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This is a list of United Church of Canada churches in Toronto, Ontario. In its early history, the city was an overwhelmingly Protestant community, and was one of the world centres of Methodism - indeed, it was nicknamed the Methodist Rome. The Presbyterian Church also had a very strong presence. When the two denominations merged, Toronto was at the forefront of the formation of what became the United Church. The first council of the new church was held at Metropolitan United Church, still one of the city's most prominent. The later years of the 20th century saw a decline in the United Church in central Toronto, as followers of many new faiths moved in, forcing many of the downtown congregations to consolidate. At the same time the rise of the suburbs led to a new era of church building in the 1950s and 1960s. Today there are just under a hundred United Church churches in Toronto, but this number is steadily falling as congregations consolidate.

The Toronto Conference is one of the 13 conferences that the United Church is divided into. This conference covers much of south central Ontario, including all of the city of Toronto as well as the surrounding counties. The city itself is divided into two presbyteries:

  • Toronto Southeast, covering eastern North York, East York, the old city of Scarborough, Ontario and eastern areas of the old city of Toronto;
  • South West, covering Etobicoke, York, the western parts of North York and old Toronto. South West also extends into Malton, Brampton and northern Halton Region.
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Alderwood United Church Alderwood 1955 Alderwood United Church.jpg
Asbury & West United Church Bathurst and Lawrence Founded 1812 1947 Merger of Asbury and former West Presbyterian(1860); west was located at College and Montrose. Asbury West United Church.JPG
Avenue Road United Church Summerhill 1899–1930 Merged with St. Paul's-Avenue Road United Church Hare Krishna, Toronto.JPG
Bathurst Street United Church Downtown Founded 1860 Congregation today meets at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church Bathurst St Theatre.JPG
Beach United Church The Beaches 2007 - Merger of Bellefair United Church and Kew Beach United Church; now meeting in former Kew Beach building.
Bedford Park United Church Bedford Park 1922 Bedford Park United Church.JPG
Bellefair United Church The Beaches 1907–2007 Merged with Kew Beach United Church to form Beach United Church Bellefair United Church.JPG
Berkeley Street United Church Queen East and Berkeley 1871–1955 Merged with Regent Park United Church. Building is today an event venue Berkeley Church, Toronto.JPG
Beverley Hills United Church Downsview
Birchcliff Bluffs United Church Scarborough Founded 1919 as Birchcliffe Congregationalist; merged 2004 with Birchcliffe Heights in Birchcliffe. Birchcliff Bluffs United Church.jpg
Bloordale United Church Etobicoke 1955
Bloor Street United Church Downtown Founded 1887 Bloor United.JPG
Centennial-Japanese United Church Willowdale Also home to Toronto Japanese Nichigo United Church. Located on Dovercourt until 2006 Centennial United Church.JPG
Centennial-Rouge United Church West Hill
Carlton Street United Church Downtown 1832–1959 Merged with Sherbourne Street United to form St. Luke's United Carlton Street Methodist, Toronto.PNG
Centennial United Church Dufferin Grove 1891–1986 Today loft condominiums. In 1986 amalgamated with Toronto Japanese United Church to form Centennial-Japanese United Church
Central United Church Weston Founded 1821 Centralunitedchurchweston.jpg
Church of the Master United Church Woburn Church of the Master United Church.JPG
Clinton Street United Church Clinton and College 1896–1928 Merged with West United Church in 1928, then home of Dewi Sant Welsh United Church. Clinton Street Methodist, Toronto.PNG
College Street United Church Downtown Founded 1874 as College Street Presbyterian Church College Street United Church.JPG
Cosburn United Church East York Founded March 1933 / new building 1942 Cosburn United.JPG
Davenport Perth United Church Carleton Village Founded 1818 Originally Davenport Road Methodist Church, then Olde Davenport United Church, merged with Perth United in 1970 Davenport Perth United Church.JPG
Deer Park United Church Deer Park Founded 1881 as Deer Park Presbyterian Church Deer Park United.jpg
Dewi Sant Welsh United Church Bedford Park Founded 1907 Only Welsh language church in Canada Dewi Sant Welsh United Church.JPG
Dentonia Park United Church East York Founded 1924 Dentonia Park United Church.JPG
Dufferin Street United Church Dufferin and Davenport Disbanded 1961
Don Mills-Thorncliffe Park United Church East York Founded 1819, as Don Mills Methodist; Thorncliffe started in 1960s, and redeveloped with housing. Don Mills, United.JPG
