List of United States military installations in Iraq

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Map of major U.S. military bases in Iraq and the number of soldiers stationed there (2007)

The United States Department of Defense has a large number of temporary military bases in Iraq, most a type of forward operating base (FOB).

Depending on their size or utility, the installations were called: Camp, Forward Operating Base (FOB), Contingency Operating Base (COB), Contingency Operating Site (COS), Combat Outpost (COP), Patrol Base (PB), Outpost, Logistic Base (Log Base), Fire Base (FB), Convoy Support Center (CSC), Logistic Support Area (LSA) and Joint Security Station (JSS).

Near the end of Occupation of Iraq (2003–2011), the last several Camps and Forward Operating Bases were changed to Contingency Operating Bases and Sites.

At the height of the occupation, the United States had 170,000 men and women in uniform stationed in 505 bases throughout Iraq. Another 135,000 contractors were also working in Iraq.[1]

Due to International military intervention against ISIL, personnel have returned to old bases and new bases created. Control of many U.S.-operated bases was transferred to the Iraqi government during the 2020–2021 U.S. troop withdrawal.


Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
Al-Harir Air Base Shaqlawa Erbil (Kurdistan Region) 2003 Still in use by U.S. forces as of January 2023[2]
Al Asad Airbase Haditha and Hīt Al Anbar 2003 Still in use by U.S. forces as of January 2023[3]


Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
Camp Al-Khalis (Rock City F.O.B.) ?
Camp Al Qa'im (Al Qa'im train station) Al Qa'im Al Anbar ?
Camp Al Watani (Green Zone) Baghdad ?
Camp Anah
COP Ocotal
Anah Al Anbar 1/4 TF Highlander in '07 w/1st LAR, 3/4 in '06/'07, and many others over years. Large SVBIED at TCP Alpha 20070507.
Camp Andaluz (Spanish Camp) Najaf Located near Kufa, used by Spanish troops[4]
Camp Anderson Diwaniyah Al-Qādisiyyah 35 miles south of Baghdad
Camp Camp Apache
Camp Gunner Main
Adhamiya Baghdad [5]
Camp Arkansas Al Salam Baghdad Al Salam Palace
Camp Arrow Ad Dawr/Tikrit Salah ad Din
Camp Avalanche Abu Ghraib Baghdad Abu Ghraib Prison
Camp Babylon Hilla Babil April 2003 January 2005 Dismantled HQ of 1st Marine Expeditionary Force[6]
Used by Polish Forces[7]
Camp Baharia
FOB Volturno
Fallujah Al Anbar 2003 2009 Dreamland
Camp Basilone Nasiriyah Al-Qādisiyyah March 2003 (Qalat Sikar Air Base)
Camp Black Jack Baghdad Baghdad [8] Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Boom Baqubah Diyala Baqubah Airfield
Camp Brassfield Mora Samarra Salah ad Din 2004 [9]
Camp Bravo Basra Basra 2011 [10]
Camp Bristol Baghdad Baghdad Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Bucca Al-Zubair Basra 2003 December 2010 Hotel [11]
Camp Buffalo Tikrit Salah ad Din ?
Camp Bulldog Baghdad
Camp Bushmaster Al Najaf Najaf [12]
Camp Bushwaker ?
Camp Buzz ?
Camp Clairborne ? Mosul Air Base
Camp Cobra Abu Ghraib Baghdad Abu Ghraib Presidential Site
Camp Cold Steel ?
Camp Combat Outpost (Ar Ramadi) ?
Camp Cooke Taji Baghdad 2003 Taji Air Base
Camp Cropper Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Cuervo
Camp Rustamiyah
Camp Muleskinner
Sadr District Baghdad 2003 2009 Iraqi Military Academy Rustamiyah
Camp Dahuk
Camp Daniels (Samarra)
Camp Dakota (Baghdad)
Camp Dracula
Camp Dragoon (Baghdad)
Camp Duke (Najaf) Najaf Najaf September 2003 All UN sanctioned weapons were destroyed and FOB was transitioned to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in 2009. Najaf ASP remains active. Najaf Ammunition Supply Point (ASP)
Camp Camp Eagle (Baghdad)
Camp Eagle III (Najaf)
Camp Eden
Camp Hit
Camp Edson (Diwaniyah)
Camp Ellis
Camp Bastard
Barwanah Al Anbar 2007 [13][14]
Camp Endurance
Camp Regulars
Q West Air Field
Camp Fallujah Fallujah Al Anbar March 2004 2009
Camp Fenway Qalat Sikar Air Field
Camp Freedom (Mosul)
Camp Freedom I
Camp Warhorse
Baqubah Air Field
Camp Freedom II (Green Zone)
Camp Ganci (Abu Ghraib)
Camp Geiger
Camp Gilligan (Saddam Canal Bridge provisory camp)
Camp Golf
Camp Baker (Najaf)
Camp Graceland Rasheed Air Base
Camp Griffin Baghdad International Airport
Camp Honor Green Zone/Baghdad Baghdad 2006 Iraqi Prison [15]
Camp Hotel (Najaf)
Camp Hurricane Point (Ar Ramadi)
Camp Husaybah Al-Qa'im Al Anbar 2009 Renamed Camp Gannon
Camp Independence
Camp Headhunter
FOB Headhunter
Ali Saleh Baghdad Almuthana Air Base 2 Platoons of HHC 4-64 AR, 4th BDE, 3rd IN Div
Camp India
Camp Iron Horse (Sadr City)
Camp Ironhorse
FOB Danger (Tikrit)
Salah ad Din
Camp Jennings (Al Amarah)
Camp Juliet (Karbala) Karbala Used by Polish forces[16]
Camp Junction City (Ar Ramadi)
Camp Justice
Camp Al Adala
Camp Banzai
Kadhamiyah Baghdad
Camp Kalsu
Camp Klecker BIAP
Camp Knot
Camp Korean Village
FOB Buzz (Ar Rutbah / H-3 Air Base )
Al Anbar
Camp Lancer K2 Air Base
Camp Leader (Mosul)
Camp Libeccio (Nasiryah)
Camp Liberty (Camp Hurriya)
Camp Victory North (Camp Al-Tahreer)
Abu Ghraib Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Lima (Baghdad)
Camp Loki Kurdish Region Erbil March 2003 July 2003 Dismantled Used by Task Force Viking
Camp Manhattan
Camp Habbaniyah
Habbaniyah Air Base
Camp Marez (Mosul)
Camp Malboro (Sadr City)
Camp Mejid (Al Asad AB)[17] Al Anbar
Camp Mercury
Camp Abu Ghraib
Camp Minden
Camp C.W. Myler (Baghdad) camp of Naval Special Warfare Squadron One during their deployment in 2004
Camp Nakamura (Nippur) Babil Named in honor of Army Spc. Paul T. Nakamura
Camp Nama located in Baghdad, operations moved to LSA Anaconda
Camp Normandy (Muqdadiyah)
Camp Outlaw (Green Zone)
Camp Pacemaker part of LSA Bushmaster near Najaf
Camp Pacesetter Samarra East Air Field
Camp Paladin
Camp Paliwoda (Balad)
Camp Packhorse
FOB Remagen
Camp Cougar
Camp Camp Parsons (expansion at Camp Victory)
Camp Performance (Mosul)
Camp Camp Patriot(Green Zone)
Camp Qayyarah Quyarrah Air Base
Camp Raider
FOB Dagger (Tikrit)
Camp Ramadi
Camp Blue Diamond
Camp Champion Main
Camp Hurricane Point
Ramadi 2007 2011 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 82nd Aiborne Division[18]: 3 
2-319 Airborne Field Artillery[18]: 3 
1-325 Airborne Infantry[18]: 3 
Camp Reasoner II (Sahl Sinjar, Tal Afar) Sinjar Nineveh 2003 October 2009 Transferred to Iraqi Army
Camp Red Knight
Camp Redcatcher Rasheed Air Base
Camp Redemption (Abu Ghraib)
Camp Renegade Kirkuk Kirkuk April 2003 Renamed Camp Warrior in 2004 Kirkuk Air Base
Camp Ridgeway (Al Taqaddum)
Camp Ripper (Al Asad)
Camp Roach
Camp Hadithah
Camp Rustamiyah
also known as Camp Cuervo
Rasheed Air Base
Camp Sather Baghdad International Air Base
Camp Scania (Nippur) Hashimiya Babil March 2003 15 July 2010 Transferred to Iraqi Army Convoy Support Center (CSC) Scania, on MSR Tampa about 4 miles west of Al Shomali. Last unit: 389th Combat Service Support Battalion.[19]
Camp Shield (Baghdad)
Camp Slayer Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Smitty
Camp Snake Pit (Ramadi)
Camp Solidarity (Camp Al-Tadamum)
Camp Gunsligner
Adhamiyah Baghdad
Camp Speicher
COB Speicher
Tikrit Salah ad Din 2003 Handed over to Iraqis in October 2011 al-Sahra Air Base
Camp St. Mere (Fallujah)
Camp Steel Dragon (Green Zone)
Camp Steel Falcon
Camp Stone (Sulaymaniyah)
Camp Strike (Mosul)
Camp Striker Part of the Victory Base Complex
Camp Sullivan (Baghdad)
Camp Sustainer
Camp Sycamore Al-Sahra Air Base
Camp Taji Taji Air Base
Camp Taqaddum Fallujah Al Anbar March 2003 Taqaddum Air Base was handed over to Iraqis on April 5, 2020[20][21]
Camp Thunder Baghdad International Air Base
Camp Top Gun (Mosul)
Camp Trebil
Camp Gibbons
Camp Twin Tower
Camp Ultimo (Baghdad)
Camp Union I (Camp Al-Tawheed Al-Awal)
Camp Greywolf
Al-Sijood Al Sijood Presidential Site
Camp Union II (Camp Al-Tawheef Al-Thani)
Camp Warrior
Al-Sijood Al Sijood Presidential Site
Camp Victory 51 papa (Abu Ghraib)
Camp Vigilant (Abu Ghraib)
Camp Viper Jalibah Air Base
Camp Volunteer
Camp Provider (Baghdad)
Camp War Horse Baqubah Air Field
Camp Whitehorse
Camp Whitford Tallil Air Base
Camp Wolf
Camp Miller
Camp Wolfpack (Green Zone)
Camp Zadan (Zadan)
Camp Zaytun (Irbil)
Camp Zulu (as Suwayrah) Wasit 2003 21 August 2005 Turned over to the Iraqi army As Suwayrah Air Base

