List of Ukrainian toponyms that were changed as part of decommunization in 2016

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According to the Law of Ukraine No. 317-VIII "About condemning Communist and National-Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and banning propaganda of their symbols", names of over 3% of populated places in Ukraine are subjected to change.

Legends and legal references[edit]

  administrative units and populated places located on temporarily occupied territories
  administrative units partially located on temporarily occupied territories

Status of populated places:

  • underlined centers of regions
  • bold marked centers of districts
  • italic marked centers of united territorial communities (for communities where already took place or scheduled elections)

Note: names of administrative units to which are subordinated other administrative units or populated places indicated as of 1 January 2016.

Administrative units[edit]

Regions (oblasts)[edit]

Since the regions' names in Ukraine are prescribed in the Constitution, renaming changes should be made to the Constitution first.

Old name Status New name References
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Kirovohrad Oblast

Districts (raions)[edit]

Renamed districts
Old name Region New name References
Dnipropetrovsk district Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Artemivsk district Donetsk Bakhmut district (RVRU) 984-VIII
Volodarske district Donetsk Nikolske district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Krasnoarmiisk district Donetsk Pokrovsk district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Krasnyi Lyman district Donetsk Lyman district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Pershotravneve district Donetsk Manhush district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Telmanove district Donetsk Boikivske district (RVRU) 1351-VIII
Volodarsk-Volynsky district Zhytomyr Khoroshiv district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Chervonoarmiisk district Zhytomyr Pulyny district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Kuibysheve district Zaporizhia Bilmak district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Kirovohrad district Kropyvnytskyi Kropyvnytskyi district (RVRU) 2615-VIII
Ulianovka district Kropyvnytskyi Blahovishchenske district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Krasnodon district Luhansk Sorokyne district (RVRU) 1351-VIII
Sverdlovsk district Luhansk Dovzhansk district (RVRU) 1351-VIII
Zhovtneve district Mykolaiv Vitovka district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Kominternivske district Odesa Lyman district (RVRU) 1465-VIII
Kotovsk district Odesa Podilsk district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Krasni Okny district Odesa Okny district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Frunzivka district Odesa Zakharivka district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Tsiurupynsk district Kherson Oleshky district (RVRU) 1377-VIII
Shchors district Chernihiv Snovsk district (RVRU) 1353-VIII
Districts renamed by Parliament of Ukraine, with new name not yet in force due to Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present) (See also: Temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine (2014-present)):
Old name Region/AR Crimea New name References
Kirovske district AR Crimea İslâm Terek district (RVRU) 1352-VIII
Krasnohvardiiske district AR Crimea Qurman district (RVRU) 1352-VIII
Krasnoperekopsk district AR Crimea Perekop district (RVRU) 1352-VIII
Lenine district AR Crimea Yedi Quyu district (RVRU) 1352-VIII
Sovietskyi district AR Crimea İçki district (RVRU) 1352-VIII

Cities, villages[edit]

Autonomous Republic of Crimea[edit]

As of November 2018, Autonomous Republic of Crimea is still administered by Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally displaced persons (Ukrainian: Міністерство з питань тимчасово окупованих територій та внутрішньо переміщених осіб України) is a government ministry in Ukraine that was officially established on 20 April 2016 [1] to manage occupied parts of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea regions affected by Russian military intervention of 2014.

