List of United Nations resolutions concerning Syria

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United Nations Syria
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The United Nations resolutions concerning Syria have mainly dealt with the Arab–Israeli conflict, Syrian occupation of Lebanon and the Syrian Civil War.

Security Council Resolutions[edit]

Resolution Date Vote Concerns
887 29 November 1993 Unanimous United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Zone
962 29 November 1994 Unanimous United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Zone
1595 7 April 2005 Unanimous Syrian occupation of Lebanon
1636 31 October 2005 Unanimous Assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri
2042 14 April 2012 Unanimous The Syrian Civil War observer force resolution
2043 21 April 2012 Unanimous Establishes of the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria
2059 20 July 2012 Unanimous Renews mandate of Syrian Observer Mission for 30 days.
2118 27 September 2013[1] Unanimous Syrian civil war, Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons.
2139 February 22, 2014[2] Unanimous Syrian civil war, access for humanitarian aid.
2165 14 July 2014 Unanimous Syrian civil war, Humanitarian situation in Syria and the establishment of a monitoring mechanism
2209 6 March 2015 14–0–1 (abstentions; Venezuela) Syrian civil war, Chemical weapons in Syria
2254 18 December 2015 Unanimous Syrian civil war, Cease fire
2268 26 February 2016 Unanimous calling for a cessation of hostilities and a grant for access to humanitarian workers in Syria.
2314 31 October 2016 Unanimous Extends Mandate of the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism to Identify Perpetrators of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria.
2319 17 November 2016 Unanimous Renewed the mandate of the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism for a further year.
2328 19 December 2016 Unanimous Demanding Immediate, Unhindered Access for Observation of Monitoring Civilian Evacuations from Aleppo, Syria.
2332 21 December 2016 Unanimous Renewed the authorisation for cross-border aid delivery in Syria until 10 January 2018.
2336 31 December 2016 Unanimous Calls on all the parties to allow humanitarian agencies rapid, safe and unhindered access throughout Syria.
2401 24 February 2018 Unanimous Calls for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria for 30 days starting from 24 February 2018.
2449 13 December 2018 Unanimous renewing the authorisation for cross-border and cross-line humanitarian access to Syria.

General Assembly Resolutions[edit]

Resolution Date Sponsors Vote For Abstain Against Absent Concerns
A/RES/72/191 "Situation of Human Rights in the Syrian Arab Republic" December 19, 2017  Japan,  Qatar,  Saudi Arabia,  Ukraine,  USA[3] 109-58-17
Untitled Resolution[4] TBD  Liechtenstein,  Qatar TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD The signatory states to the message called on the United Nations to investigate the torture and executions of political detainees and to act to punish the Syrian regime for its crimes, its continuous violation of human rights and the endangerment of the lives of millions of innocent Syrians.[5]

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