Combat Outpost (COP)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
COP Amanche Baghdad
COP Annihilator Unused trade school in Ameriya
COP Apache Adhamiyah Baghdad
COP Assassin Diyala Baghdad 2007 Location 33.308677, 44.617434 Former Truck Depot
COP Attack West Al Rashid Baghdad 2007 Former Boxing Gym
COP Ayres
COP Aztec South of Baghdad International Airport Baghdad [22]
COP Bama Diyala
COP Banchee
COP Battle Al Rashid Baghdad
COP Beretta
COP 860/Blackfoot Al Hadar/East Rashid Baghdad 2007 Chaldean Pontifical Babel College Church Complex
COP Blickenstaff Mosul Nineveh
COP Blue Babe Bridge / Georgian Bridge (Route Blue Babe, across the Diyala River)
COP Bone Zulu South Tahrir
COP Cahill Mada'in Qada 2007 2011 33.134972, 44.572930
COP Callahan Adhamiyah Baghdad
COP Carver Salman Pak 2008 2011 33.083224, 44.599440
Baker Boys: Inside the Surge
COP Cashe 33.208018, 44.523323
COP Cashe South Baghdad 2007 July 2010 Transferred to the Iraqi Police 33.20664164070701, 44.519090597883114 Built right next to Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Reactor that was bombed.
COP Casino
COP Wildcard
COP Chaos Ba'quba Diyala
COP Cleary 2007 2008 33.139267, 44.692545
COP Corregidor (near Haswah, Al Yusufiyah) 2007
COP Dragon Yusifiyah Baghdad 2007 2008 Transferred to the Iraqi Army Last unit: 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).[23]
COP Ellis
COP Falcon Ramadi Al Anbar
COP Ford Adhamiyah Baghdad
COP Gator Baghdad Nestled in the Dora market
COP Golden Tharthar Al Anbar 2007 August 2007 Turned over to the Iraqi Army North of Fallujah off MSR Golden
COP Grant Ramadi Al Anbar
COP Haditha Dam
COP Hatoon Ba'quba Diyala
COP Hawas Al Anbar MSR Golden, Northeast of Lake Thar Thar Dam and Canal
COP Hutal
COP Rath
COP Iron Ramadi Al Anbar
COP Khatoon Ba'quba Diyala
COP Meade
COP Murray Northern Arab Jibor Baghdad
COP Old Mod Al Rashid Baghdad Old Ministry of Defense Building
COP Nepsa Saladin Governorate Nineveh 2007 2009 Turned over to the Iraqi Army East Side of Tigris Al Sharqat *BTrp 1/3 ACR*
COP North Al-Qa'im Al Anbar
COP Norris Baghdad
COP Ocotal / Ocotol Anah Al Anbar
COP Old Baqubah Ba'quba Diyala
COP Old Mob
COP Qasr `Amij (160k) Rutba Al Anbar 2007 2010 Turned over to Iraqi Army Site of the 29th Brigade, 7th IA Division
COP Rabiy Mosul Nineveh
COP Rawah
COP Remagen
COP Resolve
COP Rock
COP Romeo Ba'quba Diyala
COP Ruger
COP Salie (Nahrawan)
COP San Juan Southwest of Baghdad International Airport Baghdad 2007 Abandoned Bombed out garage/barracks destroyed. Remnants of tower remain.
COP Sedgwick Al Anbar August 2009 Turned over to the Iraqi Army Downgraded from a FOB sometime between 2008 & 2009


