List of United Nations Security Council resolutions on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

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Four UN Security Council Resolutions have been passed during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. These resolutions have not invoked Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

No. Purpose Date
822 Calls for the cessation of hostilities and withdrawal of local occupying forces troops from Kelbajar district following its occupation on April 3, 1993. April 30, 1993
853 Demands the immediate cessation of all hostilities, calls on withdrawal of local Armenian troops from Agdam district of Azerbaijan occupied on June 23, 1993 and reaffirms UN Resolution 822. July 29, 1993
874 Welcomes and commends to the parties the "Adjusted timetable of urgent

steps to implement Security Council resolutions 822 (1993) and 853 (1993)" set out on 28 September 1993 at the meeting of the CSCE Minsk Group and submitted to the parties concerned by the Chairman of the Group with the full support of nine other members of the Group, and calls on the parties to accept it;

October 14, 1993
884 Condemns the recent violations of the cease-fire established between the parties, which resulted in a resumption of hostilities; calls upon the Government of Armenia to use its influence to achieve compliance by the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh with resolutions 822, 853 and 874; demands from the parties concerned the immediate cessation of armed hostilities; calls for the withdrawal of local Armenian troops from district of Zangilan and reaffirms UN Resolutions 822, 853, 874. November 12, 1993

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