The Waterloo Black Hawks relocated to Dubuque, Iowa, becoming the Fighting Saints, the Hennepin Nordiques relocated to Waterloo, Iowa and assumed the name 'Black Hawks', and the Des Moines Buccaneers were founded as an expansion team.
  3. ^ The Green Bay Bobcats cease to operate.
  4. ^ The North Iowa Huskies were added as an expansion franchise.
  5. ^ The Thunder Bay Flyers and Madison Capitols are added as expansion franchises. The Bloomington Junior Stars change their name to 'Minnesota Stars'.
  6. ^ The Minnesota Stars cease to operate. The Austin Mavericks relocated to Rochester, Minnesota, becoming the Mustangs.
  7. ^ The Omaha Lancers are added as an expansion franchise.
  8. ^ The Madison Capitols change their name to 'Wisconsin Capitols'.
  9. ^ For the 1993–94 season, some teams played a normal 48-game schedule, while others played slightly more with the North Iowa Huskies playing the most at 54 games.
  10. ^ The Green Bay Gamblers are added as an expansion franchise.
  11. ^ The Fargo-Moorhead Bears are added as an expansion franchise. The Wisconsin Capitols cease to operate. The St. Paul Vulcans change their name to 'Twin City Vulcans'.
  12. ^ The Fargo-Moorhead Bears cease to operate. The Fargo-Moorhead Ice Sharks and Lincoln Stars are added as expansion franchises.
  13. ^ The US National Team Development Program played a partial, 24-game schedule.
  14. ^ The US National Team Development Program is added as a full-time member.
  15. ^ The Sioux Falls Stampede are added as an expansion franchise. The North Iowa Huskies relocated to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, becoming the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders.
  16. ^ The Thunder Bay Flyers cease to operate. The Fargo-Moorhead Ice Sharks relocated to Chicago, Illinois, becoming the Steel, the Twin Cities Vulcans relocated to Kearney, Nebraska, becoming the Tri-City Storm. The US National Team Development Program returns to a partial, 24-game schedule.
  17. ^ The Dubuque Fighting Saints relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, becoming the Crude. The Topeka ScareCrows were granted expansion in the USHL after the organization's franchise was removed the professional CHL. The USHL plays a 60-game schedule between its full-time teams with the US National Team Development Program playing once against each team.
  18. ^ The Rochester Mustangs and Tulsa Crude cease to operate. The Omaha Lancers relocated to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and take on the name River City Lancers. The US National Team Development Program stops playing USHL games.
  19. ^ The Danville Wings transferred from the NAHL. The Topeka ScareCrows relocated to Chesterfield, Missouri, becoming the Heartland Eagles.
  20. ^ The Danville Wings relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana, becoming the Indiana Ice. The St. Louis Heartland Eagles cease to operate.
  21. ^ The River City Lancers change their name back to 'Omaha Lancers'.
  22. ^ The Ohio Junior Blue Jackets were added as an expansion team.
  23. ^ The Ohio Junior Blue Jackets ceased operation while the Fargo Force were added as an expansion team.
  24. ^ The Youngstown Phantoms and US National Team Development Program transferred from the North American Hockey League.
  25. ^ The Dubuque Fighting Saints were resurrected and the Muskegon Lumberjacks were added as an expansion team.
  26. ^ The Bloomington Thunder and Madison Capitols were added as expansion team, however the Indiana Ice were granted "dormancy status" while the organization focused on development of new facilities, reserving a place in the league, but not participating.