COP Shan Mosul Nineveh
COP South Al-Qa'im Al Anbar
COP Shocker Zurbatiyah Wasit 2007 July 2011
COP Spear Ramadi Al Anbar
COP Sword Ramadi Al Anbar
COP Summers
COP Tampa Mosul Nineveh
COP Tehrir / Tarear / Tahrir Ba'quba Diyala
COP Texas Sadr City Baghdad
COP Tripoli
COP War Eagle
COP 102 Rusafa Baghdad
COP 402
COP 727
COP 742
COP 821 southwestern neighborhood of Saidiyah Baghdad

Contingency Operating Base (COB)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
COB Adder
Camp Adder
LSA Adder
Camp Cedar I
Camp Cedar II
Nasiriyah December 2011 Nasiriyah Airport 3rd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division[18]: 3 
1-77 Armor[18]: 6 
2-82 Field Artillery[18]: 6 
219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade[18]: 7 
1-163 Infantry[18]: 13 
COB Asad 4-6 Infantry[18]: 3 
2-325 Infantry[18]: 7 
COB Basrah
Camp Basrah
Basrah December 2011 Transferred to civilian control Contains U.S. Consulate.[10]
COB Erbil
COB Scania
COB Warhorse

Contingency Operating Site (COS)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
COS Besmayah
COS Bucca
COS Cobra 4-9 Cavalry[18]: 7 
COS Delta
FOB Delta
FOB Al Kut
Camp Chesty
Kut April 2003 October 2011 Transferred to Iraqi Control 6-9 Cavalry[18]: 6 
Kut Air Base
COS Echo Diwaniya 1-82 Field Artillery[18]: 2 
2-8 Cavalry[18]: 6 
3/3 Armored Cavalry[18]: 15 
COS Endeavor
FOB Endeavor
An Najaf Najaf [12]
COS Garry Owen 3-8 Cavalry[18]: 6 
COS Hammer
COS Kalsu 1st Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division[18]: 2 
2-5 Cavalry[18]: 2 
3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Advise and Assist Brigade)[18]: 15 
1/3 Armored Cavalry[18]: 15 
COS Korean Village
COS Mahmudlyah
COS Marez
FOB Marez
Camp Diamondback
Mosul Nineveh 2004 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Armored Division[18]: 7 
2-13 Cavalry[18]: 7 
2-29 Field Artillery[18]: 7 
6-17 Air Cavalry[18]: 9 
5-82 Field Artillery[18]: 11 
1-9 Cavalry[18]: 15 
COS Taqadumm
COS Umm Qasr
COS Warrior Kirkuk 6-17 Air Cavalry[18]: 1 
4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Armoured Division[18]: 2 
1-5 Field Artillery[18]: 2 
1st Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division[18]: 10 
1-14 Infantry[18]: 15 
2-12 Cavalry[18]: 15 
COS Warhorse Baquba 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division[18]: 2 
1-8 Cavalry[18]: 11 

Firebase (FB)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
Firebase Morehead October 2011 Handover to Iraqi Forces US Special Forces base located in the city of Baqubah, Diyala Province. Last occupied by ODA 2135.
Firebase Saham March 2020[24] 34°21′41″N 41°07′47″E / 34.361286°N 41.129709°E / 34.361286; 41.129709 [25][26]