Cherkasy Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
selyshche Nezamozhnyk Horodyshche Raion Khrestivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Drabiv Raion Bohdanivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrovskoho Drabiv Raion Pryvitne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Drabiv Raion Kvitneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Petrovskoho Zolotonosha Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chapaievka Zolotonosha Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Petrivske Kamianka Raion Lisove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Raion Kornylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Viktorivka Mankivka Raion Pomynyk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Monastyryshche Raion Bubelnia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivka Monastyryshche Raion Kheilove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Monastyryshche Raion Panskyi Mist ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Smila Raion Chubivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zdobutok Zhovtnia Talne Raion Zdobutok ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Politviddilovets Uman Raion Malyi Zatyshok ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Chornobai Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhovtnevyi Raion Promin Chornobai Raion Zhuravlyne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Komintern Chornobai Raion Pryvitne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninske Chornobai Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Chernihiv Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Petrivske Bakhmach Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Petrovskoho Bakhmach Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Bakhmach Raion Zalissia ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Dzerzhynskoho Bobrovytsia Raion Molodizhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Bobrovytsia Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Bilshovyk Borzna Raion Zabilivshchyna Druha ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kirovske Borzna Raion Ostriv Nadii ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivka Borzna Raion Makhnivka ПВРУ 1467-VIII[2]
village Chervona Ukraina Borzna Raion Ukrainka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Oster Borzna Raion Oster ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Radianske Horodnia Raion Sloboda ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Ichnia Raion Nova Olshana ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Proletarske Ichnia Raion Boiarshchyna ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Kozelets Raion Mostyshche ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Korop Raion Rozhdestvenske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Proletarske Korop Raion Poliske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Sverdlovka Korop Raion Desnianske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Poliana Korop Raion Poliana ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervone Korop Raion Bylka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Lan Korop Raion Nekryte ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Ranok Korop Raion Ranok ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Koriukivka Raion Dovzhyk ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Buda Koriukivka Raion Romanivska Buda ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Dovzhik Koriukivka Raion Burkivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Mena Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninivka Mena Raion Sakhnivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Pamiat Lenina Mena Raion Zahorivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Chapaievka Mena Raion Sadove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Majak Mena Raion Ovcharivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervoni Hory Mena Raion Sviati Hory ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervoni Luky Mena Raion Luky ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervoni Partyzany Mena Raion Novi Brody ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Hryhorivka Nizhyn Raion Mylnyky ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Hryhoro-Ivanivka Nizhyn Raion Nizhynske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radhospne Nizhyn Raion Yabluneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Kolodiaz Nizhyn Raion Chystyi Kolodiaz ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Shliakh Nizhyn Raion Stantsiia Losynivska ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Novhorod-Siverskyi Raion Troitske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Krasne Novhorod-Siverskyi Raion Sapozhkiv Khutir ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovten Nosivka Raion Lisovi Khutory ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Karla Marksa Nosivka Raion Verbove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirovka Nosivka Raion Platonivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervoni Partyzany Nosivka Raion Volodkova Divytsia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Shliakh Illicha Nosivka Raion Yablunivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Volodymyrivka Pryluky Raion Dymyrivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Vorovskoho Pryluky Raion Svitankove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Pryluky Raion Dmytrivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Komuna Pryluky Raion Lisove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Proletarske Pryluky Raion Ladivshchyna ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Nezamozhne Ripky Raion Vertecha ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarska Rudnia Ripky Raion Rudnia ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Huta Ripky Raion Huta ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Semenivka Raion Yanzhulivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Pershotravneve Semenivka Raion Khandobokivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Ulianivske Semenivka Raion Bronyvy ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Hai Semenivka Raion Berezovyi Hai ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Pakhar Semenivka Raion Lubiane ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Horkoho Sribne Raion Antishky ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Sylchenkove Talalaivka Raion Stara Talalaivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Pluhatar Talalaivka Raion Pluhatar ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radianska Sloboda Chernihiv Raion Trysviatska Sloboda ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ulianivka Chernihiv Raion Voznesenske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervone Chernihiv Raion Zhydynychi ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Shchors Shchors Raion Snovsk ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Chernivtsi Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Radhospivka Hertsa Raion Mamornytsia Vama ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Leninske Apostolove Raion Hrushivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Pamiat Illicha Apostolove Raion Novoukrainske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Apostolove Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Internatsionalne Vasylkivka Raion Dovhe ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kirovske Vasylkivka Raion Tykhe ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Vasylkivka Raion Babakove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Proletarske Vasylkivka Raion Morozivske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Karla Marksa Verkhnyodniprovsk Raion Saksahan ПВРУ 1353-VIII
urban-type settlement Kirovske Dnipropetrovsk Raion Obukhivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Dnipropetrovsk Raion Novotaromske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Yuvileyne Dnipropetrovsk Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Valove Kryvyi Rih Raion Sofiivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kalinina Kryvyi Rih Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Kryvyi Rih Raion Lisove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirovka Kryvyi Rih Raion Danylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krasine Kryvyi Rih Raion Krasivkse ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Lenina Kryvyi Rih Raion Sadove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Kryvyi Rih Raion Shevchenkivske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radhospne Kryvyi Rih Raion Nadia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Kryvyi Rih Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Krynychky Raion Saksahanske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kimovka Krynychky Raion Cherkaske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirovka Krynychky Raion Kruta Balka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Lenina Krynychky Raion Kozache ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Oktiabrske Krynychky Raion Ukrainske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaievka Krynychky Raion Lozuvatske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Ukrainka Krynychky Raion Maliarshchyna ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Prapor Krynychky Raion Prapor ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Promin Krynychky Raion Promin ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Shchorsk Krynychky Raion Bozhedarivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Karla Marksa Mahdalynivka Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Novoproletarske Mahdalynivka Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Proletarske Mahdalynivka Raion Pryorilske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radianske Mahdalynivka Raion Kilchen ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Krasnoznamianka Mezhova Raion Biliakivka ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Leninske Mezhova Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Novopetrovske Mezhova Raion Myronove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrovske Mezhova Raion Zelene ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Nikopol Raion Chystopil ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kolhospne Nikopol Raion Beketivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Menzhyske Nikopol Raion Prymiske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Nikopol Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Vydvyzhenets Novomoskovsk Raion Myroliubivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Dniprelstan Novomoskovsk Raion Zatyshne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komintern Novomoskovsk Raion Kozyrshchyna ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radselo Novomoskovsk Raion Vesele ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Frunze Novomoskovsk Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kotovets Pavlohrad Raion Dachne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Telmana Pavlohrad Raion Shakhtarske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Petrykivka Raion Kulisheve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radselo Petrykivka Raion Radisne ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Chervonopartyzanske Petrykivka Raion Mala Petrykivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
urban-type settlement Brahynivka Petropavlivka Raion Zaliznychne ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Brahynivka Petropavlivka Raion Bohynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirovka Pokrovske Raion Drozdy ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komunarivka Pokrovske Raion Khrystoforivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Novopetrivske Pokrovske Raion Ternove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Tsykove Pokrovske Raion Levadne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Lyman Pokrovske Raion Dobropasove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zoria Komunizmu Piatykhatky Raion Zoria ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Komsomolske Piatykhatky Raion Tsivky ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komunarivka Piatykhatky Raion Raiduzhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Piatykhatky Raion Vershynne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kholodiyivka Piatykhatky Raion Baidakivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Oktiabrske Synelnykove Raion Maksymivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Synelnykove Raion Verbky-Osokorivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Frunze Synelnykove Raion Vyshnevetske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Vilenka Solone Raion Vilne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Voikove Solone Raion Kvituche ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Dzerzhynivka Solone Raion Iverske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Dniprelstan Solone Raion Pankove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Yelizarove Solone Raion Sviatovasylivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhdanove Solone Raion Nadiyivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninske Solone Raion Bohdanivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Liknep Solone Raion Soniachne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Moprivske Solone Raion Bahate ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radianske Solone Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervone Solone Raion Mezhove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Maiak Solone Raion Maiak ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Yar Solone Raion Haidamatske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Solone Raion Hanno-Musiyivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Sofiyivka Raion Vakulove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Lenina Sofiyivka Raion Dachne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Menzhynka Sofiyivka Raion Shyroke ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Volodymyrivka Tomakivka Raion Vysoke ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Tomakivka Raion Krutenke ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoukrainka Tomakivka Raion Veselyi Yar ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kotovske Shyroke Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Rozy Liuksemburh Shyroke Raion Hrechani Pody ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Sverdlovkse Shyroke Raion Spaske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chapaievka Shyroke Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Pluhatar Shyroke Raion Pluhatar ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Yurivka Raion Solontsi ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Dniprodzerzhynsk Dniprodzerzhynsk city council Kamianske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk city council Dnipro ПВРУ 1375-VIII[3]
city Ordzhonikidze Ordzhonikidze city council Pokrov ПВРУ 1037-VIII