Donway Covenant United Church Don Mills 1954, 1990s merger of The Donway with Church of the Covenant (Don Valley Village) in The Donway. in midst of Don Mills The Donway Covenant United Church.jpg
Downsview United Church Downsview Founded 1844 as Downsview Methodist. Built in 1870, and is a Toronto Heritage Property.[1] Downsview United Church, North York, Ontario, Canada.jpg
Earlscourt United Church Earlscourt 1905–1969 Founded as Boon Avenue Methodist Mission, merged with St. David's United to form Faith United
Eastminster United Church The Danforth Founded 1966 Merger of North Broadview United (built as Chester Presbyterian) and Danforth United (built Methodist) Eastminster United.JPG
Eglinton United Church Yonge and Eglinton 1840–1999; Eglinton Methodist Merged into Eglinton St. George's United Church Eglinton United.JPG
Eglinton St. George's United Church Lytton Park Founded 1890 as Eglinton Presbyterian. Changed name in 1925 as Methodist congregation was older. Eglinton St George United.JPG
Elia United Church Elia 1900–1957 part of Downsview Circuit; now a Reformed Church
Emmanuel United Church, Malvern Malvern 1864-c.1975 First church to serve village of Malvern. Demolished 1975
Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church Roncesvalles Founded 1884 A merger of three churches that were once in the area Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church.JPG
Erskine United Church Roncesvalles 1884-1961. Originally Fern Avenue Presbyterian, later called High Park; renamed Erskine United in 1925 as High Park Methodist was older. Merged with North Parkdale United to form Emmanuel United, today Emmanuel-Howard Park United
Fairbank United Church Glen Park 1860 as Methodist congregation merger with St. Cuthburt's (former Fairbank Presbyterian) in 2000; St. Cuthburt's House on site.
Fairlawn Avenue United Church Bedford Park Founded 1915 as Fairlawn Methodist. Three other congregations have merged into Fairlawn (Armour Heights 1988, and St. James-Bond 2005) Fairlawn Avenue United Church.JPG
Faith United Church Earlscourt 1969–1992 Created from a merger of Earlscourt United and St. David's United. Building sold to Bethlehem United Church of Christ (Apostolic) later demolished 1995
Forest Grove United Church Willowdale 1950s Also home to Immanuel Toronto Korean UC Forest Grove, United.JPG
Forest Hill United Church Forest Hill Founded 1940 Forest Hill United.JPG
Gerrard Street United Church Gerrard and River 1880–1939 Merged with St. Enoch's United Gerrard Street Methodist, Toronto.PNG
Glebe Road United Church Davisville Also home to Deutsche Evangeliums United Church Glebe Road United Church.JPG
Glen Ayr United Church Bendale 1960 Glen Ayr United Church.JPG
Glen Rhodes United Church Leslieville Founded 1984 Merger of Rhodes Avenue United (1906 Presbyterian) and Glen Mount United (Methodist) Glen Rhodes United Church.JPG
Glenmount United Church Upper Beaches 1909–1984 Merged with Rhodes Avenue United to form Glen Rhodes United Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church, Toronto.JPG
High Park Korean United Church High Park Founded 1908 formerly High Park United Church, Originally Methodist. High Park United Church.JPG
Hope United Church The Danforth 1880 as Hope Methodist Hope United Church.JPG
Howard Park United Church Roncesvalles 1908-1969 started as Howard Park Methodist Merged with Emmanuel United to form Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church
Humber Valley United Church Humber Valley Founded 1952
Humbercrest United Church Baby Point Founded 1912 as Methodist Humbercrest United Church.JPG
Humbervale United Church Etobicoke Humbervale United Church.JPG
Hungarian United Church
Iondale Heights United Church Ionview Iondale Heights United Church.JPG
Islington United Church Islington Founded 1840s, original building on Dundas Street; moved onto Burnhamthorpe Road in 1950s Islington United Church.JPG
Jane-Finch Community Ministry Jane and Finch Founded 1982
Jubilee United Church Don Mills 1835 as York Mills Presbyterian. 2000 merger of Bethesda United (1886 move of York Mills to former Methodist building), Victoria Village, and Donminster in Donminster building; Jubilee United Church.JPG
Kew Beach United Church The Beaches 1890–2007 Started as Kew Beach Presbyterian, Merged with Bellefair United (originally Methodist) to form Beach United Kew Beach United Church.JPG
Kimbourne Park United Church The Danforth 1913 as Greenwood Avenue Presbyterian Church moved in the 1930s Kimbourne Park United.JPG
Kingston Road United Church The Beaches 1927 merger of former Presbyterian and Methodist Missions in North Beaches. Kingston Road United Church.jpg
Kingsway-Lambton United Church The Kingsway Founded 1845 as Lambton Mills Methodist originally located at Lambton Mills on Dundas Street; moved into The Kingsway in 1936.