Forward Operating Base (FOB)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
FOB Abu Ghraib Abu Ghraib Baghdad 2004 September 2006
COP Aggie Hammam Al Allil/Mosul Nineveh
FOB Al Asad Haditha Al Anbar 2003 Ayn Al Asad Airbase
FOB Al-Tawheed Al-Thalith Baghdad
FOB Animal Baghdad
FOB Arrow Ad-Dawr Saladin May 2003
FOB Attack Baghdad
FOB Atlas
FOB Baharia
FOB Bandit Island Baghdad
FOB Beast Samarra
FOB Bernstein Salah ad Din 2003 Transferred to the Iraqi army in 2006 Tuz Khurmatu Air Base
FOB Blue Diamond Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB Black Fallujah Al Anbar
FOB Blickenstaff Mosul Nineveh
FOB Brassfield-Mora Samarra Saladin
FOB Broomhead Baghdad
FOB Bulldog
FOB Byers Baghdad
FOB Caldwell
Camp Caldwell
Kir Kush 2003 April 3, 2010 Dissolved into the Kirkush Military Training Base
FOB Callahan Adhamiyah Baghdad March 2007[27] January 3, 2009[28] Closed down Occupied by the 4th Infantry Division until recently.[when?] Originally captured by the 2-82nd Airborne, was in an old, burned-out shopping mall.[29]