Donetsk Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
urban-type settlement Voikovskyi Amvrosiivka Raion Kopani ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Volodarskoho Amvrosiivka Raion Verkhnyoosykove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Kotovskoho Amvrosiivka Raion Kalynove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Leninske Amvrosiivka Raion Verkhnyoielanchyk ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Novopetrivske Amvrosiivka Raion, Blahodatne village council Sadove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Novopetrivske Amvrosiivka Raion, Oleksiyivka village council Vilkhivchyk ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Artemivske Artemivsk Raion Khromove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kalinina Artemivsk Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Artemivsk Raion Sviato-Pokrovske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Komuna Artemivsk Raion Debaltsivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krasne Artemivsk Raion Ivanivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Krasnyi Pakhar Artemivsk Raion Stupakove ПВРУ 1466-VIII[4]
village Krasnyi Pakhar Artemivsk Raion Vozdvyzhenka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Artemivsk Raion Pazeno ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Karla Marksa Velyka Novosilka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Oktiabr Velyka Novosilka Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Oktiabrske Velyka Novosilka Raion Kermenchyk ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Velyka Novosilka Raion Zirka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kalinine Volnovakha Raion Kalynove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kirovske Volnovakha Raion Dianivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kominternove Volnovakha Raion Pikuzy ПВРУ 1466-VIII[4]
urban-type settlement Komsomolskyi Volnovakha Raion Hrafske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krasnivka Volnovakha Raion Soniachne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Oktiabrske Volnovakha Raion Stritenka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Volnovakha Raion, Октябрська village council Petrivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Petrivske Volnovakha Raion Nova Olenivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chycherine Volnovakha Raion Novoapostolivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Volodarske Volodarske Raion Nikolske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Volodarske Raion Kelerivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Oktiabrske Volodarske Raion Krynychne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Starchenkove Volodarske Raion Temriuk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Artema Dobropillia Raion Nadiia ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lenina Dobropillia Raion Myrne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Oktiabrske Dobropillia Raion Shakhove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivske Dobropillia Raion, Zolotyi Kolodiaz village council Petrivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Rozy Liuksemburh Dobropillia Raion Nove SHakhove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Urytske Dobropillia Raion Vesna ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Artema Kostiantynivka Raion Dovha Balka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Artemivka Kostiantynivka Raion Sofiyivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Illicha Kostiantynivka Raion Illinivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Pravdivka Kostiantynivka Raion Stara Mykolaivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Vorovske Krasnoarmiisk Raion Yuryivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Dymytrove Krasnoarmiisk Raion Kotlyne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kalinine Krasnoarmiisk Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Krasne Krasnoarmiisk Raion Sontsivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Lenine Krasnoarmiisk Raion Molodetske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Leninske Krasnoarmiisk Raion Hryhorivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lunacharske Krasnoarmiisk Raion Fedorivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrovskoho Krasnoarmiisk Raion Horikhove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ulianivka Krasnoarmiisk Raion Malynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Dzerzhynske Krasnyi Lyman Raion Myrne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Illichivka Krasnyi Lyman Raion Ozerne ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Kirovsk Krasnyi Lyman Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Ostrovskoho Maryinskyi Kostiantynopolske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Dzerzhynske Novoazovsk Raion Azov ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Krasnoarmiyske Novoazovsk Raion Khreshchatytske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Leninske Novoazovsk Raion Uzhivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Oktiabr Novoazovsk Raion Verkhnyoshyrokivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Rozy Liuksemburh Novoazovsk Raion Oleksandrivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Illichivske Pershotravneve Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radianska Ukraina Pershotravneve Raion Prymiske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Ukraina Pershotravneve Raion Ukrainka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Krasnoarmiyske Sloviansk Raion Novoselivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Oktiabrske Sloviansk Raion Maiachka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Voikove Starobesheve Raion Kamiane ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Vorovske Starobesheve Raion Verkhokamianka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Kalinina Starobesheve Raion Manzhykiv Kut ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Kirove Starobesheve Raion Verezamske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Komsomolske Starobesheve Raion Kalmiuske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Komunarivka Starobesheve Raion Sarabash ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Leninske Starobesheve Raion Liubivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Kalinine Telmanove Raion Bilokrynychne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Krasnyi Oktiabr Telmanove Raion Maiorove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Oktiabrske Telmanove Raion, Konkove village council Oleksandrivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Oktiabrske Telmanove Raion, Michurine village council Chyrylianske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Radianske Telmanove Raion Lavrynove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Telmanove Telmanove Raion Boikivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Dymytrova Shakhtarsk Raion Vidrodzhennia ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Krasnyi Partyzan Yasynuvata Raion Betmanove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Petrivske Yasynuvata Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Rozivka Yasynuvata Raion Oleksandropil ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Artemivsk Artemivsk city council Bakhmut ПВРУ 984-VIII
city Artemove Dzerzhynsk city council Zalizne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Horkoho Dzerzhynsk city council Dachne ПВРУ 984-VIII
city Dzerzhynsk Dzerzhynsk city council Toretsk ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Kirove Dzerzhynsk city council Pivnichne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Leninske Dzerzhynsk city council Pivdenne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Pershe Travnia Dzerzhynsk city council Ozarianivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
city Dymytrov Dymytrov city council Myrnohrad ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Oktiabrske Donetsk city council Kyslyche ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Chervonozoriane Druzhkivka city council Druzhkivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Karlo-Marksove Yenakiieve city council Sofiyivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Petrivske Yenakiieve city council Krynychky ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Yunokomunarivsk Yenakiieve city council Bunhe ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Kirovske Kirovsk city council Khrestivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Krasnoarmiisk Krasnoarmiisk city council Pokrovsk ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Krasnyi Lyman Krasnyi Lyman city council Lyman ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Krasnyi Oktiabr Makiivka city council Lypske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Proletarske Makiivka city council Piatypillia ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Sverdlove Makiivka city council Kholodne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Zhovten Snizhne city council Balka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Torez Torez city council Chystiakove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Voikove Khartsyzk city council Blahodatne ПВРУ 1351-VIII

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast[edit]

