List of United States Supreme Court cases involving the First Amendment

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This is a list of cases that appeared before the Supreme Court of the United States involving the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The establishment of religion[edit]

Standing to sue[edit]

Tax exemption to religious institutions[edit]

Legislative chaplains[edit]

Government-sponsored religious displays[edit]

Religion in public education[edit]

Prayer in public schools[edit]

Teaching of creationism in public schools[edit]

Governmental aid to church-related schools[edit]

Blue laws[edit]

Religious institution functioning as a government agency[edit]

Unequal government treatment of religious groups[edit]

The free exercise of religion[edit]


Religion and the right to work[edit]

Religious tests for public service or benefits[edit]

Free exercise and free speech[edit]

Free exercise and public education[edit]

Free Exercise and public property[edit]

Solicitation by religious groups[edit]

Free exercise and eminent domain[edit]

Ritual sacrifice of animals[edit]

Government intervention in church controversies[edit]

Freedom of speech[edit]

Sedition and imminent danger[edit]

False speech[edit]

Fighting words and the heckler's veto[edit]

Freedom of assembly and public forums[edit]

Time, place and manner[edit]

Cases concerning restrictions on the time, place, and manner of speech

Symbolic speech[edit]

Compelled speech[edit]

Compelled subsidy for speech of others[edit]

Cases that consider the First Amendment implications of payments mandated by the state going to use in part for speech by third parties

Loyalty oaths and affirmations[edit]

School speech[edit]

Speech by students in public secondary schools (for cases involving teachers' free-speech rights, see Public employees, below).



Cases concerned with the definition of obscenity and whether a particular work or type of material is obscene.

As criminal offense[edit]

Appeals of criminal convictions for possessing, selling or distributing obscenity that focused on that issue

Search, seizure and forfeiture[edit]

Cases involving the search and seizure of allegedly obscene material

Civil and administrative regulation[edit]

Cases dealing with civil and administrative regulatory procedures aimed at suppressing or restricting obscenity, such as film-licensing boards or zoning regulations.


Cases involving laws meant to restrict obscenity online

Government-funded speech[edit]

Cases about restrictions on speech by third parties funded by the government.

Speech by public employees[edit]

Political activity and Hatch Act of 1939[edit]

Commercial speech[edit]

Official retaliation[edit]

Cases where it has been alleged government officials retaliated for protected speech

Freedom of the press[edit]

Prior restraints and censorship[edit]


Taxation and privileges[edit]


Broadcast media[edit]

Government speech[edit]

Cases pertaining to whether or not extending protections to speech constitutes government endorsement of speech.

Freedom of association[edit]

Freedom to petition[edit]

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