Knob Hill United Church Bendale 1955 Knob Hill United Church.JPG
Knox United Church Scarborough Founded 1844 through York Mills Presbyterian Church; erected 1848 Knox United Church, Scarborough.jpg
Lansing United Church Lansing Lansing United Church.JPG
Lawrence Park Community Church[2] Lawrence Park 1950 Lawrence Park Community Church.jpg
Leaside United Church Leaside 1930 Leaside United.JPG
Malvern-Emmanuel United Church Malvern 1980 replaced former rural congregation in Malvern subdivision. Malvern-Emmanuel United Church.JPG
Manor Road United Church Davisville Manor Road United Church.JPG
Martin Grove United Church Rexdale Originally West Humber United Church, merged with Rexdale United (1956) in 1994 Martin Grove United Church.JPG
Metropolitan United Church Downtown Founded 1818 as Methodist Metropolitan United.JPG
Mount Dennis United Church Mount Dennis 1960 Merger of Chalmers United (formerly Mt. Dennis Presbyterian 1913) and Pearen Memorial United (Mt. Dennis Methodist 1903). Meeting in former Presbyterian building, has been joined by Harwood (formerly Presbyterian) 1962, and Silverthorn in 1995; that had absorbed St Luke's United York Township (formerly Silverthorn Presbyterian) in 1943, and Prospect Park United Church (originally Methodist) in 1970. Mount Dennis United Church.JPG
Newtonbrook United Church Willowdale 1800s as Newton Brook Methodist Also home to Taiwanese United Church, and Lester B. Pearson housing complex, named after son of former Minister.
North Broadview United Church Broadview and Dearbourne 1891–1966, as Chester Presbyterian. Merged with Danforth United (originally Methodist) to become Eastminster United; building torn down to become Chester Village Seniors Complex in 1970, commemorative stone placed in lobby. Toronto Housinmg is now gutting building after Chester Village moved to Scarborough.
North Riverdale United Church Riverdale 1925–1929 Met in Harcourt Hall, as minority from Riverdale Presbyterian (including Minister) who supported 1925 Union. Not being able to acquire building, joined with North Broadview, Danforth, Donlands, Riverdale, and other congregations.
North Parkdale United Roncesvalles 1889–1961 Merged with Erskine United to form Emmanuel United, today Emmanuel-Howard Park United;
North Runnymede United Church Rockcliffe–Smythe 1913–present Founded as Scarlett Plains Methodist in 1913 North Runnymede United Church.JPG
Northlea United Church Leaside 1955 Northlea United Church.jpg
Northminster United Church Willowdale 1955
Onnuri Korean United Church Bedford Park Onnuri Korean United Church.JPG
Oriole-York Mills United Church Willowdale Oriole-York Mills United.JPG
Parkdale United Church Parkdale Founded 1876 as Parkdale Methodist; large building replaced by apartment complex in 1980 Parkdale United Church.JPG
Parkwoods United Church Don Mills 1960 Housing complex added in 1990s Parkwoods United Church.JPG
Perth United Church Junction Triangle 1889 Originally Ernest Avenue Methodist, merged with Davenport Road United in 1970 to form Davenport Perth United. Building is today Perth Avenue Adventist, but presently for sale.
Presteign Woodbine United Church Parkview Hills 1918 as Gledhill Methodist Mission; 1921 Woodbine Heights Methodist; 1925 Woodbine United to 1986. Presteign 1950 1986 merger of Woodbine and Presteign in Presteign building; Woodbine remained as Daycare Centre, redeveloped in 2000.