  • no places to rename

Kharkiv Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
selyshche Zhovtneve Balakliia Raion, Asiivka village council Slobozhanske ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Balakliia Raion, Pryshyb village council Pokrovske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervona Husarivka Balakliia Raion Nova Husarivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
urban-type settlement Chervonyi Donets Balakliia Raion Donets ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Step Balakliia Raion Stepok ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Yar Balakliia Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Barvinkove Raion Vysoke ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Illichivka Barvinkove Raion Ridne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Vorovskoho Blyzniuky Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Blyzniuky Raion Verkhove ПВРУ 1465-VIII[5]
village Internatsionalne Blyzniuky Raion Batiushky ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Blyzniuky Raion Kvitneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivske Blyzniuky Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarske Blyzniuky Raion Klenove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Radhospne Blyzniuky Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Volodarivka Bohodukhiv Raion Mala Ivanivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Krupskoyi Bohodukhiv Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Chervona Nyva Bohodukhiv Raion Viktorivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarske Borova Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Velykyi Burluk Raion Sonino ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Pioner Velykyi Burluk Raion Kurhanne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Proletarka Velykyi Burluk Raion Yuryivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Velykyi Burluk Raion Polkovnyche ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Vovchansk Raion, Rubizhneнська village council Zamulivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Vovchansk Raion, Chervonoarmiiska Persha village council Lyman ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Druhe Vovchansk Raion Mykolaivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Vovchansk Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarske Vovchansk Raion Losivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Profintern Vovchansk Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Radianske Vovchansk Raion Hrafske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Revoliutsiine Vovchansk Raion Buhaivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Druhe Vovchansk Raion Kyrilivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Pershe Vovchansk Raion Symynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Dvorichna Raion Bohdanivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Illicha Derhachi Raion Nova Kozacha ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Komunar Derhachi Raion Kurortne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Manuilivka Derhachi Raion Hryhorivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kotovskoho Zachepylivka Raion Kotivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Zachepylivka Raion Petrivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Ulianivka Zachepylivka Raion Olianivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervona Peremoha Zachepylivka Raion Peremoha ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Zhovten Zachepylivka Raion Travneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Zachepylivka Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Komsomolske Zmiiv Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Proletarske Zmiiv Raion Vysochynivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radhospne Zmiiv Raion Vesele ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Zolochiv Raion Vysoke ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Zolochiv Raion Kalynove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Proletar Zolochiv Raion Mali Fesky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Izium Raion Боголюбівка ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radianske Izium Raion Ridnyi Krai ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Poliana Izium Raion Poliana ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Donets Izium Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Oskil Izium Raion Oskil ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Shakhtar Izium Raion Spivakivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Artemivka Kehychivka Raion Vysoke ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Komunarka Kehychivka Raion Novoivanivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Komunarske Kehychivka Raion Kozatske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Ulianivka Kehychivka Raion Oleksandrivske ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Chapaieve Kehychivka Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kolomak Raion Novoivanivske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Krasnohrad Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninka Krasnohrad Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Leninske Krasnohrad Raion Druzhba ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Oktiabrske Krasnohrad Raion Ivanivske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaieve Krasnohrad Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Komsomolets Krasnokutsk Raion Khutirske ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Krasnokutsk Raion Buzova ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Pionerske Krasnokutsk Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Prapor Krasnokutsk Raion Kniazha Dolyna ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivka Kupiansk Raion Osynovo ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Lozova Raion Lahidne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Lozova Raion Myroliubivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Lozova Raion Ukrainske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Radianske Lozova Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Revodarivka Lozova Raion Vodolaha ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervonyi Shakhtar Lozova Raion Rubizhne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Komintern Nova Vodolaha Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Komsomolske Nova Vodolaha Raion Novoprosianske ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Bilshovyk Pervomaisk Raion Troitske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Pervomaisk Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Pervomaisk Raion Triichate ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Pravda Pervomaisk Raion Slobidske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Sovietske Pervomaisk Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervone Znameno Pervomaisk Raion Chervone ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Novokomsomolske Pechenihy Raion Prymorske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovten Sakhnovshchyna Raion Suharivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Sakhnovshchyna Raion Zelenyi Klyn ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaievka Sakhnovshchyna Raion Zelene ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Artemivka Kharkiv Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kharkiv Raion Slobozhanske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komunar Kharkiv Raion Kotliary ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Komunar Kharkiv Raion Novyi Korotych ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Komunist Kharkiv Raion Dokuchaievske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Kharkiv Raion, Babayi village council Zatyshne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Kharkiv Raion, Vesele village council Male Vesele ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Kharkiv Raion, Kulynychi village council Elitne ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Frunze Kharkiv Raion Slobidske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Chuhuiv Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Chapaieva Chuhuiv Raion Rozdolne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Leninka Shevchenkove Raion Rozdolne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Dymytrova Lozova city council Ukrainske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Sotszmahannia Chuhuiv city council Vasyliv Khutir ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Kherson Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Kirove Beryslav Raion Lymanets ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kuybysheve Beryslav Raion Vitrove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Udarnyk Beryslav Raion Monastyrske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Bilozerka Raion Tavriiske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Bilozerka Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Radianske Bilozerka Raion Myroliubivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Telmana Bilozerka Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Podil Bilozerka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
urban-type settlement Kalininske Velyka Oleksandrivka Raion Kalynivske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Karlo-Marksivske Velyka Oleksandrivka Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Lenine Verkhniy Rohachyk Volodymyrivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Proletarii Verkhniy Rohachyk Tavriiske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Vysokopillia Raion Nova Shestirnia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Vysokopillia Raion Chereshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Henichesk Raion Nohaiske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Komisarivka Henichesk Raion Prymorske ПВРУ 1374-VIII
urban-type settlement Partyzany Henichesk Raion Rykove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Radianske Henichesk Raion Tavriiske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Rozy Liuksemburh Henichesk Raion Khersonske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Frunze Henichesk Raion Azovske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonopraporne Henichesk Raion Chervone ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Shliakh Nezamozhnykа Henichesk Raion Hordiienkivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Shchorsivka Henichesk Raion Oleksiivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Bilshovyk Hola Prystan Raion Prymorske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Hola Prystan Raion Svitanok ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Industrialne Hola Prystan Raion Bratske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komuna Hola Prystan Raion Tendrivske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Krasnoznamianka Hola Prystan Raion Oleksandrivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonopraporne Hornostaivka Raion Vilne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kirove Ivanivka Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Frunze Ivanivka Raion Ahaimany ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Prapor Ivanivka Raion Zelenyi Hai ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonyi Чабан Kalanchak Raion Preobrazhenka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Perekop Kakhovka Raion Zelenyi Pid ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Komsomolske Nyzhni Sirohozy Dontsove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Volodymyro-Illinka Novotroitske Raion Chumatskyi Shliakh ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Skadovsk Raion Petropavlivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Komunarivka Skadovsk Raion Radisne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninske Skadovsk Raion Karabulat ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ptakhivka Skadovsk Raion Oleksandrivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Skadovsk Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Leninka Tsiurupynsk Raion Ridne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarka Tsiurupynsk Raion Chelburda ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Tsiurupynsk Tsiurupynsk Raion Oleshky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Tsiurupynsk Tsiurupynsk Raion Poima ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Chaplynka Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Kherson city council Inzhenerne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kuybysheve Kherson city council Zymivnyk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Petrovskoho Kherson city council Blahovishchenske ПВРУ 1377-VIII