FOB Carpenter Salman Pak 2003
FOB Champion Main
Camp Blue Diamond
Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB Chosin Iskandariya/Al-Musayab Babil 2003 2005 Renamed
FOB Iskandariyah
Located on the grounds of the Musayyib Power Plant
FOB Cobra Jalula Diyala 2003 Transferred to Iraqi Control
FOB Comanche Abu Sayada
FOB Constitution Baghdad
FOB Cooke Baghdad
FOB Courage Mosul Nineveh
FOB Corregidor
FOB Crossbow
FOB Dagger
FOB Danger Tikrit Saladin May 2004 2005 Formerly FOB Ironhorse
FOB Daniels
FOB David Najaf Najaf
FOB Duke Najaf Najaf 2004 October 1, 2006 Transferred to Iraqi Control
FOB Dibbis
Dibis Camp
Camp Dibis
FOB Eagle Balad Saladin 2003 2004 Renamed FOB Paliwoda
FOB Echo ad Diwaniyah Al-Qādisiyyah 31.968192, 44.910140 It served as a Spanish (known as Camp Espania), Polish, and American base during different periods of the Iraq War.
FOB Eden Hīt Al Anbar
FOB Edge
FOB Fallujah
FOB Faylok Al-Muqdadiya Diyala
FOB Ferdinand Baghdad 2007 U.S. Army Special Forces and Iraqi Special Forces FOB created on Camp Liberty
FOB Ferrin-Huggins Rasheed AB
FOB Fortitude Mosul Nineveh Faisaliyah District
FOB Freedom
FOB Fulda
FOB Funston
FOB Gabe Ba'quba Diyala
FOB Gaines Mills Kirkuk Kirkuk
FOB Garry Owen Amarah Maysan 2003 2011 Transferred to Iraqi Army Control
FOB Ghost Erbil Arbil
FOB Givens
FOB Glory Mosul Nineveh
FOB Gold Fallujah Al Anbar
FOB Grant (Tal Ashtah AB)
FOB Grizzly
FOB Spartan
FOB Red Lion
FOB Barbarian
Al Khalis Diyala April 2003 January 2009
FOB Guardian City (Al Taqaddum AB handed over to Iraqis on April 5, 2020[20][21])
FOB Gunner (Taji AB)
FOB Hammer Besmaya 2007 33.791944, 44.605278 Besmaya Range Complex
FOB Hawk Baghdad
FOB Hellhound
FOB Honor Green Zone
FOB Hope
Camp Hope
Camp War Eagle
FOB Hopping
FOB Hotel Najaf Najaf
FOB Hunter
FOB Hurricane Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB India Mosul Nineveh
FOB Independence
FOB Ironhorse Tikrit Saladin April 2003 May 2004 Renamed FOB Danger
FOB Iskandariyah
FOB Chosin
Iskandariya/Al-Musayab Babil 2005 2009 FOB Dismantled, Power Plant returned to civilian control Located on the grounds of the Musayyib Power Plant
FOB Junction City Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB Justice
FOB Kalsu Al-Musayab Babil May 2003 2011 Renamed COS Kalsu
FOB Latham
Al Walid
FOB Laurie Fallujah Al Anbar
FOB Loyalty Baghdad 2003 August 2011
FOB Lion renamed FOB Orion (vicinity of LSA Anaconda, Balad Air Base)
FOB Manhattan (Habbaniyah AB)
FOB McHenry Hawija/Al-Hawija District Kirkuk Governorate E of Kirkuk
FOB MacKenzie Samarra Saladin Formerly FOB Pacesetter
FOB Melody Sadr City Baghdad
FOB Mercury Fallujah Al Anbar
FOB Miller
FOB Morgan Baghdad International Airport
FOB Muleskinner Rasheed AB
FOB Musan Sinjar District Nineveh
FOB Nimur
FOB Normandy Al-Muqdadiya Diyala March 2003
FOB Omaha Tikrit Saladin
FOB O'Ryan / Orion Ad Dujayl Saladin
FOB Pacesetter Now MacKenzie
FOB Packhorse Tikrit Saladin Apr 2003
FOB Paliden Base Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB Paliwoda 2004 2009 Transferred to Iraqi Control and renamed Balad Joint Coordination Center. Formerly FOB Eagle
FOB Pasab
FOB Patriot
FOB Phoenix Dohuk Dohuk
FOB Prosperity
Camp Prosperity
Baghdad 2003 Transferred to Iraqi Control Located at As-Salam
FOB Q-West Just outside Mosul Nineveh Formerly FOB Endurance
FOB Quinn Near An Nukhayb Al Anbar 2003 Mudayasis Airfield
FOB Raider Tikrit Saladin
FOB Reaper
FOB Regulars
FOB Remagen Tikrit Saladin 2003 August 2006 Transferred to Iraqi Control Tikrit South Air Base
FOB Ridgeway
(Al Taqaddum AB handed over to Iraqis on April 5, 2020[20][21])
FOB Roundtop
Round Top
Diana Soran
FOB Rough Rider Balad Ruz Diyala
FOB Rustamiyah 33.282836, 44.519937 (former Camp Cuervo)
FOB Sabre Ramadi Al Anbar
FOB Scania
FOB St. Mere Fallujah Al Anbar September 2003 Renamed Camp Fallujah in March 2004
FOB Saint Michael
Al Mahmudiyah
Mahmudiya Baghdad
FOB Shawshook Besmaya 2007 Created next to FOB Hammer and Besmaya Range Complex
FOB Shell SE of Karbala[31]
FOB Shield
FOB Speicher 2003 Renamed COB Speicher al-Sahra AB
FOB Steel Dragon Green Zone
FOB Stone
PB Andrea
FOB Sykes Tel Afar Nineveh FOB Sykes was located approximately five miles south of the Iraqi city of Tal Afar (Ninewah Governorate) and 40 miles east of the IraqSyria border.[32]
FOB Summerall
Baiji Saladin
FOB Sword
FOB Taji
FOB Tash Ramadi Al Anbar Joint Security Station erected around an old Iraqi police station
FOB Tiger Al-Qa'im Al Anbar
FOB Tinderbox
FOB Trojan Horse Green Zone
FOB Trotter
FOB Union III Green Zone/Baghdad 2011 NATO Training Mission - Iraq[18]: 1 
Office Of Security Cooperation - Iraq[18]: 1 
FOB Vanguard Ad Dujayl Saladin
FOB War Eagle Baghdad
FOB Warhorse (Baquba Air Field)
FOB Warrior Kirkuk Kirkuk Kirkuk AB
FOB Webster Al Asad AB
FOB Wilson Ad Dawr
FOB Wyatt Balad AB
FOB Yankee
FOB Yusufiyah
FOB Zulu

Joint Base (JB)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
Joint Balad
Anaconda Logistical Support Area
Camp Anaconda
Balad Saladin April 2003 2011 Handed over to Iraqi Air Force on Nov. 8, 2011 [18]: 1 (Balad Air Base)

Joint Security Station (JSS)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
JSS Falcon
Camp Al-Saqr
Forward Operating Base Falcon
Camp Ferrin-Huggins
Camp Falcon
Baghdad 2003 July 2011 Became HQ for 7/2 Iraqi federal police brigade when handed over in 2011
JSS India 2-7 Cavalry[18]: 11 

Patrol Base (PB)[edit]

Type Name District Governorate Opened Closed Fate Notes
PB Olson Samarra Saladin Supplied by Camp Brassfield Mora[33]
PB Razor Samarra Saladin Supplied by Camp Brassfield Mora[33]

Other nomenclatures[edit]


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