Regent Park United Church Regent Park Regent Park United.JPG
Rhodes Avenue United Church Leslieville 1908–1984; first as Reid Avenue Presbyterian Church, Street renamed Rhodes in 1911, then Rhodes UC in 1925. Merged with Glenmount United to form Glen Rhodes United Glen Rhodes United Church.JPG
Richview United Church Centennial Park Founded 1829 as Richview Methodist. Building expropriated for 427-401-Richview Expressway complex; congregation moved into new subdivision; cemetery remains in highway median.
Riverdale United Church Riverdale 1862 as Riverdale Methodist Riverdale United Church.JPG
Riverside-Emery United Church Weston 1965 merger of Emery United Church (1960) and Riverside (1938) in Riverside (1951 building) 1980 fire gutted entire building; rebuilt 1981.
Royal York Road United Church Etobicoke Founded 1889 as Tomlinson Methodist Queensway United joined in 1970
Rosedale United Church Rosedale Founded 1868 Founded as Northern Congregational Church moved to Rosedale in 1914, Rosedale Union Church 1922. Rosedale United.jpg
Runnymede United Church Bloor West Village formed 1925 by Minority Presbyterians from Victoria Presbyterian. Runnymede United Church.JPG
Scarborough Bluffs United Church Scarborough Bluffs Congregation founded 1803. 2004 Merger of Washington United (Scarborough Methodist) and Cliffcrest United (1948) in 1950s Washington building. Cemetery located south of property on Scarborough Golf Club Road where previous buildings (and Kingston Road alignment) were located. Scarborough Bluffs United Church.JPG
Sherbourne Street United Church Downtown 1872–1959 Merged with Carlton Street United to form St. Luke's United St Luke, Toronto.jpg
Silverthorn United Church early 1900s-1995 Originally Silverthorn Methodist. Welcomed neighbouring St Luke's (formerly Presbyterian) United in 1943 (shared Pastoral charge in 1930s). Merged with Mount Dennis United Church, and building demolished and replaced by houses on Aileen Street.
Simpson Avenue United Church Leslieville 1889-1991 as Simpson Avenue Methodist. Merged with Glen Rhodes United Church, building now home to Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Simpson Avenue Methodist, Toronto.PNG
St. Andrew's United Church Downtown 1949 Merger of Old St. Andrew's United Church (from 1830) and Westminster (Yorkville Canada Presbyterian 1860)- Central (Yorkville Methodist 1841) in former Westminster (1892, gutted by fire 1922) building. Ols St. Andrew's Split off from St. Andrew's Church in 1876, as well as Grosvenor Street Split from Bay Street/Erskine Presbyterian the same year. Yonge Street (formerly Summerhill Methodist 1873) joined in 1970s Building redeveloped into office complex, with smaller Worship area. St Andrew United, Toronto.JPG
St. David's United Church Earlscourt 1906-1969 as Prospect Park Presbyterian Mission, St. David's Presbyterian, and St. David's United. Merged with Earlscourt United to form Faith United, building acquired by Seventh Day Adventist congregation, who sold building for revelopement; datestone for Church is on wall of development with plaque commemorating Seventh Day Adventist Congregation.
St. Enoch's United Church Sackville and Winchester 1885-1970 as St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Building today is the Winchester Street Theatre; plaque in Riverdale Park notes the link with St. Enoch's pioneer minister as father of Sir Ernest MacMillan
St. James United Church Etobicoke Founded 1951
St. James-Bond Church North Toronto 1928 to 2005; move of two downtown congregations; Bond Congregationalist (1830s) and St. James Square United Presbyterian (1853) Merged into Fairlawn Avenue United Church, building demolished in 2007.