Khmelnytskyi Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Zhovtneve Volochysk Raion Lisove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Volochysk Raion Butivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Derazhnia Raion Ivankivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Dunaivtsi Raion Balynivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ulianivka Iziaslav Raion Havrylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kamianets-Podilskyi Raion Muksha Kytaihorodska ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Krasyliv Raion Novi Tereshky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ulianivka Krasyliv Raion Yukht ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ulianivka Друга Krasyliv Raion Svitle ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chapaievka Krasyliv Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Komunar Nova Ushytsia Zahrodske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radhospne Polonne Raion Radisne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninske Starokostiantynivka Raion Lisove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Stara Syniava Khutir Dashkivskyi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Teofipol Raion Pidlisky ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ulianove Teofipol Raion Haivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Khmelnytskyi Raion Prybuzke ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Chemerivtsi Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII


  • no places to rename (there are no other settlements subordinated to Kiev City Council except of the City of Kiev)

Kiev Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Bilshovyk Baryshivka Raion Dubove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Baryshivka Raion Bakumivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Boryspil Raion Zherebiatyn ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Boryspil Raion Kuchakiv ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Leninivka Boryspil Raion Zatyshne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrovske Boryspil Raion Petropavlivske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Dibrovo-Leninske Borodianka Raion Dibrova ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Borodianka Raion Dmytrivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Dymytrove Brovary Raion Kvitneve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kuybysheve Brovary Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Frunzivka Brovary Raion Haiove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Vyshhorod Raion Dmytrivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Voikove Zghurivka Raion Voitove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Zghurivka Raion Voznesenske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Lenine Zghurivka Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Zghurivka Raion Polkovnyche ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Pravo Zhovtnia Zghurivka Raion Liubomyrivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Ivankiv Raion Kalynove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Ivankiv Raion Staryi Mist ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kaharlyk Raion Zelenyi Yar ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Kaharlyk Raion, Velyki Prytski village council Vyselka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Kaharlyk Raion, Horokhove village council Horokhivske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Kaharlyk Raion, Khalcha village council Vyselkove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion Sviatopetrivske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Piatyrichka Myronivka Raion Nova Myronivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Raion Studenyky ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Lenine Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Raion Dovha Hreblia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Raion Sosnivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Volodarka Poliske Raion Levkovychi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Poliske Raion Romanivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chapaieve Poliske Raion Lisove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Poliske Raion Zirka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Dovhalivske Rokytne Raion Troitske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Rokytne Raion Nova Makivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Skvyra Raion Tarasivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Tarashcha Raion Yushkiv Rih ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Tarashcha Raion Kalynove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Motovylivka Fastiv Raion Motovylivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII

Kirovohrad Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Volodymyro-Illinka Bobrynets Raion Aprelivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Bobrynets Raion Hruzke ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Bobrynets Raion Yabluchko ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kuybysheve Bobrynets Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Sverdlove Bobrynets Raion Zlatopillia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Frunze Bobrynets Raion Bohdanivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonozorivka Bobrynets Raion Kryvonosove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kotovske Vilshanka Raion Kutsa Balka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Haivoron Raion Klenove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kotovka Haivoron Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Haivoron Raion Sadove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Illichivka Holovanivsk Raion Lisne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Tsiurupy Holovanivsk Raion Ternove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Bilshovyk Dolynska Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirove Dolynska Raion Bokove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Novomoskovske Dolynska Raion Sytaieve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Krupske Kirovohrad Raion Karlivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kirovka Mala Vyska Raion Myroliubivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Mala Vyska Raion Zapovidne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lenina Mala Vyska Raion Haivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Lenino-Ulianovka Mala Vyska Raion Kalakolove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninske Mala Vyska Raion Pasichne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Ulianivka Mala Vyska Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Novomyrhorod Raion Myroliubivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Krupske Novomyrhorod Raion Mykolaivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Oktiabrske Novoukrainka Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Novoukrainka Raion Pishchanske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Volodymyro-Ulianovka Oleksandriia Raion Novoulianivka ПВРУ 1374-VIII
selyshche Komintern Oleksandriia Raion Novoselivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lenina Druhe Oleksandriia Raion Medove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lenina Pershe Oleksandriia Raion Zelene ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Proletarske Oleksandriia Raion Travneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Krasnofedorivka Onufriivka Raion Fedorivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivske Petrove Raion Kozatske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Illichivka Svitlovodsk Raion Vyshchepanivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Sverdlovka Svitlovodsk Raion Vilne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Ulianovka Ulianovka Raion Blahovishchenske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Dymytrove Ustynivka Raion Novoihorivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Ustynivka Raion Lebedyne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninka Ustynivka Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Tretii Internatsional Ustynivka Raion Tretie ПВРУ 1374-VIII
city Kirovohrad Kirovohrad city council Kropyvnytskyi ПВРУ 1468-VIII[6]
urban-type settlement Dymytrove Oleksandriia city council Oleksandriiske ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Luhansk Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Chervonyi Zhovten Antratsyt Raion Leonove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Chervonoarmiyske Bilokurakyne Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Ordzhonikidze Krasnodon Raion Nyzhnia Shevyrivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Parkhomenko Krasnodon Raion Makariv Yar ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Radhospnyi Krasnodon Raion Malokalynove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Radianske Krasnodon Raion Horikhova Balka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Industrialne Kreminna Raion Pivneve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Kreminna Raion Hrekivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Chervona Dibrova Kreminna Raion Dibrova ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Karla Libknekhta Lutuhyne Raion Maryivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Komsomolets Lutuhyne Raion Kamianyi Plast ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Lenina Lutuhyne Raion Mariia ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Komuna Markivka Raion Derkulove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Dzerzhynske Milove Raion Berezove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Milove Raion Rannia Zoria ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervona Zoria Milove Raion Shelestivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Radhospnyi Novopskov Raion Zelenyi Hai ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Artemivsk Perevalsk Raion Kypuche ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Красна Zoria Perevalsk Raion Chornohorivka ПВРУ 1466-VIII[4]
selyshche Radhospnyi Perevalsk Raion Seleznivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Prapor Perevalsk Raion Stare ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Artemivka Svatove Raion Miasozharivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Svatove Raion Dzherelne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kalynivka Svatove Raion Storozhivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Komsomolskyi Svatove Raion Lahidne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Pervomaisk Svatove Raion Travneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivka Svatove Raion Korzhove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Svatove Raion Vestativka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Rozivka Svatove Raion Anriivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Sverdlovka Svatove Raion, Nyzhnia Duvanka village council Tverdokhlibove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Sverdlovka Svatove Raion, Raihorodka village council Novoiehorivka ПВРУ 1374-VIII
urban-type settlement Biriukove Svatove Raion Krynychne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Krasnyi Luch Slovianoserbsk Raion Mamusheve ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Lotykove Slovianoserbsk Raion Ivanivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Frunze Slovianoserbsk Raion Sentianivka ПВРУ 1466-VIII[4]
urban-type settlement Petrivka Stanytsia Luhanska Raion Petropavlivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Pionerske Stanytsia Luhanska Raion Sukhodil ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Zhovten Stanytsia Luhanska Raion Sotenne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Illichivka Troitske Raion Zaitseve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kalinine Troitske Raion Dzherelne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krasna Chapliivka Troitske Raion Chapliivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Kirovsk Kirovsk city council Holubivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Chervonohvardiiske Kirovsk city council Krynychanske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Enhelsove Krasnodon city council Buran ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Krasnodon Krasnodon city council Sorokyne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Krasnodon Krasnodon city council Teple ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Artema Krasnyi Luch city council Zherebiache ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Vakhrusheve Krasnyi Luch city council Bokovo-Khrustalne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Krasnyi Luch Krasnyi Luch city council Khrustalnyi ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Petrovske Krasnyi Luch city council Petrovo-Krasnosillia ПВРУ 1351-VIII
selyshche Dzerzhynske Luhansk city council Zrazkove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Yuvileine Luhansk city council Katerynivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Dzerzhynskyi Rovenky city council Liubymivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Krasnyi Kolos Rovenky city council Liubivski Kopalni ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Proletarskyi Rovenky city council Kartushyne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
village Chapaievka Rovenky city council Zaliznychne ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Volodarsk Sverdlovsk city council Vedmezhe ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Kalininskyi Sverdlovsk city council Kundriuche ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Komsomolskyi Sverdlovsk city council Dubove ПВРУ 1351-VIII
urban-type settlement Leninske Sverdlovsk city council Valianivske ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Sverdlovsk Sverdlovsk city council Dovzhansk ПВРУ 1351-VIII
city Chervonopartyzansk Sverdlovsk city council Voznesenivka ПВРУ 1466-VIII[4]
city Stakhanov Stakhanov city council Kadiivka ПВРУ 1351-VIII

