List of United States Virgin Islands Senators

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==30th Legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands [1] (2013 0==

Senator At-Large (Saint John)

  • Craig Barshinger (Democratic Party)

Saint Croix Senators

  • Judi Buckley (Independent)
  • Diane Capehart (Democratic Party)(Secretary for Intergovernmental and Territorial Affairs)
  • Kenneth Gittens (Democratic Party)(Liaison to the White House)
  • Terrence "Positive" Nelson (Independent Citizen Movement)
  • Alicia "Chucky" Hansen (Independent)
  • Nelly O'Reilly (Independent)
  • Sammuel Sanes (Democratic Party)(Senate Vice President)

Saint Thomas-Saint John Senators

  • Tregenza A. Roach (Independent)
  • Shawn Michael-Malone (Democratic Party)(Senate President)
  • Janette Millin-Young (Democratic Party)(Legislative Secretary)
  • Donald Cole (Democratic Party)(Majority Leader)
  • Clifford Graham (Democratic Party)
  • Myron Jackson (Democratic Party)(Liaison to United States Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs)
  • Clarence Payne III(Democratic Party)(Liaison to United States Congress)