St. John's United Church Agincourt 1955 Replacing name of rural St. John's Milliken United Church, destroyed in 1929. St John's United Church, Agincourt.JPG
St. Luke's United Church Downtown Founded 1874 as Sherbourne Street Methodist; merged in 1959 with Carlton Street (1832 Primitive Methodist) in Sherbourne building. St Luke, Toronto.jpg
St. Luke's United Church, Etobicoke Etobicoke Founded 1955; closed 2010. St. Luke's United Church, Etobicoke.JPG
St. Mark's United Church Woburn 1965 building destroyed by fire in 1970s. rebuilt
St. Matthew's United Church Hillcrest 1966 merger of St. Clair United (Methodist) with St. Columba United (Wychwood Presbyterian 1902). Further mergers include Faith United. St. Matthew's United Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Paul's United Church Cliffside 1920 as Scarborough Bluffs Presbyterian expanded facilities in 1960s St. Paul's United Church, Scarborough.JPG
St. Paul's-Avenue Road United Church Downtown 1877–1980 Merged with Trinity-St. Paul's United Church St Paul's Methodist, Toronto.png
St. Paul's Lakeshore United Church Long Branch Founded 1924 St Pauls Lakeshore United Church.jpg
Timothy Eaton Memorial United Church Forest Hill Founded 1914 as Timothy Eaton Memorial Methodist Church Timothy Eaton Memorial Church.JPG
Toronto Chinese United Church Milliken 1910 moved from Elizabeth Street in 1990s.
Trethewey Park United Church 1926-971 Merged with Elverston Park United Church to form Elverston-Trethewey United Church (closed 2001) after 3 moves.
Trinity-St. Paul's United Church Downtown Founded 1889 as Trinity Methodist Church. Merged with St. Paul's-Avenue Road in 1980s. Trinity-St Paul's.JPG
Victoria Park United Church Clairlea Founded 1917 as Dawes Road Methodist Church relocated in 1949 from East York to new Scarborough subdivision. Victoria Park United Church.JPG
Wanstead United Church Oakridge 1923 as Warden Park Presbyterian Mission. Merged with St. Paul's Scarborough (Cliffside) in 2012. Wanstead building sold and now a Mosque. Wanstead United.JPG
Wesley United Church Dundas and Ossington 1876–1983 Merged with Grace-Carmen to form Wesley-Grace-Carmen Wesley Methodist, Toronto.PNG
Wesley-Grace-Carmen United Church 1983–1988 Merged with Westmoreland to form Westennial United Church
Wesley-Mimico United Church Mimico 1925 Merger of Wesley Methodist and Mimico Presbyterian. Wesley-Mimico United Church.jpg
West Ellesmere United Church Maryvale 1956 Major split in 1980 led to Good Shepherd Community Church in L'Amoreaux Community.
West Hill United Church West Hill 1947
West United Church Downtown 1860-1947. Started as West Presbyterian. Started in Brock Hall, buildings constructed 1863 and 1879 on Deniston Avenue. Sold 1910, became St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church. Moved to College and Montrose, merged with Clinton Street United Church (Methodist) in 1927, and into Asbury & West United Church. St Stanislaus Kostka, Toronto.JPG
Westennial United Church Dundas and Ossington 1988–1997 Merger of Wesley-Grace-Carmen and Westmoreland United. Building today is St. Christopher House
Westminster-Central United Church Downtown 1925–1950 Formed in 1925 by merger of Westminster Presbyterian and Central Methodist. Merged with Old St. Andrew's United in 1950 to become St. Andrew's United. Westminster Presbyterian, Toronto.PNG
Westminster United Church Weston Founded 1847 as Weston Presbyterian (Free Church) Moved into new building near Weston and Lawrence; Old Church split in 1914. Constructed new building east of Railway in 1950s.
Westmoreland United Church Dovercourt 1884–1988 Merged with Wesley-Grace-Carmen to form Westennial United Church Westmoreland Methodist, Toronto.PNG
Westway United Church Etobicoke Founded 1957 Westway United Church.JPG
Wexford Heights United Church Wexford Founded 1842 as Zion Methodist Church, Wexford. Joined Presbyterian Church in 1888 following dissatisfaction with Methodist union and closing of congregation. Joined UCC in 1925, built new structure in 1950s, and amalgamated with Wilmar Heights (1957) in 2002. Wexford Heights United Church.JPG
Willowdale United Church Willowdale 1815 as Willowdale Methodist. Originally at Yonge and Church, but moved when Yonge widened in 1953 Willowdale United Church.JPG
Wilmar Heights United Church Wexford 1957–2002 Closed after constructing apartment complex, building serves as Southeast Presbytery offices. Wilmar Heights United Church.JPG
Windermere United Church Swansea Founded 1911 Windermere United Church.JPG
WoodGreen United Church Leslieville 1873–2004 WoodGreen United Church.JPG

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