Lviv Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Andriivka Busk Raion Marmuzovychi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Maksymivka Staryi Sambir Raion Libukhova ПВРУ 1377-VIII

Mykolaiv Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Lenine Bashtanka Raion Lukianivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Bashtanka Raion Shliakhove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Kimivka Berezanka Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninka Berezanka Raion Vynohradne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Berezanka Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Ukrainka Berezanka Raion Ukrainka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Illichivka Bratske Raion Ivanivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Щорса Bratske Raion Stepove ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Kudriavtsivka Veselynove Raion Tokarivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervoni Koshary Voznesensk Raion Vilne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Hulianytske Vradiivka Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Vradiivka Raion Novomykhailivske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Domanivka Raion Tsvitkove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kuibyshevka Domanivka Raion Buzki Porohy ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Frunze Domanivka Raion Petropavlivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Kyiv Domanivka Raion Kyiv ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kuibyshevka Yelanets Raion Velyka Solona ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Barmashove Zhovtnevyi Raion Bilozirka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Vorovske Zhovtnevyi Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kolarivka Zhovtnevyi Raion Karavelove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Komsomolske Zhovtnevyi Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Pamiat Komunariv Zhovtnevyi Raion Sviatomykolaivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Zhovtnevyi Raion Водокачка ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovten Kazanka Raion Nove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Nezamozhnyk Kazanka Raion Hranitne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Znamianka Kazanka Raion Shevchenkove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Lenine Kryve Ozero Raion Hoidai ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Orach Kryve Ozero Raion Semenivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Mykolaiv Raion Chumaky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Mykolaiv Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Komsomolske Mykolaiv Raion Blahodarivka ПВРУ 1465-VIII[5]
selyshche Radhospne Mykolaiv Raion Chemerliieve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Радсад Mykolaiv Raion Radisnyi Sad ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Ulianivka Mykolaiv Raion Mykhailivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Chervonoarmiyske Mykolaiv Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Novyi Buh Raion, Vilne Zaporizhia village council Stepove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Novyi Buh Raion, Новобузька міськрада Stantsiine ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Shchorsove Novyi Buh Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Artemivka Nova Odessa Raion Ozerne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirovka Nova Odessa Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovten Ochakiv Raion Soniachne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Pervomaisk Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kuybysheve Snihuriv Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Krasne Znamia Snihuriv Raion Liubomyrivka ПВРУ 1465-VIII[5]
selyshche Radhospne Snihuriv Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Snihuriv Raion Suvore ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Promin Snihuriv Raion Promin ПВРУ 1037-VIII

