List of Delegates to the United States House of Representatives from the Northern Mariana Islands

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This is a list of people who represented Northern Mariana Islands in the United States House of Representatives.

Delegate Party District Years District home Image Notes
Gregorio Sablan Independent At-Large January 3, 2009 – present Saipan Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan.jpg First Delegate to Congress


Key to party colors and abbreviations for members of the U.S. Congress
American (Know Nothing) (K-N)
Adams (A),
Anti-Jacksonian (Anti-J),
National Republican (NR)
Anti-Administration (Anti-Admin)
Anti-Masonic (Anti-M)
Conservative (Con)
Democratic (D)
Dixiecrat (Dix),
States' rights (SR)
Democratic-Republican (D-R)
Farmer–Labor (FL)
Federalist (F)
Free Soil (FS)
Free Silver (FSv)
Fusion (FU)
Greenback (GB)
Jacksonian (J)
Nonpartisan League (NPL)
Nullifier (N)
Opposition (O)
Populist (Pop)
Pro-Administration (Pro-Admin)
Progressive (Prog)
Prohibition (Proh)
Readjuster (Rea)
Republican (R)
Socialist (Soc)
Unionist (U)
Whig (W)
or Unaffiliated

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