Odessa Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Ukhozhany Balta Raion Novopol ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Balta Raion Shumylove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Vovkove Berezivka Raion Танівка ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Жовтнівка Berezivka Raion Виноград ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kotovske Berezivka Raion, Rozkvit community Chudske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kotovske Berezivka Raion, Chervonovolodymyrivka village council Kotovka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Ahronom Berezivka Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Berezivka Raion Novokalcheve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonovolodymyrivka Berezivka Raion Mykhailivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneva Revoliutsiia Biliaivka Raion Radisne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Kotovka Biliaivka Raion Lativka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Pershe Biliaivka Raion Soniachne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivske Biliaivka Raion Petrove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaieve Biliaivka Raion Tykhe ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Biliaivka Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Chervonyi Rozselenets Biliaivka Raion Rozselenets ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Bolhrad Raion Karakurt ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Nove Zhovtneve Bolhrad Raion Novyi Karakurt ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Bolhrad Raion Kubei ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Artema Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Трудомирівка ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Blahoieve Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Martove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Dzerzhynske Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Yermishkove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Nezamozhnyk Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Zamozhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivske Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Polishpakove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaieve Velyka Mykhailivka Raion Vorobiivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Blahoieve Ivanivka Raion Velykyi Buialyk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Lenina Ivanivka Raion Bukachi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonoznamianka Ivanivka Raion Znamianka ПВРУ 1467-VIII[2]
village Shchorsove Ivanivka Raion Shemetove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kotovtsi Kodyma Raion Serhiivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Blahoieve Lymanskyi Raion Khrysto-Boteve ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Illichivka Lymanskyi Raion Ilichanka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Lymanskyi Raion Troiandove ПВРУ 1374-VIII
urban-type settlement Kominternivske Lymanskyi Raion Dobroslav ПВРУ 1465-VIII[5]
village Petrivka Lymanskyi Raion Kurisove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrovskoho Lymanskyi Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Sverdlove Lymanskyi Raion Ivanove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Nyva Lymanskyi Raion Tylihulske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kuibyshevske Kotovsk Raion Kazbeky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Kotovsk Raion, Kuialnyk village council Malyi Kuialnyk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Kotovsk Raion, Chapaievka village council Stavky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Krasni Okny Krasni Okny Raion Okny ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Orach Krasni Okny Raion Novyi Orach ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Liubashiv Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Vorovskoho Mykolaivka Raion Stavkove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Lenintal Ovidiopol Raion Libental ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Mizikevycha Ovidiopol Raion Lymanka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Rozdilna Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninske Druhe Rozdilna Raion Novodmytrivka Druha ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Pionerske Rozdilna Raion Vynohradivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Tarutyne Raion Matyldivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Dmytrivka Tatarbunary Raion Delzhyler ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Lenine Frunzivka Raion Torosove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
urban-type settlement Frunzivka Frunzivka Raion Zakharivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovten Shyriaieve Raion Petrovirivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Shyriaieve Raion, Novoandriivka village council Doktorove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Shyriaieve Raion, Ordzhonikidze village council Kryzhanivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Shyriaieve Raion, Stari Maiaky village council Butsy ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Ordzhonikidze Shyriaieve Raion Armashivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivske Shyriaieve Raion Zhukovske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Kut Shyriaieve Raion Chornyi Kut ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Illichivsk Illichivsk city council Chornomorsk ПВРУ 984-VIII
city Kotovsk Kotovsk city council Podilsk ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Poltava Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Chapaievka Belyka Bahachka Raion Marianivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Hadiach Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Krasnoznamenka Hadiach Raion Serhiivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radianska Dacha Hadiach Raion Dachne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Hlobyne Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Frunzivka Hlobyne Raion Troitske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Hrebinka Raion Sotnytske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Paryzka Komuna Hrebinka Raion Poliove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ulianovka Hrebinka Raion Pochaivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chapaievka Dykanskyi Dibrova ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Zinkiv Raion Pirky ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Khalturyne Karlivka Raion Martynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonoznamianka Karlivka Raion Znamenka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kobeliaky Raion Panske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kalinine Kobeliaky Raion Bilokonivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Kobeliaky Raion Lebedyne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kotovske Kobeliaky Raion Vitrova Balka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Kobeliaky Raion Prydniprianske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Sverdlovske Kobeliaky Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Frunze Kobeliaky Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chapaieve Kobeliaky Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kozelshchyna Raion Kashchivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komintern Kozelshchyna Raion Pavlyky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Kozelshchyna Raion Maltsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Dzerzhynske Kremenchuk Raion Prydniprianske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Znamianka Kremenchuk Raion Nova Znamianka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Lokhvytsia Raion Pototskivshchyna ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Lutsenky Lokhvytsia Raion Zhabky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Proletar Lokhvytsia Raion Stepne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Chervonozavodske Lokhvytsia Raion Zavodske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Lubny Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninove Novi Sanzhary Raion Luhove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Oborona Rad Novi Sanzhary Raion Raiduzhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kuybysheve Orzhytsia Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Poltava Raion Palchykivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Krotenky Poltava Raion Semianivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kulykove Poltava Raion Kolomatske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Ulianivka Poltava Raion Petrashivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Reshetylivka Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Frunzivka Reshetylivka Raion Kapustiany ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Semenivka Raion Rokyty ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Semenivka Raion Malynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivka Khorol Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Ulianivka Khorol Raion Kniazha Luka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Artemivka Chutove Raion Skorokhodove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Chutove Raion Pavlivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaieve Chutove Raion Petrivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervone Chutove Raion Shchaslyve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Shchorsivka Chutove Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kuybysheve Shyshaky Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Kolhospna Hora Komsomolsk city council Hora ПВРУ 1353-VIII
city Komsomolsk Komsomolsk city council Horishni Plavni ПВРУ 1377-VIII

Rivne Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Chervone Dubrovytsia Raion Ostrivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Mlyniv Raion Piannie ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Radyvyliv Raion Nova Pliasheva ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Iskra Rivne Raion Novozhukiv ПВРУ 1377-VIII
city Kuznetsovsk Kuznetsovsk city council Varash ПВРУ 1377-VIII


Sumy Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
urban-type settlement Zhovtneve Bilopillia Raion Mykolaivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Bilopillia Raion Meliachykha ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Bilopillia Raion Bolotyshyne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Buryn Raion Kopylove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Volodymyrivka Velyka Pysarivka Raion Vasylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Vorovske Velyka Pysarivka Raion Ridne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Komsomolets Velyka Pysarivka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrivske Velyka Pysarivka Raion Marakuchka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radianske Velyka Pysarivka Raion Ponomarenky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Chervone Hlukhiv Raion Esman ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Konotop Raion Kurylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krupske Konotop Raion Bazylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninske Krolevets Raion Spaske ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Petrivka Krolevets Raion Morozivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Ranok Krolevets Raion Bozhok ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Lebedyn Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Komisarivka Lebedyn Raion Yasnopillia ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninske Lebedyn Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radianske Lebedyn Raion Sloboda ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Beieve-Komuna Lypova Dolyna Raion Melnykove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kalininske Lypova Dolyna Raion Sukha Hrun ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Nedryhailiv Raion Sosnivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Kirove Nedryhailiv Raion Peretichky ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Okhtyrka Raion Shchomy ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Illichivka Okhtyrka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Pioner Okhtyrka Raion Soborne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Oktiabrske Putyvl Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Hryshyne Romny Raion Havrylivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kim Seredyna-Buda Raion Chetvertakove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Krasnyi Prohres Seredyna-Buda Raion Prohres ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Sverdlove Seredyna-Buda Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Dzerzhynske Sumy Raion Luhove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Sumy Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Leninske Sumy Raion Stepne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Proletarske Sumy Raion Maryine ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Radianske Sumy Raion Mala Korchakivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Frunzeнка Sumy Raion Dibrova ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervone Sumy Raion Stare Selo ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonopraporne Sumy Raion Yablunivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Trostianets Raion Vynohradne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Korotchenkove Shostka Raion Pohrebky ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Komintern Yampil Raion Lisne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Oktiabrshchyna Yampil Raion Olhyne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Komsomolska Komuna Konotop city council Kalynivka ПВРУ 1037-VIII

Ternopil Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Radianske Kremenets Raion Velyki Mlynivtsi ПВРУ 825-VIII[7]
village Zhovtneve Ternopil Raion Soborne ПВРУ 984-VIII

Vinnytsia Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Chervone Bar Raion Hrabivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krasne Vinnytsia Raion Makhnivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninka Zhmerynka Raion Varzhynka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Zhmerynka Raion Mali Korostivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Kalynivka Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirovka Kalynivka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komunarivka Kalynivka Raion Berezhany ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Trybunivka Kalynivka Raion Zabara ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Koziatyn Raion Makhnivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Radianske Kryzhopil Raion Kniazha Krynytsia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Sverdlivka Lypovets Raion Penkivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Chervona Zirka Lypovets Raion Mala Bila ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Radianske Lityn Raion Litynski Khutory ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Leninska Sloboda Murovani Kurylivtsi Raion Kamianetski Khutory ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivka Murovani Kurylivtsi Raion Berliadka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirove Nemyriv Raion Rachky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Marksove Nemyriv Raion Monastyrske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Pohrebyshche Raion Popivtsi ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaievka Pohrebyshche Raion Nadrossia ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Rusava-Radianka Tomashpil Raion Rusava ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhdanivka Khmilnyk Raion Viytivtsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Proletar Khmilnyk Raion Dubyna ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Volodymyrivka Khmilnyk Raion Volodymyrivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervona Hreblia Chechelnyk Raion Popova Hreblia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Petrovske Sharhorod Raion Synyozhupannyky ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaieve Sharhorod Raion Novi Khomenky ПВРУ 1374-VIII
village Radianske Yampil Raion Nechuivka ПВРУ 984-VIII

Volyn Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Zhovtneve Volodymyr-Volynskyi Raion Susval ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Maiaky Lutsk Raion Kniahynynok ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Zhovtneve Novovvolynsk city council Blahodatne ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Zakarpattia Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Komsomolsk Tiachiv Raion Nimetska Mokra ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Khust Raion Zaberezh ПВРУ 1467-VIII[2]

Zaporizhia Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Karla Marksa Berdiansk Raion Troitske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Lunacharske Berdiansk Raion Azovske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Vasylivka Raion Dolynka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Biloritske Vesele Raion Mala Mykailivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Vilniansk Raion Verbove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirova Vilniansk Raion Semenenkove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kirovske Vilniansk Raion Mala Kupriianivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Uralske Vilniansk Raion Shyroke ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonokozatske Vilniansk Raion Helendzhyk ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Vilniansk Raion Tarasivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Zhovtneve Huliaipole Raion Olenokostiantynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Huliaipole Raion Huliaipilske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Petrivka Huliaipole Raion Sviatopetrivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Zaporizhia Raion Гурського ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Zaporizhia Raion Zelenopillia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Zaporizhia Raion Pryvilne ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Urytske Zaporizhia Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Petrivske Kamianka-Dniprovska Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Shliakh Illicha Kamianka-Dniprovska Raion Shliakhove ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Desiatyrichia Zhovtnia Kuibysheve Raion Berezhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
urban-type settlement Kuybysheve Kuibysheve Raion Bilmak ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninske Kuibysheve Raion Druzhne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Sovietske Melitopol Raion Voloshkove ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Zhovtneve Mykhailivka Raion Tarsalak ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Dymytrove Orikhiv Raion Zarichne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Kalinina Orikhiv Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Orikhiv Raion Tavriiske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chervonyi Zhovten Orikhiv Raion Zhovtenke ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Ulianovka Polohy Raion Ozherelne ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chubarivka Polohy Raion Fedorivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chapaievka Polohy Raion Voskresenka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
selyshche Zhovtneve Priazovske Raion Domuzly ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Kolarivka Prymorsk Raion Bolharka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Partyzany Prymorsk Raion Novopavlivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Rozivka Raion Forois ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Karla Libknekhta Rozivka Raion Zoria ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Proletarske Rozivka Raion Novozlatopil ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Urytske Rozivka Raion Sviatotroitske ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Tokmak Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kirove Tokmak Raion Lahidne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Tokmak Raion Stepove ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaievka Tokmak Raion Blahodatne ПВРУ 1353-VIII
selyshche Yuvileine Tokmak Raion Zoriane ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Panfilivka Chernihivka Raion Ilyine ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Petrovske Chernihivka Raion Petropavlivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Kuybysheve Yakymivka Raion Viazivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Leninske Yakymivka Raion Myrne ПВРУ 1037-VIII
village Chervonoarmiyske Yakymivka Raion Tavriiske ПВРУ 984-VIII

Zhytomyr Oblast[edit]

Type Old name Raion New name References
village Chubarivka Andrushivka Raion Hrada ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Piatyrichka Baranivka Raion Hlynianka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonopraporne Baranivka Raion Smolka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Radianske Berdychiv Raion Romanivka ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Chervona Zirka Berdychiv Raion Lisove ПВРУ 984-VIII
urban-type settlement Volodarsk-Volynskyi Volodarsk-Volynskyi Raion Khoroshiv ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Piatyrichka Volodarsk-Volynskyi Raion Zelenyi Hai ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Dzerzhynsk Yemilchyne Raion Lisove ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Radianske Korosten Raion Vyshneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Shchorsivka Korosten Raion Biloshchytsi ПВРУ 1377-VIII
urban-type settlement Zhovtneve Luhyny Raion Myroliubiv ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Chapaievka Luhyny Raion Mykolaivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Leninske Liubar Raion Kvitneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Malyn Raion Maklaivka ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Krupske Malyn Raion Studen ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Chervonyi Pluhatar Malyn Raion Kosnia ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Zhovtneve Olevsk Raion Kalynivka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Komsomolske Olevsk Raion Pokrovske ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Popilnia Raion Kvitneve ПВРУ 984-VIII
selyshche Radhospne Popilnia Raion Kornynske ПВРУ 1353-VIII
village Lenine Radomyshl Raion Stavky ПВРУ 984-VIII
village Zhovtneve Ruzhyn Raion Nova Chornorudka ПВРУ 1353-VIII
urban-type settlement Chervonoarmiysk Chervonoarmiysk Pulyny ПВРУ 1377-VIII
village Karla Marksa Cherniakhiv Raion Novi Zhadky ПВРУ 1353-VIII

Other cities and villages subject to name change[edit]

Type Old name Raion Oblast New name References
village Melyhivka Nova Vodolaha Raion Kharkiv Oblast Mykolaivka [uk] ПВРУ 69-IX
village Ryabukhyne Nova Vodolaha Raion Kharkiv Oblast Huliai Pole ПВРУ 68-IX

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